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V . . rt air' ,"r"L"r...'n"": ti x
w 1 iv Am t I JLfiiyJu
Secretary JLanfr; Sellirtii ; roiti
Hawfiif -With beflftjtb' ttki l
unruDiio Land. Question
With ioWfkhr.it I.Iom "on the putt.
He. laad bnewtlonj Secretary tan r
I yteTdy inornlriir from th 61 &
kland, After day speat in almost
onUnuovi .travel and. questioning. ... :
f . jw dii. conclusion , th secretary
li.l, !i .it- 'lM "i-" . ; I" ! triP wa. th ntwtainment, tfven th.
Mtlf r'f KfV0 rrPn t ?o. WmwU, at the be.uti
n Mrwin .luM fact; Tn legitimate, ful ratten horn of Senator Robert Hind
hwbstea.ltfr jt to la given .tt.f op- I
nnriHiirw rrnm mam a an k n a.
boftnaity front npw on than b.taa
'hlH In Hkwlj, a4 th, ay of 1
homeirtwder: the pUntntion
1 1
J7 T ' xl n rL7i"lor lr orV' L'r
PUiator ia.Orer. ir
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i l i fcl'U'l V V ' ' .
7 IrTi. LliA.il fl t.L '
m ' rr 7 ,.r,T "r'"
Hail populated with k home-owmna
poop Jr at praetcab)e. v At tha
tMMf .time;, ha want . every kvailabla
lnK of rible land pnt to real uMi
Ha kaa eea- many anroa of bomerteaqV
d Unda . that are., yielding ood eropa
nd on wklcb tha ActnaJ pwnert are living.-,
H bkrf-een, Ukewine-, many acre
at hoaiaateaded Janda, lying, idle, weed
JjrowB and froflUraa botb to the noma
atfidr fI to the. Terhlory and th
Ration (at large. Ha wanta rhore of
the former 4nd ab morn of tha latter.
. T1. tMt J, "ol 'rn ny thing the
rreiprj naa aaiq, nor ironv anytmng
"WP Jo,m etearetary who are
itk him hava aaid, but U a deduction
fropi he.nowa attitnde.of, th Sec re-.
tjry .ifc deajlng.witll aueb queationa on I
V l T i ' 4 urnoniMwuiuin
in , ha Indulged in while traveling
ver, tba laland of Hawaii. i
PbUdai AttM
GbvWlibt desitrnate XJIcCiirthv Ik k
oriiesrtead idVoet; Secretdry Lane
ar toadr it blaid' in his Deneral ittl.
tu.1i,thf )ie find Cblonel McCarthy in
loll accord. wltR him, ajid it was notice
able, ttikt, the Secretary took; particular
intest, ftbe bomeateading auccesaea
wa. ahOwjl ......
; 'tih' kit: ftrbliabl Have iomethlhg o
ay about jbe larJA niieation at the time
Of, Ike inauguration of Governor M'o
CartKyf eaye. .Hr.,Eaoe in a formal
ftatement, to The Adyortiaer, and the
rbabUUje ere. that Bit V'sometbiog"
wilreby.erjjttia ground very , generally.
In the tneabwhile;, it 7a the tip of The
Advertiser tbit proabeettve bojneatcad
eTa who really want a bpmeirtead to farm
Jrct ready for the' general opening of,
puDiie ianas.tnat It.to eopie. It ia lihe- .
wlae the' tip of this naner to those
eWkHirlig abhieateaderii of Hawaii to!
prepare their eyelone eellara. , Borne-1
tkiaa seema likelv to bit them
traniiona ui Enjoyable
.u nwf.urj ouiciu pany reiurn
d yesterday4 jnorbing on the Mauna '
Kea, which made a apeeial call at Ma
kukona for them. Their trip had been
a atrenuoua one, but one which proved
to be thoroughly enjoyable and instruc
tive, ,Ttiera waa practically no enter
taining of the party in formal wa.va
but at the aame time no opportunity
lost by the residents of the Big
Island to enow their hospitality. At
no time,, however, waa entertaining al
lowed to interfere with ,the business
which had taken (be, Secretary and
two of tbe members of hie immediate
departmental staff to Hawaii.
..jX Vriil.V l. w t 7
i.. f n t. T?Pilf . Ha,fmwTMU
maalnaa in the party, the. lack of real
J'.'WT w noticed, by the viaitors
who marvelled at tbe Jihenomena and
f ere eptbuataatid over the occasional
Eirtbquaie Helped
On arriving at Waiohinu. the party
o informed that the district had just
experienced at quarter of an hour be
fore a fl rat class, little earthquake. Trie
temblor bad shaken things around for
fifteen aeconda in Rau and Kona and
appeared ,to be general, Hilo having
been, jarred aa hard aa at anv time
durlbg recent month. This earthquake
had Meaped the notice of the Recretnry
and tboae with him in the speeding
automobiles, but during the rest of the
dej Ihere were plentv of . reminder,
the road across the rtaii lava flows
nd into Kona being liberally sprinkled
ith fallen rocks from tumbled fences
ami cui oaoas, caning tor careful driv
ing. One great boulder bad left luit
, . i ' ... - r . . .
enough roadway to permit a big carf"
to- scrape past it ha to scrape past,
because i the men of tbe party com
bined failed to budge the rock.
