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June if; 1P18 Last twanff
four ! houra' rainfall fl'rt
Ail Metis Maatlaaa ml On WbMtlMt
Tprar Mia.,74j .ifat'.l
bi. weatner, ciaar.
VbttLH. NO, 49
ii jjz. v ir &7Kcr w vvs K7 kvy vfey vvy wfeT vvt it 7 gt i Mr jr jser -----
. -'i - ' f gr v sr Nr v Oa vy xy Ny y Ny y
mm m italy
Enemy Uses Sixty Divisions and
Is Bringing Up Other Re-linforcements
... i
If Offensive Fails As Indica-j
ted Italians Are Likely To ;
Counter Hard i
WASHINGTON, June 18 (Associated Tress i - iih the Aus
trians everywhere held in check along the mure than hundred-mile
front in Italy, the close of the third day l the foe offen
sive finds the Allied forces turned aggressor;; in several of the more
important sectors. Everywhere the Allies arc stiffening their de
fense and no where have the Austrian been able to break through
or even to deeply penetrate the advanced defensive area. Alarmed
by the opposition which they are meeting and the possibility of a
counter which will put them on the defensive they .arc reported to
be bringing up heavy reinforcements. Already they are employing
sixty divisions without success, since the initial impetus of their
hrust on Saturday morning. Since that time they hae lost ground.
Stiffening their defense yesterday ihe Italians prevented any
further crossings of the Piave River. On iheortherly and easterly
ends ti tke fcagftw-jKMVewr; the YdTs pressing hard in an effort
o reach the Venetian plains and to break a way through the moun
tain fastnesses wtfich are held by the Italian and Uritish and French
Intense fighting prevailed yesterday along the whole of the
I'iave River sector where, in spite of the enormous losses which
they have already suffered the foe persisted in its efforts to cross
the river, only to suffer further great losses in killed, wounded and
prisoners. The night official report from koine told this and said
that everywhere along the line the Italians and her allies were hold
ing strongly. Four thousand five hundred prisoners were reported
to have been captured while the Austrian official report docs not in
crease its Sunday night estimate of 1',(XK) prisoners since the begin
ping of the offensive.
Earlier reports from Italy said that the battle seemed to be
only in its beginning and that the eni-mx wa.t emploving sixtx tlivi
sioiis. It had been noted that the Slax troops were placed m the
Iront lines, the regiments being stationed at irregular interxals. He
hind were (he Tyroleans and it was evident from the arrangement
ol the troops that fears of desertion w ere felt and the pi ecautionarx
arrangement made to prevent it.
The situation seemed highly assuring to the Italians although
the foresaxv an attempt at a great pinching movement and expected
the battle to continue on for several days before definite dctermiua
tion xxas reached. The prisoners taken were ragged and ill fed in
appearance and seemed glad to have the lighting ox er with I lead
(piarters expressed itself as satisfied and one general said: "Now
let the Americans send oxer to us four or fixe arm divisions and
we will shake hands with them and take them with us into Austria "
The morale of the Italians is splendid and in great contrast to that
of last fall.
Indicating that the battle is in its early stages and showing
the desperate efforts the Austrians will make, reports from (Icnexa
said that messages received from the frontier indicated Austria was
bringing up great numbers of reserves to reinforce the front. Train
load after trainload of soldiers could be seen making their wax- to
In its official report of the Uritish participation the xxar office
in London last night said that opposite the liritish front the foe xxas
reorganizing afjer the severe defeat it had received.
ienna despatches to Amsterdam announced that Kaiser Karl
was at the Italian front watching the progress of the battle and
that no German forces were participating in it. This report
claimed that lJ.OfX) prisoners had been taken on the Campo, Silt
Tiave River fronts and ground had been gained west of San
di Piav.
