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1 .'
Cvj'win C. Moore, Haiku Small
Farmer In Letter JgSecretary,
' Ouilmei His Proposition
, Mi iliffi.
font I'd
In w
s are not
Lzrtd ' Laws Not I En
Any -Successful Settle-
merit Must 3ar Out Speculators
IMwin ('. Moore, formerly emplViyei
at tho (triilt,uriil experiment station,
who has iiih.Im n close study of tTie Ter
ritory's land problem, believes that the
solution cif the problem liei in clump
ing the manner in vs-hion InmU are,
turned over to settlers by tbo T,orr
lory, nnd in linr with a general plan
l' action ha hn worked out, ho sees a
way in which homesteaders mny no-
mire not only the land, hut Hhn the
sugar mi I Im. 1 t
Monro point out thnt present )unil
Inws are not enforced anil ho con he ml
I hut any plan of settlement to succeed
must liur out tho speculator ami insure
that, bona fide homesteaders will, net
Ho on the land. Ho asserts tho ,pro
pual he has worked out will accom
plish tin-He eitds. These proposals are
set forth in a communication ilatoil at
Haiku, Maui, Jauie l.'l, which he bat
addressed to Franklin K. l,ane, secre
tary of the interior. It in as follows:
Proposals Advanced
"Kor over two years, while in the
employ of the I'. S. Hawaii Agricul
tural Experiment Station. 1 ma.o a
stiifly (while about my other duties) of
the land question and honiestesding.
As n result of this study I came to
certain conclusions, which I wish to
Ih.v before you. I write i mv person-
npneity (1 am no longer eonneeted
station) as n white small
fanner desirous of helping, if I can,
in securing the establishment of a .con
tented and prosperous ritizen rural
population in the Territory---an end
we who have our homes here most ear
nestly desire.
"I. Thp present land laws arei not
enforced. It is well known throughout
Hie Territory that one run fulfill, the
homes! ending requirements in. a .per
functory way, iiii.I it will be passed.
There is no efficient inspection of, what
is going on on the homesteads. "The
knowledge that this is so encourage
speculators to take up homesteads,, a.ui
encourage large hind owners nmj 'cor
porations to ignore the third paragjapfc
of the Organic Act, Hcc 7.!. I , Mien,
turn this in the hope that you will
fmd some way to require the enforce,
"it of whatever land laws vvo do
" Thp residence requiremeiil is
too short. It is an inututyon to
nliilorH to require but two years resi
dence, con if genuine resideneo were
enforced. To remedy this 11. b! 12S,
He-sinn I'll 7, whs passed by the terri
torial house of representnties. T en
dose n copy. (The whole of thi!biU
is taken from the existing laws., ex-
ept Hoe. 7, Kevised Laws of Hawaii,
I'.'I'i, Chapter ;;n, Part IS, sod ion. 388
an I f illowini.. i IJ. It. I'-s wool, I iivi
pait Part ti A, differing
pies, lit Part 0 i ii roiiuirine
of four poreoit of
"f the lun , wit' an
for cine lurid bused
ugnr, a ii. I enlarging
be taken. Under
' "I the present
by which he be
may lie acquire 1
a,.e, a now j,ait
fioni the pies, -lit
mi annual roii'nl
t lie iiKxes-od v aluc
ad. lit Iniial ieiit.il
"ii the price of
'lie :i 1 1 u that in i Ji t
this, a- iiii.t, r I'.-ul
law, con t I II Kills rex
o S pct'llll Tltr Willi , tic ', II ri,cl.,l
pi opoMt lull, yet It I'ives till"
term- lio.s-JIdc tu the . renl
t .1 rtne i . II,, i, as secure iii p.yises
- ii f thoiiyh he ,,'1,I fe,. simple title,
Misnall v sum I! i capital, can
I t,ir ininriiv emeats noun k..in
ui-e the land. The
!' ma i lit hi ns , hi
on the linmestead
leal I a inier. I"
ne .lues thai an,how, iind he
, ii ... i ... i
" "'" " ne wauls lu em e lis mv
lilfereiivo beina I
Hie land he j
gox ei iiment
i , -, j 1 1 i i' , I to ,,,,
I ' II I I i III r li t tJia
Inline coat i ii in, usl
"" hardship to t h
f 1 1 liiei ,
U II 1 V
ii.ital sfoi k
' ' r A l i i,l, n, may
the paid up stuck not t
J"" t-
f '('' lial:, Di e
tin- distrilju'e.l in
Mid shareholders in
propyrl i, ,n to tjieii
amount of business
W it h t he is(i, iii t ion.
' ' ItViiieinbcrinc; the a v
sin I, a n Hssneiat ion a re
ijiider the pro isions of this
ht soj'ii that bv the above
the annual prollls of the mi
interest on the bunds was
a ssoc ia t ion
under Aet
net profit-1
t I until
rceut of the
'i I
f the
- thl
w aes
on tin
iti.eu ,
of till
vhi, h
u eini'iit
an, I lie must sell to a
'o take tl hnlncstei,,!
Shows Advantages
i- til,,, , i. .. i i . . . .i
' Hie pi.
"iMiieiil. the annual i.-utal is a just
"'"n" all the i i,e fr ll, ,.,;.,
people the !.xrlujve oe
"I a piece of public .hind
'd have been leased fur r..v
it hud not been liomcsteaded.
and the a rrn iieem. n t of the itoyern
no t al'vays retniiiiim title makes, sure
that, shimM Hi,, hoinenteii.liii ,
laud il return to the gov
The government 's Kioiitest
' is. of course, the securing
I i i: i.en populat ion.
