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HAWAIIAN GAETTCC FRIDAY. JtfNE 21, : 191S. fctat4rVtl,V
Advertising Dentist Taken To
Prison By , Marshal On
Presidential Warrant
ThouflH ' Shortage On Mainland
Necessitates Stringent Regula
- (ion Ha Change Made Here
Thouifh tha Nation id facing an acot
shortage, of bnf and now snessuros to
IrOaerrrv faemf a to being ooforeea oa
I the mainland where, according - to ft
KlnY Bt.lWTCOWCn cablegram reeeived yesterday, lose thea
men uk inibiiiiku ......i- i. l
i m-rii r-tin nr mini." r"'". . .
VIII Ik. CitU ur i nn :v r mm rof the army and the i
. t'.i- . a... in.,', I Ilea, Pood Administrator Child ia com
NatiffaVM fTharnnt Mflitttr ilion 'fltaatia th fart (hat Hawaii mUM
r mi- ..J- A..ut: iasmmnorer
Enemy Not Made Public;
Investigation Unfinished
, llerbert, E. Clommens. aa ollen eaemy
and advertising deatlst, wit offiee at
fort and Chaplain Mtreeta, was arrested
yesterday on a presidential warrant by
United mate Marsnal J. J. SmMfly,
i-tlng under Instruction from District
Attorney ). C. Huber.
Doctor Clemmea waa taken iraanedJW
arely te Oaku sprfson from hla offices,
t ad ha waa allowed o opportunity to
go to bin room at th Yonng Hotel, or
to consult witk friend and aa attorney
befnro being locked u, perhaps lor to
duration of the war.
. redeml authorities would make ao ex
planar to, for publicailoo a to tka rea
son for tbo arrest of Doctor Clelameu,
bat did aanouneo tkat ke kad fceea.
pinned ia custody on a presidential
warrant. Neither was the dentiai told
any re sen for hit arrest, It waa aaid.
An -Investigation, which may tako
nM or mora daya to finish, moat ba coa
etuded before the reason for tka sum
mary ntrea and eonlneatent of Poc
tor Clemmens may be made pubti, tha
district attorney aaid.
Herring of the presidential warrant
Indicate thnt Doctor Olemrarns it aa
pected af belag dangrew alien
enemy", and if the facta upon wbteh
ka waii arrested are.aubntantiatad ia
tb mhaBriuent inveatWtatioa k -doubtedry
will be interned for tka dur
ation of the nar.
No Lata! KaUaf
A presidential warrant U issued
tkroach the department of Jasttce en
aa-exeeativc order, authorised by a war
sseasare which deb&rs alien eaeaoie
taken into custody ea suck lecal an
tsrarity from the right of habeas eorpva
writ, trial by a jury, the (tiring of
bond er any bther couK or legal relief.
Nummary arrest of alroa enemies, and
thoir internment afterwards ia made
fnr fsilore te comply With tke resi
dent ml war rogulatieps, for azpresaioa
v4 svmmthy kb the 6eraaa eanse
or remarks er arts of disloyalty te tkat,
of the I'nitod Mates d its Alliee.
Jnm without definite proof of aa alien
en eta v 'aintont or actual act to ham
per Hie war rnr)os of tke Amerioaa
iMrvennmevt. he oonld. if oospeeted of
iteinic "dHnsorous", be interned by
4m:irtlve order for the period of the
1 W'V.anWijii tkiri 's Mluaa U
tceejt k4s mouth tAut", advised by
Atrtumey General Crepory te all alien
roomie, mmild 4e suffieieat cause for
4he uirreet and internment of a Qerioaa
tot the fmlorul warrant nithoat recourse
re 1lie etxtrts.
Keoaona Not Published
JuM in what rnie;t Doctor "Cfem
mens has artod to ent himsohf snspoot
d hk a dsitgorous alien enemy, eannot
tow le winde iiublic. But It fs common
k4iur indue that he was nut adverse to
"tnlkinit about the war", that he eul
tWntnd the twqimmtancc of soldiers,
04I that he has bad mueb opportunity
if the AokuhhI, to "tilarrrt insidious prop
trtinla" in the" nds of ignorant pa
lie-uts while un tsvatmont at bis
Vr the past few months it alno
Jtoirtvu thirt be has boon -under much
lu-ral Kunpiciou, and especially since
'he gave evasive aneivers to the drwft
xiMui'ti"U board. L'p until the time of
hiii exiuninution by the draft board it
nuj nut known to many mat oe wa
hii iilicii 'enemy, but this beeume -publi
when lie askod for exemption on this
Dottor CloranieiiR exprcMaed muc
eitrorixe yostetday afternoon when h
woh plneed under a r rent and Inquired
wlwt J was eharjjed wirn. raoetious
lv. he wan told by the I'nited Statci
klarnhal -t-hst a deutist was wanted for
the 3(10 eonvictn in the Uahu prison an
that he bud been selected for the job.