hen told of the remark made by the Italian general. Secret. n
Itaker declined to make any statement relative to the number of
troops that xill be sent to Italy until such time as thev are salelx
Here there prevails a strong feeling that if this Austrian olicn
-ix e shall fail, as indications are now that it is likely to do, the ll.il
lans will launch a strong counter offensive. Army officers are glee
fully optimistic. Some think that the lull on the Western front
max- be due to the fact that the Germans are waiting results in Italv
and preparing to act according to developments. Thev express the
belief that Germain is already preparing to rush aid to its allv m
case of necessity.
lT wm ft T w Tinn unniiirni i ll
i ii. i
ITALIAN troops show splendid
A in Italy. These Italian gunners are seen using "tube silencers"
by the thick undergrowth and
No Indication of Renewal of Ger
man Assaults But They Are
Expected In Short Time
I Ni;V YllKK. .Inii" IS . Asmm-iiiIimI
I'rcsn) On tin' Wrsti'in front yi'Htrr
' day the lull continue I. The fiht i nf
win eonfinnd entirely to total engnge--mctuu
op the French front but eu.th
Britmh fiht' there was wrie ?at-'
tle.H in tlin a if iu which the Briton
liuil a khaile the boHt of the argument.
, Tlii'Mi- battles reMultel chiefh tioin en-"ountei-i
hctween scouts, lioth t'orren
hi'inx Iniy olmerving tint I'rriiaiiition.t
of tl tlutr.
licneml reportcil onlv minor
raols on Ins front xxith the Hriton.s :tu
yrchsnr. Durin); the day there Here no
dev loiiuents to indirnte imminence in
th- i 's u mi I it iou of the (ieruiiin nffen
.live luit olmervers are convinced that
it vxill tie renewed and without iiiiv
Oi.onye.l delay.
In lat night's official Kn'ii.li report
futile ;i 1 1 rii pt m at counters to the north
1 of llaut Hreye are nientioned as wi'll
! as early morning advances hv the l'oi
lus on that point. These early morning
Xinns ccie concentrated after the en
emy counters had been beaten otT and
the positions are Htrnnejv held In the
1 1 e. Ii 1 1 ii i.' in that sector the t-'rench cap
lure. I .170 prisoners and took a number
of machine juns.
"Nothine new on any of the funds, "
is a brief sunimarv of the Berlin re
W. S. 8.
VASK IMiTON, June I S ( Assoc la
ted I'tessi German raiders capture. I a
fevx Americans in the l.uneville sec
tor yesterday afternoon. An American
patrol had penetrated the German lines
when they were ambushed by a Hun
raid in); party and a few Ktrauglcra
were cut off from the rest of the patrol
which made its way back.
In his earlier coniiiiuniiUe Genera!
H'eri-hing reported the repulse of local
ittacks on the American positions in
;he Voe re and Chateau Thierry sec
As a memorial, the I'rench war cross
has been awarded to Pvt. . ,1. Gnx
ton, the tlrst American killed on Ge'r
man soil. Ho was slain iu fighting in
the osges region.
W. 8 S
-MsTI-.UIiM. June 1 7 lAssoeiat
ed Press. 'telegraphing to the German
''-a lo olio I I he I. aiser declares I lm t
1'ii.ssiao militarism will bung GeS
11 Ii ii v I tie v o I ol v
I i hi- message t he lull .or sa v s that,
he leads "the most capable I i
eaith ' ' and hopes that the pi,- vv ill
have sticnrth to bear their siillei nigs
and privations. j
He has congi at ulated the crown,
princ on the latter 's recent sin c.-sse :
and .leclaies that the "lighting spirit
and stiength of my ini-ompa ruble tmops
guarantee the linal victory.
"G,,- will further help' Us " I
morale in breaking down the Austrian offensive in the mountain
The- scene is typical of many that have been enacted during
if - ,
.... ' f- ;
American Marines Ready
To Die But Not Surrender
WASHINGTON, June 18 (Associated Pt6h) American Marines are .
ready to die fighting but they will not surrender. The spirit which carried
them forward against the Germans in the recent offensive, overcoming all
obstacles and spreading apprehension In the ranks of the foe Is reflected
In the list of casualties to the Marines to date, made public yesterday. Only
one Marine is missing and one other Is known to be a prisoner.