.id aiitnjj.-s ,,f. this plan o
''i iiueiit. and the real
ei t he lairuess of it . rfji.l
t it has been the success
of the hiiinestcndiiiK ques
re i N'ew Xtfulnnd siitv.sl.
ears iciiei. able lease, muke a strona'
I I"'"1 I" tl j'se uiisellislilv iuterrstrd
' ' " 'utii'e Altliouph the
lid this mcasnie ia l!l7, 1
vwnild secure Ihe ap,ro'al
branches of the legislature
ets y f 1 1 1 1 api'ioval.
"'i, this uhole ipipstinii
llaivaii it is iieeessnrv
t'uil in n,i other part of
tr - s f), ,- k m , i v. . is
made to d'oineistead
e illhv cm iiorntimiK are
the land and aie aide to
' I
I... i
incut .
a lit. -i'.'
a Mi';
' The
h th
ueslea fai t
i els,.,
, h.
"I I
lav a ' l
e k lie
1. "I I,
1 1
I t,
net i rolit
enido is
o-'intion ill
or to t hi
ll live dune
profits of
d ist nbut ed
act, it. will
plan all of
I, after the
paid, a re
somo proyided. Had n modest dividend
im id on the paid upprock ' villi, -I, stock
"ill all belono to the luiiiu'.'a 'pi. n,
nrupnrt bin to their a 'Ten! would be dis
'ribu'eil uniting the employes in ji-opor.
tion to their salaries and to the cane
triouiijir honiesteuders in proooitiou to
the value of the cane each delivered t"
the mill,
"This p;,n can succeed in the seeiiii
uo, ot a rum) population unlv if the
homestead lease fonii of lumiest 'ndi nj;
is used lieenue otherwise all the so
'tilled, homesteaders would leave the
liuiil after two yearn and become
absentee owners of a plantation.
"I'nder the arrangement . outb ne 1
above roads Bin! other inqiriiveinents
could be provided for by a frontage
.fiu. tjie jiayuieut of which would he
ilistributetj over some yeais. The yov
oriitiient would realize thronj;h tlie
usual luxation ' '
" ;; -f- fi. jt . .-
'I'M be.
" I
, ' I.. c,.
' il i smaM ruiii f,,i it.
'iri',.,i - a e ne, essui v liere
' f .t M . I.llol K.'S to
' I nesl e;, lei . and mil
' ' II the Hist place.
' the I, a,,,!.- of hill
1 Ileal,' homesl cade i
" ' ". O T cf 3unr
' u-,,,1, ,:,' ii,
! n - I M' -u I I III
' lout ;,l (hi
' I 1 oil, I,,, n
' I. e- -;a
';,' Mil
' i
rovvd listeiicl to the I
i't the fair L' rounds. 1
vcstl'rdHV inor ii i n ii. J
i i
croivded to over-.
re liuudicds alopfrl
to lliake
a ii-nili
to a
md that
i. ih an
ii liisseu .
s . -rii it-id
III sn,h
; here
mill is
An .niuieiisc
' h ii i c h v erv i"e
beeinuiuu at Mi: ".II
The o;niidstHiid vmis
flow iii( a ml theie vi
the fences.
A lending feature of ll iasi)ii
was the serinoii of W. .1 Mieiuiaa, of
the Amiv & Navy Y M, t '. A. His
-ivbiect was ''I'he hi'oicn,.- tiruc
'on" I his le-t .In'
"I. it' 1 be lifted up,
men unto me '
He spnlie more psitu ulai Iv to h,,
diers. The supreme attraction i,
rtliiili he rcfi'irtd whs that Htunrt Ii i
ia Christ's life whicli attracts men to
(iodliuiiss that soiiiethiui; vvhicli has
im leased the iniuibei of believers liiuii
ihe Ollll'lil twelve lipi,-tle 1,, .",1111
rnrnment lan.l,' . fuij b.miestesdcr
i"ui(i,v.ntB,rtptvHr anilauip. contro
and aoprJo froni the irnvernment
'n,,sver .the mi'l under. namr such
Iii-s,iJI, enclose entitled. ' A Plani
for' the Acqulrine, of Mill, ,r 'the
be done, without interrupi inc the maxi
iniini aroiliii'tiot of su(rnr from the laid.
anil la pe.ease is
nioiintnblo or the
foontled e-municnt
, .' '.7 lecapitnlnte
w. The present la ,,
nceomplishini their purpose
Ii. .No action liy congress will con
s.titnte . n a! of otnissjnn thnt will
remit in iMinsaderiri a large part of
the, pnblia. Imid fn speculiitors which
lanl ill et entnnllv f ini'int tlv. In.
cause of lux enforcement ,,f the law.
to the roriorations
"e. The crucial defect in the pros
e.nt laws is too short s residence re
quireroent defect accentuated by
too- lenient an interpretation of what
ren;iirement .there is.
; 'I'd. The tloinu wsv vtith the rihf
Of pufchnse lenso and tho special home
stead KKreeioent. end the substitution
tberfe,r nf bnmestead !esse with
rental, along the lines of H. H. 128.
session 1917, is rpertf nllv suggested.
