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J A'1- ''"'"' '7.':""''
coVEitNOR McCarthy ts
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LI T I'll 1. 1 . - 1 , ' - j.,. I f
DulinlV o N
! .. It, -...
:)!fir!$3rii9rClirJe8.), McCarthy :
"FldiHeslcatUuK lids come to "stay."
.Nptlijntiat Jh( QijU owners, can do can atqp if,."
' ?iiVV)"?cMnt-c"' 'Qr theVr Ml''l' thc) ,nM8t induce the'
utaji ,t6,stay on the land and rcccife for his cane a price that
. iltinrc )iTrn aprofit;" .
,fc.,vjc-jrllian lias the inborn desire to own his own little
iIpU? . . . - r-
'.. spi ofpast failures 1 firmly holies e that lioincstcad
- injr iii riawaJiean I made successful."
' j f b$&fctvy.M!v . ;s- , ....
"K years it has hcen t,he policy , of this government -,
that it.puljlic lands shall be divided into homesteads."
'. 5ferl jM. HrVtiy e but to pursue the policy which
wVaFf ? M.4ftptea unless you .wish Jo'apiveal from its judge
ment 4n4. this appeal I do not feel inclined to advise.'.'
,- "There has-been a difference of dpihion as to the possibility
.PJ !Pyb'$: the homestead law to sugar lands but the experi
ment muJte.)nae.n t -
j 'iThis part of.our common country should give the otfpnr-turnty-to
the rrian of capacity and energv to make a home for
him&etf," , ..
w i Tftat ipurpojie is to put a man on the land who will make
that-landjhj. home.", , ( v , ;
' "t lpy?.hot follow that because a thing has been done only
.by a corporation it cannot be done By an individual."
.IIKii, lint jiow . Qorvjnor .. today. .With eeremanlen lm'il, buHinewlIk
. JH r'fh,7 Jimpr'M've Cliarle J. McCarthy Wamte th chief ewutive of
the TttHars.( 'Frth,vith he docland the polirie which will aavem hi miDihv
nitration d.-hhl tnattpiral addra maJ a .liutioct and favorable imureagipB
Ml of haerfln. lln thia a.ldres,' and tn the address of fWretarv 6f laterior
I-ae questioni if the deepest impart to the Territory were treated un.l nolutidia
,Tbe applauxe of the . audience Indicated the aatinfaction with
which those policies were receive! and atreste.1 clearly the populnrttr of the
iew tjoeror, mt the conAdence la which he is held bv the poo,.!., of Hawaii.
' MM Vrnt Of four .former povert'ors and Secretart of Inlerior Lane as
the personal rJreaeBtatire of I'rnstdent Woodrow Wilson,' Charles i McCarthy
-was Inaugurated as Governor of Hawaii at noon yesterday In the historu- throne
ne foflitJte- old royal paiaefry tha ath, ,of office., benK administere.l by Chief
i.luatiea JameL.vt'oke and the endoisement -of the new executive beins made
in a brilliant address by wtary Laft, f .,1 j
. . ,!'eDt t the-nowmdraihistration was marked hy., the pronouncement of
deflnite-nalreie aaito Ihe fntare davelnnment at th Hoooli... t.u.i. ...t.u
tieulareuiphasi eiagi laid on thei manner in which the public lands shall be
homeeteaded mi Administered and the ,war,me poliry p Voutinuinjr al nilri
3? f 0fll wnlolese rtWtIliee;.und,ouVo
" "":," '"u'i! pray nnBii
PWlf&rt VittVX V'rff ot Mr. Lane
luring the readin'jr of the. secretary
of interioT-'s address a cablegram was
picked Op. from the table nud real by
Mf.MAiie, this beihjr the aniionncenient
of a protOanitt,tiou which the, Presbinut
purposes to iajHW soob.declariu all pub
iic.. Ian, ,under, nntrl .of plantations,
- ' coatlhhe .iobe i-utrlvated by the
lessees until homeeteaded so that the
tfl fcrodoetionJof the ielnn.U shall not
JjjII )low the nesjut ievel. The read
t Of te telegram which was sejit
from Washiugtou in resjKiiiMc to the
Seuretary a recommendation, was ap-
piwenHy -satisfactory .solution of tlie
.eLpoblopi, for it, was. greeted with
prolonged hpp.Use and meets in l-
oi jfiipfVpartirUlnr the- policy eon-
eorsMWjr publimdnnds HU;i;eHted bv the
,hhTu ot '
.i.;T tlwoiie. room.wns.iiil,d with sioi-
talors.. who filed J-Jic laisi- and qorri
MnrsJ Ttftrt it wns' iKsliinctlv 'Miovernor
MeCarthr crpwd" foh tho'orat hilds
.us, so much favored bv Die new Oov-
ernor, wa worn bv nine tenths oil the
men and women present, even Secrskarv
lne."liowing this alohu bv weariur a
irfpoiiited cluster of these pretty
blossom s. I
(Jtirenioi MvCaj4h.r showed his dnu .
ocratie utste and his appreciation' f
fti Mttti .llniutn nf . ,
a. .1 .
.nv niiuoeil 10 nine II.UCT
h.gaiaM";tleaddfesof Heeretar' Use, 1
4yt.. Wearing suU of 'white line, upon ,
whn-w-ia-iOW. cornl hibiscus stood in !
rtditrful contrast.
