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AttjCtASS 1A
Draft Gomes For Hawaii From
Provost Marshal General
Crowder July 1 Is Date Set
For Mobilization
Draftees Ordered To Report At
Army Camp At Fort Armstrong;
4336 Will Be Placed In Khaki
Next Month
Every man of draft age in the Ifa
waiian Island who wa placed in
Clan 1A try the selective draft reg
illations (luring the", pant year, will
lie inducted into th military service
of the United State bv July 1, under
iustrartions reeeived yesterday from
Waehlnjfton by Britf.-Oen. A. I'. Work
Horn, IT. S. A., department commander.
The order call for the immediate
marshalling of dHO men for service
With the J"r)4rtnen of (ho draft who
were federalized with the Hawahr.n
National Guard, practically every man
of Claim 1 Will be In khaki before
I'ncle Sam 'a birthday. The order of
Adjutant (Jeneral McCain to the de
partmeat commander wa an follows:
Provost marabal general in di
rected to call 4X10 registrants
from the Hawaiian Islands .Inly 1
at Fort Armstrong. I'rovont mar
shal will arrange detail with you
and the (iovernor. Advise the Gov
ernor. ('apt. II. Gooding Field, selective
draft officer for the Territory, will in
Hue wireless and mail orders today to
all local boards immediately to notify
the men reentered in their jurisdic
tions to assemble Bt rendezvous points.
He Bind yesterday that out of the"
(1202 men classified in Class 1A, nearly
every one of the 17fl4 registered in the
guard is now in service. I leduct ing
the guard draftees from the total of
Class I registrant leaven a difference
of 4HS. A large number of t h i h bal
nine have already been inducted into
the service through the regular army
Other Sections Affected
Thus practically every man of the
"fighting class" is ordered to the
colors'. To allow for rejections because
of physical disabilities, the drnft ofli
rer will call an additional ten percent
from other sections of Class 1, pre
ferably from I) and K subdivisions, and
the rail may extend into Class 'I, but
if so, it will be very light.
General Crowder was notified by
cable yesterday from the Governor's
office that the instructions had been re
ceived and would be immediately car
ried out.
These draftees will be called by their
order numbers. With the rigid physi
cal examinations which were held by
local medical boards ami the medical
ndviaory hoard of the selective druft.
it is believed that a heavy percentage
will ipiulifv.
The order number is not the one
the registrants received at the time of
his registration, but the number lie ob
tained when the drawing took phue
in the Capitol. Assuming that the
first number drawn was No. l.'l, this
number became No. 1 of the serial
class. Assuming that the second slip
of paper drawn bore the number dl,
this became No. li of the serial list,
and ho on.
P.ach one of the local draft hoards
is 'considered it sepHrate unit under the
selective draft regulations, so that the
nil in Ih' r l.'t became the first number in
each of the six divisions of the local
Report At Tort Armstrong
All the draftees are to report lit the
army camp ut Kurt Armstrong, which
is designated by General McCeni as
the mobilization camp. Lndi hoard
will send out his induction notice on
which'appears the man's name, serial
it umber and the hour and day on which
he is to report for duty. The day und
hour designate the instant he begins
his army service, and he is then under
the direct orders of the war depart
If a cowboy up at Humuulu Sheep
Hunch, on the Island of Hawaii, re
ceives his induction notice next Hat
unlay, giving the time when he is to
report at the nearest rendezvous, his
army service' begins on the date writ
ten in. When he leaves Humuulu the
government will pay his transportation
down to the rendezvous point, und
also pay for his subsistence.
Plaee of Assembly
The assembly places on each of the
islands will be as follows:
Oaliu - National Guard Armory, 1 1 it
nolulu ;
Maui Lnhuiun, Wailuku and Pain;
Hawaii llilo, Kohala, Papuikou,
K ca Ickck mi ;
Kauai l.ihue.
The nun of Oaliu assembled at the
iiimorv will remain there until scut in
specified allotments as the camp cum
inaniler at Fort Armstrong designates.
The same procedure will be followed
with rO!ect to the neighboring is
lands. It has been ascertained that
the draftees can all he handled at the
amp. but the alloti.ieut system will
be put into effect.
It whs ii n lion need yesterday that cv
civ local board has fifty percent
its induction notices prepared for
inn's, mi I the remain. Icr will he
vv ' ' hi a a few da v s.
t he
Owine to the difficulty of Keeping
constant track of many of the regis
I rants, pai ticulai ly the Filipino labor
is on the plautul ions, the Hawaiian
Sugar Plnntcis' Association labor bu
reaii will assist the draft board. The
labor board has the address of each
Filipino. He may hnve been at Ka
ntiKu in January ami he working at
ftwa plantation this month. Instead
of entrusting the notices to the mails
these will be sent to the labor hurenn
which will separate them and sen
tim to (Mfferent plantation managers
iWHo in torn will have each notice de
livered to the registrant.
After reporting at the rendezvous
points, the man will renort to the I ocnl
boards, or in some instances the boards
will go to the rendezvous points, and
induct the men into service hv placing
m- n.nir or in'iucTinn on the llisluctien
So far as the selective draft head
quarters here is concerned it is respon
Bible to the war department tj deliver
all these men at Fort Armstrong.
