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Report of International Commission Shows
f Whkitoiisuhteh In Itiis" CoMrye
Doing To Assist IhzAlttey
..The International Sugar Committee
" ha given out its statistical report for the
first qusMer of 191, covering the per
"iad from January 1 to March 81, in
t-btsive. together with a report on the,
eontftmptiitn of mtghr in the I nite.l
Htaten ilurinu the calenilar Tear lUI'.'l
Theoe figure, whieh are the rBt to be ,
nade aailubie plvlnjf ttiiH' or eori
maiptioS from otHcinllJr authentisated
ourees, show that the amimut of n i
gar, in term of refined, going into con
aumptloa in the United Htme ilurinu
. 1S17 ws' 4,137,115 ordinary tons, and
iB'th flrst three moatti of ll,
748 ten.
For Capita Consumption 83 Pounls
The eonsuinition per eapita. nit indi
cated by these fiifuren, a 83 poumli
for the year 1UI7, or juBt under 7
Jioumts ier pernon per mouth, and
about 20 pmi rids for the opening quar
ter of the prenent year, a slightly lower
rate. The follnwingtable ahow the
sources from whieh consumption re
qulrtnucntu were supplied during 1917:
Tons of
Supplied by 2000 lbn.
Pane sugiir refiners 3,022,152
tivar maaufaeturers . 87i),2S
HontheYn plantations 3R9.O01
Foreign ami insular, unrefined 29,17
- .
Xjess piamsuiin nunr nnippru -
to refiners 83,.101
With the exception of the item of for
eign Snd insular sugar consumed with I
t refining, the figures are compile 1 1
from reports made directly to the In
temational Sugar Committee. The fijr
TJre for the item mentioned is obtained
lr deducting from actual import
shown by customs house figures the !
rftoufit reported aa distributed by te- I
fi rwrs. Consumption of mnple sug-ir.
not Included in the above table, is eti
" analed by the committee at about ll.Oofl
. ordinary toat during 1017.
: For the' ra quarter of 1918 the
oaure vt aopprjrrevef
Tone of
,2000 lbs.
. . . 757,709
... 23,791
Cane angar refiners
Beet angnr manafaetnrer .
Direct consumption rnw
washed sngars
Ia this table the amount supplied by
cane sugar refiners is determined upon
the basis of 93 percent of their melt-
Louisiana Sugar Crop
NEW YOHK. June 1 There is very
- much agitated talk now in the parmlien
eonccruing u propoul mu le by Home
one high in Lotiimann nssociuted HU!ar
circles to have the entire
bulked and sold im n whole.
191S crop
Many look upon Hum proposition :n
being part of a w-heine to discourage
the manufacture of high grade sugnr
end- to encourage the produetioii of
lewer grades. I lie produrfion of the
latter would beuelit only one intercxt
nd many believe that that inteii-st is
the principal of the proposers who :ire
In the last analysis the agents uf tlm
intercut. Whether consciously or uncim
Kced Not Been
It Is almost iiiiihi.iiii.iimI v f,lt that
there U uo need ot the cuuperutive sell
lag plan this year. And uguin uuiuy
,' ftmx that the bulk plun would destroy
.'the 'Very well sutisfied clientele witu-h
"- almost every one of the high grade
angar factories of Ionisiunn Imve bees
', V able to build up since the war gave
. the industry the opportunity to show
; the sugar consumers of the country
themselves, the splendid sugvi that
ere made on the producing plantations
; in this State.
'Much progress along these linos has
' been Made since the pust few yehrs, in
V fSct (he progress in this direction hus
been more marked in the last two or
three years than ever before;, and koine
'gay that to bulk the crop and sell it
. In one big contract would be of ajore
' harm to the industry right now thin
anything else imaginable n, ilit lie.
This i not the opinion of a few but
'.; of many and the few who Imve been
- fighting for the emancipation of the
' ' Louisiana sngar producers.
. TrU TO Be rued
The price or sugar will he fixed by
the Kood Administration ami there doel
... not appear to be nay reason or argu
, jnent at this time for the bulk plan
coutraot. It would seem that there is
' no chance of this plan being even
',." partially adopted this coming grinding.
