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Plf (llflMRIimifJ iMissfl
.-. it . vvr iiv llll f I : ( niu
;nilT 10 hiittrr. niit'KfafprtiPnt
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orack Issues
Takes It Upon Himself To Ar
range Lane Itinerary, Makes , ,
- mess 01 ji ana is ignored ; :,
urtixl-'iMe -is (Swit . ru
Advertiser) -Upon their arrival here
, Secretary 1 of, Interior Lane and party
Liii at ilmtiact surprise for., they learn-
yt Governor Itnkham had under i
warn rj ibbo rnexr pinna info fets own!
hande and had eoaeequentlr 'made 'ft
mesa tf ; It. Tha next lurprise eame r
-for Golerior Vinkham for hie arrange-
menta were promptly upaet and hi
plana were ignored. r ''.'
' WliihoiTt conaultintf either Aecratare 1
I.H0 or Governor-Deeignate McCarthy.
nppnre;(overiier Finkhata. had ant
wtreiOe messages to Peraident Vlefere
efrne KUo Board of Trad and that or-
tktllzafloji k Vifli1 hnffMitwt' Mi 4hm
' ' ' V . I VI W P I
II ... . .4 A .. 41.. iLk 1 i . 1 . 1 . . I . '
1 ...... walv VHI'LI UV T- Clilltf
In' accordance ' with insfrurtlon r t
l"t Under authority and bad made '
neortngiy. Tha ebmmltteo on
MrranKemetiU waa conupquently idiaap
'(1tild hoh Ita arrangimonfa were art
alil.'.' ' " " : , 7t' Ii ,
i -1 u! U, J. : -
jims mwrninK tub I'iniakm iflr)er
" proffranr '-waa diretratded ij.ru;
atend of following aot ' he rhj'i.j
menta that hafl btosn mada f or tlirf n'
tartairimfrnt "of the parit! ,J 8,r' lai r-
I.ana oVeided to go td '.WaiaAsVVnnw
Wit. over. ,tbe Ituidt tboa ovfcf
houu-a'.uadina-iof rbieh there hl.hrii :;
ao much (liaputatioil and t ma T V'kKi yv
p - twin nv J.I1UOWOQ i -,vv ;(n j,
viait to ilia .Kaiwiki hoiaeataa ia aii'.li i
li'arefull Jookei over iotiirt irt "
iiio, too party atopped fof .Jrt
time oaly nd then itarted aa tit t"ii
VokiUO.. 11 .. . jt 4 ''. 'I,''
Bataocn ,thee Mpi kratarj', iAni'
:fouoiitimo.to deliver a patpUtk a;t:i-h
to ttAtf' icuajalmftn now entA.rA
... . ... - ;h .
a wti hi rranaportattan for J 1 nniih, it', 1
twid another io the achool UhiWrciiN ' '
Returns .With jBrlde
To Serve In Army
Give. Up fl
iouhi- Oi.fcrdf,
Mh). (Vnall itft nkli
ate nf the Hawaiian
ret ur nod yoaterday 'froi
Oxor.l, MiHitlaafppi, "u.fe tU'trtitir'l 1r
his bride, who waa fsrmrdv M' EaV
tello OMhuii, daughter ,ilajur Old-
hun. '.I i: ' ?)
The rouple reahoii 0kfi.iil "on 'tha
lay ,whfn th; pe.w if Jh o iHitlng
of tha. 'national gat "i .w; a n.Kvlwhei
MI tin XWat hariaM . aokJU
iiniiia)Luitel.y aiUjleU ' ' ar . rtqnar
iiirn nqqumag wnet (r r e tiait
hecn onlereil into 1 : . ii - 1 van in
formed by rable that only, tue line
oBirorH hail been chcsiii. As judge ad
voi'ute Majxr l'rankliu in a etalf offl-
On arriving lierr ycaterday Major
Franklin uia.li inquiry as to hi statu a,
mii.I on lcuriiing that there it littla
promise now of his obtaining a earn
mission in the lino, he ia planning' to
bp tiiicon in with the draft quota and
will probably give up hi commission
us a major to l.oroine a private.
"If tliat hnjipoua it is possible that
Mrs. Kraiiklm may not remain here
but return to her home in Mississippi,'
fo Hvrnit. tho end of the war," said
Major Frank lin.
He is extremely uuKug to join the
'olors for active setvlce and thought
be liu. I things all mnpiied out when ha
jitnite. a mnjority in the guard.
Ho is a nephew of Colleetwr of fJus
toins M. A. Franklin, ami ia a member
of the regal fraternity.
I is ruuiormt among higher ups in
Homo. rje '.elrelps that Major Frank -lin
is pVoyrinontly niouti(ed ns a po
sibje sill -restaur to Judge Ashfgrd, on
Itu eiri'Uit court be.nrh.
, , V . '.
-U - T 'V . tarHory . for j4ioh. lrfnda'ay w th'ird n Moudity, I
Force of .Marines At Svyatow Will
Give Assistance
Says; AJI Protest Talk JsljBosh:
, , Has All Proper ..Creden-
'. tials For Tour . .! -
-BAW - FRANCISCX), . Jnr'''4-
After elose ruafab wij,h Ujimmk,
MitMi Papny t)tiraok on her rrivuj '
herrf from AnsrVair'a hint TToiiolulli,
tssoed' the following" statement"1
that aoiimU very inueh aa tt
maek himself hn.l a flngor In tha
pie:'- ' : " V
All this eanVellation' of nr
taur Ja news to ti. Wliiait' we:Wt
Hydney, there waa no eiieh' 'talavj
iThara earir fee1 bp rnnjjaUrttroii-y
MV. 'MoJntsh either ai indi-..