Arior mat its responsibility ceases
1 he mustering officer nt port Armstrong
win nil out two car Is giv ing the name
or the reporting registrant, his sennl
uninber ami the i..,Hrd he registered
witn, st if n i ii g his name to Isith. One
(goes to the I. sal board so that the hoard
can check the man's name off its kicnl
list, and the duplicate go,.,, to Genera'
rowder s depart ment "nt Washington
All Start Ai Privates.
Following another physical examine
tion at the camp, the registrant, if sue
cessful, ia gireii his uniform, trhnsferrci
ii it section ni me camp ajul given an
assignment to a s.pmd tent, where he
omes under the immediate authority
if a lion commissioned officer of tin
regular army. His service is then nc
tuiil, and he will receive the rudiment
of Ins military instruction. Fitch man
enters the service as a private.
With a'l men at the various ren
dczvoiis before July I and with tin
Honolulu armorv occupied l,v Oihu':
proportion on July I, the selective drnft
officer will order the first allotments di
reel to Port Armstrong.
the induction notice which each of
'he 4.1'IH men will receive in a few davs
is as follows:
Order of Induction Into Ml'ltary
Service of the United States
The President of the 1'nited States,
To (Christian nainei (Horn-line)
Order Number.. Herial Nninber. .
Greeting: Having submitted your
self to a local board composed of
your neighbors for the purpose of
determining the place an. I time in
which you can best serve the Unit
ed States in the present emergency,
vou are hereby notified that vou
have now been selected lor i 1111116
din'e military service.
Vou will, therefore, report to the
local hoard iiiimcl below at (Place
of reporting), at . . in, ( Hour of re
port inn ) 011 t he . ... day of 1 11 . . ,
for military duty.
From and utter the day and hour
Hie military service of the Tinted
.ills! named you will he a soldier in
Member of l ocal Hoard for
Report to Local Hoard for
The instructions to the re
which accompany the induction
1st ran I
not ice
informing the prospective soldi
er ivhnl
he should bring in the wav of
and personal equipment, are as follows
"The day and hour specified on th'
classification list of this- hoc-. I hoard
and on the order and notice of indue
ion iuto military service which a. coin
nanies this notice for you to report t
'his local hoard for military duty i
he time that marks your actual nhligu
'ion as a soldier of the 1'nited Htatcs.
" Paiulre to report promptly at tin
hour and on the day named is a I'rnvi
military offense for which vou may In
unit mnrtinled. Willful failure to re
oort with an intent to evade militarv
lerv ice constitutes desertion from th.
Army of the United Slates, which, ii
'inie of war. is a capital offense.
"Upon reporting to your local boar. I
vou will not need, and vou should no
bring with Mm, anything except hand
baggage. Vou will Hot be permitted t.
Tike trunks or boxes with vou on th,
rain You should take only Ihe follow
trig articles: A pair of strong conifi.it
.ble shoes to relieve vour feet fr.ni
your new regulation marching shoes
not to exceed four extra suits of nn I. j
lothiug; not to exceed six extra pans
of socks; four face and two bath tow
els; a comb, a brush, a toothbrush, soap
'ooth powder, razor, and shaving soap
It will add to vour comfort to bring on.
Woolen blanket, preferably of drirk ...
neutral color This blanket should I.,
tightly rolled, the cuds of the roll sl.oul.'
tie securely bound together an I the loo
if the blanket thus formed slum; from
your left shoulder to your right hip.
"Von should wear rough strong cloth
ng and a llanael shirt, pic'ernbU an
'ivediab shirt of the kind issued t.
"Note. Local boards mav have pic
oared, 111 the form of a rul.I.er stamp
ind stamp in below 01 on the back here
if any special instructions such as a
direction to rcipii'st pci mis., i. ,n to eat
and spend the last night at home, as it
may tlesi re to gi ve. ' '
New Regiment Probable.
Providing the First, and He. on. I II 1
waiian Infantry regiments, just fe.lci
alize.l, required about SI K I men each
'ill to come from the draft, this would
leave approximately L'7(n men who mav
lie made up into another regiment
Whether this will be another nhtiona'
'runrd regiment, federalized, or become
1 regiment of the National Army. h.-.s
not been stated, but in all piobabililv
.vill be one nf the latter
When all men are mustered into sci
vice, Hawaii within one month will
have given nearly seven thousand iiien
or n riny service. In addition there an
already a large number of men -loving
in the uriny and nnvy from Hawaii
Uv cry order for inobi Ii at ion to a
local board on Main. Kauai and ltaw:.ii,
will be forwarded today by wireless
from the draft office.
A touch of rheinna t ism, m a t w nje
of nciiialgin, whatever the t I.I,. 1
t'liainbei lain 's Pain Halnl drives aw..v
the pin 11 at once and cures the com
plaint 1 1 in e k I x . In-t npph, ,v 1011 eivcs
relief. " When a hot' f it is I ept in
the house the pain of Inn us and s, aids
iiihv be promptly i.diew-l .n's and
llinses quickly loalc.l mil 'Wc'hug
prompt Iv reduced. I n fa. t . f,,i t In'
household ills it is just mi, h ,,,, eml.ro
cation as every lainilv should h
VI. lei with. Pol sale .: ,1
Hens, ,n, Smith ,V Co., I.I.I, a.euis f. i
1 1 u vv nn. Ad v I.