Total casualties inflicted upon the United States Marines up to Sunday,
June 9, have "been 717. Of these 106 were killed In action and Just half of
that number died of wounds, while 533 have suffered wounds and been thus
Yesterday's casualty list of the army, as issued by the war department
contained the nanvM of 4tx killed la action, two 4ad of 4oanda, om kUtod
is a airplane- aoWdefct,' twenty-four severely wounded, one slightly Injured
and one missing.
KILO, June 17 (Special to The Advertiser Koruicr (loxemor
Carter is considering the offer that he shall head Hed Cross work in
pine Islands, which offer lie r ixe.l by wireless todax'. It is likelx. Ii
exttniii, tliHt he will co to Washington with Bccretnrv Kane and talk
oxer with Henry V. Jlax ison in X n-dunton.
The iutiHac;e asking the head of the Hawaiian Chapter of the Am
Cross to take up the work in the Philippines was relayed to him Iron
today and it is evident that he has taken the subject under cu refill mi
and is inclined to take up the taks that would be iishiued to hnn.
The offer to the head of the Id-.l ( loss in these Islands is taken Ii
compliment and a sincere recognition of what tie has accomplished al
-ll INGTON, .lune Is i ;i t
id I-; es. After a debate which at
limes ;ii'ii very heated and in winch
the winds traitor and disloyal were
u.c-l. tic senate yesterday i .incuri ed
111 tlo- house lesoliitloll which pto ides
toi lli-- erection of a statue in XXasli
ingt'iii I'.-irk to the meiuorx ol former
President .lames Buchanan.
Ii the debate tl bloody shirt
was w a cd ' ' for the first time iu many
days ninl tin- opposition seuatois open
ly dc.l.-iied the one time Prcsolcnt.
I'M-i .line in the ante bellum das of
ciwl stnte was disloyal to the I i
- w. s. s. .
MI-.IC Id'. California, June 17 Olh
i ; 1 1 - To aid in the increase of the
iioat s u .1 of the country cattle are
to be graed in the Vosennte Va'ioiial
Park a ii I ;t is likely that tlo- same nil
ing will be made to other national
park- a.- well. Four thousand cattle
have li.gun moxing to Yosoinite a
tional P. nk. where the government ha
grriiitci grazing privileges during the
period "I the war, something never be
fore allowed.
W. 8. 8.
WASHINGTON, June 17 (A-s,,,,.-,
ted I'n The arrest of a number of
Irish agitators is to be made I v
.111.-1 .. I- of the fedora. I depa 1 1 nu-nt s
They ai. lo be charged with tieason
and es .i , ! ua ge act violations and then
ii 1 . 1 1 1 . h.-ii-ion will follow the capture
of Jeiemiah O'l.eary, former editor of
' Hull ' ' i! Ho low n of Sara. Wash
l ngt on .
Thoic is convilcrnblc evidence now
against o leaiy and his eovvorkcis
as they defend a
f T 1
coiye It.
mikI this
c matter
. in, Kcd
I Oll'llll III
' Ic i a I ion
! X'r'IA, Hulgaiin. .I,- I 7 ..,-i
ate. I Plessi - Premier Ha do-1 i - .It and
his cabinet have resigned. I In down
fall of the premier is probaldx due to
the intense feeling of the Unitarians
caused by their belief that thev lid not
, get their share of the spoils in tin ie
1 cent peace settlement between Kniuania
! and the Ontral Powers,
i w. s. s.
I WASHINGTON, June 17 -so, iat
led Press i Senator Chamberlain, chair
I man of the senate military all'ans com
mittee, is supporting the ptoposal of
General Crowder to extend tlo dialt
ages from IX to V.
