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TfPM nr nmpp mmw ynaer. n win nr nnm cud nut nnn ah hDcttcftKiitniipnnuimTrhnn
wm day
Visits a Prince, Makes Two Ap
, . . .. poirttments and Holds Con-
M rMerence With Lane
! i ' t i i -
Governor To Make Full Investlga
tidi Belore Actino W
Survey of Public Landa
Governor McCarthy took, op ha reln
of government yesterday and though a
outstanding feature of partltilr: Im
portance marked VIB ""t day la office,
be fctarted, work at eevett o'clock la tbe
Iiornlng, paid hi respect t viaitlni
apanese prior, held a conference with
Secretary of (he Interior Franklin K.
Lane, made two Appointments and dir
posed of t ihaia of business and eor
rssnondence. , - ' '
Of the two appointment made, the
nor Important wa ' that of Hlgft
Bheriff William P. Jarrett, whose com
mission to aerve for the next four, year
waa signed yeaterdaj afternoon, thi
other appointment waa tiat of T. E. M.
Oeorto aa district magistrate of HUfl
id succeed Judge' lelbert MeUger,
who oa. Saturday took over the' dutieS
or territorial treasurer, succeeding Oov
eraor McCarthy. ' .' 1
jyjraita elgnaUon
Soma Week ago assurance were
given to the Governor that when ha
took office the resignations of members
of the food commission would be placed
In hia hand, lie said yesterday be bad,
not yet received them, but intimated
that he believed they would ba In hia
kaada within short time.
, Governor McCarthy has already made
a. beginning of the Investigation he
said he Intended to make of all. the ac
tivities' of the food commission. Copies
of the proceedings of all the meetings
the ' commission has held, taken from
the," report that was presented at ' tha
special session of the legislature are in
hia hands and are being closely ecru-
it-l 1 .,T.v
y eaterda V,
"it seems to ma that tha
did a lot of work and it
seems to have been intelligent work
He added that he believed that the
food commission had started out on the;
right track and said that it is possible
that due either to criticism levelled at
the acts of the comkiisftion or to other
cause the body aftcfe making a good
beginning and doing nWh actual work
had not been able to aihieve important
results. lie said he fhtend to con
tinue his Inquiry into matter pertain
ing to the eommisslon untTlJhe had a
eolnplete grasp Of tha situatftftP when
SO.WUU1V luo TTMaivvn kclmii bi uerw
.d lfrn!7'
n tl .S - 4
In Ui, ouT3) tbe next several
weeks the Governor will also begin the
survey he has planned of all the terri:
torial lands. It has been his intention
personally, to visit all territorial lands
in company with Land Commissioner HJ
G. Rivenburgh and stenographer and
in this way acquire a personal knowl
edge of the landa so he can act with
the fullest knowledge in carrying out
the provisions of the presidential proc
lamation which Secretary Lane auid
aoon would be Issued.
Qovernbr MxUarJJiy said yesterday
that he had received no further word
concerning this proclamation, but it is
believed that it. will be issued within
the next few days,
No action has yet been taken on the
score of a number of appointments that
are yet to be made. The Governor
said no announcement could be made
at the present time of a successor to
Dr. J. 8. B. Pratt, as president of the
board of health and no choice of i
member of the l&rboi' board to All the
vacancy he himself left; has been made
public. Judge Metzgcr, who was the
Governor's first appointee,' took over
his duties yesterday. It is understod
that the other cabinet changes to be
made will take place on the first of the
month. L. 11. Bigehovr will then be
come superintendent of public works
and Judge Harry Irwin will become at
torney general.
Projects In Sight
It may be some little time before ac
tive steps are taken iq connection with
the larger projects which tne new 'ad
ministration is to carry out. The Wai
H IV t reclamation project depends in
some riieasure on the army, as one of
the board that will definitely fix the
course of the canal is to be designated
by the head of the Hawaiian depart
ment and the ofllcer Who will act has
not yet ben announced, After the lo
cution of the canal is definitely fixed it
is iirnbable that' the TerritfirV will have
to set about to acquire by purchase or
through condemnation proceedings land
needed before actual work can be start
ed. The civic center project probably
cannot be handled effectively before tha
next session of the legislature, though1
Governor McCarthy has : aaid he will
do what he can In the meantime to
shape things to carry out the project.
l'riuce Y. Tokugawa, heading a Jap
anese Red Cross mission on its way to
the United States, Kngland and France'
called on the Governor Bunilay while
he was taking the trip around the Il:
and with the Lane party. The Gov
ernor returned the call yesterday morn
ing. The Governor1 also, saw Sufretary
Luue and Hts retary Bradley yesterday
On of the striking events of the trip
around ,tbe Island Sunday took place
after the party's return to Honolulu
Monday evening when moving pictures
of the important events of the visit of
Secretary Luue uud party were shown
at the Star theater ou outer King
Street. The iiisuguiution in the throne
room was one of the pictures shown.
