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hUch tyhfjniie Their Otitis In
marhe Sector Taking Prisoners
. and Guns; Slaughter Appalling
. 'r'
NE VOKK, June .1.1 (Associated 1'ressi Inllictiim mkIi
. losses on llic enemy ;i- have iii'ut before been known in '
fare the Ircneh continue ti otter u resistance to the, enemy winch
yesterday was impregnable i'M'tit ;it one point, where, to avid
Uonp.utittlankcd and cut off and for tin- protection of a division thev
fell hack in good .order and without the enemy becoming aware
of the retiring movement for a distance ranging from a mile anc a
half to two miles Rtid a half. I his ,m the Mast side i the i-e
in the Aisne sector. In the Manic sector the French countered
lyeavih and secured gains (f ground, k""" "' prisoners in the same
repion' where their counter on Tuesday secured for them more than
a thousand prisoners. t
It was the taking by the ( iermans of the village of Mclu w 'pic
on the south hank of the Mat. t swirt which thousands upon
thousands of lives have been sacrificed within the past two dais, and
the adjacent heights that caused the l rench retirement. '1 his wa.s
made necessary to prevent a Hanking movement and to pniteet a
division of the French army which was put into jeo,ard h; tin
advantageous position that was secured.
In the night official conuminiipie issued in Paris the retirement
reported. This statement says that on the east side of the ist
the French forces were withdrawn along a line extending iroin
Uailly to Tracy la Yal and N'ampoel. the enemy being unaware ot
the movement.
Throughout Tuesday night and yesterday the fighting in the
Aisne sector had continued with unabated fury. Attack was hurled
upon attack by the Huns, their forces advancing time and again ovei
fields that were deep with their own dead. In most instances these
t th nrmv tin.ilk secured a foothold oil
the soutliern hank of the Mat, where they occupied the village i
Melicocipte and the adjacent heights, seriously threatening a lrench
salient. This made the position .d the line defending the west bank
of the ( isc precarious U'cause the Uenuans then held hills u, the
westward and were seriously threatening .to outflank the I-rend:
forces. Thus withdrawal was necessary unless the troops dt-iend
ing the threatened salient Were to be cut off.
In th- Manic sector and French continued their miu'i-ms
Tuesday making further gains of ground, prisoners, cannon and
machine guns. This advance carried them further forward around
"Hdlcy and St. Mattr. These gains extended along a front of men
than seven miles. Four hundred prisoners were taken besides can
noil and a number of machine guns.
I he recapture of Montcoiirt and a part of Kussiarcs t0 the north
of the Manic is also told iithe French official reports of l he day.
Capture of U.UOO prisoners since the beginning of the present phasi
of. the uffen-shc i claimed from Ibrlin. he night official report
said tliat ,t,hc I renc.h had evacuated Carl pout on the east Iwmk o
the (isc and tbc (jcrinan forces hail advanced along that line, coin
menting on the same retirement winch is mentioned in the l rench
The retirement of the French to the east bank of the ise saves
a portion of the forces and technically strengthens the position, ul
that armv to some extent but the battle H'm.nii- in a critical Mage
in that sector. At all other points along the gieat battle line tin
l rench have held their own or made gains. .,,ii(..n reporting a
successful French raid in the icinit oi l.ocic
Mong a great front the battle flamed throughout I iiesdav nigjht.
vestcrday and last night with military cntics agreeing that a leu
'hours mav determine the ictor in the present gfe.it cullict on tlx
French front llcnrv llidoii. the French nniit.nv i 1 1 1 u . wasoiie,.il
those who said that the day's lighting might determine the outcoiiu
oi the battle.
I nes, l.i m i - 1 1 1 there was
V s
and the isc. said the Paris day
ctrlv morning attacks resulted
.terda morning the l rench left
of Mer and ( ienlis Wood and that progic--. ua.s continued through
out the da Near the center and along the iondc road lulent
attacks were made by the Teutons but these ueie repulsed. Ie
peated failures met the enemy efforts to debou. h aioug the south
l ank of the Mat lier until they at length se. ured their loothohl
in and about Melicocitte which occasioned the withdrawal that has
been mentioned.
hi the early morning the (iermans began other assaults that
extended along the south of the Aisne.
P.etween Soissons and the Marne the t.ctnians also attacked
with fury, the engagement beginning with the dawn.
Uetween illers Cottcrct and the riser the lighting also con
tinned heavy
Sneaking to the. rejehstag . icneral on "ten, Prussian muiisH"
of war asserted that the "great part of the I ten h army has been
defeated and the so caMed Foeh reserves no longer exist."
