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; L t. !
.Tun 20, 191 taut tw.ntv
f on r hour' Tbinfrtll ' . I.J.
TrmpTQtur MtiK 70 Mux.
no, Weather, OJoiidy.
One MentlMK fcnd One WfcaatleM MMl
VOF.. 1,1 1. ' NO. 50
' I'. 21. l'MK. SF.MI WKKKLY.
WIK I.K l 'MI'.F.R 4749
Hundred Thousand Workers
In Arsenal and Airplane Fac
tory Strike For Wages
and Food
L()H), Imic Jl I ssociated I'rcss i- itli mule ih.m a luin
dred thousand munition factorv workers on strike ,tud with
hod riots in I Ik streets of Vienna and other larc cities while the
Workmen's Council at Vienna pass resolutions deuouin hil; endi
lions. coinplaiuin", ol' the food situation and demanding rcliei. . -on ,
1 ( 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 o industrial conditions and protesting against the cniperm's
iniir-e in not com eiiinir parliament, the situation m iistri.i has
Iconic more than ever aeute.
In the nlein arsenal ami the ar-halow sk i airplane m.iI. m
ienna more than a hundred thousand operatives have ' n "Ut
on strike, said an K cliaii,e Tcleirraph desp;ifl) which was re. cue. I
in Zurich yesterday. The message continued that there w is n,,i
my in the street and that nit the suhurbs sij,ns ol disorder had lie. n
oi.served and there was seilou ,riotinjj.
, , vUlci all n&kuv.v4JWJ--H4-tTy:iV date yesterday
luoriiiii, it ii' reported in an Kxehanije Telegraph message to ( 'open
ltat,cn, the Workmen's Council passed several strong resolutions,
dealing with the food situation and w ith other matters. I he reso
hitioii on the food situation took the hum oi demands as well as
protest. This demand was that the hread ration shall he raised
iiHiiiediatelv and that until the loaf shall havi reached its normal
-ic other victuals shall lie '.riven to the population to compensate
i or the shortage of bread ration.
I mu lling on economic questions, raises in waives in the yo em
inent monopolies were deinanded and that all iiii;ht work in the
factories shall lie limited to men operative-, since the women em
p loves are unable to stand up against the hard work required ol
lliem upon the scant and insulheicnt I I ration that is allowed.
Turning to the political situation the council protested against
.iii.I condemned the action of the emperor for lading to summon
; i.n liameiit and demanded its speedy convening
Tending replies to the resolutions it uracil the people ol ienna
and ..I iistria ocncrallv to refrain from further riolniL;
Ueports of serious rioting in ienna ten lied mst erdain e
tcrlav I'.akenes were looted ami sacked and stores broken into
l tesf.iiL; the unpopularity of Premier I'.mian. his resilience was
-toned I n the wild rioters while one w mil; ol the I I oi y: ai I pa la. e was
parnaliv wre'ked. t'avalrv was bein hurried to the capital lor
I a ot e. 1 1. .ii and it was expected that martial la .v w..uhl be declared
I In rioting was in protest to the reduction .a the bread latioiiuiL;
. 1 1 1 1 no in. i e ise allowed in other pro isioiis as a substitute.
I here has been considerable Id Micd in the lecent disturb
an. e- in Xiistriau cities, it is indicated in iiic-sii'S reaching Stock
holm I he despatch refers to peace and In... I riots in Merlin, Mam
bu ru; and toluene and . it her cities and s;i - thai sev era I w ere k illed,
numbers niiured, main arrested and that the military had to be
called m to assist tin' police forces in the ipiellin of the riots and
dispersing the rioters.
K'eieiriu to the possibility of securing assistance in the wa ol
via ither food from its allv, the i olone laette says thai
no sueli aid can be expected, that (ieiniany is in a similar plight lor
f I and must reduce its own bread ration until alter the next
harv est
News of ; lie lack of success in the olTeilsive mi the Italian front
is bemu; carefully withheld and reports oien out to indicate that
s.itisfa torv progress i- beini; made lor it is rcconied that the
iiilhentic reports lioin that battle fioiii would add still further to
.mi ahe.i.K complex problem and lead to in., re insistent demands
ioi ieace.
