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6 ". '
Lower Piave Riv
er Sector Scene
o f Continued
Fiqhtin g F o r
Footing On Riv
vr Dunk
' f ASHIXliTnX, Jim JO
' VV (Associated iVos-s) Lack
, irtg the tcnariu of the first days
, "of the offensive. falling short 6f
those ftttacks in vigor ond vio-
'' t m t . . : 1 1 i: I . .. .
icmc inn miii iigimii; ucijh:iii.c-
1y, the Austro-I lungarians sought
in cfuitinlir their off en Hive atom?
" - . - . . - - - -- rt
the lower I'iave yesterday hut met
' with siirh superb resistance from
the Italian that they -accomplish-1
ixi little and yet suffered great
'' In the mountain sectors the (le
. .... . ..
. t . .
lorce an issue wirn tne nanans
- and their Allies following the san-
gumarv repulses which they met
itv tlie iiifiimlin n:ic uvhr
';.'. they have not achieved and held
': '.',,'cve'b w nuich as a small gain.
Under a raking Italian fire
which filled the I'iave with !
' corpses and dyed its waters red
with blood, the Austro-Uunga-rians
tried repeatedly to establish
..bridge heads a'.ung the I'iave
bank. All along this sector tire
1 1 a 1 i a n s held them steadily
' throughout the day.
'On the l.ritish front, as report
cd In official messages from Ion
rt ft,0.0, iWl.. W1! i,,e Austrian
' --made-practically no progress. Ijh
: those Hritish lield sectors the sit
uation was unchanged frum Tues-
. . i icd ) naming iitum n me
jlir forces was indicated in t lie re
, port Itiat tlie British donned lil
tfctn foe nrarhiues and four of
;theirtiwn were missing.
.7-,.tVluU! tlie Austrian official re
v ports continue to claim the taking
of Jarge immlicrs of prisoners. .V),
000 are claimed, and a-sert that
advances have been made on the
- Lcrtver l-fave River, the situation
' yesterday In-gau to assume the as
''pert of a sangninar defeat for th
")'ffcivf anl this sas pra-ticall
fyrrfofr'ted in tin icmia .rheitet
. 't'rtHttg. .nrich ilespatches sai:
arkt !ted the paper a- sainj:
jiL,. iirfL. .4.1'. : . f . i
iiwi'ine ernieai summon in ien
more serious wneii
h'rt?tnils of the sauyiimarv Me
feat w have received on tlie leal
ian ftHmt becomes known
k?ima via mied that the Aus
. (Jrtans had crossed the l o.setti,
V'kwni ti i .u...
crythirg was moving in order
Advance Italian attacks on botl
sides of the f)derf Troviso rail
way. were rejtulsed with heavv
- losses ami the Austrian? bad
broken through several of tht
Italian defenses near Montello.
CApture if XXX) prisoners i
claimed in the otficial mesvaj.'e
received from Rome as well as the
, rapture of numbers of lare gun
"ifnd & oral hundred machine gun;
ill ihe I'iave ector alone and in
aKldltioti to the prisoners taken ii
the 'iuMrtin sectors thiriug tin
tcvefe fifflrfing of the earlier
taRe hjI tlie offensive A freh
cotlpxin the lower I'iave failed.
A'tnerieah aviators will soon he
fWhtHljj WiU the Italians and the
Altai in' battle. The first
c'scadrihe. trained in the naval
qviafi,on 'that lias been maintained
for thf( past several inonthii in
Italy liavc left for the front,
Koine re)orte, and will enter in
pi (A'tion at once. I bis report
aine; tlironglr the Iiali.iii em
One Witness Kills Manith a Bible,
Also Slew Wife and Another; Ka
huna Invoked Is Testimony
In tin- Irinl iriiccfdli) in tlie nr
" t miirt tM'toie .luilgo XYilliam II.
HeiMi of " Prinre!!' THerenH VTilrnt
ri'!liriiii and JatiM'n KeiVlolia, rttarftoil
with roiin.(rpy in ehnam-tion nrfHi thp
f i Hi.o i lent l.iliiiokulnni the wihl
t Bit lit t in Hliich a fietion r'ti-i
mi:ht i rl u tjf his f)y t nirpniwl
anl nnrr1ivr of nveota that ofrlintiri
ly nu! ba -Vgnrriifci ititlieviil)li'
i lieinif written, into the rei-orl from
-the Ifitiinonv of aitoemce.