" . It Is possible to work out n
plan whereby the homestendiiiK would
not interfere with sncar modnction "I
Plan T dot Mills
The writer's plan
lieves that snnr mill
witnout aisturluni; the Territorv s out
put of KtiHtir is (liven by him nn
follow r
Let ii'l the eovcrninent land
surrounding the mill be homestended
under homestead leases i i!Ml voar
lenses fequirini; cdntinued residence -Revised
Laws of Hawaii. Ifll.V Seetious
,1HS to 414 inclusive, as-nniiii" thnt
Seetion is nniended so as to permit
lvper areas to be taken, as in H. B.
H. L. Ill )7.1
"2. Lot the oiivel anient recop;ni,!e
in the homesteadint! a settlement asso
ciation, i H I., of Hawaii. IHId, (hap.
:i(l. t4eo. H.)
".'1. Let tho settlement association
organize under the cooperative associa
tion law (Act IM!, H. I.. l!H5t as a
cooperative aesociatinn.
'.' 4). Let this cooperative associa
tion Issue shares, as oiany tit each
homesteader as ho has acres, the stock
to run .with Ihe land. Kach homestead
or would make a small first payment on
his sJoek, thp balance to be paid as
called, and called so ns to be paid
from money due te Uie boniest eader bv
tho mjll in payment for cane.
"5. Let this cooperative association
purchase the mill by bori"V no ,,,,
notes secured by .bonds loverino the
mill. ' Let ' tie term of the bonds I
such that whenever an assesniient is
culled on the stock bonds of an niiiouiit
equal to the total of the assessment
will be redeemed. Thus the homestead
or will gradually buy the mill. So
lone; aa the bonds are alive a maioritv
of the directors of the mill s' ould be
appointed by the bond holders, m bv
the bond holders and the
noting; together."
"fi. Kach homesteader would be re
quired to execute with- the cooperative
association a cane planting agreement
under which he would agree to keep at
least one half his land in cane for the
mill and albuv the association to enter
upon his land and produce the cane
thereon should he fail to do so. This
provision is neeesaary in order to
assure the mill a sufficient
ane To insure Its. operation.
Distribution of Profits
I runts of a cooperative
are distributed us follows
Ikii. s. l. lfnr..
" . T'-n percent jit th"
J'lareil ill the reserve
cert c equals t hu t v it
unniii n nnniunn- run
'I WUkU I IIUI IIUI 1 T: i f I I 1111
eujty .inur. BiN 'Jlntrorfuced By Senator Kina
Hon a well, ...ti. r.-i it' . 1
mde.es ounuui insirucuon in ,
LangOage Unlawful Here !
Whoittsai only
",1s ,
unit I
Ten i
Follow iug complaints fiom vim ions
sources that have I, ecu i fiom
time to time with
cerning Herman ,
torv Slid also mil, el ni no th
of tierinnn in p.il,!,. v, ,
parent that the s li.,,, sitna'o.n in
this ci, a nod ion ,; mo I. r the notice
of member of the , onuressioaal piity
that visited Hawaii last November.
The result is a bill that has l.een in
trndnced In the senate l.v oiie of the
members of the pai'v that visited the
Tciritory forludd i ne the teaching of
(lerman In tiie public schools of r r r i
tories or in the His'iict of Colunibia.
William H. King, senator from I'tnh
Vs it applies
intrmlueed the measur
only to lerritories nn.l the Hist
Columbia, it is apparent that tli
ator felt that it was pai tieulai Iv
el hy the teritoiies and
visit to Hawaii mav mean
direotlv aimed at cxistin-r
t of
se li
iitlo'lu, eil
-7 and it
"in in i 1 1 ee
The text
here. The bill w
upper house on Mav
in the hands of the ,
Mistriet of Columbia
bill follows:
"He it enii'iel bv
house of represent a 1 1 v
Hfiitos of Aiiiern a in
bled, that the l,e una
not be taught m an
schools of any Tetiitorv of tl
states or in the public schoi,
District of Columbia: and n,
any appropriation made bv
Tor the pnblri- schools of th,
of Columbia shall be us, . I f,,i
his rei
that it i
eon.li t ion
the i
, senate and
"'' the t tilted
ingress assem
llllL'liage sh ill
1 1
mont of anv teacher to givi
in the Herman language, or
chase of nay books for use
struction. ' '
w. s a
e public
, llllted
s of the
part of
cong ress
the i.iiv
i list met ion
for the pur
in such in
fa, line io
'roubte man
i kitchen sj
if a gas exp
and l
-at i in I ii
a Chinese ..
lb,. ut Ins ev
The li'l'iiit
loud that it
.all the
to lir lit th
o heater
los t 1 1
a s
e p,l
w a -ic
H I.
teed on
,, ,inisi
, of Mr
At. Hi
l noon
wn. Waikiki late
ii w hich Ah ''hing,
so I'nsJIv burncl
he mav lose his
Was a Big Success Straight
Through Says Chairman Angus
At Close of Final Evening
j No Hitch Or Jar Experienced Dur
ing Week: That K Will Be
Annual Event Is Now Assured
, Total paid iinlssion.i to the '
j TerrltoriAl Tair through tho wjok !
I partly estimated as to yesterday
number 7,nnii. m .i,uttt'u to 1
. thoae, It Is esttmu -1 that aho jt
I 26,000 were admitted on puses
through the week. V.ie nu uber
of )cket sold ami, ,.atd f T by
daya were a fol.os ' Monday. '
6086; Tuesday. 25,121 ; w.-.duea-day,
7026; Thursday. i)13S; Frl
! day, 660(1: Baturd"y. 15,08.) ; Sun
day, 6000 (estimate..) Total
; 71,966.
