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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, June 14, 1918, Image 10

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( ..I'
!t V,:,
!' ' : " ;
'I'-..'."-' .'.
'. , '
i ' ' ...
. K
"ftnui,'' h pointer own.'.) In Mil
C J. Bejgs of the I'tiunene Howpitul.
Maul, is the best doc; in lir Territory.
' heading the list nf Hawaiian .ham
' pion-i. This .to)( also adjudged bv
!., Jsrh Brndshnw, who came To 1 1 ..n. i In I n
from the mainland to judire Ihi tries
nf the Hawaiian Kennel Clul
show itl the Tcmtorinl Fair,
best ilog in the Islands outside
': Jilckgc Hrndshu.v pronoun, ed
Mr I
.bourne Model,'' mi hlny,bsh bulldn,;
' owned and entered by Dr. Willinm T
Monsarrat, in the bent (Jog in Honolulu
factor Monsnrrnt was awarded Mi.'
.largest number of ribl.ou lining to n;
one exhibitor nf tin' show mul he was
. also the biggest individual exhibitor. .
.Outside of the .championship class.
.. Harold W. Rice received high mention,
lodge Bradshaw awarding him a
special rilil.on for the best ami largest
1 fccnnel of puppies shown.
Mm. Hoggs champion, Judge Brad
(thaw said yesterday, roul.l hi- taken to
liny Pacific Coast show or almost nnv
.' other mainland oh ok and Hmil.l certain
y ilraw a tlrxt prize.
Judging No Easy Tank
The jinlifing of the kennel ihinv took
place on Tueailny afternoon Hinl evening
anil won . oniplete.l venter. lay morning,
when Jack Hra.liliaw annnuuoe'l hix
lections, in the many rlaHen of ra
aine? nhown. This portion of the prent
Territorial Fair wan an nnipinlifieil iiir
vvh nn.l the promotera, oBirern nn.l
nieinboj-H of the Hawaiian Kennel t'luli
hiive already determined that thi will
lie an annual feature.
Mrs. Be(rj( with her entry, "Sam,''
won the Leautiful eup preaented hy V.
J. llnrvey, president of the Hawaiian
Kennel Club, for the best dog shown
ar the exhibit.
Mecrctary Tom Hharp, who offered a
ailver eup for the best Airdale ex
hibiled, in now trying to solvit a rather
'perplexing riddle, for Jack Bradxhaw
gave a firnt place to a male Airdale and
another first plai'e to a female of the
anme elax. Now, which of the two
can he said to be the beat dog in thix
class nt the show is what Mr. Sharp
wnut to know. I'nlesa Judge Urn. I
hIihw settli-M this point by a second de
elsion the xecretary will hardly know
hT.-h of the pair wins his trophy. nr
5lution offered yesterday was that an
toth.r cup be provided and the thine;
would be xettled without trouble
Tod. Sharp's Riddle
''This ould be one way out of it,'
. Mr. Sharp xaid laxt night, "but who i
going to cuine through and offer the
Mte.ond cup ix something I would like
to know alo.
"If I should lie swayed by the
niceties of the game I would probably
be compelled to ay, 'Ladies first,'
which would he one way out of my
. preseat jierplexity. ' '
In a great measure, the success of the
dog xhow has been cre.lito.l by many
to Mr. Sharp, who was lirst and last
an enthusiastic booster :iud worker for
The officials of the show were: .hick
Bradshaw of Sun Kr-ncixco, judge: W.
J. Harvey, president, and Tom Sharp,
secretary of the Hawaiian Kenuel Club;
Jtoctor katsuminia, lr. W. T. Moiixnr
rat of Honolulu; Liout. K. 1. Nye.
Fourth Caalry of Caxtner, this island.
JCho" wax the official veterinary of the
sttow;.Jr J. C. r'itgerald of 1'aia.
Maui: Kric A. Kuudsen of Kauai, and
Frank' K. Medralf of Hilo. Hawaii.
I'.elow ix a list of the dog awards,
showing how Jack Bralhaw judged the
l:;u canines exhibited:
Awards According to Claaaet
Collie upp.v Kirxt, Toininy, uned h.'
Mrs. Dora ion Tempsky, Kula. Mam.
wcond. Dick, by Mrs. Kred Cooke, il l
nobilii; third. Don, by W. T. Living
Hton, Honolulu.
Collies, novice dogs. 'lrst, Hen. bj
W. T. I .i i ngston. Honolulu; x.co'id
Boh, by K. C. I'ulilmnii; third. Colli.
Boy, by lis J XI. Case, Honolulu.
Collies, open. Kirxt, Hen, by V. T
Livingston, Honolulu; si'coiid. I. a Id. -,
by (i. Bustard. Honnlulii; third. Bob.
by K. ( rohlrnan, Honolulu.
Collies, puppy female. First. IVIc,
by T. C. Hlacknell. Honolulu: second,
Flossie, by V. T. Monsarrat, Honolulu.