W s I NI. I . IN. .In..- "o ss,..,ii
I, I I'.,-- TI,. V ui.-i i, an iii'iii-l.-i at
, , ,
leheiati. I'.-l-ia liu,- t m w a i . I ,-, I ihe
Mule .).',,!.. I 1 iH.lli.'l ,1. tails re
- .- 1 1 1 1 i III,- :i,lii - ..I the Vnieiican
ho-pital an I -.-iiiic nt llic Aineii. Mii!
-.iilnte nt Taloi, b Tinki-li tr..op-
In his lale-t tlespat. h ihe mini-lei
tin- . ji 1 1 1 - h .miimiI'- pi.ilests wcie
, , lie, I In lli, in. : I , I e I -. VII II if I- i i alls
me li.llcw.l to liioi, lea. he I sufely.
WAMlll Ni.TON, .1 u in- Jl (A-s,-ia
. , ,, . ,
t c. us-- I In- nominal lor pro
" I ' ' Ihirtv -incals an, I
"Ihcl ollicels is expece.l to be Un
i . , , -. I -horth.
t ,s u n. I c rst .iol thai lien. I'evt.iii
(' Mar. h, . ncf of -taft has .lis. ar.le,l
the hcnnnil svsteui in making his hi'
Ic.tiiius an, I ha- a.loplcl III lieu of it
ja svatcin which is purely sele.tuo.
Turkey and
Getmany In
Hot Dispute
A I'll HNS, .In in- Jl i Asorinte.l
l'ress) Turkey mi, I (Scrnmny utc
I'litfax''"! in a hejtte.l I i mj u t us to
hii hIih.II Kpenrt the Kiumiim naval
fleet. Moth (if tll' powers Wllllt the
vessels mi. I both nio moving .-ii.1.
fjet i- 1 1 V tn achieve their purpn-i-neither
beinjj willing tn iel.l iti 1 1 1 -mill
I er.
In n statement by I lir (jrati 1 i . i
which M ill isSllt'il . f-ll't'lll) 'l.' s.ll-l
that Oerniany hn.l cut, -re, I in'-, ne-;-nations
with Knssia I., s.'c'.ii.' t
wnr vessels unit 1 1 1 ii t tin' Ttiilo-li
i'ovcrniiieiit Inn! lirii. lakcn
i.ti' action with ii . ii1.. .i .o.piir
ii. tit.' vp-.filn for Tiii K -.
Minimizes Own Air Losses and
Exatigcrates In Reports of
Those of the Allies
I' V IMS. . ,;: Otttiwn, Jim.' -I i A-n
. U.t.- I'l-.'-si li.'-lll'ill . .111:11111111. 1 1 1 - -
i.-l.iti.' I.- its own I.,.' :nil III. is,' ,tf
III.- Alios otterlv 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ;t 1 1 1 - Mini
. -s I in II i- tliis in f.'i'or: ,.t :. : t
,: lo-f..-- tor ill.''.' i-. .-on. i.i-i . .-
,tn..r t Ii :i . Mo- rii.'iitv lni lo-t tii:in
itM.tr tlnn.'s tliini lots I. .-.mi M'l'.nlol l'
it-. . 1 1 ilk r 1 1 1 1 n i.ii.'s.
Atillii'iiti. i ii lot in:, t ion on .'iiriny iiir
lose hK lii'tMl rolllii l.'.l h Tin' Allli's
tin I 1 niiiMtiittt' l to tlio Kri'iu'h wnr of
II. .'. Tlivne stum ,tli nt in Icsb llmu nix
nuiuiliK, tint tlip lirnt ilny of .January
iHKt, .tbit AIHm have .lfltit.royeitr,8.'t. j
(o-rinnn ' iluiii-ii. I-oski-i of A0triun
1 1 1 ii ii -h me not iiii'lii. It'll tlio total In-inu !
