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l Y
JUNE 28, 1918.
Traducing Hawaii
T I ( i il.l'l.ANS generally will he surprised to
1 1
1 M I i
-.mtv where residents of tlcrninn
; , .ire in danger of "persecution". Such is,
we all know, very, very far from the case. ( )n
Another Peace Offensive
( K I I.I 1 1 .M A . the ( lennan foreign mm
iMer. Ix-liev . that a requisite preliminary to
anv peace sul".; ' " 'N
.mi that the department of mstice helieves,
ation sint)lied it from here, that this is a 'nn, ,,, mu'vi --t .! is a decree ol mutual con
iitv where residents of tlcrninn birth or ; fidence on the part of the various Ih-Hum-i ent I
in the "lnnu"! 1 1 i .ilrv " of those tikini; part I he
Hun spokesman also deprecate the termini; ol
the contrjrx, this community has lieen forced to j(f ;iC(. suggestions as "peace olTensn cs". Pespite
T i ! r.i t exhibitions of pro-Hunnism that would which the peace nlk of the foreign minister of
t.iu-cd the flowing of tar and the spreading ' the Kaiser in the teu hstair yesterday will he put
.1 i .1.- I ' . .- ' i .1 I .
leathers m many otner places in uie i niieo ,0w n ;is a pe.ee oitcusive ami as notmui; ci-c.
because that is exactly what it is.
lack Edwardsoo, local repreaentative
nf the Hallor'a Union, i studying nnvl
fntion with the Intention of resigning
position here ahortly and joining
one. of the many vessels being built
on the Pacific Const, as R licensed of
According to cable a Ivi
h-rc yesterday by 1 nited States At land.
personals I Shipping Board Will
T St '
wot send Any ot
Attorney W. T. Rawlins has return
ed from trip to llilo.
Charles Guy, the l.anni rancher, it
in the city on business.
Wm. Wnlah, manager of the Kahulul
Hull way Co., in registered at the Young
Port or I.. K. Cane, veterinarian, ha
received returned from a visit to the Big Ial
It rcijinred weeks of strenttous effort, tor exam- f (iermauv c ect to wait lor prace until the
tie to force the resignation from the C ollege ot rest of t lie w tM i-. vvillm: to concede am "honest
I .await ol a Matantlv insolent ( icrman teacner, ihiva'rv to f 1 1 i murderers, their hands imp
v.lna in anv other community the facts known j pint' w it h the hi. t- of the innocent, their paunch.es
;;i.,!it the management of tlvat institution, sup- sttitTed with t 1 -nat.h-d from s!ar intr women
I o t o-1 hy government funds, would have result- an,l eliiMion. tlu i' In .mcs tilled with MdiK stolen
c 1 in a ruicW clean-up, in which the pacifist head fr, puv.itc h. i :. s. their breath fetid wnh t licit
of the faculty would have none along with a mini- own hhiMhcmic-. then (iermauv will wait for
I . r of others. peace for many and many a long venr.
It was in Honolulu, it may be remembered, that "lb. nor" is a wonl that has long since been
the real hand of the German - American Alliance erased from the .crman dictionary. "I l..;iest "
i. .I..- on a ( iennnn tonvue so long a- such
super thieves as the t'rown I'rince remains mi
gibbet ted. And "chivaln"? (ierman chivalry!
What i- it' Ask the prisoners tortured and starv
ed to death, with t ierman women spitting in their
faces. Ak the maimed and mutilated babies ol
Heiginni. Ask the captured ones, writhing on the
I .rni'v llnber, Cnrl Mnv, now being
li M at Oahn -prison under the Alien
I neniy Art, hns been ordered to be
I I ii imported to the mainland for in
h rninent.
i Mra. Koawe Nawahie. one of the '
three litigants contesting mo yncrn s
will. bases her claim to tlie estate on
li e assertion that her grandfather was I
a i uncle of Queen I.iliuokn lani and that
I'V reason of this relationship she is '
ti. xt (.f kin and Hole heir to the estate.
Plans are being mn.le for nn extensive
: .'.liiion to the gugnr warehouse of the i
I ih no Plnimtion Co.. Kimai. at Ahukim
F. II. Lose, mnnngcr of the Royal
Hawaiian Oarage at Wailuku, is in
the city,
Mrs. Kdnn Ieitse is improving at the
tnecn 'h Hospital and is now able to
see her friends.