Medical Society Sends Request
To President
CJIII'AI.I'. .1 I aled
J'reiH - The deU'nali to the meiieaii
?'llil'Hl Af.lH'illl Hill IVllll ll I" in jni
lllllll ro'HMion hele have ii -1 . 1 -1 a le-o
lutioii asking I'lt'Kident Wilson to ie
tail (jelifnil tioiH" kit tiueiiii J.CH
t: Vf t.he . atluj. Cici'Jl l.Oj- l
rrurhcH the a 'e Jul ret 1 1 cm ii I ti xt
f n tillii l, lull the int'.tleiil n -nieiat i.m
feeU lliat tin iniiiilrv nl : n i, a
i ir.,,.1 I..
t ".- ma ii
1 1"
it licalil'i'.l
heavv t i 1 1 1 i 1 1 betweiii Moiitdidicr
official. I he night lighting and tin
in small di.mges oi positions eh
llauk made prores m tin- rcgvt
N lli M'lNCI ), .lime It (Ao
i ilili"l Tie-.- I iilleelor Juntus Wjar
.! H i" i.'f I lutl he will jcjim' tlie
HU.Oliii.iioii ,-tiife of Heury Millor to
inl.tei .-i'iimio.oiiii in federaJ rfiiieritaiice
ti.xef. J:.'..,. Dun line hn diniuixat'd
i he mil, m veiiii huh I'louijht liv the
hc;rs to
lav upon
Wn ..I.I
.l,lle. m
his ll. it
I! in.! i n f
i n li-r i' n a
- . iv ,
. lest It
ti ll '
Id. 1,1 tl.
I till I e
Ii a t li I a t II
... e t In
:..l Ihe
.- lolleiTliill OI llit)
I lllll si CMIS (0
i- Hel pitipcities tu
e X pl Cr purpose, of
nl oi I n 1 1 till Htiitl'l
n l thitl the nction
i ant i. ip.it inn uf hut
lai 'e-t holder
i r I . I . it is e in i in
hie;.i into the
,.f a, fet He
d .
ihe fii in uf Millci
i a t liiti citi.
,v I
or. Is Told of
Nation lias In It
President Says Efforts of Enemy
Have Been Futile To Stir Up
Strikes and Rouse Class Dis-
ST. PAUL, MuMCMta, Ji:i X -(Ottlcinl)
In telegrams to o Ulcers
of th AmarteiB lVirtlon of I.h
bor, now !dlnf( lt nnukl ieiion
hire. President Wilson expresnes
tils confidence In tha organized
labor Of the country. In part the
President laid:
Thii .nation can face the cm
rial rooatkt that' .are nhead of un
with cftMfldeiice. We ere annred
thnt t-atrlguanta can never divide
on- cowitzy ,brof h the creation of
ind mtrtal qtterteli and hy working
nnor class difitinctlons. These tron
blrs the enemy has tried diliRcnt
IT td foment, fortunately without
Kuceev in ttn psat aid certain iy
without any hope for success in the
?w.s. a
Hurl .More Divisions Aqainsi
Amerjpans Ip .Effort To Re
cover Ground Seized
W Vtstf INOTON. June I J-( A ihh. 11 1
I l'resK)"lt is now evident Hint 1 1 -Gcriimn't
are taking seriously the men
c if the American tliruit north m"'
uf Clmti'Hn Thinrrv report l.nndon .h -li.tc.hp.
They have nlrrndv n"t'd 1 1 1
ive .lixtsions un.tiiccessf nil v iiiteiiinl
iil' to win liBck the ponitiiins lv n
er-n 1 1 m-k T"'0 fiejh fiennnn liv:
ion were Uitrriitd H'jsint the Anie i: :i'
titter nt Boureshes thii morning i" .
riiiiit'' attempt to recapture the i.
'uneriefiTi nrtillerv aiili' l in ' i.
-rcneri cotinte'- nttncUA on "t'ii"l;i
-utttn of Montdi'liffr Vint otliern tn.
iiiencna nre not enuri'.'c.l in ''u . e.
it l n rnc S.iiHton-t liatjte
I In' French governmert I'.'i" In -'
mi .-ro'vet on ninetv two Xmeii'-ni-,.r
i'iii""'ieiiouM allantr' sliou n mi 11m
I'onl I'rtuit.
Today's eattialty lit fioin Kr
iiitniiM tlie nn', of fifteen ArnT
nut Killed in action, niee who iIm'.I i-f
'onn !. one hv n airil;n e ,T'',: lent
leve'itei'Ti liv tit'ier set-i,lenfi ei'.'1! t ee
f ilii'l'tC. fifl'"-nile actl'll'l' I'Olill.le
mil m x wounded to ft tli'iyree nut ye
leternnived. One f mUinr.
Tlie nisrinen' catnnlties are fifiee"
(Med Hh action, two rp-nd of wound
nd four severely wntiuilM an. I two of
eers wounded.