VUlton Arrive .
.-tJ4y twelve o';loik ilrs.,KrHi.Vlin. K
iMnm, Miss.N'HUoy l-Au,..AsistHnt (4ec
relary of the -Interior ud Mrs. Hind
ley. BpeeiaVsCoiirmis'sIoiior ami Sfrs.
Lathmp Brown and Olenn Shaffer, Mr. ,
Lime's SHi-retaryy occupied special seats
nenr the old royal duis, with I'rlrtee' "Aloha nui " andi froni tho audience
ud Prm es Ktilaninnaole, and meni ; alany .called the greeting back to hint
liers of the seuaie and hoaae and henda'iHawiHsnji T?i Fnre
of departments. Near fhewj were ; the 1 wu,n . TOTCe , ,, ., ,
1rft three' governors' of Hawaii. Sau-
ford B. Pile"anrl wife,- George It. Car
ter and W. 'I Krenr and wife. Mr.
Hole also, had Ihb iMstlncfiou of biino '
the first a hrd only president of tho Je rnment. who are allies svith America,
public of Hawaii, following the over j wrTt' nraaji Hawaiians. That
throw of the' .-monarchy, a political they; would be eertaia to, witness the
hunge whb-h was ultimately regional- .-Mieugoration iH-remonies they, cqnie ,to,
Ide for the ceremony staged yesterday. ' lae. e-apitol early in .-tbefoeoaoon aud
Colonel C. P. taukea, aecretaryf of i i00' scuts which they retained uiitil
the TecritoTV. vDshnred Mr. Lane," r. "Charbiy" McCarthy wus Governor
McCarthy, Chief Justice Coke aud re-land had. passed upstairs to the ex ecu
lirrug (iovemor Pink ha m to the dais. I .iyf chamber. (
Mr. Lhne oecnplml a cbair on the wa lasmaia Kw Duties
side of -the platform, the chief justice ...
at the ether end, with Mr. McCarthy " U latter, won. that (Inv .
next to-Ms. Lun anil-the-retiring ex ,,r"or M ( "thy began his -duties, which
ecafive.uext vlo the ehief .iutlev , w ere largely Kocial, for there he wai,
,Ali4vs itlmtn were tae Viirtaits of the gwd by' Meeretury Lane and eon
dais sur-mounted try the American Jragle rHtiUntod,. by. blui. tvud the, members
mid behind wasnu Ainericau shield tliaVnhhliigUii partv. and then by
llxnke.l with the flags of Hawaii. ! ,h' heads of territorial depurtineuts,
?l(mlflca4ic la Mttale . tncludlu the hew treasurer, 11. t.
What siguitleance' there was iu the Wefisyar. who will occupy 'the tiffice
se'.ei'tloms played by the Hawaiian f'"" ' vneated' by (iovemor MeCalrthy.
Hand may not have'beeu appnreut to lny of the Denioerats Who hnve been
thiinbiiiid Under, but to' irsan.t in the Wnispietioris by their absence from the
room the opening scVtios "Praise ticinitv of the executive ehiimher dur
(toil from whom- all blessings How"
wns l!inii'dil tn. be. a inimieui . iimssagn
..I' i hunks for lluwuli's iucomiug ex
eiuiive, an I Ihi- was made certain
hen a iiionieiit Intel the baud played
Official Clearly Shown
f -Interrupted
dy nuuiau&e
noi De inrerrnpfeti. iiiem policies were
and Oovernoe-MrCnrth.T. ,
I i'-'l . ...I'!. 1
'4,,e Hrr KanK Through Tara's
n1," and scweral other .selections
r"i'IKent pt the Kmerald Isle, m inch)
! ,li",H ''""'i'lunent to the fact that (inv
"Bror McCarthy's ancestors came from
I Uecaiyes Commission,,,, ,
I Coh.nel lnultea. haaded Oovernor Me
.Uarthy hjs .cOniiniHsion as Governor of
" Hawaii signed bv I'residoni Wilson,
and countersigned by Secretnrv of the
) Interior Fruuhlia K. Lgne. (iov-enior
MeCarthy read the commission aloud
(k. when .h. read that tho 1'r'iident
reposed eonfldonce in Charles J, Mr
t.'rtliv there wns a. barst of.applHiise
which ws fallowed bv a wow pro
langed apdaUKe when its rcudiuir was
: Oath Adnuniatered
1 ,-, ... .
: n"" J'liimstennjf of the oath of
"' "n ',r",f' nl"' wnN ,ne ,,sual
' .,'rc"l.vl'l t. there was a deep
, ln' 'l''f justice referred, tlla.1
i V VC.. ffT J "V11" KW,r''K
ui-ri-ini inn ruiillirv llUlllNX Dll eiieillUW,
both foreign and doWstir. As th
Coveruor said "I do,'.1 (fhief Justice
Coke extended Ms hnud nud sqid, "1
eonrrntulate vriu and Mans-ii," where
upon tlie cpev tutors again demonstrsl
eil their ileliglit in seeing' Colonel M
Csrthv actusllv take his nlnra C.v
j '.... , . 1 V "
V',or ot "V "lan' n,i '""tiu.ie l the
'''"'""m" '" th V?v!'""r I"' k
" "'"P'. n is spec, n an.
liegnu to cxprcsi his thmiks t" his
rneuJS'of both pobtical parties, un.l
ro gradually evolve his policy, partimi
larly with reference t6 linincstcHilin,
JvJiigh in geueml wus siiuilar tn that
hirer oiituueil by Berretafv lJaue. The
address whs frennontlv. Itmn,,i.',i V.v
Hiiplairse. (Governor MeCarthv en.le'l
4ib the siihule Hswsdiin .l,,t.t;..