Fulli.ivinv ',Rev. Hum Knmaa n ',
i"onfesi(n lhat he icaa bribed t e .tet
the ronsjiiraiy h"th promix of n
phurrh. and reAerpi aet in Jieavr-n
inoiher wittiefa yesterday ih totlinc
f offenwn he hh'l'eortiratttert" ekf',n'd
that hi- hml' Villmt t maa with a Mhli
and snbiernieitly. "nhile he ra thr
VaVr of n hrgiu'ilr-ation railed "Thr
''earful Moiety." bnd mnVdered his
wife anil another diuo with a iliot
Story of Ce '
The present rrimiiial mne Irtet out
of proliHre proeeedinjin before Oin nit
.(ul(f C. W. A ah ford ht Here oprn
id shortly after the death of the late
'ueen l.iliunkalani when two w Hl
were presented. Of the two will one
was declared fraudulent when "Rev."
uin Kamakaln and James. Kealolia.
whoe nnmes appeared ti lt a wit
nesses. cor.f essnd ia ' open1 ronrt that
they did not see tJlittokalanl 'pn th
Itxtiment and that, whan they sine l
it QneXra IJliuokhfanJ a at not present
as they fwd alleged ia aftidavits that
ccomi-anied the will. ' The testimony
("hat they pave then haa been ntnde.
a pnit of the record of the precent
Tim; mi I hearing.
When the criminal hearing opened
'ast Mnndny " Rev. " Ham Kamaknin,
lames Kenlohn and "Princess" There
h. Kavinc been indicted npon chnrfes
of forgery and perjury, were ralle.l
aon to answer the charge of con
Kpirniv snd a4 thia point Koniukiiia
lurned Htate 's eviileoee and the cm
siiiniiv charge afgiont him was with
drawn liv the proeecution. He then
repeated the stoiy he -had tolil in .ludec
Aahford ' court, testifying as a wit
ness for the prosecution.
Tnae of Handwriting .
In the-irreliniinarv nnrt f the henr
UK vesterdav it wna appareni thnt the
.irosecution was beirinninc to lay .
1 foundittion for testimony that may
e offerea toaay wWch will, ahow who', vietion or vaxato ow a ciiarge or man
sc'tusHy aivned the frauduleaf mllt.'f "lanphter, for whuh be ! aervad , eigil
ttoiiieya W. (). tsinith, Franlt An . years.
trade and Bert bight foot were all on In unswor to o;iiestiis Makain said
the ntand to review testimony t lint ; sfter his relinre he liecinie head of
had been given before .ludge Ash ford ' The I''h eful Smiety mid while lirtld
n the probate proi-eedin-jH and to iden j inu thin tli -e lie c;itnc upon his wife
lify hundwritixg. both that of the one nitlit M Kixilaupiika. Onhn. in a
ate Queen and tlmt i( " I'rince.sa " ronc-nnni sinj; position with nnolher
"heresa as well. ! mnn anl he stmt snd killed both of
In a recess called In the court in them vii'h a nhnt j;im. He is notv
'he middle of the lieHiin; ''rtineesH" nerving life fur tliis offeiine.
' l.tJTNlHtN, June '.'ii i A .-so -iate-l I 'reas ' rtr-rimin ; lui- In rye nuuibcrs
of her-naval cm ft reii.lncil ii-cIcks to Iter iiml hnrinle-- tu I lie Allii- mel
hnu" khippiug for the lime being, at least, us a refill oi it,.- reeeut Allied
ae.tiviftes.s Airplai'e ub -rvers who have returned w : i b )ntoyrapliH yie
format ton that H er, I'lu-ourugiirg. The -aunoinn-ciuri I wus iiiiide yes
terdav by the . I m i rti 1 1 v lit am-iiil sei-refarv, Mr. S'n Nam.-' rr:L
IVnned up in the liruge.- -: mi i :n e Iwenty one Ccrman lr a rovi'is. Inrge
iiirnbem of sulue ir in -, nlti-li are not - e-ili -ally given. ,iu i iilier uii iilinry
i raft. These nr.' ;,t II, .i -. n i miim- i oh v:ilm- t-i ll in, mi-.