"Ami I looked just exactly like
Charlie Chaplin iu the picture," Gov
ernor McCurthy said. ILe added thut
ho had lice ii asMurod bv the photog-'
rupher that defects iu 4 lie film could
lie remedied.
On the trip around the Island the
party stopped ut the Custlo home, "The
Prohibition Act
Nlust Not . Sold, Gjven Away,
Manufactured Transported,
Imported Or Exported New
Law In Effect August 20 r
Wr possessldd of liqnor in thess
Island, o long a It Is not told, giVan
away, manufactured, transported, im
ported or exported, will not be viola
tion of the Hawaii prohibition net,
so long ak its possession does' not vio
late the presidential Oahri "dry" or
der, thinks United States District At
torney 8.. C. Ruber, after reading the
official copy of the act which reached
)ri'm yesterday.
. "Ai ijkk act was approved by the
President on May 3, It will go Into
effect aV midnight on August SO, five
dnyiMoHef 'than waa Brat" estimated
here; aa'rdvltibn is wade that , it i
to become law ninety day fter the
passarfe of the" act. "
While the district attorney answered
questlort as' to whet W the: possession-"of
aVohojU liquor Was pfohibiteii
by ' th .hrt wltV negatfv reply,
he would hot layoff hand hbw the us
of" any' "Dqubr lit Jiositessloh may
be carried but, without, vldlotlhg the
law, ' But hit -loea point but tlmt the
law specifies' it shall ''be" unlawful "to
11, (rtvk' away, niandfacture, ' trans
irnrt, import, or expor" intoricatlng
llquoTs' during the period, of the wa?.
Question Tor, Courti '
When' asked 1f i person In possession
of liquor lb hI4 wn home would be
permitted t'o give' it to members of
his family or guests, he repli'dr'
"That" Is question for. the eourt
to decide.'' ' -...)
H would not enter ibio a discus
sion a' to the jbermlsslble scope of the
possession rigStl against Which there i
plainly Ub prohibition, or whether it
might be ruled that because' of thi
right 'o'pOssesslbif, ' there was an in
hertint, right to Import liquor for tuch
obn'-prohiblte'd 'possession.
1 Umlrir a very similar prohibition act
n Arizona, the supreme edort held
that yiere was a right to import for
personal use, liquor so long asits pos
session' Was not prohibited. This act
also prohibited the importation .' and
tfansportatlon 'of ' liquor. However',
this was a Mate decision and it ik not
tVely" a United States court would
niake' the same! decision in regard tb
this tederaj act
DeatH Bwliiea
Mlcinff ind tUe of snines is dealt
a death blttw bV the prohibition act
as it stict,ly prohibits the manufacture
of intoxicating llqiibr. The same thing
tS true of all the. beer and sake brew
eries and wineries, eVeri if the liquor
is mad for personal use.
The penalty provided for the viola
tions ot the act'. Is a fine of (500. or
of .not long-
P Viin ia mad that t;
that the Governor
r, the Territory niar nrescribe rules
for -.hm HvinC anraV. aAltinir. makinir.
tr'an pbrtibg, ' P ting iand exporting
ot lntoxieatv4i qiiors for mechanical,
scin.tifi-, aa(jignontal or medicinal pur
T,t: of Act ,
The act As pasged by congress and
signed by the President is as follows:
"An act to prohibit the sale, manu
facture, and importation of intoxicat
ing ljquqrs in the. Territory of Hawaii
during this perl! of the war, except
as hereinafter provided.
"Be it feriactevl by the Senate and
House' of Beprbse'tltatlves of the United
States of ' America ' in congress as
Sembled; that, hltihty days after the
passage Of thi1 Set, during the period
of the wnf khd thereafter, ex
cept ss hereih provided, it shall be
unlawful In the Territory- of Hawaii
to sell, give away, manufacture,, trans
port, import, or export intoxicating
liquors, except for mechanical, scieu
tiflc, sacramental, or tnedlcinal pur
poses, for which purposes the sale, gift,
transport, import, knd export of the
same shall be under SUch rules and reg
ulations ak the GoyeVnqr of the Terri
tory may prescribe, abd any person
violating the provisions' hereof shall be
fined lb a sum not exceeding 5U0 or
ittiprisbtled for a perloVl of not longer
than one year, of both: Provided, that
at any general elrtion of the Terri
tory of Hawaii, held within two years
after the Conclusion of 'peace, the re
peal of this act may, upon petition of
not less than twenty per centum of
tho qualified' electors Of said Territory
at the last preceding 'general election,
be submitted to a vote of the qualified
doctors of said Territory', ami if a mu
jdrity of all the qualified electors
tHereof voting upon such question shall
vote to repeal, this act, it shall there
aftes not be fn force and effect, other
wise it j shall be in full' force and ef
fect. "Section 2. That the aaid petition
shall be addressed to and filed with
the secretary of the Territory ot leant
two month before the ' election at
which the question la to be voted upon,
abd the" person obtaining any sigbuturo
td suck perklon shall make aflidavit
that he witnessed the signing of the
same and believe the address of each
petitioner affixed tb his name is the
true address Of Such petitioner.- Such
election shall be cohducted Under tho
laws of the Territory provided for gen
eral election.