Plan? Disarranged
. P.W.tlin tbe earthquake waa a
cablefrram delivered to tbe Secretary
at WalbMpri, of the content of which
,' Intimation escaped tb unauthorized
eiw. bnt which jaa anfficient' to enban
a hurried readjustment of the plana
of the Secretary. It waa decided by1
him that he ahould return at once to
Honolulu, to fetch the first Available
boat or the mainland; and the Inter
fx'and was asked to send the steamer
Mauna Kea froin Kawaihae to Kailua
to pick op tbe Hecretary and Private
Secretary Snhaffer. while the othcra of
the partv. headed by Assistant Secre
tory Bradley, were to complete the tour
of Haty and Men! as programed
I a ter it war learned that there would
be rib steamer leaving for the Coast
which Mr. l.he could ctcb, and the
r-'wretnry decided. .to complete his visit
on HimvII, after which the pnrtv
would return direct to Honolulu, elimi
jiitini? the Mui trip. This waa decid
ed mmij with agrent desl nf revrret.
I nre arid the othe's with him from
Wa-hipi'fon liavirg been pnrtlcu'nrly
p---Ii.hi- view the sunriae from Hale-
to ee the beauties of the
' i-'Vv I-'e. of which hev had heard
jy--l yiyn praia". When the Mnun-i
Ken Kn'l'ed into Kailua. at en o'clock
on rVldav night, and the Kntlun resi
dents, rubbing their eves, hnd tumbled
nut of their early sought couches at the
unusual occurrence, it was met by a
pa)tiy piioiu,t,;wut
- MS'i&tihte l6nft
j jlie party spent 000 night kl fteeW
kekufi Kbna, knl pnt in park of pile
day exploring the "City of Jltvfugft''
jml an fudent Kobe sua and visiting
ether points of interest iti an Interest
!ff ltfiQQ, Including Jong, range In
apectlon of Cook 'a monument.
One of the very pleasant, bit at ft
and Mr. Bind, where the Washington-
t . ... " . .
tana kitd OoVornor Hinkham armt
night ka roet, an.) at the nelithboi
reaidont of Mr; and Mra, Joba A 1
reaidMt or Mr; and Mr. John A Ma
onlre. where RovtmnfJ..!.,
Ooyernpr deaignateMe.
artsy and tha other Honolulu
the, parly er hoapitkbly.
hoiDitablT take. In
r" I -T- for' ..""P"ri 01 lne Pr7
nM ,,Be nuai experipnoii in motor
Inn Wwmb tko.. .,i.
of .Ulna able to eha wltd ulaloni
the roadway where
it eroaaea the a-a
Frm rti Wanwan pnd the horrt of
the Mafriiireo the party drove on Mnn
day acroaa the Keaiinaokn rb'nd fkwled
aa ttrobanlv the worst of the main Ha
waiian. hihr-avthrnuf;h . the h,ome
atend tnrtlona to Varimaa4 wfier 04wyr
Bt Ckrter, In tha abaeirea of Alfred
Okrtw, the Parker Ranoh managerj dl('
the honor aa krtlnt-hoat. Jit- motora.
the mmonty of the party rlimbed the
ranch hilla to ahove Mnna to aee the
famona thorouahbred atbek On the
mlatv Wnimek, hihland la to b fnnnd
tke lfirgeat riifintece4 herd of H'reordr
10 trie l'plid Statea. ail hundrKi-oJd
piicd n peaigreen anirna', to aar hnth
in a; ot the wpnderful atalllona, Incljidih
tbe cjihmplbn Tercheron of FVanoe.
KofialA Berenidera
Monday morniag. after tha Reeretary
had watched with interest the flag ex
erciaea. of rtie Waimea achool ehllafen
and had addreaaed them, the laat lap
of te land journeT was made, over the
flank qf the Kohata moiuitnin and jatd
tpa Deautiraj Jtobal district. M iTra.
Achillea' hotel. rhere the nartV liinth
ed; the Becretart wan acrenadpd. by
iweniy giria rrom tne Konala
(eminarrr, whose atnirlng w air ar
predated that the little aongatreasef
werw called upon for encore aftor efr
At He Kohala epurtkouae the Recre
tary addreased a haatily collected num
ber of resident, confining hia remarlu
to the issues of the war and the Oer
mn challenge to tbe free mnn of Am
"rf , ' . , i
le MftUna Kei. whieb diverged fron
iU JKular rnn for the occasion. ,w
boarded at Mahtfkona about seven
o ciock, ine party spending a ter
pleasant twe hours before the arrival o
the steamer as- the guesta of Mr. a
jura; Edward Madden, at tne Mabukoite
landing. Borne mem here of the part.'
tried the fiablng oft the wharf, landing
one magnificent speeimen of aquarium
varietv. which ,was purloined by n po'
iog, taking advantage of the excite
ment nf another bite.
Patriotic Addresses
During the trip, Secretary I.ane made
several short aoeeehee. At Hilo be da
livered a magnificent, patriotic .addresf
to tbe national guardsmen, lined up be
fore the federal building. Referring
to the Kaiser's notification to Americr
that only one American ship a week
would oe allowed to travel between
American porta and Great Britain, thlf
'hi', to marked a. designated by
leHiiiated by Berlin, the Secretary
Bum: "lucre la no Emperor who can
close the seas to Americans." Thh
was the keynote of bis various ad
dresses throughout the Big Island.
r i i .
iiie noranie incident or the rur
through Kona was afforded at a Hoo
kens hamlet, where the Hookena Jap
aneae Association had prepared a lua
in honor of the departing, member o'
Capt. Julian Yates's company of n
tionsl guardsmen. That Japanea
would feast American soldiers denart
ing for active service waa snmethin'
that appealed to the Secretary and hi
expressed hia pleasure in a short ad
dress to the Japanese clustered alon'
the roadside. The viaitora inspeete
the luau and gased .curious! v at th
noi. the flrat manv of them had .ae
Invitations to join the feast were grace
fully declined on the score of the neer
sity of moving along.
