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Losses Already fJiihiher One (fnndrpii anil
- . -..,......,.. .hv
Seems fate of Others
' y V:VYORK. June '-- Associated Press) Vtli the invaders
.Utterly 'OtUed Tie .fast phase, if not the entire Austrian of
fensive lias ended In jjjtiaSt'er. .'Already the enemy losses amount to
nd these are growing hourly, for their
chances to escape across theswt len waters'of the have River with
out ftvrTenng farther great casualties and the loss of thousands In
prisoner is slight. -f ,
Utterly defeated on tne Piave front the enemy fleeing in dis
")Cdcr, attempting tq cmss.tbe Piave4Kv"er and is th'nwn into great
jrlisorilcr, ras. tne ojtHcial report from Rome. last night. On Satur-;
WVtl'e offensive, hec.anve worse
a defeat for the enemy who were
at many points they had four times
port wmcn tne puke rjtiUtfJandoannmJnced ,to l?e Italian senate.
CROwpfib on RiyBR &A?nc ,
.. v tyn the. bank of ttie.'iave River, beaten .and in aisirder, vainly
jjeking a means, ko escape across its torrential iyateirs .:as the rem-'
nant of the Austrian army of invasion last night. Jany pontoons
had been carried, potjby.tjhe raging Raters o,f the, f loud .swollen ri;er
..anf, escape seemed" impossible, eath or surrender seetned the al
ternitive. On all sectors along the.t.thSjcty-three mU fron,,.at some
.points of which the .invaders had Gained a foothold 'on. the plains
hey were sorely hacasd for they
munitions and fopd supples. , .v ; L.i:
Undoubtedly the Austrian htgh., command, believed that the mo-'
..1. . c .Ll Tilt: i t ti t...." ' J ' .L- eL . '''
sjaught but m . jhw it was disappointed .tor, jt niet a rejuvenated
ALT,n iar ainereni irornwe torces u .cut, to. pieces last tan, an army:
that was full 9f coura'gi and fought gallantly.. . . , , ,1
In the night ofticial despatcjts Jron .Vieiiia the critical situa
tion is practically admitted. This satenjeht said: '
"Broad stretches of the plaias are inundated by the heavy .rains
,which'iiave been falling almost dlily fqr,th,e past week. This has
.multiplied the burden :ppon our troops and . the yolunie of water that
.rushing .down, ,tbe iave River.hiiny, times . has made it .inipossi-i
Jp. tommunkate from bank t bank, for hours at a time, and.nly --with
tne utmost difficuly naye w? be.en able t6 provide the fighters
With, necessarj muniOW and pravWons."w ; ':v::i---v.-' - ,' '
Despatches from ftalian army headquarters said that Clarence
Yonng, of the American aviation squad, was compelled to alight
behind the enemy lines but his companions were assured that he
was uninjured.
Large numbers of the enemy are reported to have recently
jheen jnastuug to the north of the mountain front an.d it is believed
that the (ijext phase of the offensive, ,V,one is to follow the unex
pected disaster which has hiet the first phase, will be directed against.
xYtit sector. ....
WAWIIXOTOX, .lune 24 ( Associated Pres...- Uirvctnig gas attack
againMt the caai.iy the Aiiioriran forces lh an un 1 inclosed nector defeated au
attemiited attack by German flame throwers am! destroyed u considerable nuin
Kr of the euemy attackers who were adecessfoirv caught between the rifle and
Mavhiati gun tir of the Americans and the fliWes of the gaiv
Prinouers who were taken by the American in this envagKmeut said that
tJiey were recent (lermah recruits and. that their officers had eeaaod to belittle
the partivipatina af tho Americana With the Allien and had warned them before
the attack that they were going "ta face a desperate enemy".