A meeting to disi'umi aud perhaps de
tide this question will be held in New
(fileuns by the American Cane Grow
- ' rra' Asso:iation on next Thursday,
. JuM fi. A large attendance and an ex
treaiely lively doliate is exeoted if
. nil nil judge by the country comuieut
'' sa the took to be tnkeu up. i.ocnl
WigSr distributors report mat tuey ar;iii suvar mstrici ami sugur piuuiers
. nnulile to tafcc cure or the very aetiM)
Inquiry for the high grade Louisintiu
plantation floods while the plantation
Warehouses are crowded with seconds
ings ns reported to the committee. The
figure for beet sugar i supplied by the
Food Administration Sugar Distribut-
, ui( Committee in Chicago and that tor
raw ami washed auyar conmimed with
i out refininir t chtainetV from impurt
lieenma repprtu in tb eaae of foreign
nn:ir ami from the reports to the 1
teTiintional Sujrar Committee In the ruse
or anniPHtie minr
i he raw and trashed sugars g6ing
into direct consumption eame from ' "
followiag sfturfes! Cnbo, 10,,; r. inns;
tither foreign countries, 4375 tons;
Louisiana plantations. S075 tons; i'nrto
Rieo, PI 7 tons; Philippine Islands, 1!'
Hawaiian Refiner.
No reehoningi ia made of rereipts of
refired sufar from Jlawaii. ainee these
nrrivals were approximately balanced
bv eiports of refitted from- the i'nlted
States during the same period.
A ill led interest ia given to the fig
ures nt the present time by the f.ict
that the Food Administration at Wash
ington on .May 20 gave out a atatement
on the su?nr consumption of the i'nited
state during the flrnt "war velr."
April, 1917, to April. 1918. Consump
tion for this period lof twelve months is
reckoned 4.109.P91 tona or 27.824 tons
le thsn for the calendar year 1917,
indienting that domestic ennsumntion
t''i' .unv wi umt ihht
month of 1918 bv this amount.
Purchases and Allotment
The committee' report for the onar
ter also covers ' purchases and allot-
ments from different sources dnring the
period. Thes -totaled I.0S3.1S9 tons,
of which !f)2.237 tons Were from Ptiba.
1f3.5"1 tons from Porto Rieo. 31.192
tons' f'om Snnt'o-Dominiro, 8,751 tons
from Peru, 3,14c) totos from Surinam,
3099 tens f'nm VeneueTa, nnd 1241
tons from Tlonduraa. Out of this 44,
Oftfl tons of fnll-duty foreign sutrars
were n'Wted to Canada and 1390 tons
we'e nlloted to the trade.
United states refiners' receipts of
raw enenr from foreign countries other
thn Cube were only 5fW)8 tons during
the quarter, of which 8303 tons from.
rrittrr.iin aa, i i unn nun "UI lira ria, I U-t
tons from Bnnto Domingo, J12 tona .
venewie'a, 4fi tons from Sarinan, 193
from Pern, and fi tons from Colomb'a
were receive! nt New York, and '1033
I tons from Honduras were received at
New Orleans. These 1oW figures
foreign raws nre explained' bv
fact that pnu ti :illv nil full-diitv for
eign supirx have been allotted to Cana
dian refineries.
May Be Sold To
Admjnis'iiation In. k
and th ' !'
The e c
aTricaii (' in.'
eem to be e
f'c oi' the Am
i " mtien met
' led to take up
:uw confronting
se is why hash 't
dlier ia the un
for blaek strap
1 Thursday ni i
two of the
them. The .
Kidph spot' ci
usually dull
'.' ts
.1 III til
molnsKi-s The- market for black strap
is so dull tin t everybody in the busi
ness is sort ot down in the month over
it. People Hint in January would not
have thought about taking anything
near as low
now willing
fifti-Mi cents for it are
II at that figure aail
cannot. Then' lme been some sales
under thai ligure. Nubody in touch
with the W.fhiiigton situation Thurs
day could say why Uolph hus not apok
en and nobody knew thru of any feasi
ble solution of the strangely quiet de
mand V.. r blink stiap.
Want To Know Figure
It is getting on to about time for
tlie rood A dm i n 1st rat ion to announce
""r "'"''"'f " "
the planters can regulate the ouslitv
of their production and many other
matters that citnnot be attended to
until Kolph has made an announcement.
The American Cuue Growers' Associa:
tion, it is understood, have done all
in their power to obtain some informa
tion of this kind, but so far they have
not tiucceeded.
