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uns i mown
Across Pfave
!er !th
ASI 1 1 ( ','1 )., June lo -1 Associated Cress i Motif a 'n oil
of more than KK) milt s, splendidly assisted bv the coofurattnL'
',AbttiAcrtts (it tin- lirtti&h am! I reS-tch Allies. Italy t bravely n
"rvlaiahifc tHr weight of the Aiistm dermaii attacks and in yesterday's
f?;' J5fehtinj; recovered much of the ifround that wasi pivett before the
first mighty impetus of the Austrian Mow on Saturday.
As the offensive of ustri.i in rkirrttfiTi Italy pntyrfeses it he
comel'mnre evident that Austria has brerwirefJ exteitrivWv for1 a trc-
fttielxl6iis offensive and has bruiiji,t tip larije forces Nf frsh troo;s
. from the Rumanian and ( ialician fronts where 'thev were-no longer
milnrcd. These the Austrian
against the forces commanded by Gfcncra) Dia in an cffrt to' de
4xnch through mountain passes, fo cross' the i'iavc and to gain the
Venetian Plains. Thus far the effort has been a failure tind the Aus
trian losses have run high into the. thousands." The latest- reports
that could he secured last night indicated that the Italians and their
Allies were holding strongly. A' V i : J I'.H. 1
The battle of yesterday was one -f great violence, was ; the re
'port from Rome, (ireat masses ii infantry are 'beinf used,1 hurled :
forward in serried ranks in atten'ipts to break t-hroitgH the "ftafiHti j
"'v lines. Particularly were these directed yesterday against the Eastern
V . aector. the Asiago Plateau, the I'.rctita Valley, and Monte A grappa. ;
. ; As described in the official report the foe's attacks were met in an1
' advanced defensive area planned by tienvral I ia. in anticipation , ,f;
. a ituatiun like the one which has been met. i
1 The Italians are officially reported as firmly holding the Ai.ii
front; have completely reoccujtied their positions on the Monte a 1
tone and Monte Solarola fronts where some ground was gien before:
. V' the first tremendous impact of the eueniv . and are closely pressing j
'1hnemv on the Piave River sector whete at some points thev sue
'(reeded in crossing. In a number oi instances those advanced posi
lions of the Austrianti have been cleared and the foe driven back to
; 'ftihe Othtcr side of the river and this is admitted is) the Austrian ottt
i.V-'cial-rCfxirt which also admit that the offensive has by no means
. i. nct with the full measure of .success that was expected.
-.There has been intense activity in the air in which the British
aviator have participated with
days' fighting thirty-two enemy
y ' ' ' Uritish forces yesterday regained such terrain as thev. lost on
'- Saturday the night official rcort from the war office in London re
lated. This report said that Headquarters claimed the capture of
V,-30CX) Austrians besides some guns. To these figures a later report
V. added 350 and .said that heavy fighting still continues along the
.'f.sPiave River and astride the llrenta Vallev. The I'.ntish imccs had
recovered completely the ground
'day atxl the line was entirelv reestablished.
'The day tticial retnirt issued in Vienna il.n in I
"itfJarfs had taken' IO.0IX) Italian. British and t..-n- ' ;.. - t .
''.''? !Ctlier with a considerable nnmlier oi vim--. . .!.,'.
. i l'iave River.
:''-; ' . ' ". , I,attT uti olticial wirelrss message t ! '.i
. - London said that though the Austrians h . i - - i , l" i
, at many pnints thev had hi1v partially n "-i- ' i :,i:i -
y which thev a hii viil at the outset. It nun; ...t. ., s i :
"' 1'rince S.4ioentitii . a yeiHTal in the cavalrv
.'A' ' "The dimVnttics of fighting in a country mh h .,- i him . . tin
'O f' terrain for which Austria is imw struggling i. t"M hv ferret. ir
Vt ! laker who was .liow n by ( icneral 1 ia a impletc phot,,;:raph
'f ' . otl3dtlian front. Mvp.ir. it,- photographs pii-cnl t. ei !u-i m.. ., vio.it
completed whole
, v llfscribing tins Si-i-retarv liakcr s.aid :
V J'or the major ; art ot the line- the oppo.inu ai inu - o, upied
-;'pf)osite mountain ranges, a wild, Spectacular connirv with peaks
i. 'lifting their snow-rapped heads seemingly bevond the n-.i' h ot m in'.