Collies, novice female. Kirxt. I'iina
bv C. .1. Flasher. Honolulu; second.
tuciTi, by Thus. NiHiite. Konn, II u w a i i .
follies, open, female. First, I'iuia.
by K. J. Frasher, Honolulu; second.
Bessie, by V .1. I.illie, Honolulu: third,
fu.'t'ii. by Thus. White, Koua. Hawaii.
Pointers, puppies. First, .lack, by
Mrs. K. I vers. Honolulu ; second, Wliu
I li'K. bv (I. C. Hofyaard. Honolulu;
third, Kex. by .1. F. Colburn 111
Pointer, novice. First, Tommy, by
AJit. Dora von Tempskv. Kula. Maui:
gerund, Spot, by F. I,. Baldwin, Pita
nene, Maui.
Pointers, open. dogs. First. Sam, b
Mrs. C. .1. Heires, Puiineue Maui;
xeeiiii, Teddv, by .1 Fleminir Mono
lub;; third, Spot, by F. I.. Baldwin,
Piiiuiene, Maui.
Pointers, open, female. First, luee
nie. by J Tavns. Honolulu; second,
iueenv. bv Makiki Fire Station. Hono
I isfc wtters open. First, Brother,
by A. . Mnthes, Honolulu.
Irish setters, open, female First,
Kil'iiruey, by P F Isenberg, Honolulu;
aeeond, Sister, by A. V. Mathes, Hono
FnuJish setters, puppy. First,
bv Chun Kit, Honolulu.
Setter dot.', novice. First, Shot
.T C Fitz.gernld. Paia, Main
Setter, open. First, Short bv
, I"'
.f. C. FitGerald. Pdlll, Main.
Setter, female novice. First '
Marvstous Stoaach M4I-
clns acid Syntrm ktbslUwr i
-Uvk, KUn.r nj ttlad- I
Ui R.m.Jv Hn. bluuj I
Oesnftsl snj Lamatlv.
All UruHl.
Kity.get aid.
1'aia. Maui.
Setter, feuialc, open
First, Frits
' . Fifgei aid.
Fterkl.'x, Silk, by Di
Pain, Maui.
Sj.it., puppy dog. First. Tin. bv V
.1 Htigs, ihotield B.irrn.ks; se.-(,n.l.
vni)'tiy, b Miss B. H. Young.
pit., puppy female. First. !inc.
by l F Peters. Honolulu.
Spit,, open, dog. First. Snowball,
by I'. M. Farm. Honolulu ; xe nn.l, IV'I
dv. by John (Jnil.l. Honolulu
Airedale, puppy, dogs. First. Wil,i
wki. by Dr. Frntes. kionolulu: s m.
l'iito. by 1.. C. King. Honolulu
iredale. puppv, female. First. 1 a r
Belle, by I.. C. King, Honolulu
Wedale dog, open. First, !... b'
.'. F. osskuhler, Honnliiln.
'ie.lnl.' dog, novice. First. Dreiv.
by d. F. Vosskuhler. Honolulu
Xircdale novice, female. First. II .
loilulll I. adv. bv C. D. S.piire. Hon..
irednle, open, female. First, lb'
nolulu l.adv. by C. D. Sipiire. Honolulu:
second, l ady Alexander, by H F Vn
kuhler. Honolulu.
Irish terrier, dog, open. First, pat.
by John Ouild, Honolulu.
Fox terrier, smooth, open dog Fn'.
Dandy, by Mrs. Then. Iloffnian. Hon..
lulu; second, Jimmy, bv Mrs. H. F.
lowland, Honolulu.
Fox terrier, wire, dog, ..pen. Firs'.
Belinda, by Krnest Parker, Honolulu.
Knglish sheep dog. female. First,
Belinda, by Krnest Parker, Honolulu
Boston terrier, puppv, dog. First.
Sonny Hawaii, by Mrs." M. H. Webb.
41. .nolulu ; second. Black Prince, by Mrs.
M . Silvena, Honolulu; third. Joffie. II
Silva, Honolulu.
Boston terrier, dog, novice under IT
lbs. First, Boots, by Mrs. C. C. von
llainm, Honolulu; second Billv Smith
ow neil by Joe Smith, Honolulu.
Boston terrier, dog, open, under 17
lbs. First, Boots, by Mrs. C. C. von
Hamm; second, Billy Smith, by Joe
Smith. Honolulu.
Boston terrier, dog, novice. 17 lbs.
and under 22 lbs. First, Sir Billy Blue,
by Mrs. C. C. von Hamm; second. H.i
pa Haole, bv R. W. Atkinson, Hono
Boston terrier, dog, open, 17 lbs. an I
under 'L' lbs. Firxt. Sir Billy Blue,
bv Mrs C. C. von Hamm; second. Hapa
Haole, by R. W. Atkinson, Honolulu
Boston terrier dog, novice, 21' lbs
and under 'J7 lbs. First. Hula Mastei
by W. T. Monsarrat. Homdnlu: r.
olid. Snookumx. Hawaii. bv J. l
lloiner. Honolulu.
