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, I.e".
Hawaiian cazette. Tuesday, june 18. stMi-wn.ER.LY
No Threat o a Strike Is Made,
: 1 BacadBdEuch Action Would
Injure Nation
Stevedores Say Increased Cost
of Living Makes Increase
Pifering distinctly from former sue
tlotrtnvids for wnge increases,
with no thrcnt of n strike included, ba
rn use. it is war time, the thousand or
more stevedores of Honolulu hava
made n formal request t Mcf'abe,
Hamilton & Kenuy thut their present
pay bo increased from thirty five cents
to forty live cents nn hour.
As ultimately tlie increased cost of
handling freight in Honolulu, rnused
bv the granting of the wnge increase,
would have To be paid by the United
Htntes government, it. is explained that
while the rcpiest of the poolas is iu
sistcnt no strike or tifc up of shipping
is iiiiiiiinent if the stevedores' request
is not immediately granted. It is be
cause most of the ships calling at Ho
nolulu lire under the control and 0Mrn
tiou o f the 1' lilted NtAtes Hhipping
Hoard Unit the ultimate cost of a wage
increase wool. I fall on the government.
The Honolulu shipping and stevedor
ing interests to whom the request of
tlie poidiiH was made say that tho
representatives of the waterfront
workeis realize that any strike and tio
up of vesels ut this time would in reali
ty be a war Idow at the I'uiteil States
government because of its need of
shipping, and because it must pay roost
of the increased wage demand. The ste
edores, it is said, base their claim
iilone ou the udmittisl fact of the in
creased cost of living, which they hope
to equalize by a roiiseqttent increase
in wages iirncd.
Ho. uusc i.f the slipping operations
brought about by the wnr, in which
many vessels came under the operation
of'tiie govcr cut, it in a peculiar fact
that the reqii. st of the Honolulu steve
dores may be eventually denied or ap
proved by tin' ofliciiils in Washington.
Lucas Act Tor Men
No organization, it is said, present
el the stevedores' wage increase de
mand, but bums in charge Of the vari
ous gangs of poidns ac ted for the men
under them, : u I four or five days ago
the formal request was made to Me
('ale, 1 1 u in 1 1 1 i ii & Kenny, their princi
pal employer in Honolulu for more
This firm passed tho request of tHe
Mevedores up to the heads of the Ho
nolulu shipping agencies, who after a
i fereioe, divided also to pnss it up
lo higher authority tor a decision. The
shipping agency men have .referred it
to the Honolulu shipping adjustment
commission, which is composed of K.
I. Tenney, president of the Matson
Navigation Company, Colonel Hcholield,
quartermaster department, and the
president of the Honolulu Stevedoring
Assoc nit ion.
Mr. Tenney represents the shipping
linns interested, Colonel S.liofiell tho
tinted States government, and the
poolas' president, the inteiests of the
si evednrcs.
Action bv this commission on the
stevedores' request h:is been delayed
-r a few .lavs because of the absence
of President Tenney, but he is expected
in Honolulu tolav and it is thought
tlist tomorrow or Thursday the com
mission will meet mil try to come to
s.iine agreement.
I.oi al Board To Decide
If an agreement is reached, recom
men. hit ions will then be made to the
shipping board representatives in Han
I'raueiseo, and then perhaps luter to
tin head shipping bourd orVicials in
Washington. However, it is asserted
that there Is little doubt but that the.
San Fram-isco and Washington otllcials
will follow whatever recommendations
are made by the UmiiI adjustment
I oaid if a unanimous agreement is
rein lied.
What will j'Miit if nu unanimous
agreement is not reached by the ad
just incut commission is a matter of
spec illation to In th the stevedores and
tlie Honolulu shipping men.
The present request of the Honolu
In stevedores is the third one made in
less than two years for more wages.
In September I'd HI, the stevedores were
out on strike for about two weeks, af
ter which their pay was raised from
two dollars a day to l.'.Til. in .liine,
I'll", another demand for more pay
was made but a compromise wus
reached before a strike was called. Hy
tins compromise the wage basis of a
nine hour day at L'.7u a dav was
changed to an hourly basis, and thir
ty live cents an hour allowed the steve
duncis .Now an increase of ten c.euts
an hour is nsked.
While theie probably are not more
than Inn men steadily employed on tho
Honolulu waterfront as stevedores,
there are at present llmO waterfront
federal pusses out, which are held bv
men who Hoik all or part of the time
at s' e edol i ng.
There is no race distinction in the
.vul'c increase n-ipicst of the poollts,
as tin' extra pay is asked for the Ha
waiiaiis. Filipinos, Japanese nnd men
of nil other races who work as stcve
dol es.
W SIINiiTON. June 17 lAssociat
e.l I'lessi A despat, h from Stockholm
to the stale department savs that theie
is a re.,.ll fiom I'etrogia.l that the
whole of I'kiamia is neai revolt against
I i ei una u v
w. H. s.