'l" Uiilitary eflort : peak-, tip which no roads could he laid, lartinv Mid
,' c'kleuly from v;illev s nf forbidding depth, and v et the wonderful en
: i tneering skill of the Italian soldiers, by one e1r lonlinarv device
.' Km another, has .scaled these peaks and crowned them with bin gtnis
and- arranged by cableways supply systems oi aiimiuuttioii for the
;guns and -.iihsistciu e for the kk'H until these mountain iiterallv
. ,.,..triJtIe with italv . (lelenilers armed with iiiodein ,,n, iiowerlu
; .-. Passing out of the mountain region and into the t-netian plain.
'Mtalv's line of battle takes the form of modern trench warfare, and
VV'the great armies of Italy have constructed a system of tiench pro
''.-'lection which when one enters them hwart;t with soldiers on the
'"ak'rt.' armed with machine guns and rirle.. protected bv ai tillei-v and
- overhead by the daring aviators, who control, observe, and attack in
ii airs hips built in Italian factories and manned bv as .killlul and brave
' 'a' group of men 'as have entered this newest and m..-t perilous of
''".',. ncrvictei ii) any m' the armies.
KXXIIT K TeilMessee. .Inne 1 A I
lit rt rev year uhl soldier nnd :i corporal
of iufaiit'V. periiaj,. the ouiie.t vn
listed man in the I'mied Mates aruiv,
Is another d ist in, I .on to whih kimv j
Villi- run ley claim
Irrtin Uliile, oii of Mr and '
Joim V. Vlut, luruierly of Kuoxyille,
.and now of Moultoii. Aliiiuuia is the
boy V'ounc WJiito unlisted in (he in !
fajifi-v non of the selVlce. about mllt
months iio. i
His patriotic t'o i . , i ma m i inphati,
, S.Mil his ph,VMliic splendidly devel
oped that despite bid fejuler voars Ills,
iHrents oii,. ion. cut. The bov is ti e j
feet ten inches in height, weight 17)'
found, m l is nbuoi iiimII devebipe I.
commander is using Without stint
the Italian air forces and in the two
planes have been downed.
lost on a
a t t'r
KAN KK Nnsru. .I,,,,,, r, Vomitfe
tneiits air making: a iniol curnival
of athletic spi.,1. .it I. win,; Field on
.Ink Fun 'II'. o I.. pn 1 1 n.i put i-i I in
only by I ncle Sinn '- -,-r ice lli.-ll The
dn i- to be 1J1 situated n. iinv and
Nil l V ll.O The m., I iici;;, . ,
v ill he devoted In lie:, I -ii,, I Hack
' W Uls. yliile ,1 l;i.-,-l,;i!l gallic or per
h.i h two unnii-. will I,,' Hie I,,)., ;it
lii" I I. Ill ot Hi.' II I I .-1 noon.
w. a b - -
o end of u,i.oi .ii, t lt,.ii,i,i snif, r
nt i - -a, i.e. I I . , 1 1... di , . ,, ll, - r.t.,111
a-li nioi loci, n ii I loa, t. a.uided l,v
Hie u.e of I 'htllliliel 1 n s Ti,l,l,-t. I i I e
t h.-iii a trial. Co- . ;,l I dealer
I;, n. on. Siinlh A i .. I 'I . a ,'..,)' .,i
Il.,..ll. . I V t '
w ANHrNofnv, .t,u,o' )-tor
cil' Kx plniniii'ij atateinent
:,t ;:.('n(i.i'iMi American soldieis
II I"' under arm by A ii (ill at I,
1 1
Marshal Oetteral (',-ow
I " -aid till' necessary i eipiisit inns
' in;; tin- army u in that limine
lino' niiomly been i-n I. He fore
cast that laor. mould tie fntthor
heavy tails fot jthe rem(4lisr of
.ibis, jrar aivtl fat, 1H19. . iv '
t.vi' riaj v ,. Js'at (f Jr,iuv1, linn
t 'Id, tieenate rxmnyi,itvt,ya ,ia.vnl
nttniiMhut 4v).0,M0 taiUnai nail-'
n will ,b- lenii) far .th jHjin
iiuiy of tlie( new J, uf,vi , ftaf r
Jvavid hi. fcicj) lire btniig rnjid
l l.iou(ilit tqtvarJ cuiui'lctiyn Mini
fcniltniM fiif iKTVicc pvoroivs.,, Jlo
carefully itenviwd the it(tft whieb
)f yuvc to tbo eentmittep, ijieKly
W i . Inrne ptimbpr of dentrnyers,
nubmartpnt, , battJolijj'ii, obuwM
41 fill ttlH'l' t-yiK'K,
Mcnntor Wli' of MjichiiKOtti
authority for the MUeuient that
(iii'i- January 1 1'nltrtd 8tlrn
icvnl bip hiive Hynk twenty -riht
i-iuiiiy nibniiiriiiPKS
M)fflcii) iTi - owrmart' 'TnlJor
.s(i'!i(llcr which orhiot)p( vo'inucli
.itimfttf 'in -fkUtll- l'ailt. i t
lie alvji'd.' A' tAeaji'ernlppo.l
for the fculvage W&ik 'teft HM'liofiii'
fiirt twinie time niixi.e tui'l i)hin !