Iu the' nudiivnee. iu additiish. to the
large .ii u in bet of olluiuls of the fed
i.ral, tervitoriul and oiuty govern
tnents, and th representatives of ov
ing ine Toriuer BiiminiHirat ion, now
SMu-nied in Ihe mite chamber and latur
"i-'c i - r -1 i .-i 1 1 v received by (invnrnor
V'eCMtl'V, nuiiiu the iiniircssion that
the Hum buns of all 1'uctionu were able
I to meet auwln on the common ground '
which Ooserhor McCarthy has seleited..
'Bell Road Assured ' :
i The new governor snid, as as aside
'suring-hm nddrsss, thnt the last act
t ;t no. farmer gnverner .was to set
ride T4SliMM) accrued through the; sole
f trrltofia! 'bonds, for ; thr.vbuiidiiig
of the.''Jelt Road" on the windward
side of 'Oahi,. as a mllltaryi roa.l, trp
proved by the Wnr Department to
trtk eare.nf tourists and give thrrri pn
opkiirtilnity lo be entettiiined and o
better vice 4he ixiuiitilul scenery' to'
whh'h Kecretay Lnm- vo ntten alluded
In his' H dress.
Secretary l.ime rend, uside from hi
typewritten adrlrcss. a telegrbm con
4aiainK'.B prm liitmuiou which will be'
issscd by the President of the I'tltedl
VlStes with reference to the public
lands of the Hnnmiim Islands, wltf !
pHrttSttlsr reference to those leased to
.plantations, on wlmih lensee are! ex
rdriuu ,pr about to expire, under which
the Ta:ids may be i ontimied hs food
prbilncrfrs hntil honiestended.
"The. proclamiitiiui started nff with
the formal "By the I'risident of th
-Ciiited . States of Ameriiii, lireetin,"
and went on to set forth thnt by rea
i. of Pie existence tof the state of
war it is essentinl to the uational
orurity and defense for Ihe successful
pwsecution of the wnr and for the
successful niaiiiteiiuiu e of the army
and .navy, and therefore, hs President
pf . ta. t'uited Ktiites and by virtue
o the powers, confci red upon' hint, he
announr- that it is essential In or
'dor to secure, this result that all jmb
li lanos in the II nvMiiiun Isliinds now
uuaer.. cultivation fur snnr, etc., ; and
fee ' the. purpose of continuing these
lands . under the sume conditions,' the
oninilssioner of public lands of ;Ila-.
aaii, with, the spprnal of the Uov
ernor, Js hereby sulhorized and em J
powered to enter into the uecessnrv
-contracts with the lessees of the pablic
I i - 1 ... . . . : i
launs.. on wnas on wnien rne lenses
have expired or which will expire, for
the continued cultivation of such Inndi
until neh time ens they shnll be of,
cupied by homesteaders.
.The proelnmation is in line with the
expressed policy of Governor McCarthy
to have such lands surveyed by . the
7vfriinlenf and arrangement made by
the public latida commissioner to outer
into agreements to cure for the ratoons
ib that they will not die and reader
tbeJand less vabmhlA Jo. a homestead
,er, Or. even the plantation. In brief,
the plan is ta take such steps that
the ratoons .will be given cere, water
and eiiltivation and bring thcin 16.. jn
growinp crop. It is the .Hhlngle,ntll
which faileil of passage back ad op by
the federal and territorial government
with sfuli assurance to limneetpailer nnd
laeaeea that their right, will m fcro J.
mini. -'
Vacancy Failed In Snort Order By
flew jSovferAbrTf ToTelcct
Commission Soon
Uelbert K. Mctzger, of Hilo, is now
treiisurer of the Territory of Hawaii.
His commission wasHssued by Governor
McCarthy shortly after the 'latter took
the oath of officii, wa hauded to iMr.
Motagnr in the Governor's ofrlce nnd
he was sworn in by Chief Justice .tames
I.. Coke. ,
Another new face iu the executive
chamber will be John F. Btoue, the (Jov
rnorls socretury, although a)pointnd a
few neeks ago. He has been the Oov
einor's right hand man since tlie so
uounceinent iwm made that the Presi
Uest had appointed Colonel McCarthy
as Uo.vernor. ...
A market commiasiou to consist of
five persons is soon to be appointed bv
Governor AlcCnrthy to form the "tSrri i
toriiil market , commission ' '. He hus
not. yet decided on the personnel, al j
tlioiigh he huA several persons in mind. ;
Another uwnouncement to be mailt' is
Hhe sipointinent of a new president '
ol the board of health, although Dortor
Pratt, the present president, will prob I
ably continue us chief sunitary officer,
liovernor McCarthy has aunouiined that
he wiidies a business mail to head this
deinrtmeiit iuntead of a uxedical officer.