I ' l I II I.N , J line 1 S I s , I I'd
I'r. . lain i.-. t he -eon, e 1 1 v of I'd
Sin lias I ii o.-,ii.el This Is Ihe If
poit thai ha reached hcic from 'luinish
soon es.
"Nice People Don't
Go Sea Battling
Divorce Allegation
Clinton CrandeToidrt't Think It
Proper, Says Wife Also He
Kept a Ledger Account In "Lit
tie Red Book" of Pilikias
Clinton William Cranilell ifrnwned
on sea bathing as n 'diversion and
held the view that
it wns a thing
mat nice people ilo not do, in
cording to an allegation made by Mrs.
Crnudell in a cross bill for divorce
which she has tiled in answer to the
suit her husband brought against her.
The trial is in progress in the circuit
court bet'oif Judge William H. Ileen.
Une of the remarkable things of
the trial is a little red Dienio book
that was brought to light soon after
Crandell took the stand. The little
book contains a complete record of nil
the things that happened in the ('ran
del! household while Cinndell and his
wile were living together. Crandell
is a bookkeeper and he explained on
the stand yesterday that he had post
ed u)i the little book as he would n
ledger fiom a yreat mass of slips
and notes he had made of eeuts as
they happeneif.
roni his testimony it was evident
this has long been n msmvIihii of his,
for dates of entries tfoTbaek rruinv venrs
to the time of n former' marriage. He
jotted down the things that happened
at home after he bnlj fl tho office,
he explained, using' of paper,
so one gathered that it !kfast went
wrong "' a morning in the Crpndell
home and there was a spnt, what- was
snot ai .it why was duly entered on the
record when Crandell got down to the
In her cross bill Mrs. Crandell nl
le.-es Hint fruiality became a real vice
with her husband nnd that although
his salary runs to tJ."0 a month, she
saw little or nothing of it. When ques
tinned about these charges. Crandell
again referred to the little red book,
giving times when he had turned over
various suiiiH to his wife.
Another of Mrs, Crandell's nl'cga
tions is that on the occasion of a
Thanksgiving dinner at their home she
did not participate, t'rauibdl, she savs,
on this occasion cooked the turkey
and the rest of th" dinner, served it
and then with their son. Clinton, now
a boy of fourteen, at down and ate
it. It was not until they left the
table, she asserts, that she was invited
to help herself.
The couple were married in Hono
lulu September lL'. l!Mi.'!. In his suit
Crnndcll advances as grounds for seek
ing divorce the allegation that his wife
descited him. In her cross bill she
alleges that he was cruel and pntsimo
nious to such an extent tlmt she was
obliged to leave. She is asking ali
mony in the sum of !() a mouth.
OfficeTwho Shot
Up Dance Hall
Dismissed From Army
. -
President Wilson Disapproves of
Sentence of Imprisonment Im
posed On Lieutenant Reed
Second I. lent. Merrill Reed, of Com
pany It, .'tilnd Infantry, who "shot up''
riioeuix Hall the evening of Lebruaiv
!, 111S, while a dance was in ptooi,.,...
has been dismissed from tlie niinv bv
authority of President Wilson.
l ieutenant Keed, who has I n he! I
III tlie stockade at Scllofield since tlie
military court found himguiltv of th.s
oirense and sentenced him to a teim
of imprisonment, has been ficed fi
' confinement, as the President disap
proved of this portion of the findii.es.
I but he is compelled to dolf his klialii
j and don the habiliments of a civilian
Ii nd hereafter will be known as Met
rill Heed without a military i.iefiv lie
is barred from further entrv ut
Korvice of the army.
I On tlu night in February nli,
I "shot up" thw dancing hall. Keed
u I.
j had formerly been a non-eonimis'sione I
I officer of the army, learned that a I'm
I tuguese girl with whom he hail been
friendly before,' was in the hall. He
entered it, although the dances as a
rule are not frequented bv initiissinii
I ed officers, and on seeing the uiil darn
ing with an cnllstod man, became en
raged. The girl, it is said, taunted him
a she whirled around the hall in a one
step, anil immediately Reed pulled a
revolver from beneath his blouse ami
'gan shootifcg. Fortunately no one
was hit or hurt.
Private 1 .esmeister, Coinwi n v K,
Infnntrv, was Ihe man damin
the girl at the time. I.esmeister r
saved the girl from harm, for th
stant he saw Heed reach for his
he lushed the girl out of a side 'on
fiance. Soldiers grabbed Reel and
took away his weupon.
Reed received his commission as a
lieutenant last yeur.