Boston teiriers. open. 'Ju' Ills, and u i
der 27 lbs. Fiist. Hula Master. U
Dr. W. T. Monsarrat. Honolulu: ..
ond, Snookumx Hawaii, by J. M. Ilor
ner, Honolulu.
Boston terrier puppy, female Fust.
Glad Hawaii, by Dr. W. T. Monsarrat.
Honolulu; second. Sunshine, by Walter
Demon (tiffard, Honolulu; third, Hex
sie, by I.. Alameida, Honolulu.
Boston terrier, female. no ice, under
17 lbs. First. Miliums, bv Joe Smith
Boston teriier. fernal.r ..pen. under
IT lbs. Firxt. Muggins, by Joe Smith.
Boston terrier, female, novice, 17
lbs. and under JJ lbs. First. Honolulu
Tom Boy. by K. V Perkins. Honolulu:
second, Hula Hawaii, by Dr. W. T.
Monsarrat, Honolulu: thud. Miss Per
Kins, by Dr. Monsarrat.
Boston terrisi. female, open, 17 lbs.
and under L'U' lb- First. Honolulu
Tom Boy. by li. V Perkins. Honolulu;
second, Hula Hawaii, by Dr W. T
Monsarrat. Honolulu; thud. Miss Per
kins, by Dr. Monsanat.
Boxtnn tl'Mlet. Iclliale. novice, L"'
lbs. and under J7 II. s. First. Hue 11 h
wail, bv Dr V T Monsanat, Hono
Boston teiiiei. 1 1 in a 1 e . open. 2'J lbs
and under J7 II. s. First, He Hawaii,
by Di. W. T Monsanat. Honolulu
(ierinan sheep dog puppy. Firxt,
I'ucle Sam. t.v 1( W . tknison. Hum'
lulu: second. (Iviic, bv Mis. C. M.
Cooke, Hon. . lulu . third. I.nnd. bv Mrs
P. K. l-enberg. Honolulu
liernian sheep dog, II. Hue First.
Hector, by Julius H.ver Honolulu;
second. Judge, by Hawaii Polo 4 Hue
ing Association; third. Wallv. C. il
Cooke III, Honolulu
liernian sh,.,-. do. ..pen Fust. H ec
tor. Julius Heyer. H . . n i . I n ) it ; second.
Judge, l. Hawaii I'olo A liucing As
sociation : thud. Wabv. bv C M Cooke
Cierinan s"neep puppv. female. First,
Collette, by licnr . P.' ( ooke. M.dokai :
-econ.l July, bv ll:i,'ni polo Jt Racing
Assoc ia t ion.
liernian sheep .loo. n.n ic. female.
First . N a a- . I. v I .coi ge I
nike. Mo
tenia le.
mil... Mo
i.-rman -In.
l-'irxt. Ni.n. v. 1.
og. open
oige I ' (
Knglish bull torricl. novice. dog
First. Hliok l-ve. bv Iln. mas Fallon.
Ph Cavajiv. Sch.diei.l Harincks; sec
ond. Jim, bv II Iln iiuisak i. Honolulu ;
third. Tenv bv II M liow.ett, Ho
h.nglixh bull tc-rier. o.en. dog. F'irst.
Black I. ye bv 'I'hoiuiis Fallon. s,.,,,
field Barracks: second, Jim. by 11 Ha
niaxnki. Honolulu: thirvl. Terrv, bv II.
M. Dow sett. Hon.. lulu
)nglixh bljli terinr, female m.vire
First. D... .-v. by M Hood. Honolulu;
se. ond Hoi.nv I i.ss l v t Hood.
II lulu
I iij-iixli boll t."-.:. i. female. oien.
first. Ilocv bv M II I: n. I
It.... i v I .ass bv M Hood. Honolulu
l.ligl.-h bull do... ..i..v First. Pe'
r V-..l.:iM It. .to 1 bi: xeend
I 1 ' t ' ' 'i.s i II i ll-oll II
' I P..- ' . I. I I. C V Nve
I III'. I .
I e " '. ,,. I . i . I no
" I l. ' ' 1 . 1 .
M " . '., , 'I. p. I.I,..,
". T I "..l. t I. . H..n,,
I 1
H ' I.:lu B.'lv ' v
nolulu . second. Me
Mis H C BluUl
V ,1 Hint
Fadden ujilh,
Fleekle. Silk. In ll
lev. Honolulu; third. Pudge, by Donald
H ivsel.len. Hoiiobilu.
F'iglixh bull dog, open. First, Mel
bi n in Model, by Cliu Seni, Honolulu;
sc. ond. Stonewall v cnger. bv C'hn
s.m; third. Honolulu Billv. bv Mrs. .?.
II:. It
Liglish bull dog, novice, female.