Will Work at Trade
Tliw was all the information he was
jjlweii for his quostionina;, and he show
ed considerable indignation, when be
'thought he wns bring made the subject
of a lest. Heriously, Marshal vuniddy
soys 'he told the prison outhorrtios to
put the dentist to work "Hxing up
the teeth of the prisoners".
shortly nfter Doctor Clemmnns was
tnhou ii to euMtody it is known bis
room in the Young Hotel was aisited
by intelliffouee otttern and thoroufc'li-
"Tv teuiehed, but what was discovered
wnn not made public. Federal -authorities
said the 4nvasiRation which had
led to the arrest of Doctor 'lemmens
followed the receipt of various leports
during the palrt eiptrt months, and
"work done by government men."
Whether this work was done by army
ml navy intelligence offloeis, -attaches
of the loual federal authorities or .gov
ernment investigators especially de
tailed for the duty from Yffcahipgtou
eoiild not be ascertained, although the
intimation was made. that seetet serv
ile in ! n of the various departments had
nil contributed to what led to the final
arrest of the dentist.
Trent May Tike Charge
If Doctor Clemmens is interned
eventually, as is indicated by his arrest
on the presidential warrant, it is prob
able bis dentistry offices will be taken
.elmr-tro of by CustiMliau of Alien Vfrop
erty Kiehard 11. Trent. The custodian
an iil Inst night tbut provision was niado
in tke Trailing With the Knsmy Aet
for the tiikhiK over of the property nod
buHlnesa of a rcaideut alien enemy af
ter he Is Interned.
u surmise, Cusfodi&n Trent aaid
hr thuiight, if Doctor Clemmens was
Interned, the equipment aud eteek of
tin- dentist ' orliee wuuhl be sold land
in, tilliiiipt aiUile lo citiiliiMie his busi
)- by I lin ioK eminent.
,sim-c cuinini' to the Inland ubout
other states does aet rente
nodes' tke new regulations says tkat by
Observing oar present men Hens days
and meals, we wUI have Niougk meat
to take ear of uresent requirement.
Uo; believes there will be no further
Oeeenstty to renuee meat consumption
The 'aew reguiatMuis anaonaeml by
Um aatiottal fool admiaiHtratioa do
aot apty to bbe Territorios of Ha wail,
Alaska or Porto Rico and, tha states of
Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho,
Arlnoua and Nevada are also fteluded.
Jo other states, however, hotels, res
(aaMftts, and boarding houses are not
allowad to place on their jneau or
iorv boiled bee'f niiue tlmulv meals
weekly, beef steak more tha one meal
weekly ami ronst beef more than one
meat weekly. In addition to this,
householders lire asked tint to buy more
than one and a quarter pounds of clear
beef week I v or more thnn one ami
hklf pounds including bone per person
Mi cm liousehow. it is expected tnat
this program will bold until Heptember
The sbragrnm thnt waa received yes
terrlky try Food Admiaustrator Child
waa seat to eorreet any mianndenrtand
isg t public may have gained from
tke 4guret issued rerently by the do
partojeat of ogrieejture on tke ewbjee
of beef, bed in storage. Tke' message
sajrs that the quantity of rteef ia stor
age kaa fauVn off from .U4,tMM),0U0
pounds on January 1 te rc7,uwi'yuuv
pounds ma Jane 1 a ad of tke "latUe
amount about )3w,00w,0u0 pounds is in
process of urenaxatioo and sbipmrnt lor
allied and army uses. The balance rep
resent less than the days7 supply for
the country ( it is etaterl.
Every Registrant In Fourth 01s
trict Holdinfl Number Under 557
and .In Fifth District Under 1046
Kvory draft registrant In Class IA
residing hi the Fourth District of th
Island of Onhu, ho holds a draft num
ber under 557, alll receive aft Induc
tion order from the selective draft to
join the Colors on or about July 1.
Every rriristrnnt in the same class
residing in the Fifth District, holding
draft number under lOifl will also
kaovf that he in to serve in the army,
for the draft headquarters notified
Local Boards Nos. 1 and 2 of Oahn.
that ItfOl.men in both districts will
form ,t be quota for this inland.
'' The quotas for the other islands have
dot been announced and will not be
available until the Second Hawaiian
Infantry has been federaliaed at fort
The Oah men will be called to re
port St the armory during the first eight
day after July I. They will he fed
if the mobilisation ramp at Fort Arm
strong, according to present plans. They
will sleep at the armory, the quarter
master of the Hawaiian Department
having arranged to supplv one thou
sand army cuts for their use.
As it in anticipated many of the
draftees will bo rejected for one cause
or another, arrangements Mill be made
to call an alternate lint of draftees,
not to exceed ten percent, to fill vacan-
ties cniined by rejections. ( i
vhatever details may be en route to
Honolulu from Maui, Kauai and Ha
waii about July 1, the selective draft
headquarter ill have one thousand
men OHOembled at the national gnard
armory en thnt date, and will be pre
pared by ten o clock l the forenoon to
tend at least to hundred men to Fort
Armstrong for physical examinations,
and S00 each day thereafter until ;th
total lie of 4.'t:i men in exhausted.