VI IUO Close ol the Inst lerri
onal lair last ,'i,n,,i l.eorge II.
Angus, cliaiimaa ,, tne Kair Com
' mission of Howaii ina,, l',e follow
I in g statement to I ,veitisei: 1
j "The air h,,s I,, , ,, a success i
straight through, and I wish t, sn I
1 that the coi,m i at ion ,,t the people
of Hawaii nnd tin annv has made
1 that possible.
I "It seems ti that t he fact I
that we have had absnlutelv no j
I trouble, H It li oug h h a a , 1 1 1 a g big ,
crowds day after day, will bear!
I repeating. The police captains on
I duty have reported to me that they
have hud llbsolutel nothing to do
, eicopt to answ er ipiest i,n. I can
ilainly see that the lair has bene
! a tied, for it has gotten money which
in former times would have gone
somewhere else. This experience
! lias m.mle ot mo an advocate of
1 man eat prohibition.
"I do not believe that there ever
; has been a show in Honolulu which
I gave so much for the inoiiev as has
this Fair. It has I n entertain
ing and has been educational to a
Ohigh degree. The committees work
"d faithfully nnd well together, and
everything has gone
i h itt h or jar of nn v s
' ' I nipjcst iouablv t
lias come to st av
ian ring unfoies,
'gg. '
V on ii
rtrJ?fodli Market
uotatma 5fe
iiwtrrb ' it tttt muoi ax
' MAKBTJSTnftf OrVUlON Jqiio n 19' n
I mi - . . .
bill tl
. IH
. .tin
11.1 '-
s un ti. s Vt
Hawaii and JVIaui Honor Guards
Leave For Ho
Active Duty
w i
'f the ex plosion w as so
ml, I be plaililv heard as
far iiwmv as the rafts in front of the
Urav's Hotel, which adjoins the Hrown
home. There was hut uuo explosion
as the surplus gs was nil consume, I
lillllediatelv . and there were also no
subsequent llamos to endanger the
house and fuither in jure the Chinese
to Mis Kl'.rvn. h
'v hei vvarnino alwavs
xpett from the gas c.
he found the pilot li.j
The ( 'h iiiama a attempt
tailed to ol
call for an
'in n v vv he n
not billtliiiL'
' light it with a match and t h
"xplosjnn folbiwed.
he adinlnistered lirst aid to tin
cool. n,l sent ,,i I Jr. Hen to
'tteiid the iiiiurial man. Vlteiwnrd-
h Ch in was I i 111 1 , e, to I he CJl II '-
llos,,it:,. v.l,,.,,. ,
until, sc c n t v two 1
i. b-nt it' his siijht
"d. when the lirst
re '" be lemovcd
h Ch i tig. who is a I ,i
ca is of a ge. ha- bee n (hi
''or t I"' pas' twelve V I'll i - Ssn
n-i ! a, ii '..us I v he seems to have
ill , rv other then to Ins ,.,
e , bro.v - w ere si n :'ed but the
i, ,i I , :, e of bill I , s on his fa ,
lifter tin accident. Mrs. H,,,u ,,
ri tonal I
the next :
bst lie les.
lid be greater and Lett, r than 1
We had a late start this vea r
moreover, had to Ida r own
ere was scarcely anv pre I
vv hich to go. Next v ear i
different, for the commis '
ha v e t he ex pericnee of '
as a v erv v alua'de .'uide.
I certainly feel grateful to the
' for the cooperation we havi
. and w is, to extend the thanks
the .oniiiiissioii all who as
ail. II,
dent hy
will be
in will
is ccar
i a
Hill I.
the big
aid i ng
w , t h t hei r p:it ronage.
i ii n u i ng
- f
c to
s," V
, I,
I- ill be
uis aft,-
cut il el,
e ii k n .
- appl
,IW II c,
l.s, I I.I I,
'I'd the
"i I Kair to
an end last i
n day. 1;
nioment th
- lirst dav uu
lis, ,,,ght
' . i pa t ions
' ' boost ei ' '
v I'll
til ll,
I"" I
W en
Trotit Seen
,e legisla'ul
.Clll ;,. ., ,
.ll hail
ll 'I II 11 II i
"I 'Id'
'. sllll ,
uc.l.H '
a libit
' I
1 1 "
a If i,
a n.l
suited i
It is all
aused a
hi fa uu l.v yester.lav at
.hich icsulte.l in a uearlv fatal
v . i-cordi ng to the police
Mis Kapahi started a swipes
yester.lav morning which re
i a rough and tumble fight
ge.l t hat when the tide of bat
tic was singing In Kapahi 's favor, lib
bcttei half pulled n revolver and i'lrcd
three shots at him, but owing to pour
a rksiii a nslii p and not having guuere.l
the proper lunge, none of the bullets
found the taiget fur which thev were
i nleti.le I.
K,s, (,-iils ,.f W a imn nil Street, where
'he si,,.,,! '.. t,,ok place, were alarinc'
'v th fas'l'iide and sent for the police.
iho pioinptlv p'nce.l the bellinerent Mrs.
Kapahi and her suous" under arrest
t the polite station Kupa,hi showe.'