'flembers of Women's flotor
Corps Act As Searchers When
Big Dutch Liner Arrives
a'.'l I'
O'll a- " . r
I-N',',1 In','
111-' el 'in in
' 1 1 a hi
el N I
..I tl
'V ll!'t ml" i
or oi .- ot i
1 1 hi n I n i a - i -' a
eetin. I le
I." ' oi k Mi 'le
I' i , ' I " in I'' I all
i..:-' -teai
tu t ti :- eiililit I".
I .e I :i mi r. I ii
."-e-H.II- .'ili'l
-ear, he I I.
e -ermee- fo
: i ' -1 1 iiein- nun
"I., a a. I l.i. II. I.
Tim en t ii ' h. i r I
The In- Imt'li
i.ii.i-ht iil.' .:i--.-i
n I not one i l O.
.ear. Ii ..t
lilt III II ".
i otli' i
'lell )H" t
he v.i on i
"'lie I 1"
l...''i..i! '
hi- o: h. '
I Ii men 'a
il- an I Hie
: in, "I -
i ,, ,.a enoel
. li'i'leref .1
.1 t In vea i h
' e a uf loll i
I la no. taken li'
pi e en I the lauding
he el liluel't t
II til - nil' .
it ,i--,l.. -pie- lion
ill l.al ii'i.-t e-pc. 'all'
tt)V ni'lll ra I nal
from lliilhiii'l.
I W. fe. S.
I.K.. Mat.
I .VsMiicia ted 1 'rep
endini'c st th.
dav w hen M i -
leliii-el t -, -llllie la
i - .sncH'ly was in ut
wedding here yestcr
Shied (inynne Vim
let lull
lire to
a.- wedded lo iiinond Maker,
ot the iniiil Hi(;h e,,vi'rn
II: lit "Hi: ml- . el
'ho w edd I 11 e , l
Hic'll I ill'l'l- I Ii I
'cni'un. anil .1 ha
In the neddin
sciiat .r I'lttnian a
in a! ten. lance aud
.ine of the irrciitest
exi lusiv e city has
. had nian
i ii'iiiiiiiv estei ilay
ted a- be-t man und
IIH'li J the . "iniii'-iit eo ei lilnCllt lllll
,ll- 1 II" I'lelideil vte'e SCCIeturV o(
Trea-'ii v l. diio s-ei lotn: v to the
1'rc-i'leiit Tiiniiitf, litnvhon and others
will dw ide Contracts , , .
to end congestion
W .- 1 1 I N I l'i i N .luce I ' ' XsHilciat
ed I're--
li 11 11 . ' He .
nlii'M a '
'line "t ,'
ll.-t I I' t -
I'"- c ai indii-t i n s boaid
vi -1 e i ' 1 ii I hut it w oilltl not
I " I 1 I,'' I i II, ' ell -e III t 111' III
I I. ill the i Oliei'Sf ed
t tl., l.aM.
ho n it
lull ll ii. 11
111 III - t II I .
ll'l I"
.1,1. . . 1 .. 1
I' I. ' I I
! , , - I, i
IS.-,, -i
I loll,
1 I ', a
i ami
i hen I lllllll I .f l
' h"cn Ifi'tnedl
ad . files inline
.! illoid lo lie
'. I I a I I I a I I. -I
all de'i lei s
,.' a 't ills lot
Democrats Are Ready To En
dorse Automobile Manufactur-
er wno Turned hrom racmst
! To War Supply Manufacturer)
l..lMM!, M-.ln
. - o, i :i t ( ! ,() H.
it 'illii
l.i I Oi l'
i In lr mflli i: fflcl ni-i'T j i
tin- ill I IV (if till' I Miff'! St
w ..f I I v. .'H- n ii ' I no i ' i' : I' i
l:i J il pCilrr nil l A'
11 II l ilr 1 liter lit' II I I I I 1 :i ii
i .h, - for flic I'u fi'if S'.i'i
! i. i II lir t l,r next .ciiMlcn i
i : I lir Idl'ilMi' .in im i m
r 1
hIu l;m i
o hini
. the
tn . Dii tirtn. Tin- I'vin
'III ml It'll ! ' III i ;i 1 1
ii - i no (
'I'n'iirc of
' hi lu'l I '.
! I n 1 1 o , . i
I Vtiio
1 1
illnu MIC
I whe I, 'Mil hel I M"lel ': It : fher
I f hau K''i ! l tiiltill M M ' i- i I I ''Ii Is
' will '.nt It e'lll'il.ial e ill (I e I' I I'Ut It'
j t he Kriiil,lii an- w II n't.-i hi" , I" 'I'
l llet-elt I'd.
Who Tord Is
1 1 en rv fi.'-.l ' v. a- lr"
i i
"I. I
flu i'ae. in sli.: ;)n. i,u I.
to inanlioo'l lenl ne I t It
tnt'le, .'nil lietaitie the 'ine
of the Kdison I lliiinina' in i
Itttroit where lie ha- i '
1SS7. In l!l(i:i he i.i-.'.n '
enit e llit preil'leiit of tlie I'd'
Iil le I 'ollipniiy . S' in e I hill
jiroL'-t" loin ll:e front no H -
ee-Ml'ill lllisilltiPs men :iu: '
of the nntion hn Inen inp
l.rofil liarin iliiii'. It'i h'-
oiitlii ne.l wii li his i on-1 it
promote their wcll'ine ;nul
has ioulari7.od him with ni
i, , .intnir Kt'iicinlty.