C'hairrrma t'isreuee Cooke of laical
Beard No. 1 and Chairman H. .. Marx,
Of Local Board No. 2, Weld a eonfer-
nee with Captain Field, selective draft
officer, early yesterday afternoon, and
ereived from Hip letter the totals of
drafted men who have been enlisted
iu ilie First Hawaiian Infantry. These
credits ore deducted from the original
auota basis of K20 men in the Fourth
district, and from the original quota
basis of 1514 in the Fifth District
tr. a. a.
inter national Committee Makes
Ptans For Celebration of
Mependenoe Day
A international iromnrittoe was se
lected .yesterday morning at meeting;
held.t"theuchanvber Of commerce to
plan 'for the celebration of the Fourth
or July, rne eommmce nas aireaay
selocted Chief Justice James I-. Coke as
the orator of the day.
The committee includes Judge W. L..
Stanley, British-American; I. Baron,
Freniib American; Dr. T. Katnunuma,
Japanese -American: Chuch Hoy, Chi
nese-Americaa and I R. Medeiros,
rortugnese-American. The committee
was given por.fr to add to its mini her a,
and on the day of the celebration may
have representatives of all nations
which ane allied with the I'nited States
in this war.
One of the tentative plans is to have
young Women seloeted to .represent each
of these allied nationals, dressed in the
national garb of their country, and to
have (be bona play toe national an
thews of eatfh country. It wan a I ho
suggested that these representatives of
allied nations form the head of u parade
to march to the grounds where the.
celebration is to be held.
The Declaration of Independence will
be read and maqy of the usual cun
toms attendant upon an did fashioned
celebration of the Fourth will be ob
While. Bixbop 'Park ban been mention
ed as the place .in which the celebration
Olll be bald, it has not been definitely
decided upon. Among thone present at
the meeting were George V. Smith.
John Watt, C. "K. Ai, K. C. Browo, G.
P. Vilder, Ed. Towse, Chncli Hoy. Tong
Fong, L. W. T. V. jVorton.
three years ago, DoctOT Clemmenn linn
been frequently In the public eye, and
ne is mown v nave accumuinieo con
siderrfble -wejthk bere,. although he liv
ed wtll and npeTrt his money freely.
Hhdrtty 'after the bfigrnning of the war
he is reported to have boasted he hud
plenty of money to retire and express
ed the wish he eOUld find some way to
leave the Islands and go to some large
mainjwnd city.
'Clentmeni first attracted public at
tention In Honolulu by lnunching a
vigorous attack on -the local rjjntal an
soeiotrion, which he asserted was trying
to maintain a monopdly In Hawaii.
Later he was -made the defendant in a
suit for s50(M) damages by one of hla
women patients who elntmed he had
caused 'her Intense pain ns a renult of
his treatment.
Twice Couvictea ,
ReeenMy ''he lias faced criminal
clierges of employing unlicensed den
tists ia -hrs ORiee. A month ago he wan
convicted by jury on this charge in
the circuit court aud was fined fifty
dollars 'by Judge 'VTilliijm fleen.
Doctor Clemmeiis Nwas before Judge
Clarence W. Ash ford on the same charge
last Tuesday and waived trial by jury.
He ws adjudged guilty and another,
fine of 'fifty dollars was assessed.
There'ls provision of the territor
ial statutes that the rieenne of a deu
tint m- be cancelled nfter two con
victions on the charge of employing
unlicensed dentists. hut Jude Anli
ford hold that .the second conviction
was based upon virtuully the same case
sn the first conviction, and therefore
did not order the caucelliug of Doctor
Clemmens' license.
However, bin-Internment and the sell
iillt of Doctor ClemmeiiH' business bv
the ciihIimIIuii of alien property will
obviate any niii-Ii ueceHnity in tin: fu
governor pinWtam Content To
Let His Record Speak For
Itself and Him
"I have no statement to make to
the public iu the newspapers. On nl-j
juoet the eve of my retirement I fcol '
that I bave fulfilled my duty us I havcj
eeen it, and i am willing to pans out'
on my record without turther state---ments
through the press, or newspaper!
publicity. ' '
Thus spoke (Governor Pink ham yes
terday alt ei noon when osked it' be
wished to make a statement of any
kiod in this pajjier to the people of Ua
,wii -before retiring ai noon -tomorrow.
He went on. 'however, to call atten
tion to several things he -had done while
in ofhne. -One was developing the civic
oenter idea, which 'he aaid wan complet
ed except for one detail, and that his
successor would have o difficulty in
straightening that out. He dim-ussed
the Kapaa water matter and contend
ed that the public would ultimately un
derstand his -position and sec that it
was correct. The Waikiki reclamation
idea was hie, and he believed that the
public would 'agree that it was good.
asy For Successor
"Of late," continued the .Clovornor,
'I have been giving considerable time
to putting the business of the govern
ment in such shape that my successor
will be able to grasp details at erne
without well, such difficulty as I en
countered when I took office, for in
stance." In another part of the interview the
floiveriior aaid: "I did not take thin
wftice with a view to making money, so
I have out been disappointed iu that
-cgard. 1 will leave office feeling thif
I have dune my beat, under trying cir
euniNtanceB at times, and with the best
aluha for everybody."