I" hi I tli" raiilei which s licaihc I
ai"l tired by hyr ofticerM. ami itimv
!,:!' s.i iTe ret uni,ai Ht iv el v littlr
tmn.-it' t he re f rmii uoeqriiiu to ttu
st',iii'f of tiuiHt who were rion
i'i' ni.i'ar.l tin raider unit tht i.-l
aii'l mi w liicli he wiiH beuchfil an.l
liial, ruadu their way to tbi
-in n t ry.
Tin alvayin party will a'so
tiv to iniMi another nti'mner vvliirh
wan tink iieariiy.
It. ft. B. ,
Germany Plans To Use Those
She Gets From Russia
l.I'MK'V. .luiir I - A huH' i ;lt C
I'r Kfin t r in t t-il u ihikts t'ntni
Hu- -ii ; ''i!' Mum he h:i-k in th rnKn,
(iiitin- r'nr (ffiiiwtnv. Th' 1'rusHiiiii
tiiinitiT hi w,r Iim- itiiiji!in-)l t bi
ItlrtMS fllllf IIM.M1 H ,i:uj i Tlnv
i - t,. ; ,, ., , j- the j.
1 ' '''' I" ''" white,
im it ii.su, i ,, mi -oi ., i i , Boi-
. i-t . i. i.
1 i ti
: t pa 1 1 ;n ted p
- leported '
lh III 11 . ..il I
1 , ii f fiirli.il
t.' n ill he p.
n oil v oi :i,,.e
- lo - i r ' :i , III n 1 ; or
.-, -I -.p:i : ,-ti : ., A mst er
, 1 ile i. I !I he 'i V I'll a
and then, if phvsiciillr
lit I V ice tlilin.
- W. 8.
A 1 T h. K 1 1 l , .lune Hi (Associated
I'll-.. Kell.'l
tnub rstHiidinC with
hiis.i.i is hoped for by tjie Centra!
I'lini'M a- the result of nu ex)e('l!j
visit to Herlin and v leiina from LonUiC
(icrmiin paju r publiiilies te report
that tin head of the Itussitin soviet
ov ei nu, em is sony y jjo ty Merlin and
Vienna and that during; Lin visit many
matter, ot deep importance mil tie dis;
ci.s.ed ii'ol ditermined.
1 . . ,"'
W ASIIIi; (. .Iu,,,. HI lOrticial,
rtazors, soap, eoiiihs and brashea ilie
t., l.e added h the war depart inefil
to the eipjipiuent of the nobliem. This
is done at the re.piest of General Pursb
111c; who 10 ma ki uf the recommenda
tion Kind that cleanliness will increase
tin uiorale in the army.
There has prol.aldv never been H Sol
dier in the world so well supplied tpd
equipped i th. AiuerteHii and none
for vvbo.e .comfort and welfare o
great pains have been taken.