. ' w. a. a.
In spite of hia protestations that h.
wu iiinoi-pat. All- Yum; . a Hawaiian
Chinese liiiiichbsck youth was foum
f uilty by the fe.leral jury yesterday o
upplyiug a bottle of beer to some aul
diers at Aala Parc . recently. Ills au
tebrk has been postponed until Ratut
day, June 22.
Ah Yum told he court he had sob
lio beer, even aftVr several witneaee
bid toWtiOedJ againit blirt. , Tfieee wl
pens!- were Ralph A. Bkr, John. War
rinor, V.r. H. lluttou and H. H. AVana
Hutton said' thirty-six- bottles of bee
on ice wus found la Ab Yum 's roon
after he was arretted. At the tini
lluttou said the defendant hail tol
biu he wonld ailnit hia gitilt tb th
court, but that, he bad persistently re
fused to do so sipce.
( ( w. s s.
Jbnn flrajk, formerly with the Ku
k Hia ii plantation on the Island of Ha
y.llli, opt' of the scores of British aul
jects who returned to England am
Cnmidn to ehllst with the Britisl
forces, and who has seen much flht
iiij; on the Western Front Is a nri.
oner in the hands of the Huns. Prlv
lite Ci-aik, who is a soldier "Of the fu
mous Black Wati h. was rennrted miar
;m between March 21 and 26, durini
the lirst days of the great Oermai
li-ne in IVardy. News reached Ho
ro!uhi yesterdiiy by cable that ho hai
' n loi'sed a'ive, but that he wa
i-i u ( ! t-1 in a ti priNon camp. It ia no
liiuiwu uhi'ie lie is held ill Germany
IlAwAitAH , GASfctmV
E'j Island Mil .
C5 Kcrctarjf Lane -
toefila; Island as aeeft i& a hurried
trip frosa H,ilo to Kohala, made a declfl
M ImpressiciB npon iBecrets rv I.sne
Asked Jd. kutjvakriie fels impressions of
bWirij?, be 'tilcfaVea' the following:1
f.lVl bav. kpeoti five magical days pn
tne island of Hawaii, in a trip which
oofija hot; Be duplicated anywhere else
in theorld tb variety of scenery, In
Oaturajlwondhr, in variety of product
or lri,lhjnan interest. I have aeen men
Midi aroaseti of all nationalitiea of the
Pacific, mixing in perfect barmonv. .1
have ea public schools filled with
Japanese, ,Chlnee,, Hawaiian, Fillplrtb,
Porta fycaK and Portuguese children,
with the tkiiaten of New Httgland par
ejitajre And. of CaUfornia, learning In
ne cngisa language the first principle
f bir tjoyCrhroent. mixing hatmonions-
if "bi(, psiniiiio songs a on re
:itirig,1n uiiison tbe belt sayings of oar
atriotie. leaders.
7ar. la- ujMaratoad
''TrMw eWldrwn know what the
Tert war (a All about as wall a aHy
Wldrrti. of tbeir ace on the mainlsBrl.
The fact that they are living on these
aiamis in tne rarinc ucekn makesn a
apeeial I m press! on ott tUa i to the
ieeeU toioafejrt the attempt thaf .is
eing maja to. limit the use of tbe ocean
iy any natloa. The war meana aoisvs-
'hinjf. to then, something, more than1, a
nere abstraction
"I have not seen a hotel, restanrami
r a private honne in. which tlie re-
tnesta ofith food adtniniatratUm are
not being strictly observed. I hase
Visited mhoola.in which a lnrire nroner-
tlon of th Children had bought Thrift
tMnrnpa, lb owe school visited evev
eklid' bad tlrrlft Stamp sthI evety
child' kkd contributed to thw Red Crois.
nimato Unalloyed
"Frbpi tjie point of climate nothikg
tetter, eooldt have been deeiredj No
rt of qar-tHp woa interfered with in
the alicbtat br rain or wind. We n.
fed from the biimidity. of the coast to
B .coolness of the highlnfldt almekt
nrpereeipirmyv BveTy mght wa' mofe
greeable than anv night on the North
itlahtle toast at this time Of the year.
'."fJfciaaV of: reaources,, if there be
ej Bpot.wMs. can be entirely aetf
iu Poor tin IT. wliicb need not csll unAn
; be world' fbr support in foodstuffs, it
''JT.' Islatid ; of ' Hkwaii. If t were
fbrttmrte' etrotigh to own a strip of
wit xteeiir(r- frosw the- seaekore to
he mountain, I could raise evcrythiir
i needed to tacnort life! from rle and
t ugar oa the shore to corn and cattle
on ;ne upiana. ine marvel is with
vrbat little labor, ai man can aapport
himself, on this land.
"ome day the road over which we
een)e, froeV Hit, to Kohala will be as
amoua a he Riviera.
Ulatrai- tha Climax
1 nf'T'rft . Yo"; although the gjreat
st natural wonder under tbe Ameri
ri Flkg; and the most interesting ub.
et for saiehtlfl atiidt ti tbe- form-
ttola of tha world which I have found.
only, a elinfax. t two hnadred and
eveaty-nvet milea of anrpassing-sceqorv
lid interest.