" Approved, May 23, 1918."
Utmoa," and also paid a Visit to the
Dillingham ranch: The moving pic
tures shown Sunday night were' in the
nature o'f a private exhibition as the
film had not been finished and it was
rub off in Its Incompleted state to eu
aide Hecretary Lane and those leaving
with him to see it( before their de
Nothing ot general public interest
came into bis hands from the mails yes
terday, Governor McCarthy said. One
of the things received was a gold medul
anil diploma awarded to the Territory
for' Us building abd exhibit at the 1'mi
aina 1'aciflc Exposition. The diploma is
tb' lie framed.
The Governor said he was well plciisi'-l
with the many expressions of good will
he hud received.
-r , mm wm wmi. wt :
un "ill ui yum iu ui miL UULLHIl UlutrlLL UHLLtU.ld UUIiVIuilu UN
Kuhio's Suits Withdrawn But
'Three New Oe? itf'i filpd Oft
. Behalf of As Many Interests
HOie of ending the litigation in
connection with the estate of Queen
Lllluokalahl when Princ J. K. Kalani
anaole withdrew suits to set aside the
will and braak the Litiuokalanl trust
Kpp'arVatly went glimmering yetardy
when no less than three new attack
on, th will from ss many interest were
madeiin three, new suits.
Besides the fact that "Princess"
Theresa Wilcox Belli veau, who wa
'eotfvieted on a charge of conspiracy in
connection with the estate yesterdav,
is one of He litigants, ohe of the re
markable things of the new suits i
He name of another of the litigant.
"Clood hanging in the twilight
ski" 1 fh lady's first name, or, a
t appear in the petition she filed,
Kahakauilakeliimoewaiowaiaulio. Her
last name is N'awahie and she i
known also as Mrs. Keawe Nawalie
and also ft Rahakauila. the third
Milt waa' brought by John F. Colburn
a trustee for the Kawananakoa mi
nors, David Kalaknua Kawananakoa
ittld Lydia LillUokalant Kawabanakoa.
follow Akin Lines
"Princess" Therenn, Mrs. Nawalie
and John Colburn, acting for the Ka
srananakoa minors, nil set up claims
'bat they are next of kin to the late
Lilluokslani and in Keeking to have set
islda the'wlU that was executed by the
eeb December 2, 1909, all offer the
arn allegations.
It 1 eontVndo.l in the suits that the
making of the will wns brought about
through fraud, misrepresentntion and
ArtifiVe Ob the pnrt of Col. Curtis
P. Iankea, who was the Queen's
secretary ' and who is named ' in
the will a administrator. It is al
leged that the document is not
the Oueep's will as the witnesses did
not sign it at the raquest of Llliuoka
'tini. It ia also contended in the three
suits that the will waa not attested by
two competent witnesses and also that
Qtte'en Ltliuokalani was not of sound
mind, bu.waa incapable of disposing
f her estate When the will was drawn.
In view of the suits started the hear
ing in the probate court which was to
hive been Jbeld yesterday was contin
ued until Thursday to enable trustee
f the Llliuokalanl trust and the ad
ministrator to answer the new actions.
Colonel Iaukea, the executor and one
of . the trustees, said yesterday that he
did not believe that the courts Would
take the three petitions seriously and
expressed the view thnt the litigation
would not 14 Ung drawn out.
Kuhlo Steps Out
T,ha filing of; the suits yesterday fol
lowa an adjustment of the controversy
between Prince Kuhio and the trustees
of the Liliuokalanl trust which was
reached last Friday afternoon at a
conference Of attorneys representing
Prince Kuhio and attorney represent
ing the trustees.' As a result of thi
conference an agreement was filed with
the eonrt and Prince Kuhtb formally
withdrew the suit be had started to
et aside the will and break the trust.
In accordance with terms of the
agreement Prince and Princess Kuhio
yesterdny received, and filed deeds in
volved q the agreement. Under its
terms it is also provided that the
trustees shall within . twenty one
month dispose of Washington l'lucc
to the Territory for a sum not to ex
ceed $2d,000 and. if this is not done
in the term specified, then a corpora
tion i to be formed to found a ' ' I.i
liuokalani Memorial" at Washington
Place: "In the event that the Terri
tory does not acquire the' property and
a corporation ak outlined Is nut formed,
the property will revert to the trustees
of the estate.
