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Germany t$ Starving Us, Down
With Germany," Is Shouted By
Angry Crowds That Ruth
Xhrouqh Streets of Au$ria
. Munition Workers Assert They
'Are Too III NouhsherfTo Yifork
- : But Smaller Bread RatiorV Is
Proposed To Feed Othef Cities
LONDON, June 22 (Associa
ted Press) "Germany is
starving us! Down with Gtr
many 1" is the angry shout that is
being heartl in the streets of Vien
na' and other cities in Austria
where the feeling against Ger
many afid German influence
. grows hourly more intense and
the demands for food and foi
. peace more urgent.
New bread riots started in the
Favorittcn and Hrigitten districts
rf Vienna Thursday and broke
; f it in other districts, it is reported
i an Exchange Telegraph- mes
A jage from Zurich and more than
150,000 munition workers in Vien
; . na claim that they are starving
and unable to continue their work
for lack of sustenance for theii
strength. An attempt was made
, to destroy the German embassy
but this was frustrated by the ar
;;, rival of police aiul cavalry- Mart)
iWere arrested in this riot tand
V ; some were wounded. Approach
infc the embassy the crowd kep
t ...shouting "Germany is starving us
' dOwrt' with Germany!" 1
Following this rioting there
; was a statement issued by the
Vienna police department which
said that the 'people had held up
the tramways and stopped traffic
' ' looked foods, shops and othei
stores, , and' occasioned heavy
',' property damage.
' At a meeting of the municipal
council yesterday .Neumann, the
"socialist leader declared that th
'.' Brest-Litovsk treaty was a fraud
; and the situation that confronted
Austria was unbearable and un
. tenable.
The-cabinet of Austria (the
' kingdom, not the dual empire t
.'. nas, resigned in the crisis, said an
otheT Zurich despatch and Pre
truer von eyller has lett icnna
- for the Austrian headquarters
where Emperor Charles is watch
. irig the battling on the Italian
'front, to submit the resignations
of the entire cabient, including
his own, to Charles.
. M .Austria has decided to put
'"" Vienna and other large cities on a
still smaller bread ration, even
; while ! bread riots in those cities
- are in progress, savs a message
from Geneva. It has been deter
trained, to cut in half the present
reduced bread rations in those
cities so that some relief can be
' ' afforded to Galicia and . Bohemia
, where the populace is reported to
be actuary starving. Such further
;. induction of the bread ration may
stretch; the patient of the popula
tion of Vienna and these other
; large cities to the breaking point
.Xand bring absolute revolt.
' " Failure of the potato crop in
''. ; ilavaria because of the late frosts
that occurred there have seriously
retarded the crop ami prevent any
' shipments now. Increased rations
f potatoes, many coining from
i. Mills ' source, had been booed to
allay tbe demands ot the Austr.ian
- .'populace and ro furnish a substi
tute for the- bread that is unob
, taiiubie, Lut it will thus be im-
LONDON, June tt (Asoeiated PreM) floeeessfol bomlrinit operation bjf
r irfle'et have worked rou hivoe fbr fh 0iht blorkinli th Hru t
Cb1, tying up hijit)ln(t tfitrte n.l .loing ncridut UmatV t WbirrM t boik
BrufTP aoil Oatand. ' '
Tnie tai1 WCra fonrturtil on Momlfer and Tumria aal wra"rfiif I to
in the bOtt.tc of cdrtimot Whb it wan naid
Ruhmarinr and auxiliaries were Ux knl Up la tba UTVgM VaftaL , .'.
In an offlrial report thit trim inmed laat aleht by the war oftlpe.lt waa
salil that Britinhair foreea on -In no 1Z
Otrtemt. The dork tt bbth tllarea were
nemV deatrbrer wak dirertlr hit lv the
aultfha; exbloniott anil the flkmea that
One Britiah plane railed to return.