' trbliial or aa tta VxaeutivVef ih.
todies' Swjmriiag'Asadeiatirtn,'fo ,
the -Tenson that the ladiea' bbdy '
'la' only-' felt atnllaterl branch' "with
1h- Anatrlary Swniinliijf AKsoei'
-fetton knd it hasio jiirladlotioa' to
Issue or ranrnl aanotioii. Mra Mty
Inlosh W ho khority td':rall
to Hay ana except through thn liaiiii
; body that la, the ' AnltraliaB,
Uwinrmlhg' t'niori. ' 1 r t4,
We rani to this e'onotrr''fulV
'' wkrr of the abllity of ArneWefeu
itt- kkVe' hail eonipetjtioh if W 4
earry1 ' nimpenohftble; ,1r,fa.,ohtialB r
aAd'onf amnteiiir 'eliii'riin))Al;iKwirm .
't-.wj'gned Tit James Taylor, tna
.-awviienr,- ni wv-y,.-ni . t I
aaoVetary-treawirat-' ' ' . '
F' r'arlfle' Aaacielat'ioji Sird 'fe"ovpni-.
4ff tha Ainatenr-Athretle"lTMo,n,i
rho AiefMiBs Dnrark at h front
tAti 'asked as to hflr'rrlehtlra.
k"HaaVfl'ii' tlia VipiWUiii that'if tha
. nigjiar awiinnnng liotly .in Auatra
. ph- has . uanetirmed the trip- thera
.WfH be-no trouble . in arranging v
ffteeta. ...-i r-. -.., .
' On x-ross-rnsmlnatioil.'-Misa 'fU'
ark "virtually admitted tha trouble
,-waa -over the aelertion of 4 rhape
.'rdty'and iWerteit her right to
ytmi 'iior,,aistel' for "the trip in
Btead of Mra. Chambers.' ' '
,f ; 1
' .' . -, " w. 9.
f i I ii. mil i
i ... 1 1 , . w r x a. . , : r -r
I - vr . . w
Manager of Kualoa Ranch. Pre
?ented To Secretary Lane
Before Thousands
. --. t . '.
AlegatioQ..n .Suii .Denied
Hotel Qoptpany v
. . .Manager
Manager Harry Minaoa. of im Terri-
TOKIO, June 1.1 (Kaodial to Nippu
Jiji) A atTong iljtachineut of Jaiau
ose mii'rlnea': Itm brefc 'landed In 8wa
tow, Vhiuii, from Japunoac watrshipa fu
the harbor as result of disorder pre
ailing Ip.ibe eity. Ttluy tho Japan
ese I'Onslilnte tfti.l the livas and proper
ties of the resident Japanese are pro
teeted palely by Japanese troops.
Tho situation in Hwatow has result
ed fnuii the .lesperate righting near
the city between the forees of the
south, or the revolutionists, and tha
n'pi-tli, or the rugulnrs, and has ended
in n I'otnplete vii'tory for the latter
f. u-.e. The defeated revolutionists be-
g. iii iHu-:Heking the resiileticps ami
shops in the rity in broad daylight.
Tn many Instunees outrages were com
iijtl)'il ayuiiiHt the iithnbituuts ami the
poll, e were powerless.
Tin' city uf Kwntow is icgHrdml as
one of the strongholds in the touth of
I he revolutionary army.. The northern
limn 's hiieees in defi-nting the revo
lutionists has nili . Ir the situation in
this -e. tion of China fuvorable to he
Dr. Hun Vat Hen, revolutionary lead
er, who was in Hwatow, left the citv a
few .lavs ago uinl took a bout to Kee
lung, Formosa, whence he i now re
ported as eoiuiiig to llakone, a famous
hot spring resort near Tokio, for re-i-oieration.
l''spiit.li)S from I'eking quote Oen.
T 1 1 ii ii Oii -lui, the premier, as saviug
that he has divided against unv form
of a i-oiiipi iiinis). with tin' Honili. ,
Ii:i old. red iId- NoiIIh'iii annv Hi the
lii I.I l)i mr a ig)iiiiHs )-aiupnigii to
eXll'MOIIIiltf til)' D-bl'Is.
good m J.lUld,"j"-- (Mttitieu' lfld life
tha-oircuit-oawrt .yeatoMay Ib,,- group
of ahita agaius the hotol company thut
have been, jpendlag aiuce October of
1917. .aoagoV Uuaon . aaid 'he waa
leaving abortir-if or thr-mainland, but
ba added the trip waatinly to be a two
month vacation and lie taid he would
return. ' :-
The euita Sb -quostlon- are those of
Otto Fischer, Mim Kva Martin, llarrv
L. Camper fend hi a- wife, Mra. F.ninia K.
Camper, each of whom ia seeking to n
rover trnmfcgw from the Territorial Ho
toi company or"Jiuiuiliatiort thev al
lege they auffertid aa the result of an
Occurrence ;on . the Youug ' Hotel roof
garden. The four plaintiffs assert in
paper filed tht thay mere ordered
from the dancing' floor anil from the
roof 'because Fischer ami Camper were
iu the United 'Htates navy and at the
tiiurf of the Huppentag ware1 iu tho uni
forms of United States sailors. The in
ri.luut on tha roof ia' fellegoil to have
happened' on the evening of August 4,
l!17. when Camper and his wife and
their ward, Miaa Martin, actompmucl
by Fisher,' visited thd roo.
