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fi IIOTniAP 0 Cin rick Hnmo Pnlnilc
Second Phase of Great Battle Ex
pected At Any Time With En
tents Prepared To Meet Shock
Along Mountain Front
Scattered Their Blows Along So
Wids l Front That Italians Did
Not Feel Compelled To Utilize
F.W YORK, lime 23 ( As
sociated I 'ress ) - The Aus
trian niiViisive li;is now come to a
'ietiniU1 end, so far a its first
phase is concerned, without the
Atlsl nans having gained one of
the points aimed at as objectives.
Blocked on the mountain sector
by the llies .Mid prevented from
brinnfiii'-: reinforcements into the
battle along the I'iave front be
cause of the rising waters of that
river, the enemv pressure has not
been resumed since Thursday
evening. after the Austrian as
saults had been broken up or held.
The sectors defended by the
French and British have been held
secure and every Austrian attack
was beaten back with such heavy
losses that they ceased their of
frn-ive along the northern front
alter three da s of bloody effort.
The Italian lines were bent before
the initial drives, but the greatei
part of this lost ground has been
regained. The Italians have reoc
cupied half the ground between
:l:e Hie and the I'iave canal as a
ii -ult of these latest counters.
I he Italians were nowhere, at
any -tagc of the great battle,
forced to defend ' any one key
point agaWrMny's4riemeTKkjfl'on-
slanght. The offensive was scat'
tered and at no point did the Aus
trians concentrate a sufficient
lorce to permit them to score a
material advance.
l'aris reports that the Austrians
are bringing up fresh reinforce
inent lor, the I'iave front, and this
report is repeated in despatches
from Milan. hi the other hand
Premier Orlando, addressing the
Italian house of deputies jester
das. savs that the battle has been
concluded and the Austrians sig
italic defeated, with only a small
pan of the Italian reserves hav
i 1 1 .ti" been forced into the fighting
coirding to the Italian I're
inicr. the enemy is massing his
troops on the mountain front
which is the general opinion of
the 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 experts of the Fu
ll :iU
It is on this front that these ex
perts believe the second phase of
the oHcnsnc will open, while con
tinue i-, expressed that it will be
no more -uccessiul than was the
I :M dine south along the Asiago
plateau. That the Austrians may
attai k a.uaiii at any time is the ex-
p eet.lt ,
lVn ial Vienna despatches an
iiouiiee that tin' Italian assaults
.liung the Monte
1 1, Ui 1 1 , with tin
ustriau lines
I'iiIiIim;; lilinly
I i i 'Hi-' taken
i t . 1 1 , 1 1 . I i i lu
ll i-, nllu-iall
The number ol
l the Austrian
furl v thousand,
aiim ninied that
: i . 1 1 1 1 tin-
i I. .v t '.'fl
prisoners taken were
H i Sli iv hi s. who w ere
tn:iii.l as deserters and exe
i iiteil I he otVu'ial eijiiiinuni(iie
,,s tlu-sc diMtters taken in the.
1 1 1 1 i :'i 1 1 i i hi" the enemv "were int
i. i i'i.i'. ls siil)ertid to the treat-on-:
t iresj-nlieil hy martial law."
i'i- 'oils in ii ii the Italian front
-'.ill- that the nature of the
..Minis inilii.ted upon some of t he
I t.ihaii n tinis of the recent fight
nr.; sln'iws that the Austrians are
; i iiMni- explosive bullets.
Not Abaodoned
But Is Postponed
Self-Government and Conscrip-j
tion Will Go Hand In Hand
When Order Is Restored, Now
First Order of Business '
LONDON, Juno 2.t ( Amwat-ii
Preaa) Home Kule for Irclan1 baa
not been abandoned and neither
ha roiiKcrlplion although both haw
been pontpuneil. Thin in tha anawer
of the Brit i ill government to the
vhargea of the pre that it policy
for Ireland ha broken down.
It) Ireland the firt emiential i
the restoration of order and pend
ing that, other plan must await.
The restoration of order i now go
lni( forward ami when completed
the program, a originally -outlined
before the dim-overy of wide
. apread (edition and plota, will be
carried out.
There in uflliient evidence to eon
vlct and sentence to death many
of the conspirators who have been
arreated, the government ha nald,
hut the iKilioy of the government
i uot to purne the inont draxtic
w. a. a.