It is Mr. Pinkhaiu's intention to take
a long rest, after retiring from office,
before considering u line of actrvtticH
for the future.
Gompers Triumphantly Retains
Leadership and Thrilling Mes
sage Is Given Delegates
KT. TAl'L, June 81 - (Associated
I'resnl All of the chief officers of the
American FadeJ-ntiou vf Labor were re
elected yestasday afternoon and lant
evening. Haninel ttoniixrs will again
lieud the Federation and Morrison nod
Tobiua were respectively reelected us
Hi'creturv and trcunurer.
be, 1-ct.ary of Labor Wilson tojd the
delegate, that iT-Ohident Vlhou uppic
ciated labor's united effort in prepur
ink.' the cmiiitrv iiiilimt rinll v for the
Hiiccesnfiil pi osecutiun of the wnr.
Siinuiel (-Joinfiera. in replying to the
nci-rctary, suid: "Take home to your
lill'lren the gniit interpri'tHtioii of
fieeiloni, jiiHtlee und ileomcrnc v, this
iiicmic i,t' men t f the lilbur uioveiueiit
Nearly tliiee iiiillion mIioii, we lire
it li von. ' ' '
Picturesque Customs of Ancient
Days Feature Reception Ten-
cered By Prmcess and Prince
r ,
Hawaiians Addressed By Secre
tary Who TeHs Them To Pre
serve Traditions of Their Race
Beneath' great monkey -pod tree ta
the beantlful grounds of Pualeilaal, tbo
Waikiki home of Prince and rMneesa
Kalanianaole, Franklin K. Lane, Secre
tary 6f the Interior, and Mr. Laiie
Isutt. evening enjoyed a " NWM (a Ha-
wai!'' rriplete wiLk all the pietoreaqwa
(eUiiif of cnetoms of aneioat daya.
Fojk-Jsnnes, and mekss of obi harsie
iuked with the mehxliea of modera Ha
waii.' and rare ttifts were brOairtit by
Hawaiinns and. lajil at the feet of the
dlstincuished cnblnet officer.
Thousands of people gathered at tbo
home of the Tte'eiriite to congress to
greet Secretary Lane and tbo members
i Hi tmnv ami no charmed the Yisltors
fhat Mr. Lane Mt imnerrixl to make
an address in which he extolled the
wealtk of hosnitalitv with wbicb he tea
ben areeted ever since he wet foot
upott the shore of the Inlands, aa
bareest tke oeoii'e to e.ontiasre to rnrr
heed .to their ancient traditiowa aid to
romesnlicr tkat tkey are uneOMteuts of ,
a fight tog rare. For to lay, ke aaid, tbo
C0e tnoao kare Are in tkawr he
atiaq of the vast cowfliet wkicA the
parerit. republic in wagutg agaiaat too
autoery of Oormaay which ban. tor
bidden even the peonle of Hawaii to
cross its seas in freedom.
Ia Kara Surprise
Aa a flawaiiau greeting the recep
tion and all the nrcompaiiyiug pictur
esque mnsicnl rui.l dmu-ing features,
tke preoentation of the gifts And tha
revl-fal of erortoms of the anotuirehy,
waa not Only a rare surprise to tbo
visitors from Washington, bat ren to
irmay of 4 be hamnnirran, fnr ncHdom tins
noti a wealtti nt entertHiument savor
ing entirety of Hawaii nei tewn glvon
in Honouxla since ttie dnvs of Kadnko.ua
From chink, until nhnost miduicbt tke
gurnets of honor reviewed u kaMdooeo-
pic presentation or nuias, nut T coo
lyy wbick are cxuimiinily noypoaoo
be the Hawaiian national daime, ibut
intnrpnotive dances during which be
octette of yellow and greeu cJad deoflnvn
sat ujion a gneat laulutla mat,, aad with
gourds, small stone castanets and atasn
Kooa. interoretad anr.iunt dancos, hsstt
ing throughout each set and receiving
'Cimuse oot only from Mr, Lane aad
his party 'bnt .from -the thousands of
others who formed a -wide circle be
neath the great elef tricalry lighted tree
ami into the bskfround of shrubbery.
Hawaiian societies came early and
retired to remote spots m the ground,,
keeping well out of the foreground -that,:
later on they might surprise the 8ecre-.
tary by their wu inhere and Tegs-Ma. ;
Jrmce KadaniaDaole', wearing the
Order of Kw Ink ana upon Jttis breast and;
aMIeed in white with the rod sash no
much sSeetod daring tlie monarchy and
ftgnru being revived -as .part of ova
ning dress hero, received his guests
upon the -Unui. He was idel in this
jjleasant tank by John C' Lane, Carl
WUIomaiin, Senator JC. JF. Chilling worth
and others. The guests, iu addition to
Secretary and Mrs. Lane and Mias
Nancy Lane, were AssLttajkt 8o re.tary
of the Interior And jtrs. -Bradley,
fipecial Agent Lothrop abd Mrs. Brown
and Mr. Glenn Shaffer.
