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' l' ' jl 0 F00D FORECAST IX)R TODAY
voiv Lti: . nov48 .; '. .'; ' ' . Honolulu, Hawaii territory, tri day, iunk h, 1918-semi-weekly. " whole number .vaj " 1
In Some Sectors AUiert.Gain and
Recapture Important iipights
That. Caused i Retirement
r v.
German Mia
In Terrific Con
lery Fife; Thousands Slain
NEW YORK. June 14fAssoiciie'j'tlVt?)Along: the great
battle line from Afontdidier to in th. sectors to the
south of the Oise and on the fringe ff vy. lii)ers Cotteret.8 woods,
the great conflict which has blazed TthW.t'ji'ht'nt'the week yvith a fury
never heretofore known in the histtryiM!'fare appears to have
practically spent itself and to be up(ii .t!Wau. ihe Germans have
succeeded hi straightening and rectifving jiltttr Jijle Upon the Noyons
sector, where a salient was pinchej!t Ahcn'bn Wednesday the
French retired to avoid an outflankijif'1niiVg:i)enthich would have
cost-them a diviaioif, -oM their' arm? j 't i "V it vvhich is appalling
. . V .contemplate.'. ::
urf tne AiontdiJiep-iNovons
Trench and the Allies checked "the ftttuv it all' points and in some
sectors the Allies forced the foe to cede nd To the east of the
Oise the violent attacks of the enemy have caused the French to
yield sufficient ground to enable the foe to rectify and to straighten
its lirie. But the pric, that has been paid for this rectification is
tfo terrible to contemplate. ''
Whether the Prussian war lords will be ready to offer up other
and further similar sacrifices for the purpose of straightening out
the front on the Aisne salient remains to be seen. To date, it is
estimated the enemy "has lost 600,000 men in his offensive and the fpe'1 120,0(K) per.on in Europe he
i iU . . C4,. . , ... . ti . . , I side our ' 1(1,000,000 at home. Bv
ranks of these he is now filling with auxiliaries. It is reported that, , Hui.h voluiltar conservation, properly
necause oi inc iremenaous aiminiuion oi man ower mat nas re-,
suited Germany is about to bring
along the Western front.
'FOE IS MOWED DOWN ' 170,IMj0,0OU bushels of wheat of the
, , , , , , ! H17 crop of which 150,000,000 bushels
I crnble disaster overtook a powerful lurce of the enemy yes-:Hs voluntarily wed. There we muit
terdav between Courcelles and Mery where a powerful force that ! oversea in May .10,000,000 pounds of
was attempting a colter attack was caBht in the concentrated &w ThwItT
fire of the I-rench guns. It is estimated that here 50.000 (Germans, in March 130,000,000 pounds of beef
attacked along a;30tXJrVirdFront,
thousands left jtead or mangled on the field. The Germans were
driven back an at only onl point in this salient were they able to
Kain a foothold,. at Laversine. ; All of their other efforts failed.
At noon yesterday th$ Germans hail not recovered from tins
severe blow whijh theFrench on the left Hank had 'delivered and
the battle in thai salient had quieted down.
Along the Mat? River the fighting was a terrific counter; the foe
was hurled back to the north bank of the river and the town of
Melicocque with its adjacent heights, the loss of which caused the
retirement of Wednesday, was recaptured. Proceeding forward the
heights of Croix Ricard were also recaptured and the enemy forced
to recross the river to his positions of Tuesday night and Wed
nesday morning.
To the southeast of Montdidier the French advance continues
and 400 more prisoners are rcorted besides a number of cannon
and machine guns.
To the east of the Oise and to the west of Soissons, where the
Germans gained slowly for a time their advances were checked.
Hy a brilliant dash and an exhibition of the real Anzac spirit
f he Australians recaptured Montcourt.