Yesterday on the American sectors and generally along the whole of , the
Western front the lull continued and it was a day of comparative quiet. The
'Vne-Dcti seotnr, adjacent on 'the "left to aa American sector on the Marne wa
heavily bombarded but th fordid not follbw with' infanti v aHaulU
Home Finull actioim were reported, th most irriportunt and the mrwt aungui
rrvybing an ajsnault Apaa the trenches held by the ltaliam pear Baligny in
ttha- ftarue. sector. Here Uie Oennans aei-iired a foothold for a time but ul
tiiuately repuWd l- the Italiana TSva' ha pit u'ouulcr at dure quarter.
Aniericuu Ioskcs an reported toy' the 'WS r department were twenty three
hilled -iu acfliOn', stxtaen dead of wounds ami two of accideuts while thirteeu
crc aaverej wounded.
' ' Total caxualties of the war for the Auieri'-aii, in addition lo about 1 000
anarinea ae 7924. . .
., V ASHi NUTO. June 3'J (Official Three p..un,-. of xugar iu a
month i tlv maximum! allowance permitted under the new regulations
rastmhng Hm.us of sugar, iaaoed Hnturday by the food administration
afd efftiitjve on July ,1. . Tbia ration is at the rate of thirty-six- pounds a
year an J i'Ja than fifty jHiiceiit of the aerage ronsuuiptiou per capita
in this cauutry beforf the yar- "
. , ..Ice ureal" manufacturers Have bad their allowance rut, under these
j-oguiutious by tae,uty dv percent aa will be rmitted to use ouly
.suventy aye peroeut or tneir oufBat
Hl mil entries w&nfi requn
ire sdgar in
-tiMri'l'lir l,r tliM nrkrrnn
Geririan guar Crop Less Tjan B&)f
bf Ttet Ra&'d In Pre-War Years
' . -
. AUhTKKUAM, June 24 (Associated Press) Huar irsnute iu tierntaiiy
.look diaeutlrtigjnr, aays the (Jernuip Kconoiui'e Correspondent. The production
for the eoniiug seasou is estimated tX JlfiO,000 tens cojiipared tlth 1' ,500,000
tons iu peaa wlu'tv ami the rsimte is bastxl ou the weather coutiuuiug favor
pblp- Tfte Xfor prylJuiu in very.ac.Ute. oa do inofc farm hnml are coming from
I'olanil, to vitfk ia the suftar t'l ijt elfU.
.,, ''t s iaipoaailile to re,'' sas tKw Cuif;apudenie. "how rru the bedr
rfirk jlwjuiuiuui u'ds of the cjvilutu. yppulon can lc kuIihAchI, in view of
the military li'naui)i and the.- necessary exports to neutralx. A tery niucli re
duced distribution on the sugar cards is absolutely certain in the coming fall
Unless a miracle happeus and the Ukraine can send mipplicn. The latter country
is an uacertain factor."
- -- t--, .
than a failure ; k had .grown into,
driven baick everywhere although !
our strength in men, was the re-1
arc cat off from reinforcemehts,'!
cuosuaiptioa. Other or the less easen
their proluut will secure only fifty
Slavonians In - California .Plan
Unique Celebration and Will
S - .Show Their Spirit .
O A ' . . 1
AK R tCTHCO, Jnri 2.v-(rim !
cii(ii)-TllnTnin(t fsRotii Will tf .thrb.fc-n
ton h int-Re mgjf of tic nslsn
AiMrHn double englf on Ffltlay, .tupo
28, anil the rfflKyY r'H bupn'il to
nfce in front of Jhr.'rlty halt.. Thi
Viii dot in eonllettion vrttb thn
latians, Serbians a
o J JHlo en will unite
in th elphition of Konnovo Day. At
h riorc of an all day fxtraitc th p1(
bratoit will (father.. M the ,ity, bail
it here the efflpy will ht drat f ili y
ttp' illp)roHriil flp u rm, tM ;rcfr!tpnt
ing ilvatii Mill tlve attar , amino, i Tbu
tho faof will be lihtct and each, of
the two tlioimaml pa radon will throw
the blazing utick againKt the elflpr
'!!'.''' .'! ja buried in a mount of blnz
inc fa(iot', ,;..,.,. '., ,
J ngo-Nlavi throughout California r
pla ining to attand. - ,
m. Hundred .Jrhousana depart
in iwoweeKSL ureai uun
. ' tquipment Planned
wislirSpTQN, June, i3.(6ffi,fll(j)
-rMorf tha .200,000 . America., roap
have embark4,'froa .traripni point. (tf
depart 'ire In -thia country jn the jpufi:
week,Vllt ta wn'notmcad ,,ju geij.)