. .... w. a. it
Tlaiiuel. M a rifi n e ty : s t x Years
Old, Passes Away
Manuel. Martina, une of the fabt
diiiiulkliiiig bund of Civil War vet
eruim and. meiuber . of . the. loi l Oeo.
j W. HeJ.oug lHt, O, A.i It., died em
l imrsilny at the. Iioine of t runk l a
hecn. the n ell known. -Fort street liar
her. Heretaniit, near Alumi street. The'
funeral was held yesterday morning,
attended, by the locql veterans of tr.e
Civil War, the iutrriueut being in
')nhu Cemetery. .
Martins wus a native of Portugal,
where be was born iu ISJi', being st
he tiuiu of. his death iiiuety six years
jld. His wife. Mrs. Pliilnmena Mar
tins, who is a native of the ln'.and of
Madeira, survives him.
Thi.;"-ing in his lot with the Ninth,
he huvink' emigrated to the I'nlted
'tales in his early youth, Martius sr
.'il tliroui'hinit the American Civil War,
both in the urinv and navy. He was'
mi the pension list and had been m.-iK
'tig HuHiiii his home for the past forty
It was ii peculiar coincidence thnt
in the i lisxing year of his life, MnrtiiiK.
Lwlin fought for the preservation of
the I moil, should nave seen his natne
mil his adopted countries allies in the
world war ugalust the Huu Kaiser.
w. a a j
NOHHM.K. Nebraska. June UL'
i s--beinted Press i --The Madison coun
I ty Conin it of I It-f c use toda forblldi
praelisiiiL; in foreipn lanviunes. pail
of a i-ampaioo it it 1 1 1 t Cennaii ion
ttCtx ixSsj. I.
Honolulu, Sian Killed When .For-
incr ueiiuan warsnip Meier .
'Odss To Bottom-
nr ixtihi m mmiti. nil r I'll i SCI-.
Hrhitrz, formerl the l.ttle ISermnn gun
The second hi -
lion Mor,' Whwh interuo.l Iti Hiv
nolulu .for neurl
three eiirK, has lrten
sgnk off the coh-i f .ir;h Carolinw,
(lecordiiijf to rii -vo. inte.l I'ress mm
age eceive-l lii-t night. The accident
was rAitsen.ii n i,Hmioh lietwnen heJ
Hehnf. anJ the Americnn steainer
- .. i - i .... ...
mnimyi tiiinveiii .1 r , tt Mououli W4.
miieci in me mi Mem. imt nil the rest
of those aboiir.l the cruiser were saved.
.The names of tiouna's nearest rela
tives -ere not glxen m the messiia.
and ihipiiry of nil the lot a I resi.euts of
thrtt name' In the . it v .lirertorv failed
io incaie nispHreni m-t nii;ht.
WhilO the lliessiiire vs thnt (ioiiVBia 1
wns from lloiioluln, this, mu milv iu r
dirate thnt he enlisie l here The iinvnl
emiiihniidnnt' at Pearl Ilnrbor wns not 1
able f anpplv' (dentin nt ion of the dead I
sailor no ' nn list men t records are all
sent to the nnvv .lepurtinenl in Wash '
tngtrtn, and the duplieate retnined on
the vessel to which the recruit is as
signed. There wns a report in Honolulu
Inst wight- thnt there was' A 'iunnmd
OoMvela h board the Curl Hehurc whose
home wa In- Konn but vyrifli-ulion, of
the report icoubKnot he scciired.' ..it "1
otnar laianaen Abosrd , , . , .
Beside (louveia, there" ts Unbwn to
be k nntnber of Island residents who
were aboard the rV-hurz since she be
came an American wnr vessel, for It
was to-this vessel that most of the
Island otith wre assigned who volan
tarily enlisted in the navv after1 the
outbreak bf the wnr.
George MeKldowney, formerly one of
the loan fund eftginm-rs, ami a brother
of Kriliert -MeKldowney, who wns given
a rwti(r h anensin, was assignexl
to- the Bchur. at were also Oeorge IV
Hatx h1 and T,, U Bristol, formerly
employed On Hawaii plantations. .,
Up - gnttl-enlrsted in the navy-Bristol.-was
a lima for the Hlo Wugar
Comnany; J nd- Hatcher timokeeier'
Pacific SngariMrtl Company. Hatchex'i
parents live in Minnesota ami Bristol's
rn CpnneTtlrtjcfVt'
Mibhlutry Wrecked Here
. Blnking of the "Hclmr recalls one of
the most stirring war events expe
rienced in Honolulu. This wns oh Won
day, February 4, 191". when the crews
of all the. (Jeriuau vessels in Honolulu
harbor tried to destroy their vessels,
after diplomatic relations were severed
with flortnanssr' .
The Hchurz, then the (icier, was an-!
chored at I ' i e r . 7 1 where she had been
tirnl up eiuce he sought safety from
attack bv- British and .lapancsc war
ships at the beginning of the Karopenn
war. in 1B1. Karly ou this Hon lay
room in u amoke was perceived arising,
from. thf;Tressel and an investigation
revealed -that i'th'.sUertnaji. navy inm
were busily nt' wots! demolishing the
engines of their ships by burning a
lire untler liar etufity boilers. Other acts
of destruvtion wvre'taking phW'at tle
wiine tlinfl tui the- other tiiuun shim
in the luirbor. .
iStcjis -were t ok.-n iniuiediaf elv lie the
il, in i (he (ierman iniiiknat. whicb ;
IIIIK.Ur DUH" 1 1 11 -s 19 Slop llie ill'-.iril
was fenre'l mi-,rit enditngr the whole
h nterf rout. The "lire department and
:he city po'l.-c were called, while a
eoiiipany of soldiers traineil nuti hine
t;uns upon the (ierinsn glirtlllUlt' from n
coiil pile oppisite the pier nt which -he
"lis smhorul.