A.ter tlie outlireak uf the
i ii ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 i mi
n o in .T
. I r t J i 1 1 v ii-
.- I HIH.V
I aici It
l AlltlXMf)
tm. In-
nl , i( -IM
- hotin i r'
; :ih li--
i ii k m f i
.rtoi i '
I t'IMitV('
iMi- an ardent, imrill-t
p :i Mill
i. t' jH'Jlt-O
on dol'arK, in IHlo, to
.tis liiirpo!' Iieiiiy to s an ati
, hi al 1 1, i o .ii i -1 1 n' ii..' " f'i
I or.
i it 1 hi" i (Mini i . . At
Th.it tllli"
.hi. I:
oartB Critlc!a:n
' I he mi il e e i I ' ie i - a t
.ettel . Hy I I it lel-lli I :
ii.li. It ix like t lie ' i '
hat. tut nod iinilei ii' ' i
! h l,IU" I tl'l f lllr.el in t
. n y ( lu
ll. t'tiUt II
Ml till- (ll'l.l,
. inriki
JIi' tluuikf
' A niericu to'in v -I
o I'rin iilen. o that a
' I." Mmhi. in it" '
m ill 1 1 1 V' "I
I , s ;i fil by
in1 milititty i Ii
'Mint V U-t II.-
uirii in :nititl,i
to the
iln tin
e world -honhl
n who now s i f
of the '11 -Hi'.-.
1 1 1 1 1 1 ' into III
. -I'l.iml.le t.
i.'I'i n n-.
I en:. r. ei in:
I e ' Im n k I ill fur
linn, ileal to 'In
'. ho w n:lil ill i'i
sl;: l e il I er or . : ' '
i t' oil le : unit':.
Ready to Doend Nation
"l.,l nnv hol.le iiiin or inivi inoe
aoailist the Hiiili'.; -liiii'i. und a : t h l ii).
1 have lit. lit Un- .i-o!il of I lo- country
for defuntoir And I w otilil imt Itiko
cent of j ii o lit . lint nmtl.iT I nor any
other uiaii want- to -;."tnl hi- minify t'
Sllihl ii,i a dent a m o lulu- t.. invite
o ' he w oiil. n I : i ' ' lieen illlli'l into
ier ice I" tm leill'io.t ai 'I l: ' we
.ei- h t ti e. nave Niitm.l an ailili!iry
t !. i . ..at ion ! hat ! t it "ill
ii trden-
milit:ir mnc
,',.:i i - Tilt t s.tc all well k ii" w n wo
p. a I II in -"t I t.'i -ee t li in, fol t In
;'oil e "I I ; ' w .una 'i is ''I lie I he e ICIlt
st I 1 1 I I I e i i I ' .1 t I.. a i ' i I. ' of W OI I'1
e- ; i.' I lie e ;! at t 'H' oi llllll'll
i ( ' i ol - i a n i - -1 1 - . ' T
Ti I'll-- la', i I on! tiad ,uS;:,,
,'., I. - a,, .. - " , a- e : - 11 t.,1 :
a,-. !., I ::!. to ! n I e i: p lie Hint
' I v :l. : I e i- a I . 1 1 ' ...it in '-
i. ., ,.i .a I., .. hu ll tea- a' i-e i
Te'.w Uis Promise
n tl... l ai-.td :a'' - llni'iv it
V 1-1,'ht : 1 t ' e la; m e " Mi ''C . I!"'
Kurd i ; hi- I - . I''' I"-' '""' a
ii "den ' - ' 1 1 ei lor the - of t .
Tinted .,'. - :'. I." w -ir a- he I a
I I'' '"I t. Il' t he CO ,,;' ,
' I '
I "'I
w. s s
British Foreign Minister Says Al
lies Have Not Determin
ed Not To Go In
l.i i.N in i N
I'r. -- V
no! l.e 'fie
an. eitiiei a
.1 mie
i-.-u. i:l1
i ."in n
t hut I here on;
I lit toll III
-ilieiin in .lap
,fio or wilh China pnitici
at i ii oi t aat t h
Kiitcnle may imt join
II I'll el l i lit loll I I ll l-llllll In" "111" HI c
smi hl been I ai' lied. 1.1 tne ho:i-e
if i 'itiiiii ii- i e.-lei .lay fS i i A it ' 1 1 1 1 Hal
lulll tile I'.llllSi. tl'ieil'll 111 1 1 1 I .-1 ft . Ill
tious, ttiuil tliete wa
i eiiort that I. i - I i
"uiient tun, k:ii h mi iieicciuent ha-
'.cel. d. ti miiiiiimI. The iiK'lntu n till
Mll'icl l.lluwe.l the new Hint tin
S, a 1 1, "ll -it nut ion i- hUely I " pi i'i
: . 1 1 n 1 1 - action by .litpiiil and (liiini.