When a demurrer that the hotol com
pany filed waa' overruled by Cin nit
J,uU.go Kemp, .who is Jiuw 'associate
JOstice'of the auiira'ine 'court, a a riet v
of delays eauie'abotit in the case which
probably cannot come to triul before
next fail.
In the petition filed Vesterdav bv the
(ilaintiffs the .court is askOil to take
sieps to fiueive' the testimony of Man
ager Harry Htiiison. It is held that he
ia a muterial witness aud it is alleged
that he intends shortly to leave the
Territory ah'd qt return.
" Manager Htinson sa.id; last night that
ir the rase Is not postponed uutil his
return, he will gire his deposition be
fore leaving on Ilia' vacation.
. w, a. a. . ...
X . I, f
illonnie Judd, otherwise known a (J,
H. Judd, in m nagcr of the Kusle JJfeuah
Oar this 1IbiuI, was derlared vest or. lay
Ihf winner of the Territorial Faif'a
aow rflplng contests which ' held ' tha
finnrda yestontav aud the dnv bofor
at Itabfolani Park.
' Judd Inte yosterdnr afternoon roped,
threw and tied his big steer in forty
aU'eeeonifs, flat. On Monday after
nafln' hi tlrlie as ano minute (1st!, Ms
Vrtir j t fon t haV wthyowa TbciHg,
IHerefOre; fifty three seconds. ' Tt ' waa
bnrtha arrrage for the' trvo daya that
thftfeward were made, althongh the"
etage did not give XI r. .lud.l anr adVatt
a over his rival competitocs. fffr do
Jipth daya his time wai tha best made,
. Jiben Low in megaphoning the reauftt
at tho park yesterday made- a peat
titthf-apeeeh in which he limited Bonnie
Hibl.vWith him at the time "was Aa
uii Wtl'hoa, the Maiil cowbhy and a
veteran la' the game years ao on tha
bifr-'inalnlnnd Vancheir:
Xjben Low Brief 8peech '
ve'Thia ges to prove vonnluaivaly,1'.
said Mr. Jow, "that' the old fellow
ra not out of the game "tioirttirit
fertntnd Aiming the Vats. "These yourig
cowboys, while good, have come ere
tk'bow, before flurinie Juihl, the vat
ran, end none of his competitora has
been ab'e to ton. Ii him." . i
There' was smrie, mention of JudiK'a
.tirho 'testerday being thirty nine, flaft,
knd'that iiilM had broken' the' records
held by tkda l'urdy nnd Maikai Kelii-1 katl'LimitimanCobinel
Iiae. noi'lier .r whom competed Iu this
weefr'a' Hawaiian rodeo. This was aa
rror.Yor the oflicinl time of Judd' was
forty -six secoti.ls and not thirty-nine.
Iktta 'Ptir.lv still kohls the Hawaiian
ertrr' tiMylgh .second , Hat.
Pneaated to Secretary Lane
, Heeretary of the Interior l.ane, who
was nnlntel-r-stod spectator 'at tha
gatneayeater.lay with Mrs, Lane, con
gratulated' 'Bonnie Judd, 'who wa ;pre-
sea'ted Id the visiting member Wf Prea-
Ment Wilson 'k rabim t. Mr. .rtiftil shook
hands' -with both Mr. nnd Mts. Lane
while 'th' 'densely packed grn bitanda
and WeaeheTi and tho thonsnnds strung
anng arouuil tlie intle tra. k nppluuilqd
vlgorottalv. ' '
' Willie Kaniho of the llaunlei RaucK
Kit n wi, was awanled m-i-ond lnca in the
irlping contest, 1uj average for the two
Hays' being 1:10 an. I a fraction.' Hj
was second on Mondn, hi time beiirg
lilS 2-8 While-be maile it yesterday (at
1(21,' Which was the se.-oad best tima
for he day. 1 i
Hill . Lin.lMBr of Wuimon. Hawaif,
leading eowlwy of the -big Parkr
Kaarh. waa declared to have, finished
uiwrd InUhe eautest with
Hf t fi'- 'l -A ia .J Mi t . -
General eiocksom Askc War De
; prUrieat What Oispoiijiiprt 1J
akof Exces After Hawaiian
" Jnfafttnr is Filled Up To War
-r'-Qanaral Bloekaom, eomwkrftUag- tha
Hawiian department, it inialting a' re
lH to a cable sent by hui to the war
dopattmcnt as to what lispoilHoa ia to
h made of 4ht Hrafteea wh aratlcft
iswr .after; both the rh-sf Van Hocpnd
Pfwa)IMlhtaritry regihiehta' are' ifijle'd
np'tw Vra atrcagth. , .,
j '.llack .fegijinant will kava taUl Of
hoH jtwa thousand nian when eakire
tyt. rirultad aad tbeae are be draw
frt)mTth9 draftee called to the Color
oJalj.-irt.1' , " ' .;
'. Thla will take Bbrlnt flfteca' knndrd
mh!; From 4he draft rjuot fend lea re
li86 4 5, 'while yestenlar be w as si".
4ird,'l:07d) i. b'. ,
Btaer ' Waan 't BuUavggad
In this denartinent' of the triune, that
la, aa' far as the steers wore con.-eni.'d,
ah attempt waa ma.fr yest'erdrty to liull
nog' a steer front a' Ford maidiitio. The
atear' wisely keit away from "the auto
mobile' and' J. 1. Bem'er f the Fourth
i fjrvalry waa "never near euough to the
animal to jump on Ufa hack.