Citizens of Berlin Qet
To Denmark
COPKNHAGEX, June 4S ( Aaaoriated
rninintt in Germany for thoee Who have
the war lor. la anMo tliry of militarlam reel tbemnoivea in Joparily and
are taking any poaaible mean to get out of the country, even to leaving b
airahip. ' '
Four well known resident or Kerltn have mad taeir eaeapa Irons uerniany
in Albatroa aeroplane. They report that they left beemtt of tka anbearablr
eonditiona there. They niknaged to
borler anil to effect a af landing in Denmark. ,- .
In thla party waa Doctor Nlrola, a former prnfemor, la Berlin VniveraitT
ami the author of a boak etrongly ilnnouncing militariBm. .
lest Use Against Former Owners
1 ney uan Be rux i o
-iaU :Kight former Oerman ateanier
which were aelied by Peru will likely
e turned over to the United State.
r . I . , . . . 1 . L & ,L.U t I. .
ii nan uren reKirira ion i.nj niiiii in-
.uracil over to thia country or the Al-
'ies in report received from there and i
onfirmation to the report 'ar (
ijlvcn by the preaident of qn ;
of the largest pouth Amenean iron
worka, who i now her. He aaja that
hn opinion prevail that the veaaela
cannot be put to better aervlc against
heir former flag than by Bailing under
he Flag of the United State.
Thia South American ha come to
he United State to purchase cater
dllar tractor ia a larce quantities a
he ia able to obtain them at this time,
nit the aunply he can aeeqre will prob
ably be limited Ue I seeking them
ror hia country and while awaiting their
delivery will work in a machine ahop
of one of the American factories. After
thia he will secure practise ia the oper
ating of tractor on American farms,
W. a, a.
Contract Is Let for Ten of New
French Type
WASHINGTON, June 21 (Official)
Contract for ten ship of a "new
f'rench " unsinkable ' ' type ha been let
J the French government to an Ameri
can shipyard. This is practically the
tnrt move toward building ship id
loatatitie for ny of the Allies since
be United Htates shipbuilding program
wa commenced.
Home of the wooden ship of which
cores are now in course of building
ilong the Pacific Coast are of a virtu
ally non-ainkable type, it is claimed,
uid one such ship was twice torpedo!,
i Dire hit directly nder the engine
oom, yet it reached port.
A big Pacific Port shipyard, accord
ng to Ban Francisco despatches, has
ttartad an extension to its plant to cost
V20,00),000. This extension will cover
'58 acre and will provide tea berths
or the building of great steel ships,
acb vessel of 20,0110 tons registry.
I'his giant plant is to be named the
Liberty .Shipyards.
w.'s. a.
rJT. PAUL, June 21 (Official)
Labor delegate today hurried to their
uimes following the adjournment of
he annual convention of the American
federation of l.ubor. Its sessions have
een important in their result and a
spirit of harmony was manifested
hroughout it delilierations.
Accepting the reelection to tne presi
dency ef the Felerution, voteu to him
esterday, tomiers predicted mat vic
tory must soon come to tne Allies as
he once splendid military niocniue ot
letmany was no longer working
' itnoothly but was commencing to crum-
'le and decay.
- W IS
;raft boards told
use common sense
WANlIINOTON, June 21 (Associa
ted Press) Brig Oert. Crowder has seDt
rUt Instructions to the various drsft
board to use common sense iu ujiplving
hfi "work-or fight" order.
'ossible to increase the potato ra
tion. News lias rea'.lied licre through
i Vienna )a;er th.it the situation
I'rane ;tnl other liohemian
enters is so serious that the jjdv
rnnle'nt imist inercase its hreail
ation or risk a revolution.
Which explains the proposed
'itrther cut in the hread ration in
that twenty of mora Uirmai) rraide rf,
ami 18, auoceonf u)(y raiilAl Bfugm and
badly wrerkett and ahattered and one
bomber aa wad ahuwa from the re
. i ,. - . .
In Airplanes
PrWia) Ro erftleal are eonditiona be
at any tiitie irpraeaat ppoaitlon tt.
make their way in the plane over th.