The crop continues to advance re
marknbly. In St. Mary and Iberia
and as far west as Lafayette, they
were arking for rain at the beginning
of the week and their request was sat
istled by ruins reported from there iu
(he middle of the week. In St. James
and St. John along the river the core
is a little yellow and rains would not
hurt any but the cane is just a green
ami growing as fast as ever. Along
Lafourche all crops are jumping ahead.
Hugarnieu just returned from there say
.that the place along the bayou are in
wouderfui condition and they espeeiul-
1 v it tit, ei.t.i tin V tl Wj.L.ij.iii..v 'a
Ceilar Grove plantation as being far
better than any they have ever seen at
this senscak of the year.
Labor Ia Short
The government work and the high
wanes offered by the war industrial es
tablihhiaent are taking ' the so called
sngar factory hail ly men away from
kbow now very useful ami necessary
these handy men an
of a Hngar In
This is the latest
. development iu the lubor" situutiou
- ,
. If' ai 1 V. i.. II
in Siftj'atioj':
Little To Encourage
Increases In Raws Awaiting Ship
ment For First- Ten- Dayt - of
Month Are Between fight and ,
i err i nousanri i ons v..
During the flrat. ten dnye of June
there iwd op sdiHtionala to MgSr await
ing shipment estimated t bet we 6000
and 10,000 tons. There have been com'
paratively am ail departure and par
ticUlarly eitensive shipment are look
ed for dttriJig the, month. These flgSres
come very cloee to the preliminary es
timates of probable Increases rovie !
the oeiiisg of the month and indicate
that the amount oa bend at present li
between 185,000,' and . 130,006 tons or
a little lean than one fourth ef the en
tire estimated. eropv of tk Islands fur
the year, . .., ; " .
Whatever shipping, space there It un
til the end of the asoiHh iwill probably
nil go for sugar for it ie said thjt the
pine movements will not begin tfnt'l the
end of the month.; Last month it ns
rumored that departing freights during)
.nine woaid go nrty-firry sugar end
eanned piSea. Now it is eaifl that this
Arrangement wtll go- Irtto effeet until
the end of thla month Or the first of
At the office of the shipping board
tTiere were no advices aa to likely nvaiU
sbiei boHonra in the near f otwrtt. It was
tho-dnty f . th board when tINe iif
fleo was firsr opened here, to afrwiqe
for Kestera ahipaiears but arrange
ments were changed when it was finally
move to the Kaeine Coast and thenc4
j Kast overland instead of through the
canal. Than later name the rcjxirt that
a comparatively small amount of the
crop was to reach the Eastern refin
eries. Home relief, although not a large re
lief, to the congestion may - com
through S reported arrangement for -the
I bringing here oft si aeven vessels
' of between 8000 and SO 00 tons eapa,
city. It. is said that these hnve'beedj
seenred to bring eeal to the lnter-lsl
and t'ompsny and win takef oil aroea
from here. At best this weald mean '0'
movement of as mtfch sugar u w.mld
make-a full cargo and a half cargo over
for a steamer such- aa fRe Texan; i If
thesa1 steamers' depart rrern' here kad
ed half and - half agar' and pines" the
" -
l,tt ?m etfmmeasnfnte'r '
AH in all the situation contains lit
tle of encouragement fo the thfppetft,
They continue to hope for reMef in the
latter months of the year if it do
nst come before and meantime cheer
fully go ahead with production,
w. a a -
Oflicefs were elected at the arijoarnV
meeting of the San Carloa .Burnt
Ccmpaity on Wednesday aa followst
John Waterhouse was elected to sue
ceed Richard Ivers as president. Other
officers are H . E. Cooper, vice presi
dent; J. I.. Fleming, treasurer; A. H.
Rice, secretary, and additional direct
ors, C. II, Atherton, W. F. , Freer, W.
H. MClnerny and A. J. Campbell.
- . . . . . .
i ne ireastuer s report , WHICH waa
presented at the meeting was highly
satisfactory, showing a profit for the
year of 203,i no. StiU more promis
ing crops are Minimised far this Vear
I and the fufnre. the one difficult the
. company hits to face beinir lack of
shipping fncilities which was the eauae
of its suspending dividends some' time
since until n-turns could be brought In.
w. a, s.
The Producers' Review, of onddnj
quotes the Director of Hngar Distribu
tion in England who sara that thee
1 is no intention of reducing the sugar
allowance a week, that in makinir ana.
rial allotments for the preaervation of
1 .;.. , : 1 . . i .. " . .
eii or sugar save out of the weekly Mr
tion aud that if asy sugic is saved
ia jam making it will not uninterpreted
as hoarding but will be considered fa
course eminently desirable.