It isasserted by observers that the fighting of Wednesday, ex
cept for the rectifying of the foe's line on the Noyons salient, did
not affect the general situation.
nre fighting desperately against
tinct gain for the Allies, whose armies are unbroken and who make j
.t. f.. .. ...,;ki i. ci.i ( . i i
tut iwv f'y ivi i pitvv in uvts
ij i-r - i ,
MiiiKt-a yaru oi grounu wnicn iney
Enemy claims as announced in the communiue which was last
ni';ht issued from Perlin were more moderate. No important gains
were claimed but it was declared that heavy French counters at
Rove, Estress and St. Denis were repulsed. Fifteen thousand Allies
taken as prisoners was claimed but it was admitted that the French
have raptured some German guns.
Advance by the British for a short distance in the vicinity of
Merris and improvement of the French positions in Flanders near
Ridgewood when the Allies took a number of prisoners was re-
. i I ill r m m.i ii n i
-:-T77 .rifti 'VfV ii nir'tv nrihi flu A Vi 111! , ,t-t , KM IIKrfJ IIIILJ W:
ii ii 1 I ' ; ;i 1 u j ii ill I l ii ii nr.. ii ' i ii v 11 i w a a a a ; . - - ...... '! uiiuiiliiijiiiiiiii
-. k , ... , . f If II I I I A I 1, J rl il I '" kv aggravated, by the foorf .hm-tn.. n. the Krowing .linap. I If I Jl llrrHlXh-'
-. ', ' '''r.-V -; 'fy-T - -. ; v . ' llfjIUU 1111 "I.I1L.1II P"i,,tn"t l..cui.o ..f th failur of gfraina and oth-r foci i.UI.pli to oni IJ I IIIJIllj I J I II lllll
r our in j tree resistance vot tue
its troops out of Russia for use
and were decimated by the fire.
They consider that the Germans
time and that this results in a dis-
utfuii liivt inrui iui rvn v IJKM ill
" I
gain. ,
Take Eleven Villages, Many Pris-
oners .and ' a Number of
, Cannon In Advancing
''NW YORK, ;J une 1 ( Ai.ociBteJ
Pre) In Mcelonia the Frcm-h forre
.re winning iutnortant vintoripn noil
'throwing back the Turca-Oerman force
witn lmmoni Imies. Their iiroirreBi ii
becoming; praetically uninterruiited and j ,
me loe i almost (liMOriranizeil.
th- . 7. r K-k4J I. V Z 7 I
tJh!.!r"r,hJ?:!b?,r,T"t..r,5,',',,t .af" '
X1 1 ...... . i . , . .
doniaa advance and in those, village
iiw Romier were round and made pris
oner f war. , j
In the (reneral engagement the foe
lomeaiiave leen till larger in prUonors,
th niinibetaK taken running up into
thousand. , ,.
Gunt, munitions and store have been
the booty. , , Fotir heavy cannon have j
oeen captured and ix cannon of a
mailer rab'ber.
By Conservation Nation Is Able !
To Do Its Part
AN FRANCISCO, June 13 (Ofti-
ciat)y the voluntary conservation 1
of food by the people of the country, it
i annouuceil by the California State ,
food director, the United Htate is able
ami cousoentiousiy directed and main
fiiined the country would be able to do
this for the period of the war.
The countrv hai sent or is sending
"n'1 2,O0.(oo will be shipped in Hep
tember at which rate shipment can be
continued with the increased vessels
t tin t will be made available.
w. a. a.
Can Begin Operations Two
Months Before Contract Date
WASHINGTON, June 13 (Official)
Two great government powder manu
facturing plant have begun operating
two months ahead of the date for which
they were scheduled and for the coin
pletiiin routructed for.
These -4jh pluuta will employ .'!0,
000 men and will double, the output of
all of the present plants, producing
smokeless powder.
The immensity of the government's
war program is now requiring the plac
ing of contracts for war materials and
war auppue in Western, Middle, nnd
Southern States a the Eastern state
are reaching their limits of possible
The fnited State ia now mendius
4X,h(o,omi daily, this being the aveY-1
fr to Pa' eleven mouths. This;
luily expeuso is steadily and
rapid stride mounting higher.
I N KW YORK, N. Y June 13 (Asso-
cinted Pre) The operation on Mrs.
j Kiuley Shepard I Helen Oould) is sue-
ressful and she ia recovering.