Proposes T o Make Germany Pay
High For Irs Crimes Upon Seas
LONlJOX, June 'J 1 1 'Associated
Vress I Plans fur tlie reeonst ruction
period which is in folluu tlie ilefeat of
Hermanv and the end ,,f the war are
.tontgrned in a report uf ilie cluppiny
ind shipbuilding roninitltee uf the
iiisrd of trade, presented yesterday.
Karly remoyel of government coutrol
of these iudystries is one of the first
e.comnieudatioiiK rendered in the re
port. ,
When peace is made the treaty should
force the surrender of enemv shipping
I ,sSOiH-
e arrests
ted Presa) As a result uf
if yesterday, the exposure uf a col
losal eonapiracy ef Hiiils tu collect
contingent fees upon army contracts for
he ae'arUit of which they ottered their
lervWa and in some inntaiieen are (aid
n birYe threatened failure if not eai-f'y--,
brought many such agenta to the
irhnes of the department of .justice to
tay wfaeia? Ihcy sought tu explain or
excuse thoir conduct. " -
Those who voluntarily went before
the department of justice asked for
leniency and claimed that they did not
know that the taking of contingent
fees fur such services us they rendered
to manufacturers was any infraction
of the luw.
w a a
Diarrhoea is nlu- u: r l,s-
prevalent durinii tins i-e' -I.e:- I'.e p e
pared for it. Chamberlain 's f'ulic and
Diarrhoea Ueinedy is nrue,ii nu.l i
f ec t mil. It can i;luil' deperuted up
on filir iule In nil .IfVe.s fi ,..
Hiuilll ii i 'u., I. Id., agelils lui llunuu
ThiMTsa proviiloil n tllvrrninn for lh
spi-ctntciri in tho court room when
w llett liiti k tm'MlnH of iM ctohtui
hitinli mhr fliinH out nun I nut
-v it ito km nun liil horn tftif-rin(i unit
i(;nint tltf irctio. Khe rnlM
ho' nlu.i thinw o .,. t, .
-rtinj- tIi(K oihioki-iI to her mrr joaloim 1
ind MB.VIIIR thlit she defied them. No
effort a as mmle to cheek the flow of
n-tUe and after time she sub
sided. Mrs Wir.aln-h Whb. who bad Wn
a retniner of the tate (jueea and who
had snid "IVitarnaa" Theresa could
not hav-s bstalrel l.iliunkalani "s si
mture. was included among thoae do
noiihcd by "Princess" Theresa.
(aluM Jtpeai
That weirfl thlilir hf the ancient Hn
alinns. kahunnism. now under bnn
if law uit attH surviving In bidden
In es, lite hnodooiam In the southern
tates. nlso playa Its part In the trial,
i'rom the testimony,, the mngir powers
"f the ahnna seemed to have been
leribcd to KsmnVa MaVsio. who was
1 witness, bv "Prihcess" Theresa and
rcn troubles bei-im to thicken nhnut
'er she invoiced his aid.
S nks.ii). now eervinp a term of life
mprisniment for the murder concern
ng which he testified, told of visits
mnife to him by "Princes" Theresa
vhile he was workinp at the public
l-bra'V ns a trwoly. He told of re
ei;" nrosey from, " lrinces " The
-e-a that he iid had been given to
her by a Chinaman. The trend of the
es'imo-v indicated that Makaia was
approached and his faflncice purchased
o 'eii in line those associated with
"I incess" Theresa.