.Ii'sini'.l fo show thr iniri'liuttilitv of
Ilir Ocriieiii reports. t
III till' snlili' l y till' (irrillHII ri'lnill"
.-:il'..'I 111 tin' loshi's of tin' Allii'i. 1
W. S 8 I
Ci owder's Demands For Reclassi
fication Productive of
Large Results
WASHINGTON, .I ii ik' (Olliiiiili
Mm.' III;. n ii j un it r of a million
in. i . h:i.' lir. n in I'lo. I to the aviulHl.lt'
hit in i 'lut" I of I li .Iriift na u rt'Kiilt
i,t ill.- iimimoii of I lie il.'frrr.'il .lani
1 1 . : 1 1 . . 1 1 lh mIii.-Ii I't'.n ot Miii'mIuiI (It'll
ri.il i i.iwilt'i iiilli'.l upon tin' (ioiMi
,,i - ,,l tin' atii.iis Htatt'K to litiv t' nill'li'.
Iln- i- .".o, nun in ti r(- than tin" ('stimuli'.
In In- ir.iirsl to the novel nors
i ' r 1 1 w , I . -1 :iiM-rti',l that the nunilit'r of
i la-" I A men whs believe. I in mativ
i .. ii, , - to lie I.... -mull att'l that Ihe
..Hot riiiic. I n'.ei- .i vision also ai
peat.-, I l.i le siiiallel than thev shoul.l
I.e. lie .alle.l tor a elireflll r.'ilii.-sl
It, iition tin. I it is from tins that the m
i-e, liiires were ot.laine.l.
The ..line of the pro ost marshal
eneial is uov ennav.l in the eompila
lion of (inures whieh are to hIiiiw how
ii i :i ii in, ire men will lie avuilulilu for
Ihe ilia It if the ai' limits shall lie
:. in. ii, le. I to ineloile men between i'ijh
I, en an, I forty live years. These ll
Hies hi.' to be later presentcl to eonn
n -v lot . oiiKtil.THt ion in eoniieetion
with the proposal to extcn.l the uye
limit- imili-r the .halt.
"Pastor Russel" Crowd Convict
ed of Sedition
N I.W VI IIIK, .Ion.- I A o. late.l
l ies- l.iht of the Kllsneliles v. ho
i I e mil, le-l lll.-lel the . 's p I on a ye act
Wile e-lil la , ,'tl l-lcl nl' -e.lllloll III
til. ntl. l II e- wIm.-Ii WCIC l-llblsie, 111
I lie Si, ii. i.n s, huiil Society" pnbli. a
IJiil Iii -i on .1. .( ho -in ,-ccl, ,1 ' I'a-l.n ' '
I ; n - -. I a 1 1 ei I I..- leal Ii ol' I he lat I ci aid
assume I Ii,. ii. inn- for ail bii-iue-s pur
po.es I,,., I- lli. h-t with -even a--.,
In i ii- I no t 1 1 1 I he JIM before -lib
, in 1 1 I Hi..' I lie else I.n Its er.llct I he
pile, s.li'l ''All. I mi ale to I e Ii I , ' III I ,e I
t ha l lli, pi. a t hat w I, .it I I'cv -hi was
.lone in I he -el 1 1 e ol I o,l ' Is no IX
,,1-e mil .-.'III II be t ii II -1 I. I ', I as a -le
1"" '
GENERAL JOHN PERSHING-wears smile these days since
the men in his command are seeing active service and ren
dering such excellit accounts of the training they have under
gone and the mettli in them. Yesterday General Pershing nailed
the lies of a German olhcial report and quieted another lying re
i port of defective gas masks in the American army
w -
' f - Tt
Part In Big Drive Is Told In Re
port on Insular and For
eign Divisions
WASH I Nl.'l'l )N
Splen ll I w.i'k
-it lar a n l I '.-' - '
Cross in the
W hlle the t ill i
. .. II 1 I I bll 1 i - t, - :, '
insular I -; 1 1 . I
the .In is,, ,i, i- 1 1
that can ici I.