1 i ii ii i ii.
which grows more acute week byweek
end day by day. The suga iaduatrr
will face u very severe htbor aborts ge
in the hnrvestiaf season and unless tbt
necessary field Wbor if swedred- lths
crop may be seriously treated! A
Louiaiana sngar nmo bO r.-a fOT a
long time connected with the MexlcSS
sugar iiidustiy in Central an.l HontV
era Mexico has suggested the Imports
tion 'Of Southern Mexicans duriug the
grinding season He says they are; a
very desirable dam of laborers aid
excellent substitutes for the ordinary
Louisiana field laborers, ita Ujt that
the importation ,f th(,w J. fea,iije ad
that they are not of the baadrtU type
found iu Northern Mexico, but, 'juljt
aud good workers. This man was mttlP
agfr for several years of oas of the
Inrnest Mexieau sugar centrals. .
To dutc, tl,,. number of Louisiana
sugar factories ,ire to make plunt
tion granulated susr is is forty-
four. This, ot course, does nnf Include
nuiiieiiius clarified houses, muklaff
. ki-iub m a .n nigh uud excelien. qual-
uy. io im i
aige houses j'wsyt In
the tct Imt
about to e-.,i
la ted rauM'.
iow on the fence ami
the plantation granu-
hfkcep production of sugar' t the maximum ssibU to them and i the rtfnettirne tftftf t
make the IlaDd& self-supporting irt (ood supply. Here art glimpses of two exhibits at the Terri
torial Fair. Ahove is the boOth of the Piorieer Mil Company in the Agricultilfal section sh6wing
wharthar company is doing Ih dlirersified: tOoH t Using. :: Below1 U pt pt fjftf ehibit'o the?,?!
waiian' Sugaf Planters' AssocUtioti showing the con going throilgh th1 roller for the extrfiction tof
the juise. - ,vr'j - '' fc .r -r " ' W' ':. u-.1 ?;.' .',
' " . i I - W
Stock Exchange Boole of Statis-(Forty
tlrjsts'JiiSt OTf-Pfess
Full of valuable information relating
te the sngar industry- and to numbera
Of the plaatatiems i the Islands is the
' Manual 6f Hawaiian Heenrities for
1918" recently 6ft th preas of The
Advertiser. Ia addition te what it eon-
1 1"1 relative to sugar ft also nas erncier
'n each of tb companies the atock of
which is listed on the Honolulu stock
and Bond- Exchang : which has com
piled the information and is responsible
for the issue of the publication whieh
anight b called the year book of the
leeav-ea-fbeuao.. -
Following Jhd personnel of the ex
eonag fortyn page are devoted
te sugar plantation companies showing
pwet and. present'. earnings past crops
ahd tUe'cilimaltf erf c reps for the pres
ent year.' and 19111 and brief informa
tion relative to improvements made
during the year that has passed since
the issuance of thf last manual.
Next follows Information of a simi
lar nature relatinif td' eompanles other
the sbuar ' pUfntatioaf eorporatlona,
jwhose stock le listed oif th exchange.
' west rollow geaerar " iniormmioa
wblch lnelddes the- Hawaiian sugar
prop for 1918-117 by plantatlona and
by agencies, therop from 1908 to
1917 byplanlations and lslarfdsj esti
meted crops fof the world for thl year
nd the flgnrtj for f wo years past; im
portations of augar from 1901 to 1918,
year by yearj price and ootisumptioa
for fourteen- yeathf - European beet
erop; Sngar consttrneij la United States
with its sourceaf progreai el beet sugar
IHdusrry in United Htates: progress of
earns industry Ia United States; sugar
consumption ln United Mates; 9 teat
eeatrifugalatrgar quotations as receiv
ed tbrdngkont the year for paat five
years; granulated' quotations for five
years' past? statement present tariff raw
,egetr with- these of - past? yield of ir
rigated and onirrigated plantations in
Hawaiian Islands? records of sales of
stock on Honolulu exehaagtf; compara
tive statements of business of exchange
for ten years and rule relating to rates
of commissions; range of prices and
' ..I!,.,;,,, i . , . . .
doing their sliafc In hiiplng to
m I ...i i ... i .