Send Commission To Vienna To
Discuss Changing Relations
With the Kaiser
LONDON, .lime (Associated
1'icsHi Political conditions with (ier-
mnnv's allie are glowing ns complicat
ed and s ilangeroim to Herlin as are
the economic conditions, according to
despatches that arrive by way of The
ilaguc. One despatch reports the ar
ivul in lenna of a Rulgarian com
mission, sent to the Austrian capital
by the Bulgarian 1'remier, who before
the war was openly opposed to any sug
gestion that Bulgaria should enter into
in alliance with (lermanv.
This mission is entrusted with the
carrying on of negotiation regarding
the changing conditions in the relations
between Germany and Bulgaria, rela
tion that are reported to be now
strained because of the fear of Herman
plai to make of Bulgaria a vassal
tnte after the war.
Assassination Attempted
Conditions throughout both Austria
and Hungary are snirl to be growing
moie aeriou for the Kraperor. a spirit
if revolt being openly manifested in
many centers. An unconfirmed report
to the Exchange Telegraph, by tcay of
Amsterdam, xtates that an attempt to
assassinate the Aniro-Hnogarian ruler
ca aaada mtjy. 'w-'1' - ' '
fhe Vienna Neue Krei Press states
that during the recent serious street
rioting in the Austrian capital the po
lice and military took strict measure to
suppress the disturbances, going to the
extent of warning parents that they
would be held responsible for the nr
ions of their children.
Budapest Biota
In a siiemh to the chamber of depn
ies of Hungary on Friday, reports a
'iasel correspondent, Premier VYckerte
'old of locomotive workmen stoning the
oolice in the riots, the police returning
'he attacks with shots, which killed
'our and wounded nineteen. Wekerte
ui'l Kurolvi, the leader of the depn
ies, got into such a sharp exchange
hat proceedings were temporarily us
tended. In the Budapest railway shop, savs
i despatch from Amsterdam, i
itrikers were killed anil thirty six
wounded in a clash with the police.
W. . a.
DAI.l.AIS, June -'.1 (Associated
I'resBj The aiuugglinir charge made by
federal olticials against SiUiman Kians
n connection with the alleged attempt
o smuu'j'le some of the KomaiiofT crown
jewels into the Tinted Htates lias been
lisiuissed. The box which Kxnns said
'e forgot to deliver at Wjishington is
aid to be found to have contained
uili' mail for the Kussian legation.
W. a. a.
TOKIO. June 2'-' - -( Associated Picas
.lapanese in Manchuria hue wind t
Baron N. (loto, miuister of foreign at'
"airs. i'ci(Ufstiiig that the Bolshevik'
ictivities be checked by soldiers from
Inpau. People living in Hiberin well
ire endangered by the liolsheviki bands
The Japanese press and peoile nn
rying to prevent the out rages an I
t is suggested that troops be sent
o the scene at once. In the menu
line, the diplomatic council of Japan
s holding sessions every day ninl le
mis of the expedition are discussed,
but us yet nothing has been giit-n out
iir publical ion.
In case Japan sends t roopu lo Man
huria and Siberia, China also will
tnitc with Japan by sending hci sol
'it-is to check the activities of the Bui
hr. Kun Vat Sen, who was staving ai
Kioto, has left for Shanghai, I'hina.
- - w. s a
ho not suffer from crump colo oi
.iiiii in the stomach when (hauiln-i
hmi's Coin- and hiarrh-en Knicli
(lies to the right spot and gives imme
liate relief. You cannot afford to be
without it. if you are subject to attacks
of this kind. Kor sale by all dealers.
M-nsoii. Smith It .Co., I. Id., agents for
Hawaii. Advt.
inrnirti in r in
AiiltttlbA lo'rAK
mm a a m. m m '
Nine Hundred Thousand Troops
Shipped Overseas and Hur
rled Shipment Goes On
1 WAKHINUTON, ,lm,e "2 (Official)
I Nine hiniilri'd thousand American
j troop have- been shipped overeasnd
the t'nited ntat.' is far ahead of it
, program, is the announcement made
today hy Uencial IVyton C March,
chief of tnfT. The call of the Allle
that went forth when the German of
fensive w- started three months ago
has been a.iwcred h they did not hope
it could be amf the answer is ringing
louder and clearer each day for the
transport of troop forward at eon
tioued high sped Htirrr the Ameri
can soldiers" wan the cry and they
have been urn m, tieing hurried.