' .He wa more successful, however,
when he tried it from the iluck of a big
cavalry horse, but the big black steer
would not be downed and trotted
around Jhe "polo, field with -Kemer on
his neck., The bulldog stunt was n fail
ore, as the stiver knpt his neck stiffened
nut parallel with his shoulders an. I was
not thrown. Reaier gave the task up as
a bad job when the animal kually made
for the swamp in the far end of the
track enclosure.
h . nP--. tr
Special Builflirig
Blaze "Starts In Williams Studio;
Quickly Extinguished
Itarc a nfl hlxtoric photographic plates
vihich tell' the pletilre story of the
Hawaiian monarchy from the early six
ties down to the day of the overthrow,
ami all the subsequent 'create, inrhuf
ing tha Inauguration of the government
of th Republic of Hawaii and that of
the Territory, narrowly 'escaped -.destruction
by fire data yesterday after
noon, when a blaze was discovered iii
the (date ' room of J. J. -Williams, tho
photographer, over the store of Whit
ney ft Marsh aud the Manufacturers'
Nhn Coin p rev; i
The. establishment had jnat been
closest for the night and the owner and
employes had closed and locked the
doors and left for' their home when
smoke -waa seen eomlHg through thn
windows, pouring out hrto Fort; Ht reef.
The alarm Was Immediately given and
it so Jmppened that Johnny "Williams
nn of the owner1 und noW'a rneOaber1 of
the national guard, was oa a atreet ear
with two rorarades. They dashed up
the stairs, battered down a metal dbol"
and then rushed Into the plate room
where counters- -wero" already bluring
merrily. William threw down a lot
pf plates and ripped away, koine of
the binning wood and, with the assist -auce
of others and the' prompt reapouse
of the fire department, the blare was
quickly 'under control.--
' The damnge .will amount to about
"Conservation of sugar toY medical
purpose got an airing recently at the
general nitiilieut hoard of the Council
of National Defense of which Dr.
Kimiklin Martin is chairman. Because
pf the importance of sugur in pharuia
ooiiti.al preparation and the relatively
small amount used it wns recommended
thill Hi, ni-tmli In. lultAii n-' II. I.
I...: i ..... I ' M" .."-.
n., .. v , ,,l ,, .-, ', ,, t 11M,,1 ,,. ahcli t.nr
now reti.-h iiddiesses after lining been ,,,. iH-i.nlv I J,-M tons iu this conn
opened and the contents nrused. i trv
The stritit censorship of mall conv
P'adliCe , WcJ. Jaa 4eea required by
W'ashiilgtow for sotuotiuie JiUs grown to
auh proptn-tlpas in Honolulu that the
puto thee department aus been cotu
flelldd to: eiigige qunrlera IwAv from
the pistothVe'bul.ldinj:'itd ia now ovu
pylng coipmodioiia ' rooma in the old
Hqynl Household' Barrauka structure
oo Hotel Htieet adjoining the national
jjuukI aiiiory,
1he aitiiy hrtk cooperuted with the
postal authn'rlties u remodelling tha
interior of the old corn! structure ami
giving it modern couveulcnoes.
The building is admirably adapted
for - niait censorship work, and being
located iu the midst of other build
tugs wheie soldiers are Continually
quartered, it is yivea u proper amount
of military protection.
Much of the mail how passing in and
Out of Honolulu" In subjected to tiP cen
bbafL'800'inen to he- piaoerj elsewhere.
"Vfhilf There' h a possibility of ad en
rtrery rtKw'.rdginient being' hiiilt Up, ft
In" lao 'lHBitle that' the regnlfer army
tl'KWat hei w HI le' recruited ' Vp to
tliailr .yferatrengtli' from"hia drhft re
mslnderinlth the erceptloa' of the
tCA-rriffeDtVy which rake in only man
fcf the edlbriM'Taoe. -All negro. draftees
will ;anemafieallv be assigned to the
fMSttv itUnttrr '.'
v Toirmcniw anm-ning headquartera . ef
th-eooBdYHawniian Infantry ia ine
ftofltejtilo) tnwnite to the iFert Anrt;
atrongnobilliation camp; wltk 5tduiel
jaoreneao, eonrman.ier or 'the regimertt,
atl'L1mitimaitt'Cobinel Donald Bow-
joan,' amvng.-he ofticers. I
' fth)t .frinaiader of the regiment will
Brriye van 'Tpesdnr morning and "will
fliovfflJrBTly into the aamp, instead
-of,--eaiorajiljr pitching pup tenta in
Camp Mc.Oatthy. -i
By tomoirtj fternoou it i 4 expect
ed ,that hw entire First Hawaiian In
faatry .wHI be- quartered at Cataer,
HtskoWW Barracks. The hefedquartera,
supply aunV machine gna companiea re
to conclude -their physical eramiaatibna
today Ail ;1vlJ be earoute to Xilebrfh
not Jeter - 4haa tomorrow afternobrt.
ColoielWj JL Biley, commanding the
rirst will abvo Jeave tomorrow a ad take
up hia'iiajtera with the regiment.:' " ' '
All; th'Wliui and Kanai cximrrariln
of tM-e0P"d regiment, together wit the
Kohalfejrompajny are now at the moliili
zatton oapp.
ill .
ilF, m.V (TV'i7 luii.'i iai.-iu!ui' '
OeSamyiVill ?e.0n jMand To
Meip Tomorrow set Aside
tA$ Thrift Day
A War Savrngs otaulps tlrive will Uc
rnagim yjyj ' ly the''W. 8. s." head
quarters pf the 'territorial fair grounds
tomorrow 'morning, and oontiaued
throughout -the day; "Bale have been
made each. day, but Ihe real drive will
be made on the closlng day with the ex
pectation that the retdrna will be Ihrge.