Cowboys garbed in the typical cos
tume of "America's wild west" with
"ehapo" sombreros, high heeled boots,
swinging lariats and jingling spurs all
participating in the sports of the terri
torial fair gave a suggestion yesterday
of the vast extent of the mountain,
plateau and lava waste laud ranches
of the Islands.
Hut o realize that Haw-nil nil tnke
Jrank as a "cow country,'' as welj as a
sugar country, the visitor to the First
Territorial Fair has to see what is en
siderml hv many as the biggest and
best of the exhibits- the livestock
drove Ranch Big Winner
Under the management and fair di
ectitin (if W. A Clink, the Grove
Knnih of Maui has an interesting ex
hibition of Polled Aberdeen Angus
stock. This Maui ranch hns been
awarded ten first prizes and three
rand champion ribbons. A steer weigh
ing on the hoof from HIM) to I.IOO
...ulids from this ranch is to he aile.
loiied off on Haturdnv and the pro
ecils given to the American Ked Cross.
Holsteins are a notable feature of
'he cattle show, and Charles Lucas
ias n number nf blue ribbon winners
;n this division in Ins Holsteiu Frle
'inn entries.
Hnrold Kice of Maui has been n
icnvv award taker in the hog show qf
he livestock division Grand champion
ibbons have been awarded his atotk
for the best aired so, the best two
ear o'd sow, the best boar under one
ear, and for the best exhibitor's herd.
Sam School Takes Prises
la the hog show the Knmehamehn
School took the-grnnd champion award
'or boars, and th.' tirst. second, and
third awards for the best Hawaiian bred
iged sons. The school also took twelve
first, four second and two third class
iwards in the Holstein cow entries.
The closest competition which ile
eloped in the hog show vns in the
nvB'-d f.r market pigs. This renllv
developed into a contest of breeds of
lie market type, with the competition
'letvveen three pens nf three nies each
nntaining Durocs Hampshire and
Herkshites. The .Molokni K inch Dures s
von the prize award. TJiis s-inie ranch
i'so took the champion awards for its
ither Ouroc Jersev hog entries.
The (.'nl'ege nf Hawaii was given the
irst prize for the Tnmworths in the hog
how but there was little competition
n this class.
Monsters of the livestock sectuit' of j
he Territorial Fair assert it has " na
ionnl class." anil, to prove the asser
inn, i.'iv that a Holstein bull which
'as one of the Panama Lxnosition on I
fries was outclassed in the local i-oni
oetition hv one recently imported by
"hnrles Lucas.
Oog Show Popular
No single section of the fnir jester
lay, excepting the general open door
irogram, attracted more attentiou than
lid the dog show, located on the li
loud Head side of Knpiolani Park,
Inch i being given under the ails
.iei's of the Hawaiian Kennel Club.
Through the six lanes of rages thero
urged throughout yesterday afternnc.ii
. crowd which averaged little less thau
I'sMI in number at anv time in the
imited space. When the judging be
Ian about four o'clock in the after
loon exhibitors and visitors were such
i problem that a circled space had to
e cleared in which the officials as. I
log .pidge conld see the animals.
In all there are about lU.I dogs en
. red in the show, with nearly all the
iiiown breeds represented, excepting
crimps th,, Malmut. A Greut Dane,
he entry of II. L. Castle, is always
he center of attraction, as arc also
he police dogs, or the German sheep
'ous, entered by the Hawaii Polo Club.
I'wo French poodle pups, and their
iiothcr, the entry of Mrs, Hchullz, were
iiliei favorites ut the show.
A pointer owned by Mrs. Meggs of
'iiiiaene. Maui, took the special prize
iwaid for the best dog exhibited at
lo' -dor. . the contest being a xerv
I"- lue to the high average of
t he ot her cut i ies.
The l.cvt dog in Honolulu prize was
ken hv the F.uglish Hull dog, Mel
urn.' Model, owned hv Chu (lion.
In the judging of the collie classes
was keen competition last night,
e 1'iize award finally going to tin'
Pea. owned hv V. T." I.ix ingston.
s the dogs ill the show are begin
" to .'ot out of condition because
f Co lone confinement the dog show
. iiiMnit. e has announced that this p'irt
f lie teriitorial exhibition will close
The opinion of an expert, the dog
how judge, John Hradxuaw of Hnn
''ran' isco. is that the pointers are "of
In'li average and a fery good ex
'hit." The judge speaks with com
nen. hit ion of a collide of Kntflish set
rs and "two fair Kngliah hull dogs."
I'lie Mnstou terrier entries also win a
1 1 " I 1 1 nt from the judge. This
rai e f.r the Hawaii dog show conies
,-roni a man whuse profession takes
'inn to all the cities of the United
-ii'os as a judge at dog shows.
He was here in lttOr! at Honolulu's
nlv other dog show, und says that the
n resent exhibition is of a far better
'ta.le than then. In his opinion the
Hawaii dog exhibits have increased
''ul'v 1"" percent since.