With this army. now less than a, bun
dred thousnihl helnn the million ent
overseas, the program of the eountry
ia surpassed hi five month. Indica
tion are that it will be still further
distanced before the end of July.
The present lull doc not mean that
the Teuton offensive has ended, in the
opinion of Oeiieral March. He eiprem
e the view thai the Oerman combat
divisions are now being reorganised
and reformed for another drive.
On all of the fronts the central pow
er are now being held. General March
Steel Troop Train Dashes
Through Occupied Sleepers;
Signals Were Disregarded
ClIICAdO. .1 ,i
Press) Hixtv um
c '' ! ( Associate. I
lie known to be dead
and in the liopita!s ther
are 1"S in
jnred as the result of ., collision which
oi'curred betwi an empty troop train
and a circus train when the troop tralu
crushed into the ronr of the circus
train, near Iinuhne, Indiana vesterdav.
It is claimed that the engineer Of the
troop train is responsible for the aeci
ilent in that he di.sregardeil nnd ran by
the block system signal.
The troop train .was composed of a
locomotive and twenty one empty steel
troop .cars. Witlmnt a warning thia
train crashed into the rear of the cir
cus train, plowing lliinu;h four sleep
ug cars, oci -upied by , ir. us folk uud
filing the forward cars into a heap of
wreckage. Kire follow ed and added to
he terror of the situation, burning dead
and injured in the debris. Virtually
all of the dea I and injured are circus
inplo'ei and perforners and only a
few bodies recovered from the wreck
eotild be identified, so badly mangled
ajid ehrtrred ure they.
i tFittlYn Klauff, of . the troop train
waV' arrested at Michigan citv and is
held to await the action of the coro
tier's jury at the inquest and Kngineer
Sargent of the troop train was arrested
at Kalumnzoo and is charged with man
Railroad officials said that the cd
Ijineer disregarded his signals.
w, I. a.
Resigns and Expresses Intention
To Enter Army
Although it has been rumored for
some time that there was to be a change
in the management of the Young Ho
tel; official announcement was not made
until yesterday that Harry Stinson, the
preseut manager, had tendered his re
sanation, to take effect July I. stin
son recently applied for the mintage
inent of the St. Francis Hotel in San
Francisco, when it became known that
James Woods had been shifted to New
York to take over the general man
agenient of a group of New York 's
lefliluig hosteme. Woods position in
San Fra npisco, however, wus filled lv
a San Francisco manager.
Harry StiiiKon yesterday gave as his
reason for resigning his strong desire
to join the army in the capacity of o
orivate. Mr. Stinson came here about
fifteen mouths ago from Portland, Ore
gon, where he was the general man
nger of the Multnomah Hotel, it is said
CHICAUO. June LTl I Associated
I'icssi Louis Chevrolet won the spend
uiiv derby yesterday ami pulled down
In- t.Iil.liliO piie. covering the hundred
miles in lif'ty-tive minutes and twenty
It v e seconil s.
Behind Chevrolet Kulidi Mul ford
riin."hcil and Ira Vail cunie in third.
w. a a
WASHINGTON. June 'I'd - I A -socia
ted Press) Today s casualty list of
l.V: shows the steudilv iui-Miasiug par
In ipalinn of AmcriiU'is in the fl lit ill
It is the heaviest list yet published
It contains the names of tif'vtvvo
kiMc'l in Kit inn, t went v Ml who died of
wounds, one by airplane uccident, nitii1
oi 'iiscase, icu oi acci'ieiii. uiniv seven
seieicl v uouu 'el and ivo lo a detrr
not vet iletei niiued with lifteeu miss
ing and onn known to be taken a pi is
The um ri lies have lost four killed in
action, fifteen who died of wounds audi
'twelve, laverely wounded.
Less Essential Industries Will
Now Secure Only Half of Their
Normal Supply and Non Essen
tials Will Get None
Lack of Ships Is Cause and By
Care Exercised Now Actual
Shortage May Be Prevented
Later In the Season
WANHINUTON. .Inn. Aanoelat
ed Presi Tightei rules for the eon
nervation of ngiir were yesterday an
nounced by lleibert C lloovr, food
administrator Less essential uses
of sugar in industry are cut in their
supplies still further and some of the
industries that were heietofore classed
is essentiai lire hum classed a les
ssertial. The new ml, go Into
effect on .lull I.