'ttr.iogholit-the' Wek fe -number of
women from Fort ihafter, Oiri Hcouts
and Mrs. Jn&cbarliu hare been' enthusi
astic wnrkers, and .Cfolonel Mcttler,
mmrnsnding' the o'rdhance depot, ami
hlk atalf have also 'fa kern deep iiersonnl
Interest Vn the rfalee and have render
ed valuable assistance. ''
Batnnlay is "Thrift Day", and the
"W.-f. ). manager desire to muVe
it a day of sueoena. They' ha-ve askrd
"tTnele Ham" to be present and help
sell stamps. ' '"
' Ho has gtadlr oonscntesf and will be
tat thd booth in the "Army Building
from nine in the mornHig until fire in
thr Hftnoon. 1 Ho -tiopea all school
children attending the Fair will loud
him their quarters.
Every article shown in this building
from the kuife apd fork' on the inriss
table .to tlie biggoat 6f the siege guns
i labelled "this can be bought with so
many thrift stamp", jut' to give an
idea of what the money received by
Uucle Sam from tho Bale "of Thrift
H tumps cau purchase to help wiu Ihc
! !. t rr -ti'
Work Highly -Praised By Return
f "' ed"Sowier
"The yulvationAtmy 1 the Very
best of any orgul.aUonln FrauCn,"
sain j. i.. . rimonu,w, no reiuriH'i
from there a few month .duo after
lieljg wounded on th'4" battle lin,e.
Urmshaw saw ror h,imelT the work
that, is binlr done by tHe'ftarVatiunists
pud' praises it enthusiastically.'
"One reason fdr 'thai tiopularity, "
he said, "is the fact; thait thy do Jiot
urge religion upon anybody; OK jrreach
ktHbenl iu any way. "'They aribqr.Muate
thk'f part of tYeir work witlrely to the
aiore iinpoitant one at11 tbt; present
fime of feeding the boyi'anfl Itw-piilg
up the morale, anil the boys appreciate
''Tlie iiresonre of the-woinen who
do the (looking and scrvlug ifl the bills
is also pf gn at beip'tlt 'tc fhe men, as
thev appreciate the home' touch. And
the.r'rbWtag' "Weill VW 1hc vcrv
boat t'utiklng t ryrt' taated Vn'inv life,
ap.l 'l eaH't ny: .more hbn' that.
' "They' re iearer"lla,yiut than unv
others, some uf them, being in ihigouts
in the very treuche tlu'iiiselves-but
nothing seems to frighten them if thev
an neip ine iuivs in any wily.
The campaign for wiir funds will
continue under I In- leadership uf ('.do
net Ibibbin 'lor the remainder of the
V' r A,
Aviator Clark Ordered - Away,
Many Local Captains Fro
1 ,. moted To Majorities i
Hwocping changes ,ia the military
establishment of the Hawaiian Island
were suthorir.cd yesterday by the war
department, which not 'only changed
commanders and other officers at the
mobilization camp t Fnrt' .rm strong,
but orleresl a Isre number -of ntfleirr
a leave the Island and report fot
dmtti upnn the mAinland, most of them
tkptalh wh' are all promoted to tha
rnnk of major.
One pf the most atartling of the
ohanges is that of Major .Harold 1.
Clnrk, tr. A. A. who ha been in com
mand of the aviation aeetion here for
several months, who i aot only de
tached from the aero work, but is
ordered to dutv with the 13th depot
Brigade. ' i
Major Clark has riot flown In a ,aoa
dane since the night he brought hi
sealrine ddwn in the foreatk 'of Ital
wiki back of Kilo, on hie flight from
Honolulu to the island of Hawaii.
Th,e flight" ended disastrously for ae th
ine' haa been recovered from the wreea
of the msohiae except the camera. Major
Clark 'a flight was the subject of ita
ni'ify.by a board npppinted by Oeneral
Wlsser1, which interrogated aA 'number
nf: witnesses hero and nn Hawaii eon
forning the state of the Weather tha
afternoon Major Clark " flew over
HawaH It is undertooa,! that mot
Of these Witnesses testlfled ' that the
wenther waa .fle.r along 4 be roast,
is-bieh was not followed by the a.vlator.
He flew straight inland,' wait swallowed
tip in the fogs and eventually Inmlu J
on top of a tree and for two daya wa
not heard of.
''fie deparfnre' f Major CK- euVra
the abro squadron wit hunt r pil. t, and
no auceeasor has yet b.ien on mod to
resome the 'aerial investc;itii.i.
Captains Promoted
- Captain Ralph C. Hololat, ef tT.o
Pepnd Iafantry, at Port Shafter W
eotnea a major, and Captv: ,jcward
Wifaell, who has been' inar'!c(4.r in
Weefor of the Hawaiian Nktibnal
Gnard ind more r.ilir mjst.'f tny
officer at the rmih.'i -.nt i-iin. for
the nntionnl guar-!, brcins in'iji r nujd
is ordered to leave fj.. th e ast at
once to duty at the 162- depot bri
gade. Major Witsell will leave regret
ted by practically ,.very m;in''i:i fbe
Hawaiian 'guard, fo" it was he Vh'.i
latensiflfsl the instrocMo.i iu 'he (.paid,
who lectured to them night afior niuht,
fendf made it pbible for sit mat.v ofrl
eata to pas the xni, nation of ;ie
regular army and become paico, in the
federaliaed guard.' . .