W. I.
A MSTKRDAM. June 1 7 (Assoc
e.l Press) -Denials of iract icn II v al
the recent charges of ill t real oo'ii t
Anicu, am prisoners has been le.ei
V ed
tn. in the Wolff Hu.eiiu. the s. in
rial uioiitlipieie of the (lerinau I in
and i's war l.u.l rulers Seveial soei
aeciiMitions of ill t real men! are d."
in toto. The message nsHclts that
stories thill A III. 'I i. -a ll t'lislloels an
il, e inarched about and shown to .'
inns is a fab i I. -a t ion . Thev have
teen put on public show, not have t
been st -.1 i r insulted or nine,. I
Ihe food which IS mill. lie, I to C
IS adequate.
Vigorous Efforts Made By Army
Authorities To Keep Tragedy a
Secret But News Leaks Out
Attempt Unsuccessful Will Prob
ably Live Borrowed Money
Alleged As Cause of Crime,
!n-r,h 'si'-m. of tho Sor-a:i-
-mlil..'.! In -It'Mf Irwith
l V i ;i I v Shii'Iji v niorn ing
s it '.rt sliaftcr lv Yi-
'.)! In l'n n 1 1 , w
a luitt Ijit kmf t
i I) tus ll.'l i t ITS
ninyii i n wee. :i ,1
linn-' m'r nut in
lt:ih.h '. llnlli.lav.
itrmiiit ( ':iro, th
I o i I'lmii 1 1 Iih lak iri,
the emp
A fter
uy of
k i: ,
lint fnile I 'o malic a goo I ob of it.
A ! t ln n u Ii h - w Is arc of a serious
natnie. u . . ,.. , I lale last night
that he sti., i :1 ...,, .h.niie ot' r ver-
ing and In" n ... : nod lor mu r.'er.
The 1 1 1 1 1 1 J, :ts IM asioin
ing to a c . i .,on )t '.
bv the lei i -:, of the ofli,
ll ' 111 the s no oi , ,
'a rso I, a 1 I o . u I at v a i
l'rolll the t . , ii
I, ncrorl
i;i nit i -, wvv,
r tt) j my
H r li irh
mm timer
A I' hoiifh ll.
Siindiiv no" i i"..
ter. lay aft. i:....i.
cern i ii g . : I.", -i n. e
t until
en rly
1 ' :i
truth con
ie. I erv effort
aiv riut horit ies
islet. I'nited
v S. C. lluber
t llieni vv ere ill
'i ' hori t ies to say
to keep it from
was ma e I., fi..- in !
to keep the I, a",,
Stales I i . , ; A: !.--i
and the .o! . . delta
stroeted bv the . or. ir
nothing nl t it and I
the uewspat its.
Story Gets Out
lint it is dill! :lt for
cers to suppie- the to
and atteinpte I si. ., j,t.
nrnry ofTi
a murder
storv got
s of
out, w ith veil, i i' ' a lji. e i a t .
fina l!y m ! 1 ... i-. na nt
riant, t he uni.i , ensor, tn
t he filet s in tin' . ase.
us, and this
Colonel Mer
tuake public
According to -la' nts inven out
veslerday, Y n.a jarawi went to the
iiiaiters of ! . ie., ' ua r t i 'a;-, i at a late
hour Sal n lav n .;ht , I pleaded with
him for the reii.ii. of sivtv dollars
which, it i- sai-l I'll. " had horrowed
from the Japan. -e ... s,,a sums from
time to time. A .piai-.l followed and
the Japanese told l aid, that he would
return later and kill I Durum the
earlv hours ol uii.!a nioiniug lima
gnruuee iTi pt into ' ai-.i's sleeping
ijiiniters :mi.i :is h.s .tun lav asleep,
the Japane e stabbed him thrieigh the
henrt and then, in a rage, .pew the long
keen butcher knife Ihiotigli the lower
portiou of t'arso's ub lumen.
Yimagariiw ee telephi ned his employ
er Major Hollidny, that he had commit
ted the murder and then attempted to
iud his life by disemboweling himself
with the same knife that brought Lieu
tenant Caiso to an i.nlimelv end. A
provost guarl was iinnied'atelv rushed
to Lieutenant Cnr.o's ipiail.'s where
the dead i' an and the appar. ntly dv ing
one were f.nri.l in a pool of blood. The
murderer v as taken to the depa i t incut
hospital vvheie every pi cant i"ii was
taki'ii to prevent lnm from making any
further att
nipt to desti
Rose From Banks
Lieutenant Carso rose from ihe
to th.' position that he held nl Ih,
of his death. As a uoiicoiumis
ollicer he was studious and alien
strict littelltTin to his duties.
a. 'nutted to the oll'neis' truming
1 1 me
vv as
a in ii
'at S, holield Hariacks and :i f I r
ing high in his ;i in 1 1 1 t 1 1 1 ns -.ia-
iiiissioned a second ln'utetinnt
tenant 1'ars.i was popular vviti. Ik
. ers and enlisted men at Km t
i as well as with a large circle of
'in II onolutu.