i iU. co
--ei s
Thousand Tons of Carriers
Are Needed F6t Use In
Other Waters
NEW YORK, June 1 The interest
of local raw sugar circles was largely
' centered last
week in the announce
in Washington stating
ttients issued
that the shipping board had withdrawn
approximately 40,000 tona of dead
weight shipping from the West Indies
sugar carrying trade, Facts About
Sugar reports. This decision on the
part of thfi board was not wholly un
expected, as at the close of last week
rumor was rife that such a step was
Ten Snips To Be Withdrawn
From an authorised source Facts
Abbot Rngar has ascertained that ten
ships are to be withdrawn- as sugar
curriers aad assigned to the military
rnipply transportation ' service. The
withdrawal of this 40,000 ton! of ship- '
ping will reduce the combiner! tonnage
of the sngsr fleet to abowrT70,0(H9 tons
and should still permit the' movement
daring June of approximately 300,000
tons of raw, and.' perhaps more, from
West Indian shipping ports td domes
tic refining points.'
' The withdrawal of tsTis tonnage,
while it cannot y any means be con
sidered otherwise than in onfgvorable
development, will nut necessarily in
volve any serious falling off in raw
supplies for the present. If the present
augar carrying tonnage is not further
depleted next month to meet military
exigencies, the weekly volume of raw
receipts will very" nearly equal the
weekly meltings of Eastern and South
ern refineries, and it effect ori refined
snppiies Will be negligible for the
present. The slowing op in receipts,
however, will be shown in the refiners'
stocks of raws on band, which at the
present time' total only slightly above
one week 's meltings.
May Movement Not Affected "
The loss of the ten ships taken over
by t)ie shipping board this week wilt
not affect, the total Mar shipment of
raws, and the outlook still remains ex
ceedingly bright for the movement of
approximately 325,000 tons during the
. - . , ,j ...
win tjie- wat They' continue: to
n - in" V . , I .-i.-
- 4
Manual of Securities Shows
Price Range of last Year
What effect the war has had upon,;
tne prices or sugar stocks m anowa try
the range of prices for the year as pub
lished in the "Men nl of , Hawaiian
Securities for 1918."
Taking the Awe agencies and" fht
sugar companies1' with stocks-listed on
the Exchange the fluctaations during
1917 we're as follows:
Mercantile . Big Loir
Alexander Baldwin, Ltd. 27a 170 ,
C. Brewer ft Co. ........ .4755 80
ax- . -
Ewa Plantation Company , 34 27 Vi
Haiku Sugar Company ...208 100
Hawaiian Agriraltural Co. 41 41'
Hiwaiian Com! v.. Hugar . ;! i
Co. . . ......... ..x,. ao. 4o
Hawaiian Sugar Company, 40 31
Honokan Sago Company i , 104 ' 9
Honomu Sugar Comioy.. 2H 37
Hutchinson Sugar Plant 'a
' Co, . . ..,...,ii.,;...Ne4BaleS
Kakukn Plantatioh Oa-,.,v MtjvV18i
Kekaha Sugar Company: . .825 , 218
Koloa Sugar Company ...807 168
MeBryde Sugar ).. Ltd.. , , '13 SVt
Oaha Hngat Company-..,. 88W- 27
Olaa Sugar Co., Ltd ..... 18,; , 4
Onomea Bdgar Co"; 57', i . '
Paauhau Sugar Plantation
Coi . ..,.,......... Ne. Bales
Paelfle 8ugar Mill ....... 20.! .10
Paia Plantation Company . .225- lr0
Fepeekeo Hug' Coj . . Neftkles
Pioneer VUI1 Company, ... 41. , . 28'
San Carlos Milling. Co. ..'. 19 "18
Walalna Agricultural Co.. 88 8tf
Wieiloktt Sugar OoiV...... J.. 88
sr. a. a
l ... v l - rn.i . .vihSi i-
,vs.ii. .
eompany with threei aataVr watnea wad
arrested by Marshal Siniddy yesterday
and ia being held' by tne federal an
thorltiea pending, aa inveetrgatiiin. It
is alleged t hat.. Lau . Itwak host been
transporting tbe women, in bis car for
immoral purpose.
i . .. w.s.e.. '
No ead of misery and actual suffer
ing is caused by disorders-of tbis-stomach
and liver, and may bo avoided by
.the use of Chatnbetralu ' TabletoT 'Give
them a trial. For sale by 411 dealers.
Benson, Smith t Co., Ltd., agents for
Jiawail. Advt.
