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. hVVir.. x ' ' ' .ii J ' L r i ';';' -; - T 'k"-'"-''.''v"w7. .--.V, ',.,
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' , 1- Ja . -'A' . I . . i ., I . . ... . - , T7
In Soite of Fact That Two Ctilfefr
Regular Carriers Go On
Other Run Hope Rises
Situation Is Admittedly
Serious But Adeqtnitt Relief
May Be On Its Way
lamy thr .kipr of etiitar there in
. tk urt-r filing, more i-onfi.lenre
. ... .....
tt rHi.f ..wii . ..me although thif
mat t.i rttr of aa anoaakiue eit-
triM ie
the tarr of the two mont '
rl ;!' u)jr irrim from t b La run
t u -r uthrr. There la no
rittr i a formation thai na recent
ly n- krd H'inolulu to warrant thin
imt tka- fecliai reanltt more from the
U- the rapid building of fthipa
x tar aamJaal a-e enrourariftt raiiar
aJkir thr tx-lirf that tvlie( to the
,.f-.t... krrr aaar aooa come from
thai ai.arrr "f aapul'y. There are aom
f .t it to coma aa early aa
it a.Mith. eibly by the middle of
the aioara. The arfumeat thev advanee
aoppr their growing eoa'fidenee ia
that with o may aew veeaeU Waving
the oave . the facila Coaat and with
tW goraiaat well aware of the large
Mrat ef migar ptliag ap aero mil
a.t.4v .. h.ad. proviaioa wlU be made
fr the moving of the aurar by meana
f soaie of those aew ahipa.
Thoary riaata fcipporl
Thev reaa to be fonnd ja aup
ft f their theory from (he advirea
re-eirro1 rotative to ahipa that may be
eaawrro. Thie would imlicate a
p4m-i of the ort that ia ezpeeted and
t'htmca toe imMtrtant aagar carrier',
fvy the loo that were moot import
ant t the llaade, are gone they may
o ua be repbarett by a larger tonnage
of ahkppiag. Thia la, however,
areJy armieo.
t thao aa aaUimlciag tha eariooe
awaa of the oitaotUa. Cvea with the
tw htataoo v erne la oa the Ialaad run,
It ha tea impoaaihle to Keep augar
awif ird with production and
ewrh era. there has beea an addition
t the erarh of rawa in utorage await
ing trmaaprtatioa. There can be no
avJiiita'e rvlief nt:1 thr twp Maiaon
eamii a repia-e. t ny a larger ton-
If eavh relief shall eome aext
ath the wtuatiun w all be less serioua
for atsrwase. nale many bottoms
aavafl eeaae ia the fallowing . three
Wk-otW. mora f this year 'a crop wil)
have t t oer into the aext "sugar
Jfr" far fcia.aarat. the present "V
gar year" eading November 30. If.lt
Wa ga over, there will he a no ineoa-aa-arrs4e
uml nf isrnnvenienee oecav
nl to the rRi(anir and their Bgea
rtes. tataf ffYaaa Transports
s0 relief may be afforded from
t rm -ort.s nrt ugar to the limit
of ttinr ea.r rn;n aftaee from here
Ml Ua the 'Tr.- i' in not move with
a f ssese -r I . tke have available
Oawie frt rut i,.. h .if a Tigure against
aoeh a rrs-at luaaaiie as is already
awaai- ihiuett Vrt Hawaii ia for
toao' t" th. fur the Philippine
a4awlr isir lM-en f .r weral months
swkiOg ;of thi n and have aouglvt
(a vaim. It r.-rw.rtd. hosever, that
h. a a'Ta''"' h I -en maaie for
Itasier !' . l get whatever
they ao M-nrr or shipping &V
fcv. 1ki fir i aa. ..it a number of
Kiao lea f..nu I that the vesaela,
raojrat' acre, hate nut the cargo
tmViry f t rugmr iLst is exported.
TVf a w j nusstwr of times
m4 s'v reeatv a a learned thai
mvv f the sea ' i haul a rapacity
3rs twos le than had tieea reported.
yaa atamawr Airaaaassoata
sMWl 4..: aatage of the aew
aa:po that aa- ik . far arrived hero
Voo bee tW.r Kunker eonatroetiea.