Term of Deeds
Cnder the terms of the two deeds
filed in the office of the registrar of
conveyances yesterday, the Prince and
wife get the beach property of the
(jueeu known as " K,ealohlani " and
neighborhood and relinquish any and
nil claim to the' residue, or any otli
er part, bf the estate of the late Uli
The first deed is from the Liliuoka
lanl Trust to Kuhio Kalanianaole and
wife and is based on an agreement of
compromise entered Into between the
litigants last Fridav. It ennvnv (.,
the lieneficiaries the premises known as
neaionuam ", being the beach houses
and grounds o( jate Qut,eIli having
a frontage of 231.1 feet on Kalakaua
Avenue, fronting on the beach, togeth
er with an additional strip on the Dia
mond ilend side having a frontage of
H02.9 feet; and also the pieces of land
beyond and adjoining the premises of
L. B. Kerr, having a frontage of
eighty feet; also to the late Queen's
interests iu the sea fisheries known ss
"Hamohamo". Excluded from the
conveyance, however, im hmm an.w.n
or strip, opposite Kealohilani Avenue
having a frontage of fifty feet on Ku-
iiiKHiiH Avenue, ami extending to the
sea and havlniz a total area nf 2.10(1
square feet.
In the second deed Prince Kuhio
uud his wife say that in consideration
of tl paid to each and the bebcl prop
erty named In the' first deed, they "re
mise, release and convey to the said
parties of the second part, trustees of
. i. i :l:..hL.u.t .,..- ...
me i.iiiuuKBiam j rusi, an me rignt,
title, interest and claim which thev
or either of them may have in or to all
Vroperty whatsoever owned or held by
her late Majesty, Queen Liliuokalam,
belonging to or constituting any part
of her own estate at the time of her
death." This deed also expressly ex
cludes the Waikiki property, conveyed
iu the first deed.
W. (). Smith, Curtis .P. Iaukea and
A. G. M. Robertson signed the con
veyance to Kuhio ami his wife, ami
the names of Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana
ole ami F.lizabeth K. Kalan'anaole ap
pear on the document relinquishing any
further claim upon the estate of the
late QuVn.
A feature of the papers is that $1
is giveu as the basis of exchange
(beach proerty for 'claim in the es
tiite), whereas the federal stamps on
them indicate that the valuation
placed by the parties on each side of
'he transfer is $10,000 or less, there
being two $5 stumps ou each document.
fifst Chantje to pUwtitM la
Months Received and Rise
-is inaaequaie
t for th flVst time in many month
a change of quotations on the pric
of Hwallan sugsr in New York, was
reeeived, yewterday. n increase i
recorded but it is a very small one
and doea not in ant wav meet the
kofes and expectation of the planter
oere as io..ne ngure tbat will te
established for the next crop, for it
amount to only one dollar a ion.
This coincides with the figure pub
lished In the Aasocinted Jrea despatch
in The Advertiser that the basis for
refiner would be 6.053 centj a pound i
me oia pnee wa n.wo rent a ponbdV
Xocreaaa nadequmte
. Of . the present crop there has been
market about 200,000 ton. Vv U
Juhe! 1, arrivals had been IS.VOnp ton.
The esymated crop this yeaf is SS.OOO
toh o that there remains for' deliver J
between 300,000 and 1125,000 ton. ' It
all-of this comes in under the new
price, that i to sav, if no further
change 1$ made until after all of this'
crop 'is marketed It will make a dift
'erenre ill the receipts of tha" Haw air
tan planters of a little more than $3bo,-
planters here consider the increase
'n no way adequate to the inerek4 in
cost' for it amounts to lea thab, one
tercnt rfse i'o raw pricea, Thi will
rid wis satisfy Hawaiian, Louisiana
snd, Porto Ricnn planter.
GralneH By JUflneri
It', is learned that this increase t4
suited front the efforts nf the refiner
who e,Vefal weeks ago prepared' and
presented figures to show that the then
margin of 1.45 cents, or l'.SO eenta
net, was inadeqnste. They asked -for.
an Increase to 1.74 cents net' abd U
would abpear that this has been grant
ed to Iheifi bv raise of ont) cent
tvound in their selling price and the
iheresse divided between refiners and
tiroducer ot- raw on the basi of half
a cent increase each to refiner ano
jtrodueef the chare of the refiner and
hia sellins price' not having been an
nounced herd as yet. '
Aa tie' Lbdidiana sellers direct to
consumer wre to share tn the nrobOsed
lhrrease with the refiner it was eob-
sidered nnfair to other Loniaiana plant
efili khd 'Hawaiian and Porto Biearf
triiiifer in' l,t" would seeih that' to
obviate1 thi the small margin ot In
crease ha been jr'anted them. The
time wa opportune, also, to do this
for the International committee had
exercised it option to take over th
remaining twenty five percent of the
Cuban crop.