"u i ltd i eat ioc s to prosecute his betti"
half and said tV.f the whole aff.ii
r,"i out "f a slight misunderstand, ne
which gre" out of nn ov eriliiliilgenee ir
swiocs. Mrs Kaplihi will be arraigned
in the poll',' court this morning ,,ii a
chiiriio ,,f felonious assault.
w Ii I,
v ari
t he
. I pi opiiat ed t in- sua
olving fund for Tei
'scs. the fairs to be
II, II oliolu !n. It nil
e. t at the exact liiiaa
the lirst tair befon
I h i, i s, la v, perhaps, bu
lose est i ma f c mav I ,,
ol tiiilOU (he cost ol
lias probably been
allowing foi the sal
I used- The Amu
so haiidstiiBi'lv vvitl
i piolniblv saved Ih.
l--o.ll betw .i"i,IMMI iilld ld,
Ir addition to the irate receipts
will be re, , i pt s from eollces
upon which the eommision wil'
percentage: the .lapaitiMO garden
o il oh lied and wil
mi nor receipts t roll
tits, and
,,rs soui.es. I
inellt that tin
I'll 11 would be I
Angus estiinnteil
net prolits frun
the iieighborhoo.'
,f il nun. w In, I, vv ,,,,, be turned bad
into the i c vol v ing Ka i r f ii ml.
Mixed Crowd Yesterday
When the gales were opened vester
li,v IllOllllllg ii mixed ciovvd was on
ide waiting to get ia Kroin then nut i 1
i late b i u i last evening there was h
steady stream of people coming ai'il
:oing. N'oti. cable mi the throng were
niinv winking people who weie takiri;'
'heir !.! ,,pp,,i t ,in it v to see the )t-j
how. Then- weie uioie than the usual
I'linbei ot .1 a , a lo se Chinese and Kor
'.tignesc , who. also had ipiile likely no'
i'cn theie before.
The tiisi tontine was the church pro
'linn. Koi these servnes a speeia
pcakei's plait,, im had been erccle,'
ii the race track in hunt of the grand
land, flu- latter was .low. led to tin
unit with people "I all pat ioiialit ics
' aptlllli I'e.puvnat, i I' the ClilllldlUI
11 in V led the siueing. there l.i'ino six
v 1
I raw nil
U MI I i.'l D. .lour I I
d I'less The llelginn ,,,
ilorined Se.iclaiv of State
-i iii.-i us a i e cut i inn
that the In
i lepiil t n t I oil
but Mislead
in in v . Itc i I
lend 11, e II.
-so, ia
ster has
I .a using
ng their
ot lli'lgia ii Hon couibata nt
of sending them into d-i
ii 's now p lacing them be
I'l'",' li"iit ii, I'laioc ai.d
v in n s u
all lellileicl as
v the Hawaiian
"ledge Mvself to
Xeeedliiglv ideas
ll-o Ihe ' Ma.se
' lent Kcv nol.l M
oni tu, ii i in c n I ot
'mi. I Th, addl,
'S . I s,, ,,,, ,n.
, l. C and
I i, -t , -,.
Pe'tshnbles Sold
M i s.
u I
('harels I
a'-, on, panic,!
' Sineiica, 1
This vv as in
feiituie. as w n
' '. rondel ed Ir:
'lini, to the a,
."second I ii fn nt r.
the dav was bv
c r n. v A N av v
d I, ighl v inter
In the
teatuic v
he Kcl
.Id Vv
I notable
pci isluiblc
bciictit of
Klce nil.
on. Th.
I . I h.
I. -s. I .. I
IJ.-a us.
h ii .
Hei, I,.
Hen as.
Men ns
l'e:.s. .
Hoot s.
t 'arrol s
(( to ..'l.'l . ,
.'it to Hi Ciicvmjbers ,b,
.ill to
"' : 1 u ', :, v . . ii i j (ireen pepper.
'"' l"' l u i i n;:.iv i;oen pcppeis
x'i' ' H' I . . 10.00 droop peas. II,
" " v t . Xv'ono rjit4.oes, I-
"11 whi'e I I 01k J'otutoes. s.vc
P.00 Tiloes.
. . .M Tarn, bunch
doen b.hes 40 Cabbage, ,-wt
''I'",, se. II, f)l 1 .times, loo
. . ld?-r 1'illf Spplcs . v
.00 t'l.pe.ias. II.
ii Htr.wbnr ries.
(battle and sr,,.-,, r, ot hoaght at itve n-el(rht.
ll ,s,
... .sS
. .or.
i to a. so
in tu .07
tt J3
Ha ua tins
Hiiiiniias. (
Klgs. Mill
( i i ll ,es.
b. I,
t .70
I. So
. , .20
pnid for
-f. II,
I lie
Mice i.
' 'orn.
No. I
N o
sin. yel . t..
lg. vol.. Ion
c'aeked . .
esse, weight liaSIS. JlogS, Hp til I'lU lb
14 te .IF, MuttoB. II,
N to .15 Pork. lb. . .
18 Kipa. lb. .
14 Oont, n bite ca
are prices on fet f o. ii. Honolulu
ii 100.00 Parlev .
. . 1 (M'.txi Hay, I, cut .
... 102. no Oats, ton . .
12 oo to 45.00 Hernteh Ko.sl. t
TheT r slanghtered and
to I .