They se at ui)i a aagar rarriora
fiwas here rae ..)! bvea aad it has
hva fnoraj ia.,- .ii.lr to bavi at mora
taaa oao r-r' T rosea of thia aa
lac have reatlj t--a vbaervad aad if
tho oaave fr- -f r'.atmrtioa w eoa
Maawd will anraa that eooso of tha
ah pa
.11 14 f ..i here aad athera
Isa4 i r .n aere ao4 ocacra i
i. fall .s H.i Thia merely
e..,- aaeaa. a ra- ;
a-iMax-ar - -!.. but it is oaa of
ta b-k-t 'in tiip to worry aad
an oa si4-r- a-t af-nt
ww Aaamt Ptama
aUoe I . tW trnb,rta taking sa
ga teas t-'e ri K M, K leWoVd.
tasr ojwrlaser ha bB qsntad aa
snff IW k. l the matter
oaf ahja-ovewt- if. -'S M"aSiBgtoa aad
hsad foil a 4 prataa la pusro avasl
) eatgx ( raaNrta at ta
atiat nil f r eoieirta hot thero
.aee a 4aarrT that
W ko I T re. I.,
ass aapeaur ,
I that eaaaed ,
jmboo. a rottw 'or IVr mbi aad aavy. '
W g:a twh si a.- ajeoferoaeo
asaaa- aW rvoaaadeTallwa. .
aUT;7::;ij rrt !
Ttr oitaaa
af BaOft' The ) Mol'.a as
eM mm -si"r- i oil ran aVwot
two o tawo4 aa4 rhe !
aailn ma at-
I if l ' -e.nl 4o- i
a aw4ol-o uav- f
Miart T '
' s Irana I
from tha PW.pf.a. j
Borrowing OH Stoj-arje Receipts
and Subsequently On Bills
- of Lading Proposed
IVInys in shipments Bad consequent
delays, in, receipts front, sales, need, not,
it in pointed out, fsa,a stoppage of
dividend resulted in the run of
San Carlo la.the Phitippbiee ahd.of
some of , (he rublier companies. Thi
bomiibU Wty out . tir on that
the pint hut, If ill a pArfeftljr llr
Wl vway out.l on that not
Serf in
I ami common buainraa arranireniont that
I in employe. I by many other in.limtrifn
ea the raainlajxl, ; . . , , .
I " While it, woull be unor.Dolirv to
pay iltylilemta from eurplu far in a. I
,v'"' t rturna from awr," nai.l a
reprpHPntative of one of the Urpr
. herek " there j nothing to pre
Ivept, o fr aa it oreure to me, the bor-
rowjug ob warenouee. reeeitita whma
rover the ugar i atoraft here while
awaiinR transportation.;. In that way
livid"inn ooulil be fontiBued and the
borrower, pay the lender, upon wriirinu
hia retunis. ,Oi, eoutet there would be
detail to n arranged Mifh an the tranii-
fer ot aoruritlee, subetituting bill of
g t or . warehouse rereipta when the
augnr ilnl Bnally leao for the refinery.
. "To auotinue tha navment of ilivi
denda wl(iie augar pilea -op. ia, atrirtly,
Bot antinipatlng diyideada for it ,i the
payment or dividend upon produr
tioa alreaiiy , aeeomuliahad exrept for
h marketing and the ooJy uoeerUinty
fa to price to be received, U how murh
Jrr ' '8h bo.by reaaon of the do
for thr not alighfcwt danger
loBr Pr' f ter the first of
i";' , cwwt ii a uiKiier
Prl,'. aeeording U all the advwea that
eome to ua.
. "1 ran eee ne reaaoa. why aui'k a plan
abould not ba . t aaai,bn , apl the divi
dend paying compaoiea eontinae to meet
their dividend deinanda through eome
eurh mthxl aa auggented. "
f . . - -i 77T. t
increase of Charges and limiting
Loading por3 firing, mes
sages To Washington
HAN JL'Atf, P. R., May 1 Porto
Biean sngnr iiroilucera are again com-
t blaining of what thev regard aa pn
justifled rulinira on the t.art oftlie
atnpiirg authorities rewponHible for the
srauaportntion or the islapd s crop.