Kilo Vigilance Corps Requests
That Change of Location B$
Made Beciu&d Alien Enemies
jjre In Store M)aq Adam Says
Reports have reached here that the
HilO Vlgilani'e Corp has registered a
streriuous protest agallsf tne' continu
ance of a United SUtei totoffice iu
the Hackfeld general htdre at Kailua,
Hawaii. The main polbt upon which
the protest is based is. that alien
enemies are employed la tile store and
are under the same roof with the post
office. A request for a change in the lo n
tida of the KuiJua postBflice has been
made to the local postofflce through Mr.
Vail, who is iu charge of this brain h
of the service here. has forwarded
the application for a change to the
im'stonice department in Washington.
Postmaster MarAdam, of tb Hono
lulu postoftice, when asked regarding
tle Kailuu protest, said Uiat there were
no alien enemies employed in the post
office itself. Johu P. Curts, the post
master at Kuilua, was sent to llilo
some time ago to take charge of the
llilo branch of Hackfeld k Co. Whether
he Will return as postmaster to Kailua
is dependent upon the continuance of
his employ incut at llilo. It is said that
Mr. Curts, despite the fact that he has
a Herman soundilig name, ia not (er
man at all ami that he speaks with a
decided " IlmiiakuH English Hcoti li " lu
cent. mm
Alexander & Baldwin received ad
vices yesterday that the plantations of
Hawaiian Sugar Co. (MakSweli) and
McHryde Sugar Co., on the Island of
Kauai, were beginning to suffer uu ac
count of drought which began some
months ii;ii. There has been less rain
at those plantations in the past three
mouths tliuu for the same periods iu
four years, ami as it is a long swing
to the winter rains there is apprehen
sion as to what may still be in store.
Makee Supar, l.ihue and Kolna arc
equipped with first-class irrigation sys
tems and have not been affected.
,.. :
After an abseiire of ten mouths, A.
L. MacKaye, formerly city editor of
The Advertiser, returned to Honolulu
on a recent Honolulu bound steamer.
Mm-Kaye will louve for Hilo shortly
where he will take the position of man
aging editor of the llilo Post Herald.
The well known newspaperman has been
taking a well eurued rest in Southern
w- siumma
Heads List of Board Number 1,
While Hawaiian, Lead That
of Local Board Number 2
Seglto Yoshidoni, a Japanese, form
erly a resilient of Honolulu, but now
at Waimea, Kauai, is the first man of
Clsss lA of the selective draft in the
Hawaiian I sin n. Is, to be called to tha
service of the United States as a sol
dier, his name heading the list of the
first twenty five draftees called yeater
day morning by Local Draft Board No.
1, Fourth District, of the Island of
John Kaione Kahoe, a Hawaiian, of
Camp No. 2, of itonolulu, is the first
man called out In the Pifth District,
of Oahu, by Loral Board No. 2, aad
will present himself at the national
guard armory next Sunday, June 30,
and the following day will be sent to
I the mobilisation cajnp at Fort Arm
strong 10 undergo a pnysicai test beiore
being declared eligible to wear, tne
uniform ot thb American army.
Each board mailed induction orders
yesterday to twenty five civilian draft
ee, naming June 30 as the day on
which they are. all to report at the
rmorv rvndecvous. These notice
should M received today by each ad
dresse, and in each instance there
'Cipisnt wllj be considered by the War
department aa being in the military
servt,e from that hour and subject to
all order.
Lift Ai Cosmopolitan
The Local Board No. 1 list, prepared
by Chairman Clarence II. Cooke, And
mailed, by Miss Cross, the chief clerk,
eontains a variety of names suggesting
that Hawaii is "the melting pot of the
nation". The first name l that of a
iJApanese; the second a Portuguese, tho
third, an American American; another
Ik a Korean, the next a Filipino, then
i Hawaiian, more Japanese, and then a
Local Board No. 2's list 1 headed
by a Itawailati followed by aa Ameri
can, then a Filipino, a Chinefe, a Kore
an, Hawaiian, Spaniard and a Portu
guese1. 'Filipino comprise the largest
perce'btarfe in both' lists.
Local ?oard No. 2 also sent out in
duction notice to draftees in the
Fifth District ordering theiri to report
at the armory on the morning of July
1. Thia list contains 175 names.
The selective draft hbsvdauarter
plana to send two hundred, draftees
each morning to Fort Armstrong mo
bilization camp, and in order to have
a sufficient reserve on hand at all times
to meet additional demands that may
coma from tile camp surgeon, the two
Oahu. districts will be drawn upon con
tinually for draftees. These hirge
number will, offset the smaller num
ber ot ajrival from the other island
due to Irregular steimer schedule and
insufficient accommodation for them
Aboard U. vessel to bring over larg
detachment oa a single trip.
The first of Hilo' draftee will ar
rive here Tuesday morning, July 2, and
may number about 175 men.
rrom All Walk bf Life
The drafteca coml'from all walks
of life. Some are, from otlicet in town,
nod many are from plantations. There
will be waiter from restaurant, house
hold servaoti, clerk in store, shoo
salesmen, plumbers, railroad conduct
ors. bookkeepers, dentists' assistant
and Stevedores. The Smith family will
be in, the flrpt twenty-five selected, this
particular one, William Smith, being a
member of the Hawaiian Band.