It was Mefcaio who te-tified he had
kil'ed n ninn witli a buSle. Though
ti e reason for the action was not ex
n'nined in testimony given. Detective
Harry l.nke, who plaryed an important
en-t in the v o' k of innniry thst pre
cedet the trial said yesterday that the
killiff vith the hihle occurred in 190:1
on the Island of TUwaii. The victim
"as desiiemtelv ilblafa plnrc called
llsmal"ia. DetectiTe Lake fxplained
nnd when Makain was summoned he
attempted to drive out the h?vil that
'roe-Hed thciHi man by stcikiir "him
on the head with a hrnss bound bible
This t'ea'inent. ITwteetive I.nke Kid
resulted in concussion of the lirain
and rfentti n"d wrtWattentty in the con I
i-.iiit u.ail.' puiii-h 'ieriiiuny fur itl
l"iiy mray of M-a , runos. It should
i..ile tor the m-t inning off of the
-hipping of lh r.emy mid the proceeds
ot sjrh soles iitio jld be addod to the
indemnity faad
Post r retri-t urns upon the build-in-
of hi tur Oeiiiiiiny in or by
utlicr nations will U- u"eleK, the report
loi.tinues. unl- it.,- Allies iiicludinj
the t nit'-1 Stgt.- me propuxed to co
erce the ncutralK into obeying such
r. -trietions
' s-IIIM.HiN June 111 (Associut
i d I're-'s i --Tioups ui other American
minims. (Yi.tral and South American
countries that an- at war with Ger
mane, may soon l. i training in this
omit ,. Iep:it, ties from Parii said
"ii" ' rcniier ' n- neeau s newspaper
nail printed sin h a statement and in
Uiiirv at the war department brought
th.- infuiiiiatioii that the project was
u'o iv belli r; .- . 1 1 - . I - r I and an appro
iatiuit for the purpose of eatabliah
'tu'g a. id nidiurai'iiing su. h u camp would
piobablv be asked f rum i-nnrcBs.
W. S 4.
W VMINi.'Hi. .1, Hi -(t)rticiah
Heviytrntiim . . 1 . 1 di nt'l ,li,l for
lnin end the d itj' ,,f registration for
the IMt ,,, llim nii. those who
if tinned draft m...- since .Mine 1017,
i'ii' ii'iiiiiniiied t.v th,. president to-
In. In IIihmiii th, . (-' int ion dny
-1 " .'iii ' I l. ,,rii,.r mid in
:-i-i , 1. 1 .-.I mi , t,i ,e July o
in,, I ii.
luiit t j,i, ml,, 1
mm.mmwmmm mm a mmmm I t . - I 4 . w
Amendment To Agricultural Ap
propriation Bill Not Likely
To Be Oppossd By Wilson
tVAKHIiNUTON, .Tune LD -i Associat
ed Tress) Nationwide prohibition for
the period of the war is loomiii)' up
In rie as a possibility. It niny come
tliniij(r the Jonri amendment to the
A)frii ultural Appropflatioa Bill.
It is how understood that President
Wilson will ant oprxt t) adopiion of
this amendment alhoi)ih at flint it was
insinuated that It did wot have his
approval. I'nlesi he; opposes he chanees
of ,ni' pn"tjf or kmenditiKiu rt
riirHi'(1 am falrlr ttfotait. Ipr Hid
ytpiduy that favorable report Var
Before the sen-it rommltfee on igrleu"
ture which la hnldlwg the hearing on
tho .lores amendnirbt and the Agrlenl
taral Aproprltlo Hi, Rainhridge
Colbv of the Hhlptiihg BoaVd apoke yea
tenlnv acalat the amendment. He
said it wenbl b a asefaee to the ship
Miildiev program of the tTnited 81te
if it seould be eancted and would en'
In n ship eonafmctbin bv twenty ivr
sprecnt. add'ue that the workmee
"nnt their ber.
. a " u '
Four Hundred Thousand Tons
. For America and Allies
WAMHINUTON, Juno 1 (Official)
-sweden will furfiijh the i'nited
Uotcs and its alliea 400,01)0 tons of
hipping. The completiop of the agree
ment ia announced from Iondou.
This agreement follows many months
f negotiations. Its terms have not
.een anmiitnred but It ia believed that
mder the agreement Sweden will
cure foods, food stuffs and other aap
plies of n character. and variety that
ui.r been Rreatly .trreeded In-Hweden
.riiii-c the United fcftfltea entered the war
and begnn the licensing of exports.
It is considered cortain that the ae-
ion which was taken by the Vnited
srates and Uiet Britain utidet the in
emational law to eOmnmndeer Hutch
sliil'I'ing, b4 the effect of bringing n
more speedy and ready consent from
cili ii. Yjulont objection from Ger
many to this arrangement is expected.