Tkev say that , while asnurapces were
reeelvel fTom Wanhlngton In respohite
to previous protests that the prartlseia
complained of would be rhnuged, new
rulings which tf.ey obje.'t Jo an nnVAlr
have been lnue.1 from Nhipping headquarter-
in Vi".r V rk
Objert To Port I iudtatl n
The chief au- , ne earlier i-bni
plaiat, n 'I n' ..! r nun:n; 'o Pirp
Kl iu '-aro c nut frni'al to
load sujrr i rct n Towing tne
IMling ii- n pio't-st at Wr Idngton,
gilviees ner.- r, (.ip ! l.ere that thia
fraetiae v oul.! !.. .i voniiaiu'd, but; aew
rotest hnve 1. en eoked Try a recebt
order to the irtert that veaaela would
aot be aeut to porta which could not
load 1 0,000 bags of auga.r par . day.
Under thia ruling Hhiptiieuta would be
accepted onjy at Hn Juan, May agues,
Pouee, Ouaiura, Aguirre ami Kajardo
and CKPtrals woul.l be roiiillrxl . to
Bead, their sugars to these porta... .The
predpeera point put that , this ruling
will uot m"y io'lHiw additional expenae
njjop them for the transportation, of
their, crop, but tljat there are not auf
Bi lent storage facilities at khe porta
oieutioueil to liouihi thestoeks of sugar
which wouli) accuinplale tn.are. audi that
Jp,. effect the orcjer dliv;rinilpate U
favor of the centrals located near these
pert. -. ,
Other recent rulings wbi'rlj .have
irouwjd great iHsHatlafartion are - one
iarreaaing freight rata fo New yort
oa sugars shipped In )ags cou)jiiuing
iesa than 50 jiotind'a by 10 percent
over t If e rate fixed for, sugar in bag,
and one Increasing the rate oh washed
augar by aix cents per 100 pounds.
Practise on Bags Attacked
The prar tine of Ua refineries Tn
aaaklag a dedurtioa of 15 rent per tag.
aa all augara not ahipped ia Bovw kags
la also alrongiy objected to. The pro
n"T,..,J,. "V a
r V.r-', r
" ,hI b"v "I i
IJr a.l that the rolner
ea are
aot justified iu making any deduction
when eecend hand bags are uaed.
Tha aojoe poiat ia raised by them
against the iw tease u tha rate qq bags
of iM rfuail or (rim, siuce they say
that they have lieea obliged by tha
aaartage to ua largo aamoera af the
boB knows a " standard aixa, " which
aofci only X4U pounds.
As a reault of Uteaa avruniulaU'
aTwvaaseea. the Xugar Praduocsa' Ai
osatapa has at a letter to Kastdei
t'emimiaoiaaer Cordova Uavila at Wash
iagtaa. requesting him to endeavor. to
obcaia aoaas relief from what the pro-
dasera .roaader uanwoaaary hardakips
, e . ''1' t
cnifis cause mmw .
I aim taat eaaoc. Cacd tha world wvet
t, caaa a cold in oa dev. Tba afona
i hare jf B W CROW fa na eai-h Kn.
Maaaiertared Ly the I AKIS MHU1
lIs V.U.. iAtua. U. 6 A
porto mm
nt m i r
le Is One Mope
fd Get Fertiliser '
If Substitute Were ft
Ther Are No' Shrps ftvalldble
To Bring It Here In Quantities
That Are Required
Tn order to keep up maximum atieed
in production of sugar, an essential for
the country and the world in Uihea of
j war aa well as times of peace,, the plan
tations ef theaa laianda require, i min
imum of 5000 tons monthly. The only
suitable fertiliser that ea,n readiljr.be
made available la t'bUcan - nltmt.oa.