Th' first Maui and Kauai coutin
gents will arrive here Sunday morning
and. Wijl riie'et With the first fifty from
this island at the national guard arm
Brigadier -Geperal B,locksom, lcpnrt
ment c'omlunder, through Lieut. Col.
H. C. Merriam, chief of Staff, y enter
day issued an order qamiug the per
sonhel for the selective' draft uioluli
zution camp, with )44 Robert O. K.I
wards, Coast Artillery, Nationsl Army,
as camp copunaqder. Many of the
other officers have Been connected with
the same camp While' the two Hawaiian
national guard regiment Wl'r'' being
federalized; The order is as follows:
MoblUaatlotk Camp Order
A mobilization 'antg for the selec
tive draft is hereby established at
Fort Armstrong, H. T., July I, litis,
and the following-named orllcers are
detailed for duty at the camp as in
dicated after their respective unities
and will report to the camp commnu
dor at eight a. on that dute for
duty accordingly:
MaJ, Robert O. d wards, Coast Ar
tillery, N; A., camp comiunnilcr.
Capt, Archie W. Brqwn, Adjutant (icu
eral' Department, N. A., camp ad
jutantj .
First Lieut. ChArle J. Wellington,
Coast A,rtjllry, N. A., assistant ud
First LiMit. M. B. Henshaw, First 1 1 a
waiian Infantry, N. O., U. S., assist
ant adjutant;
MaJ. .Umes D. Dougherty, Q. M. ('., N.
tl., U. S., camp quartermnster ;
recou.d Lifut. Reynold B. M' tirew, Sec
ond Hawaiian lufautry, N. !., V. S.,
ssslstknt camp buattermaatcr;
Maj. Charles B. Cooper, Medical Itc
serve Corps, cainp" surgeon and mod
icai examiner;
Maj. Richkrd 8. Ryan, Modicul Reserve
Corps, duty at the Vamp;
Maj. Arthur J. Mrkley, Medical He
serv Corps, duty" at the camp;
('apt. James 1L Johpion, Medical Un
serve Corps, duty at the camp;
('apt. Albert L. Btebblng, M edicnl lie
serve Corps, duty at the camp;
( apt. Kphriam B. Chenoweth, Medical
Reserve Corim, duty at the camp;
First Lieut. Clyde S. Brewer, Medical
Reserve Corps, doty at the fit iii i ;
Mai, Terry V. Bull. Dental oi ps, and
his enlisted assistant, duty at the
First Lieut. Charles KoerM'l, i). M. I '.,
N. A., iu charge Of bakery unit and
Kcneral meSS, mess otllCer.
The enlisted men noW ou duty at
the mobilization camp, for the iiutionul
guard at Fort- Armstrong, will remain
'in ddty at the ramp. Vku eomple
iou of this d'lty they will return to
their proper stations ami will tcpont
at eight a. in., July 1, DK, to tl amp
commander, mobilization cump tor the
selective draft, for duty.
Kealoha Is Also Found Guilty of
Conniving To Obtain Estate
of the Late Queen
Motion For New Trial Will Prob
ably Be Made If Denied, Ap
peal To Supreme Court Taken
Whilt tnny bo the1 fin.i"l record of the
series of events that bcpiin last Jan
Uary when the community was shocked
by the ilielopure that a fraud had been
discovered in connection with the es
tate of the late CJueen I.iliunknlnni was
written yesterday in the criminal divi
sion of the circuit court when "l'rin
ees" Theresa Wilcox Kollivenu anil
James Kealoha were found guilty of
conspiracy by n jury. The trial was in
progress before Judge William H. Hcen
through Inst week and the verdict wns
given after the jury hnd been out an
hour and a half.
' ' I'rincess " Theresa is found gui':-'
of the first count of the indictmout
against her which charges that
conspired with another to commit
gery. Kealoha is found guilty
this count and also on the second count
which charges that he also conspire!
to commit perjury. The pennlty for the
offense is imprisonment at hard labor
not more than ten years or a fino not
exceeding $1000 in the discretion of th1
Though no move was made yesterdny
it is thought that a motion for a new
trial will be offered by counsel for t.io
two convicted today and if this fnils
an appeal to the supremo court prob
ably will be taken.
In his plea to the jurjr yesterday At
torney l.orrin Andrews contended that
no conspiracy had been shown in the.
testimony given, for he said that a
conspiracy could be established only
when two nr more persons agreed to
gether to carry mit a certain effort for
a certain end and he hold that at no
point in the testimony given through
the hearing had it been shown that the
defendants entered into any agreement
or thnt they hnd any common purpose.