' Furthermore, oriels !"iiod yetrlav
detached Col. 'Will'i im Ceanott, S ' ond
Infantry, V. 8. A., ns t omuiau lcr f
the camp, Major Wits dl as inusr-ni'
offlror, and Lieutenant Ballard, L'.'dh
Infantry as camp lTt"-i.. V.ij-ir
Robert O. KdwnrJa,' Coiiit Attil'.ry
Corps, of Fort De Russy .ia .nsmed as
ftommandant.. The chunge is t.ai-1 t
have Keen made 'br 'unenVe''' i.-.Vo.
The Hat of 'tie- promotions and their
new duty stations r follows.
$Jat of Promotlpns
Cajpt! Danier E.' JJu-p'.v, 4th ' eM.irv,
8c.honold, to 18th xlermt brigle.
Capt. I J. H. yerwig 4th a nby,,
Hchofjeld. to ltll'nd depot brigade.
Capt. Joha'; N.1 Smith, .r.nw With 1st
Infantry; Itllhid fiepot brigade; to.inir
ly at headquartera aa casual tliicer.
Capt. Ralph .0. Hollidav, ind Inlan
tr-. Port' rfhafter,' to nine b lie gun
training camp, Oeorgia.
Capt. Uuitav J. Oonser, .iL'ml Infan
try, Schofleld,' to Kni'rd depot 1 irin le.
ITapt. r. J.' Ittley, fnfantrv, Hchofleld,
to llHth depot .brigade.
Capt. K. V. Witsell, mustering ofli
cer Fort Armstrong, to HiL'n.l depot
brigade. ' ' ' '
Capt. Alfred Rockwood, L'nd Infan
try. Fort Shatter, to lditd depot bri
gade. Capt. Carl I Crrhen, 2nd Infantry
Fort Hhafter, to 160th depot brigade".
Capt. Carl J. Ballinirer. iufantrv.
Hchofleld, to Jrllaf ilefiot' brigade.
mbj. J. K. Baxter, iufantrv, Hcho
field, to. 154th depot hrigade. '
Maj. Harold M. Clark, aviation
corps Fort Karhohameha, transferred
to in-ntu ilepot brigade.
Caiit. :rnee J; Ckrr. infantry,
Schofield, to VWh depot brigade.
Capt. tfttgh "Keen, infautrv, s. ho
field, to HlOth' flepot' brigade.
Capt. C. H. Danielson, infantry,
Sihnfield. to l.VSth depot brigade.
The officers wTll he 'engaged in re
uruittng' work or Ihcflr brigades at
the front. A depot (brigade is the
hoine station for that naj'rt of a divisiou
w'hbse nitnie if heara anil its function
to keep the brlgasle Nip to war strength
and replacing eaairalties.
' ,' ' Silw.W.--r'
ClliOAOO. June .fU-rotHcinn Sol
diers of the -Ajnertckn aitmy "an' the
cleanest awf the .healthiest that were
over mobiliw'i byajny'tiatjon fur war,"
'-M the Hserff(j made by flie presi
dent ,of the Apieticaa ".Niikdiual Asso
ciation to seven tlioujuiuil physicians
rind shtgeoiia ahluhave gathered heie
iu aiihual convention. '
In speaking of the coii)ition ot the
ainty the president of the association
said that never before had'siich efforts
hfcen ctlerted tpwaj-d t)i)dlly . leanli
lies ,to eradicate disease arid disease
sources aud for morally clean suironud
ings is the .I'.uUed 8taU unuv now
LAXATIVK BROyo iiVltilH F, re
move tlie tauae. Uaed the world over
to cure a cold In one day. The signa
ture ..f U W. GKOVkT on cai-h boa
Maiiulacliired by the PARIS MKD1
CINlt CO., 81. Lout. U. S A.
No Prizes To Be : Awarded As
Showing Made By Firms: Would
Make Selection Impossible
i Ti e inn iil factoring and industrial rr
hil.it i- one of the Ng. outstanding
fcBtni. - .t the Territorial Fair which
continues l,i draw largo crowds. Those
who were not nlilo to make a close
examination of tho many reinmereial
exhibits nt the lair Tuesday, owing
to, the t ii mend), us crowd, returned jes
terdnv ami leisurely studied the various
exhibits which are attractively dis
played. Lewois and Cooke hare a novel
building erected for their exclusive
ose, in which is exhibited Various arti
cles of the building trade. Various
stages of -the lumber industry arh
shown, fioiu the log in ita primitive
state, to finished lumber.
The Mutual Telephone Co. has a com
plelely equipped booth, showing, oa a
small scale, the workings of the Ho
nolulu telephone system. A practical
ose Is also pnt to this booth and fifty
telephone linos Jiave leeii inbtalled
in the Fair grounds, with au oper
ator to handle all calls.
W. . Dimond V Co. are displaying,
in addition to rare pi ecus of art glas.
various modern kitchen uttirtails and
household supplies which attract large
Jinnibers of housewives.
The Honolulu Construction A Drny
Ing Co. is demonstrating tbnt the firm
can construct concrete sewer pipe in
various sixes in addition to a gem rn
drnying nod hauling business.
Hardware Exhibit Attract
K. O. Hall Son hn a most at
tractive booth which shows to advan
tnge displays of hardware, household
utensils and sporting good.' A die
nhanicnl waterfall and river' aeene,
created through a combination of ari.
oifs pieces of a well known cutlery,
nttrncted a large number of sightseers
I rr
.mock r &
H i: :l
--wMahxaW ''''
nooolntn.'jnna ia, int.
Alex, lint. twin. Lid.
c lirewer ar :. ,.
Kwn riauistia Co
Haiku Vu.
lis. AaTctl. Co
Ilsr. A Jl. Co
IIsh. ring, (,'u
luiMtaa Ht. Co.,,.,..
loiiuino Hub- Co
HuM'BtuMa Bg. Jlaau
Kshnka Plant. ('. . . ,
Kcksha Hub. Co , . .-..