These are two of the outataniling facts
that were placed ., before. &wretnry
Iane and the Hawaiian Planers' At
aociatioa expeniment station on Wed'
iiemlay by truktee of the planlrra' as
sociation. It, U Pot), within, the nrov
iace of tha secretary :'i department to
afford the planter-any fnltt from- the
shortage of, fertUlaer, sutrply but ba is
the represent ttvift , oft tha . fdministra
tion, tha Production of fh soil is eloae
ly relatel to tha land questions which
Secretary Lane, 1 hcre. Ui1 investigate
and it i believed that lie can Dcvml
gladly w4ri bo, a akemaa for, them
at Wash'Jugtoii' When the opportunity
o do are:(v '
Two Boat Kuo wit ,.'t
It has been found , thai Chilean air
tratea puid- suphurie Bintnonia are tha
two fertiliser that, bring best resets
in theaa JaJunda,, .Both,, of the,nt aw
quick of. action and.eaailf Applied; of
ten if .not? usually applied, through the
irrigatloa .water,,. ,Thua tkajr.. ena b
put on' at the tinta when ibey are need
ed to speed pk the growth! pf thf cane
and t, bririg abat f growth at just
the tima whei It i- required. No eth
nr fertillVnr.bve been fonnd that
will porfortn thia service at do these
Hulphurip , ammonli hai .been, found
to work- better than aitratM.ia name
aectiona,. inora, ifcaperiallir in. tha ttilo
iismei, inaa aoea; nitrate. 4. sumcient
supply of aithe wouid answer and tie I
8ecreUry( was show that (he supply
' the twtt combiiid ia less than the ;
quiremenia of a aingla month ana the i
aaon is aVjianA whan it Is required; 1
season is afJiBnA- Whan it is reouired. 1
Cannot Gat Bubsttttitea
Were it possible to scnr i, suhsU
tute, even ijp jt wrera le, aatisfac,tortr,
tha planter, would-sl soand maka
the best of If,, but, J , wok p'o! nted. oni
to Secretary; JLane that tha shortage, of
whips between the (mainland and here
renders it iypoeUl. t(9 ,brlnj supplies
of another frrtiliaer tS rciilaca tha ni
trates. The sulpburit ammonia .is .ob
niter for munition birpAer. there ia
no anequate suprdr ol ts-rirlde and no
1 !s to bring it here if ii e.
C" t1e Ore So-ir e ,
Thu it coicei .6:'i th-jt nitrates
"nm Chile direct is, th- hope of the
ilr nters. !r this. coimrrMoq there is
m interesting sbrj ,tajai- ba recently
' een heard. It la said, Uiatv a certain
fertilizer company soupbt )lcenses for
shipments from CtiU here .nd was in
formed that there would, be no objec
tion to the graptlifg of the. license or
permit but that no shipa were avail
able. If there wera ahipa tha eom
PBnX.KylA wcure the hipwepta Bo,
the story goe, the company went out
and fin)y , secured two cargo.. .pattiers
'"V."31,,,", ,f"r permit for shipment
on Jhem. TTie prrmits ware riot grant
ed for the government took the vessels
to csrry nitrates .for its own use.
As has bei-q outlined before In The
Advertiser, the government needs niter
and sulphur for imiaUiou manufac
ture ami caa obtain the one from ni
trates and the other from sulphuric
ammonia Hawaii neds them to grow
sugar. Hi government seems to be
regarding the need for munitions as
greater' iltaa the need for sugar even
i the sacrifice of a third or mora of a
crop of Hawaiian sugar.
Throughout the . Territory th,a War
8aving fttainpa campaign Witt be-speeded
up, plans to thia effect being adopted
yesterday morning at the bOire of Bob
ert.W. Hhiugle, ahe director Of the
w,rk iu, JIawaii, following, soma vjalu
alile aasisfance given by Assistant Sec
retary of the Interior Bradley, wko la
one of the uational W. 8. S..,dire'ctori.
Mr. Bhingle, as a reault, wij) tour the
Islands to spend up the work., and en
thusiasm everywhere, lie will be ac
companied by a corps of spankers add
mption pictures will a)q b widely
Psd. The tour vytll lgin ilia latjfr
pBTt of next week, Kauai bein'a first
P., V Let, the ' W, 8, 8. aecre-
SiicMS1anFi Vi Hl.innl.
emarAra ouTtbok:
The correspondent of the Weekly
Ktatintical Sugar Trade Journal at
Oeorgctown, British Ouiana, writes un
der dHte of May H that weather con
ditions there nsve been favorable on
the whole, slthongb there has been
rather too much rain, and that the su
gar outturn ia xpected to be normal.
w. k. a.