. a.
WAfHINlTtW.. Juno .() ( Associa
I'd l'rt'sjl)-iftii'inl nunouiiremoiit will
'e tnii'de today that Special French
ronimisxlimcr Tnrdieu will tnkeaa new
'creturyahip which is to be created in
rjemenceau's olllce to bring closer co
lperation between the I'nited Mute
ind Fraafe,,, lie will remain commis
sioner to the I'nited States and will
J i ride, his time bet Keen the two coun
t rics.
W ASHlNCiTON, June I!)- ( Official i
ruiiservatioii of woolen cloth so thn"
more woolen lot Ii i uj may be made
available for military uses ill ref.'uln
tiim of styles is demanded in rulings
is-suiil by the war Miiiustries biMird.
Tho new regulatioiia bar Jouble
brcnlted coats ami nlso coots of e.x
ecsSHe length, ordluary olf overcoats;
there w ill be no excess of, pockets or of
pocket flaps and no wide eollar. Thcjii'
provisions cover the styles for the year.
There are to be fewer models of anck
coots than in the pant.
HAN KKANCtSftO. June 1 (Asso
luted I'ress) OraniwiatioD of allying,
Slave In the I'nited States into a Inre
army for si'rvicc on the Salonika front
wus planned at a bi meeting here.
Heconquest nf Serbi.i Knd the dis
memberment of Austria snre conteni
plated by the (dans fostered by a 'rep
resentative of Juko-KIbv London com
mittee." ,
KONpOX, .luue 80 (Aasoeiated
Pres)-!'eter Troeletra, teuder of the
Dutch socialist will nut attend (he
labor congress here. Aftr it 'bueanie
known he had conferred With "Wclielde
inarn. he ws refused a passport to en
ter hngland.
a. a.
W A S fi JK OTON , June 19 (Asiwcia
ted I'ress) Tentative plans have been
made for the Fourth Liberty Loan of
at b'-ust six billion dollar with (Merest
at fotir -niHl one-(uartar jiereeut. The
canipuittn . w ill be launched early in
MAN rvtKHClHCO, June Jtt-f.Otl-eliif't
'Raglathitlrtn of UeMtiun Women
ii..,Uir the new law la irolair' atrtwlV III
this citv. It is estimated Ihalt "mote
tlnlii 10IH) have retrtstefetf ""llluph
more than WOO ertia'nwnleii -'ft fcintered.
An erplanaion '6f 'tbe'diaVrmaiBfy Is
offered in the statement "-tlMt Inaiiy
i.meu hsvi married "AanerleaHa stud
thus secured ritiwusliiji through their
-21, 19l8.:SEMlAVEP.RLYvV
... . ,.
'if 'f - ?.
' 'i,y-''''v. v;- ' " ;;'
Forty Thousand Men Used and
Cnrjf Few Return To Trenches;
Attack May. Be local Or May
Indicate Point of Next Phase of
fcreat Offensive
KEW, A'fJfRk, VJtine 20 (Aasoclate.l
rVess.r-Valng mora thaa forty thmi
sajid troops ia assault delivered upon
tJ ech Mmtiona to-the west. ajid ;
outhwest of JrUinimi the Oennans at- i
(eked 'almost eoatinuously through- I
tat Tuesday Bight and yeaterday. They
na neen Jiractically cut to pieces,
'o&.'Th in.licatcd in the messarrcsK which are coming froiii 'Ainstenlam ami
Throughout Tuesday niKht the Tou- other M)int8. Hunfjef, dissatisfaction with rationing srstems, rrave '
oaa threw tremendous 'bombard- disorders resulting .from the . attempted Germanizing of tlie dual
Vny'Ta.! JIF'VZ Mttpire. lalor trouble.,, injistence upon' peace and the seeds of Hoi
'auached aa attack ia force which th ftlievium which have taken deep root and are .preadin; anion'; the
renrh met with a witheriatt artilWy yavonjc popfilation all conspire to render the ittvatWn the most
vns" rifle lira and hel.V In check. Be- . ' , . . ' . r ' . '
We the eity of Rheima the foe abo serious that has been faced at any time fctnee the war befcati.
mstainod serious loaaea. ' I REVOLT CLOSE AT HAND
ihiVdToh0t?" tie rrwh 1 I)ire exist9 "tsidc of Vinna' the Arbiter Zdtttns says.
iKtaitlona, wava uimn wave. Repented according to Vienna mes&a;fH. Both in and out of Vienna there is
y tbey tried to advance and aa often tll t,e heard bitter Complaint over the paticitr of snpolies tluit arc
.icy wee imvon aci oy xne rrencn
me loasea . were ao heavr that ,
ut few of -tlie ejsmy sneceeded
esctiintr Ineir own liaes.