.is to iv
.2r. to .27
. ..'16
to ,;u
; s.oo
4'.(.oo t 50.00
100.00 to 10S 00
geiint Dobson. The smaller ones sold
lor propoitioiiate prices Hananas went
at ! a bunch. I'iueiipplcs averaged 10
cents pice... Mangoes nnd smaller
fruits were sold in lots, bringing good
A long pumpkin, having the appear
ance of huge potato squash, cenie in.
for lively competitive bidding between
Unk McCandless and Mrs Harold
Rice. Moth wanted the .specimen for
the see l. Holding sturted ut fifty cents
and run up four bits a time until V5
was rem lied when the pumpkin was
knocked down to NTts. Rice.
MilXlng Contest
In the milking contest, which wis
carried 011 nt the fair fur four davs,
lirst prie was awarded to a grade ta
wniiau bred Jlolsteui named "Belle",
out-red by the Knme hnmeh a School.
This cow produced .YH2I1 pounds of
butter fat dining the contest. Mhe
averaged fifty six pounds, ,,r twenty
eight quarts of milk. u ,y. .Tohn
Honey cared for the cow at the Kair
and milked her. This animal has pro
diiced .101! pounds of butter in the 'nst
twelve months.
, Codnr Hill na. an imported Avshire,
entered by Hon. W. If. Hire, of l.ihne!
Kauai, was awarded second prize. Her
I'cord was 5.M2?7 in butter fat. al-
hough she cjave less than nineteen
quarts of milk a day. The )iK iliffer
"110 in the richness of the milk of this
'.w brought her buttorfat total up
almost to that of the winner.
Willow moor, H. C. li., nn Avshire, also
owned by V. H. Hico, took third place,
d. owing 5.27S1 in butter flit. All of
'he other entrants (three; fedl below
'"ur pounds uf butter.
Much interest was taken .particularly
bv milk and cattle men, in this contest,
and it will doubtless bo a 'feature of
-nut interest at, the next fair.
- w. a. ', - 1-
Cost of Living Not
Half As Bad
Here As In Belgium
.Next to Ihe latest news of Ihe vnr,
the most popular subject of conserva
tion Is Ihe high cost of living.
"Vr." complained a wotnnn both of
whose hands were loaded with dia
tnsiuds. "tho food administration asks us
to save wheal, but many of the sub
sfitutes are more expensive ami ia
these days, of the high cost of li.viug
evry penny counts. '"
Jt is true that some of the wheat
Jiubstitutcs do cost a cent or two per
pound more than wheat, but this can
not be helped fur they cost more ts
If thev sold for twice, three times,
yes, even if the other cereals sold for
'on times more tliiin wheat, however
he f administration would still
urge the patriotic housewives, of
America to use them, for its purpose io
doing so is nut to show how cheaply
vou can run your nousclioid, lint Imw
u h
l et ihe American woninu, who com
linns of the high cost of living and
lositatos to pay these fijw extra eent
I111I possibly some of the wheat sub
itjtules cost her, read the following
etl.r which was reteiveoV. by the Bel
tiau High CoiniMissiun of the Caned
'ales, from Mull lies, ii tho occupied
iiirt ion . of Belgium,
"We are all well. We. have told
011 about the heihteuod cost of liv
"g. but what will you suv io this
Kuiter, francs (4.t0i ' kilo '
I rounds 1 : iiet II francs i.tJ.soi;
I'jcon - I triuics ,4 "11,- ...... s 1
' 1 cents 1 each ; a I. a- of
help win the war by saving, the food
Allies mvuil.
on :
. cai
s. l-a
frillies, ( ifcL'S
"J- . 8, -
s .'VI'
He, t,v
t 11,11;
,f adverti
v cry session w ith th
spii if, the .Sun Kraii. i- 1
"11. duly 7 to 11, of t he A - so
dv ells,o C,, I,, f ,e U .o ld
' led to be one of the mo l
e agencies ot the year 111 th,
I Held foi the iuinoi lanl wor.
war to Am-iien.
nt U'allaee It. Karrinet I
'I-- Honolulu Ad Club says tl a' 1 1,
local dub, which is affiliate I vx it Ii 1 1 -s.,,eiate,
AdvertisiiiK flubs, hss be 11
asked o send its best represen ' a ' 1 v , s
as delegiites to the war convention to
deal with problems vital to the Nation
W. I. I.
Second Drive' For Ball
aod B?t Fuel
Now Under Way Here
Clark Griffith" Reappoints C. S.
Crane To Direct Campaign
In Hawaii
I hai les . Ciano. miiiiagor 01' The
V.lveltleei has been apslllile. l,v
I Clink ritrilh, iijnuu.'er of the Wi.sii
........... 1 1 . . 1 . ... . 1 .
I ''!.'"" no 01 I lif .! .ricm
I . ague. I,, .liifct Ihe Haw aii , 1 m
I mil.' 11 this your for ; h colic. !,,,.,
I ,1 two bit and other pi.iee.i ,,t si'v. 1
1 I'm tiie Clink C ifh'tn t 11 10 1 Kit
'nnd. winch will l;-p he iini
, ,, an soldi,. 1 bovs in Kurope : ,u
: inshe I vv llh ba-i-bnl lual. rial
I As a icsult . lest yoni 's .., ,,
I puigii. Managei Cum sent I,, l 1 .