At the piesent tune the users of
ugnrs in the less cssi-minl product
ire permitted to puiehnse eiglitv per
ent of their normal supplies. Thi
is to be red I to fiftv percent of
he normal in the new regulations. ln
Idition to the classifying of some of
hose concerns that formerly socured
full supply as less essential 'and
will now receive onlv half of thefr
former allotment, some of the less
essential users are now placed in the
noli essential clnss and their supply is
cut off.
Follow Announced Plan
The action of tin- food administrator
follow the course he indicated late
ust month that he unloosed to nur
He desires that there shall be
ample sugar used for the canning and
preserving or touts ami the making
of jellies and jniiis and to secure thi
economy must he practised by other
users. Hi naming then sounded wa
considered wise nnd politic v the
sii.rar industry tor his i.uiiiose I to
prevent a sugar famine such as prae
ieallv nil of the east suffered from
lute last year.
It is not that there is an insufficient
supply of raw sugar which is available
to the country but because of the in
ability to move the raw sugar from the
sources of supply to tbe refineries.
Shipping that would otherwise be used
for that purpose ia now required for
the movement of supplies for the army
oversea and faster steamers are re-
uuired for the movement of troop.
Thi Hoover made clear in his message
which was read in the churches through
out the country ou May 2fl.
Movement Now Slow
From the Cuban and the I'm!" Ifnnu
runs steamers have been taken off and.
although the international sugar corn
mil tee exercised its option to take all
of the bnlanciva of the sugar crop of
Cuba, the movement of the aupply hns
slowed down. In May sugnr move
meats reached their maximum but June
will show a large decrease in arrivals
Hawaiian sugar is moving even more
slowly nnd from the Philippines there
a scarcclv anv moveniuut at all.
Vlider these circumstances unless the
greatest care is, shown aud the most
rigid control of the ue of sugar exer
i-lsed it will be impossible to prevent
an acute shortage before autumn while
by employing the methods he has
adopted the food administrator hopes
to avoid a semblance of sugar famine
Germans Mass Captives In Rhine
and Border Cities To Dis
courage Air Raids
il-;. t:
1 'res Ti i
.tune -' Associated
to hide liehlllll its pria
iiei-. tv ;i:iin the policy of (fcnuaiiy
fd it i v ln-iiig used in iiiunv ol the
Mies nl the Khinc where the Allies
have t-,i it. I Hi-1 fit stiiieessf ill raids against
Hum ii ion fio-toiies uud stores of war
materia I ami supplies ill "reprisal for
the attack that huv e lieen niade liv
iierman niii-ial't ou utifortilied cities
.mil ton n.
llieil .iisii-ieis are now lieinii mass
-il in tlie . i . i- - ,-i inn j the Hliine and
:he fii'iilin toiiu in the uuuouiii-eiiient
ulilislii-il in the l.aiisaune Ouette, an
MmiIiuii i a per. it also reports that
iie n en- I illed and sii M ounded m
i raid I'v the llies ou Thienville.
.luM a the ( n'i iiiii um put Itelians
o vvoil, liefoie tlieni in the hope that
I Hoops would not sneiiJire
their fnen.U in their efforts to hold
ami thrmi back the German forces, so
'uiiv thev seea to use me itntisti,
Kreuch .'i"i) Aiueiiean prisoners to pie
veut raids on the Khine and border
cities which their own aircraft and
iir defence' arc iinalde lo defend
w. s. s. 1
WASHINGTON. June 22 (Assoeiat ,
ed Press' - The house appropriations
um in 1 1 1 tn.lav ai'proved a bill car
ving .' I .'i.iHld.224 for heav y artillery
The iudii -at urns are that the largest
mi 1 1 In lit mi' - piogrum ever hulmiitted
l.eint; .lilipeil up. the bill lieing
bused ou un ami) of 3,000,000 uiru.
- "
Pageant Commemorating Land
ing of Missionaries May
Last Eight Days
',... i, in-,. I...vf. iilready been
ahaped nut by the Hawaiian Board for
what will be, barring uncjpected dittt
enltles. a grand pageant in Honolulu
In April, 1 (), to mark the one. hun
dredth anniversary of the landing of
the missionaries in Hawaii. The affair
will, unite likely, lut eight day. Home
hnve been favorable to having the af
fair t Knw.iihae, Hawaii, where the
missionaries first touched on April 2,
IS'.'O. but thi idea was objected to
for several reasons, chief among which
bi'ini I he inaccessibility of that nlare
aid the lack of acrominodationi there
f ir a largo, number of people.