I ie-, al dies w hi. h w etc i i v oil t i "in
Tientsin vc-tctdav iiidK'Htvd that I he
sitiia'i.n in l.a-t.in Sil.eiia niai l.e
Hpeeilll.l lllll ill. al lillllllnh all anlioil
m. oil win. Ii l ejpicle.l fn lupan
l'i . 1 1 o t III" ."ll I CI eliccs which have le
eentlv l.ei I, held. . lupan IS .-aid I" be
plepalii.U a .let lallltioll which will dc
liniteU delnie it.- attitude towaid Hn--.ia
a it I the Milii'l iio v c i ii mi n t
W. 1. I. -
I W VnllK, .lime I- 1 A--'!, inted
Pi. s i.i a ilehl. tninoii- a. lii't-
, I,. ,' , - . t-llj. I. It'll " M 'lllll- t '
ai , 1, i ua- I, -pail ed ol , will ii ml. ii, I.I
,j, i,,, I,, l,'i .1 ' "'In t
l,,,l , . , I I -. ,. 1. I ml a
I, , I , i e ,l,e ' III I ' i 1 1 I , e 'I'l;
. of n Vi
wg; BuildiM and Btowino Up of
Bridges Keep Crowd On Tiptoe
: r-
Grounds Are Thronged With In
tcrestedCrowd aiw Applauds
Thriiline cavalry ehnrges, the throw
ini; of hand ejienndes ju: t as the
' ' SnniinieM ' ' are doitii; it toiln v in
France Ri;iiiiiKt the Hun lreuelien, tlie
liiiildiitc stid h.lowinc: up of liride by
army entriueeri, nnd raiini; in relay
tnit t'i ttiow I'ow limlier the -yi of
the 'iviTi!'!' Aineriran mhlier are to
iinl'l" In in to cut Hero's "No Man'"
I. nnd," K'"'' N Herman prisoner find
liiini.' Iiim hnck to the American liencli
es trHve the crowds which vis ted the
TfcriHorial lair prounds veBterdfiy
nfternonii an Iden of how' important
'hp milifsrv forces nre in the life of
the enmniunitv.
It ivms "M li'n'V Day" with a liin
M. nitil licnisjht into net'oii represen
latives of the infantry, cavalry, en-in
ei rs and nntionnl jjilnrd, hot tthen it
.l ine to individual e(Tort-s f..r coini.eti
t ii ii honors the prize men came fioin
the old t'5!h Infnntry.
Hoi'idnlu 's youthful stnndbys, the
lliiv Scouts, inriu'ed the exhiliition
Held end performed stnnt which indi
atel that ns liovs they are iilinont
tendiee; on the beds of the army
nn:n'Ts when ne-essitv miscs lo con
trite! tirii'rT' "f lmmlion poles, putting
ill' a -iynjil tower, or stret-hine n sue
it union bntls."-. sod in mnrchinK they
I'lde the old sol 'ini' woinlc if the
'ovs W'-ren't keepine. -top and evolnt
il nltnost as well as th"ineves. The
"f"iits. rani'iii r in nat io-a! it ics from
he i".tli'iii" of the O'ci'leut lo thoi'
c 1 1 r llijeiit. wcnrini; their nattv
klmki iinifornif and iranv lie lin ked
with In inn inures ip'ite as impo'tnnt
l.s the niedrls which the soldiers ivui
pon tiitir luiasts. maile a li'ie show ing
"Orltterg" Are Proud
Kv'i th" pri"' live-toek me 1 'o
ahe an niter' to th" march pas' the
raiiilst:ipi. and " e t'eu lilue t ildion -w
it h lieci.itiine mode-ty
An I liion;' tlie cieinii" tlie thr.'iieH
'ere trenteil to a ma-'cal piourinn of
'iiiisnol e "i'1'i'ii"!' fo: one liunlred
ii usic i a ii "ere mnt- d into a fin
nind. lints' Iv 'win the wditnrv units.
mi, I "ave s'dectio'is .if Iny.i ipiality and
-mnte'i'd ii" onh th" urtnv iiiiisicinns
arc cvnalde of. the patriotic select ions
ill 1 1 1- ii Ix rl v ai'petiline; to th" aud'cDce
The ei s"ilst!'P I w as well filled 1 by
o'clock and late in t''e nfternoon
.as vli". ..if , ntiielv iiciiilcil. Tt "its
i'l,i'sin-t" ci .ivd. never fori'i'ttiu
to lipid Hid and to show itf. iipt'iec ii
ion oi ti e t.; it the mh'i-r- nre tak'tie;
i,: the i. make it flic lii;'i'H sue
. e ,v ,,l th" ',. ;i..' . vet held in I ae I'afl (1
i. i v ..i ..nl-, v a I he hninblc pri
ate n l t'e I . . r ( 1 v t"li sei-'-orilit there
in fe e I- it :li oin!, inn o'licers o"cn
lei luxe- .ii t he o' and-taitd Mild
toiip. i.'i'i ul 'he d.irerellt 1 Is.