teytftn ,C,;Wrenl-.cllf .,of, itaffaBd
thia movement la. nttiro4 thhn twice .Aa,
rapid aa waa promised by the war da
Jartment whea it aald . that 4rooba
would, tnove at tho rate of 200,000
, .Ameri tr&ops ae doi ell. in
all of thebattlea im arUica .they hate
Vartielpoted, Uneral March continued,
Tha Cantieny tictory ahowedi that 4ha
training of ;t."nlted Btatea ataff.bfflcera
haa praved that our iyitem would work
and . work well under the strain of
battle..,,..! ., . t- ...!
Tile unified eommano of the Allies
which waa . .. advocated by Preside bt
IVilxon nad preaaed by hiar patil it
was realUed haa proved the greateat
ingle military accomplishment of the
AQies. ; ,. ;
The houae .(omailttee on apprbpria
tiana. haa reported ,f a vorabiy.n.1. ta
FortiOeationa Bill which is, too Urgent,'
aver preaenteil py any 'gtlative iMMly
ia thia world.' providing far axpeadi
nt in i9i nM ou ne k; a.
003,465,845 is for mountain, field and
siege cannon and munitions.
The internllied .Ronferenee approved
the program of fieneral Perahlng for
I he t'nited Status
to aend many guns
ranging from ten to sixteen inches.
This the bill approved -by ithe bortse
roBimittce ir designed to moWV poaaiblc.
I here will he pto
4 - 'P
IvLnul 1
provided TC. .k iCu.
,n army of r000hpS,fto report at Fort ArMatm
0i0 mm.
Hoover Is Authorized to granite
Government Owned .Concern
To Operate In New York
WAMUXC.TON, June S4 (Associa
ted Press i - A jjiant government cor
poration iu control the price of. wbaat
from the Ncn York market, its pur
pose, lriiy to raise the prlc.e as ,may
be desireil , the administration to
meet, the m eilx of the food administra-,
ton iu Hccin that liio farmCr gets a
fair price for his wheat.
Food Administrator HpQver todaf
made public an order : of ' the President
which niwr. the fo)d adminiakratuin
the power to organize a corporation
a hi li c ill im c a capital stock of $500,
000 held by the government. The tor
porution a ill have a blanket authority
t inrTense the price of wheat, primar
ily in the New York market, and
through that channel in the other mar
kets so that it will be Above the pres
ent guaruiitced price. ; ,. yi.
The reasons for the takjug of this
fours1 lire believod .to be t, US blgbar
freight mte thut now prevail and tha
deadlock in congress aver ha bill toi
lncrea.se the niuumum wheat price,
w. a. a.", , ... .....', ... ,
AMEhlcAAiS TO tfELEiKA'fE . ;
1 )..
W AHlllXOTON, Juus ,H3 OlHelal)
Opportunity to return tka campliment
wlriuh will be gonerallf paid ia J'rance
to the United Mates in to obeervaqoe
of Independence Day ,oa July a eoMpa
to this country quickjy r and isviU ,jba,
aci'epted. It .is planned to huitl many
oef-brH turns of the French (national
holiday here on July 14-
I . W. M. aV .... -.. ..