The l.en.h committee of the do.'
how arc, .1. W. Harvey, chairman; C.
T. I.ittl. john, Dr. W.' T. Monsarrst.
Dr. T Kaisuuiimn, Dr. J. C. Fit.ger
ild. Kin- A. Knii.lsen and Frank Mud
a'f The veterinarian is Lieut. K. L.
v e. V ('., U. H. A , and the secretary,
Tom Sharp.
The Chl ken Show
One lird piize and throe special I
pnes hit x i- In awarded the Marred'
(Is month liock Cock entry of Henry j
A rung Jr., in . the poultry div ision of j
the fan, the central point yesterday!
for all the I sin ml chicken fanciers at I
the fan, lifter the judging waa finished
'Ihe s ial prizes for this entrv
were given for the hest cock biid in
the show, the best conditioned and for
the best luirti colored bird Fxpei's
say it would be a prize winner in anv
chicken show, wherever exhibited.
Other exceptional entr.es at the ponl
try show are the single combed Khode
I Isiand Keda ot A. A. Wilson, which
' have been given first and special
awards. H. 1.. Ching got special awards
I for his catmn entnes ami the poultry
entries of Mr. and Mrs. George Dyson
have been ribbon takers, .lames Wil-
i son was awarded first prize for his
Plymouth Rocks.
Baimle TaMe Prises
I New Zealan.ls ure by far the
greatest in number of entries in the
rabbit part of the show, although
there are a scattering of Angoraa, Hel
gians, Flemish, and other breeds.
One r.t the spirited contest, and
.one of the most interesting of the gmt-
I eral rabbit entries, was fur that of
best New Zealand doe with litter. This
award was taken by the entry of Mrs.
C. H. Juidl, with a fine litter of nine
I wee its old rabbits, of an average of
four pounds each in weight.
Clifford Charlock, the committeeman
in charge of the rabbit show, explains
that while the New Zealand doe of nn
other exhibitor was far better than
the doe of Mrs. Jinld, Ihe award had
lo bo given for "the best doe aft I
litter", as announce. I. It was the line
litter of Mrs. Jiidd's doe which re
cured the blue ribbon honor, he says.
The eemmittee in charge of the pool
try and rabbit show is ns follows: i
' Raymond 0. Brown, chairman : Clar
ence Macfarlane, Walter F. Wall, John
Crnio, Clifford Charlock, Y. Terada,
William H. Rice Jr., William F. Pogoe
Hnd R. A. Ooff.
Bin felooded Cats
As the judging of the entries nt
; the cat show took place on the open
Ing dny of the fair many of the entries
had been removed yestercjuy to
their owners' homes. One of the beatu
' ties remaining in the cages yesterday
" en A ""nrq w ;'h one blue and one
orange colored eye.
Iv.uh t'nnce was one of the blue
I blooded cats exhibited nt the show hv
Mrs. .1. Kuhn. This Persian, whirh
is out of Cherub the First, an American
champion, is the grandfather of most
of the Persinns shown at the
fair. Snow Cueen, out of I-arly
Gwendolyn Brushwood, a London cham
pion, wa aaother entry of Mrs.
Kuhn. This entry, with a litter of
four kittens, took the ribbon for the
best mother and kittens in the show,
and also a special prize as the best
mother exhibited.
' The committee in charge of the cat
show was composed of Dr. L. K. Case,
V. ('., V. H. A.raml Chester Huberts.
I Prize awards in livestock s,0w
made by the judges and so far listed
for publication by the committee sec
retaries are as follows:
( Kxceitlon Cattle Championships)
Light Hotm Class
Mest Ilnw1iiin bred sad. lie stallion.
First, II. C. A 8. Co., Maui; second,
llaleukala Kuncfc; third, II. W. Rice.
Best imparted saddle stallion. First,
O. K. ft 1,. Co.; second, Louis Warren;
third, (.'hnrles Lucas.
Mest imported brood mure. First, W.
Macfarlane; second, V. MacfarlanC;
third, Dr. A. K. Kowat.
Mest Hawaiian bred iilly. First, John
Resents; second, Paul Isenberg.
Mest saddle animal, Hawaiian bri I.
First, Kuiiloa Ranch; saeotid, 11. W
Rice; third, l.ihue Hnnch.
Mest saddle animal, imported. First,
H. A. Maldvvin.
Mest colt, up to four years. First,
W. Maefarlll lie ; second. A. McPlnS':
third, W. Mm-farlaite.
Mest cavalry horse, officer's mount
First, Lieut. K L. Nve; second ami
third. Dr. I.. K Case.
Most cavalry horse, trooper's mxourit.
First, D Troop; second, K Troop; third,
l Troop, Fourth Cavalry.
Mest Hawaiian bred polo ponv. First,
II. W. Hoi'; second, l.ihue Ranch;
third, F. F. Maldvvin.
Imported nolo pony. First, W. P.
Dillingham; second, H. A. Ilaldwiu.
Mest Hawaiian bred driving hiirpf.
First Kualoa Ranch; second, .1. F. ( id
bin ii III
Mest impoited driving horse. First.