:' -W. S.B,'-
HKIilvl 1 I v ( ,,lu ., .f i, utI t
lOftlelali In.' 1 1.', ion in i eeonittriK'.
lion nnd 11 I, . 1,, I n :, 1 ,,, ,,( n-tiirned sol
diers who l. ii'iiM.a of wounds or otlie
HI Mil ' 1 e;, , :o ll Hied fill Im t ll lT
milituiv mo.,, - ;,, l,v uproi'.l in th
', iiiei-n ,,' 1 ;, 1,1, .Mm, in eoliuocttoi,
I it I, il
Il ..,
1 1 W'inen as
build,, for attend
, A lit!
tum'uu i i iulu
Ofilly filfi GUN FIRE
' I'T ' j
Attamitd. Surpris y. Germans,
In Effort To-Ooss Motz
River lJFailiirc
Martih tf oioU.-rJRut;Xiomparative
Lack ,o(tucceJni Advance
Against Paris
WWUNrtTOfl, Juni- Hi AKoeiu
tej I'ipKnIIVV Artlllrrv eontioMod
.... . i
to roar on nfvpml Hertiim of the West-
fro Front ftrterA&f but infnntry in
gugeh'onlk ;tvcrp "iff minor iitif ortnm n
and veerTiirjjel loal in vhaineler. Thp
bill (imtiBuPd ) theTf wax no .tirrrt
jnCV othor ' tlntn tlx heavy big pin
.flip. f uy rwiutmutioM of aiiilt by
,.ticciif inrtnf iB,molittte future. Tbo
(tiiy v, u thtj.nujU'ir or any mire the
laMIU'ni, jx( the lant rilinxe of the of-
ImiMM t. neck before.
arlM Till
,,Ab effort ,tf revroa the Mat Kiver
,iul lo rppci;uiy .thf position v(ii"h the
French r,i;oipro4 at tint i-lnKii of the
iltuiiivii. ouule. br . the (!eraann
fttttiirdy ...'.fUoiut of attempt-
fl jgcowinir.HW W.thft Olie but the
Mteiat.herf .iurjirUc. wna iilieovered "anrl
thf' Ke.li. fi.led.-.lrf'i'oi the wiiheripi."
fire wliic(i siet. ' '
, Jn tfle Berlin QfAvjiij '.report of )ai.t !
iiciL ii m.i.H firieriv . jinnoiiiM-en mm
LjtWC .IJfl), 0p new development- on
,f th'e t'f.ttle fr.mt
- . . . -r, , , r r ,
March Optimistic
( ,, ef of StnlV (Jener il I'evtnn ('.
lfi'.-h tiikiw : toiiiiiine ieS; Hi in 1 1 u r
to that of the Frepch military cderv
(is in eonimcntinn upon the result of
the wjiole offensive us well as the last
rta'' or 'phase. He points out that the
four latest phniies of the supremo of
tenMve have left the advanced posi
tion of the thermally mine than twen-tv-tno
miles further away from l'aris
iliiin the points reached in the tirst
drive upon I'aiis after the o'penini; of
the war.
t i i' lit' i ii I Mnich snys that he
ledivt exai tlv when the Allie
does not
ill at
tain the numerical uiasterv of the West
era Front but that American f
will continue to move to France
the highest pnnmhle speed warranted
by available .transports and supply
I'liT; r
Belief-. Prevails Offensive Was
t: I t- rt-i i i
i iiiicu i u uiiSBi imeiiidi
WASiJUNui'O.N, .Iuiim Hi A. o,i
ed 1'riissi- b,losiun ii an Austii:,n
;!in woil.s whiih may seriously 1 ' J
pie pro. I tl i t ion for u time is told in
desvitohes icccived here. It occurred
iu the Shod.i you works near riUen
and the co ii, ii-.i . oi was 7ieard to :i ,!'
tnrice i if l.".i mile. It is ropoitod that
3fltl VMire Ville, I and 700 iiijuu-,1. W hcth
er or not the explosion iva. ;' cid.-iit.-i!
or the icnli o! a plot ha. not I n
V list li I- -1 , , V , 1,, I. I 1 l,e I' I
Situation a. let it may. In Kn a i :a
meatles. eej. - have been i.ioclaiiiicil
I ,.n.l ; , ;. .
in v in ions Uiirts of
hunger liots'' me reported.
Jt la beliowd the Austrian offensive
was tiinej to meet the crisis in Alls
j t riu n affairs wjth reports of victories
" ill Itnly. Stn el flohlinn in Vienna is
reported and the Berlin Tnj;eilatt .
Austrian "ov -eminent is l aid.
W, S, S. ri
Siberian Transportation Being
Lost To Bolshevik!