"The Territory- most develop a porl
a the northern or western side of the
dnnd which will enable visitors to
invenlently take the trip to Hilo. The
oads, although not all that could be
lesired, are oa the-whole snrprieiagly
;oodj t
"I shall take up with the, Bishop Ks
ate the matter of securing a settlement
if the government us of tbe land of
'hat estate required to complete the
lesired; boundaries of the Kilauea na
'ional 'park.'
"Tbe queatibn of government lands
in Hawaii. I ahall discuss later. I ahall
-trobably have something to say, about
it at the time of the inauguration of
riovernor McCarthy."
w. a. a.
To Isolate Hawaii;
E. D. Teimey Reports
Nearly total isolation of Hawaii and
he Philippine Islands waa con
raplated by the United States govern
icnt about the first of this year, o
cute waa the probtent of securing auf
lient shipping for Atlantic transport
urposea, says E. 1). Tenriey, president
f the Mataon Nikvigatlbn Company,
ho bus. returnud . from a six weeks'
rip. to the mainland. ,t
The only exception to the proposed
uttlnaj off of commerce and travel be
ween the I'nited States and its island
'isseasMiua ami territory wa in the
upplyiug of necesaary food.ablpmenta'
According, t9 I'rendent ,Tenney ij
aa ot, oven planned to try to move
iu sugar crops from, the Plulippiuos
nd Hawaii, but tq require the planters
o store thuir crops until Jrt. could be
fever, us it was thought BUficiunl sugar
tild be' gotten from, other sour
hich would not reqiiire jo much ahip
ui',' to mqve to mainland . refincriss,
I.ni'iichirqj of additibbut vpswils, tik
i oyer of tbe tXute$! and other neu-
al ships, however, lessened the ship
ing need so it never became, necessary
0 carry out he isolation plus, he says
i effect.
However, the shipping;, problem is
ill a big one of the gqvernment, a
he sending over of every , additional
cgiineut .o Europe iacreuae the need
r more ships to Bend, over still mora
lunitiona and aupplio, ,k lays.
For the time being, Hawaii for tke
ovement of its sugar, aad Ibe import
ig o coal and food products is going
1 have to depend en about twenty
null wooden steamers, which are now
ing lsunclieC in the western, ship,
irds? President Tenaey save. One of
'cc lies arrived in Honolulu already,
'e --hips "rc small nd h a cjipne.
ty for only from 2500 to 3000 tbnk ef
argo. Aa they are coal burner their
ise in the Pacific still further add t
he problem of keeping enough con!
uel coming to Honolulu to supply ship
junkers. i
FftbAV. .iune 21, wis. -Isemi-weekly.
Telia, Supervisors Mote Help Is
Needed Due To Extent of
. ; Work On Hand
With the 'strong likelihrkrtt Of "del
ond Assistant City Attorney Charles'
S. Davis being inductpd into tha draft siwiu'.ioti begun yest r.lav morning and
and 1th a large amount of litigation, ' will i-otniniie until Hnlunlny.
which-i ronstant ly increasing in Ho Hev. II. K. I'oepiie was moderator
holulu, owing to the number of im- yesterdny; b'ev. .Inm.-s Davis, vie
prbvement projects now under way and ' modernior; I'. I). Kellett, serdie, and
projecte.1, the city attorney' office ia Rev. William K. I', a. and .! hn K. Na-
practically twamped with work and to.kila, asaiatnnt scril.es.
ri,-u wilh won anil lO . ."-inn..,. I i r--t-
reiieve tli c.nimnlioii nml to rush aev-1 Rev- James Mavis rea l the report fit being, launched for an ordinance te'm
kral road projwts to completion, the'Onh" "! Ju-lge .1 II. K Kalwi the lee the style of costumes affected rrv
beard Of tupervisors lust niffht decid
d to allow City Knginerr tlontin ape
eial legal-counsel for the handling of i
assessment propositions and condemna
tion proceedinga.
Ihe cost of such extra leirnl Work is
to be charged against the engineering
and incidental expenses of euch pro
ject where special m'I i retained.
Oaotin'a X-etter
Following is City Kngiueer Cantiu's
letter to the board of supervisors in
which he sets forth the need of adili
tional legal help:
"Te volume of legal work accom
panying Improvement prbiects involve
:o much detail that it will require more
than bn Mian if the proirram for 1U10
is to tie properly develoed.
V After fconsultntion with the first
'deputy city and county attorney, wbo
nas cnarga or sucn work, i would re-
qmsit that Mr. Cnsty, through hi au
prlori b kathorixeiL with the approv-
iK of thiB. office, from time to time, tb
retain ine services if such attorneys
as may be necessary on apuciflc prob-
;eiariing iu. regoni ' to improve
ment . project as may seem advisable
to secure more rapid solution of de
tail than i possible for one man to
fct-complish. Such work would be Who!-
y under the supervision of the first
deputy, and be oharged, with the ap
proval of this oflice, against engineer
ing and incidenala necessary fur im
provement projects.
" 1 . understand that Mr. Cristr i
prepared , to cooperute in such a
(chenie, and direct the work along
noes iu eonunue ine expansion or road
work under the improvement statute.