A touch of rhcumutism, or a twinge
of neuralgia, whatever; he' troulde Js,
ChHiiiberlain 's i'Uin Halm drivef asva'y
the pain at once and aures the (com
plnint iUii klv. r'lrnt application gsf
relief. When u bottle of M Is kept: la.
the house the pm of burns aad wealds
may be promptly relieved, cats and
bruises quickly healed ud ssrellrtg
prQiupM.v riluced. . J 11 , fact, fr Ihft
household iHs it la juf sunn an.eirujiro-;
caiiun us .every lauuly should b pro
viiled with. Kor snle by all dealers.
Iteusoii, Hmilh a ''o., I. til., agents for
Umviiii. AdL ,
vTt -rr. u
Plans -For Months To Come Are
'BecidodjandrFjull Agreement Is
",;fteaedjr Tb .fooperation of
Forces of Nations
list ,.Ai ''.
S, Jane 21 - - ( Anaoctatad
Prefia) -4Preoiev. Cttainent ea u pnt
yasterday at Anvrfc a i hcadquartert
wnera fca bald ai imptrtartt war eo-ferance-wlttKOaoerai
TorJi. tha -prama
.omrrunauder ol tha AUiaa,
OeneraV ertiin cOBinandfr of 11
AmarVatt-axpadittontrT force and
cenfttaoca w?a long and full
Of ; tmpcx .for they dHouaaad: at
l. Vhip'vnfot cocKt .action
natwacB Tranfa and tha United
ttr: ioid, boU -wttb Oreat Britain
f os'otba, to. oma.
' IVUo-wInK tta meeting It waa ai-
po!Uk'rald-tlJa4 mtnnt had bean ,
ra-ened poa all point.
ypwd'e(l(m 'jeerag
.5 June 30lo July 21
, . '0;vtfvi . '
;:iVlrlefa Jnatruutibnji wr , sent by.
be.n('lcliv draft ,hoa.lqunrters yea
tor:1ay to each of the ehairmts of local
(J raft, btnuda'fon ,Jiawaii, Maui and,
KaiHi.i.aiiBiunctna.the total rof draft-
.eoaim bkh. aa, board will furnish for
iUtary.eer.vura,.aal.prilennA all draft-
-tai.iMtia Honolulu not later man
V Xliii'Xi )iu i . , -.
!.. Th -maiiwum -derk itaasnge on all
aveoitr Btemhtim.. from Hil, Kailua,
MaJikkana,. kalinlai, Lahaina, Li hue
aodj Viiiia.',wiil be entirely occupied
by. draftee from 'June 30. tot July 21,
friviug hoi apnea -whatever in. those aer
liooai af tha vessels for civilian 4aa
sengara. : t...- .
i ,Ja order to te able to sopply a mini-
I rnonv af .t wa., hundred draftees to tha
military aathorjitica at Fort Armstrong
each day arraagomentu bava been per
.factqdv to ' Jkava,: a .large , nuan be r re
port. .ciujhilay.i at the , .national guard
armory, la, Honolulu from tha two Oaha
local : boards, these to be i. held aa re
serven to. fill up 'gaps iu ease draftees
'do but ; arrive .from the neighboring
Islands, la aufflclent numbers to supply
thic daily quota. Remanded by the no
.VfHoU 'iawp otBce;r
Ontatda talanda' Quotaa .
f ? IV action f4h quotas to be sup
iVied by. loeiO.bohrda Noa. 1 and 3, of
0))v which. arfl ,a.'m aad H81 men
renpeetlvejy, tbe, following qilotas asera
flpetder) npara6erds.T to be supplied
rroin tne ouraioe lsiaoaa:
' Local hoard dt. 1, Hawaii (HiTo
diatrut,ilbS4; s ,r v .. i
Local Hoard Xo. 2, Hawaii (West
Hawaii), 441;
Loal Boars, i,Maul, .574;
Local Board, Kauai, 27(5.
Thia,. ;.ainka .a .. -gross , total of
port at Fort Arinstronc. '.