rf) To Music
i !t
f dd. I
' M ,1
r i -it i o e i a
nun. for the
'-iMitation of
e.l I'l.tlulion
". fee pin
a- the p
.1 l.t a a
1 1 I
I '
.. i -. 0"'
1 I" iii.--
I -"'.
ii'ii. who I'.'llt
- to t' e cad "
Tin- '- on.' of
of I he fancy
he a m The
on niatioa. with
t h I'l'r cniii'M
em call -t Inline
n ii ml w it ll "lit
III.. Tie- liiini
a i in ' e tie i iH'er-
I ri.i, ..
1 mil
1 1 1,
I tl"
I out
i a i in
', e i on nd I nl lo w I
i in Us hi a led with
- alien. I' rope 1 t i
to he n-e.l a- s.ip
I In. iln
were placed "ll 4lo'
I"!' 111 llivell lo lillll'l
-tanth the tilanele-
11 IIS l. I'l 11 f I ft V flint
I '
i-"l !
f ..!'
.mi d and eon 1 i n host -
i I i". t I t he p'li n K t were
ei'hl in i o ii I f" the entile
- eoinpleled and the coiap:ni .
.. uiaiched over the struct me.
In a quartermaster depart
" i
.ii i
-.nt un, t.,i frii-l; which t tilth both in
'ine- nt lull - d wit hiiul jnstlinj;
he bridge at nil.
Jrtdgo Blown Up
It was apparent to the couiuuiniier
I the lorce Hint the eneiiry were in
:11 pin -int and it w as iieeesnarv to
i.siiiii the loid.'e. Idiiiineer- placed
let nil. t ini i !i.n..i'j in the ti inutile- a ad
-iiddi-i, h tiieie ua- a shuttering crpsh
n. Ihe 'hi, .'Xplodeil, f.illinvcl bv
, . nil. ii-, ,,l the lo nl.ee. H eO'.ll'l tint
'i.te I, ecu n.M',1 ,i"ain for wn'jnns.
nick- or nitillciv. Within tea iiiinutes
ihe I, nikm still. 'Hue was reloaded int'.
he triick- and the entire iletiichnieiit
ha I d siippea ed in lis tents.
t p Fourth Cuvuliy, I'aptain
l I 'a i ii-. has Inn ... which l.ecp as fine
t . '. inii-i. as do the liiiiimns who
aie Lo tl"'in. ami while the liliiut ti'nv
I the "liliiw Win iii" as a ipin listen
: I"- hoi-e- in. tie. I and ivoliiteil as i:'
'In-v eii. i.eil it as mm h as the specta
I it
t'lniti- iiisicheil in eoniliini' I'llnt
h'ii idatooiis. wlieeled and t'ntte'
' fn.i.- e 1 1 1 i ions as Itifil'lh
i eiaud ui.i't h at a ball Th"
re -
' 1 1,
Hide 1 e i-ilv n ml i end ill to
. "mum i .1- of t he 1 1 nop com
I 'a rt 1 1" n I a i v wlvcu they trniipiil in
MUo;le tde ill scpliitlfe platoons and
iiii'iee.l into tiiinp fin lllllll, ill, then
lil'iil.. nl tin- trot into lours und thru
leaped oir iii ii ynllop iii h wild filial"
i h.iia,'e Ktritiulil Itnuril the u ra ads: a n I
tin- -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i -ji i ..I the si'.'c I ii'' - ""'I'
id i I - ''mlii If wa- a -plead id -ho"
i ml i. a I I M "I tin- ft in- I I II i II i iil w hi. h
both trooper- and iimillttl nndcl"
There iti hundroils, erliR, in tin1
Ktamlstanil wlm Imve rrs-il and heard
about the throwing of hnnil (freniiifi'S the
(loa.llv hand Mcauons which arc.thrunn
with a poetiliar swing entirely unknown
to Amcrirnus lefnre the British nnd
Krtnch found out a new way to htttiillc
Orenade Throwing
Tl pcrtators learned the HCTrt of
the (nine yesterday when tenms from
the 2Mh Infnntry, Fourth Cavalry, Hoc
end Infantry and Thlrty-acennd Infan
try, eiifli c"niiocil nf four men, threw
jrt'iindt's fit twenty, twenty live und
thirty live Mir.l trench reccfitieles.