Land deal and tbe negotiations there
y necessitated, condemnation suits
aud the technicalities to be taken ear
if can be let out to those who can
work in cooperation with the city and
county attorney' office aud under it
direction. "
"Ia oHtlmktlng the amount to be al
owed for engineering and im-identala
'onsideration ahould be taken of the
oasibility of considerable extra legal
work that will be needed. , Such re
.ief will greatly assist Mr. Cristy in
ooperating fcjtb thl oflice iu improve
nent work.'l' I
W. a. a. ,
There can be no doubt that the iiir
plane, riile and machine gun play sti e
rior parts in the, final decision of n
'iftttle, but many other factors far fron
the actual lighting front are equally
important. Among these is one the
importance of which canqot be pver
stimated. However it ia aeldon
brought to the mind, of the reading
public, simply liecausc it offers m
-hance for llnming headlines.
Year' Accomplishment
Looking back over tho work accom
lillshed during the first year one ran
ee more clearly than ever before tin
;reut part that stenography plays in un
mergency, and especially in such i.
mo us was created by America's en
ranee into the war against the Huns
Shorthand of a superior type is ni
bsolute necessity and typewriting i:
iHlispensable in conducting such a sys
em of correspondence and reporting in
s found in this division. Both ar.
urge factors in transforming the chain
v hi .'h existed at the beginning Into u
lowerful ami efiieient niacin lie. Thai
he sons and daughter of fair Hawaii
i ro not behind in doing their bit i
uglily emphasized by the fact that thi
ullowing ymiiig men uud -women, win
ave conipletsd their course in the T
iigelow Phillips' Commercial School
ave entered the business world, ami
irm helping to relieve the stress cause. :
y the departure of the brave iuds win
have left for tin front:
tfany Helping In Work
Muss Alice Dyson, Aluy & Co.; Mis
1. Munro, Kuuk of Hawaii; Miss Helei
Meyers, Hunk of Hawaii; Miss M. Tuv
ur, ituuk, of Hawaii; Miss K. Seyboit
iltuk of Hawaii; Miss Cluire Sotehoin
rlshop IiiHuraiue Company; Miss Alex
lujrinu Munro, chief veoinuuette, U S
Vaval Station; Harry Lu, Chinese
Vuu'iii-aii Hunk; Miss M. Davidsou
dutuul Telitphone Company; Miss K
vumui, Iluwaiiuii KliH'trie Company;
diss S. Uregory, secretary to Cummau
'ant Denis H. Mslian, Tnited State:
!adio Station; Miss' M. TitComb, veo
lunette, Naval Station; J. Chow
lylimis a Olson; J. ('hong, , Assouiuleil
)il Couipnny; Miss M. Tinker, Hmool
i Steiuhausi'i; Miss 11. Uerteliiiuuu
'chuinaii Cuiriii)e Comiiuny; Miss k
an on, Oahu Kiiilway & Lund Conipnuy;
'Mward Kiedt-I, The Waterhuuse Com
any; Miss II l.ishman, Office Stippl.
'oinpnny; Miss H. Kuhns, Deurbori
'bepiicnl Compaii y; (leorge Leal, Alas
H Pncking & : ii n i ii if Compauy, San
'rancisco; Mi- s rirude Turner, boari
if iipinigrntion ; Miss Pearl Makinaey
lonrd of health: Mrs. Fred Orht, secre
arv to ('. I. Ileiiii'iiwav; Miss K'i.a
beth Lopes, Huwaiiau News Company
Miss A. Jones, T. II. Davies & Co ; Mis
Louise Akeo, I I H. N, l'o Miss J
HJucqc, Castle & Withington; Miss ,1
Whitherly, secietaiv to the Norma'
Ri'Hool, Alnniedn, California ; Mrs. II
Brew, Litiby, McNeil & Libbv; Misf
Rdith Cnrter, American Ked Crinn
Nliss Aileen Dowsett, Anierienn Ked
lross; Mrs. R. It Klgin, Amerii;uu He. I
Cross; Snuniel K. Ferreira, connecte.l
with the school, Miss C. Cottrell, cable
office, Alckau b r Young Ituildiug.
jetsiohs ot Annual Conference
Bfeflan Yesterday ihtf Wih
Continue Until Saturday
' tS(V ninety sirf knhObl confer-
enc of the Hawaiian Kvbnge'lcal As
n-iMiii mi nnum. iiiiin were id 11a- i
.':: j
. AJ I 1 1 ... l 1 I
Statistical Secretary Henry P. Jiidd
read his report for th
nlawaian, ns follos-
year, also la i
"NumlH-r of churches in the Ha
waiian Kvnngelical Association, KHt as
follows: llawniiun, O-'i; I'liion, 11; Jap
nese, IS; Chinese, H; Portuguese, 2;
Filipino, 2.
"Nujtilier of church nieuibern, 9214,
as follows: Hawaiian. :tU78; Union
un; .Inpanc e. lH7:t; Chinese,
ortugnese, 2m; Filipino, Ml. Of this
number 1112 are on Knuai; 4ir on
(nhu; 1(110 on Maui and Lanal; tH7 oa
Mrdokai and 227 on Hawaii.
"The number received on confession
of faith, 7:ih, a follows: 2r.S in tbe
Hawaiian churches; 71 in the Union
churches; 215 in the Japan; .18 ia
the Chinese; 17 in the Portuguese;
14.1 in the Filipino. Of this nasatier
148 were on Kauai, .'145 on Ouhn, 86
in Maui, 18 on Molokai and 141 on
"Churches that received twenty or
more members on confession of fatA:
Second Chinese Church of Honolulu,
'; Lihue Japanese, 21; Bwa Japanese,
21; HanaMe Japanese, 22; Hilo .tap
inese, .'Ml; Kaumakapili, 4.1; Bishop
Memorial, 40; Kauai Filipino, SO, aasl
Onhu Filipino, ft".