The Kg.vptiaa government leviea an
excise ,,it of M poiimls and fi shillings
on every ton f Hiigar ninniif actured
and consumed iu the laud of the Pharaohs.
' ? ll " "y ; 1"vo highly effective iuusinuch V,,n,'v M'"e'' ''U"K the latter
ri.-."1" ana aa- Mr. Hooier had taken the nuhlic I months of HM7 and the enrly part of
. prouuet or i.ei. wtpnt ad as : ll)to bi, POntfdence by deftly .lirocting
he government is alUot i roning thaaa ,Uetlon to the impossibility of sUr , Consumption Fibres
iaciories ann nee is suirinur as well
a I u
V TEl4 IHd frtiliri M thewo important tequtartci f6r ftood crops blf iuif In trie tiawl
y "iSA lilgHds. In th IdvVer picture it ahown a well irrigated and well .fertiliied"canr field
wirfl tH8 allar hjill . art tHe back ground. : Above a flume tirinting water dowiv to irtigat thia
ind tftHSr fielif 61 tMe Kotoi plantaMbh; WiHioUi a supply of nitirates suck Aeldk as that ahowtt
in tHJi fictthe tannot be grown. ' ; . i '
'! -
V.X.t 'K
, It tBsK, June 2 FobH Ad minia
trator 11 oover'ir aiweial meyuiire Ia tha
people of, the country real from church
bulliti on 8ubday, May 28, urging the
fmmediata conservation of
favorably cpinulebted op in i
thia week; report .Facta ,A
sugar was
augar circles
ibout fluirar.
thia. Week, rennrta
It was retrariled aa a tilnehr sten toward
avertlwa av,iosile recurrence of the
UiMtiirblug. eonilHioBa of last fall and
Ippeai.fc'onmoiartd - .
., JS'ot only, did the; trade hold to the
gepera) opiniorj lhai ike request was
a, timely one, coming1. at the beginning
of tha period of heaviest consumption.
1 . . . ' .... '
out .tne view wa held also that
Ijkii.tf tn l.Unli f i.l a,...lv. 4l.A
' I- y ....ij 'Juiihk mo
remainder of , 1818, on account of the
ytCTeas1tig demands upon shipping for
overseas , military and food supply
arvicft . ,
Warae4 lb Tuna
. llcusaing. these points a prominent
sugar authority said:
f' When warned In timei, and given
the reason for the warning, the Amer
lean people can be dopeiided on to
respoad wholeheartedly to any rea
sonable regtiest made to theiu for
the exercise of self-denial thut will
aid , ia wianing the war. This ap
plies fully, to the sugar situation. Now
that Mr. Ubbver has met' both of these
requirements he has ;gone a long way
toward avoVdlug this in intake nia.i lust
year when tha pubhav was .Jed to be
lieve that sugar sujiplies wete ample
gnd no pOMsibility of a future shurtugc
Was intimated by those who worn fully
aware of conditions."
tnftuenc of Ship Situation
. Mr.. Hoover's reference to sugar
consisted of a short paragraph in u
statement referring at greater length
to the . conservation of wheat and
meats. It was a follows:
In the case of sugar we are embar
rassed by the necessity of using ships
for carrying our soldiers and feeiling
the Allies, and in consequence we must
uae sugar with great economy. We
must emphasize the importance of can-
mag ami preserving on a large scale
ainoug our people this summer ail our
available sugar must ba conserved for
this purpose.
The import of Mr.) Hoover 'a state
ment to the AnieHre,p people coincides
with the opinion .which has prevailed
In the trade for some time past relative
to me general outlook, .Bliioe, Jpe, be-
ginning of last mouth it has been real- supply, the difference between tha two
laed that tha refiners will be hard having to be met by voluntary or reg
pressed to meet the-heavy . demand ulated conservation in tha part of
wtiich is expected to set in when the household consumers and manufactur
canntag season gota into full swing, era; unless withdrawals of shipping are
aod there is every reason to believo heavier than are now anticipated, a
that this demand, will be fully as heavy ! sufficient supply will be available to
as last year. A Mr. Hoover has now ' meet the reduced d.mand pf the copn
indicated that the best interests of the , trv during the latter part of the year.