The first (draftees from Maui and
Kauai will, arrive bre .lune .10, and
uhe first contingent from Hilo on July
Arrangemrots are, also being perfect
ed by the draft -office with plantation
managers on thin; island to- aid the
board in assembling draftees at central
points for, transport, to. iHonululu. It
' likely that, the draftees colled from
Aiea. Wnipahu and Ewa may be sent
in largely on muter trucks, in which
Work,. the plantations will assist with
'lUMigjMocJu, ,,t ,,,
Traruilatloris Dtstrlbated
.Translations of the war department
Induction- order, hrid instructions, print
ed in the Portuguese. Japanese, Cbinesc,
Koreah, Spanish and JWpino Innctiaes.
were dintribntrtd verterdfly on all the
plantations on thfs Island and also on
tsome of the other Islands. This will
explain the ofhcia induction order
which wi:l Inter ou reach each rullud
draftee. If the recipient of the offi
cial order is unable to rend it. he will
kuow from the seal, that it is his call,
having already .read the .translation.
The first of ,the jnductiou orders will
be mailed today by local boards I'os.
1 and ". .V draftee, an receiving the
name will be considered as iu the mili
tary service of .the' eovernmeiit and
aubject . to . the. war department's or-
dors. The order wj'.l carry a reporting
date.. On that date the draftee will
report At. the. armory '""d will then be
eouaiderod.'.a uldjier in the army.
On being i snuAirto Cor;' Armstrong
he .wilL be aubjec.ted ta a rigid physical
.examination. ; ; If be . passes b receives
bis .auifurn aid. comes vuder the di
rection of a regulr- arpiy Don comniis
aioaed mer.i i,Jie fails to pass the
tests, be is dinrharged from service,
aail will not be again subject to draft
tall. ,.
Captain Field !b synapsis of the quota
divisions among the vaaior.s local boards
shows that amly SMfi draftees, are call
ad-to report at fort. Armstrong, to
which are to be? added 3 IK) alternatos,
or- ton' percent of tbia total, making a
gross total of' 4293 saea. The original
estimate waa for 433d men.
I'm the entire islands the selective
draft is credited with 4.'I4 men who
Are now serving with the First and
Second Hawaiian -Infantry regiments
at Bchofleld Barracks, and also include
thosr ,wbo base ieen voluntarily in
dueled Into. lhereguiiT array service.
- tr.es a.
, eULT L,iuna..?3-Vs(dili;eiali- -Vtah,
la,. pifjdiBg op ,it. food, produe
ion,iu,,aipiidnce .with the lequest of
the governmeitt, .I.afijs ,iiinreaaus in
area planted are announced and besiiles
this the live stock production this year
will be double that of last.
mo nlis
TragTc6to!l tn.en n Sutiy llsi
ftf Mrttnr r
tifikns' Clunhill 4
" ". t .
".hcar die
jamuei he
lej In-
ri .l af-.hlnRa Turn
. TurU( f N Pa
'4 Tn tN iB
aants Hurt
i ti Oathctrtj
f.Kioeoha. '
iilaa &r,l of
AdMIno Kong, a pajt; Hawaiian girl
8. fihlmtvniotav Ja pa aasa youth. , ,
Tnl.KoiMC-Chiiifsa drtrer. ,
O. Kayshart, Japanssa drlvsr.
K. Matramoto, Japanese. . 1
One dead, two painfully injured and
threu other persons painfully wound
ed or shake a Aip was the toll of three
Hunda r antombblla accidents reported
to thj police up until dusk last night
In two of the accidents the cars turn
ed turtle, bnt it was the running down
or. a pedestrian which caused The fatal
ity, .a tha five occupants bf the other
machines bad escapes from death which
were nearly miraculous.