n 1 1 a n I - I ri 1 1 i - I,-
As 141 ell "III '
1 '.' Ihe li-liie 1
nun thus ...un,1
I. pl.S-.-s-. -, I,
are MS follows
The ll.iw.i, ,-,
1; 7 7, 'Hill l;i ,
II, lam. ".s,',i. M
tma. . 7 . I
i .-a n republic : .
Peru, ifl.".,
i ..i.i iiiii 1 1 :i 1 1 .
Siani, ",o,iii,
If.,-... ' i
I'lll. He, ii-,,.
w urils of i lun,o 1
(Dili, l.'.l
, ie l.v III - lu
",s ,.t the l.'e I
W :ir I In i e ' '
.1- III.' l'oe,;-ll
' I ,-( of I lu
ll. e lollll Ioi
,,,,, !!:e I,.,,- ,
,.,il. The" II. i
. -' ' t - -1 oonm it
- i I, ,i, I . p"i.
'I.,- .......
I colli, I i i. -
5 -i
I.S- . JJa ! i ...
.CPa yi
" " -
' Ami' t '
Thirty two Discharged Here As
Enemy Aliens Scatter On
Reaching Mainland
VN KK N('siCO, .rune JO i Asm,,-.
I I ' i ss , 'lb i i ty t w o former fluid
- s.., he,,. , list hitrxc. I from tin
" ,' Honolulu because of their be
, '-mi' alien- a a, I sent f roni thai
' in ci, i to Hi. I ' n it ci St ates ma i ii
1 L:i.li wiiiite.l an. I are Iicii.l
I t lu p,!i, c ii.-ii t ra I it y s. iii.I ,
, i I it n.n I,. I he t hn ty t n o u n
t . cui aliens who arnve.l
i :i e,n .in in. nl vessel from 11
I l.v nine have been urrcsl d
i'" minnl ..f those .lis. Iimi jjc-l
ih immigration otlicials fail.- I
nit in t , resist rat ion an. I t Ii,..
1 n w i ' Ii on I uiiilcstat ion tin. I s.- , '
I ' - I i-1 1 .- v e.l that some of t hem
I " Oo- slate of California
w s .
' I li V NiTSCO. .tune 'JO , Otli
I -1 .in s ("until iinham, f nite.l
' "I .-. ni l :i I at Hankow. China.
1 i '"-lav f i inn t lie Orient ami
i -I . il li bin -eiissmeu ui Orient nl
General Pershing Shows Repulse
Is Basis of Assertion Amer
I ican Line Penetrated
I V.SUIN(.'I' IV .l.ni. .1 , AsNt.eiiii
I 01 Pres. i .,. in, ai, nlti.ial reports
jren.-hinn here i--l.-r i.-i finm ll.'iliti
elnimeil that lii'tiniin limes hail leeplv
I penct nit eil tiic An . M.an positions al
Heieheprev an I li.i I n.lli.'ie.l heay
! lo-lel. M.iM.'.-l. the , hlilus were foillnl
to tie without t , mil, lat inn in ("net ami
j were completely refute. I in the report
, which wii. latt t ie. eie, troin (ieneral
I'erslitn, uho w;.- .iiiin.'.liately (pieriel
. uk to the report
I eriiliinn s rep.nt siii.l that In the
Ton I ho. 'tor, where Sei. Iieprev is lt-
;et(..l, the enemv artillery was morp
the foe on We,n,.ia ami Ihe niilv
infantry n.tion nhi. h ha, I o, curreil to ,,, f,,.l,n,i- the Atistro Illin-
I K' v " n?"' ,rt ""' eiietnv s , hllll WHS tin I -Httenipte.l
tai l in cinch aUiut sixty I K'""''"1 'ti (11 -I V c. which Started
participute.l. 'I'll,- .aol was repulse. I I
I .lespite the tM-rinan iep..M of success. .