American public, can be served by con Shipping facilities will continue to reg
aerviug the greatest possible amount of . ulnte the supply, and if the careful
food products through preaerving and , conservation advocated by Mr Hoover
ranaiug, and aa there ia no call for is practised, it will be possible to get
any curtailment u that direction, it is through the year with no great hard
hot unlikely thai tha demnnd for ship being felt by the consuming pub
sn'gtur for borne preserving may be even lie.
greater than last tear, when it Aside from the question of shipa,
drained the aountry of practically all nnojher factor that may affect the sup
visible aud invisible supplies. pry of sugar available to tha Ameri
Bavws Ara Limited - I can public is the probable necessity of
To meet this condition refined sup- tbia countrv furnishing the Allies and
bites must be obtained from the Inn
(ted volume of raws which can be
moved month by month from producing
sections to refining points from now
t6 the end af tha year. These month
ly shipments will inevitably how a
considerable shrinkage as compared
with the mevemsnt during April and
May. Another unfavorable factor is
the unusually low level of -w stork,
rwbich practically equal only one week s
melting requiremeut. j
it is known that refined storks in
distributors' hand are not large and
in only very few iuntunces represent
any large percentage uf anticipated re
quirements for the next sixty days. The
invitdble supply represented in this
case by sugar in retailers' hands and in
consumers' households, while not defi
nitely known, ia unquestionably small.
Paring the past five months close to
105,000 Jong tons of sngar have been
melted; representing about 1,200,000
long tons in terms of refined. This
has practically all pused iuto clan
1 uelH of "-oiiKuinption and has been fully
, .1 l . ,1 .. A I. . .
it:'"'""""' ii'nin-iurur m me sir in
Figures issued by the international
sugar committee indicate that the per
Capita consumption for the first three
mouth of the year amounted to a lit
tle under seven pounds per month am
required refined supplies amounting to
H7.V4H tons, or a little over 325,000
tons per month.
As consumption during June, July
and August will naturally be higher
than lUiring the winter months of Jan
uary, l-'ctiriiiiry anil March it is ap
parent that if a close balance is to be
maintained between the supply and
the expected demand, the monthly re
ceipt" of raws during the next three
months should be over the 350,000 ton
mark for the entire country. As this
does not now seem possible, with the
tonnage of sugar carriers steadiy de
( lining, it would indicate that, while
this critical period may be satisfactor
ily spanned, it can e done only by the
narrowest of margins.
While there is no occasion at this
time for alarm as to the sugar supply,
it is regarded in well informed quar
ters us imperative that the food ad
ministration should ex,ert et-ery influ
i nee to conserve sugar wherever pos
sible ami to cut its use iu certain
manufacturing lines below present liin
itatlon. Once pant the peak of the
demand in the next three months, there
should not be any great difficulty in
! proTlding adequate supplies to, meet
current nepds until the end of the
Conditions Summed TJp
ixiuuitioiis may be summed up. as
: The monthly volume of ship-
of raw sugar has reached its
mitt,, m hi " niiL-ar, uaa reucneti us
maximum for this vear am will decline
from now ou: duriuir the cominir three
months demand probably will exceed
certain neutral nation with some re
sugar. Both France and Great
Hrltain presumably will need assist-
auce in the shape of sugar supplies
from us before the end' of the year,
..... ...... noiouui or sugar inai win us
required for export to meet thia de-
inand will not reach th amount ex
ported i m or in 1917, but 11 will
be enough to become a factor to bo
taken into consideration by the trade
ami the American people. i
c -,v " '
t- V. V t-'fR"- ?..' i--H. 'v;i -
t . . -, : , - - . "- - - i- .-
' -,
r ' 1. ;
Novel Disease Is
Attacking Caile
In Porto Rico
Known As Wottled Malady WhicK
Weil UeSCriDea IIS Symptoms 1hPP1 River, also from points in tba
and Grnwpre. fin (clanH Aro ' States of Louisiana and Texas, ratea
ana iirowers un isiana Are,,h(lll u inered; to Chicago, m.,
Alarmed Unknown Elsewhere , twenty twq (22) eu per 100 pound;
. to 8t. Louia, Mo., . twenty-seven and
BAN JUAN, P, R., Msy 18 An p- ope-half (27) eenU per 100 pounds;
peal haa been made to the- United to othe points West of tha Illinois-la-States
.departmeriaf " agriculture for diana State ljaa and wastxif tha Mias
ansistanre in fighting the mottling dip- iaalppl. Biver, except points in Arkan
eaae of cane in Porto Rico. The ap- I sns, Lonisiana and Texas, twenty-two
Ieal is made by the department of ag- ! (22) cants par 100 pounds; to point on
ricul.ire and labor of the island, Imt aad north of th Ohio Biver and cast
is being seconded by the sugar pro- ' of the Indiana Illinois State line rates
diicers, who see in the spread of "la shall ba Increased to maintain tha form
enfermedad," as the disease is locally 1 er established relation to the rates of
called, a serious threat to the future such points from producing points on
prosperity of the industry. j Atlantic seaboard.