Later n deliu Inneiit bf sailors fnnn
the rit. Louis li -sr.li-d the ship uuil look
i barge of her, and the (ieier crow iib
Miuently was marihed ashore as !hn
lirst prisoueis of ur tal. on here.
Crew la Interned
All of the Herman (ieier crew wlrn
were commanded by t'nptnin llnis-d uf.
er.- Inter inter I nt t Kurt, lounliis.
I lull.' Captain lirasshof's diary " a.-
1,-iier translated by nnvv iutelligeu e
ii. ers, and It relnted the srstemal u
nn ii in. I- hi win. i tne iieruimi erews nan '
.. . . .
vi. Jate.1 their pur.de. oaths fti file t wo I '"ress at this session for an uddi
M-a.s nod a half thev were interned1"""11 Upropna.tlon to enlarge ih.
here. The .l,:n v also' revealed Imw basin us a. war measure. It is esp.-.-t
i .... !.... .i.;u .ni I... .... f...
see ret wireless had- bei-fPWueruted upon
the (icier, so . onimiiuuitpin ,,ns kept
up with ugi'iils of the Csrjiui.ii iigyeiij
i i pef ore Aiuc t'leji. entered the war
The C.eiei wii" stationed in the South
:Vm, u.muiIIi at Marshal Isiainls, ut the
on i lii-i nk of ihe Iviiropeun vnr. News
of the dc. lai at ion of war reached her
in I'liic to p.-i mil her to reach llnn-i
lulu, rollionii'.' the collier Loeksllll. In
fore ln. i ulil Is overtaken bv Jiipan'
es or Hritish war vesstds.
After AiiM-iira dei lurel war on Cei
inanv the (-cici was takeu to I 'ear I
lluriior bv the nnvu.1 iiiltborlties where
OUIU lliouini wins wwii ui-iuir-i iu ii-
pairing her engines smi otherwise ul
terinir the ship. Alaiut mst Oetola-r,
lifter a fawil crew wus assigned to the
ship, she wns despatched to the Atlsn
tlc by the wny of the Panama Canal.
Hi nee theu !"' has bow used as n pal ml
vessel of the secood flass cruiser type.
w. I. a.
Dl Hi yi i:
ciuted Pressi
lows, June 'I ( Aso
splendid ini reuses in
farm pindm Is of (lie tsountry and
the lovullv imtuotie response ot the
farmers gcmiallv throughout the In ml
to help win the war by producini;
ye-ifer crops are insuriug the viilnM
aninsl Pi ii.-ianisio So iiKHertoil Sec
retail of i r ii nil in - Houston, sddrei-s
lug the stale bunkers' Assoeiut on
here todnv. In part he said:
("You banlx-is realize the Import
ih at In-uiiiig of ths enoniious pro.Un'
tion ou the foiiudat ions and muchin
civ of liioilii.' rili-l eredil." lie said
tiillt 2:i.lUI0 HUH ilili-s of lend 1 11 )J f-iol
i-rops more Ihnii
in 1 ! I 7 1 In-
. i en 'hi-- 1 1
V il i i.m h:
ii ii I ol her .'all I.'
I ,.'',011, run and m
ii liUii were pluntr
. p.-ct s a furl her ii
e I .'t'llio.
,ii U . mid nun -I ,-.
.. I i mu. nun.
Victory f bam!
ioy ''ter ls5Ee5 But May Go
i i o uwner After, txpiana
tion Is tendered
lo .'i..ti Ix.ltle o U-er no A two
"'ttle n' -,r:tv ..tiieir I tn II.
Ts o i'ii en Im.i t !e
i A " '" ""n w re e;te I and chn
Ms, die. I .- the I'nMel S'liici kllr
;,n 's . i ft cm tint Kriihv lit nn Inter
IsWI. nh'.rf. The fe leml snthnriltes
have not lesi nel ilelinitelv et whii
fras responsihlc f,,r ihe : f-t itit teiship
he'1iiiior, nn. on enh'd aijinng
some h n- i hiii. pip .. i r
As sH Ihe fni l rcenr Ihiv Ihe shlb
'Ttien of the Ion. m hiit not b n-aser
fllinoM. Ili,trut Attnrlu-y S C. Ilnrrer
sn.TH lie l:t no' dc i lc.l hoi her' the
intended hipmcnt of the li.ioor con-.
stitute.l n iti's' ion. . ' MI Onhu I'resi
denlhll "dry" prm Iniimt -m. 1
Knanek, :i nslnrnll I (lernisu. wha
i , "I I HIM H, w no
" ' der.-b'e nttenlistn been use
" '": ' o- ners.ot the
,lo'" "' '"x"" ' ''' s hi. Ii the federal
H""1'1 ""' permit to fleer
, ,,,,n,,,u11- " "''' most, of his
"""ol'''" pro).eri ;td moved to Ksuta,
'"' mteiested in Ihe Hmith
r"n:i rirmrin i omprniv,
Peeao'C rtf the fml that lie i mov
ing from, puc home to what may 4 de
fined as another home, the shipment of
liquor mny not have constituted ille
1 transriortntion. the district attorney
thinks, lie ssys thnt irall similar cir
cumstances, where a householder has
moved frorti one home to another, ho
hoa ruled it was permitted, under Ihe
law to transjMirt lliiuor. v. i
, However, he continues, the shipment
ef liquor to KnftSeV is to be thoroughly,
investigated and if there was a vfola-'
tinn of the presldentisl proemmfftldn
the one responsible wltt be rrnsecated.