" ' ' -awn ..47f't !. S,- .V t)v
ported in the despatches from London which also said that Maxim
tiorky's Russian paper said that Germiy is pit-paring to withdraw
the greater part of its forces from Russia in order to make up for
the terrible losses sustained along the Westrrn front during tin
various phases of the offensive.
Along ' Battle Front Losses of
; German Planes Far Exceed
, Those of the Allies'
Twenty-two Tons of Explosives
Dropped On Bruges and Three
. Other Raids Made ;'
LONJXMf, June 14 -r- (Aoclatd
Pre) Paring work of the Allied
aviator, bc'.h aloiiK the battle front
and in raid i reported from the war
(V. T . . ... i
uiurr. ah uuuiurr u i riliui H DraVT
nnancial and milit.rt han ln In-
flicted upon the foe wbile" 0ve the
lint the. Hun low iu plane haa been
far in exi e of those nuirtauii'd by the
Allies whq are almost ronntttiitly upou
the offensive.?' j
On Wednesday, along, the Trench
front there-, were fifteen German ma
chine downed while only one inn. hioe
of the Allies wa reported. niisHin;. On
the British front. on Wednesday there
were a number -of air battle fought
uml the eneaiy loss was five machines
while two British aviutora were loot.
Important raid ipon t,he does at
Bruges and on several other points are
reiwrtefl, , AV Brmri't twftilrwo' ton
fr txpkislve were drouiied and heavr
damage wim seen to have been o-ca-
Two raids were mode upon n atntion
and sidings of the M etz-Ablon railroad
Htm ion ami siding and there a number
of hits were noted.
On Thursday a ton of explosives wa
drooped upon the station and factories
at Pillingpii. Two direct hit of fur
nii. es were noted and smoke and flames
told of the damage tkat had been in
flicted upon important enemy-plants.
w. t. a. - i.
WASHINGTON, June 13 (Ofti
c i a 1 1 -lieiruiting of labor for the
wnr industries will be started by
July U. It was annifanced today by
the war industries board and will
be under the control of the employ
mcnt service f the department of
labor. Tliis reeraitirig will start
with unskilled labor bat later, as
occasion iuuy require., akilled labor
is to be recruited in the ame man
Concerns needing employe are
to notify I lie board, submittine.
statements of their need. The
board "ill then determine matters
of priority. Kuilroud, farm und
other non nr plauts that employ
more tliim a liumler laborer will
be permitted to recruit for them
- W a 8
N KW VOliK, June 1.1 (Offlcial)
Kiuippel with a Liberty Motor an
airplane tmbiy made the trip from Phi
ladelphia to New York in forty two
minutes traveling at the rate of 117
miles an.hour and carrying a mailman
of the aerial nihil service.
Iu the course of it trip the plane
overtook and passed through a storm
which did not reach here until half
au hour after the arrival of the plane. I
- - w. a. a. 1
WAKlllNl.TON. June 13 ,( Aaaocin
led Press 1 IU vutc of 41 to 34 the
setinte toduv refused to rutifv a tiro-
1 ....i.. .';,.., .i.,k. ... .'..! I
length for the period of the war.
LON'PON, Juno l f AMH-.latet Preni) Auxt Mfl i nllnmp with fpvnlt nml
( Premier von Mryillcr linn rfBignH, unable to t-ni ilio ti.lr of .linmiter which
wit town iim)ii Iiin n.lminintrntiOD and whit-h ha h grown lc.lilv in volume
j ainre the nnnnuni-fim-iit of the term of the (forinnn AiiHtrinn pu.'t. The
j tnrl)Bfp have liocn iKKrnval.e by the fool hort(fi' mi. the jrrowing ilinap
poibtmeat !. nunc .if th failure of grain and other foo.l supplier to come in
rum mii nuMimi ciniTiiricB wnn wnii-n peace wax MMMirci un.l from Rumauin.