Right To Train and Et)uip In Uni
ted StateV 1$ Extended In
t ... . T.
WASrflNGTOJI, Juh 22 (Aaaocia
ted Pre) troop o any nation
which la at r wjth - Germany or
Austria ' may . be trained ' ia th
United, State if the recommendation
of the aehte' committee on military
affair shall, preyaii .and the bill con
taining ita offered amendment' become
la. .
The new amendment which would ex
tend th privilege .'of. training and
equipping in this country to the en
emies of Germany and Austria merely
further broaden th power conferred
in the bill. ' It originally proposed the
training Of Latin-Americans, designed
to nbet neels of South American na
tlonk. .
' Beeretary " Baker said that as yet
thert were' no definite plans for train
ing foreigner of any particular nation,
or wa any such training intended at
this particular time but it is desired
to have th ability to act in case the
occasion shall arise.
The eight Latin-American nations
tbat have broken with Germany have
potential reserve ot 2,750.000, men.
. .U
LONDON, June 21 (Associated
Press) Another set back for home
rule iu Ireland is believed at hand. It
seems probalile Jhat efforts to pa th
bill will be abandoned for the present
in spite of the fact that legislation
seemed inevituble to preserve harmony
after the passage of the Man Power
Law and thousands reluctantly defer
red to eonarription in th expectation
of some borne rule. The frienda of
Ulster seem to have blocked thia.
Newspapers are scoring as outragidus
the breakdown of the government 'a
Ireland polity.
Tbe Daily News in commenting on
this break down says that the failure
to pass home rule legislation will car
ry with it failure of conscription under
the Man Power Law in Ireland.
WAHHINOTON, Jnue '.'l ( Associat
ed Presa) Agreement in principle by
Germany to a conference with ' the
i'ni'ed Mates relative to treatment of
prisoner is announced by the Hpan
isli niiibassudiir nt Herlin. The con
ference will consider the treatment
which the two nations are extending
to the prisoners, each of the other,
their general welfure atld the question
of exchange. On this subject no agree
ment upon comliatunts ia likely.
Arrangements for the proposed con
ference and its date have not yet been
announced. ;
W. . S. 1
LONDON, June 21 (Associated
Press) Loskcs of .'t(l.it(i men were sus
tained by the liritmh forces oil all of
the fighting fronts during the weeli
which endeil June HI. These figure,
given out hy the wur office, rellect the
fitfliting of the entire week on the
Western front and the participation of
the British against the Austrian of
fensive on Katnrduv and Hunduy last.
Tbe British public rinds little of com
fort in the report.
w. s. s
Dliriug the Hiiiiiiner mp'iths mothers
should watch for liny iinnut oral loosd
ness of the child's bowel. When giv
en prompt ut fpiition at this time' serl
out trouble iiuiv be iivoided. ('hanlber
Isin's Colic nii'l Diai rhoea Heiiiefly' cn
iilwavs be depended upon. For sale
bv nil dealer Hcimon, Hmilh J Co.,
Lid, iigcnu for lluwaii. Advt.
American Gunners
efe; Woods ' ' .
Drivine Out Huns
. 1 ft v , ,
Sarhmle Win Fresh Laurels For
Selves and Country' But Berlin
Report Tries TP TurnQe,iman
Defeat (nto Success
WASHINGTON, Jane 22- ( Assocla-
ed Prea) flerman elaims of adtan
i(;i over America forte were again
oiitrdMeted In th' reports from th
American front Which were received
)y the Wr' department last night. Id
i Bcrlin official despatch which reached
l.o.uln and wa forwarded here it wa
isscrtcd' that; Americans to the north
ft'st of rhnlenu'Thierry end French
to the southwest of Noyon were repuls
ed in t'ttack sustaining heavy losses
mid losing prisoner.
Ho far aa the authenticity of tbe re
port of th engii'Vment in the virlw:
ir i f Chateau TaUrry it concerned
the flerlin report is liatly contradict
cl DV
the 'American n iff lit communique t
which aaid: "Our guna deluged th
wocxl to the east of Chateau Thierry
tnd th 'village of Brasles where th
le-mnns were concentrated and it i
believed that their losses were heavy."