A. N. Wynne, a loral automobile
salesman, accompanied by Mrs. Wynne,
ha pine to the mainland.
Manuel Uorho, saleman or Theo.
H. 1'avies & Co., is recovering at the
Queen ' Hospital from a minor opera
I urn.
Mrs. M. I) Van vales has gone to
is cxscd. but today the heads of that nowjs ;
.is 1 . .
ut iwcil organization arc still conducting secret
rie -tinrs and transacting in the (ierman language
whatever business they h;ive to transact. These
men do not gather now as a branch of the Ger
i '.an American Alliance hut under the ijuise of
: iot her "benevolent" society. They have not only
German crueitiv A-k the women of
uand. w an
' .Tiled down a resolution to use English during
'' e neriod of the war, but have refused to permit derinir, outraged, through a countryside Mtcvvn
i'io-sc real Americans of their membership to re- j with the starved bodies of their babes. German
-",rn from the order. chivalrv ! Germany has not known the smallest
Instances might he multiplied to show that thisl meaning of that word lor half a cciiturv .
community has not only no disposition to "perse- l'eacc vvill not come through military victory.
ute" suspected Huns but is altogether too toler
, ut of the known Huns and pro-1 i tins 'of the city.
We strongly suspect the origin of these reports
i .
thinks this late-t tout of l'otsdam. and hi-- words
i-hovv how the Germans either continue to fool
themselves or hope to fool the world. I'eace will
the department of justice, which we believe j come with military victory, but never with a vic
e emanated from a former official whose own' torv for Germany I'eace will come when the l.n
s'oval utterances would nave nrougni mm
: cedv punishment in most places. Yc believe
that it is he who has traduced the reputation of
his Territory and furnished the department of
i notice with false reports of our patriotic activities.
1 ut. th ink Heaven, that particular Teuton' lover i
s been relegated to an obscurity from whence
1 can be of no further detriment to the Islands
, .il where his gross libels upon the loyalists of
a. van will reach no further than his own mtim
1 'ing lips.
' i. W. I. 8.
Promotion In War Times
SL GGKSTIONS advanced that the present is
,t"t an opportune nor a fitting time for the
i .eople of Hawaii to advertise on the mainland the
. 'm,:. tit attractions and the scenic beauties of
' ovaii. for the sake of attracting summer-sweated
or v inter chilled visitors, are undoubtedly ad
vanced through patriotic motives, especially as
, ate accompanied by the suggestion that the
i Mil,-, we have heretofore spent in the support of
the i'r.i motion Committee be donated to the Red
tente and the I
Kaiser's war ma.
dictate the tern: -
mted St.ates have -mashed the
hiue and are on (ierman sod to
if that peace.
w. s. s.
Credit and Farming
II'. I'.ntis
farmers t
members of vv
banker, nor m
i ro
'han those who .v .uld
benefit. I lomesica !er-
, capital and equipment .
to market . or be. ... n e
I niLr sv stem. 1 :
fticial con
md the farmer i
Tii advancing such suggestions will probably
be v i'hnr.' to concede that opinions to the contrary
ra ! i pressed with an equal regard for patriot
ism and the need of the Red Cross. It does not
sec ' ;.. I he Advertiser in any degree either wise
. r i- es-arv at this time to suspend the activities
. ' ).. committee engaged in promoting Hawaii's
: I travel. On the contrary we believe that
'i . '1 e time, above all others, to bring the at
u.e v of the Islands to the attention of the
. i.! n .lets, rspccially throughout the hastem
a ' i iddle est States.
I hi-, w ar is not a" holiday pertormance and tnc i fluin'c ot more
returning transports from now on will be bringing
back to meru a the wounded and injured victims j
of til. Lieat conflict, in which our nation is just
..bout to ph,im.;e as a major participant. ery
many from the backwash of the war will be men
able to travel and to whom the peace, quietness
and balmy jclimate of Hawaii will be a God -send.
Xerve wracked men invalided from the front, the
victims of shell shock and other convalescents will
find here the condition of weather, climate and
surroundings which they require.