I'ii!. Honolulu Nellie, by Kd. Todd.
Waiiiiiiiialo, Oahu; second, Seagrove
I .ii dy Aloha, by Mrs H. F. de Vis
oiton. Honolulu.
I.nglish bull dog. American bred.
..p. ii. female. First, Honolulu Nellie
l v K.I Todd, Wainiannlo. Oahu; see
..ii I. Seagrove l.adv Aloha, Isy
II F. de Via Norton, Honolulu.
Japanese fighting dog. First.,
bv . Shiflemoto, Honolulu.
iiie.it Dune. First. Hans Christian
Xnderson. by Harold Castle, Honolulu.
' Wolf hound. First, Nina, by Mrs
I I. Baldwin. Piinncne. Maui,
i lirace. First.. Shot and Frits Free
jkles Silk, Knglish setters, by Dr. J.
i Fit gerald. Paia, Maui.
Jni.n.iexe spaniels, do.jx. First, Togo.
bv T. F. Ryan. Honolulu: second
, i hame, by K. Fugimurn, Hnuolulu:
1 ihud, Chexi. by Mrs. A. A. Young,
I Honolulu.
Japanese spaniel, female. First.
Iliirn. bv K. Fngimura. Honolulu.
French toy poodle. First, Snippy
: I v Miss B. R. Young, Honolulu; second
! Tippy Toe, by Miss Pauline Young
Honolulu; third. Pittipnt. by Miss Pail
line Young.
I French tov. female.
W..V bv Miss B. R
I lulu.
I French poodle, femiib
First, Fu77v
Young. Hono
Firxt. Hnna
l v Mrs Sehult7., Honolulu.
' Champions
Best dog ill show. Sam, pointer
owned by Mrs. C. J. Beggx, Puunene
Best dog in Honolulu. Melbourne
Model, Knglish bull dog, owned by
Chu Sem, Honolulu.
Best dog outside of Honolulu. Sam
pointer owned by Mrx. C. J. Beggx
Puunene. Maui.
Largest number of ribbons won bv
exhibitor. Dr W. T. Monsarrat. Ho
Largest entry by one exhibitor
W T Monsnrrat, Honolulu
To Harold W. Rice, for best
Ii i jest kennel of puppies shown.
i Many well known championship cup
a. awards in the livestock division ot
the ferritin ial Fair changed hands yes
' t.-t. lay when Professor True completed
all livestock judging, hix awards being
tlie special premiums for horses, milrl.
cows, beef bulls and cows, xwine und
slnep The W. K. Dillingham cup fot
lost saddle stallion, Hawaiian bred,
v.ent to the Hawaiian Commercial 4
Sugar Company.
Dreaaed Carcaaa Teat
Seven hogs and several cattle have
been entered in the dressed carcass
test. These animals were taken to the
Hiivvnii Meat Company's abattoir Tues
,,i. evening and slaughtered this morn
ing. The carcasses have been placed
in cold storage, where they will remain
undergoing thorough chilling, until Sat
in. lav nun ning, vv hen they will be
I lin ed on exhibit in the windows of the
M et i op.di tan Meat Company, on, King
si i cot Awards probably will be made
a that time.
I'lic special premiums awarded were
as t'o 1 1 o vv s :
The W F. Dillingham cup. for best
saddle si 1. 1 1 1 ,i ii . Hawaiian bred. To II
'. At s r.iiu pa ny.
i). R. I.. Companv cup for best sad
.lb- stallion, imported To U. R. 4 I..
I Viupaii v .
The Hawaiian Trust i ompany cup
for best Hawaiian bi.-l fillv To John
M i K Hie. h! - . up for best saddb
animal. Hawaiian l.i.-.l To Kualoa
I K; in h
F. F. lial.lw in s , ,p t,.i best colt II
to four yea's I'ii W Macfarlane.
t.uai.lia'i 'T i ii si I n i pa ii v cup for bes'
invaln In.rsc otli, ,-i 's i mt To Lieut
t: l. Nve
Wall A Donghertv .-up for best polo
pot v To W V Dillingham.
Allen V bobinsoa's cu, f,,r best iin
purled diatt stallion 'To liruve Ranch
i Xiiieii-'an Hen-ford Bleeders' Assoi'i
Mioii iiin. f-.r .liiiinpion Heieford bull
To H W line
Xiiioii. nn Heieior.l Breeders' Asxocia
ti. n cup. for . haui Heieford female
, To II W l(,, e
Honolulu I )a 1 1 v in c n s ssociution 'k
cup for best Holsi,.,,, b ill, three year.'
or nvei, imported. To Kumehamehn
. Schoob'.
W. I. B. llini, '. , up. for best Hoi
stein covv over th'.e vears. Hnwaiiai
bled. 'To K aincliainid, a Schools.
! H. Hinkfeld and Company's cup fo.
! best Hoist. 'in .'hit .-vcr three vearx, im
: poite.l To i' W Lucas.