They lenrncil everything mrept . ns
to hriw- well they exploded and how
li'iiillv is the HciitteriiiK of the shur)
lulu of liroKcn motsl which tenr men to
iif'ces. The yrcmiili'H were not 11 live'
one )tul verv iliuii one and enpntde
lT;,, iXVZ
;i liiiect hit on n spi'dnlor
not happen.
V canvas nnrntu't was raised, over
v hich the men could lmrely sec. That
was -Their trench.' The enemy tiencb,
at Ii rat was tveitv ynrds niuiv.
The stcconil Infantry four were first
n show their skil!. but only one
'bomb" out of the sixteen throw u fet'
plump into the enemy trench. The
throw is much like the throw of the
tlt-cek discus, and far removed from
the popu'mr bn-cball delivery of the
men on the mound. A few of tlie sol
ilie-s lap-el it'ti the baseball method
orca-ionnllv. forrttin the need of n
hiejh elevation to plump tlie missile iute
the open trench.
The Knttrth f'nvalry landed four
bombs in vnrieus trenches the 'Titli In
'antrv followine; with four hits and
the Thirty secoinl I; ili'l the Nceimd
f pf intrv.
The " t rench i-' ' were moved to th
Iwi'iitv five card line :nnl t ho conit
scored a .ito. the Vmirth ('nvalrv fol
lowini suit, but the colored iuartc'
Inn. led four mote bombs " here thec do'
real " exivntion ". find the Thirty sec
und (jot one more hit.
The removal of the trench line to
thirl v five, vanls proved to be n .Tomh
s this is one of the nsunT" No M a1'
distances, ami reimired tlie heaviest of
hM nyinirs. Th" Second Tnfantrv fail
e.l to jjet " h't. likeivise the Voiutl
Pavnlrv, and the Thirtv second run'
in with ore. b"l the re bubtablc I'.'th
bovs jrathe'el in more hits. ninV'ii.' e
total of eivht. cjiviim them the victory
01 Course They Won
The event of tlie day, however, wn-
the telnv race of ten men to a team
with entries from the Twenty fifth, See
ond Htnl Thirty second Inf'intrv rei;i
ments. the taioi ni'i'i s. fourth 'avalt
lied Natio: al (iuaial. Who won it
Why. the L'.".llt Infantry, -ah, of o-e
It was not a wa kawny vietoiv. Out i'
w:i- a rtinawio tlie final riinc s-
iii' the line fullv three on.'irters of th
hundreil yii rd stretch in the lend
The starter's pistol failcl t.. oociate
rcsnltiii'' ill ,'l start bv wool of iii"iilh
I The llrsl runner of the l'ent tifih In
le f,,il,-v team "Ot :iia on a I lea.
, ,v ,,,. t;n,,. he tranilVii
0 Hj, team mate at the othei end i
1 ,K stretch, he had izainel .sever
eet. The third map had increased tl
o islam c ocl. '.een hnntelf and Hie nc:i'
est riiiiner. who was u cavnlryinan. b;
fiftv yards
The t' 1 1 : i runner proved to be til
le'.'jfie-l of the ;il i eyat ion. lie faille
ho inn. Ji iii.iliieiiriiill tha' he V' .t- ua
able to st..p until ho had covered I'.ft
vii ids back of the tape.
The Twi-ntv fifth Infniit'v team- ha
a ii ii in lift- ul' to'-ifer'iis adl ." cut - in
adinii'i- in tl"' ;:r:itd -t a'lil a- th
I riltllie"- I
I it tl"
I'll ov 'i
;l-- of d.
1 ,
illl.l lie
I In
Hm II hai
I H '
..re tin
- . nt thi
I and neat innam" ami e
I 'rain w it h i i ,a 1
" ho ll collie- o'llv tin "i
I ifei-t i e t I II I II I I a lid d 1
'en' "d
mil al'
far. line
1 1
a a i
t in
I, ii... I i
-t I an
I... "-
i'l 'I'"
ill. " ai
I f.
i' ti
ii il la in
l ied out.
IV. 5 H - -
lis-T I'l ll NT. -li I-' ( A- oc, ate i
I'lesi One Inillioil Aliiencan si,,ln'i
v, ill sunn he l.atlline; lor lhe;r coiintrv
ai d Hie cans, of Immunity m Kruiu i
Tin- n li nolllo elaeot w:.k liivdc U'.-tiT
dav l.v H.'crclai v of War llaher. speak
) I lie; to the t. -1.111111 in class.
I .-sfcietarv Hnl.ei attt'iided the riulu
ation of the .-In is winch uoiil'l ordin
: ii I v have lieen L't adopted in HUB. In
tin- clnsi- there Hie 1.'17 fil lets who
now ret
tciiiints. their t'lilllllllr'-iolis as lieu
W 8
w -
I I'l.
lll(iTiiN,iine I- 'A
t.. Si nee t he t i.Tiir n
bin i
lines i ..' ii t ly bcyan then Atlantic c
raids. Mnv ."i, the -h ipvai tls f
I'lilletl .'states limit had all .liltpil
I iiioie I ha n lini una deadweiiih! I.o
excess of the sink inn. The yanls
diiccd -I vessels of 1 TUl.t tl !l ton-, ..