Diedrieh IVielvers, the (ierman part-'
ner of Knssik nlso intends to move
to Kona, it is said.
W. 1,
War department Sets Asirie 0
dCO For Maintenance, Bit .Re
fuses To increase Width
Tfuy- thousand dollars tins bfen
made available by the wnr department
for.the keeping open of the seven Jun
dreil loot width In Kshului Uarjbor,
Maui. This information has renahed
bell-gale Kalaniiiiiaole from Uajor
(teiieral Black, chief of engineers of the
array. , v . . ,
. Tae irequent of the Maui Chamber of
Commerce that sa 'appropriatioa' of.
measure, to innrease the width of 'the
harbor from eeveri . hundred to tine
hundred feet has brought to light 1 tho
fact that the war department consider
vl the pioject completed,.
In his letter to the Delegate, Oenbral
Black says thnt while it appeared that
the LiOO foot width was apparently an
! thorifced by .(Ihi sixty.firat eengnpss
! '" w" k actually performed resulted
111 11 'dth of only 700 feet and this
nilli has been 'Yeported for several
veins with the statement that the pro
ject was completed iu' so far this
hnibor was concerned. It appears,
s .ites (ieneral Black, that about -,
nun will suffice tb restore the TOO foot
volili and the district engineer hus
been authori.ed to do such maintenance
Mirk of this character as navigation
will reipiire. ,
('.including, Oenerut Black adds:
In view, however, of the fact that
Ihis liu-iu has been reported us coin
plete for several years, and no prior
compliiMits have 'been received from
navigation interests about inudcijuate
uidth, the i in iiuihtuucy do not up
. i I io Lie sill' ii hm ill warru n I. n k ii i
. ..
"'""r' I."'" ""
ther consideration in connection with
the u ii n uh I report of 11) I S and the
pn'finVatiiiii of estiinules fur the next
se-sion of congress."
Wf. a a.
. r l ri t r-: sa- a i
Uufy Out Only flVfr MinUteS and
beaches Decision
Judge J. J. Hasks'. able, .le to tlie
federal jury failed yesterday to bring
about a coiiN iction of Mrs. Annie Ah
Mu on u ehurgi- of .telling swipes. The
HSf-iatsut district attorney based his
nddress to the jury mainly ou the point
that the jurors' sympathies should not
be swayed because the defendant was
n woiiiuu. c
W. T. Hawlina. the- defendant 's at
torney, contended- that there was no
corroborative evidenflh that Mrs. Ah
Mu sold the liquor to Mrs! Martha Kau
In. the Muwaiian woman witness. Other
v-uncases were V . H. Hutton, John
Wrriner and II. 11. Akaua. The jury
WflMAN K AnflftlTTFn
vas out about Bve minutes when it
brought iu the verdict of not guilty
This is the last of the liquor cases to
be irie.l by the federal jury. Of ull the
other mi or t-even defendants convie
lions have been secured, except iu one
case which one of the defendants wus
IiiiiihI not guilty because it could nol
be provod he kuowingly transported
On Monday the jury will lit-Hr the
eiili-iHC iu hu opium ease.
. . w a a
V l li VCs(t l ,li,in- ..: , l i.li
i ,J Mi re I ll-i II '.'lH Vol, ii - c , II s.
I. aie . hi, sled III Ihe I ,,, , Vale.
iiinii Ir lln cily ubine.
bnly Explanation , Given By Au
thorities Fcr Arrest of Alien
Enemy Dentist (
j loo much tnlk is given by the
federal nuthni ilic a- the main reasbii
for (.he iu n st ..i H presidential war
rant of Dr. Ileil.ert W. Cleinmeas. the
alien ineun ad vet tiring dentist who
was confine. I in the Onhu prison Thnrs
While Distri.l ttoiner K C. Hober
innde Ihis expl-inai ion of Ihe siiininary
ari'CKt of the i.erman dentist yester
ilav. In- n-fiise I 1 1 1 enc specific facts
if the "too ii ii. h tnlk." He sd)rs
Clemnieii. ' .in... -tit: is under invest!
ist-nii a ad that it would be unwise at
tk- is tin-e to make the evidence in thf
possession i.f the secret service mer
public. , ,
i hV fnr a . .mid In- learned (Teaitnens
was nol cm-ii uien a'smueh informs
tion as is contniiicil in the brief. State :
ment for the pnlilic of the district
attorney Id- was left at the prison
all. day yesterday and was not brought
tn ' (the district attorney's office for
examination. Others, though, some
volrmtary, and a few by summons, were
questioned as to Ihe activities of the
alien enemy. The voluntary appear-
e of loyal i-itijtens to add their
mite to the evidence against te dentist
tended to strengthen the probability
that he will be interned for the period'
of the war. V,.h of this evidence
was of tne "piece meal" character,
bot nearly all corroborative of What
the goAcrnnietit already knows, it wns
"Tree with Booxe"
There was a report vestsrdsy that
Ihe Cnitcd states Marshal bad ecized
a large qimntity of liquor Which wa
i tk-e. possession ef Doctor K'lemmens,
but this was denied fay the official
The only color ef truth added to the
eeertion thnt the dentist has been
Very free in dispensing liquor, -pessi
bly to soldiers, was given by the dis
tmint attorney. As if anintentiotalL thei
district attorney said: "Clettmons
seems to hse been very free with bis
money and boose, too."