According to the testimony it was
shown that "I'rincess" Theresa took a
mass of memoranda to Andrews & Pitt
man and upon her statement that it
formed a list of bequests to be in
cluded in a will which Liliuokalanl
wished drawn, they prepared the docu
ment and aubseqaently, after It had
been offered for probate, withdrew it
when the two whose names appeared
on it as witnesses confessed that they
had committed fraud.
"Rev." Ham Kamakain. one nf the
two witnesses, tnrned state's evidence
sfter he hnd been included in the
charges made against "Princess"
Theresa and Kealoha, As star witness
for the prosecution he repeated tho con
fession he had made when the probate
oroceedings were being held before Cir
cuit Judge C. W. Ashford.
w. a. a.
James Makinney Writes Home of
Sights Overseas
When the Hawaiian Inn now serv
ing in France are hiking, rtmninj,
camping or learning the newct wrin
kles in the art of war iiani-t the
Hoches, they are, according to .Iain's
K. (" Faddea") Makinney, of Honolu
lu, acting just like tourists in a xtrangc
laud, lor France, Makinney -a-., ' is
sure a beautiful couutry iiliilit."
Makinney's most recent letter to Iws
grandmother, Mrs. M. A. Lemon, of
Kaliikiuin Avenue, is brimful of de
scription about the ciitlicdt:i!- :iul
other sights.
"Koine of the old buildings n'o still
standing, " he writes. "I went into an
old church thnt was built in I I "..!. It
lookeil like an old tumbled down sluirk
ou the outside, but it sure was beau
tiful inside. Tliey certainly hao some
wonderful paintings in these old
churches and Statues of all kinds, ton.
The other day a lot of u.- got passes
to go into one of the big cities to take
iu the sights. I jinmugt'd to steer
myself around alright.
"The otjiec night, there was a show
put on for us boy. here by some real
American girl Jrho came 'oer from
the states purposely, to put on sIioam
for the boysi PO jroit see we luue some
form of entertainment besides all this
excitement. We, often put ou our own
shows here, and we have a lot of local
talent in our regiment.
"I supposo the boys at home are
drafted into the service bv tli.s time.
Has Dude left yet?
"Went down to the famous Marue
anal, that practically runs all through
France, for a swim v-tctil.iy ul"l '
sure enjoyed the wash off. "
Private Makinney Is :i in end .er of
the Thirtieth Kngiueers, A. L. F.
. S, -
I. mill shippers have been
that Australian inlcioM- - M ,. I'm
monweulth (ioveriiinent I ,a
made iirriingeinents to start t . - l.i'
steamers on a new lino n
Aioeiioaii port anil Inn mi. : i i ..
in the Colonies, two of w . . I - -.1 .nn
ers will call ut Honolulu. I ill iun.
These stci'luers will yr.- Honolulu
direct and regular neic t.. 1 ) i . . meat
and butter sujiplies of tiulia. to
sav nothing of ad.rl iou.il i i..;. r
uud mail ud antuges.
4tA .V
HONOtULU iT'ock feXCrUf.dE
C. Brewer 4 Co
' iuua
F.w Plantation Co
Haiku Hue Co. .
Haw. Agrctl. Co.',
Ilsw. I . . Co
llsw. Mils;. CO
Iloiiokaa Hug. Co
lionoiiiu Niif. Co. .......
Hutchinson Hug. Plant. .
Kahukit rimrt. Co
Kekalui Hun Co
Kol.ts Huir. Co
MeHnf) atia. Co., Ud. ..
iiit'O XiUf. Vn
i lis ' Mug. Co.. Ud
i ueiinen ta. Co
I'sauhsil' Hilar, l'lsat. Co..
I'e Hug. Mill
I'ula I'nifitn. Co
Ivp.-eken Suaar Co
rioni.r Mill Co
.-mi i in los .Milling Co. . .
JNnlnliia Agretl. (?o
AV.noikn Mlgj Co
..I I M tvt.,.t.Mn h
Kndan IV. Co., Ud
1st Issue Assist Ml Pd..
-'ml lue Paid l'p . . . ,
i.lttf' U Cotbt:r Co
ilniMi l A l'. i n,, I'M. .
Haiku f I'. Co.. Com.,
' Cm. Ity. T A
Hum i on. u.v. ef It
Hm Hy Com
ItnwnllMli Kir. trie t'o. ...
linn. I'lioniiple Co
Il"ii II, Jk M. Co., Uil. ..
Honolulu i;aH i' t (
ll-n. It T b. Co
liner I -Is ml w N. Co. ..
Milt. Tel. Co. .
i mini II. A b. Co
I'uloinic Kutil.ir Co
Sctiiuia Uindlnirs. I'd. . .
Maine (NfL I'd.)
fmijiing iMak Knbber Co
Lleaeh Walk I. t, 8H..
Hamakns Kirch Co., 0a .