St Wak hsl
; v"i-
Tbis in the aeejor that has been rer r nnancc, nas rcnis xnc ucminus i, ine employes oi uiv
ileVed by whr oliaerven nnd military government monopolies for an increase in wjages.
h eftjrngemeBt of. -featenlay was a; I"he tenna city Council has pa5ea resolutions .protesting vche
'oeal enj-WKi-mear, a effort to' feel out niciitly against the reduction of the bread ration, according to other
VVn'TX . -
iffensire time will determine, imt it '1 he labor council of the Austrian capital "has passed new
as etridently a Mnfwvniiry defeat for resolutions which reiterate its demands "for the spcediug of a gen
lermanr ao far aa It has (tone. I . .. A .. . . . . . r ,. . "
Sueeessful raids by the British af peace iiotwithstanaing the great oi8tacies which peace cu
be German lines near Albert are also deavors must meet and overcome". .
Tlsewhcre the Weater front 'wa. ' UP-1 with tliese comes the apparent failure of tlie long pn.m-
enerally qniet. "
Orop Bombs, Encounter Foe and
" 'I'1 1 ii" w fcn
AH Return Safely - Sam-
Hires Corrtinue Aggressive
WASHINGTON Jiino "0 I Vssociat
d Prees i American aviator on the j througliout Austria, the creation of a strong centralized adminis
Aeetetn Front ontinne their raida . nation in order to protect the German minorities such as exist in
mtZZ ve
iwahtnea mad up Mr
They , dropped pimibers
military aetahliabineats.
'mama. fMiejmntoMHl mismrlslrslaiiMNinil ,
ntl nvr -vf them retnrned safely. to -the Adriatic was proclaimed an essential point in thin program.
Two Americnu patrols yesterday Th c names of the principal leaders of this anovement ' arc still un
crossed the Martie, killed eoiieidcr ...,i , t,
bio lumber of the enemy aud
etui lied.
OculJs of Xlrra-y
"Calbled reports fiom the American
irmy sny that Oerman prisoners oil
nit the eoiiinlete flefoat of cnrefullv
vhrarsed p ans t.. rapture Xivray from1
iic mri ii-uti itjriii-n n ilfclll ijiu
imlities aurj.rN.Kl the Teutons.
American troops reuulcd O'ennan
is 1 10 1 ail on the Mnrue Sector.
(ieuesal I'eiHhiin.' reports fhnt fhir
t-eu jLineriwiiiH h)io neve ambushed
v forty riernieiis f inu lit their ay I
mtk to tliBii own lines iirtllcling houvy
incs oil the enemv. It is thought
at nearly nil of the nmbualiiiig force
as wounded. j
Two (ierninn pliiric," hnve lieen de 1
ro; eri, one ly 11 11 Amerieifn nvintor ,
mo fonplil olf twelve Allintrons
Anieriiun frii'i nenr
Vnntilidier '
.,v!L.l,tlJ,"",''iLh,i";r '"'d,-o' "''
The war di'purtnic'it ininonii' es thai
he fhirtv second division of the Na
-Mntil (tuurd ia 'hum fluhtiili; hi AIkiicii.
"ermanv. The 'inimrtiieement Is ner
fte,l tie'iinse (lerniun trooi-a have
tdenfifled the American division.
tbe h&t of ca 'Unities jfiven by the
0 department contained the nnmoa
f twenty eight killed in actum, twelve
ho died of Hounds, three of nccl-
"Uta. t.vo of iiirnlnne accidents, eiuht
f flisease. and eichty seven severely
njured nnd oue slichtly wounded, while
ne is inissinz and two are known to
hnve been taken prisoners.