Moat' of Atifttrin in practically in a rtate of nic(, it in lea rue. I from len-
Catchet from neutral Hitaln. The aplrlt of revolt hn not been checked even
y the most draxtir effort and the administration of vim Heviller premier hin
tottered on to it fall. (
An exchange ilenpntch received from AmaterHnm last night told of the rei(r
nation of von Heydler which wa tendered on Wednemlnv. It hu not a yet been
accepted, the deapatch aHid but it la expected that it will U, a xiH.n a hin uc
oeaaor cau be nelei'ted by Karl.
Report of the Italinn nurceHs' ajrint. the AuMrinn fleet in the Adriatic,
re confirmed. With the sinking: of the Austrian clreininaiiirht it ii believed that
2000 perished. .
WASHINGTON, June 14 (JKsocia
ted Pre Germany intends to declare
the water off the const of North Amer
ica extending from Mexico along the
United State and Canada a "closed
aone" according to advice from Lon
don where an Kxchange Telegram was
received from Amsterdam telling of
tht German purpose. The German ad
miralty la reported to have determin
ed upon this policy in connection With
its unrestricted . submarining course
nd 1 soon to send notices to the neu
tral nation warning them to keep ant
of the "new closed one".-;
. Ue L appNmr.nea4 dirts raider
oil to Atlantic Oaaet the United Htatt
has .turned out about four time a
WA&HTNpTON, Juna 14 (Associa
ted Tree) Urged by President Wil
win to accept the teaders that ha,ve
beeu made to him by the Democratic
leaders of Michigan and to eater the
.onteat for a aeat la the United 8tate
senate, Henry F6rd ha determined to
accept the nomination offered him by
the Democratic Party of his itate.
This move on the part of the Demo
Case Qf Homesteaders Presented
To Secretary Lane At Fireside
1I1LO, June 14 (BpeciaJ to The Ad
v ertiser) Around the fireside at the
Volcano House lat night there was a
free discussion of thj Waiakea land
problem and other homeateadiog prob
lems and the general land policies of
the Territory.
Judge. Metzger and Attorney J. W.
Russell prevented the case of the home
steader to Secretary of Interior Laue
""""n i jcrciry oi luierior .aue.iwuiie oilier national pai
The consensu of opinion wa that the" scenery that ia alwav the
WASHINGTON, June 13 (Official)
-Tn new aviation camp aw their
first flying today. Oh was on the
Pacific. Coast, cost a million dollar
und haa equipment for 150 machines,
and flyers, The other U in the South
and completed in forty-eight days. It
has forty- two buildings aacl ha coat
PARIS, June 13( Associated Press)
I houeli (iermanv ia attackinir
f.... r. tv.! . .k.
starving at home. The Echo d'e Pari,
print, a quotation from a Berlin paper
that six children have starved i
to death in an orphanage there.
w. a. a.
AMSTERDAM, Juna 13 (Aaaoois
ted Prea) A telegram from Constan
tinople say that Turkey aud the
Truns Cauraiu government have signed
u peace treaty.
is hot
much hipping a it ha lost. Thu far
there haa been reported the lose of only
ten vessel of American registry, with
a total tonnage of 26,000 ton. Mean
time the United States has completed
a tonnage of merchantmen i nexeeas
of 100,000 ton ho that the threat to
deelare a "rbwed cone" is not par
ticularly worrying official here.
Two Norwegian vessels, tfie Vindin
gen and the Honudrik I.und of 1(100 and
SHOO ton each respectively, were sunk
on June 8, 200 mile off Cape Charles,
Indicating that at least one of tka
raiders had swung oat . to sea further
ia iu operations. Neither of the; ves
sels; wessj deetroyed" iiy ' torpedoo' V-fiit
seisj wee oetrover iiy torpeaooe s-fiii f v-
tas erw. i i,nti. VMUi. k.. .i.isued bv the war deoak int .r i.-:
reached an Atlantte Port.
crat and the acceptance of their offer
by Ford, place the issue squarely np
to the Michigan Bepublicana. Ford
has been prominently mentioned by
party leaders for the toga and haa been
considered as on of the moat likely
candidates. Tha Bepublicana have the
opportunity to avoid a conflict ami to
make Ford 'a
election practically unan-
mill wa ready to make satisfactory
term with homesteaders because of the
large amount of money, the company
has invested.