0' mmltl At Work
In Inking up this matter the Ha
caiian Board appointed the following
committee to carry out the pageant,
iinu the committee the power to add
M its numbers: W. R. Castle, chair
tnnn: F. I), l.owrev. (1. H. Waterhouae,
' II. Hitchcock. Mr. Wk F. Frear and
Ni.s Mary Winne. Thi committee
net on Tuesday and added the fol-lo-.ving:
C. A. Kice. for Kauni; George
P. ( ooke. Molokai: Dr. W. V. Baldwin,
Vnui: Mrs. Hnttie Bnker, Weat H
ivnii: Levi l.vmiin. Kast Hawaii. O. P.
Tudd is the secretary and treasurer of
the committee.
Addressing the committee, Chairman
Castle said: "The occasion seem to
me to be of deep and absorbing in'
teTest to Hawaii, and not to Hawaii
"I v bnt perhaps to the whole world
of Christian civilirat ion. It ought to
be worthily celelu ateil.
lust when should this celebration
he? Rev. Hiram Kinghani landed at
Kim inline, Hawaii, to call on the King
if he were theie. on April L', IHl'O.
The King and his party then bsViiine
guests of the ship nnd all left for
I,.... k',,,.. -,,iiie of the party land
ed on April 4 to call upon the king
and chiefs to obtain the all Importan'
oetniissio'i to establish a mission. April
10 all landed to prospect, and on the
twelfth, permission to establish the
mission having been granted, the Kai
bill detachment, consisting of Thnrs
to ii'id others, were delinitelv landed.
with their impcilli,,enta. und located.
The ship ithe Thadeusi then bore away
for Oiihu and on the fourteenth ar
rived at the outei Honolulu roadstead.
Some vails were made nnd. perm is
sion hav ing been granted an April
nineteen, nil landed and located 111
Honolulu from uhich place mission
aries we e Inter sent to Knaavi on I
other points.
Whom to Invite
"It seems to me thai we ouirht t
invite delegates from other lands and
from other ininsionnry bodies, inelud
inn-, of coin-He a strong representation
from the A. B. C. F. M. We ough
to have also representative from aP
Prnaant 'enonvnationa, including,
poaaibb, Episcopalian and, perhapa.
toman Catholic. The local territu
rial and local 1'nited State govern
inent authorities ought to be invited
to participate in the celebration. There
should be a great procession and par
nde to be representative of the ren
tury of Christian growth of Hawaii
It should include representatiyes from
agricultural, commercial, manufactur
ing and every other branch of trm!i
or commerce, as well as religious and
educational feature.
Tentitiye Program
"There should also be a great Sun
day school parade. It seems to uu1
that It might be well to cover, in the
celebration, eight day, the first and
eighth bei-ng Sundays, with comuiein
orntive exercise of some kind, per
haps us follows:
"1. Sunday, centennial of he ar
nv ing
' ' 4.
und estnlilishmeut of the mis
ttreetinjr from other shores
r.ilucatiou, past, preieut and
Sunday schools.
Political growth
Commercial and
and -hnni;es
-'ro th.
"7. Hawaii of today, history
"K. Sunday, llual exercises. er
vices, perhaps, in all of the churches.'
1 he committee received these ree
online ndations of Mr. Castle with favor
nnd they will doubtless form the basis
of the prop-ram which will lie put on
Adjournment was thereupou taken to
some date in September, when sub
committees will be named and the final
draft of the .eueral program approved
The committee meeting was held Hi
the I'niveraity Club.
All the Inter Island steamers depart
ii! fir outside ports the lattei part
if tin- week have taken moie than
he n-i;:il li ii Til I ivr of iii-eneiM lie
r'lise of si hool children ri-tiiruniii to
lii-ii huuies fol the suuiuiei iiii'lition.