June air the year around, weeks of sunshiny
days, sea bathing without an interruption these
are the very requisites to bring a return to health
to many forms of battle victims. That we have a
v ear of constant June, neither hot nor cold, neither
stormy nor unhealthy, where wracked nerves may
be treated with the balm of fresh air, sun and sea
water, where living is not expensive and where
there are all the modern conveniences, are things
that we owe it to our mainland friends to adver
tise, widely and systematically.
"Hawaii needs more okthe proper kind of adver
tising," said Secretary r,ane to The Advertiser,
and he didn't say that this advertising should be
postponed until after the war.
W. 8. 8.
sv stem of i t e I M 1 1 1 ' ' cre.bt
r.imh executive commi'tees the
h arc ii. d them -el v . - farmers.
i'ev lenders i- Inn".: Ii"d out m
some American rural communities. 'I he commit
tee, or hoard. . ipies an ;.dvi.o: v po-dion simi
lar to the directorate oi a corporation and is charg
ed with the fundi-p of regulating crop production.
The right to refuse, credit i taken out of the
hands of the brnkers as is also the right of an
individual land owix r to withhold arable acreage
from cultivation. As long a- ti e international food
crisis continues capital and labor must be applied
to land with crop production as the main objec
tive. That there -hould be predetermined profits
earned on the money, as interest, or on the farm
products, as profits, is of les- importance than that
every coniinunit . capable of ice !m-.; itself shall
utilize all its resources in that direction. Profits
anil interest are good and orght to be earned also.
This is a pha-v ot the land pioblem in Hawaii
that needs consideration. here agricultural land
is to be parcelled .nil m homesteads, or to corpor
ations, the state h..s a:i iiit.te-t no .
h. tiding. This enlargement of storage ! 1 ' '"" nin where she will spend aev-
i . pticity is undertaken on account of J '"oil months at one of the summer re
tl.e possibility thnt id turn.1 time ia the j sorts.
f.iture the regularity of rliipping may' Mis. K. I". Kimbnll and Miss Helen
K mil. all of Newtonvllle, Massachusetts,
are recent arrivals at Ualekulftni Hotel,
James Henderson, president and man-
ip r uf lluwoii Mill Co., Hilo, and
F. Krkardt, manager of Olaa plants
tion. are at the Young.
.Idl.ti Cniley, a well known member
if the local Klks l.o. Ie, has gone to
the mainland with the intention of en
listing in a cavalry regiment.
Henry W. Kinney, superintendent of
educe t ion, left Monday afternoon for
Mai.i to make a tour of the schools,
lie will be nwny about a week.
( liailes K. Krnzier has gone to the
mainland to take a prominent part in
the National Ad Olub convention which
will be held in San Francisco July 15.
John Snliev, a former resident of
Maui, who has been suffering with
nervous breakdown, is rapidly regain
it'i: his health and Ktrength at the
Kalitii Sniiitarium and will shortly be
idile to resume his business affairs.
Mrs. Franklin K. I.nne, Miss Nancy
Lane. I.athrop Drown and Mrs. Brown,
inembeiH of the l.ane piiVty, who have
i.inained in Honolulu, have gone in
for outrigger canoe riding nnd surf
riiling. Members ot the party enjoyed
an outrigger canoe ride by moonlight
: .'n n I ly .
A. Frank Cooke. M rs. Cooke and Mrs.
.I .ihette C M I'lainphy and children w ill
liave at the week end for their re
c.-ntlv roust i urtol camp house near the
vi.lrnnii. Mr. Cooke will return a few
i':'s later, but the others will spend
he t.-.d of tin- summer nwr there.
Miss l t "ii ret duke will leave uoxt
week to .join the campers.
Informal Ion has been received from
K.-iuii that Albert Wilcox, the aged
. .tpitnlist who recently underwent a
.'.'ii' operation, is out and about
aain. When an opnation was found
i i In- i iii ih-in 1 1 v e. .vlainr I'ulman, an
further disturbed
I". N. Attorney H"her has leceived
n strnctions from Wnhi:iyt..n to keep
a vigilant lookout for slackers find
those who have come here from the
mainland to evade the .Irat't. The pub
le- is nlso requested to notify Mr.