Offerlrgs To Board
"Sixty seven churches gave ollrT
tngs to the- Hawaiian HobtiI, as fot
'ows: Hawaiian, Wi Union, 8: Japan
ese; 12; Chinese, fl; Portugneae, 2: abd
cinpino, I. tit these churches 10 are
in Kauai, 11 en Ontru. 10 on Manl, 6
in Molokai and 22 on Hawaii.
"The Sunday school enrolment Is
'0,708; which is an lucres e of 536 over
bat of the preceding venr,
"Ihe Christian Kndeavor socie'les
have an enrollment of 2491, which is a
increase of 410 from that of last
rear. ' '
Centenary Celebration
' i nere was a long discussion on
vbere the conference nf 10211 sh,ouhl
e held. That vear will be the hun
redth anniversary of the landing of
he misBionarles in Hawaii, a no. it i
he intention to make of th coiifef
ence a very big affair. It we flally
tecided to turn the matterver to a
omnuttee, with instruction! 'to report
ck before Friday. Adjournment waa
hereupon taken to 10:30 thi morning,
ml sessions will begin at 10:30 every
Horning to and including Saturday.
The Lord 'a Supper wns observed last
light, Ke.. A. W. Palmer and Key
ami's Davis presiding.
There were 130 member present,
er resenting all ol the- faiaads.
Yesterday morning Mayor Fern sent
he Hawaiian Band to the meeting
luce ami concert, was given rrom nine
a nine thirty. It was the first time
u history that tbia ha been done, and
he courtesy was uiueh appreciated
particularly by member from the
ouutry. . .
Change la Program
rtorne cnangea nave peep, made in
he program aa originally mapped out.
i nere win ie a sunrise meeting at six
if teen this morning and every morn
ug at the same time tO Saturday. Bev
I. K. Poepoe will be leader today,
!tcv. L. H. Kauriieheiwa tomorrow, Mrs
Vi Ilium Laeha Friday and Q. P. Ka
niinoha Saturday. From nine o'clock
his morning there will be a business
ession, during which reports will be
end. At ten-thirty, Rev. Jackson
linith will address the conference, and
rom eleven to twelve- J. f. Child and
tev. A. Akana will apeak on "Our
'art in tha War".
Hev. K. B. bodge; of Wailuku, will
e the speaker tomorrow, morning
lev. K. P.. Pleasant Of Kahului, on
riday, aud Ucv. N. C. Hchenok, su
lerinteiident of the Chinese depart
icui, nonoiuiu, on naruniay. rues.
dilresses will be givea from ten thirty
o eleven each day.
On Friday from .eleven to twelve
'Our Part in the Wns" will be dia
muted by Hev. S. L. Desha of Hilo,
ml Hev. J. P. Erdman pf Honolulu.
On Snturituy the final meeting of the
issociutiou will ba held from uine to
lembera Fiord Hlwail
The following member from Hawaii
ire iu attendance!
lie vs. a : Desha, B. Lonuehu, C. M
ainakaiwaIe, L. Kakkni, W. M.
Kalaiwaft, James UpVJiurfri; A. ff. Bilk
r, Z. Mahalulo,,J, jteaii,.J. M, K
noku, James Kama, E. 0. da Stlva, K.
lignchl, t: Ono, T: H; Weiig, C. 8a
uwa, 8. Sokabe, IT. Cho Ping, a Aoki
ud Jackson Smith.
Maui Revs. J. K. Kanoopii, Yee T.
'ui, T. Sugiinoto, L. B. Kaumeheiwu,
I. K. Plearant, M. Kakiapo, .1. Fuku
'n, .1. P. Inuina, J; Y, Kaloheluni,
leorge Y.. Lake, (1. ft Pbepoe, 8. K.
vuaia, T. Snto, RbwluaJ B. Dodge.
Molokai Revs. JV Klaiouahi, I. D
laea. T
The ministers from OaliO are: Revs,
lenrv K. Poepo. . Wllltam K. Poai,
. V. I'ulmer, Willi B. Coale, Yuen
To Pui, T. Kei Yuen, A, V, Boares, T.
Ikiiuuiru, T. IJori, y,,Bkai, K. Ishidu,
A illiuiii Kamau, K. Maada, 8, Yglbriu,
. K. W. KekueWa, Oeorge M. Kauaii
ileiia, Jumes Da via, J. K. Lota, S.
Magiiinori, aud from the Hiiwaiiun
'toard: Kcvs. O. H. Oulick. H. P. Ju l.l,
I. P. Krdinan, Akaikb Akana, W, V.
Westervelt, J. L. Hbpwood, Frank S.
Scmbler, N. C. gchenck, 8. K. Kamai
nnili, John K. Nakila, 8. N. Oni and
Messrs. P. C. Jone. Tbeodote Rich-
itnls, D. I
Muhihila, James K. Paelt
II. K. Waiii and 8. K. Oili are also iu
n lance.
Kauai Hevs. S. K
Kub'ili, R. Pu
uki, I. K. Kanuwui, K. OVunioto. K
Kiil.oli, .1. Alba, K. Mamiyo, Juse
Alba, K. Shiruishi, 8. Naguta.
Un Mermaids
Of VaikikiBeacn
Wdme.n'i Auxiliary of OutHdger
Club Objects To Extretn Styles
Attectbd By SorhS and Witt Ask
Supervisors To Tabu Them
If the desires of a Inrge number of
Honolulu women are crystallised into
legislation, ss they expect, Walkiki
will see lens nf the women bather in
fulfcre than can now be noted by ob
servant beach luunuers. A ieamhaten la
j . . ... . ,
some of this season's mermaids and re
flulr",R " extension on the suit both
fore and oft.