" The Cnited Stntes Marshal 4ok pot
sexeibn yesterdny of everything t of
value in Doctor Cletnmens' business
safe and locked it up in the federal
fflce. .
j The dentist's office remained closed
throo.;hout yesterdny, but t Ms was not
Utretly because of any action taken
by the federal authorities) bot prob
'ably none of Doctor Clemnien' era
proses wanted to take the chance of
continuing the business on Ike nmi.
I'lHJct he would be released eventually.'
Posed Ai CltUetv,
tIt' as stated' at ihe k1i'c station
yewterday that Doetpr Clemmena tot
a' 4ohg .white pose.1 aa an American
i-itixen. Bob Lillis, the automobile,
llceuse Inspector, aays Doctor Clem i
mens said he was an Aaicrican when
'ic (iot his first nujb drivers' license,
but afterwards gave his nationality
as (tcrumn. ,
The prediction waa made vesterday
that Doctor Clejiiinena uMtnhl hvn .nn
t nued to pose as an Auirican if hu ,
lied not lieert afraid he would hnvf '
iieen diurted, us it was, when he was
repsfered for the draft he claimed
his German citirenship as grounds for
Chaplain Marmaduke Seymour-
! Appointed To Regiment
' Marmaduke Heymmir. a recj-ut stu
dent ut the Chaplains' Training ( amp
iu Virginia, hus been designated bv the
I wnr department at rhap'a'n of the
! Mccoiid I'. 8. Infantry, at Fort Hbafier,
i iiilormution reaching department head
quartera ou Huturday to this effect.
I'hls appointment gives rise tn the ru
nior that Chapluiu Frialer, who was
tried by court martial for disloyaltv,
nil wjjiise rase for review is still in
'he hands of the Presldeut, may have
i-ci-eli ei u sentence. As Chaplain r'eiu
ler has been at Vurt Bhafter ecr slnre
he trial and that nothing, has been
heard directly froi Washiitgtos a to
Ills fnte, thh appointment of Chu plain
Seymour makes it appear certain that
Peinler is to be removed from Hono
lulu In tlie near future.
It is understood 1 here thnt tremea.
Ions pressure Is being brought to bear
iu Chaplain Kcinler'a -ue, which nay
have been the euuse for such u long
lelnv in the announcement of the
President 'i decision.
It was rumored sometime sgo that
the findings of the court here were,
that Chaplain Keiuler wns found gitil
ty of the charges preferred and tbtt,1
i twenty year iniprlsounient had been
Chaplain Keinler is restricted iti the '
limits of the nnnv post at "Kort wtiaf '
ter, no other curtailment of his tr .
umal liberty being Imported bv tne ni l
itnrv autiiorities.
WAMHI(iTO, Juue l- AssoelA
(.I Press i - President Wilson has given1
I the presidential and diplomat l- suite
'at the union station here to the Hed
Cross for a railroad canteen for sfll
. liers nnd sailors. There are now mere
i hnn "no it 1 1 n hi I canteens in the
I 'niled (Mutes serving traveling Iroojw.
w. a. a. ;
o end of mlserv ami u-tudl suffer.
iuw is caused liv disorders of the stilui
a h and liver, ami inv 1-e niitlded hi
: li. U-.I- ot! ChiiuilicrlHsii 'f Tnbb-l-i. (Illtyl
'.11111 lllli1 l.ll -lie Ii lit' I 'lib'rs
It, it-.in. .iiiilii Co., I. id., ills Toi
Hawaii A-lit.
i niiT
nun nullum
of secoIid Infantry i
?rorAicti6rf xannot Be increased
Suggestions Are Offered 1 For
Combatting,: .'Disease By ;v
Plant Patholonists ' ' v
As a means hf ineren.4lnir lirodtiction
rtf lsf or ct lahd taro, every attempt
lw..,l.l i I. . L L .i."
- i '.- iiir.ni- nr rnmn air uirg rm
Which- annually destroys or rehders un
inarkefable about one'half of the-rrop
jccorilnir to C W. Cnrpenter. ptithob
glMt bf the tTnited Htntes exiierlment
tanon.- The high riee of taro and pot ,
at the present time as a result of lr-
ereased eonsitmptlon. owing to 'the'rr
rictioti in Use of wheat, is leading tn
the ealtivatioh of many sbnndone I
patches, to the planting of "dry land tart-,
and in general to un increased interest
Ih this crop. ',
tn 1002 the Coiled Mtates experiment
stntioit investigated methods- - which
crtuld be used to reclaim taro pate he
Which produced little beside rotting
taro, ami the results obtained by liming
should induce growers who are having
dlmViiUr tn ivivH th fitthnl iknrAiiuli
trial. There is little available informa
tion regarding the organism whicb
causes the tarn rot but its scientific,
asMets are being studied at the station-
To quote from Bulletin No. 2 of this
station, now out-of print I - 'it
"The conditions in the eim-riaientnl
plat prvious to tho beginning of tho
nxneriment weie the m-orsl .IkKl-.enulil
possibly be elrtained' inf ' the locality.