Kualoa Ranch, second. Dr. L. T.. Case,
thud, Dr. A. R, Kowat.
Mest pony. First, Miss Lillian An
Me-t I horoiie-lil.i ed. First, Haleaka
la Ranch; second, Charles Lii'iis; third,
Lou i s U ;i i ren .
Draught Horses
Mest Hawaiian bred draught stallion
Fust. T. K. I'ul. in la, second, Paul
He st iyiporlcl draft stallion. FirNt.
Grove Ranch; second, II. C. S H. Co.,
third, llaleukala Ranch.
Mest colt, up to four years. First,
T. K. Fiikuda; second, College of 1 1 :i
Mest team draft horses. First and
second, Lewers ! Cooke, Ltd.
Mest draft horses, four in haul.
First, Dept. (,). M. Corps, U. 8. A.
Beef Cattle
Mest imported Alienlceu Angus bull,
('irst, Grove Ranch; second, llonoliia
Mest Hawaiian bred Aberdeen Angus
cow. Fust, Grove Rliuch.
Mest Aberdeen Junior Yearling bull.
First, llonoliia Ranch.
Mest Aberdeen Angus .Senior heifer
calf. Piist, (iiovc Ranch.
Mest Abel leen Angus Junior bull
calf. Fi 1st, ( i o v e Ranch.
Mest pen, .1 fit Aberdeen Angus
steers. First, (ir-.ve Ra'iich.
Mst Hawaiian bred aged Hereford
bull. First, II. W. Rice.
Mest unpolled aged Hereford bull
First, II W. Rice.
Host Herefoid L' year old hull. First,
II W. Rice; se, on l, Lihue Ranch.
Mest junior v cal ling Hereford bull
Second, c. II. Mellllia.
Mest luillor vearlllig hereford lie)
fer. First, set ond an I third, Lihuc
It.in, h.
II. W.
fer S.
It s.
on I. O.
iiior heifer bull calf. First,
senior I
First and
II W. Ri,
SI, i.i t hoi n
Kuiiloa Ran
HI old heifer.
Shorthorn hei
I o
.tumor v
. on l. ( )
-til ling
l( .V I
iii bull calf s-c
R. & I.
Dairy Cattle .
Best aged imported Ayrethire
First, l.ihue Ranch.
Best aged imported Ayreshire
First, (ieorge P. Cooke; second
third, Lihue Ranch.
Hest junior vearbng Avreshife
Kirat, second nn.l third, Lihue Haaeh.
Best iiinior yearling Ayreshire hei
fer. First, l.ihue Rain h
Mest junior imported Guernsey cow.
First. ( 'i, cgc of Hawaii
Hist junior yearling lliiernsey bull.
First, College of llcwini
Met aged iinpnttcj ' HoNthin' )m:t.
First, Kamvham. In, XI liob: ' second,
l'niil N"nberg. third, c U. Lucas.
Ht Haw-shun I re I aged Holstein
cow. First i. a I second. K a m ehn mehn
Schools; third. College of llawnii.
Mest aged imported llolitein cow.
First, C. V I n. as. second. College of
Hawaii: third. Robert Hind.
Mest HiiN', ,
First, Kfi'liehaineha
Robert Hind.
Mest Holv,.;,, I,,
First, Robeit Hind.
S, Co.; third, r.,1'...
Best HoMcii, .
on 'or t hree years,
S. Inn Is; second,
'I. three year old.
s. soml, H. C. ft
of Hawaii,
fer. two year old.
First, KamehanioliH H
Vile"e if Ha wa, i , t h
ha Hchools.
Best Holstein seuio
hoii's- second,
rl, Kit liifhnnie
r venr'ing
second, II.
C. ft
First, Robert Hind
R Co.
Ret H.ds'eiii .eni..r
First and sccmi I. Paul
Ka lueha riiehn S, holds.
'"1'ling heifer.
Iscnberg; third,
Mest Hols'cni or yearling bull
P rst and second, K a iin hameha Hehnols
third. College f Hawaii.
Mest Holstein senior bull calf. First
Robert Hind.
Hest Holstein senior heifer calf.
First, Kaiiii'haiiieha Schools; second
and third to Robert Hind.
Best Holstein junior Lull calf. Firs'
Robert Hind.
Mest Hillstcln
First and second,
Mest imported
First, Mrs P. P
innior heifer c.f.
Kamehaineha Hchoo's.
l"'"d Jersey bull
Ma Id w i a.
Best senior Jersey
First, Paul Isenl a.
arling heifer
Mest yoke Worklii" oxen Kirs', f.
'. kai Rrncl, ; see I, Ha leak a l !,,,, ,
th'rd, O. R A 1. I',,
Dairy cow with Inchest A. R. ()
record First. Kaiinhamehn Schools.
K-hibitor's da rv herd. First Kn
inehanicha Schools; (,nd Ruber'
Hind- ihlrd. r.Jlei'e of Hawaii
Exhibitor's b.ef herd First, Grove
rxhihitor '
Lihue Rnn.-h
junior hoof herd. First,
Get of dairy
ha Schools.