Bld 0rman Trenches frutit ni mute than a hundred
1 At .Ihwi, wstenlav on the ':nitiKiiy , nnl(.s ujt, , ,, ,,U(,si.k-ral)lc illi
' front the Ameri'-an- st.irine.l the trench
ed nn.l nests of (lie toe before Cnilti(liy
anil all of the lii'tman- who .li.l not!
u .. , ,, , ,
nee lit their apt. touch were killo.l or
j ciipiiiretl.
I ,T1'" Httii.-k to whh I ral IVr
I -hin reteri'c.l wat nictii nnie, in earlier
, messin;es ie,eive. It I in which
,he .ai.l Amencii,, patrols , rosse.l th
- Marne on V e.ltiejija nn.l were artive
in the Woevre -fuj... ai-,. where, for
the tirst time, they 0c. as projectors.
1 hn fo was utiprepmy.l an, I tukn by
siirj.risi- mul in i'ouMieii thjr uf
lered heHvy lossos. TKty tricl to re
ltolfntf hut the winil blew the ns bir'k
I against themselves. '
t.oncrnl IVrshinn has also set at rest
nnother reirt which has been ciren I
Intel freely to the effect tllHl the yas :
masks of the American- were impel feet
Hl.,1 . aiisme, I rouble. In a eiible from j
him which the war .leimrt incut i!:ne!
, : , ,
lilt ester, ai he kiii, that he h:t, re
'. eive i no information of anv box i.-s
pirator. of KKish or American niaiiu
in. lure i na i nti'i neen pen. ! rale, 1 i.y
la- when in use in the ttel.t.
(asualties reporteil by the war ,1c
i rt nit-ii I M'ster.lav were sc cnl ecu
kill.'. I in action, nine who .he. i . t"
;w "K, ,w" "f .; "--
'llurt two severely woun.leil.
W. I. .
Raids By British and French In
flict Some Damage and Take
a Few Prisoners
Ni;V YOKK. .tutu
'Jl (Ass... mt.'.l
I'ics-i Minor rniils were the only tie
l.vilies that weie t.-p.iite.l fr.un the
Western front yesterday. Following
tlieir blo.ly ilet'cat before Hheims the
t,- liil not icnuiuc attacks on that sc-
iln YVe.liu's.liiv nicjht the French en
tcrc.l ihe (iermaii lines between Mont-
ili'lier ami t Ii
Oise ami took twenty
The Hritish also sent out mjlit rani
lug purties an. I ma.le other rai.ls yes
l.r.lay n.fbeti.ijj consi,leral,l damage
(iii tin- runny, (uMit riH Hiii n'p'M'tfil,
Niithmy nirurrc.l during the day in
iiuluatt' :i rrmmpt ion of tin ofTfii i vi
n.n in lint dirrrtiun tin next thrust
tuny In t-x prftt'd.
w. s. s. -
Commander of Camp Lewis Ap
pears To Be In Disrepute
W A S 1 1 1 N f . 'I I l
el IT.--- Via
.1 h.. I, I I n il
I CMS I,.,- I
p I e 1 I 1 1 1 1 I - '. ' . I " ' h'"
. ulii ill ;i li I a I I
alld to Wash. ..;
t.U to the l liil'l p
M , 1 1 1 ' I III t ti-it I,
,l( ol bl ,ya l,,r j
lei I, h Poll will
,.'!. he ,1 I II
1,1 W , t I, t I e
I I .1-11. Ii I I
el It. I lo . . ,1
N,. ie.,-
i ' ,,r l I , c
i no,, or Co l
l.clo'lal Ol.
e , amp ,,,
, ..el I i
I "le III w
, -inn, an, I of I amp la w
i a-sion.'.l I,, lh . I'
.1 - lepa i 1 no ii I f. . i
t I, , r -. I ii.- t ion a il,. i
. , c.-li ,-. A - i on n,:i i, i,
, earlv -la. - I .