Koli.s K. Co X
,x.:iiryite en. Cu., Mil.
itsliu Hit'. Co
Uaa Hub. ( p.. Lid,
On.iiBea Mnr. Co
1'aautaaa atua, ,flr'
rsc an a. Mill . . .
l'ala flautiKloB u .
r.-t.cMSH cuBsr Co
rioneer Mill Co. . ....
issu arios Milling Co
Wslslua Aarrtl. Co. .
Walluku Kaifo. ...
t !
Bndao Dev. Co.. Lid. .
1st J save .Assess HI PL.
nil issue i-aia L , ..,
Mnaid COppn Mlninit C
tlaiku K. c Co, ytiX. ,
Hslku V. tt V. Co., dm..
Ubw, :.. ity. h;a
Usw. Cob. Kjr. B....
IU. Coil, ki Coiu
Ilswsflsn Rlei-trte Co. ...IATVi
llsw. ,Klenpn t n, ,...,j,t,.
IIOll. It. M. (,(!,, l.tll. ... to
1 1. mo lulu 4 tax 4 .. Iiil ... 1)
Hon. It. T. A L- C li'i't
iMiur-Ulnad H. M Co. .
Mm. u-'t. Co. . , ,.. )
iibIis it. L. Co. ha
I'aaung II libber Co I 1SW
Helnuia-Iiinillua-s. I'd .;
(-IIIB -IVfa 1)1.,........! IV
aujoug I'lttk lIublH-r Co.I tft
A I l
, in si n wins I. tt. 0i.....
, incniiKMn liiiiea cn., aa
iii. (.on. Iiv. IVZ,
liow'u Irr. Co-.tis........
Haw. Tcr. 4 Mel.' ItWrJ.
.. t. r, . Pnb. Imp.
11. iw. Ti-r. Pub. Imp. 4
isw. Terr I
Hilo las tV.
uilas nua- -W
Honolnhi Oa Co., as
Ksusl itr. Co.. as......
Mnnoa Imp. I list.. ,AttA..
eifsur.Ttiif .ruaj- s. ii., na
Terr:! 34ct .......
M(U lis I T.leiilioue Co.. ba..ilOtl
I obIiu h. u. tn. y;r ...1 m
DullU KllB. Co., ll
a. I.
Tim U..,l I . . L. 1 rs 1
' i mii m nun ii. nuve an .1.. . ,u'y .- " av
invfting nnd Httniftivf soda ateri I'mtrte Juano 4k. F. Col 'ftrJK
fountain on display in which a new
principle of ice saving is -being dem
onstrated. This company haa also an
Interesting exhibit of Toledo sea lea.
Diamond patented showcase and fen
ei"tiio display of fruit extract and
An electric ice milking machine wns
the big attraction in the Hawaiian
leetijc Company's interesting exhibit.
W"th this simple device, one ran make
his own Ice at home with little or
no trouble. This machine Was the
center of much interest among those
who live far from .the -beaten path of
the Iceman, AU the latent lighting ef
fect are ahowa 1n tbie exhibit aa
well aa ejeetrie cooking appliances and
clothe washing machine.
Kverything for the office, from a'
roll of typewriter ribbon to massive'
office furniture, is Bn display at the
section abided to the Waterlmuse Office!
Kupply Co. The latest adding ma
chines aud other' modern otttce appli
ances are ulso demonstrated here.
Music Ftrma Oa Deck ,
The Hergstrom Music Co., The Ho-,
nolulu Music Co.,' The Thuyer 1'iaho
Co. and Krneat ' Kaul. all " have at-
tractive and tunefltl exhibits at which i
entertaining music is dispensed during
the day and evening.
.1. Hupp A f o. shoved some artistie
nnd dainty piece of furniture and
their rest room was much appreciated
by tired sightseers.
i'atten k Co. Is displaying a large
line of paper arranged in artistic
fashion so that it catches the eye
from moat 'any section ot the build
ing, its exhibit is housed iu.
Drugs fend FertUUera
Kenson, Uroith tt Co. have specialized
on a toilet and cosmetic exhibit, which
is presided over by two attractive
youug women who give dei istrations
Of the efficacy of the warvs they are
advertising. ' '
The Hawaiian 'Fertilizer Co. and The,
J'acillo Uueno and Fertiliser Co. are
both giving practical demonstration
of what the varioua soils of this Tor
ritory will yield when scientifically
treated with c,hum.iual preparations.
Considerable apace is devoted to the
exploitation of!the pineapple industry
and an attractive booth, prominently
displaying various stages in the can
ning of this delicious fruit, was throng
ed all day yesterday. This exhibit
is conducted jointly iiy The Hawaiian
Pineapple Co., The Haiku Fruit Co.,
Ha wall Preaerve Co., i.ibbv, McNiell
k Libby, I'earl City Fruit Co., Thomas
Pineapple Co. and the Hawuiian Can
aeries Co.
May ft Co. and Hpqi-ry 's Food, con
servation kitchen was well patrouiro.l
yeetei(luy by thrifty housew ives who
Vere given (lrst hand infoiination, in
the art of beating the high cost of
living nnd conforming -with ri'tjiicvts
of the National Food commission, to
use substitutes in the making of I r.-nl.
H F. Khlers ft t'o.'s rest n ,jm t, ' ii .1
a long felt, want fof tired sightseers'
and its exhibit waa one of the most'
attractive on thn long lane of booths,
Mechanical Exhibits
The Honolulu Iron W.u I, , Cattmi i
Neil I. T. 11. Davie k Co and P. C.