The military subcommittee '..-lav ap
i proved unanimously the h. provi
siotis authorizing the President to call
j all men of draft age who . an be train
- ed and eipi i pped.
. w fl 8 -
ST P A I'L, June Is . ss,,,-iated
Pie-si - Karly returns fton, tl., M ime
s,,t,i piimary election whi.h was held
yesterday show appaient i. ii t . i
i a. iiinbent s. Kor goxernoi, the re
tutus show, Kuriuiuest i- r iving
three votes to each one f.,i Charles
I .' u ll'crgh, t he noil Pa 1 1 on a I
. audi. late for the liepublo an m
a lie
in na
lion t or governor.
I n the senatorial race Ncls, ,, rur,
ing nhead of James Petei-nh u. about
the same ratio.
on their guns,
1 1 1" 1 1
1 . .' e
,t ,
LONDON, June 17 ,...-,
I'tessi AiiiKtenlum ien,rt tint n
mi ni-. ate afti.it ill ()ei-inaii to ..i.-,
-triUei. I.eeiiiise the iirra.l i;t
Leeii iiejiin ,et-retiHPi1.
passes and along the Piave River
mountain pass hidden in part
the past three days.
Six Billions In Certificates To Be
Issued Before Next Liberty
Loan Is Floated
WASHINGTON, Jun,. 1 7 ( ( )nVial)
-Mix biibon dollars w ill be raised from .
the sale of government certificates of
indebtedness before the. next Liperij
"Loan tssuiPVhlrll is'pfanned for No
ember. Beginning the latter part of
this month the banks are ei pec ted to
take 75l.l)lll),0l)i) in certificates each
week. The program i- a good deal the
same as that adopted by the treasury
department txfore the last Liberty
Loan campaign was launched and com
Secretary of the Treasurer McAdoo,
in a circular letter to JT.iiiiii banks in
the I'nited States, anticipating the
fourth Liberty Loan this coming au
tumn, says:
To Meet Expenditures
' ' Go ernnieut ex pen.i it in en will re
ipiire the sale of cert i licates of in
debtedness prior to Nov ember aggre
gating about six billion dollars. This
involves the issuing m-iv two weeks
of $7.V.noo,uiMl of ccrtilirntcs similar
to those issued prior to the third Lib
city Loan, except that they ill have
varying maturities not exc ling four
''That progiam will l.c followed as
nearly as possible lm .1 ilv and Au
gust. The lirst e-iic .if certificates,
dated June :?.Y are lual'inii on October
L'.Y The inteiest will be lour and half
Probable Dates
'Similar ..sn'. will j-n.hahlv be
made on Tins. lav of eci other week
following June L,r. It is i oiitemplated
that ,i t- is a convenient and favorable
time in snnimer to olfcr llie general
public directly and tl igh the banks
an uudct ci in i tied aiuouiit. perhaps two
billion dollars, of ceitiliiates for use
bv the tax avers i u paving next veur's
taxes payable iu June. I'.M'.i.''
w. s. a.
VASII1(;Ti,.Jimi 17 .om.-inl)
Jrouiiil I'tir nut ihf'n t ntn ran ho t'oiinil
in u fitrWul m-r uji I ol' i i w .-.k Iv nt at o
1 1 1 1 1 1 cif .-Hrtualt in llir fun'rn of the
I nitr.l St;ttrn Mit.f ilir (oiintry -lo
In re I war with h-i id a n a nl font it
til 1 t rnt.jth o itii'h.s.
Nl 1 1 1 1 a t i Iih t'-, r ( -ii. mi - ii i ' n it f ti.ln y on
thr in .'i'.i'iis f I ii 1 1 hi int 'mii .f nune
than MNM.uil Aiih-n. an -n hers, not oil
I hat onl L'sl have In-, n InM through
' rnui n sn I .in a i i iif s. ' In w-ro on
t in' I' u c 1 1 1 1 it a ii i I hf M oMh ni.