W A.HH J i ( :T( )N , dune 15 .oitical
( 'iMi'liu-cila v s now eoHlrol mote than
J&00 niiles of the Siberian railwav.
havei (lunsessioti of nuiubeis of cities
and re tip.htm their way toward
'Jadvistok, in the report that Ins
Touched heic. This eomes to pass In
ut uf the demand.') of the (ieriuiuis
that the soviet government sluilt" dis
arm and deiuohilize these bodies.
The (lermnns elaiin that ln.l H,,l
nhevist soldiers were reently killed in
battle with the (ierinuii forces m
the I'Vr'.iine.
JsVN F'KANClpirt). June Hi (Hti
iuiah-One hundred Herbian volunteei
Outrsiuid here today for the I'n-i ui l
1Une to Rii imwii, mid fuhl will,1
ine ines. i no witc wisneo ,,o-i
j.M-e,l bv Mavor. Itidpli.
'I his San l-'ra iii'isco i-nnl i n en t i-
plot of a l.lle illllO of SliOi.n, .1
Volunteeis that is beill.' r.ucl hi llo
I lilted S-ti.tcs
j viuyiw iv i;s i t .v i', r . i
i nio I 1 1.. .. :.,
In Accident At Fair Japanese
Youth Is Severely Wounded In
Chest: Chinese Boy In Cheek
I ii'ii I. -! a,- 1 . 1 ii I i n , j. 1
j wen" hit uy tlu oiiiu.' Iml!, t v t..
. t -rent v t iw. i i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 rill.' .is :, .1
lll'l .il H'll.l I VT'''I . Im-.mI ' 1,1' ,,, ' :,
. . i . i ii : - hi v .1 1 1 , ii . ,(,'-, , r. ,,i . i ,
i t" a I t '( I cri 1 1 .. . i.i ' Ii,
j ,v tti:i ,la a l'l o; no n.
) I'(i(ih injju'il ly t!n- i ill.- i'
were niiiiiuint n P.ac, ix'iii; - ,i ,,
. ,l.i)uncsi' lv living at l.ii Ii
ISclionl Htrci't.l, I I.iiii:
i n
en yeli old (liinesr boy
which utiu'k the Jiilrii'n' y. :h :i s
eil lliiculi the flrnliy ,i!t ol in, ii.n
wr.der hi left nhoulder ami mi s d en
terin hin heai ! by only a fe . ti,i li"t.
)t then linled i,i the' lei t ihnk of
the C'hiueh;1 boy, l unci outvie of
bin left jaw teetji befme its vein.i'y
was chci'lii'd.
The accident oecirred n tin- - unl
uiK . nal'ery in the .luy . .ih- "i the
L. ' J
Fair jrrcjund
when VS'illiau, A. Knhn
pu'li'il the rifle trirei-. :mt k.mi' n '.;
the jfuu una loaded. Kulin. v h . , m i
lit I'i'.'M Fort Street, n enipl ,
the xhootin xi'Hei'y and pick,
film Up to reload it after ,i net
(tier had Ktopped flr':n at the t
, r. uhn tobl the police he t1
fl'ddier hud fired nil the Vm
rifle, and that nx u inaK.r
he pulled the triiter Ih"'oi
to reload it. He wan stm,
way a to the front of the :
riende with the fc'nrt pouitin' i.v i ,1
I the crowd which wan preent I. n the
j liot wns flred.
I Iano waa in direct line with "o nib
'rro,1 J '"
the nhot hut r
barrel and received the first ' i of
ortuun telv not i m m- I t :i I
iot- Hardly " the .la.e
" ,,,,t, ry sft,'r I"",n
,,t '" ,"""',"' ,h' "l0 1
,,L'hi"1' 11,1,1 h,'r" ''" "
tf'hine' boy
was removed fi
heek and t 1 . i .
j i reused :i t the hii.ti,'
1 er which lie was allow ,
home. Yaiiiaiiinto n
lo .s of lilootl f r'Hii 1 i
was kept as a patient
for the niyhl. No arr
d til.'i' lo
i" lio-otal
wclo in idc
by the police j.
shooting was put
On the run to
lrilll ioN the c i t v
. laved for liftci n
a ll-t lit-, loir
William F M.'v.
the s.'i'tie of the
:) i
' I I .