General Pershing also reported that
lie Americans on Thursday advanced
i kilometer, five-eighths of a mile, be
Ve Cantiimy, which they have long
I'M. and took enemy positions and de-J-
:tne'l fortifications.
Enemy Losses V
A series of maU and brilliantly
xcr.ited attack have straightened out
'he America line 'northwest of Che-
enu Thierry, strongly improving the
American poaitions.
Oi ncral Perhlng cabled the depart
ment today that enemy patrols nave
suffered considerable losses In fighting
mrthwest of Chateau Thierry and also
hal there is considerable artillery e-
iiuige along the Wcevre sector.
Nep-e Want IXore
Auswering question as tn the report
that ' negro soldier ar being given
more dangerous work thnn are the white
olt'ier in hi command, Oeneral Pet
dinip denied tt flatly. He said the
ier;r soldier bad only one complaint
to offer and that they wanted even more
active service thnu they were having.
Ajnancca Bee tori
Secretary of War Baker and General
March, chief of staff, told the house
military committee today that Ameri
"11118 ar now stationed at six differ
ent point on tbe west ond holding en
tirely thirty-eight miles of lighting front.
All of these American units have Amer
icans commanding them, while other
truoi are brigaded with 'French and
British twit.
Casualty List
The casualty list from France eon-
ain the names of six men killed in
.etion, one who diod of wounds, three
f disease, 27 severely wounded, one
p a degree not determined.. The ma-
ine casualties are tea killed in action,
19 ' dead-' & wounds and US - severely
njnred. l;
- wr. s a.
Nfember of British Air Ministry
Here To Arrange
WA8HINGTOV, June 81 (Associa
ted Press) To demonstrate thnt f
American airplanes are self-transport-
'ng ami con ie useu ror traua-Aiianuo
wrvice, Major General Braucker of the
British air ministry ik here arranging
for such a trans Atlantic flight.
General Braucker says that he ex
pects large numbers of American
ilanes will cross the sea by next sum
mer. Plans for the test night, to be
conducted in the coming aotumn con
template flyiug to Newfoundland,
hence to the Azores, to Portugal and
hence to Ireland. The plane will have
I crew of four men and should Make
he entire flight in forty hours of fly
ing tiuie.
W. ft. ft.
NXW YORK, June 22 (Aaso
- elated Pre ) Higher price for
imported raw sugars was an
nounced by the international su
gar committee, yesterday. It is to
be effective a of Jane 24.
Wtylft the price for raw ugar li
' increa'jed by thia order tt la anr
ncouced that tie selling price for
. the refiners will be baaed on th
price of 6 065 for 90 centrifugal,
duty paid ia Nw Tor.
w. a. a.
NKW YORK, June 22 (Associated
Iressl On the Western . front there
wa little fighting yesterday. In gen
eral, so far ns infantry engu(femeiit
rwent it win more than ordinaulv
quiet ahd there wuk an abatement in
the violence "of the artillery.
French operations southwest of Hois
sens improved the Froueh positions.
Military experts now expect n (ler
man attnek oh the BHtlsh front, al
'f'ndy forecast by an intenKe eneinv
F..xtenrive r- lds and iirol eiikH""
meri hsve been successful for the
British duiirg the liist dnv on the
rrnS front end flcrinfln attciniits t"
-er ain groiin.) lost near Merris lniv
bleu repulsed.
- - - -
One 6fl Sandy Hook and Another
Off South Carolina' Are the
: Latest Reports
elated I're) Enemy raiders are til1
operating oft the United State Atlan
tic Coast In plte of report of their
destruction! Meamer of speed anjiear
to have" cbrhpartUvety little difficulty
In evading of escaping them.