According to the plana of a commit
tee of the Women 'a Auxiliary ol the
Outiiggir Club, a petition carrying (be
nyyni of twe to three tboneand Hono-
ula. wooie:i i to b presented to the
boird.ff supervisors asVing for aa
ordinance prescribing the limits on
female bathin suits. The nrnnaaaJ baa
tkn practical form and member, of
(he . women committee presented the
mattet last night before the Outrigger
CJub for it official endorsement.
No Street Parades
The hop is to prohibit the wearing
y women bathers of men's one-Diece
bathing snlts and of eostaate that wr
lecoltete by five or sis extra inches
ind co aa to skirts to the point Of dis
appearance. It is also expected that
the otiHnance wtl prohibit tb rjromnn-
uleof nymphs lathe semi nude along the
puone tnoroagerare leading to the
beach. Hereafter, when the ordinance
' eeomes a law. fair bathers must oro
ide- themselves with full length' Over
arments when tripping over th as
halt' on the way tb the beach.
"We do not waat.tb be pat down a
irudri, nor do we want to comber swim
mer, with so ranch, clothing that ttelr
tree movement in the water will be In-
on yenlehced, but we do want to atop
mch exhibitions are now making
Wuikikl notorloM," said a spokeswo
man for th Women's Auxillarv ve-
'erdny, "We proposaho secure, if w
an, an ordinance prohibiting Buch.co
'time a are positively Indecent, och,
I regret to say it, a some woman- bath
"rs are now using,
lust Abov th Kne
"We propose the prohibition of th
ise of men's suits by women, requir
ing women bathers to wear k costume
with a akirt reaching to just above the
knee, and not cot mere than foar iaehe
deep at th neck. We do aot car what
naterial is used in these, nor are we
;oing to suggest thl use of stocking
r anything as extreme our way aa tbe
oatomes now worn br some are extreme
'a tkeir way., . All wa want ii tb top
h .aipuy tn.ara today: makiag it
necessary or'ronl mother tq keep
heir children away from the swimming
'.eaebes., , ,.
" We expect to get tke signature of
t least two thousand decent women to
ur petition to the board of supervi
ion an J Mr, Criaty- has agreed to draft
n ordinance for,. us."
'.tfe Onant fianir
It 1 suggested ialt tbe life guard
along the beach be given. pec)al po)ie
owers tb . enforce . tttkj expected ordl
innce, wjille special polfce will be used
t the beginning to warn offender qf
he orUrnanc. .. t
"We do not expect women to 'scrap
'heir costumes all at once, but we do
I pec t to gc( rid p( the most glaring
ormi or immodesty at once and
rradiially clear tha beach of all of them
"fore the end of tbe summer," says
his spokeswoman. "I an sure most
pople will agree with, us ia this. There
re suit being", worn today by some
tvomep that po man would be aeen in.
"Such coitumea as sqm wear are
creating a condition that ia hurting
Walkiki. We have beard all tbe way
'rom San Francisco oft ibe shameless
'xbibUlpns made, publicly and Walkiki
becoming known as an unmoral place.
rhia is not th kind of advertising the
.romotion vcoromltee .nnd other who
love nonoiuiu want, wo are sure
wV is.
School Notes
News waa received 14 Honolulu
trrday of th death of W. W. Taylor
in Fast Auburn, California, on June 4
Mr. Taylor, who,, waa eounected with
i . i . . t . . i I: . : ..
pe ferriiriai iieparnivnt dl pupin- im
stroctibn for many years ka a teacher
lived formerly In Kinahulu, Maui, an
Honolulu. H waa well knowu iu the
Island. '
Henry W, Kinney, wiperiqtendent f
public instruction, la- now on the Big.
Island, making a toiir ot inspection, of
the schools there and consulting with
the county supervisors oyer new school
''wildings, for tbe coining year. Mr.
Kinney wifl return in the Minna Kea
Saturday morniag frem Hilo.
All tlie territorial schools will close
.in Frlduv of next week foe the sum
ner vacatioti, reaaaembling for lb
1918 191 school year od September 16.
('oiiiiiicnceineiit exercises at th TeV
riUrial Nnrmal and Training Scbool
-ill be held on Thursday evening of
next week.
Superintendent Kinney will go lo
Maui next week to superintend thi
Hosing of the Valley Island schools, as
Supervising Principal Raymond is he-e
now with the national guard
into federal service.
Joseph Miner of Maui is holding
duwa lUnry Pauuhau'a job iu tho
oflice of the department of education,
Mr. Paauhau having been culled out
with the national guard for feduial
'''he 1018 Summer Svhbol will con
veue in tlie territorial Normal and
-Training. S. huol . buildin
g uu Monday.
lylv H, for
lulv 8, for a four-week sess on. An
'additional week will he devoted I" ei
Hiuinatioiis of tbose attei'i.liig Ali'oiit
L'lMi school teachers will be in attend
nine and take the various courses.
- - -i
Governor McCartfiy Will Take
Oath of Office At the
Capitol Saturday
Varied Proaram To Entertain
Notables Through Week
Ii Announced
Preceded by a varied proram of .
entertainment through the rest of tbe
week, the closing .big event of the
visit to Honolulu of Secretary of tbe
Thtafl WanV 11m IT t V 1 J
party will be the inauguration at tioort .