I Vellldllio the ilailiaI'd Vessels, the
ev tines sunk let vessels totalini.'
(Mill Inns.
I'AZO OINTMENT is Ruaimtecd in
cure blind, bleediui, itchiiiK or J'iu
triwttiin I'll.l'.S in f In 1-1 !'' i
um.ir ,' It il ti. I r . I HI., I, 'it ., 1 1. 1 I
I!..- ' .1. I.t Ml UK I . ' U. ( ' . '
- A
Battleship Svent Isfan Sent To
' Bottom of Adriatic By Well
Directed Torpedo From Tnny
Fighting Craft
Vnothcr Battleship Is Reported
To Have 8een Hit and a Dc
stroyer Badly Damaged At
tackers Escape
KW YORK. Juno U (As
soi-iatftl Tress ) - no t
Vustria's urcatost hattlcsV.ips has
ii'i'ii sunk, another lattK'shi hail
y (lainagod and a destroyer siinU
n a daring attack which was
nadf on Monday by two lljili.in
.nrpedo biiats a.irainst a Ihct oi
Helve uf the ciH-nty crat't ofi the.
oast ul Dalniatia in the Adriatic,
swiss advices say that Vienna has
xibliily annoiMlCeii the loss of the
.'real battleship Svent IsLan. rniii
detcd less tlian four years ayo.
Tun Italian torpedo boats cn
oinitered an Austrian fleet off the
Dalmatian coast on Monday. Th
eet was composed of two battle
-hips and ten destru ers. aecord
iwy, to the reports reccntd Iroin
oiue and Venice esterday. lb!
two Italian boats atlacUn! with
he result that one battleship w a --link
b' a torpi'ilo, the -coiid was
lit b another toineilo ami "ic
if the desti'o ei's was seriously
le crait
a thud I hen tin
.1 and sticceedc
eachtnu ihetr l-.i-e in sah-tv
The vent l.sl'afi. the lo-s o
vhich Ansu'wi is repotted to h.te
nhnitlcd. was (tnnpleled in I'M I
ler ii- 'l.u eiMi iil was jn.dlK) tons
,r w!h a lull load .'.'.(M . Mir
.as 5J5 feet in length oi r all ai'l
ad a .bait oi J7 n it ami a bea n
.1 Sj (ti !. A ill r.nin mi lit in t pf
lie -. i a i i ,: ' I i!i un til ol r.ioi e
1 1 II i '
Mie cat I 1 1 i
i .liiin i 1 1 1 -
eighteen I J
1 1 'i I i n ' 1 it
li n:
1 1 1 1 . .
nr t'
' I w.
1 1 1 1 .i
in d
1, an
.it.. 1
i .' In i
w Im
i ! . 1 1 : i i
V. .-.
h' a '1 Ii d
' ct
.1 in
'essel Carried No Passengers;
Forty of Crew Miscing
, l llllk. .luite U i A--. a lal.-d
,'i.--s. 'Idle Hitls-h lianspt.i' Am i
has been tiilpedoed and sanl, -ni"il
i.untllvil Utile- o''f the lllll t - ii i ".nt
li il.- w e: t waul boo id Ace in d II.". to
nrivatc faliiimriiins C rived he" nine
y pelsons haw been picked u
ilirtv IliePllc:- of the ci cm a.e
a ad
lllissi tl).
The Anson a (Sl.'i.': toiisi was i n
iv the i niiaid Co. and wa- built
New. aittle. Jdielanil, in I'.1";'. Her inn
port was Liverpool.
W. t,
I 1 1 N I i N .
.I'll,,' I . ,,iii:il-.'
'.'.r-'1 in'iiiiativ hus .le: ui in : lied t '
'miye a piole-l with a-liili'ton on f'e
'y ii.-Iii ut: of Paul I'rueyer. the pmOi
uiati who met hi- death at i '..1 1 , n - n ',
lililioi-, at Ihe hands of aa euined in '"
an I l'i"iii i haiu'es "I whoso iiito.l' i
number of del', lolnnts i.ero leeenfli a
llllitted bv the iniv which held the
ei idei in the rim1. It is rcp-iiteil l.v
Ihr Wolff I an that tin plaint 'o
be Indued will be Huain-t Ihe proud
tine, nf such e.i esses as led In the I'l.u:-
t(er affair.
W. S 8.
1. 1 I.N 111 IN
l l. -1 'lm
that. It'll, I,
Koal haw 1
.1 'lilt
is a I
i eat I
I dj. Her
Assoelllt, .1
il uHirr ant
ll.. Halt. II
m l I i, en! V

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