Ilnber of any violations of the draft
laws thnt may conn- to the attention
of any of the citizens nf the Terri
The directors of the Wnipuhu Chi
a. -se School, which has jut hecn cum
pleted, will give n reception at the
n hoi.l on the evening of June .".fl ns
i means of thanking all those who
have aided in tin organization of the
work. Many people have conti ihuted
funds to build the school and the di
lectors, through Henry 11. Knm, tlie
. eretary. express th.ir llinnks to them.
At a meeting of fifty graduate
nurses on Monday evening steps were
taken to begin the inrollmcnt of tliiity
ogular nurses and twelve nurses for
I une defense work, with a prospect of
'he contingent being sent to the front.
C-iptain I'cquegnat nnd Field Director
A. I.. Castle of the Hawaiian Chapter.
Ked Cross Society, addressed the meet
ing on the subie. t of enrolment.
V ndorsement of a plan to bar the
publication and circulation of Herman
language newspapers, periodicals and
. t tier literature . u the t'nite.l States,
v ill be given by the Hawniin Chapter
ot' the Sons of the American Hevulut ion.
It was aniiouiiee t ester. 'av by James
T. Taylor of the local branch that the
s.eietv will ratir resolutions passed at
1 he annual .....e-ess last month at
lai'lie-ter, N. Y .
Ito Shero. a Japanese, was given
an i. lea vctei.-.y of what the feelings
. c when one is ''gas-Jed'' in the
t -ouches. Slienzo was digging n trench
r Iwiiei yesleulay morning when he
oroke a gas pip' and within a few mo-
Its Vessels to Hilo
Statement Is Made By Assistant
Director of Operations In Let
ter To Harbor Commission In
Reply To Suggestion Regard
ing Loading
Methods to bo followed In Hilo In i ' S CONFirENT THAT
Tells Friends Me Is To Be In
Field For Leadership of
Local Democratic Party
ments. he was overcome by the fumes, j Miiigeoii, was summoned from the
u-e t l.i la
. : t i till 1
. -r i .d'li. .t
. - -. i .
( ' ' , t ' o
.d the
:!( le
ss material
.Is tor their own
1 1 ause they lack
e nt v their crops
ot run an account
-is can he Ullile
w . 1 1 1 1 1
Th- Jui.nneso wan taJieu to the emer-
et'iicv hospital and by the nid of arti
'i.'ini respiration was houii brought back
to cnnsciousneSH.
Tie name of Kev. Akniko Akana was
announced at the Sunday service at
Kawaiahao Church as the recommend.-!
t on of the church committee, composed
. f members of the Hawaiian Hoard of
,'i's:ons, to be the next pastor of the
.-niii-h. The nrtcs require that his
name be announced agnin next Sunday
and on July 7 the official call to Kev.
Yi Aknna will be made. Kev. Htephen
I e-.'ia who has been filling the pulpit
temporarily returns to Hilo today.
Judge Heen yesterday committed
f uir abandoned children to the care
i- the I'aloln Home. The mother of
t e children, who are Spanish, is in
the ini.-iue asylum, n hopeless ease,
v I ile the father has b f for the Coast.
-sorting his little ones. The chil
:-.! will be given u good home at the
I'alolo i nst it ut ion, alt hough the amounts
a lowed by the court for their Veep
eil! not cover the cost of prov idiot'
t o the (Inl.lien. The balance is mini.'
I i by the contributions of the char-
lie hanker
c a
( icrinan airp, i i- s i .
American lio.spc.,! : : .
every etTi rt v a- ma !
w 1 1 ii h was ei 'ii . : i'.
C ross emhlem. I - t- :
vv oumleil hi IV S to t r. . :n
emereneies. N at ;. , il
is Sat urda v . e a i
prai tical vv ay v oi:r v
1th the ( ,i ill an.'.
niituy a regular
foi ty-ei,L;ht In nn -
that v hich i ame
C ertainly war is
th the
i lv.it ii. t i ne Dcuniii lost her claim for
letter mod dumagrs ajjainst the steano-i
v -de ImitiH for alleged injuries receiv
I . I aboard the vessel while a passenger
i.i a .I.-, isinn in admiralty given by
.1 . l:.-c II... ace Yaiighan yesterday after
-' laie- hil , ,.ajIH., H,e broke her wns!