"La cnfer.nedud" is apparently pe- Kites front Wstern Point
runar to ioriQ nico; at least its ex-
interne elsewhere has not been .lemon-
sl,rat oil to the satisfaction of John A'.
Stevenson, plant pathologist of the Rio
"Medras Agricultural Kxperiiuent Sta
tiou, who has studied the disease more
thoroughly than any one else. It first
attracted serious attentiou about two
years ago in the Arecibo district, and at
first was believed to be merely a con
dition of the cane resulting from poor
Treatment upon this diagnosis failed
to produce proper results, however, and
a closer study revealed the existence
of a hitherto unknown disease. Sluce
thut time it has spread steadily, in
spite of the . unceasing efforts of the
experiment station stuff to solve the
problem of its control, and in certain
sections, notably Ufundo, has practi
cally wiped out cane tilt ivn tion. At
the present time ils r ige re being
seriously felt iu the once, (iuanica,
Ma.vague., Ami:.i-o, Ai.alillu, I :iln-lu,
ami llayamon districts
Arecibo and I'tuado.
ss well as iu
The name given the disease by Mr.
Stevenson is descriptive, since the
symptom by which it is recognised is
a- green and whit mottling of. the
leave of the ane, which shows a stunt
ed growth. As the disease progresses
the stalk dries aud splits, aud in , the
second or third season the plant dies.
The nature of the disease has not been
definitely established.
Iu a recent circular entitled Note ou
the Control of the Mottling disease of
Cane, seed selection', destruction of
V"""' 7"' "'"'.
llI,'U?7'f?n,.kr:ulH ?'
new vans-
i . - . ...
Ul"' ' th" 'nl resistant,
and the use of the best approved ninth
ods of cultivation are advised by Mt.
Htevensou as means of control, de
struction of the diseased stalks is con
sidered of special importance, as there
is evidence to indicate that the disease
is transmitted through the oir by in -
sects or other ageuts.
W. I. B.
Cut in half by one stroke, the Cana
dian candy makers will now be allowed
only five pounds of sugar When, they
were allowed, ten pound and thhi
mean that the Canadians will bav to
eat sweets at reduced rations. The
Canadian Food Board ha thus decreed !
and from April 20th on consumer have
been limited to a fifteen day supply
with the exception of certain certified
remote districts. Neither ean sugar
be sued superfluously in the making of
biscuits and cakes. This newtlae-up is
to adjust tb pneouing ditruand for su
gar duriug the preserving season.
w. a. a,
During the summer months mother
should watch for any unnatural loose-
neas ot tn cnilil'e bowel. When glv
en prompt attention at this time seri-
ou trouble may be avoided. Chamber-
Iain's CoHc ..4 IMarrhoe. Remedy can
always be dm, mi, Iu. I roa V, uuu
by all dealers. Henson, Smith & Co.,
Ltd., ageuts for Hawaii.-Advt.
of Sogar Will
Pay Higher Freight
Twenty five Percent Boost Effec
- tive Next Week Will MalU Dlf
ere'nte On'Cohslghrheritl to
. Philadelphia and Nh York .