The croji harvested in 1901 was very
bai'ly diseased, and the huWs frotia this
crop were used ib 'the exsrrirtient, but
with all ithese adverse conditions, tho -..l.i.i
r a. -i i i.. k 1. .
avu iiviii inv TaTiiumaisi ' ..
been greaser thaa in anv aiuiilnr area
in the Kalihl district, being at the rata
or aixteen teas to the--acre. This is
tnoh- above tbe average." -'
Most of the fields ia water taro have
been in this -erflp for a great many
vears. and manv have not received f or-
ItHsatiori for a very long time, dhocgb
(be ancient growers were accustomed
to add tree leaves, taro plant waste,
etc;, for this purpo'e. As a resvlt or
continuous cultivation, luck of proper
rerri unnn, anil inn rriinuioniiiou bl
. I . I. . M A a I . 1
the noil-the bitter bus-hoceme arid, and
tan wiaui iuwi nnvviuiniiir iij - mini u .
development of tbe plant. ;'.
, (Far tadry diseased patches the. follow
lag- treattnetrt -auggettoiL u After tho.
arop lopuliedv)4rala-.iff te i water,
apply 0-oaatd burnt lime (agrir.vlturnl
fiuie) at (th urate of two. tuna- to the
aerei (coral attud might l substitutel
-at the -rata of four toti to theatre).
tlCyWM HUIV CIV Mimi llH.I lUVIVHUlli;
incorporate it with the soil. Allow the
patch to stabd at least a mouth without
water. - ..:rt . ....
i.. .l. I : . i I ik.. v. I
Just. I hi tore, the bules are ptauted
apply a courjdsle1 fertilizer at tne rate
OT OIHI 1 1 HV TO lltSWri'. V IT lll-q lillinm-
able a .. fertiliitur . containing large
amounts of available phosphoric arid
I . ... .. I. I I.. ... ft .n.n.l f
HUH l'LPr.l, -R 1. 1 1 M IllU-l.lU-r Bmvui. .
..Mft sl.fMil.l' lui ' Mvrnw frtm
fertilizer nt -the WiH. Two -to Jliree
mouths after the holes are planted, to
foroe -growth, -oppry ubout ItIO llw; of
nitra'b of odjl. tbo water (I'st having
raltls.l i.lf that the fertilizer
can be worked iuto the soil where it
will be of mot use to the plants.
I . . iLaI tk.. i.l..l.ua'.AIi I.A '
Ji a p p.B rs mm- in. .. i..-w . wa. "
snfely drained during the first three
month-,- -After rne eiginn moiitn tne
water must nt be drained off or rot
will' eojMlti The fact thnt this taro la
at home along the iUe of ruuniug
siren .lis should Is- kepi iu mind and the
water in the puti-h not allowed lo stag
nate. The following condition are all im
portant in securing n goud crop of taro!
A supply of good hules, free from
A patch so laid out as in secure cco
uomiral ue of the i -irrigation wlr.
Application of proper fes-tiliaevs at
Ihe right time. (Liitijug - w illi ground
burnt limn nr rural sand once in live
vears, if under continuous cultivation
to tnro). . il
.' ft...l.. ....;.... dlr.lil.l ..1 tft.tit.ir
circiilutiiig lo all parts of the puti-h.
i .s"T rr "-'
Work On Proiect .Wilt Begin Soon
It Is Expected (
(jliiu luir lJidoMl MeCrthy s final ao
tAma Ws teiritorial treasurer wa the
sale yesterday of S.fl.ri(lO worth of
bonds pf tho Territory for the building
the belt read, ,.1'le-lges fur the arilo
lif theae iiortds were 'recently ob'aine.l
Ih A CftlmnSlirn hlnlucted bv a romniit-
t'ee bf "thSj rnnmbor nf commercij head
ed by j. D. Srelnernr.
Al ht Territory Bftd-on ha ul J(V),.
OHO . H 'Ofoeeeds of the sale of other
bono.,' Jhe.iaot now available for tho
he'll rehad irtjjeet ind In the trensitry
i 40,000. 'pf the 5(i,niM) needed to
eom'plete the half million that the nn"
rrtad 111 ost 20.000 has been pledge I
and Will 1 iakea Up October '
The L'WI,(MH) worth of boi-.N "-ers
laVen up vesuriU.vM)v 'fifiy.Wc "n1
scribBTai and thevrterM .b. isvvit-1 l I
by three bsakinjC'Uouscs, Colonel McCarthy-said
tAajthe new road Is to be pi,a'-v
highway it will bfiriMilt to " r"'
Quiretnenta of army olc;als I S -m-n
a ptaha and apecificutl'' s t u v
Iieen drawn are unti'nw I -v
active work on lhj p--, (-i
V a.
-i i . ii i.'- i-i "i"-'---. .: -
JUli. II l eii-,i..l '
advertised for with e i i i fur
two. . .

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