:' ' '. ' .' ' . ' -,' ,i
Wait Result, of Physical lnm
naflons To Learn What Wtl) ' I'
.-. 'it '" : '
Draft Will Affect Office Forces of
"'ombanies1 anfl Agencies
U ' f But Not Fields-
Plantation managers continue, o
mirk timS and do the best they aa
with the labor which Is available sine
the tailing out of the guard. They
era- short handed and practically all
of the important companies are feeling
thet effect -f the shortage!-. They- are
awaiting t learn how many of those t
who departed with hd eall ta color of
th guard, will be returned to them
tbeeause ef physical unfitness for mili
tary service.' r-
Removal by the government of the
nuaJIflcation relative te Height and the
cowaeqnanbyamotal of thS qualification
relative VO Itgutneas oi weignt ox ibisii
men, so far aa the Filipino members of
the guard are eoncermid, removes the
peasibility, ef large aumbers. of thia
rar goiag back te the fields ' Instead
of to camp Ss Would have ben the ease
had" the regulations that have applied
tot the gdaril and ttf the draft else,
whet been applied here without ex
ception. , V o-v
Whit Frr Draft '
Callf the draft for July 1, ia bow
being watched and waited. Generally
It le expected that this will net affect
the field and the mill labor as lot tbe
call of th guard' for, uniler th draft
regulations,, such labor has been gtvaa
: greatly deferred ktaaaiflcatioA. .'.It
ould tjnly be If- a larger percentage
than. Is expected of the earlier elaasi
Acatioa men- are found to be aaftt that
further labor in any Important-quantities-will
be taken; -'-.','v3? '
; It is la tks office forces of the com
panies and the agencies that the draft
will be felt. Men ia clerical petitions
IS seen 'offices eennot be classified aa
esaential to the industry for they can
readily be replaced, the' theflry le, fitlL
mewaSver. tsie draft aare or U-ttu wouon:
Already these offieee have H i.h J .
feet of the call' rf the- guard-wort whrk' ,,
the dras eome they wiH fiti tU$ mn
stilt further, There- if att the il:fr.;-
oolty in filling such positiors, h-f.wrr,
where technical knowledge Of i Sngar
growl og la -'not absolutely essential,
ihat .there is in securing thi requisite
labor fof the cane fields.
Probable' Qaotae
- -Thr quota far the draft has been SO-,
nounced for all of the Islands as a
group and at draft headquarter it Is
said that such quota ianlode those
whe have "been induote.1 inre th guard
since their registration. This will re'
duce vha number' takes under tue draft
proportionately. It is estimated ther'
.will be taken from thia island between
2000 and 2300 and trom the other la
landa from 800 W'760j -i
Thus farijhe percentage physically
disqualified by tbe examination of tbe
guardsmen has even in the heaviest
cases not been more' than twenty-five
percent. It may be that it will run
higher airreog the men: of the second
regiment, this remaining te be drs-
covered, but, it is evident the planta
tion will not get bark any very large
proportion of , thf men taken from
them. ,
Physical Fitness
' When this physical examination of
the draftees is finally held oa muster
ing in, it may be expected that aa even
smaller proportion will be found dis
qualified for' ervlc for the medical
"jxamlnettow which they were given be
fore being classified waa more severe
than any examination that were given
to prospective- guardsmen-and were oa
a par with the. examination which the
guardsmen have been subject to since
the call came for- mobilisation: -
w. aa--
To meet the: needs of Honolulu's
rapidly growing school -population ha
extensive program of bailding work Is
to be carried out through the aumuier
months-On all of the Islands.. Prelim
inary isteps In the. work were taken
f esterday when Superintendent of Pub
ic Instruction Henry W-' Kinney aud
Wilbur C. Woodward, rtperiatendent
ns eLsnailssi easail nluWurAii rtilu kiMB ekaa
I-' " rJ B ' . '--
wtel ot aU bungalow schools tbkt are
. be erected.
Two of the new bungalow- schools
will be built, at Kallhlwaetia, two at
Kalihikal and two at Kalulanl. Fob
lowing- trips to the other. Islands which
Superintendent Kiuney will make
shortly; Sites for ' a number of ' other
struetores are te be chosen. The build
ing, work will- be carried out by the
Various counties.
Superintendent Kinney will leave
for Hawaii , tomorrow Snd wiU be on
the Big Island for a week to- super
vise the closing" (rf schools and ton
sider plans for needed new buildings,
Ou Juue 24 he will gq to the, Island
.C-f. " :
. .fsiito',;

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