First Kaiiiehame
Pr- dueo of da:rv cove
hauiehii Schools, sc.- ,
third. College of Hawa
Produce of beef cow.
('.si tZtjpe
Robert llilil;
' l .
First, Grove
Approximntclv l.1 birds snnstituti
the poultry sect'.m of this show. Jud,;
ing was done by Raymond C. Brown
rinirnian, and members of
(hnw committee
Best cock in show. Won h
Plvii th Hock, exhibited by
Afong, Honolulu.
poll I
largest and bet individual exhibit
of poultry. Won by A. A. Wilson, Wa
hiawa, Oaliu.
Best individual colleclion. By James
Lindsay, Haiku, Maui.
Best Hawaiian bred chicken. A
Plymouth Rock cock, exhibited by llei
rv Afong Jr., Honolulu.
Best Hawaiian bred cock. A Black
Minorca cock, exhibited by Geo. W
'lycii. Honolulu.
Best Hawaiian bred pen of barrel
Plymouth Roi ks. By James Lindsay ,
Haiku, Maui.
Best hen in American class. Won hv
Rhode I land Reds exhibited by A. A
W ilson. Wahiuwa. Oaliu.
Mest hen in .Mediterranean class
H'ack Minorca, by Geo. W Dvson
Hest conditioned chicken. Barred
Plymouth Rock, by Henry Afong .lr
Mest shaped male chicken. A Rhode
Island Red. by A. A. Wilson, Wahiawa
Best (rarti-nolored male chicken. Mar
red Plymouth Rock, by Henry A Tone
lr. lb nolulu.
Mest parti colored male chi, ken
Ma rre.l Plymouth Rock, hv Henrv Atone
.1 r, Honolulu.
Hest parti colored female chicken A
partridge Rock, by Manuel Costa, 1 1
Mest solid colored female chi. ken
Hlack Minorca, by A. A. Wilson
Mest solid colored male chi. ken
Rhode Island Red, by A. A. Wilson
Cane Judged hv ,1 A. Verret:
Hest collection of cane varieties,
any six varieties. First, Wailuku Suai
' 'o, Wailuku, Maui.
Hest collection llavvaiinil see llilic; va
iii'ties; any six. Special prize, Wailuku
Suc,.'tr Company.
Longest stalk of cane, any vane'.
First and second, M. Culdiera, Hon
Longest single joint or interim, lo o
cane; any variety. First, Hawaiian
Sugar Company; sec I, Wailuku Su
ar Company; third, Kxperiuieiit St..
lion, II H. P. A.
Pineapples and Caunerv Products
Judged by W. A. Baldwin:
Hest live No. I mature piiieapp'.
flints for canning. First, Joe Tviin -,
II nl, n, Main; second, llawniian I n
apple Co., Honolulu', third, Giove
l( h Maui.
Hest fic plants of pttieappU-s show
ing various stages of development from
lant as set out to mature fruit hearing
stage First, Hawaiian Pineapple Com
anv, Honolulu, second, Haiku Fruit A
"a. kmc; Company, Haiku, Maui, tln' i
llaivanan Pineapple (loiiiuinv.
Post tlnec plants in fruit, age given
Fust and second. Hawaiian Piiieapp1.
' ' pany ; third, Haiku Fruit 4 I 'a k
ii, ompa n v.
Hest three crowns, three slips, (hi,,
shoots, illustrating perfect plants t,,i
citing out. First and second, Haw ,
l.'iu I'll, .apple I'ollipuny; third, Mnil, ,
w. s. a.
Cm eminent tests will be made at
Pi It -.but gli of a new substitute foi l'ii-''
lire which the Ilivi'Ulor, Dl l.,.n
Ix'etnenl, savs i an be leude for s c nis
i .'ii'1-.!! A ipi.'intitv of the new ...n,
l.ustil.le was prepared at the Dcpai'
" f I'l'd ioi Li I.i.i atones hole In. I
' : , ' Xe-'.o lax l.i I he I -m ' 'lino .
I . on v I v an ia e pc i uiien I a I s u ,,,,,
. i
System Found To Work
Well As Record Key
Working full
tion of the ),
segregating the
Miss Sndler and
-lavs on the examinn
I , hildren of Hilo and
n l.v a card vstvm.
Mrs (I K. H Biker.
two trained nui-i-s. are gradually' fin
ishing their nie.li.-al inspection of the
students of the II. lo Union and other
schools ..f llilo, sues lasf Wednesday's
Hilo Tribune. The two nurse make
thorough inspections of the children.
The examination of the children's
throats and mouths aie very carefilllf
Carrie. t out and cai h child, of course,
has its .'xaiiiiMitN.il made with instru
ments that have not touched another
ehi'd 's person
The cnr.l svstem which hns been
adopted by the nurses shows exactly
what defect have hrrn discovered and.
to make sure that the parents of the
youngsters understand everything, the
cards are filled out in the language the
parents understand
When adenoids, tonisilitis or some
othe- trouble i located, the board of
'calf, official Msn are notified and the
arents are told to bring the children
the health office to be treated. In
he case of wealthy parents the chil
'-en arte of course cTnected to eon
suit their own physicians.