Hi a ft.
t l l .'ll
j In the
1 on el s f r
he wall b.
I u s on a
s self
Y I man:i i :
.nil.. 1. I
by the fed
of minder
W S 8
Months have passed
l'rnn. h'en.ler, of the
States Infantry. was
arrest at Port shutter,
tried by court miirtinl f.
the l iiited States, and
Mice Chaplain
-im on. I i ii .
phi-ed under
charged in d
r di-loyaltv I i
the pap"is in
the case have I n in W a sh i n ton li-i
some time, yet no a n noiinciTiie at has
come from cither the President or the
uur depart n lent that the lindiues "f
the uiiliturv curt have been ari'iov -d
or disapproved. j
Chaplain Peinl.T 's status at P rt j
Shatter hasMi.it ben rlm'i.'ed sine 1 h '
dav he was placed under nricst, anil
ahlionoh information cuine Honolulu!
1 l.v Assi.t'ia'ed I'l. s. sonii l inn' a-.'o
' that the . -oi.it had not onlv f.aiud liiin!
guilty but hail iuiMised a long seiitt ii e
of i lliprisoiiiiicnt , the chapiain has n it
been pl'iced under any additional re
st in int.
A service paper a sholt tlti.e ao.
coiiiment mo on the Pcnilei cne. said
that piubably nothing inigbt be duiic
in Ins case at all.
At department In adipiarters it is an
iioiii'. .al that no in format I hi
iag the disc or the chaplain have
leached the cola 111 U ml I u o o,.lM..a fiom
U a.shiiiton.
w a B
1! LTI I( IRI', M:,i v land. .1,....
Is i Associated Press . .he k
I I'cn.psov
I C l'n I
! on Ihe I ..
1 noelic. d I,
I... I be -i,
t.lke pla.i
,', I.ii'
l I".' Sta;.
. theie.
ai) -
' I'el o io
tii'ht in
Hi of .lulv. I
, la t nighl
I' V Hill- 1 V s. k
e l.ih
in 1
in 11.
Custodian Dies His
pf Settling Affairs
Refuses To Sell Enemy Shares!
Here But Is Reported To Have
Sold Similar Property To Amer
ican Fur Dealers On Mainland
Repol t s ate I
it'l to tho effect tlmt
.1. A. M . Ca ud le ,a ml BHSocintes are
imlljfna nt because their effort to pur
chase the cneiiiv held stock of II
HacUfeld A Co. failed and McCandless
is repvjite.l to have " said things''
about Richard II. Trent, the repre
seiuative of ih,. custodian here, an. I
to ive pi. . misc. 1 ,i ,,, more when he
returned to the Islands.
Just why M.Ciindless and hi asso
riates shi.uhl 'hav r assumed that the
custodian would permit tbem to do
what he would not permit other reput
able H lulaus to do does not appear
and has never been explained. The
custodian told tln.se who were inter
ested in the lirst plan for reorganize I
tion of Haikfeld & c thnt he had
no objection whatever to the person- I
ne1 of the proposed reorganization but I
thnt ihe methii.l ,l.,l .,,,1 n;n.;,lu ..ill, !
his own dans and must therefore go.
Then he outline, I his plans. The Me
Candles hni plan differed little from
the one that the custodian had pre
v iously tinned down and was sent to
the scrap heap.
Refuses Sales Here
The custodian has refused to permit
a sale of the enemy held stock here
first to one hni and then to a sednid
nnd insists i n the entire business be
' ill.f Sold. Hon thiM i.lim nnninariii
with his methods in handling other
companies that were enemy controlled
is not yet char but is indicated in
the f nllovv i im: Associated Press corres
poudence under the date of Washing
L..n, May L's.
Another tentacle of German control
in American industry has beeij severed
by A. Mitchell Palmer, the alien prop
erty custodian.
Interests To Bo Sold
1'nder arrangements now being com
pleted between the custodian and the
Kur Merchants Credit Association of
New York City, the interests of the
tlerman fur humus of Leipzig will
be purchased by American merchants
and the bioiicv paid tinned into the
I nifvl States tieiisiiiy to be held until
tho end of the war for the Ueruians
In uuiioiiuel ug today the forced re
tiiemeut of Cerman inteiests in the
industry, Mr. Palmer said even rough
.'stimuli's of the enemy holdings can
not be made until all the fur dealers
have reported balances due the Oer
"It ruay be stated, however," said
the custodian, "that the negotiations
jiift completed will root out forever
the last Ocrmuii dollar invested in the
fur business in this country, turn loose
the-Amerirau .furrier from the control
nf the I.eipr.ig cabal and establish a
great new industry here in America.