AlfeklkaT6lfrlat ' 87bfrietar
General McAdos at the railroad auhiia
Istratloa aanouaced today thai in
crease in freight and' passenger rat
nn all )ads under federal control
would go- into effect next month., Tea
increase, ia freight' rates baebmee- ef
fective Juas BS, and aniounts to twepty
flva bereent in moat instances, although
tha increase in commodity rates will
be less. A drastic festur of tha ac
tion taken by the director gaaeral was
tba abolition of all lower intrastate
Details of Increases
The advance in rates was promul
gated ia General Order No. 26, . issued
by the United Htatea Eaflroad Admin
istration under data ot Mky 24. Ac
companying the order was a long mem
orandum explaining the proposed meas
ures of , procedure to be followed in
determining the new ratea The in
creases to be applied at to mgar freight
ratea was specifically detailed as fol
lows: Sugar, including syrup and molasses,
where sugar rates apply thereon Twenty-five
(25) percent, except I. Where
the official classification applies, fifth
class rates aa-incrcased will apply.
(2) From points east of tha In
diana Illiaoia Huts line to points west
of the Mississippi River, rates will
continue to be made on combination of
local rates . or of proportional rates if
published, to and from tba Missouri
River; except that from, point on tha
Atlantic seaboard to the Missouri Biver,
Kansas (Sty, Mo., to Sioux City, Ia.,
inclusive, established differentials over
the increased rates from New Orleans,
La.; shall be maintained.
(3) From points in the States south
nf 1 1. nKt P1A. mnA -,L. t..
,j. i, - i , . . ,i : ,' ,
' .(4..Jrom producing points In. Color
ado, Wyoming. Montana; . Kansas and
Nebraska to Missouri Blvar territory
and points in Arkansas, Oklahoma,
Louisiana and Texas and points east
thereof twenty-two (22) cents per 100
pounds. , -
(5) Prom point in Idaho and Utah
to polhfa named in paragraph (3) ratea
shall be fifteen (15) cents above the
rates from eastern Colorado. .
() From imlnts hi California to
pntnts taking Missouri Elver rates and
Kiints related thereto under, tha Com
mission 's Fourth Section Orders, and
to points east t6 the Missouri Biver
twenty-two (22) cents pttr 100 pounds.
"(b) . Interstate commodity ratea
not included in the foregoing list
shall be increased twenty-nve percent.
"(c) Intrastate commodity rates
shall be increased i' shown in para
graph (a) and (b) of this section wher
there are no interstate commodity rates
I published oa substantially the same
commodities between the same points.
, and shall be subject to the minimum
' weights applicable on Interstate traffic
in the same territory.
"(d) Intrastate commodity rats
shall be canceled where interstate com
modity rates are published on substan
tially the same commodities bet we!
the same points, and the infrstat
rates are increased by paragraphs (k)
and (b) of thia section shall apply.
" In applying the Increases pra
scribeo in this section the increased
class rates applicable to like commodity
descriptions and minimum weight! be
tween the same point ar pot to ba
exceeded except that the increase n
rate on sugar in carloads khall ba made
a expressly provided in paragraph
(a) of this section. This paragraph
reads: (a) All interstate elsa
.shall be Increased twenty five t23 ner
'cent" .
Although local traflic managers in
the employ of the refinors had not time
up to the elose of the week carefully fo
analyse the new rate schedule and spe-
cifically determine the exact amount
of the increase for all section of the
country from various product! points,
the general consensu of oidnioa among
them was it was the obvious intention
of th railroad administration to ob
erve former established territorial
groupings and differentials and that but
little difficulty would ensue in applying
the new rates.
Late reports from Washington also
inoidate that many changes and read
justments will have to be made later
by the railroad administration to ra-
move any discrimination that may arise
. when the new rates sre applied whluh
will naturally apply to augar shipmenta.
These changes will be mad br tha ad
ministration either on its own Initio-
tive nft'er receiving sninreatioii.
shipper, and Wale !rT
... 1... ... .7 "
mission, which ha. the pow7r to reWew
and modify the scheduU

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