' iovi
"" '; i 7?w
liaw u I rr. i .. us 70
Hiiw Ter. 4 Kef. IMA. . lot
Ha Ter. 4,f Pub Imps llOO
Ur Ter. Pub. imp. 4t I
series imj-ilitHi lOOU
iiaw. icrT l
llilo Uhs Co., bid.
lliinnkHH Ki:h. Co.,
ilouohilu Cas Co.,
A........i OT
w .. w
OS . ..ijoo
ijjmiiii nr. Vo., fla
inon llllll. IMHl.. AM,r
tr.i lie Mug. Co.. n . .
I Tck-nUooe Co., Sa..l(MJ
IE. A I. fn TjflL I UM
On It ii Mig. -o.. r iiikj
ulaii SiiKur Co., WL, Vi
Kan Carlo Milling.
i ,nin- ..unnfi m r. t'o., tw 100
nuliii. IX R, si .BO; plniitsr. Wt. ja.OO!
t in. .ui. a .-si. 4M: (Has, 10, B.OO: O. R. A
I- o . .V iTisili, ioo.t. , ,
niiliii. too, too, 4. S1.60; Walalua, 10, 10,
May SI, IMA .
8H anslrsls bovta (no adrlosa).
KS' (Vol (Per Haw.) nnrara ..... tool
June 21. 191ti
Sliiifii,nre -. SI 80 1
r "r (NO QuotatlMi.
SI a
N t.W Ml UK Jim 9K t t Xi JT
-KolloKluK are tbe openjog and closing
quotations of storks 1
' tbe New Vork Mu.
kel JienlerOa.
(Open- t Cloo
I ing Ib
American Sugar
A morion n Ileet
Associated Oil
Alaska Uold
American Locomotive . .
AiuiTti-aU Tel. A Tel. ...
America a Hmelter
American BteeL 0J. . .
Alehlsuo Ksllwsy . .....
AiiHcomla Copper .'
ltelilwln Loeumotlre . ..
Ilnlllniore V Ohio
llethleurnj Hteel "B" . ..
California Petroleum . .
Central Leather
Canadian I'aci He
C. M. ft St. Paul
Colo. Kuel A Iron
Cruclhle ftteal
Culm Hngar Cane
Krle common
General Klectrlc
General Motors (new) .
llreat Northern, If a. . ..
International Nickel . ..
Inilnstrial AlcoboT
Keuneeolt Copier
Lehigh Vallej Railway .
New l'ori Central
Pennsylvania ;
ltuy Couaolldateil v
Ili-adlug eoimuoo .
Uepubilcan I rod common
Koiithorn 1 'aclrlc
HtmletHiknr . ,
l ulled Hiatus ltubber . .
Texas Oil .
I'ulon Pacific
flitted Htates Steel .
t tab
Western Cnlon
Westlniclioiise .
lot -
w. a. a.
RAN FRAS'CIftCO, Jnne !-(AssocUt-Ki
i-r.iii -tuuuwiua- an- ih opuaiaa aa4 ,
'losing onotatlona of sugar and ottos
clocks In tbe Man rranclsco markat Fas
ter o ay ;
I Opoa-1 Otoe
I lug I tag
llnw n Com'l . . .
IInHullHn MUKar Co, . ..
Ibmokiia Knirar
iiiaa Suifar Co
Iliitehlnson Kujfar Co. .
uuhu Suyar Co,
ilnoliiea Hiiirnr Co
i'liiiulinii Kujiar t o. .
Honolulu oil
Honolulu Pliinisti
40 V
Ktll-els I'ooimt Co. .
01 .
I v... ;; i. ....
i 'noil
11141 I tfl. .
t...... J
1H l .
mC e.-4 ...
w sou
s! ! 1
hi m
Ui 1MU .
tw 0o
1'2VL vu , v..
It."i Xlli
H)2 fist
ttt wt
situ a.-,i
WVa 64
44 43 .
I I'H.I. I
'"t"o""n. n conciuueu yeter v
day for the transfer to the United , ;
I States government of Ford Island in
Pcnrl Harbor for milltarr purposes,
,111c consideration being 2:ifi,000. Of
! this amount the li Katate receive
if 1711,(10(1, as the former owner of- tho '
island, and the Oahu Sugar Company,
I as lessee of the greater part of. the
I lauds, receives (i5,000. Ihe island
1 prises '.I'M acres.
! The island will be developed brin
. t-i j 11 - us tin aviation base for both
.the army and navy, which will require
an almost exclusive use of seaplane.
I The army is already erecting an' e
j t. usive system of aan,?ars for machine
1 and other buildings necessary to eon
j duet seaplane operations.
The government, during these ttego
' tuitions wns represented by Judge J.
'.I. Hanks, u.ssistunt district, attorney.
! fit
SKATTl.K, .Tune 2i (Official) Sen
or Ncmesio Mcnacho, the now Bolivia
oiinil, who has arrived here, aaid:
" llolivia has an army of 100,000 ot the
best t mined men in South America at
Hie disposal of the Allies when, neces-
MlV III i. HI'S. "

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