Two report of encounters wllh the
enemy raider diver have reached here.
t)ne of thee wa brought by n Amer
lean steamer reachibg here todaf and
Ihdicatcs th location of one of the
raider ak late an yesterday, when it
wa 200 mile off. Bandy Hook. The
steamer sighted the undersea craft
and put on, speed, escaping althoeh
putsued. , 7 - t
Oh Hatnrday a stesmer coming from
a Gulf Port encountered a
unit I'ort encountered a suumsnn
oft .the SouUk Carotid coast, lndicat
UK io odv ot vnv raitiers is wurniK
aoathwnrd. Ph also waa pursued' and
mode tar eoeap. ,',
. -' wr. r. b.
Does Npt End Litigation In Con
nectionith Queen's.
Prince Kuhio's suits in connection
With the estate of the late (jueen lAi
liuokalani hav been ' disposed of and
withdrawn, bui iaiiead of ending liti
gation over the estate as has been
planned,-the agreement reached be
tween Prinee Knblo and trustees of the
Lilluokalsni estate, it is known, open
the way for new lawsuit in connection
with the Queen' property.
Attorney Lorrin Andrews, represent
ing John F. Colburn, guardian of the
Kawananakoa minors, said last night
thAt the Interest of these minors had
Hot been consulted in the matter of the
agreement and be said immediate ac
tion will be taken to protect the in
tercets of the. children.
In the three jiuit that have been
withdrawn Prince ftuhio sought to
break the Liliuokalnni trust, set aside
Queen Liliuokslani will and have
himself appointed administrator. The
withdrawal of the suits was hi part
-of the agreement reached vesterday and
confirmed in court order issued by Cir-
cuit Judge Asnrorrl rollowing a con
ference of attorneys with trustees of
the estate held in "court chambers.
Thompson ft Cathcart, Castle ft AVUh
ingfea and Uvbtfoot Lightfoot all
acting for Prince Ifnhio,,, were the
firms represented yesterday, at the con
ference with Judge Ashfonl and true
teea of the estite who are: Attorney
'W. O. Smith, Col. Curtis laukea and
,'t.tornev A. O. M. Robertson.
Term of Agreement
According to the ngrecment reached
and filed with the court the trustees
are to give'a deed to Prince and Prin
cess Kalanianaole to Wslkikl beach
premise known as Kealohilan! having
a rrontage or zia. l roei on rtaiaaauu
Avenue. They will also give deeds to
a atrip of land adjoining Kcnlohi'ani or
the Diamond Head side haying a front
age of 302.9 feet on Kalakaua Aveque
ml another piece or land Devomi aa
j ioinine the premises of L. B. Kerr hav
ing a frontage on Kalakaua Avenue of
nut eighty feet
In addition to these grants the trns-te-s
ngree also ti (five nil rights and
title In the sea fisheries of Hanjohartio
tt Is ajireed thnt.in the property deed
e a small piece of land, the location
of which is to be determined and which
"')1 have a width of fifty feet, is t
be reserved to the trustees. This, will
c'"e access to the beach to tenants on
T--nerty owned bv the estate across
r'l'aVaua Ave,nne.
Payment of Lawyer
Another provision of the areemen
is that the trustees are to "pav all the
c-sts of litigation on both sides, hut
it nrovided that Pi-lnce Kuhio's liti
" lion expenses shall not exceed 15H3.-
c. The sum of "500 is fixed s the
nnount to be paid to prince Kuhio for
-ttomevs fec and 75()0 is to be al
lowed as fees of the trustees' attorneys
ami the executor's attorneys
One of the most important provisions
rf the uirreemeut is that within twenty
one months the trustees shall dispose of
the late Queen' residence at Wash-
inuton Place to the Territory for a sum
t "it tn exceed t'JO.OOO. It is" provided
tluit if the Territory does not acquire
the pronertw in the time siiecified,
then within ireiJ mnnjhs of the term
mentioned v .orporstion shall be form
ed for the sole purpose of founding at
Washington P'aee a Liliuokalnni Mem
orial as a public and charitable inlti
tn' ion.