I t c
a ','i"
Supervisors Vote To
Pay, Employes
In Military Service
I i -up, i -in -. v ot ed
' I v t , i . I :i u 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 o
i m ; ) ov i . li o cnler
' . h o c dilV. r
'ii,.t ,!!r. tl,.-i. do
v i ri.u.i'iit
I,. 1 1 le
I - I. lo
n !. ..i
in 1 1 . ' a : c
- I .i t.
has mi i i ,
apply ' i,
foil l I i ,
so I 1. . . I.i,
who , :, 1
' I .
W . l .Ml, !
Will l.e 'I
I ccei I I '
in n n ii fi i '
Tn I..,., i i
i- l . I M
Ilioht ,-,'
ti .imi',...
.lit o I bo ,
tllilt ll
Will I I
iMloiei, e I
'. :-. id ill ill
. i .'.,, s
'. i . e ti in . lit
I he !,: s l.e.-i,
. ii v th. ..,v
t Im! I.:is
I i ll- !C , i I-I.
I he , i-.t l.OI.
a -el said Inst
.Mil., i of con:
o , , , 1 1
.' ll.,e,U,l
ee tilkcil
I V , II 1 o .10
:i ll a t , o nu I
il: ll,,' dllil't
J pbive
us well
V't','- 1' ,1 d,., I ., , 1,0 C.i'.i: 100.V
stalnoo d .1 -..-lo I,, i i Hurra, ks, he has
l.'llt Ml I e - 1 i 1 1 , -1 , ., 1 l.e I easoii , 1 1 is
sai'l. t I 'I I he fe, K lull f hi' ,oiS IV
SI J, II I ,el 01 e lie 1 - I , 1 1 i -, ,i:a I t lied 111 till'
II I 111 I he , I .os , ; 1,0, in the
v ci t 1 1. a t I e sl,,,,,id 10, t In- a, eepted
in the am i he i,i,. I,,.,. tu. pay-luenl-
'he .1 erv 1-01, have voted to
111. ike. I i,:il he i. u i no appointment
Min I iiide t,, , jHS pusitioii and be-
t'oru the question i. -eiiled the boaid
may he forced into lie position of ho
in; 1 1 l , ;; I to 1 1, ' I f,,r Ins 1 e.i n 11a I ion.
As luiildiiio inspector, Cain has been
1 e, con e m.', , ;, m, ,,,i), ,(H liM n irs
lleilleui l:l he wi.l i,,eive till,",. As
he hlls ,i,e p, 11 . 1 11 a I . w hat he niny rei-ive
iliim I l.e count'. 1. soint I h 1 1: " less than
; " .nn. , .i. th,..,. i .. h-,
nni 1 i 1 10 1 ion is 1 nn 1 lias I' ecu
diuwn l.flween i, ordiimr county
work,-, hi., 1 , ,.:nh oMiiial has not been
made plain. I, il c l,il, ceil. ,111 of the
sup, 1 . s,,i . . ,,i, , ,1 1 11 a 1 , 011 ul v ottlc in Is,
ll'e lllo i'i.ikIi .1,, dove, should come
under llo -cope ,, ilo- :n 1 1,111 that has
I e, 11 tiikeii, olh, i- oppose this view,
M .-in I ei - ,. t h 1. 10, nee commit t, e
an- I" 110 i 1,1 1 I '.I,,, k this a f tor
noon v.l-.-ii ,:o .1 ,,,11. eoueeriiine pay
ment- to he made ,, emidoxes will be
I ' v I 1 - .1 i,"e I ,11 1 o nu im 4 :,l ol
11' Ml I - :l"- .... In hi ;, imi, -less tele
:;i"i l,y -i ii .1 l iiir. e. The Temps
t".!.a ..mo ,1 . , . :, .1 ,1 v, ,11 ,,-adv
I "i 1-1 1:, : . , 1 1 -1 1 no .pond w 11 h
'he si,, too, ' oh. t ,1! , o t
I'-' '' v I 1, 1 Ilie w .1 1 tin Hi ! 1011
Will I e .. I , o l.e !',, . I, oon
, r ti 10 id
p.J.o (.TM HST is Kuainte. ,1 t
line blind, Ldc, ,1, n e, , tleliill nl pi.
Illldlll' I'll.l'.Si in (, l,, 14 ,1. ., ,
III" 'el ..olid y ..'.1, ' I
the I Ki s MiJlJv l , .1 , ... , ,
' in i i. .
List of G
f.oclated PreM)Caultl rfor
last week, so far aa reported by the
war department were 770 and for
ye.Kterday they were fifty aven.