1 1 1 1 1 II ( h's. I I... ;ni... .he stublie.l her toe against a
jim,m,, d.- k chair, and ulleged uegligenco on
' . pun ot tin" operators ol Hie sieatn
e- .lii.loe Yaughan ruled that then
was no proof of negligence or lia
; 1 1 1 v . (leurge Davie was attorney for
tin- (implainant.
I.steliaa l'aili(Ui, an alleged deseiter
from the i'lnmenc, Maui, National
I. uar. I Company, was turned over to
t e arinv authorities yesterday by the
I aited states marshal. A rilipino ue
in-t lot Inn i a v s ouai nt a nee of the man reported I an
leiiartiiient hospital at Fort Khaftef
a l. . I hurried to l.i hue in a special
Mr. mi l Mrs. Kelly Hmith, two chil
lien, L'ovi ri.i ss and nurse, have arrived
n the city ftom the M.nlay Peninsula,
iv here .fr. Kelley has interests. Their
n al home is in London, to which they
nope to return eventually; but are at
.re.eut thinking out of a tour of the
mainland of the Tinted otntes. They
will sail for San Francisco shortly.
The party are stopping at the Haleku
laui Hotel.
W. 8. 8. -
Colonel Howard Hathaway, collector
of internal revenue, has accepted an
nivitatioit from the Kauai Chamber of
1 '.oilmen e to deliver the principal ad
Ii a tin- big Fourth of July cole
'.tati. n to In- held ut l.ihue. Col. E. H
W. Uro.ol Kent . secretary of the Cham
in-r. v- ho is -n the citv. Bent this in
format inn lo the Garden Island by
.vii.Vss yesterday afternoon. Judge
li-mks v. as tirst invited, but he found
it iitiH.s.-:ilc tu get away.
w. a. s.
!::. I -ed
' at low
d tin main
i -. h. -1 with
I m t m s removed our
. . io i ;v iIul; for sucl
's i v i a .- s I ).i v. vv hich
' id-, (,, register in a
in i ; 1 1: m :'s must end.
loading vessels will be left to the
various shipping concerns, as the ship
pine board do not Intend to send any
of its own vessels to the port, accord
ing to a communication read at yester
day 'a meeting of the harbor board
which was a reply to one that had
been addressed to the director of the
shipping board at Ran Francisco
several weeks ago by Governor Mc
Carthy while he was a member of the
board of harbor commissioners.
Governor XfeCarthy's communication
wns in the nature of a suggestion in
which he pointed out how much time
might be saved if instead of the light
erage system now nsed to a eonsider
nble extent in the loading of vessel in
Hilo harbor, boats were loaded from
Kuhio wharf, which Is equipped with
a carrier system designed particularly
to handle sugar cargoes.
In his communication the Governor
gave an example saving that in the
month of March one boat of .1000 tons,
loaded by lighters, was in the hnrbor
twenty days while anotJier of fiOOO
tons loaded 5000 tons of sugar from
Kuhio wharf in a period of five days.
Figures showing the sugar output of
the Island of Hawaii are given and
methods of handling are described in
the communication. It is shown that
in 1P17 lfi9,70O tone of sugar were
shipped from Hilo.
The reply from the shipping board's
San Francisco office explaining that
vessels that go to Hilo will be under
the direction of various shipping con
cerns is signed by C. W. Cook as assist
ant director of operations.
w. a a,
'Link" Will Know He's Been In a
Fight When Scrapping Maui
Man Finishes With Him
Improvement work la to be started
at once under rontracta that have been
signed on the Halaiilani Tract at Hilo
which lies between Kalalou and Puki
hao streams. The work which is to run
in cost to $20,000, is to be done under
the direction of A. J. Williamson, en
There are nineteen lots in the tract
each commanding an unobstructed view
of Hilo Bar and the Pacific beyond.
Plana for the improvement call for a
oonerete roadway extending to eaeh lot
winch will past over tha rail road rut
ting nearby over an ornamental con
crete bridge and end in a large circle
that will form a part of the general
scheme. Gas and electric light connec
tions and sewer system are to be initialled.