Tt is provided that this RrTn"mn'
is made on the understanding thit the
Territory or the corporation 'f the Te
ritory does not acquire Washinginrj
i... ' make provision for the
rielits of the Domini' minors, who hve
a life interest as tenants in the preirt
isei. If the Territorv does not ac
otiire the property and the purposes of
i the corporation referred to ' fail, the--
the nropertv is to revert to the trustees
of the estate.
As a part of the e,tVrp"t Prince
and Princess Kuhio releaae all r'mht and
ti'le thev mav hold in nuy other prop
erty of the estate.
WASHINGTON, June "1 ( A'"
1'intpd Preasl President Wilson hn in
funned the senate military eiimmittee
tlmt he favors eulialing Jutro )vs In
the 1'nited Htates armV and the com
mittee has amended the nrmv bi'l tn
nnthnriy.e the fermatlnn of n 8tvie
I -i-ii n. It i-i esti"int'd that from 300,
00U to .')l),0)0 will enlist.
sical Bqrglar ;
Steals Piaqq
Tr.DrA4 nnXltr
iu , iii uau uay ugui
di'na Injury To Insult. He Sells
WJo Prospective Customer of
His Employer According To
Confession Police Say He Has
Made'. ';..', '
Rlvallhg the famous ease of the
saan who tole a red hot slove, with the
asltnc of a Mir of atbestot tflovca.
Jim Knel, an employ of the Bergstrom
MuaiB co., made ft mark in Honolulu
poll- aanil yesterday, which will go
down in history- wba he wa arrested
by Captain of Deteetivs MeDuflle tor
stealihg piano in bread daylight from
hi employer on May .V The loss wa
bbt discovered until Thursday after
noon. For good measure according
to ft eonfessioa Captain Mctnllle My
h made, Ranei also helped himself
at Various time, during the last month,
td six Vlctrolas and thirty five music
roll for the piano be hid stolen.
Bell UTe Piano
Kanei had been lit the employ of
the Bergstrom Musi Co, for fue pftat
six months ah ft teamster and general
handy ni ftbout the eternises. Through
aomw meant or Other, he.lehnred Of ,a
nrospeetiye sale ef ft piano to C. Mlng
May 25 w 'a busy dayv arouhd the
music stcrr, according to Manager W..
D, Adam, and during the rush hours,
Kanei loaded the piano that Ming fan
cied 6n his dray and moved it to the
Kanei residence. The piano is valued
at 75. A few day later l-alled
on Ming fend offered, him the piano
ror a.iuu. f ollowing ft bit ef bargain
ing, the deal wa' eloeed' after per
fectly good bill of sale had been given.
Flushed with , the success ot this
transaction, KaneL the notice sav.
bought s new automobile from the von
Homm- Young ro., end made an initial
payment of $200 on it Daya went by,
and, encouraged by the fact that the
piano had not been missed, Kanei drop
ped down tn the amateur class and at
viioiia interval .walked off with; a
Victrolft, hidden in the bottom of a
rubbish box.. Kanei admitted in hi
confession that he had taken six of
these instruments during hi career of
a musical, burglar and disposed of one
to a Japanese chef in the employ of
Senator Quinn. Ik ia alleged that the
lapnnes picked up a bargain in this
ransaetlon seventeen dollar . and
mi j ceuis Deing realised Dy n-anei
tn the deal.
Theft Is Discovered
In the meantime, one of theffmtsidc
salesmen for the Bergfttrom Music Co.
called on hi prospect, C. Ming, in or
ler further to explain the. merit of
tbe piano 'he had previously tried to
Vinff aaid that he had bought
a similar instrument for $300 and to
onvlnce the salesman, showed him the
nlaiM in question. An. investigation
followed, Kanei was examined by Cap
tain McDufHie and after ft severe ex
amination admitted the theft and lg-
nifled hi Intention Id itlead guilty to
the charge. t
Kanei wa brought before the grand1
jury yesterday and after ad the fact
in the case were laid bare, he was in
dicted on a charge of larceny in the
fira,t degree.
.a. a.