Leiverx 4 Cook.- cup for bext Hoi
sie u i i nn- .eiiiling bull To Kameha
, ineha Schools.
j Honolulu Vtai Bulletin cup for bexi
H. -lstciii in ii i . r v.a'lmo lieiter. To Ka
mehamehn i I s
Hoist, -in k 1 1 es i a i, ssociation ciifi fm
best H.ds!. ..a s.io.r yearling bull. TV
Robert Hind
Territorial IL t.-l I' panv's cup l'oi
exhibitor's .lanv h.-rd 'To Kamehuine
ha s, I Ik.
M. M Li. i v , op i,,, grand chain
I I.- I I. ill loll W Rice.
H T' n liin.i'i oiiipan v 'x cup fol
1 chauii mi lan v ,-,, . To C. W.
' 1 1 in pa n v 's i up fur grand
i haiii b.-e I . ... I o H. W. Kic.e.
' ' ' 1 ' a 1 i i mi .ji j i y 's c u fol
"'..- el I. ,, ...IV III-I l.'l 'To Lllllll
La ci
I'd up for iunior
' I 1 . I v. To W. Uic
1 '. ii' .I.-, .. ii,.- T ruxt Couapauy
J ' .1 W.ii s,JVII!J, irtinpS for jumor
liaiiipo.i, dam bull I o College of Ha
I .,v, I
' . . , .. ,
W line
- V C. iupauy 's cup
n. beef bull. To H.
Metropolitan Meat Company cup for
ehamplonahip pea of three fnt steers.
To Drove Kanch.
Hawaii Meat Company's nip lor
grand ehanpioa beef steer under three
yearn. To Grove Ranch.
American Berkshire Association's cup
for bent 1 fft ported Berkshire boat. To
Karuehnmeha Schools.
American Berkshire A xsoc i h t i on cup
for beat Imported Berknhirc sow To H
W. Rice.
W. F Rellina' cp for best yearling
Berkshire boar. To Comp. M. Sehoen
E. Breeht 'n enp for grand chnmpion
aired boar. To Kamehameha Schools.
Bishop Trust Company ' cup I'm
grand ttifttnplon aged sow To II W
American Sugar Companv 's cup fm
best sow with litter, any breed To
Comp. M. Brhoening.
C. Tee Hop A Company's cup. for
best pea of three market hogs To
Vlolokni Ranch.
Trent Trust Company's cup for ex
hibltor ' herd nf hops. To II. W. Ri.
George H. Angus' cup for best b.ar
any breed. To Kamehameha Schools
Tifaad champion dairy bull. I.ihue
Ranch, on an aj(ed Ayreshirc.
Urnnd champion beef hull. H. W
Rice, ou an aged Hawaiian bred Here
.' ord.
Grand champion dairy cow. . '. W.
Lucas, on an aged Holstein.
Grand champion beef ow. II W.
Rice, on a Hereford.
Grand champion dairy cow with jnn
ior calf at side. George P. Cooke, on
in Ay re shire.
Junior champion dairy heifer I.ihue
Kanch, on an Ayreshirc.
Junior champion beef heifer H W
Hice, on a Hereford.
Junior champion dairy bull l olb g.
if Hawaii, on a Guernsey.
Junior champion beef bull. H W
'(ice, on a Hereford.
Grand championship pen of three fa'
tteern. Gove Ranch, n Aberdeen An
Grand championship beef steer nude'
hrec yearn. Grove Ranch, on an ber
Grand champion beef steer un.le
our years. 5rove Ranch, on an Abei
leen Angus.
Granil champion boar. Knmehamehi
chools on a Berkshire.
Granil champion sow. H. W. Rice, or
Grand champion yearling boar. Comp
'f. Schoening, on a Berkshire.
Grand champion yearling sow. H. W
'ice. on a Berkshire.
Grand champion boar under one vear
I. W. Rice, on a Berkshire.
Grand champion sow. under one vear
Mo'nkal Ranch, on a Duroc.
(rand champion sow with litter
'nnip. M. Schoening. on a Berkshire.
Best pen of three market hugs. Mo
okai Ranch, on Durocs.
Grand champion exhibitor's herd o'
'iocs. H. W. Rice, on Berk shires.
Best boar, any breed. Kameha inch.'
schools, on a Berkshire. (Special, lies'
boar "in show, for special cup.
Get of sire hogs. First nrtd second
'I. W". Rice, on Berkshires; third, Ka
nehameha Schools, on Berkshires.
Produce of dam hogs. First and
iccond. H. W. Rice, on Berkshires
hinl, Kamehameha Schools, on Berk
"hires. , .
Jogs (
Best imported Berkshire Inur, aged
irt, Kamehameha Schools; second, H.
iY. Rice; third, Kamehameha Schools
Best imported Berkshire sow, aged.
First and second, H. W. Rice; third, Col
cge of Hawaii.