SAtutday of Qnvernor-Designate Charles "
J. McCarthy. It i not wholly certain
mw that Secretary I-aoe will be pres
ent at tbe inauguration ceremony, for '
he has said- .that he Intends to t.lca
"tbe next beat back to the main- .
and," but plana that have been mad -
are based on the expectation that be
... 1 1 tVA V . I lit .1..
mil uo uric uu Will UHV 1S UCCBSIOH .
to talk, for the first time since hie !
arrival, on the land qnestion. '
jfint Addre Her
Secretary Lane will deliver his firitj
Eublic nd dress in Hoholulu today when . '
e and the member of his party will
be gueyts of the Ad Club at the lua- , ;
eheon to be held on the roof of tbe
Iuag Hotel. A It 1 tbe club's
"ladies' daV.T in addition to tha
i.i"t( uiui'iais, iiio inmiiHiia memocrs
of the party will lie entertained and
Alt STjiAnlinnallu lvM n.l I. 1 .. . I '
..th: ! ..M.J..I. I. m t -
looked for.
Tonight Secretary I an and thos . .
with, him will ha 0llat. nf C.nmmm.
societies of the city at the homo of
Tea ang Woohuan, Chinese consuL The
invitation of the Chinese organisations,
Ilka that extended by the Japaaese,
waa-accepted nerore the visitor left
fbr the trip to Hawaii. .
Wbat form the entertainment of tb ;
viaitora will take through the ' day.
intrraday and Friday ha not vet been
determined and it ia probabl tbat no .
oennit arrangement or any kind will .
be made at the secretary has aslCe ,
that as little entertaining a poasibla
be done. Thursday night, however, a ,'
notable entertainment ia to be pro- .
vided for the party in tbe form, of '.
"an Hkwaiian evening" to be givem
xt the Walkiki home of Prlnc Kubio. ,
. B. , Moroi, consul general for Japan. '
will be host to th party FriJay even -lag
,af hi' orBfclal home on Knuann
street . Tie inauguration ceremony will
be beld the folbjwing soon.
Tbe ' plka to bold the inauguration
on the atepk of the Capitol has beea
uvuiimu bv mr cereiuonv aaa speecn4
making will be held ia tbe throne roon
of tba building; Colonel McCarthy said
j -'- - v wui uv u unei nai ,
shrnpla affair. After the oath of ornee .
ia admtaiitred by Chief Justice Janiea
Coke of th supreme court th ad-'
dfoeaea will follow. ,
Moeh of what Colonel McCarthy bad '
originally planned t aay in his la- ;
tlrllMvkAlB B.IsaM is. . .1 I I '
th' laad preblemt Has already peek
uMousoea ironi nil angles, a the sub- '. '
j-ci. was ues n wrta at tke special ses
sion of tb legislature. For this rea
son the inauguration address will b
exceedingly brief. Colonel McCarthy
am yesterday it would occupy about
t art mis..
The address tbat will lie given by
Secretkrv Lane Oh thlfl nj'.n.ln. 1. '"i
looked . forward to with th sreateat
interest, for it is unWa,nj it.- :
this . occasion he will voice opiaioaa
-- . uu uihlloii periaininu
" uuiiuk nis viaii. I nac
the secretary is particularly anxious
to have these viw made known to
the general publi became evident when
he said yesterday that should it prove
impoBsuiie Tor mm to be present, tba
addraaa be is preparing will be read.
Territorial and fe.leral officials with
oftVors of tbe armv and aaw .a. I
umn win rihtdu me ceremony.
After tke ad.lr.aaoa a,. J.I: l'.
.iii ... j .1.-
reception ia to be held when th new '
Governor will rsceive congratulation,
Whither thi will be held at tba .
Capitol or eleewher had not beea
Utermined yesterday. The receptln
will be informal and at it conclusion
tbe Washington . party will be guest
pf Governor McCarthy at a luncheon,
fit his home . Saturday af!ernK-i an I
evening will be given over to the Pan
raciilc paveant to be held on the
greunda of tbe Mid Ptu-iflo Institute. ,
, lluside the event for which plan's
nave beaa announced visits to schools,
puintsUutis near Honolulu and to pine
apple canVrlcs ar to be made In tb
intervale. of , the social and brsiress
Pfogra.uaV paAbolo.r .interest aCnrbei
to, Ike" Uaavaiiaa entertainiiienf tk-t
mi)l be jRjva Tk-rsdsv evening hf
iviaee. and. Princess Kalanianaole at
IHalei)unv YVaikiki.
Prince's fcrtettornmehtj
The brlnee baa invited the Hawaiian
tullc to, be present between the hour
f aeejrn-thirty and eiht-thirty on 'hi
pc.cksio'i, and merpbers of llawaiinn o--
ders v ii Wear th rich regalia of their
1 6rri7jrfa;.muc bf it aymbo'lc o(
tb(, power of( the chiefs of ancient
days lo Da wail, wbilo many of ttia
I robe are replicas pf the (entt !fi
feather cloaks worn by tlie kinjja, chiefs
and iwarrlora.
Another old custom which will be
revived for Secretary I.ane will bo
I the Hawaiian bookupu. when the I ' -n l- -era
will bear gifts to the dist'uilliished
member of Presile"' Wilron's -s''lpe,
KUborate preparatlona are going for
ward fur the Haul event of t1 prograi'i
of eiitei'.aiumcitt w hen the visito wCl
be guests of Ihe Pan Pacific I'n'- n l
the M hi I'll i tic 1 mh ; t nt-a 'ut'.lld:ty af
teiuooii and esc. .ing. ,

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