'Keieiti'' f i om the Nntioinil (tiuiril
oiii,iiiiir also have ml. lei In the pas
i iv a v
i x t v t iv o
fin led tu
f tDl, ai jiuarilsinen
,,i1M. the examination altei t ti
V I em II
,., U.molulu and the Muuiui Ki-n had
thiity live alioard tor Hunan when -In-
sailed yesterday a f tei i n In all 1 1n-
Manna Kea had 100 pnen-nei inort
of the i-aliin passenger l.ein hool
rlltlilrell uud delegates iv hn hale Iiei"!
e'eiiiliiig the Hawaiian i-hnr. h nuiu n
waa --- -
Zl'KK'H. Switzerland, dune 22 . A-
soiiated Press)--A Moscow ilenil,i
from Herlin says thut Preiuiei I j
who has gone to the liefiniiu i-iipilnl,
lius uiiiiouiieed hi intention of ic-oii '
iug tram the Uulsueviki ouiie.
p m ah
JITL - a P-a-.
,oays iuriuciiii
President Wilson Must Decide
Whether Or Not Nippon Should
Be Called Upon To Do More
In the Gneral Conflict Against
PARIS, June 23 (Associated
Preav) Japan ha lite rally car
ried out every phaae of the En
tente's request upon her La con
nection with the war program,
states Lord Northcllff tn an inter
view published here yesterday af
ternoon ln Le Petit Parisian.
"If we Inoreaa our request
aud ask that she do more, aha will
anil carry out whatever program
we mV lay down," continued tha
British publisher and diplomat,
' ' but whether we are to aak her
to do more or not is a problem
that nruat be worked out and ans
wered by President Wilson. That
ia for him to settle."
It is reported from London that
a large group of Ruaalana there
hare cabled a request to President
Wilson, asking him to ftiterye-ne ln
Russia for the reestabtlalimant of
order there and the checking of
Gernuui dertigna. Wlxn'heT iruch
intervention should be with an arm
ad force or merely economic la left
to the President.
w. s. a
Splendid Response of Farmers
Puts Nation In Far Better
Position Than Last Year
WASHINGTON, .lone L'L - (Odleial)
Reports of uu -reusing crop and
larger supplies of meat nnd other food
stuffs are i-oHiiiiir in and are lending
encouragement to the food administra
tion ami to government official sen
erallv. The situation is vastly better
than that of a year ago. From Kan
sas especially the news i gooil hut all
pnrts of the country appear to have
wakened to the nation' need nnd to
be heeling the call to speed up pro
luction and conserve against waste.
Production Speeded
The first of theMiew wheat crop it
now coining in and 1 "0, 00(1. 000 bushels
of winter wheat will be sent to the Al
lies this year. Kor Kansas there is fore
cast by the state board of agriculture
i winter wheat crop of 97,.1!4,376
liushel from 6,fi.4 ,tto(l acres planted,
which is the third largest crop in the
history of the state. Uf spriug wheat
the yieid is estimated at 808,089 from
:i2,T6 acrei, four tiaiea aa great a waa
the 1917 sprang wheat crop. In that
state the largest acreage ever planted
'o oats i showing splendid progress
and the oat yield i estimated at 71,
4119,890 bushel.
Supplies Are Better
Of other food supplies the store is
'arger than a year ago. There is far
more butter, eheese and egg in iter
ige now than then.
Men of all clauses and conditions
are uniting in the effort to increase the
food resources, of the TJuited States a
s evidenced by the fact that 8ve of
the richest bankers in New York have
organised a farming corporation and
have acquired control of 200,000 acres
of land in Montana on which they
purpose to raise wheat.
California's Share
California is a shining example of
conservation and a desire to help the
winning of the war by keeping starra
tion from the Allies. That state is
seuding seventy-two percent of the
total output of the flour mills of the
state to France. Last yenr 20,000 ton
of dried fruit were sent to the Allies
aud the placing of 40,000 sows on the
farms throughout the state has been
he result of greatly increasing the
pork supply and insuring later still
jreater output.
- w. a. a.
BKKNK, Bwitierland, June -(Associated
Pre) The ex. crur of Rus
sia ha been transferred from In pluee
of dctcution at Ykaterinliurg to .Mo
cow, owing to the fact that the up
risings of the Czecho Hlovaks are cu
dangering the latter city.
Weak Kidneys
Age You To Soon
'Iwrf Pkiunr
Too many folk begin to suffer after
middle age with lame, uchiiig bucks,
distressing kidney disorders and rheu
mutic aches and pains. Often this i
due to faulty kidney uctiou ami there
is danger of heart t rouble, dropsy,
gravel, hardening of the arteries, in
Mriglit 's disease. Don't . t weak kid
liey age von I'se Ilium's Hu.kiiclie
Kidlu v Pills. Thev hav.- reoled thou
Hllll.l- t.. ViOl OIIS eullit it lull
"When Your Hack is I nine Iteinem
I, el tin- .Nlin.e '' .llon't hiiii.Ii a-k fo
il kiliH-v r eilv nk .li-tintlv f.e
Hoai, ' H.-i.-kii.-he Kilnei pi" I fak
... i ,f I , . , i I ,. i.. , i ., i i : . .