Tt" lino's of the whole connfv are
o t e i' seeded hv the two nurses and
it is exi.ected that the result will be
a i t iinfiriivcnent in the gene-nl
health of the ciiijen of the future
- w. a a
The f: My ,.f the Maui High
School, on Thursday evening of last
week, gave a "Colonial dinner" to the
senior class, says Inst Friday's Mnui
News of Wailuku. The Domestic Hci
"nce lanni was decorated for the occa
sion and music wa furnished by Ta
vnres' orchestra.
After the dinner dancinjj wa the
order of the evening and the dinner
onrty was somewhat augmented by the
nival of other guests.
The following were among those
oresent: Mr, and Mrs W. S. Beemnn,
Mi.ss Mary J Couch. Miss "Mary Bar
'on, Mile. Cecvl Hollidav. Miss Blanche
"fust. Viss Vivian Gardiser, Mr. and
Mrs. K. P.. Pleasant. M.iss Anna Knrrer,
Mis Klizabetli Lindsay. Hanford Walk
r, Miss Lois Murdock, Miss Miyo Yosh
z.'iwn. Miss Ruth Parker, David Kapo
han unoliew a, M iss Oriet Robinson,
Richnnl Linton, Miss Irene Wells, Misa
Rita Rosecrans, David Rattray, Mollis
Hardy, Alficd Taylor and 1). C. I.ind
sllV .
The public is cordinlly invited to
he closing exercises of the Lah&ina
luna School, which will be held on
Thursday, June 13, at ten a. m.
Miss Cleo Case arrived Saturday front
Mills College, San Francisco, to spend
er summer vacation with her par-
nts Attorney and Mrs. 1. H. Case of
Wail iku. She brought with her one of
her college chums, Miss Lucille Greg,
Jo. will be her guest during the nm
i er. For two months Mis Case will
e in charge of the girls' athletic work
it the Cviii. and return to the rollege
n the fall.
(i.ades I. S, 7 and H, nt the Wnilu
I it public school have l(K) percent rec
"d in the purchase pf Liberty Bonds.
War Saving nud Thrift Stamps, every
pupil and teacher of these grades hav
iii some of these securities on Mav
'.I The total investment of the school
iiiioiuited to SlIilG 75 the first of this
in, nil,
The ft ii it I exiunina' ions of the Mnui
'it'll School will begin this year on
Monday, June 17, and will not be con
hid.-. I until Thursday, June L'7. The
ciiiors are practically the only class
in hold examinations during the tirst
week of the period.
w. a. a.
George H. Raymond, supervising pt'n
, ipnl of the Maui government schools,
s in the city with the Valley Island
livisinn of the National Guard. In the
"on, I, also visiting here, is Manuel
loseph. vocational instructor of the
Wailuku School.
David I . Lindsay, the Maui member
ot the board of school commissioners,
ariived yesterday from the Vnllev 11
. i . I and will make a brief trip t the
:. inland, returning early in July with
Mrs. Lindsay and their child.
Ow ing to the "fact that the Maui su
i. ii vising principal is now in the fed
eral military service, Heniy W. Kinney,
superintendent of public instruction,
will leave shoitly for Ihe Valley Island
and will ins t the schools during the
. losing week of the year.
lienrv W Kinnev. superintendent o''
'he government schools, will leave for
llilo Satiir-lav afternoon for a tour of
'I.e Dig Island He will Uuok into the
nliestioli of new buildings which the
I onntv of Hawaii will provide for the
s. hool year opening September Id, in XI
All Ihe teirilorial schools will close
on Friday. June :.'). and will open the
new school year on September III. The
coin men. eiiieiit exercises nt the Terli
tonal Nn! mill, and Ttaiiiiug School will
lie held Ihe evening of Thursday, June
The annual plav of the Honolulu Mil
l.uv A.a.lcmv was given Inst night lit
'h. log lx a uiiiki cadet school.
School i oi ssionrrs I.. G. Bin. k
mnil and William I' Aveiv have leport
c I on the .pieslniii ot' uiufoim text
bonks foi the high s, hools of the Tel l I
!,ov Thev tin I that a iilnfoiui system
ii almost ah loan, lies is feasible and
i. -liable, an I ' e. . . Ilillo-II . I that it I.e ill,
tin I need vv It h the opening of the schools
Scpl.lnl.cl 111 The I. .oil. I will tike
.i. i, on on this inatlci when it meets
, , I i in Sept c in I ie I
The II, I. . I mo ii S. hool I'ii Id l'ois
m ..let a u'o.,, i in pi .-salon vesterduv in
i , Men,, i ,al I lav pal ade. say , a I 1 1 lo
, . l ,, 1 ' ot M x I I hull, lie. I ot I lo-
j s t i s .i, , el ii. w lute an I .any
.' vv-- ' i. -oils i -I.cd lil c veterans
Valley Island Firpt Prize Students
Earn Trip For Good Gar
den Work Showing
A guests of the Maui County Fair A
Racing Association, five Maui school
boys are now u, Honolulu visiting the
city and taking in the big Territorial
Fair. They were the winners of the
recent Maui Children's Harden contest.