Best Hawaiian bred Berkshire boar
aged. First, College Of Hawaii.
ilesi Hawaiian tired Berkshire sow
gel. First, second and third, Kanie
aineha Schools.
Best Hawaiian bred Berkshire boar
me to two years. First, Comp. M
'choeiiing; second and third, II. W.
Vex! Huwaiiau bred Berkshire sow
ne to two vears. First, second and
i.ird, II. W. 'Rice.
Bext Hawaiian bred Berkshire boar
in. lei one vear. Firt, second and
bird, H. W.' Rice.
Best Hawaiian bred Berkshire sow
inder otie year. First and second, H
Rice: third, Kamehameha Schools
Best Berkshire sow with litter. First,
ouip. M s. hoctiiug; second, Kameha
ute ha Schools.
Best en of three Berkshire pork pigs,
l-'irst, 11 W. Rico; second Houoliu
Best impurted Berkshire boar, uude
wo years. First. C. H. Bellina; sec
.u i. O. H. & 1.. Company.
Heat imported Duroc boar, aged. Firxt
L.noliia Ranch.
Best Hawaiian bred Duroc boar, uu
Icr one year. First, I.oy McCandless
Best llawuiian bred Duroc sow, un
Icr one vear. First. M lukai Ranch
second, l.ov McCandless; third, H. W
Best Duroc sow with litter. First
1. W. Rice.
Best peii three Duroc pork
ork rl
id, H W
nst, Molol. a i Ranch; xeconi
Best Hawaiian bred Hampshire sow
in. Icr one vear. First. H. W. Rice
ccoiid and 'third. Dr. W. D. Baldwin
Best Hampshire sow with litter. Firxt
f W. Rice.
Best pen three Hampahiie pork pig-
n st 11. W. Rice.
Best Hawaiian bred Taniworth boar
L'.-d First. ColWgo of Hawaii.
Best Hawniian bred Tamworth xow
.e l Firxt, College of Hawaii.
Best Hawaiian bred Tamworth boiu
ne to two years. Second, l.ahoina
it a Schools.
Best Tamworth Hawaiian bred b. ".
inder one year. Third. Pioi r M l
"st Tamworth lawaiin br'd so"
under one year. First. Pioneer Mi'
H.s nt.irni head mutton sheep. See
n I Mo'okai Ranch.
w a
BFRMN, Oeroiany, Juue li (Au
i dated l'resa) Pajiers here say that
Geruiuny'i forthcoming statement of
war aim! won't contain a fresh pence
off sr.
Vernon Tigers Repeat On Oaks;
No Salt Lake Los Angeles
Game Reported
P. W. L. Pet. P. W. !, Pet,
Salt Lake (il :i."i. L' A74 ' Chicago 44 30 4 fls.2
Los Angeles IHI .t7 L'H .Ml Nes York 45 80 15 .607
Sacramento iV :!.V '.".l ..Idl' Cincinnati 40 23 23 J00
VeYnon ft" -4 .14 Vai Boston . ( 2i 28 .457
Oakland Cd :." .ts .44 Pittsburgh 44 20 24 .4M
San Francisco ii? L'S t!i 4 I s 1 Philadelphia 43 H 24 .442
! St. Louis 13 H 245 .410
Testerdajr- Results Brooklyn 4,1 17 2M .37R
At San Francisco
Sac ranient o I "t. 1
7, Oakland .'! j
San Fanni isco 4.
At Vernon Vernon 7,
No other game reported
Bill Rodgers' Senators fattened their j
averages yesterday at the expense of
the Graham Seals, whom they defeated
easily by a II 4 score. The Snernmen
t" raw meat enters have turned fern 1
liouslv on the meek, humble and low
lv Son Franciscans in this series, for
both gnines played have gone to de'
visiting club by onesided scores.
At Vernon, Bill Kssick 's Timers nl-.i
had an easy time with Del Howe :d's
Xcorns, the visiting team being whio
jied by a 7-3 score. Vernon has slso
won both games played to date 111 Hnsj
Again yesterday no Salt Lake Los
Angeles game was reported by the As
nictated Press, to 'The Advertiser, this
.erics being scheduled nt Salt l.ak
Sacramento, according to the st'.i'id
a available and without taking in'-.
onsideratiiui the unreported games, i''
any have been played, is creeping
rradually on Los Angeles. Bill Rod
s'ers ' Senators are now only two full
.'ames behind the Angels, the latter be
ing at present in second (dace and only
alf a game behind the Salt Lake
tees, who are still the leaders of ti"
"nciflc Coast League.
Coast League Notes
Miller is the third player to hit the big
mil sign this season and he will come ',
in for a reward of fifty dollars. N'o 1
body in tlm league leans against th.- j
ill harder than this same "Hack",
but until yesterday he was never abb'!
tij get the bull's range. Now he say v
e is going to spc.-ialic in hitting it !
every day. I
"Foghorn" Murphy was late in ge.-J
ittt. to the game and I'mp Casey ban j
to announce the batteries. eoording
to " Foggy 's ' ' ej pla nat ion, Ins horse!
iverslept. I
"Chicken" Hawks has been touted
Is a bad fielder, but he hasn't shown
any signs nf weakness so far. He mad
a wonderful running catch of Wistor
il'x flv in the xecon.l inning, and the
fans didn't forget it, giving him a
vreat hand the next time he came to
bat, vvjiich was many minutes later.