'I'hf lrath. I'fMiii wmiiii.N hat Imtii
n:v '.'''l, uhiih it . m-i r. I a rfiv
1 'i that t hf a in I - ni n i a n I hor- i t al
s -' 1 1 1 -s ait i i i 1 1 i '
'I'll.' sti.ti nt In ..:fii honlth IH
n i t hi- f:, ! t lm t 1 ll.'t . hu
I m'i ii Hiih ! .' I l-all.- t 1 1 'in 1 1 1 M-asf.
W rf H
-MIN... ,1... , I n,,r.Ht
I'L -- V . I I', l.-ttv ('tis
t Ii ,: M,t. lo II -.,., . , I:-,, unlet.-.!
tlo- -el. il, of the .f,... Iv ,,f Mrs.
' Hi.-, h, ,... ,.t t Lu St
1 I -on i n 1 1 1 ! 1 1 it. 1 1 1 1 - "o, M ,.
-I i' i tiow iii t t.,-, . ' . im ute home
. t l o in ( . , i , n
I lie si I-IH- I - ol . . I I II It. I. T It lit licit
I. ' o t : 1 . i , hem . rope rt y .
American Vessels Heed Warning
and Commerce Against Which
Raid Is Chiefly Directed Is Es
caping With Small Loss
Sixty-three Ships Will Be Launch
ed On Independence Day and
Building Speeds Forward At
Unheard of Pace
(Associated Press) Two
iih iff Norwegian vessels have
lii-en destroyed by the German
millers off the Virginia coast and
the divers were operating as late
as last Friday. The losses are'
falling heavily upon Norway and
iiininarativt-l) lightly thus far Mf- '
on the United States against
whose shipping the foe is suppos- '
edly directing its energies. ,
Both of these latest known vie- '
tims of the diver raiders were sail-,
ing vessels. The Kringsjaa, which ;
was submarined ninety miles off
the coast of Virginia, was a ship -of
1958 tons burden. Her entire '
crew is aboard an incoming':Arn
erican -warship. The Samoa was
a bark jf 10 ton JMidas sunk,
by -shell fire on. Friday, morning ,
near the same spot where, the ',
Kringsjaa sank. Fifteen of her
crew were rescued. ' - s
Recently there have been no re-
ports of losses to American ship
ping from these raiders and the
escape of a liritish steamer after
a running fight indicates the un
dersea craft are not fast. enough to
prey upon speedy coastwise com-,
merce. It is also evident that Am
erican shipping is generally obey
ing the warning orders and keep
ing out of the zone of greatest
Thus far, and especially since
the warning was issued, losses to
American shipping has been light
and the shipbuilding program is
easily exceeding the losses.
Sixty-three ships are to be
launched on a single day within
the next month and Fourth of
July has been selected as the fit
ting occasion for the epoch malt
ing record. Throughout the coun
try ship building is speeding for
ward as was not considered pos
sible by the most sanguine. This
is su on the Atlantic, the Gulf and
the Pacific. In the California(
yards this is especially so. Day
;md night shifts work that a hun
dred thousand tons of steel ship
ping may be ready for launching
on the Fourth. The present plants
nl one Pacific port are being en
larged so as to provide seventy
one ways, "able to build 750,000
tuns of shipping at one time or
.VUXJ.000 tons a year.
W AMIINC TON, June 17 (AMoi-Ut-
! e.i i ie-.. --.-turret ary or War Baker baa
a.ir(ivr. nentenees ranging from 18
I iiiniitln to so yean on 12 "conacleu
tiinin (ihieetora " who claim to b avaraa
I t,, fiKhtmK bei-auM thay bar relatival
1 in (ieimunv and AuKtri
He favors the return of inch man
to the t-nuiitriea of their own preference
after the war.
f V .

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