RnTtrnal Robert Catheart. a thirteen-
year-old part-Hawaiian boy, was run
dotrn and - almost instantly killed by
a noavy automobile on the other side
of the Nuuana Pali shortly after one
o'clock in tha afternoon. Tha ear.
which is used aa a stage between Hono
lulu and Late, waa driven by a. young
Japanese named Honda, who. waa ar
rested by Denaiy Fherlff R. W. Pavia.
and nfterwards booked at the Honolu
lu polico. station. ,., -
, The fatal accident happened between
the Pali and Kaneoha. near the lane
leading to Dr. J. 8. B. Pratt's home
oa tke pther side of the Island. . v-t
Tho .police say that young Cathcart
was walking towards his home at
Kaneoha when he was run down by
tha ar ,
Xaataatljr Killed
The rarWas going in the same direc
tion and struck bim with the right
fender, the car then passing over the
boy's body, , The injuries consisted of
a fractured skull, a broken left leg and
broken right arm. The boy died almost
immediately after the. 200O-lb. . auto
mobile stage passed over his body. ;
The police were told by those aboard
a truck, which passed tha boy .a few
moments before the accident that Cath
cart was walking near the grass on the
makai side of the road. They .learned
of the aeeidont through the aries of tha
Fassengers in the staga coach, whan
boy WOre .fully barf -.a black from
where the boy war kit. At the .time of
the accident there ware six, adult pas
sengers, a boy and the driver ia tba
automohile stflfre
YiMTYig ('at heart waa tha son of Abel4
K. Cnthcart, the school teacher at Ka
neohe. His lioilv was broagbt to the
city morgue by Sheriff Charles ose,
who went over the Pall to investigate.
Peputv Sheriff Davis, who. examined
the w itnesses of the. killing of aha boy,
savs the car went from thirty to orty
feet before it could be stopped after
the accident. The right fender was
bent clear into the right tire by the
collision with the boy 's body and had'
to be straightened out before the ear.
could be operated, the deputy sheriff
Auto Tunis Turtle
. The first Sunday automobile acclifeut'
happen ci I at the second curve on Bed
Jlill yesterday morning, when an au
tomobile driwu by Yui Kong turned
over. Two police officers, wio ws
just ahead of the Kong car, say this
w-us caused by the driver losing con
trol of the steering wheel.
Adeline Kong, a fifteen year old part
llawniian girl, who was riding in tke
car at the timo, received a painful'
abrasion of her right wrist, but tke
driver escaped with no other injury,
than a bad jariing and fright.
Ford Somersaults
An accident very similar happened
n Manoa Vulley about four o clock
',n tho afternoon, when k Kord in which
'hree Japanese were riding turned over
tviii-e before it stopped rolling.
M. Hhimuinoto, an eighteen-year old
. Japanese, was the only one of the three
passengers hurt badly. He received an
incised scalp wound, which rcquire'd
three stitches to sew up, and .a wound
l the temple In which otie atiteb was
taken. '
t.'. JCnyahura, driver of the Japan
ese cur, told the police he was going
li a hill in Manoa Valley when tho
engine stopped. The car began to roll.
DarKwiints and in liis attempt to steer
it, be run the car up on the side, of s
bank end it upset. If it bad not turned
over the second time Kayahara thinks
he niid his companions would have been
killed, as they were pinned beneath It
for a short time. ' v. .
The third passeqger in this ear was
K. Matsumoto. He, like the. driver, ea
enped all injury except some minor
scratches Bud shock.
a. a
250,000 DEADWEIGHT -
NKV4 YORK, Juue 1-Cuaries M.
richwab told the. American Iron aad
Ntec.J Institute tiiut this Nation, built
and put into commission in .May 230,000
deadweight tous of shipping and dur
ing hist wuek let contracts Jor 260,-j
ilW.OtM) work of shipping., Abaul 7HV
OoO. men are now employed oh ships or
parts of ships.
t-i w. a.
V AHlilNOTON, June S3 (Onlclal)
- -Annouiicenieut of a loan of 4 16,700,
(Kio to (ireoce is niude by the treasury
department. This brings the total of
Iohiik bv the r Jilted Htates to the Al
lien up to 5,70,-i-10,000.