"Some of the larger linns which
have already readjusted their holdings
under the agreement of the govern
nieot are the Theoder, Thorer Com
puny, (itiiidig Blum and M. S. Klius
Jr., In. , am. ing the best known fur
houses on this side of the Atlantic.
V'aiiv oihers are in process of rend
jiistment, including Otto Krler Compa
ny. Kadis & Company, Inc., and Kiseii
bach Hrothers.
Was Clearing House
' Before the war the trade of Am
erican furriers was practically nothing
but a collecting and shipping agency
for tlie Hermans. Almost every pelt
taken by American trappers had to go
to I eipig before it could be sold.
Leipzig dressers and dyers were the
best in the world. None could coin
pete with them. Although Lou. bin was
the world's market, by reason of the
pioneer work of the old Hudson Hay
Company and far sighted Knglish com
mission houses, three quarters of the
fur shipped to London from America.
Russia nnd even China went, after the
auctions, direct to Leipig for diess
lliL' and dveing.
" t I "ip.ig each year after the fur
w a pi epared and the German hut
'hams l,a, fixed the price tor that
vein. Vtiieri.ans were allowed to pur
. ha is much as three fifths of the
entile Im produced for ma n u f ac I u i e i u
to laimriiiK, although in so doing tiny
wen- fi.ice.1 to pay the original cost,
plus the expense of dressing ami dye
nig. plus a handsome profit for the
(ici nines plus a thirty percent, duty
before they got them back home. They
w l ie constantly either indebted to the
llerori'ts or completely under their
loUiiua. ioli. ' '
Fur Dyeing Houses
Mr Palmer said American fur dyeing
houses now are operating iu New York
and that 111 St. Louis the attempt has
been iiiade successfully to dvc seal
-kins, whnh previously hal never been
.lone outside of Leipzig and London.
Pur auctions also have been under
lak 'n -hi . essfully both iu St Louis
and New York.
"When the iv a r is over, " M r Palmer
ou'lii'lc'l. "Germany will again buv
niericaii furs, but these goods will
I.e I. ou-ht in the American mniket
this t'
thev '
dved !
tiom American firms, mid
1 be American dressed and
I prepared for Kurop.au con
The unnaturnl trade ron.li
' il 11! pt i ' n
t lolls Will
ccilan. t.
and to n
h forced Americans twi ship
s abroad, to buy th"in back
ship them to America will
have 1 1 -a pp. 'u red, and Oeimunv will
be the loser "
W g g
K s s CITY, June 1 Aim
inert of He' signing of Herbert Hall a
, . i . I. .-r Mill, the Jiqdin, Missouri, il .b
oi i'. W.-iein League was iiiale to
... I.r ii the headquarters of the
Sa.ra-. i ,tv American Association
. i I" S April MV -Six hiliidrcl .
. - ' ' lo I ondoll Times have 1
. 1 . in . ..r on vv since , he v
1 .1 these I Ml have been kill
1: l- I ,. disabled bv sickness
Preacher and Cornetist Turns
State's Evidence and Testifies
Against the "Princess"
Defendant Urged Him To Say He
Saw Will Signed Though He i
Did Not. Witness Asserts j
Sam Kniiinkiiiri, cuinetist In the
baud nnd pica, her in what in Ktigbsh
is known as the Hawaiian Christian .
Sci.T lunch, fell all over himself in
Judge Ileen 's . unit v ester. lav to fell
all he knew about 'he alleged will id
the late l(n.'.'ii which wns offered bv
"Prim ess'' TIkt.-sii K. -niveau in court
last autumn f.i pn.l.ate. The " Prin
cess'' went to tnal vesterdiiy morning
under an i ndo 1 11 .ut .barging conspir
The first vv .,1 1,
filling the j'irv
prov e.l sat isfa. t c
C. S. Pert. Illiatin.
( iuerreiro, . lames
att, Victor Kaili
of 'he day was in
I ... v . The following
. v a nd w ere sw orn :
H. K. Ilonpili, A. M.
S A. hong, .1. 11. M v
ill. K. A. Luning, '.
H. Wilson, William K. . lor. lap. II. S.
Crane, Hairv llalpcrn. M. S. ilauiinan.
A. l. Hrovvii and Chillies Invn up
jieared for the pi os.vut ion ; Andrews
nnd Pittinan for Th.-resn; Achi fot
Kcaloha, and Itavvl.-is for Kamakaia.
Nolle .rose.pii was entered in the
case as to Kama ka in . he having con
vented to testifv for the prosecution.
Attorney Ihivis outlined what the
prosecution intended to prove, and
called Knmaknia In the stand. Many
objections were made bv Attorney An
drews to questions of the prosecution,
but, except ill two instances, all were
ov er ruled. i
Kamakaia Tells Story
After the iisunf pi e 1 1 m i nn ries, Kama
kiiia repcat 'd the store of his meeting
Theresa at the (.ore lot. and of being
asked by her to -av that he wns pres j
ent nnd saw the Queen sign a will.