On this score the Main News of Wai
luku in last Friday 's issue savs:
Central Maui
First Prize- Trip to Honolulu Fair:
Naoki Matsuda, Haiku School.
Nasnra Teshima, Kihei School.
John Andrade, Phi School.
Second Prizes fi Worth of Merchan
dise: Alfred ( nrvalho. KealniQ School.
Yasuo Sato, Haiku School.
Mitinru Fukuda, Puunene School.
Third Prizes ..l Worth of Mer
i hand i se :
Sadie Kins, llamsk napoko School.
Voshio Tanaka, Paia School.
Flora Tavares, Maknwao School.
Lahalna District
First Prize Trip to Honolulu Fair:
George I.indsav, Kamehameha III
Second Prize Worth of Merchan
dise: Manuel Ariel.
Horioknhnii School.
Third Prixe
L'.oi) W ort If of Mer-
Antone Ariel, Honokakau School.
Hana District
First Prize Trip to Honolulu Fair:
Tosdiiu Tnsnki, If ana School.
No second or third prize winners re
ported. Molokai District
Nrt report yet received.
Adult Garden Contest
First Prizes- t25 Cash:
Manuel A. Dens, Camp 10, Puunene.
l.nck You. Camp 2, I'uuuene.
Joe K Ferreirn, Haiku.
fieeoo.il Prizes lfi Cadi:
K. Matsuda, Paliolei Camp, Grove
John Costa. Haiku Cannery.
A. C. Pereira, Paia School.
Third Prizes- $.1 Cash:
Antmie Camara, Keahua Camp.
John Ornellas, llaikn
11 r. Jessie Tavares, Maknwao.
Fourth Prizes tL' 50 Cnsh:
Afrs. Manuel Sunriano, Paholei
Camp, GfoVe Ranch.
Frank. Martins, Puunene Si hool.
M. Ferreira, Haiku Hchol.
Fifth Prize $1 Cash:
Antone Carvalho, Keahua Camp.
Joe Rodriguiw, Paia ('amp.
John M. Brown, ('amp K School.
Alfrel Ferreira. Keahua t'nnip.
Joe Fevella, Keahua Camp.
Henry Lopez, Keahua t amp.
Next three la order:
Maauel Mohmc, Keahua ('amp.
Arthur Lizaro, Keahua Camp. ,
Manuel Cambra, Keahua Camp.
Five Maui boys will leave by the
Clnudine tomorrow night for Honolulu
to spend a week at the big Territorial
Fair as guest of the Maui County Fair
ft Racing Aaaoeiation. They are the
winner of the first prizes in the second
children's garden contest conducted by
the Association.
Charles A. Puck, of the Alexander
House Settlement, ha been designated
to go with the party and to supervise
their holiday. Ha ia taking his automo
bile with him, ami the young' gardener
will undoubtedly have the time nf their
young live, visiting the Fair ami see
ing the sight of the capital citv.
Girl Ooes Too
Miss Margaret Cabral, of Hans, who
was one of the prize winner in last
year's contest, but who wns uuah'e to
niiike the Honolulu trip at the time,
has been allowed by the committee to
take her prize at this time, r'.he left
on Wednesday by the Mauua Loa ac
companied by her sister. The execu
tive committee of the Fair Association,
nt its meeting on Tuesday afternoon, de
cided that the young lady was entitled
to take her prize now, and inasmuch
as no other girls have won tirst prise,
to permit her to go to Honolulu at the
Association 'm expense accompanied by
her sister.
Contest a Big Suecesa
The children's garden contest, which
is just closing, has been big aucceHB,
and the committees which did the lilial
judging last week were ainaed at the
extent of the interest which has been
taken iu most of the districts. In many
places a great many obstacles huve hoeu
overcome by the youthful agricultur
ists, and the results accomplished in a
number of instances have been truly
As an example, Naoki Matsuda, of the
Haiku School, one of the first prize
w'lnors, had created a remarkable sys
te itu- garden in au old taro patch he
low Pauwela. It was one of the very
best gardens that the judges looked at,
slid besitbs this the hoy's record uf hirt
work was in itself a bookkeeping mas
terpiece. James Lindsay, hen. I of the Haiku
committee, state that another boy
kiid fvvn a better chance thau Naoki,
but had lieeu obliged to uban lou hi
tur.leu with the moving of the Pauwela
.'aanery to Haiku.
School Department Approve
Tim cummitter received a letter from
Superintendent Kinney, of the school
Jopurtinont, advising that thuie would
lie no objection to the prize winuiu
hoy being excused from their studies
to make the Honolulu trip, provided
heir school work wiis satisfactory. It
s understood that in practicaltv every
case these hoy ure among the hot
student in the schools.
Adult Garden Contest
The adults' garden contest, ilinugii
rated for the that time ihis year, was
also brought to a close last week, and
Ihe Mnal judging done. Th prir.es
which xvill be pind in cash, ilint aieoant
to about tittld in all. have been prov ide I
bv the County Pali As-o ia'ion au I Jr.
W II Baldwin who In taon a "erv
special intetest in garden woik on Maui
Rcpoits Ii 'her districts 'hail
Central Maui have not vet uoen ro-ccixed

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