Greeted By Princess
In the spacious lanni where are
gathered thr rare oinl beautiful relics
and objects of art of the regime of
King Knliikuua and Queen Kapidlani,
lilleil with the gifts which the former
Hawaiian nionareb rocoivcil mo in
rownnd heads during bis tour of the
world, the guests were -again greeted
bv 1'ruiicKs Kalanianaole, who wan as
sted iliractly by Mr. ono iane
and a number of Hawaiian women,,
prominent in the social circles of today
aud of the monarchy of yesterday, all
wearing beautiful feather wreaths up
on their heads or shoulders.
Within the home onlv the guests
bubleu tlince enpeuially to greet the
Washington visitors .passed before the
receiving line, In winch were the host
aud liontenH and the inemliern of Mr.
Lane's party.
A prettv teuturc or the reception
wun the placing ui jMMtmuui noiai cn
upon the guiuttn of honor by a bevy of
uhui'Uiiiig young llttwaiiau girls, each
dressed in white.
The I'riuoe esi'orting Mrs. Lane and
Mr. Uiue escortiiiK Princess JKalnuianu-
ole led the group into'the founds ami
to u gulden setting benvafli the great
tree wboe limbs were atruug with red,
white uml blue electric lights, a feature
whii'h gave Mr. Lane, Uiiriug his ad
dress, an opportunity to rise to heights
of oratory in explaining the meaning
of the red, white aud blue iu the Stnrs
nud Btriiies.
Btawallans Present Gift
i ii a
pu" lowing in an almost radices
strekm ensen, eshthsshes, books, mats,
Old time Hawaiian seed hats, fans,
bowls, carved watl nieeea representing
papayas, brnadfrufte and aaogon.
ni for La, .
Am element oi bunior, but a part ox
the past, was the appearonee of Robert
W. Hhingle ami vv niter nactsrmns,
arrvinn a live lda to tha feeeretary,
the porker tied to a polo which wis
suspended U)on the shoulders of tha
anen. This Was the gift of Mr. Rob
ert W. fjhingle, and cause mucA merri
ment. The Secretary almost snooa
heads with the porker, saying aptto
roc that the pig had become airuost
a respected beast in these daya' of food
coneervatioa. . ' , . '
Came then the DsuVhters and Sons
of Warrior, wearing their brilliant re
galia which took the form or copies
of th ancient feather eape and robe
of royalty. This orgaairotioa waa
headed by men bearing spears repre
sentiag the two warrior prince who
taught Kamotiamcka the art of war,
and followed' by 'a robed Hawaiian
reivresentiaa: Kamehaaieha. Mr. Wal
tor Maefarlane, regent of Uie orarr,
marched at the head of the memner.
Following them came two HawaJieae
robed ia tape ami carrying eunpeaue-i
from a pole a buge and Deeutiiuuy
polished calabash, a Hawmiraa wom
an, similarly ronea laying a tvanra or
banaaaa at tke feet of the Secretary.
A basket of roeesnute was brought
in and the cocoa nuts being immediate
f opened tke Secretary wo regaled
with a glass of coconnut milk over
which he smnehed hln lips.
The prgre4n eoosisted of maay Ha
srairaa soogji, the first being "Tke
Wreath of Hawaii" anag by Mr. A.
O. M. Boliertson sod a group of Ha
woiiafc gu-kt 4resaed ia whita. ' Th
same group saug mter while Mrs.
Charles Hail sang the solo. Ernest
Kant and bis quartet of musics srrs sang
nn of Mrs. Kaai s comrmaitip, this
beiur tke eleetiou ismiiaiga eong of
Prince Kuhio. A blind troubadour
atarved th rwitar as occomnanlst to
Mrs. A. O. M. Kler4sea wka rendered
a aerood group of llawsiinn melodies.
Socretaxy Make Speecb
Secretary lnne was deeply hn-1
preoHCd with tke pictaresaue scene,
aod atepiniaf forwaisl yoieed kis ajipre
ciatioo of tke many honpitalitim ex
tended to Vim and expressed the hope
that the people ber would nevor per
mit their old traditions to die, Jior to
forget their loyalty to the Hawaiian
of old, their chiefs of eenturie ago,
for by retaVntf ttsat Jeyarty bey
eoubl express the same deep loyalty to
thk I'nited Wat ad to the great
ehief", President WfWon.
-- He then went onto the causes of the
war. He epoke again of Belgium in
vaded when she was neutral and was
no atreeioaalv violated. He spoke of
the dictsrtiuai of tierjiiany to the Unit
ed States iu preventing America
from maiutaiumg ber freedom upon the
ma, wad by placing a barrier across
the routes from luaiulaud to mainland,
and .broulrht the illustration to Hawaii
svbea he said tkat Germany, by that
act. adacoil barrier -upea the freedom
f the seas to the people of Hawaii.