HIT . 1
OnvMight,SaUINQht UA-the Wal-
JjIcu River and, Capture City;
rtnv and l$vv 'Appealed To
led To
tieit. p, BlocksOaa Has rwcive.1 aft
urgent eatl or h el p from th Island
Of Hawaii and has been asked to de
spatch a battery af artillery to defend
Hilo from Jhe foe. in. a cammunloatloa
fros eorgeH.i,w'lar;. prealdeat of
the Hilo Hoard of .trade.! It. la.na
derate? tkataa Upt)eab Hha aima
kind haa been trashed forward to Ad
miral B. M, Doyle, tommandant at
Pearl Harbor. . - . v
sHilo-ila eatireb andaaended and at
the.,merey iaf tha emsawjr. .There.) la
nothing to atop tba submariaea from
sailing-tighk up Hh i Wwiluka , Eirer
any, time they reach the mouth, and
Jiyh wbndnring ' tlrrmbn yvtJ4er raa
bembard tba towb t laadi marines and
take possession af shewhola iort any
time it gets near enough. t
Na periscopes have baen aiahtsd nor
haxo, aay,Oarmaas raiders beam, seen
near Hilo In the past Weak, if aews re
port, mayba. trusted, -.but the-submarines
have got dangerously near tha
virgintaa coast in the Atlantic.. and to
tha emercencv Hilo has bean left at-
terlr jdeftnselesa. The departnre of tha
national gnax4 torn tba $ig Island bas
left tba port at tha xaerty, so the b-
nopneement feeds, of any- wandering
Hun raiaet, - surfaceman undersea, 'that
might wish to maka na attack." Thla
isn't all, for it ia aJaa reported -that
there ia hardly a rlfl left tn the. town.
All that the -town has left in the
erisis is the trusty six-shooter of the
sheriff and another one" Detective
George Bichardson baa., v .
Tha eail foa help frwm the presided
of tbe'Hila.tboafd af trade, urgea kv
a battery, of artillery pr m eomps
of .iafaatry, be .sen.t ta, Hilo,. it V
t defend the w,part, u The. JJila
une, however, does not. seem die
to regard the situation " as t
gr.' V'''-"-'
, ljt ahould Hilo iprotnf
mora than Eorek, Calif orn'
paper aska "Or Ifarblehe
chusatts or Eastpor. May
pointed out ths,t ,tf avary,
Atlantic and Paciflc- wer
portionata prdtastlpd, tf
ind naviaa of,. tha'. wir
provide It. " 'i' ' "t
The paper recalls -f
years ago when . Cer'
la the Atlantic, and
Bqs ton, sent hsir p
birds .forty miles -claihor
of" fear ar
seaboard jbamletV
.The paper d'
seriously.- ;
) pflicislsof tU.e.yCpu;icil, oli"nJiiul
Deljejirt" 'ho have, to do .wV the con
trolling of .the hide .and leather in
dustry of the country hava notifted
Delegate Kuhio that jhey hive set
a tnayinium price ou Hawaiian hides'
that is 'higher than Hie1 maximum price,
set t or. PaeUlc Coast hides.,, i' .,
' The offioisls bRue askcd.tbe Ehlitite
to inaugurate in the TerHtofy an edu
cational' work that, will bring- about
mare isteUiptut kapdUng of iconntsy
bides, thereby rnakiug , hem , piore
valuable. The .government milst have
leather and'leathor af the best quality
and' the. Delegate waa advised that tke
initial work in the educations! cam
paign would be forthcoming in about
two weiks. , .; v 4 l 'ti
, .Tbe. Uelegsto y-UJ take up the cam
paign with the terrt0'iil oftieia's when
be receives his II, sf In true Ions from
Washington. : . i n , . i
. Thcpricfl fiiel fo !lam i n lndos.
is "as follow si
Honolulu pseUer hides, ininiiiiuni
prices ex store Han Francisco usual
quality and all conditions same us here ,
Tatie off hrict Msv I and May, June1
and ila'Ti Take osT ateers abrty pounds
upv thinty tvo cents. oteers .. under
forty pounds stld cows all weights
twenty-live eentm '. j .-n.- .