Pills are sold by all druggists and store
ke-iei-, oi will l,e mail o .n ii-ieiil n
price by the Hollistiy I'm.; Co,
Kcnsoti Smith & Co, ii.cnt for the
llttwuiiaii llvitj. ( A J v , 1 1 ii-euient ,
Von Hindenburg Reforming Shat
tered Divisions For Another
Effort To Smash Open the Door
To Paris and Victory
French Naval Official Says Two
Submarines Are Destroyed For
Every One Germany Can PuV,
Into Commission .. '
PARIS, June 23 (Asocia ted "'-;.,
I'rcss ) -Von Hindenburg. .if
re-fiirminrr his shattered division
fur another drive bet ween t Sola-
suns and Kheimsa' in the opinion ' ..' '-
of the corresion(Jent ;it the front ;
it the Matin. This writer atlr ,;
.tim es that at I'rench headquar-.'
ii rs n is regarded as certain that ;
l he iermans plan their next at- :' '
.;u k ah mi: the front of the recent- '
! lrien salient and that fill)"
,reiianitiuns hav e been made to ' ' '
meet it. . :,
The Allies, along their fronts
from Chateau Thierry to Soisoni
ami from the Marne to Rheims
have increased their entrench-,
ments fourfold and this sector Is '
now defended by an uninterrupted
line of citadels, against which a ,:
new (ierman drive will be certain
to heat in vain. - '.
N'esterday tliere was intermit
tent artillery only along' the
I'rem h sectors, while the official '
reports from General Haig cod-
tain no word of any fighting of
itjix)rtance. There is 'general .' '
raiding activity, the British' strik
ing east of Amiens And 'on the i
Flanders front, taking- prisoners
and inflicting casualtieS.Und the
(iermans attempting - t 'raid ia
force at Bellov, south pf Montdi
dier. " '.:,',- .' '.
Berlin last night sent out ail of- j
ficial' communique to the effect . '
that American and French forces . """
northwest of Chateau .Thierty; ,
were yesterday repulsettt'.' with
heavy losses, the slaughter being .
ijreat. No word has been rectiv--d
from General Pershing to indi
cate any reverse to - American
arms. V . '
("ieneral Pershing reports a gen
eral improvement in the American y
positions in the sector named from
Lierlin.- On Thursday there was :
brisk artillery fighting there and ,. , '
in the Woevre and Vosges sec4 , .
tiuns East of Chateau Thicrrjr,,. , v -the
American artillery poured an -, ,
avalanche of shells into the Ger .
man positions. Twelve thousand
shells of all calibres were fired in - "
a period of ten minutes, observers .
reporting on the extreme accuracy !'''
of the shooting. ' ':
Continued success against tUd '
( ierman submarines was announc
ed in the French house of deputies
yesterday by the under secretary '
of the navy. Over two-thirds of'
all the submarines Germany has"
launched have now been destroy- . . .
ed by the Allies, said this official, '
who adtied that the Allies are now' " ' '
destroying the German U-boats
twice as fast as the Germans can -.;'!
build new ones.
w. a. a. , :
PcKpoiulent over hi wife' death,
which occurred nhort time Wtl
limn MoIoIhiiI, a UnMuiian rcniilin)t I
1'auoii. killcil himielf ycntcrdsy alter ,
noon hy llo in a large quantity
of I'urholic add. Neighbor 'heard tha
i-rii-K huiI niiiHnH of Mololani ai ha
writhe, I ou the floor of bin homa while'
the Hciil wax burning itn deadly eourie
through hln nyittKin. ail tha polifa
Hue ootifled. Ho ruhhod to tha
i-incrcncy bospital and dcgjilta all ef
fortn to iivc tho muii'i lifa. ha diad
withiu an Uoiir of bin arrival. Tka
liottlc of iioinoii with ahich Mololani
ended hia lifa, bore the label ef the
Mi-iKcido Vnig atore, a .lftiaaee con
cern. An inquest will lie held over
the reiuaiui tomorrow.

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