Be atd the people of -Hawaii la on-cieut-lnTS
had txies shUag people
and knew what the fresdom of Jthe seas
meant. He dwelt upon the music of
Hawaii and aaid he would ever re
i ain memories -at .its melodies and
.never would forget the .scene in which
he was at the moment lirmg. his aa-
Kress wan interpreted y JSev. Btephen
iDr-sha, whose tncomparable trannlatiou
of the Secretary's words tnto nawai-
itas. was ia itself a master piece.
The "Night in Hawaii" under the
monkey-pod tree bated .until long af
ier ten .o'clock, when the guests invit
ed to meet the BoerMary and party
arose and otnraed to the house, where
they were entertained until a late
hour aad where tbo Visitors went into
(Ooataeies over the beautiful Hawaiian
elies, the feather eajtes and ornament
and the historic relics of a monarchy
nosr Jhut memory.
Tha rUvvor f JttawMl
Prince nd IVlnceas Kalanianaole 's
entertainment was one of unusual
nharm, for it -retained the flavor of
Hawaii nei from beginning to end and
'he guests of honor never seemed to
tire of the quickly changing features.
One of the moat characteristic of the
song was one in evbieh singers in the
foreground suddenly broke the melody
off, end the -refrain wan brought to
the ears .of the guests from star off
iu the night, eerie, plaintive and ex
pressive of the musical soul of Hawaii,
for the notes wore ear haunting aud
came ripping across the sylvan stretch
es on the sweet tinkle of the ukulele
and the deep stsom of the guitar.
or. a. a.
Honolulu, June 90, 101.
Plans In Address To Deliver Mes
sage To the People That Will
Have Definite Meaning
Delicate Sentiment Attaches To
McCarthy's Custom of Always
Having Blossom In Buttonhole
Marking the inauguration at noon to
morrow of Unvernor I'hnrlen .1. Mr
Carthv in the throne room of the Cap
Itol, the word linn gone around to make
of the day a McCarthy dny when nil
of the Governor 'n friends and support
em will wear an the outward nivl
visible token of their esteem the flower
thst always adorns bin lnel.
It in s commonly kttown thing thnt
rain or shine, year in and year out,
Colonel McCarthy has never rVen
known to appear without the hibiscus
blooms in bin buttonhole, but theie i
a sentiment, characteristic of the man.
in his wearing of the flow er '
not geneinlly known.
Ha Five Parts
l. v A- llnt'twln, L4d. ....
('. lircwer S: Co
1--n I'lnntntloil Co
I In tk ii fug. Co. .
Ilnw Atfrctl. Co
llsw. C it K. Co
Ilnw Hiik Ci
Honi'kHn Hiir. Co
llouoniu sun. Co. ......
HnteiihiM.n riant.
Knlnikn I'lsnt. Co
K.-killul Hlis. Co
Kidoa Mii. Co
' Mi Mrvilc So Co.. Ltd. .
tlntiu nils'. Co
: i, 11 -.tf-ir Co., Ltd ...
( in,, un sua-. ( 'o
I'liniilinn Kux- I'lsnt. Co.
'. Heir Mill
1'sla I'lsntn. Co
; . . .. t.'o
i CloiK-or Mill Co.
him l n r li Mllllliil '. .
Waliilua Agrctl. Co. . ..
i K l o
Bn-lnu lcv Co.. I,M
1st lne Ansnra HO Pd..
2nd lnnne Paid l'p . ...
I. uircN i'oimt Mlntus'
IIjiikh r. A I". Co., I'M. .
1 1 nt k ii r. IV i.,. Com..
Ilnw. Ci.ti. Ry. 7r A
Miiw i ou. lly H. . , .
Ilnw. Con Ky Coin
Ilssllsii Kfcwtrlc Co. ...
Ilnw. riiieniile Co
H"ii II ft M. . Mil . .
II lulu Oils ''. I.l'l .
H"ii H T. A I. c.
Inier Isl-' ' N i
Mo' T
i ;: a l. ' "
I ..i !;i.!'l'-r i . . . .
S. l'i .i !tnitBH '
I 1
,;im IbVi
. . .
,1 W I
! V
. . . .
..! t
I 41
r:r, I...,
l-s) I...,
,10 !....
145 140
i iss;...
I iiijoox Olak Rubber Co. I XH!
SAN KRANCIHCO, June 20 i Offi
cial) According to a pioneer Alaskan,
who 'brought the first half million dol
lars' worth of gold from the Klondike
and who has just -returned from the Hi
heriau peiiinsuJt, tht ynrt of ISiberin
ia highly mineralized, including gold,
the export of which is not now allow
ed. He predicts great development af
ter the war.
The Alntkan said the driving of a
tunnel under 'Bering Mtrsits he con
siders! aot feasible, but he was favor
he forty miles of the Arctic rea be-
tweuu tke rontiaoelo.
While the llnwaiiau Band nluv
waiiun melodies, the llawniinu peoiile able to railroad uainf ferries iu aum
euiiie forward with their Ifts. The J mer and ice sledges in winter across
first was from the rriiice ana rrnicBss, i
this being a valuable tapa rloth of rare
delicate pink an blue patterns, from
the fust disappearing store of old tnas,
the art of making which is almost lost
in modern Hawaii. Brngll calabashes
tied, Hawaiian fashipn, with bits of
tapu, followed. The gift of dohn C.
f.nnc, was a cane composed of pieces of
all I he Hawaiian Woods known in the
islands and surmounted by a coat of
arms nt Hawaii hud a gold plate appro
printiily Inscribed.