. Honolulu teounirv, hiiles,'Mxiiouoi
prices e, tore rar , FrsncVicoi usual
quality and i conditions same as
horetufors,., . - .,. .iki; J
, Ui tea thirty, to fiily. pounds,, eight
een nnu one , naif cents) nines over
fifty pounds, tattitw cents. , i-
The price for Hawaiian hides is at
least three centa hfitter than the ayutj
mum price allowed for all Puciflc
eosst hiii'es. " ' ',
...Q. J. Waller,.,. of tte Hawaii. Meat
f ompnny,! saya (list .thai prices are .fair
and thtt llawaii baabeea well treated
in the mstteV, and hnsi congratulated
the I'Vlegatcor bis good wrdrk itr:thi
Uiutttir. XVhf.n tfe ntattss waa .called
to the" attention of ( the Delegate,
Hawaii bides were "being enn'sldere.l on
the same -basis 4s. ;Paiie Gonjtt bides.
Heed, tha Hoc iallflt. -audi relireaentativs
pi the Eussiaa 3olshevlki,wM arrested
here last, night, while trying to .make
n" soapbok etieevb' on .ia street j eoraer
aud was bald tin: n ,tlirtf it inciting
to jiot.and breaiib of tba, pan da'.-. ...
take JAATJ,VR;PfXOt;9uQWmB
(TabfeteXi PputgUta, relimd fiiooey it
it falls to care. The signature of
E. W. GROVE la on each box. Man
ufactured by tba PARIS MEDICINE
CP-. St. Louis, U. 8. A.
sHate Departmt.At Washington
,$ays Nq Food Obtainable Till
' Next Harvest and Believes
People Cannot Stand Famine
Von Seydler Tenders Ijesirjna
; )ion3,ofiCabjnet To vthar'le$ At
Headquarters In Italy and King
1$ Considering Cnsis
ASI I SGtOif, ni 124
(Associated T'rcssAus1
W fA,
trU'u food supply has been prac
canrto' fan
rrjrrrs '-rm'v.
'r'rj. u ivwnaDie to Kt
' I t"l . - - " , . 1
t '.at promise. ..'
i Aiy a taiAent issued , by the
Uat department.
of theVUnitcd
said that it is. "1c
the Austrian cannot
lieved that
hope far any relief until the next '
harvest and, from all accounts,
tKe people cannot stand apainst
tile famine and hold out until that
time." ' .
. Ivinj; diaries of Austria, at
army headquarters hack of the
Italian front js harassed hy the
defeat his forces arc suffering un--der
his eves and the threatening
aspect of affairs at home. Yes
terday lie was considering tvhat
action he will take on the resigna
tions of the c;ihinet of the king-
lom of Austria. Foreign minister
von Scvdler, according to a 1 lavas
i ..i .
despatch reaching Paris, arrived
at the Austrian army headquarf-
fr and immediately was given
an audience hy King Charles. He
presented his resignation ' and
those of the other members of the
fiibinct. After a long conference
the king informed him that lie
would consider the resignations
and would reach his determina
tion today.
..Unofficial reports from a Dutch
source, said that Bulgaria had
sent, a commission to Vienna to
negotiate with Austria for a
change in relations w ith Germany
because of the dissatisfaction
which exists in Huljjaria with the
treaty with Rumania. These re
ports still lack confirmation.
. s. s.
CIIK.STI,M , .June --( Assoeint
ed Press) --According to the, latest offi
cial returns the cost of 1 i 1 iu Nor
way, iiili-ulutid on statixtics from-atfv'-fnteen
towns and cities, shows an in
ureiuiu since the ur of 1.17 purcent, as
compared nitli ninety t n n percent in
Snellen ,'in, I ixl hit percent in lien
I 111! II
nliil riiiug,
-uiiir tiini'
but ini'io
1 hi -1 , ic-
to ill.' oitii nil statement.

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