The mnrines' casualty list la thirty
killed in action, seven dead of wounds,
one of disease, and ninety two severely
wounded. ,' ,
W. .;. -
W AMIIXti'l'OX, June llHf Associat
d I'ress 1- -Attempts tfl foist 4pou 'the.
ov ei riini nt meat Which Ws "cdfisiil
rred uutt for 1 onsuinpt Um and as!
such rehicted wefe'told todHy by
Captain Willnmis of the navy. It wu
fiuin'iM cut of tho "eitibaluied beef
wiinunis" or tne liflnig) nnierienn
A'aT, 'but It differed In that the chsr
M'te-r rf the ment was JiseverH be
mv 'sllljunetit iiflfl"ilid lut reneh the
'uii..'' "! ' ; ' '
rn-dMii. Wllllama testifle'il 'that the
u.. ... . . . , .-. . .t..i...j j 1 ..
iTieni in n'o "iion was ruruiaiieo uoucr
outrue.t bv Wilson & Coninntlv of Chi
cchfo a'd Hint hniidreds of thnnsands
it no.inilu from 'thnl -sonree of 'snnnlv
wns Vejecteil ns llhflt for ue.
PAKP 'OINTMKNT is jrusrktMeed to
tttfe "blind, 1)teeBtng,'iJ(?UWg Or pro
'irudiiiif PItKS lu f 'to 14 Uu-s 01
uiiiiv lcluodcd alatlutawtuit.l b
I llic ' :K lr M l.Utv. l'h C . , M
U n. A.
er, Labm Tro ubhs, D i ssb t -
isf action With
Are Prevalent
WASI 1 1 NliTO.V; June 20 (Associated tYcsa) Austria's alTairs
at rior.ie ift-e ranidlv rninini tn fe lirealcini? noint. Thi is
fr, th tvi., .tw.nr.
v" -'" " ' "
lo arrive within a short time alter
l.alior is on the vertre of revolting
. c . i r t . i
iiceil olfenstve that was to take
bringing that country to its knees, and the growth of riolshevism.
The political situation in Austria may be summed up briefly
as follows: The government feels itself less and less able to resist
the growth of the Bolshevist spirit among the non-German o; il
lation, especially among the Slovenes, y1ule on tlie other hand the
j Austro-Germans are attempting to take over the government more
' i
c ' i r i
A fvv ta- airn I .rivi a ll a nurl
ietma demanded the creation of
order to insure unity of action.
:i i.- . t n
' - """1" i"e imiuuuiiiuii 1.11
isxlav and five "ouenim, ine siire5siuii oi movements looKiug lovvaro mc lnoc
nidiotf party, pendence of subject nationalities, and tlw settlement Of the future
f bombs ma cliitiotis p the;,Geitmans with the lSjTjJejOn the basis
alrwliTneVid a clscr union betwcon Germany an4uA.usrna-lung;iry. Access
". the suppression, of movements looking toward the inde-
'!"' -
Hn tlie Ukraine and in those
expected to secure vast stores of
t-lic Attuation is even more tlireateuiiitr. Aii mterceoteil wireless
message says that a great revolt
. . . 'it . . . 1 i . 1 l
'"""ll:v Mort-.iii.ivc iH-ciii-iov.il
street ngntmg. 1 tie revolt is si.reaoing 111 .roitava ami a.t i ciicriiingtivr
40,(XX) peasants have organised and armed themselves. arsa-v
sir t 1 1 ics
this information.
More Men Needed For Vessels
si : C ia:
mealing uumpiuiiun ,
.luue I'd - Cltlieinl 1
11:1 ill forces of tie
Iiiciciihc in t It
! I'nited Stutes 1. v hft.v pinent :n
j voted by rhc house of 'represe'iit:itiv c-
today in accordance with the reipnwt
Hec.retiiry of Niiv.v llaiiielii. The
prcn-nf iiumeriKil str.-u th i sT.Onii
men nnd utidm the mfiinure whi.li wits
pawed by (he house it 11 ill In-, whe:i
the measure is approved by the aeua'e
to which it now goes
I .".!,( S."