The former are , giren In . the
weekly ummax)f issued bfi tba
wfr department, and thla (ires
the total to date lince the flrat
American soldiers entered the
tranches aa 8089.
The casualties reported yester
day included twenty-seven killed
In action, UUrteo 4ed of
wounds, one death from an acci
dental cause and sixteen severely
Captain, Wife and Crew of
Twelve Make Way In Small
Boat To Pacific Port
SAN KHAXriSCO, June 1 (A-so
ia ted I'rossi After two weeks in an
o.i ii boat in w hich they rowed 4110
iii'h' i nil hands from the schooner 'res
in' iviched here yesterday and tied
i . :: Mi-injja Whurf. They hroujfht 1
e v la nut ion of the horned hulk of a I
. I'liiiiicr ivhieh an arriving steamer re
pur'ed last week as having been
iL'hted UNI mile;, off the coast on
.1 no- 7 and v hich has ever since jiven
i .. to i' uineroiis disturbing rumors.
Ilie I iiscent was bound un from
, ,lne and was xiinled with .copra,
slic took fire on .hurt' 1 and the lire
j -i -read .o rapidly that she was ubaud
; o I liy the cnotuin, hjs wife and. the
; 'wol'e members of the crew. They
npoit that' they di'l not sijjit the
, i H'ejmiri which reportetl the burned
, ii.ii;..
Iln a twenty four foot open boat, the
iiiijiii and the thirteen men made
I 1 1 1 c r w ay- into port. Itefore leaving
thev amply stin ked the boat wjth iimhI
: i i i I water ami so they suffered com
; pnrativcly little from their experience.
. S. S.
Inter-Island Now
Preparing For
Trade After War
Not mail I. (iedeje, general ninuaer
of the Int.-i Island Meniii Navigation
oni aii t. hi ! 1 1 lo this morning on
l.o-i' e.. im hi. conian. He brought
poias oi 1 1 1 In- corpo.iition he si'ives
; o no, fur; tlo- t remc udoiisl v increased
ibina-d. i I i.land trade after the war.
-.i lo 11,1,, Herald.
' l o e, ,,.,r.a-e t I iole to Honolulu
: r the urn." saiil (iioe, , ';the
Intel l-!;i!id i'onii;iuy is even now at,
w oi k oi, eialioiaie plan-. Koi instance
re have e-t .tinted work oil a slip
'",.1 lei I, n-. Ion t .-ft wide and thirty
' v f, ,.( ,),., , i,t .iter. This w ill
I let,
We have
I ii,
started w oi I. on our
nip. tie si.c of eur
w h n h we pi o oso I i
ten thoiurn I
t'.a! w oi :
in tin. ha
I-- 'i' 1 - '"
' i a ' ii ' ' - '' I ll 1 1 1 il
I 'I'H ." I ,. . i n ,. ',, lie
I I II for I ' O.ir l ei e, Th
I Ho- plans for this woi k IS
i I I mil I he w,,:k will be
-':i I o
Tli. ,s
lei It
id. l,ih
ni-l'i I,
' ' ' i e Ii, Ii
! to I. i 1 1
' that there lire m'ii
increase in Island trade
I ni" ii im' pies-uie or war is removen
.and loisiiiess leln.uuds to norniul, and
I ,m are ettinji readv for our share of
tins Inisiness. On the niaiiilaiid tjiey
me looking forward nil the time the ma
j ,ia.s 'or instance just a few days. aj;o
on,.' of the ship yards in Oaklaipl
, laiin, hed three !i. 1(1(1 ton steel vessels
inside of f uty minutes, and at once
! be.:an Inyiny the keels of three more
I on the same wavs. VVe can't o quite
j thai strono mi Hawaii but we propose
I to do our bit . "
I i 1 W. S; S. r,
I i .-il.ilit v to shut ,, IT the gasoline
I Iced on the t, novel,' he was ridinu
a'ol stsnp til, vehicle ruilM'i M. Coelho
to yet a hard fad at the corner of
j K ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 and Kei nande. stieels veler
da a I ' -ii u at two o'clock.
I U'ln n puled up l,v the eniei ocne c
il'-otiil a l t eiida nt - ('oelho was in n
Mounting Meadily
: w t
I W- S. & t 1
i 1 1 i r i
I'll, III l liiised and luittorei'l conilit'iou,
I Iml mi Inn t I a tally . lie hi a Incur i
jitid wound o'.er lis left eye which
I leiluol I' o -tit, Ill's to close, null!
nhrasioh-j on his liudv and face.