Iti.-hnrdson hate' extensive exhibit
which appeal to ilume of ti mechanical
turn of mind. Iu the Unties exhibit
is a machine, new to the Islands, which
shells, cleans; sift and manufactures
eais of yellow corn into nppetixiug
corn Ibiui. Samples of this Hour art)
dist i ibiitcd nt Ihe booth in small pack
'I hi' Honolulu lion WeiKs is cxhi
biting Vuba tiaetors. tins olivines and
electric applluo.-es. The Kiiharilson
Co. is specialising on eas engines and
pumps a-id Cat ton ft Neill. in a spe
nillv consfiucted buildin.' nie slio.v
nig t:nions mnmil'iictiircd piolucts
fiom their iluut.
II. H tick fold 4 Co. huh u ( .ill. e shell
ing and grinding plant in opeiutlou in
their attractive booth, whole a niim
I ier of youug Hawaiian women are
rugtiged during the day. deftly tilling
small bags with Koua coffee.
Hao Crlo BillUaf. Jlu4
44 4
MO ,
t '
... ,
. ...
nluu. 30, 39. ' ' ( '..
Fiouts-r. , 2H.TSt-ttu. JBJO , , . , f.
IIUAB Ol'OTAtlONfl ' , ' .
- May si'.mn " " ,-. ,
art analrd basita too advlcM). - . ...
dPattiy- "
Ceat. (Va Haw.) Bucara .001
. BDBSKrfe taQOIATlOMt 1 i
June T, ifelfe X ; '""' 1
HI nn i.ore . .......... ... ...,, S3.4
New Vork (Me naetaU,.
NEW YORK. Jaao l(Aaolnte4 Trees)
Followtug are tfee opvnina aod eiosmt
quotattnua of stock la the New l'grk Mar.
Anuvloan, Huicar , ....
Auipri.-aa Meet
Aasot-tated , OIL j. .,...
Alaska VM 7 -.'v....
AuhwKim IrfHtaOHltlTe .
Ainerlmu Tel. ft Tel. .
Amerinaa, jlaicltvr . .,
Anicrl. nu 8ts-l Fdry. .
Atchison litallwar , ...
AuacoiMla .Cin.jnir . ...
Hvhlwta -4rfKrointin .
ilulilmory A .duio . ..
-Ilethlobem llel "H" .
4'aUCuruia -I'etHileura .
Vnirt Leather
coiihiUbb itnctrvr . ...
('. M. ft HL I'snl
CtsW.. Kuul sb lrmt . .
Criii-lple Hlerl . ,
Culia Harar-sTaae . ...
Krle eonimoB
(lenernl Kleilrtir
Unueral MuUmw. nw .
Urvst ftortlo-rn I'M. .
laiematioual jvii-kyt . ,
Imlnstrlal Ahtihol . ...
J.etiiifsnMt Itipecr
.elilgh Valler Kallwar
Mew a utsxv CBOtral . . . .
lvui(jvani ,
ft Coullilat.4 . ...
tUadinic Cuiuuiou . ...
lti-iuilille Irou is3uiuiou
JllUtUeri.. atttlc .y,,,..
Hluilelmker ,
t titled Ktatea jtubbar .
7 '
4B ' .
14.-VCI .
HI :
4S 4
18 :
Texas Oi
I.MOU l'aela- ;
I'nIU'U ,(Utps Mtvel . .
'ah :-...
WestluaboUBv ..
N'etluihuus . .....
" w- fi tT-rTrri-it,! .
HAN Kl ANetfW "O. .lull" .WWsfemdat.
, d Praeai-roklowtiig air the Mmgt aad
"lostni qnotatlons of auaar aad other
stock la tna Haa rraaclc farketa e-
. C'll'l 1 I'J I , I" I ,' .
Ilsw'n CiMn'l
llawalfaa Kuaar -. . .
Uunoliss, -rlttiiur
Huti-lilnsotl Cugar Co.
VaUw - Hir t't
fi4a kiigsr trn.
4Miiuea-Hittmr Co
I'linnliuu Hnuar I'e . .
llotiolitln rill
I lonuliaiii piaiituU.in , ( ,... . .it.... .,'!...,,'
Kti,.s Copiwr i ' Ln i4.fiO.
, (iuotatloMrep.tfee rpflnwtnir Kew Yorta
curb stiM'ks, a Wirelessed to The AllrsT-. '
User by Btoaenam 4 Coaxt:'.' -
Moit- Thtira-
I. .'"
4t .
IU idire ..
CuMwtoBta '.
Kuiiua CniM'r
I rou, lll.Heoui .
I I ni tluller
4riiitv .Vrl .
Marsh .
Ml.lwst Oil. isiuuuou
Mother Loitit
llay Hercules
HescUf Kit lit .
Rex 4 ena. . ........
airwiart ... iv. .
Kllvor King t'ous. .
TuHnu KtUvorilou .
: 1W4 i
.. 4.2A
.111 '
. "
J.X. lSo '
.XTK .K7
M'illa.1 .' 4lA" 4'.
" "'f 1 .iw , I
Krr l.akt ; hMVA OH
Hk-t'iM Sli -iU
euU UuliWcr -.ST. ...aa '
; .it .'.atrr.'JitlS. rlr"-,ttf'T-
WKPT-'OLNTJtiimi W-.(0(iral)
K. 11 Wing, a, ChApeae, Rtofld tf elftJi ik
tho class of 'W whlrh waa graduated
from the Military Academy here yea,,
terda.v. He wiU return to China lut
mediately, '. , , -:'

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