I h'lio I'.'llt I i ,'l - .
wmi I,-- I,,.,.
t , I. 111-.' Ilsell a ,.- i i
I l.ol (isit ll.
Allies Make Further
Gains In Mountain
Sectors With Enemy
On the Defensive.
On Piave River Balance
of Results Favors Ital
ians After Intensive
T . U V,)KS unc l--(.s-
1. s.Hiati'.l I Ti"- I After SIX
i., s..,,, ,,,, ,r.,.,, ,,1,,,,,, a
tl.'ll SllCCf--.CS ;iiicars (It'Stllll'll tO
I'.il.tr-.. I,, il i ., ,-. t,i,,
..nun . iii in v ii. ' tut. tin -.vvi.tio
the initial successes were riiickly
u , te ,.javc River
sect( ir such ti it In il.ls i in the west-
,.., ,ank as have l.eeil secured are
prccariuus in the extreme and the
ins maJc ar; injugrnificiWlt. And
th'i apparent failure , lias cost a
f,;,i fl ...11 : A..UA ..A
I K ' ,y
and may deveiup into a mott
,.,,fiv ,..(n;it f. ,r flie AiitrJ.in
:i T II 1 s.
ALUlCa UAllN ,
i,, .1,,. ;..,. fr....i -...,1 I., it..
; ......... , tnia.i n.iiii iniu in .11.
1 . n
I n i. unit ain reiiutis vesterdav addi-
jtl()U;1 ormi(J was recovered and
isoine new ground i.iKril ny liic
! I ,., 11., ns their I 'rcn. h ;inl I'.ri-
1 1 i s 1 1 allies. On the I'iave Kiver
' tr..nt there was intensive fihtinR
iLNiiu thriiiiLthiiut vesterdav. At
s. .me points the foe appears to
have made some small progress
luit yenerallv, on that front the
li.itllm Ihictuated with the bal
ance seeininlv in favnr ol the
I talians.
incrican aviators will soon lie
j .a 1 1 ic ipat m .'ictivch in the tiht-
i '
mi this front, line escadrille
! lelt the American training camp
vesterdav and others are to follow
-lii'itK, k.niie rep.irteil in mes
sages received last nilit. This
Ainciican part icipat i. m. thonj;h
ih'ik.iIU- small will he welcoin-
!e.l I.
the Italians alonir the bat
tle line.
1 'thcial report
itlicial reports from Koine and
j icnii.i , ere s, ,,ne VV ha t ill Conflict
tl ri 1,1 , Itnlh sidos cl;iimill
victories thuUL;h the ienna mes
sages were less saumime than
ihuse t r hi i Rome. The Austrian
.ilTici.tl report said: "We have
held all the or,,uni which we took
.,n the west hank ot the I'iave and
have driven the Italians hack
a!, ii.' the s.nith side ol ihe Trc-
v i -. . i a 1 1 vv a v ".
' I Ins report makes m, claims of
I .mi adv am es and lav s Mlc- upon
i Hi's1 ' 1 Italian repulses. The
".mls named are close together
.ii'l the niil v I, -otuiL; v hi. h the fue
li.i- "ii the w est , auk i ,1 the I 'i.i vi
lli .1, 'I. ii c men 1 1. o led is . ,n a 1 1 on t
. i iiisiL;nllicant 1. n.:th
K - : i ie t. .1, 1 , ,1 I n I ci I s( I 1 1 U'l'
1 1 . ; 1 1 1 iii-.; .tluni: the 1'i.ive limit and
. 1 1 I the lt.ih.ins were dealing
1 1 iv ii n. I , ,ns il, . s against the loe.
I'n the nmih i, i Mmiteliclluna-
1 (Contluuixl on rage :), Ooluum &)
: t
- ii
. I
' I

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