'M'tt'th a checiv 'oi i,,.
than 4.ri(i. Kaiai. the sninllosi ..:
1 i,e lour lui g irdai-is of I ho 'I 1
I .'oi v . ..at 1 Uniting almost hall
I 1 In am, on, I ( lalni w .,, ,,1 ,, ,
I teiitci and Muili came through .p,
I l.iiii'l-oiiielv . but the Hiu Isl .1 ,1 .
w -o, sill in
I hen- was but lit 1 I, t Im- to
Hoc a use many ships used m the
""nth Vmerican trade have be. u laker
v- for trans Atlaiitie shipping, and 111
..i ter to insure an equal distribution ot
gleen cotl'cc, based proportionately 01
pas' re'iuireinents of the trade, tin
I M ed .States food adtuiiiistralion has
issued nn order r.iiiriiig a'l deolers ,1,
- e. i coffee to notify tiie food admin
'-trillion at Washington, at 4 f
their entire holding of Rrariliau cotTee
These holdings include that which is
10. w afloat and that to b shipped
The date of purchase, quality, and same
..f vessel whicli will tran.piMt aliipnient
uiii-t be given. If ih,- name of vessel
' I known the dporoxiuiHto date
of shipment must lie jrivon. All parti
. ,n leiaiding elikrlVrs of frciuht en
- gemeiits giving jate of freight, iuiim
also be reuorteil. V'ljrt h, r eilL'S-eiueiit-:
pp'emciitiiig the initial renin t. when
I '"'eii'il into, inusl u. repo'led
I dialelv
I I'ntil fuillier notice no buver of
, ecu coffee w id i,f alloaed In import
I '"" (he I nitial States an excess r.f
1, s pciceuteg- of coffee, as shown bv
the aver..-,, bnmfta f, t h csleinlsr
I "i"" ll'1" and 1017. No import license
, will be approved or permitted that will
w . leas,- -sn. li a pcrcontage
-- w. a.
in: iuo
I 1 r
w . 1 1 k last
,11 inpiiign
it Haw
1 . 1 ill
will be woil
H u I i I is
it Will es
toi i'i
, 1. 1.
1.1 1 Mn ). .1
' ' ii a llll
age ii was
the loval
I t.l l.r.l'jle
1 - end osmetic ll. 'les.
'I , l a c-t v i.Imj pluns
1 '.ti, ,11 dale from the
ll is levin thai
hi., no lit s pelldi.ng to atle
I na v v game on Chelsea
1 Hu-.-ba l i.,,s
up in KuKlani). King
limriied today, plujis t..
oilier of baseball fans
s thron-h all the .V
1 Iv er ..a Man, and 1 1 :i v 1 h
parting iin'ionnl guardsmen who
Cltlfc , o the federal seiv I e.
given lousing send, .IT- l.v their
friends, and del not b av e tl , ,,
isinn.ls vviriiouf pi.q
being ,,owu to tl.
are to cliiiv Ih.- nfl...
,. ,1,.
vv ere
ll 'ni
pple. .' ion
n. e 11 vv ho
a 111
.1 I ..el
unil the PijJ of Ihe w ai
In ITi Iii the v 0 inig men
t i
th. I r
ma 1 he. I
, Se, re'ai v of the
I 11 ne, vv ho a Iso
II In Tribut e of
the s lolT ,.l . on
'tid Hawaiian In
th-M the
t more
.al bmld
i th
,,l, ,1
bo Iv
of being rev lew ed
through the Streets I,
liitoti.ir Krankliii K
nddri-siv,) them Th,
Inst Viidav tells nf
the boys of the Sec
tantij. I, .f.,re then barkatmn fo
Kort 11nstrong. Ilomlulu. as follows'
The parade formed al ih, Arm.rv
Hid at one o'clock started to ninrch
'hrnugll the citv streets -phe n iin'o
of soldiers, children and ebloi -tu.leiit
was so Isrge that when the hen, I ol
he parade reached th- c.in. r ,,f Kimit
in. I VVaiiiiiueniie ."Streets after neiuli
inr nioiiud the city blocks, the tail was
till streamni- n'on- fr-m the rmorv
ind the pnrnd.' v olappe I. s,
head had to nt, in, past th.
nnd ma k e its vv a v in tic f e I,
ing that vvav
National Anthems Sum;
The proceed i 11 L's opened '
dngiiig of the Hawaiian Nat
'hem, Hnvva'i I'onoi and c
ood nt nttention while It was .,:t,...
I'he Kroneh anthem wns sung 1, . and
he wime r-speet was paid it ''(lot
v the King'' wns then rendered
while the ninlieiiee stood at atteiil mn.
The Snlntc ,, tl,,. King was then gi.en
by the school child, en and it was nn
iwe-insplriiiL' nioireiit. . inerii-s v as
hen sung bv the school children with
vorvbodv joining in the elio-ns
The sinning was a pre'itii'niMv for
M10 speech ,!' si,.,.ri.t;irv vriln' k
a ne of the department erf the nterior.
The Heeretnrv spoke of put rbitism and
what .I means t,, all Aineri aiis. He
declared that America was in the war
0 flgl'f for Ihe ,1. mocrn. v of the world
and thnt si,,, would never let ut. until
vietorv was a.-su e,l. ,. stat-d that it
had tekon son,,, tune 1,, rea'i.- what
tiornniiiv meani b. he, ni'in, rof vvnr
fare, but when the Kai er dec'n'ed
that tho hl'iliwnvs ,,f the e-.s were
barred to Amen, an sh.ps and p "lplo
'he fiiiishieg touch had 1 11 put oil
'ho criminal n. ts of C rmanv .
Spo-.king of the llawa.ian 1 dull, Is.
the .secretary declared that the spec
tacle Jie wan-nit thnt moment witn-ssing
filled him with iov . for he . before
'iim thon-ands of tin- A - ans who
"ere heart and Soul with their country.