WASHINGTON, June 21 (Asocit
8d Pres Further retreat of Genefral
eminoff's Cossack forces in the diree
ion of Chinese territory ia reported
"rom Harbin. The message saysjat
they have suffered defeat by the Bol
heviki and are moving toward Man
hurla. This news tends to further compli
ate the still unsettled Siberian ques
ion for it i expected that if the Beaii
loff forces shall cross into Chinese ter
ritory Bolr.lieviki demands may be auVh
n to precipitate trouble.
NEW YORK, June 21 (Associated
Press! Joseiih Rutherford, who has
rone by the name of Pastor Russell in
his writings since the death of the
-eel Pastor Russell and six of his as
aociates in the "Sunday School fio-
A is n,ibipMons were to
dav sentenced in the federal court here
i., serve tweiiiy years in a icuersi
Sentence followed their conviction
On the trial evidence as to langusc
used in publications relating to the
was glinted as was language used
in letters sent to young men eligible
'or the draft urging them against
service and giving biblical quotations
in support of their contentions tpat
the war was unholy and Christians
in iist ubstuin from participation in it.
NEW YORK, June 21 (Associated
Press) Arrest of Ave for alleged an
ceutunce of bribes in connection with
the letting of contracts for or selling.
ot nraiiouis aim lire raris 10 me gv
ernmeut, may result in the exposure of
scandal in a eovernment office and
show an extensive system of graft. The
arrest were made by federal ageu
today and detuils of the affair are not
mad public.
PAZO OINTMENT ia guaranteed W
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River Floods Break Bridges and
Sever Communication With Re
serves Making Position of Ene
my Critical Qn Piave Front
Italians Also- Make Galas and
Claim Foa Losses Are Enor
mous Reaching 120,000 Since
Last Saturday
N EW ,VbRK, June 22 ( As
sociated Press) From the
ABiago Plateau to the sea the arc
jf the Italian and Allied defense
remains .an .impenetrable barrier
to the Austro-llungarian forces.
LCheir terrific assaults have found
his barrier an insurmountable ob
stacle. The Austrian offensive has fail
j(f almost signally. The battle is
tot a "btaJeinatc" and the advan
tages lie vyith the Italians and
neir rrencu ana nruisn antes, in
h$ mountains the Italians and
illies seem to have won a distinct
idvantage and on the Piave front
.he Italians are gaining the ad
In the mountain sectors there
as little important fighting yes
erday and in such as did occur
he foe was on the defensive. On
he Piave front, however, the
ighting continued in extreme vio
ence theHalians steadily press
ng the enemy" back upon the over
lowing river where the problem
f 1 bringing ! up Austrian rein-
orcementft. iist making the situa-
ibn critical" for tllemr .
Floods Which 'swept down the
'iave River have caught the Aus
rians in a trap. Their bridges
iave been swept away and their
ommuntcation with their main
orces ahd reserves beyond have
een severed. Yesterday, in this
light, they suffered immense
losses before the strong counters
which the Italians launched
against thein.
How costly has been this at
tempted offensive to Austria is
shown by the estimates of enemy
los$es which were received in
Paris last night in an official com
nuniqiie from Rome which placed
iiich casualties at 120,000. The
ustrian pressure still continued
it Mnhtcllo but was less severe,
he night communiiiue contiriued,
'.ut the advance had been check
id at every point along the hun-Ired-mile
front. At Dona di Piave,
to the southeast of Zenzon the foe
attacked heavily launching no less
than five attacks during the day,
all resultirtg in repulses. The hold
ing at Montello was regarded as
weakening the very keystone of
all plans.
Austria's official report of the
day's results is a tacit admission
that the offensive has been check
ed and turned into a defensive for
it merely claims that "all enemy
assaults have broken down."
American aviators have seen
their first service with the Ital
ians and have scored an initial
success. C)n Thursday they were
sent on a bombing detail and
blew two holes through a bridge
i (he
foe had. thrown over the
Piave, all returning to the base.
- ... .
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