Followed then n large number of so
cieties, uftiib .lionrkgux a gift bu behalf
of the otgauitatiou, lutuullv aecom
paii'e.l by a preseututioii uddivse in
the llawuiiaii WugUiigu. The Order of
Kuiiicliiiiiiuhii, The llui Kaiiliumaiiu, the
Onlei of Kahuna mid uiauy others, cii. li
hc:iiiii;; its niiliu, oitiiii. two by two,
liowine In 'he I'riiice and then lo Mr.
and Mis. I. ane, the gifts, or " hooku
(Oonc.nuou Trotn Fage 1)
Trcxiso railmail the fv li.i - Ihtii
I'ompt'lled tit v itlidt 'iu it wlmk'
line. More than 12,(X)0 rinicr.,
Iari. mitnlurs uf lu;tv tnn ;nul
liitiulreds nf niai'liinc i-ini- li.ie
lieeii taken.
The boutonniere that the flovernor
wears, if it were exsJmined closely,
would be found to be composed of five
art. It is made iu a particular way
from the pink blooms of the coral In
hiscun every morning by an Oriental
at the (Snvernor's holm', in accordance
with a standing order. Time was when
Governor McCarthy wore but a single
bloom. I.nter the boutonniere wa com-
Xieoed of two parts, and then of three,
four and finally nf five parts, as he
wears it today and will wear it tomor
row when he tnken the oath of office a
The point of the thing is that the
svearing of the hibiscus is a tender lit
tle tribntc thst Oovernor McCarthy
pays dsily to his five daughters. He
wears a single bloom lor each one or
them, and tomorrow when he taken
over the duties of the highest office of
the Territory his friends and admirers
also will wear the hibiscus an a silent
mark of respect to him.
rTh inauguration eeremnnv, as has
been announced before, will be inform
al and exceedingly simple. After the
oath of office in administered to the
new executive by Chief Justice James
Coke of the supreme conrt. Governor
McCarthy wHU. deliver his brief inaugu
ration address. fter which Secretary of
the Interior I-ane wiU sneak. r .
ceptios will then far held upstairs in
the executive chamber after which
Governor McCarthy will entertain the
Washington party and other guests at
his home at luncheon.
Topics of Address
In his address Governor McCarthy
will touch briefly on the ipicstion of
territorial taxes, with a word on the
finances of the Territory, which- have
been in hi hands since he has been
territorial treasurer. Fire insurance
and the general quest mn of the fire
haxard in Honolulu and suggestions of
how it may be reduced are other point
that will Jhe touched upon.
While the Governor may make briof
reference tfc the land quest ion, he has
explained that bis views on this maf-r
are well " understood, having been dis
cussed at length when the special ses
sion of the legislature was in progress.
For this reason the land question will
be left for Secretary l.ane to ileal with
in his address.
Governor McCnrthv expressed the be
lief yesterday that in making his inau
purs.1 address he will be handicapped.
"After I give niv little talk," he
explained, "I will be followed bv one
of the, greatest orators in the I'nited
Htates and you know what that
The Governor went on to explain
that the preparation of his inaugur-il
address has been one of the lusr prob
lems of recent days for him. He has
been exceedingly anxious to av some
thing in his first word as Governor
to the people that will have delinit.e
vfflue and carrv real meaning and it
in known that hin dnvs and his nlght
sn well for a long time have been well
I Kept Vu4J '
"I have to have time to put real
thought into the preparation of the
address," he said yesterday, ".in. I the
problem has been for ine to liud the
How serious the problem he ! -en
may be gathered from the t,,. ; ;nai
on a recent morning when the mercury
wan soaring Governor M.-Cnrthv slip
lied into hin office nt the Capitol not
long nfter six o'clock nud though the
air was heavy nml still, he rarefullv
closed the windows and doors of the lit
tie room at the Kwa end of the front
vernndn of the Capitol so that callers
would not suspect that the office wan
occupied uml disturb him. boul nine
o'clock, when for want of air lie was
forced to throw open the door of the
office, a group of callers ntood there nud
were waiting for hi appearance.
A man who look the task confront
iug him lens seriou.sly doubtless would
h:ivo' turned over the matter "f the ml
dress to hin seeretaiv, and Governor
McCarthy might have called to his aid
his own secretary, John Stone, who is it
trained writer and w l"i I- familiar w ith
the affairs i.f ti e i'" ei anient. Hut
Governor HeCnrtln, il is well known,
is the last itrm to si.. aside from
"IimI he regards as a task "i permit
himself to do a thing that in auv
lemole wav ml ul I s.-i iii in him to be
slinking and the a. tin1-- I"' "ill giM'
t rliiiMl oi Will be -i H his . , v l
Following the iiuni'iU' ali.'ii Governor
McCarthy will aecuiipam the I ane par
tv to the croiinds of the l i.l 1'acitlc
Institute where the I'.i'i I'acitie pageant
will be held in the a f t et noon ami even-'
li.ii.h Walk I. D. BAa..