'I'he patriotic 1 nl has a in e I il,i',.,
touched hi in to the ore and In- felt.
'hat the sol.li.rs fr mil II 1 : 1 , vvould
Io tin. i.nrl in th" w-n a :nmt the
roimuoii foe of Iiiiiiiuiihv
M r. I an-' was In
-nd of his speech nu. I
'he music bo"n a n-n-n
Williams sang ' Th.. '
- ith 11 chorus, and there
div ive in the -atherii,..
e it on. Sc.- . tar.
lauded a' 1 he
h" s:,t ,,i. a
M ' Kail
c In Kl a'l 1 "
w a bar. Iv a
as t h- song
I 1
In mself :is deligh led vv t h I h
3-dness and Joy on Maui
It wn" with 1,.,'h -ado. s.
lis! IJu- nj ev l-ll, people
hen ''bovs 111:1 1. li tl,,
d I'
- at. he. I
K 'an. a
..id Ha
o euil.urk aboard the st,an,
u siil ji vv n v to Honolulu t
itlier battalions of the
w a I ia 11 1 11 f 1 nf rv 'fi,,. v. :. I
-II- of their d. I a ! Ill e n - follows;
It wis h'l-e and ...pobtaii
row, I that assembled ,,, K - . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..11
Sun lav aftcriuiou to b, 1 .,.,live and
'mils,-, .ed to the gi iini-ni, ,, ,,t M ,ili,
'Im '-It on the s'cauie, K 'ca l,,r
I f oil . , 1 11 1 1 tu tlll.e 1 he pl.o . .
'ov s ol the regular :n iim , v- I ,
' senl to Kraii- e to ., 1 0
A iiierien n f nrcen "i,,,i 1 1, '
Thou- h e v cry l,,il . t , ,,. t ,
heel fill and ha ppv . a cei 1 1, , ,, -;,
-'I'"' I In b r I over the - , . ;, I It
'iido. an intangible sonn-tl, a.:
made Ihe voices trend b- 11 s pati
song after son- rose iin.u ihe
r 1 1' Ihe I 'uiineio- 1 .11 ml v , - , . a t
iiiIimi. e and oppos,e I y bandstand
a platfirm beaulifiillv .eer:'l.l with
Hugs, had been erected for the sp..,,K
vv i'l
t he
1 1 1 ' i 1
.1. .1. W'al-h acted us cha rm- 11 and
ili'roduced the spoakeis. "h,. lac of
"S'holll was County At Ionic v He in-,
who si.oke with 11,11, h ferlin- and
warmth, a truly patriotic ad 'res-,
wlii.il struck a resp,,nive , loud ,,, ih .
mil e 1
v 1 I v in a, h
I. V I Isl, .
talk I . t he
upon thciu
w hum
I, he
In h
Kmnth ol
bo has 1 11 r
lid tin: mi in v
Held on I,,
nenrts ol nil his I st. 1 s s,
I 'row ell. the nevt spea hei . mn 1
brief but I'urcof ul a. I Ir,
1,. the puinl.
H- wa folbiwed bv I
who guve a heart In heart
lovs 111 khaki impressing
' liev need lis ve 110 I ca r tot I h,,-,.
,'liey nie leav iig behind I h i,.
will be taken good ca 1 e ,,f. I
ttqiped down and the 1,,, plans,
awnv. JUrrj VVaslbura llaldvv,,
'I the innb invtiiig. annon,
he band would I v 'I'i .
.."sp:' lighld llnuiK'i aft. 1 v. 1.
w ould ,r suig b v all t he 1, ,, '
int. Kvorv hofiil thi'lled a I I,
ling notes of our glotioii- ea , ,.
tl'i'lll lolbiwf;e thi. oi.h th, ,,,
1 Ih-ll -then clhc Hie s.,.,g 1 ,-,,i.
. drods of v (i ,.- lll.sl.adv ;.. I
lulls al Hot but -ai h i ,1 .g 1 ,, -1
and v oliiiue unt 1 1 1 1 , ,,.s,. , ., ,
j chorus tow ai d 1 1, si. ,
w 11 1 1 . T III s sp:, . : . 1 .11, o. 1 1
a 11 I a sob s n 1 o .. . 1 1, , k, ,;, .
1 and gripped the II ,
bssiball fund.
1 ( 'rune has I.e. n
I he snb-ci ,, I
,, I I,, . I -I. I e ,
II I app."
I I.
I 1
d t
. dell
e I I.I v . w hei o In
spoi t w 1 item, bow ing In I he
. i"e nbeadv struggling with
1 "t the Ainericnn national
I'UH't.uv to writing L..,ii,e
"I tin- lonith ,.t .1 11 1 v on
1 n 11' 1 r I - 1 ' . .1.0, I
. , , , .I,,
I II- Hi it -I, I i , -
llllllllg I In- sun.!,... uinnlas u.-lh is
shliU Id Will. 1 1 f , I 1 e 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' ! I os .
Ili'ss ol the , 1, 1 I I - I.,, v . . h 1, ,
en ,l oili,t at 1 ,- t , , , , , 1 , , , , , ,
nils t rouble 1111, , I , 1 , ,, 1 . , . ,
lam '- I , ll, :,i I I , , I, i I.. ... I ,. , 1
alwnv s I , ,b-,,'i. , .1 1 , . ,,
bv all deal. ', 11, ,, , , . ,v 1 .,
Ltd , S-eiit. for !, , ,.

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