One of the star stunts of the game
was Hnsp'x stop of Krnuse's grounder
in the fifth. It was shooting aeros'i
second base like a regular hit when
Francois stopped and gathered it in.
nailing Harry easilv at lirst
The Seals ale still in last place, but
vesterday 's victory in Los Angeles was
their fourth in a row. and there is con
seipientlv much rejoicing around Rec
reatioti Park The boys are playing
real ball these das and mav be able
to get up nuuing tl ontoiiilcrx bv the
time thev return home.
Sons of First Families Stage
Chukkar Contest Before Great
est Audience Seen Here
On 'Tins. lav -i ft ei no. oi the lllui's ,e
.ruled the W hites In ,, s,x chukkar
ado giiiio- jihn'.l 011 tin- Hawaii 1'oio
V Ra.-ino Assoeiat urn tiel-l at Kapiolani
Park, by a s-nr.. oi to I1...
No polo gain.- eei sin in liswnii
had ax gieat an .-unit. 'tier Linking mi as
is one, tor pla was at the lime when
he crowd was tin
itest in numbers
111 Kaiiieliauieha Das at Kapiuiaiii
'ark, iiumbeiiuo fmrn .",.iiuu to L'li.nHO.
'The Hlties were eaplaine.l by Pete
laiinon. who has been teaching the
giuue to the youngsters i.l' Honolulu's
lirst families, while the White was
-idler the wing of Walter F. Dilling
'nun Ka.h chukkar was of ten nun
ites' duration.
The Whites were leading up to the
.ml of the ti ft Ii chukkar. when the Bines
.iiddenly caught up and in the sivth
lint last period put llie little wnoleli
.all through the tall white goal marks
or the winning t of the giilne.
Walter Macfarlane .1., made llnee
mints fur the Whites.
Bull In China Shop
At one period in the oauie some w i -e
man with a lot of biuins he did not
know what to do wilh turned a steer
'nose from the cm ml. The annual got
awav I10111 the half.loeu tatliei in
different cowboys and male for the
polo held For a t the sleel de
bated whether to play polo or not but.
with a to-s of Ins 'head, decided he
would let the Inns alone and pica ndei id
toward the. grandstand and bleachers,
where he liuull. allowed some cow boy
to roje him.
After Walter Mlleful lane had e
pressed hiniself in lirapliie fashion tn
sOllle of thllM' in ehate nf' il v
roping stunts the i-teei was I. I lamely
buck to his enrial
The Blues f,, While, lined up .1
follows: Blues -Pete Hauiioii. .apla.u, CI.m
ru.'r H Cooke .Ii.. Hai'd l Li.lmau and
Jack Walker
Whiles Wall. 1 F I i.llinghain ap
tain; Waller Maefailain- .1 1 . I 10 I Ti n
ler and Lee Waterhou.se.
McGraw and Mitchell Now Even
in Series Boston Also Blanks
Pittsburgh Nationals
Yettterday's Resulta
At New York New York I, Chicago
At Boston Boston 1, Pittsburgh 0.
No other games; rain.
Although only two games were stag
ed in th National League yesterday
both were of the Class I brand, for
both resulted in shutouts for the losers
by n I 0 score in each case.
It rained again in Brooklyn and
Philadelphia, where Cincinnati and St.
Louis were scheduled to play, respect
ivelv. These four clubs have been nn
able to piny ball the past two days,
or a full one half of the present se
.lawn McGraw 's Giants turned the
tables nn Fred Mitchell's Cubs, Chi
ago being blanked by a 10 score.
'The series, which is being played at
New York, now stands one all, with
two more games to be played today
and tomorrow.
Also Nifty One In Boaton
It was identically the same score
which brought victory for Goorge Stall
ings' Braves nt Boston, where Pitts
burgh was also blanked. 1 0. This also
makes the series one all between the
two clubs.
The Giants are now only half a
game behind the Cubs, who have been
at the top of the National League for
some days. Boston and Pittsburgh
swapped stations in the club standing
for the former went tip from fifth
to fourth place, letting the Pirate?
down into No. 5. Otherwise there were
no changes during the day.
w. a. a
Boston Americans Play Ring
Around Chicago White Sox,
Who Are Blanked
P. W. L. Pt.
51 31 20 .808
4S 27 21 .603
43 23 20 .535
52 27 25 .516
51 25 20 .400
40 22 24 .478
45 1ft 20 .422
42. 15 27 .357
1 Buxton . . .
I New York .
I ( Idea go . . .
1 Cleveland . .
J Washington .
St. Louis . .