Witness idciitilied the "will" and said
that he lirst saw it at the Gore lot and
next at his house m l.iliha Street, lie
also ideiit ilied his signature on the doc '
um.Tit, but sai l he did not write the
vvor.N r 1 -1 . 1 1 1 1 g iu H o nol u Iu ' ' on it.
" 1 signed Ihe paper to st opThei esa
f roll! but hcl : lie me, ' he said.
I "There-a brought the document her
self. It. 'fine it was signed by me she
sal. I I would receive s,.nie benefit fiom
it. I
"At Ihe tune There, a made her pro ,
posnl to me at the (Jure lot I said to'
her: 'You arc putting me in the tire.
Tins is not the right thing to .to ,
".Next day. returning trom practise,1
she called me iu again and urged me i
to sign the will. I told her it would 1
only put me iu the lire ami injure me
as a minister ol tlie gospel. An-iiner
dav I was theie I saw the document
being read bv young 'iho, of Muiii.'
Still another .'ay -Im told me that
- Keverend Lota, of Kaneohe, was 1.. be
a witness. She told me that if the
i thing went throtic.li the person- to I.e
I benefitted would be Lorrin Andrews, I
j John I''. Colluirn, herself aul invs.-lt',
I wns told to sav that certain -tale
j meats which had been pnl.li-hed in
the newspapers were correct.
Tnaresa Persistent
"When she came into inv Ir-a-.- on
Liliha Street she said thai I' e names
of the llli'i'll and Kcaloha wen- a'
ready on the will aud that inv ,iejol
ture was all then lieeded. Sh. wa- -o
iiersistent that I linallv toll mv wife
that I would sign it to get M l -! lo r I tor I
and their tell the truth when Ike ma' Ir-.-.
er wus called in court. I wa, to d to I ':!' a;
sny to my friends and in .-..ut thai iiai'ti-i'ii ti
I went to the lileen and he' I ont a withdiawn
hvma book upon which she si I the ' n - u-l. r i n -
will. Neither the (in i i ... ken1.. '
ha was present wheu, 1 sii..-. in.- -I...- (
umcnt, nor did the ueeti cvci I-dl ine'
that that was her will. The w.n.ls !
' Liliuokalani . 'Kcaloha' ana '-.-i.i.i.g
ill Honolulu' were on the .... anient
wheu it was brought to tin- I i 1 not ,
read the document nor was it .... I to
me. Theresa cautioned me ..v.r and 1
over again always to sav ti -he. i
Kealoha and myself weie together j
with the l ii ecu and all s.gu- 1 on Ih-.t
"ccasiou. j
I here is a document in i.-t.-n. .'
which will show what each witness was
to say on the streets and in nl. It I
is ill the oflice of Mr. An licw-
"l.ater Theresa told me g.. t.
Andrews' otliee. There I I.
t'olburn, Lorrin Andrews, TI
Keuloha. Thut was the tin
saw the alleged .vill. I sign,
paper there, and I do no, I e
it. stated the truth. I sin
stop the trouble being stiii
, I John I
I t lll-e I !
another ,
. " e t h it '
-l It to
1 np bv
this woman.
"After the will w as lil.nl a i I h. i .-a
came into possession of the - - I
underslood that I was t, e . , . no
thing in the vvuy of cash oi ...pern.
but the leal consideration wa I
place in heaven, which Tln'i- . -v a - t .
proem e for inc. ' '
At li.' :.iu adjoiirnuicnt wa, i .! . u t .
this morning.
w. s s.
W Mllr.T((N'. .In,,,- 17 ...
ed I'ressi Al,vveiiiio lal-i
(leiiiiaa propiigandists, sh,;,
otli.-inls slate t lint t he . on 1 ! 1 .
I llte ll ships taken ov-'l I e . ' :
I'nited Males under 1 11 1 .1 1, I ,
is bel tei t linn w hen , he v ,. , .
also that , h.ev
belli- --
1 bv th,
inerican crews.
w. a a -
W A SI I I N (".'!'( ) , .In,,,. I ' v .,.
j led I'l e,s 1 Hvglst ml ion . . 1 n , ,
1. 1 1 ,11 W olio ll l-ioli lii-lni
f I line 11 nl 1 1 .1 line I'll. ' i. -
iMlllled to nppear pel ,(..,. a 1 1 , ,''
j t ogi 11 phs show 1 li; Ih,- foil ; i 'l.
0 ill a hat.
Will Be Withdrawn From Hawai
ian Service At Oncft May
o- rt- nLit :- f.... '
ut) un rnuippine nun .
I: .1
.1 ,,Hi.
1 n
'd th,
." i. tn.
the la
l.iM'g bee,
tian sport s
r fleet i.f
.In n a
HI its t.