1 1 men kirn IMt.-h Co., As .
Hun. Con. Uy. G
Itaw'n Irr. Co., on
ilnw Ier Hsf. 10U0..
Unw. Tcr. V Pnb. Imps.
ilnw IVr. fuh. Imp. i
x-rt.H, lnu' lnisi
tloliokss San. Co ,
Honolulu (iu A , OS ..
Knunl ftv. ( . Os
Minion Imp LHsl rtV..
M.-lir.iile isiifc-. Co.. Gs ....
Miitus' Tclcijlieiie Co., Oe.
(mini li. & I..' Co.. 3 .
i mh ii Suit C.. trir
Olnn Hugnr Co.. (V( ....
I'ncinc iiiisiio a r. to..
Gas Co.. f.td., er,..,
a oe
Han Carlos MUllnC. 4 ..lUM
t ()
i in I, u 1-11. ai .lif.; II. .. 50. 31 00 I. U.
A M Co.. so, 1o..iO: Olaa. 1 ". .0u. - .
None. ':'.'
June M. mm
A & It
It. A Co
Ilnw'ii Kits trie
buvsk mi in i ivso
May al. 1818
KH analal hsmt A no adxioaa).
Psrttr- .-. - '.
00 Cent iT-r Haw Bntwra ..... OVOQI
1M T. 10J v
Hlnitapore in.
Mw Vork . . .f: .tNe 5t0otatla.
Onotatlona ea tke (ollewtnf New Turk
enrto stocks, as wirelessed to Tee Adcor
ton- Fri
rlsv its
User by Stonebam Co., are
,( . ' .(
.tH4 '.1N"4
Itlir Itlm
iiliiloii U 4.i -.43
Kmms Copper ,1 ' .lo
Irom Hlimnoui ' .:
Jim BoMcr . .'
.leroiue Verde '
Marsh W -H
Midwest Oil I it 7-1
Mother LrfHlac V' J
Hay llon-ulisi
HeMi-ue Knla
Uex Cons
Hllver Kluir t ons. .
Tonopnh Kxtiislon
Kerr Lake
Wllbert .M Ji
lie. In i:i!i . 4.-'f
CrMull Oolri 4,00 - .4 t
NtpilinsluK 8n -
Perfection Tire and dtubbvr JSt . JV3
BAN FBANC'IWO, June 10 Aswx-lst.
1 ciMai -hmiuou tune u.OfuUl sua
losing qnoistlons of snusr and otnr.
iuv.-kn lo tb tsan rrassriaee asarket -tea-1
terday :
ivtn- rroe
I tug 1 4a
Jff.'A JS7'4
5.fC! ML"
llsw'n Coni'l
Iluwaliau Sugar Co. . .
(..inoifnii Nitirnr
HuUhlnsou MiiHsr Co. .
toss (linear Co
Onhu -hUiKitr Co
Gnomes Suxar Co
Paaiikan Hug. Co
Honolulu nil
Honolulu I'lsutaltwu t o.
' 1
,- , ,
Automobile drivers whi have Jfckt rr
cured a license were, given M jolt byila
spe tor Ho). I.'illis when nine offender
of this tinffi'- ordtiumee were arrested
' the oiii'-ci aii'l hummons! to aspear
t . -1 .-it- Judge Light foot yesterday. ,
Those who have fallen under tke
son .illance nf tlie police. arei' :'Jlrry.
Uuwsoji. 11. Horiurhi, rrX A. Cnll, G
l.undgate, Urn. 6. H. Ware, D. Varna
shiro, A. Knaki. W. Gray,. D. .0. LanJ
niokel and K K. Hutbly. .'
11. Uoriuchi, 1. VaiuSsUirO ajtd A.
F.kasi were fined ten dollars eacn yes
terday morning. .Mn, H.' Ware had
her case continued until tomorrow aad
1). J. I.nngnickvl had hi eosO.soutinu
ed until toil a v. G. I .umlgate was given
a thirteen months' suspended oratenee.
Failure to appear in omrt 'yesterday
morning enuni'd bench warrant 0 be
issued for llarrv Dawson, E. A Call,
W. Grav and K K. Huddy. ,
. w. a. a. .
At the uiinuul tiualnexa .muetlnjt of
the Itnwniinn Hociety, H. A. 'H., JkelJ
Monday vat Cooke 1UII, T. C. A.,
ine luiiusiiifj pnifsj",, iv,i'MWV v
the board of umimgei weee.aleeted to
l. 1.. Wlthiiigton, prealdtnt; " Be4.
I.. I.. l.autbourow, vUavresidcnt;
.lumen T. Taylor, secretary; Elmer T.
Winiint, registrar; John K-ffifer,'trcs-iirer:
l'rof. W. A. IUyaa, W. J. Furbc,
M. It. Custle, inembers board Of mana
ge, s. t

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