I Philadelphia
I Detroit .
Yee'erdcy's Results
At Detioit -Philadelphia 4, Detroit 3.
At Chiciigo Boston 7, Chicago 0.
At Ht . Louis Washington fi, St. Louis
Vt (leveland -Cleveland 7. New York
The feature in the American League
yesterday was the ease with which Ed.
(1. Hairon's Red Sox trounced, wallop
ed, defeated and blanked Clarence Row
land 's White Sox; score Boston 7, Chi
cago 0. The Hostonese. now in the mid
die of their visit at Chicago, had the
wot Id's champions of last year pretty
well in hand. Boaton has won two of
the three games of the series, which will
close to. lav
The closest battle was that staged at
Detroit, where the visiting Connie Mjick
Athleliis nosed out a victory over
Hugliie .leanings' Tigers; score Phil
adelphia 4. Detroit 3. The Markmen
have won two of the three games of the
Jones Defeats Clark
At M Louis the visitors were also
Iln winners, for Clark Griffith's Sena
tors defeated the Fielder Jones ag-
giegatnui by a 0 I score, the series, to
date. standing: Washington 2, St.
Louis 1.
Playing at Inuiie. Lee Kohl's Cincin
nati Indium- won out over the visiting
Miller Hoggins Yankees by a 7-3 score,
N' Vmk having lost both games play
ed in the series.
'The new xeriex will open tomorrow,
for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and
Monday games, as follows: Washing
ton nt Chicago. Philadelphia at Cleve
land. New York at Detroit, and Boaton
nt St Louis. This will close the visit
of the Knstcrn ipitirtet in the West.
Huston continues to lead the Ameri
can League, New York 's defeat yestor
day placing the latter two full games
behind the Red Sox. Washington and
St. Louis exchanged places again, the
furiner running up to fifth place, whll
the bitter dropped to sixth.
W 8 B -
H.W FR NCI SCO, June I Aided by
Pete Ctespie'x uirtight pitching with
men on bases, the North Bench Federals
over, nine 11 three run lead and again
defeated the fast Honolulu club, score
It. H. E.
N It Federals II 10 3
Honolulu Club 4 10 .1
Hatteties Pete Crespie and Mara
glinnii; Tooei und I!ottoiule-
chinery of every description Bade ts
I order
Votes To Engage Him For An
other Year
At yesterday's meeting of the chain
ber of commerce George McK McClel
lan, representative of the chamber at
Washington, was retained in the sa
tion for another year which will begin
December 1 neit. It was eiplained
that one of tde terms of his contract
with the chamber of commerce wax
that he wonld be notified at this time
whether or not he would be retnine.l
by the chamber for another year. In
the discussion that precede! tb chain
bet's action the view was ei pressed
that Mr. McClellan has done and is
doinjj valuable service for the Terri
dry at the national capitol.
An additional list of members of
the chamber who have gone into mili
tary service of one form or another
was reported at the session yesterday
and it was voted to exempt them from
the payment of membership dues in
accordance with the policy the cham
ber has laid down with respect to niem
bers serving the Nation. Those re
ported vesterday are: George I. Brown,
A. I,. Castle, T.' A. Cooke. M. M. .lohn
son, I.. M. .Tudd, S. M. I.nwrey, P. L
Spalding, O. P. Wilder, .!. A. Bnlcli and
H. K. Castle.
New members nf the chamber ad
mitted yesterday are Walter Benll.
Clinton J. HsMchins nn.l Carlton ('.
.lames, K. A. Mott Smith tendered his
resignation as a member of the legis
Intive committee of the chamber.
Castle &Cooke,
Km 1 Plantation Companv
Walluku Agricultural Co., Ltd
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wahlawk Water Company, Ltn
Pulton Iron Works, of St. Louis
Babeock Wilcoj Company
Oreen 's Fuel Kconomiter Coin no
('has. C Moore i Co.. Rngi timers
Don't spend all yuu earn, the
road to riches lies in .n'iuling
les than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your (."ountry
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make .ur
money earn
Corner Fort and Merchant Sit.
from Montreal tn Liverpool,
Loudon and Ulnsgow via the
and St. Lawrence Route
i' nd
By the popular " Princess "
Steamers from Vancouver.
Victoria or Scuttle.
For full information apply to -
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
(enjl Agent). CUniJn Pacitic R v Co
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
F.wn Plantation Co
Waialua Agiiciilturul Co , Ltd
A poU a a Sugur Co., Ltd
FultoD Iron Works of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Babeock i. Wibox Hollers
Oreen 's Fuel F.cnniiliiZcr
Maish Steam Pumps
Matsou Navigation 1 o
Planters' Line Shipping Co
Kohala Sonar Co
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
1 Futered at the I'osli.lll. e ot Honolulu
T. IL, at ecniol class mstt.r)
Tit Ter au.ou
Per Tear (foreign) . . . 3.00
Payable Invariably it. 14 'a ins.

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