I st
the Mat'on company tini'. na
r.'tni i ti i ii j onlv the LnterpH".' and 0'
llvadc-. both of which are freighter
Th s.'i. I . in. t .1 1 o . i by the i'"v
i unit-
it ti
t !..
in cninii:
pa-senocr .
i a - -t a III e r !oV iu its P i a nd
'I Io ie - a Honolulu rumor thnt
Mail" i and the I Ml line ate to be pla
III I hi I 'k I ll 1U I lie -i I V i. e. but thlS .
not be confirmed.
Inrrea'es Congestion
Witleliawiil of the two Mat
st.lauici - t loin the 11. nor. In I nil l
add to p., -cut -t i
eon i'-1 o . and i..', - a l i
urn. -111.1 !' ' " 'i'k' v I- - h
ent I.e . i'. d between
I asseliger j
. --.11 Ihe I
and the
tno two
stop the
iv :t h-l , :
1 a'li,..-'
, f c.,1,1
other V,
d tu ha
as arc
. : t i
ud 1 e
,l tat nu.
of the
..li this
Lu i line
The onlv
promise for Ihe relief of
r accoiii in. i.lat i on rests now
e.l :r
st ea in c , w h i . h ll re be
.lav a s.-i i I,-,-
of ll :
i,. -I I.. . all !
ni i.e.,-C
ha- f. - on ie
tin.-,- ur-' . !;
t he -nr. 'i. i
s,.,-. I,.-, -,i,
the Prince.,
lollte to Ihe
- h.-d
e t -v
it t !
I th
! tin
I't V
""' "'
- He
., of
11 " 1 11
e t
I '
I l
. .th
I I'.lv
lirst . In
to tin
ll.ll. h
- I. -. I
1 .11 thl-l
!, eight
Settlement With Kuh.o May Not
Bring An End To
nli th.
.1 I-
si lie
M. nda
llr.11 I
I t 1
1 -I
I l!
Hmi.dalnAJuailT, '.
.isii !
" li' r A i
. 40U
Ulllll.,11 I
. uur en
r, I I.'.,
A S I i
X c,
., 40 I
.1 "t
Snir I'lsnt.
ii ut i o . . . .
.L . I. I.I.I
. o l.l.l
I'lnllt I o
I . I. ,11 I o
.iir.ir l o
I I io
VtllilllL' I o
-T ' I I I ii.
1 .
-"-'.T i . . .
li.'l ...
w V f
'll -4' l
,"i .1
4,'i'i 4.1
, H4,,
. 1.13
Ml -I Kl.l.ANF.Ot S
i I v I .1 , l.t.l ....
I As..s sl l'.l
I I .
" fsl.l I n . . .
' l " i -I . n in ir i ' "
.v I ' " IT' I
v I' i ... I ma.
i.i ; , a
lit i; ; It . .
3 ,
2 !.
1117 V.
15 1
I: .
I .!
4ft ;
l.i.l .
.v I. ...
li illil.e! l Ii
nioliiiK. I'll . .
l'.l i
i 'ink Kul.licr 1.0
I .ii
- h Walk I I) .;. .
:ik na I .11. h Co , IV, . . .
' ' "i Kv .v; 77
a 1 1 r i .1., (Is 70
I. r 4 Kef. ltSKi . 101
' I ' r 4' , Pull Imps 1UU
v I.r I'uh f in j . 4'
rt. s IUI2-11113) ,inOU
i-r- i 31..' I
i i. ,- i . f.i.l , Wf, . 07
" 1 ". m '.,.. wc ... WH
i II-. ie. ii '., l las Co., Cut . . J100
Kio.il lie I ... lis 101
1 'l iiio.-i lu.. Hist.. . . W
VI l'l -I - MIK. I'.... ....' W
i m-ii-.i, i .a, -,i, ,, .( ,, . r4.. ioe
..ha li A 1- Co., .V,' ...i MM
' .' " - 1 . l' c. .(, 1(S
i Ma., sniirar l a., ilr i IM
, I a in- ..una.. K On., tim 100
I Mia Carlos Mllllns, 6 ..110
r i.. . i hi. in. iu. 2H.i; oaba. SO, atJS,
l . -u-.r s. jsisi; Wnlaliia, 5, 20.73.
May 1. 1U1M . . - ;
xfc" snslyili bvvta mo ad r lew). , -
Parity - ' .'. " :
M" Cent (Fr Hiw.l Rncars ..... I OOt
.Iiine 7, 1I)W ' 7
Sine. i. ore ,, -., St.40
New ork (Ne sutoUUoa).
, KW V (UK. Juue 17
I Associate r
mi si
-following ara the oooolns
liitiilhuns of slixks In tlw New Ver M
km. yaterday.
A uierh a n Sulfa r . .
llle.MIl 11, s. I . .