I ('ocdoi'-i e , ph, in. I loll lit the accident
j is lhat to, so, lie leasoli llllkllowll to I
I in t-o -:,-ol, e feci could not, l.e
' i b i I iml 1 1- motor, ycle sp,.efle,
a I'.u .' loi I'll d- u il i a ,t
; ., . ! : , -I I Ii i in to ,1c l-round. '
l ... ',. . . . m. , . ,,, i he Kabh,
j 1 in I U I,,, d to ,e le
lo - o , I 1 ,, In- 1 1 1 I I , on 1 I IIICI yen,- y
I !,o...l ,1 I hi e, I,, on . ,il lei t he in cident '
Angered, Repulse
Foe'llses Gas Shells
By Thousands
WASHIM.TOX, June Uy--(Associated
I'ross) Shock
troops, the flower of Isji'rnnm
forces, jifov ed t-.o tnatch for Sam
mies in a hard tin lit vcstcnlav for
the possession of Xivtav in the
Tout sector is the report last
ilioht received from that sector of
the American front.
Six hundred (iernian slmck
troops were sent to raid the
American first line defenses ;tt
the village of Xivray yestcrdav
morning and some desperate
haml to hand lihtm"; followed.
At the outset the cneniv succeed
ed in penetrating the town and
house to house linhtint; followed.
Soon thev were driven out and
everywhere cKe the Sammies
held their1 own '
For a time the tightln was
severe and the eomhataiit were
at such close quarter . thnt havo
nets and tlulylied rifles were Used.
The foc sitrTercd heavily in killed
nnd in the town there were found,,
nine dead while six prisoners, in
cluding two officers were taken.
Anpered !y this repulse and
their lack of siK-eess in hrinjj.inn
hack pris-oners, the enemy heavi
ly shelle! the- villas mul t'u
rear line -yesterday afternoon
and last njht.
An observation bjlloon was
shot down by a limni.ui --liell
but no casualties resulted from
In the new sectors in AKace
occupied by the American- the
Huns do not allow them to re
main undisturbed but practise
raiduic; taclK's similar to those
etnilov ed flnainsi tin- iu -,t Ainei i
eaiis to enici the I ottl sector.
Such a raid w a- atlempted e-lei--d.iv
iMonini" but was speclilv
discovered and tepulscd bv ma
chine iin and rifle lire.
Uther American successes re
ported wete in I'itanlv where the
foe has been told ,, " " 1 1. I 1 the
American at anv not," Xcar
( bateau I in -i-'v tic I ! tm. lired
10.f)o() ;;- "bells :,i ihc American
positior.s I,',:' tl".- i-nl shifted
and the Ameiuaii. np'ie I ui'.h
.KKK) shells ,,f the -ante tvpe.
In the raid which was attempt
ed at Thiaueoiirt the attacking
force included a regiment which
had only just arrived from Rus
sia according to the reports oU
en by prisoners.
(ieneral IVrshinn also teporled
that two foe planes were downed
by the American birdtueii.
, , .,. R d
f'HK AfiO, June Hi -., Official , -Kiu'hty
percent of the Americans in
France to snlTei wounds thus fur have,
or will icttiin lo the fiybtiny line with
in thiee weeks after thev are injured.
This was one of the interest ino state
meats relative to tin- men nf 'be I ni
ted Mates, niiuv made by Surgeon Ih'ii
etwl Oornns at 'he convention of the
Medical Association here last week.
Ooras explained this l, saying that
the health of the Aaieiiciiu soldiers
was unusually hmh.
WAMIIMiTnV, .I,,,,,. Kj , ( ttti. nil
To aid .Sw i ei la ml in carrying the
I'ium buiden that has fallen iii.on it
by the lo.ii,. elue.,,s it is called upon
to assist tlo- Vnieiiean lte,l tioss l,:,s
ivcii to the Swis- (,., ( ross .',,.111111
I' l 'm o,; the s ,s. people and
.-"Id., is i , , . , ,.,, ih ,,,e,s i,, S
civilians , o ,,,t,, -s,, il, ,p,,,, (u,,,,
( ' e I ui I, ll v

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