This Kicrense
is mime to meet ine
'Anii i pAi.1n.1fe1 fur tl,. itinniiinir of -thu
new- voaaala wbi. h soon o into oia
uim-ion. Much ve!icls nre u a larg
variety of type. It wit: fte author
ity for the raising of enough Hmn to
tnei't the nation 's needs !in this line
until tbe lieceuibcr session of con
greys 't Mist, when it 4s likely tliat
authority for further -imireaM-s will be
v. a. a.
W'AHTNOTrtK. -luue 1 (rBlcil )
-"Kstablishmi'iit of a new- training ;
i-aaaii vvim iiccommo'iarions 'or rweniy
ousiuiu men "h u........... n..
t war department tcid.iv. lt is to be Wat
ed tu one of tbe Atlantic Coast Stutis
convenient to tidewater.
I In this new eanip will be trained en
lnoers, replucement troo.s and men
aammtiuinnu nval I Aiilnil'iiitii II
...v -
will be Tandy for use and training in
ik will commence on Augim 1
W. s. a.
VV AKHlNdTON, Jine l'. (Asr. la
ted l'ress)---ln purdoning unit restor
ing to the army, the two young Amer
ican soldiers who were Jonvicted of
alevpiag on post while In servico In
Kli'lice, the t'nsl.lent snid tlmt lie
ti.i.k into i iiiisi l. nil inn thir viiitli nnd
their offense!' weie fil e from l 1 -!' nl
tv or cunseious disrcgiird of duty.
. i rV
wn thiimlc. ls ene.'ted
the execution, ol the peace treaty.
because Von Winnier. ihc nii.i-
t 1. : i. .1. . 1 t .I...
Venice and push ou.thcough Italy,
. r i n
A lltit n:j tia in n mtili'rrncp liTiI il
a German council for Austria in
In the program suggested for the
- .a-. ..i i
vjeimaii i uic )iiii.idi iaii;iutc
sections of Russia where Austria
.provisions after pens'c was made
is in-progress at Kiev. There tie
iiji uiui i.ieie is .immv rom i 1 1 1 .11
i . i ! t .
fcccoitftilishments of Year De-
; scnuua s Nouurig ititn
n 1 ,a 11.1t.: m a
of Remarkable
NIAV YOftK, lliine ll (I1lii.ii.il - -Co
initulatiuiiK find puusr- for the men
in the I'nited Mules cruiser und ti:ius
jioit service ut emit :i me, I in 11 pejsiiiiil
let fee, made public todiiy, wiitteu by
Adiilinl A 11, ut (AeiiM-s, Ii f;i I nf that
brunch 'f the aerwee. H'" dwelt upon
the ful III fid OirlV. censcientioiis work
it'hii'h they liuve done 11, id pointed out
.j t,ll,"I" b'ir reard was to be
found jn the iniisullicent n
"lilts which
, they had achieved.
Admiral Cilenvc ul Jo.l : "It is littlo
short of rciaurkub e thot ia currying
imudri'ds of thousands of our soldier
to franco and returning home fur innni
only two tnuisjairta huve linen lost. Th s
! is a SJiJcndid tCHtiiiuininl to the skill.
j coui-Hve nnd seiiniun-ihip of the iiHiri-ih
j and the aien."
!acts ifiiiimY
w V-IH N il'ON luue l'i iVx.oiiut
1 ' ' '
I ed I reni A neat n.s(er t
1 Tet era 11 lios in to lined the stnte de
, ,,,,., iwj;' Turka sacked
ltri.uv it . I thev t,,l
ond citv of IVrniu. Ist
civd the Ameiicnii iiihI Hilt
i'n niiil oth.crwi.-e vinliited
I f I h e. e ml ices nre coh
iiin' lie i-oimliteriMl un act
1 ' c ii. settle the npies
In u t I'll lit. v
1'illied. this
of war In
f ion v he' ' r
die'iuc i'i
Tl - h
Im.'i'. if
e- ii' ! thi
' . ,,!, '
1. . 1! Ill"'
I Ji.
II i H 1 1 1 s
r u
t ,U4I.
..r the
1 -nl. rcore
ll T',e
II.. biiil'l
;lll - ,1 , ...
Ill' will i Jl
I lll'l'l III, ,
,111 . II , !,.:
I line

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