,s, lnte.1 nil .
!j.-kl liol'l
Anierl. nn I i.iuollve
Vlliell.lin 'I'el. A' l'.l
Alnerlenn Smeller
Aiiierlean Slsl I'.lrv
Al. hlson Uullwiiv
. I
I v.,,,.. I .....
I llaUlvi III I nollve
I I'el ll Itnol'' 4.' I (tllo
I ll. ihleheni si.n-l "l:"
I alifornlii I'el r..l
litlill l.oiltll
I aaa.llilil I'm-lllc
' VI A HI. I'HIll
I ol,, Kll.'l A I l oll
( ru. IIiIh Hi. -el ...
Ctil.i. Sucar l iiue
Kri" eoii'inoll
I Hill. I Pits-trie
I i- oei ti I M..l..rs I new i
i.r i.l N..II l.ei ii I'M
I iil' l l.lll I'llllll Nickel . .
I n-liisl - l.il AU-ohwl . . ..
n- liirr.ill I 'ui.er
I oi'li Hllev lliillwav .
' i V ol k I ea 1 I'll I
I ll . I , , 1 1 ii n I M
I. -'. .... 1 1 . 1 I .-.!
I'- illlllltf i olll(,i
It. -.. I. li. ii ii Iron . .nn iiiiiii
s.-'ilh.-in I'llelll-
m i-.l- Im kei
I nr.. I Si.iI.-k llulil.er
I - xns nil
I l'n. Hi.
I IH 'e.l Still, s M,v
I lad
VV , ,, ii I nt. .a
VV ,-, i n I, ,,n ,i-
I V..V I'll lVl-ll '. k IT A
I i tmm
- I III IlZlfe .
! os mi
"iii". '-"tii"
. ... iw3 i
. . . . ' un s4 .
7T t)
. . KB nu
. nn
" "4 ,
. . . . : m
Hit HS'i,
. . Mk 20 vZ
... 117 2
147l 14CZ
! aj
.. w 4
.... M 641
1 sal I Ar
- bH
.... Nm i m
274 v
WllZ I
72 T1IV4
. 44 4S'4
2 '2S'J
H4 R4
4il4 44 U
14U 145
... ttUtk
! I
-.1 I'ressi KoIIowIuk are the opmihta; and
loslni; iiuoiaiiains ot susar sad tk.sr
'.locks Io tbe Sau FrancUeo lusrkiift im'.
I I Open-1 Ck-
i I ing
, 1 1 aw ii l oni'l , 41
I I Is it Ha u Siiuur lo ... IH)
I I l-'ii .1 aa Sum. r . . .H
Mini Mason Snunr ('.. . . 1414
, 1 Hun Suiriir 1 '.. bh,
iinhti Stiifitr l'n 0V
1 iiioineu Sui:nr i '.. 44
I 11 Ii 11 m Sueur Co 1,114
I loi.olulii nil 4. .HI
II lulu Plan! al Ion r.. . . M
Ihif Is C.....-i I'o 4. OS
w. m a.
L ruu vnoif rnD ernpir
Quotations n rollnwlny; New Tort
curl, s 1 , . - k . .. .lr..lMaujl ... Vk. . A
' I ,'T by Ktouetiaui A Co., are:
Hstiur- Moo
ds T !
HUH 112V
44 .45
lrt .15
.() .imvi
.on .ic
"slv4 .MI14
04 .04
1 IH 1 IH
M Xi
iw .07
am m
l .1N4
1 4.1 1 45
1 17 U l.STtt
10 .un
4 25 4 26
4 . ,
H.7."i 8.75
I'.IC l.e.lne . .
' ale. I, .,h, .
I tiiniii I oiier
1 1 .1 i'l,: 1 a ves
ti-.in ItlosSoUl
tint Itnik-r
I- I Verde
vli.Hv.-sl nil
Mo' lo r l.,olk...
I.'.U ll.lellleS .
li'-s Knhi .
II' l '..lis.
silver klni: 1 .0
1 "I'.'luih I : vten,
I ...Iiiiiii.'
'' -' lake .
Willicrt . . .
He. Ill .
. I II. ,1,1 ,
N 1 1 1 1 -s-1 1 1 ir
l -lfe, lion lire
nu, I Iliil.tH-r
w. s. s.
..! :i 1 ii J. Kicliesoll, SVHtl In
at' a former member of Th Ail
e tiser stntf, recently was pluvd in
ininiii l of a tr.Mip train which left
up I, wis. Washington, for Jackson
d' l'loiida Captain Klcheson was
M . iiepai tmeiit, licsdi)uarters st
' "' i 1 lewis. Captain Krkuk K, Pr
1 m mer cleik in th department
. , .t-n ulers In Honolulu, is stationed
-. k-..nvil!e, K'loridn, according to
I. ice, received here yesterday.

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