Secretary Lane said of the National
1'ark and the Volcano, after his visit
to the crates that the attraction of
Kilauea and the unceasing changes it
displays form a unique attraction,
wuiie otner national Darks have a
a me.
BOSTON, June 13 (Official) Neith
er submarines nor anything elae can pre
vent tne movement by transport over
seas of 50,000 American aoldiera ev
ery month, ia the assertion which wa
made today by Oeneral Thomas Bridges,
British high commissioner. He is enthu
siastic over the the peed which the
I'nited State is now making ir. nil
branches of its war participation.
w. a. a.
ciate.l Press) Seizure of the estate of
Henry Miller was made by Collector '
WardcH yesterday. He announced tliut I
1 .....1.1 e
".Mini H.Mrniw me. properly lor
" ,"", "uleas in th enntnue
i '"',7 Kh"ll,," l' i-rlv seven million
j 'l"l,"r" '" taxeH,jnter.t and penalties.
U'ASHINOTON, June 1.1 ( Associa
ted Press1! President Wilson iu a
.tatemciit today expressed the hope
that the senate will pass the suffrage
amendment at this session of eongresa.
Massed Attacks Northwest of ,
Chateau Thierry pasting Over !
Days Are Beaten
Communique of General Pershing
Is Satisfactory As To Every
Yankee Front
WASHINGTON. June 14--..
(Associated Press) Corn-'1
plete repulse has met the enemy,.
in every attack launched against :
the American troops in the sector .'.
to the northeast of Chateau v'
Thierry where for the past several
days the foe has been attacking ,
in great force, it being reported
that they have used seven, divi-
sions. The loss inflicted updn the "
Germans in these" assanfts frf
been very heavy, it h.X
th xom-mum'nQ'fVVwhtf ( :', "
night. Th American Lin ev
erywhere intact. Before their post-". (
tions the earth is covered with
gray clad corpses still and cold.
On Wednesday night the enemy V
made massed attacks at frequent
intervals but met with disaster'ori I
all occasions. Bouresches has
been the particular objective but
the foe has not gained a foothold !
in the village. ' '
To the west of Montdidier the : ;
Americans are held in leash but .
there their artillery is seriously
harassing the Germans.
In the Picardy sector there wa aoma
American aggressiveness and son prio
oner were taken and in tha Tool sector '
American force engaged the foa. ! -the
I.uneville sector it is reported that '
the day wa extremely qniet. Pershing
also noted some atrillery activity In
the Woe v re sector.
American Aviator have participated
in some daring and highly successful
raid bombing the ruilroad atatious and
the airdrome at Buroneourt. A Hum
ber of hit were noted. All of the Amei
ican aviator returned to their ba
Kxcellent work by the America ar
tillery ia' responsible for the capture) of
about 400 German prisoner la tha
fighting at Belleau wood today.
The (ierniun bad been told that
Americana would torture them if they
were captured, and when tha Ameri
cans rushed through a part of the wood -the
Germans itarted to run. The Amer
ican artillery laid down a perfect bar
rage, cutting off the retreat of the Hunt
and nearly all were takaa, tha other
be i ne. killed.
The prisoner were found to be all
poorly clad and some had pieces of
bread tied by strings to their uniform.
They were extremely hungry and soma
declared themselves glad to be eaptur
e.l. Several said they desired to go to
America to live after the war.
They also stud that tha German mil
itary plana call for an end of the war
next full. They all admire the Amerl
euu lighting qualities frankly.
Yesterday ' casualty list was con
siderably heavier than the average,
particularly in the number of men
seriously wounded. The Hat is a, fol
low: Niuteeo killed in action, cine who
died of wouuda, three of accidenti, on
by airplane accident, 137 aevarely
wouuded, und eleven wounded to A
degree nut yet determined, with four
i.i fx '.'' - ' f
..'.' ,"'

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