The lots range in price from $1750
to $3500 and are from three-quarters
of nn aero in size up to an acre and a
half. Among those who have already
purchased lots are: George Russell, of
he Hilo Iron Works; Dr. L. I. Sexton,
James W. Buseell, H. A. Truslow and
H. J. I.yman.
Link McOnndlcas is not going to
have his usual easy time in landing
the Democratic nomination for the dele
gnteship, if he is able to land it at
all this fall. He is going to have a
fight on his hands and the liveliest
kind of opposition, for the first time
in recent Democratic history.
Dr. J. H. Hnymonil, who is today
back on his own island of Maui, after
a stay of some 'time in Honolulu,
confided to friends before he left tho
city that he is to be in the field for
the Democratic leadership, with every
expectation of op posing Kuhio at the
election and in gi'eat hopes of beating
the Delegate.
The Maui medical rancher is believed
to have received a big boost in local
Democratic, circles through the recent
visit of the Secretary of the Interior,
and it is intimated that the quiet tip
has gone out thnt Secretary l.ane be
lievea the only hope llcmociaey hns
here of being represented hy a man
at Washington is by finding some can
didate for congress other than Mo
Candless. That man, according to ru
mor, is going to be Knymond.
It is known that Ravniond had sev
eral close confabs with members of
the l.ane party last week nnd thnt he
was in consultation regularly with
ninny of the most influential of Hono
lulu Democrats, so it may be taken
for granted that thi announcement of
Doctor Raymond's aspiration to lend
the party in this fall s. elections will
not come as any great surprise to
Hourbons outside of t'ie MeCandless
n-enl ticket corral.
The Maui leader stands high nt
Washington, whe-e he is well known,
and it was confidently expected in some
quarters that he would be named as
the Governor, t'ntil the advent of Me
("irtliy in the gubernatorial ring the
lending cn nd olntes under consideration
in the depn 1 1 mint of tlie interior were
lfavmond and Ilotehins.
Ravmond is a strapper and when he
enters the primary, MeCandless will
know for the lest time what it is to
have to carry more than n rheek book
into a campaign.
It is not expected that there will
be any opposition to Kuhio for the
Republican nomination. No possible
candidate to run against him in the
primary has been suggested in nny
w. . I
Board of Strategy
Is Suspended
By Order of Child
Food Administrator Closes
Nolte's Two Days and Historic
Organization Can't Meet;
Knights of the Round Table
Also Homeless
i ii.
i j
V. It 1 1 '
.I V S I
-1 r;i 1 1 o t-
In- was living on River Street and poin
el hiiiique out to Deputy .Marshal I.e.
u .ii- than nard 1'aiish. The Filipino in former i!l
.i.oi' order ! H' t tlie fifty dollars reward offered for
In Ini. i I la ii . 1 nli-uuier Manna Kea
.1 J.'. I'.ip.:
Iron. 1 1 i . . 1 1 1 i;....rir" l.nlnki-a. H llatil
Miss ' A. I'.ra.lfor.I. It 1 I.llllc .lames
I ..-ii !.- Vhi-lcr Heinle rsun Mrs. ('una
rlo Mr- VI I. Sillier Mls lllsliop. Mrs
A VV I-.I-I...I. 1.1. ill It. II. Wilson. lieorKl
VI.L.-H- I ..- 1 Aiikiiw. Set. K. 1'. Grey
- K V in. nn. Ilie. Joe Slhil Illi-uslil, 1-
sa. i I i:. k.-iri. !' K. Slim. Ir. I. K
i .,.i nn. I Mrs. VV . 11. Mrl.aurui.
i : I .1. ..i l h, I-:. .1 Kis-d. Ml M. Ver-
Vlr I Mrs. K. K. Keller. It. N.
i ..ii VV I liuwlins. II II. Miyimiwu.
I. K.i'imI.I. Mis Kniilil. Mrs. (I. Wal-
Mr- VI Kiilli.-nul Mrs. L. Waters,
Mi- I. il...ii.. Miss K Swain
I ro in v., nl Miss A Woilelioiise. I'. II.
I v. W A liiimsny. K. W. Greene.
William Wnl-h K. IlllliinaUll lien Vlckers,
I. I'.-I.i la.-i . .I...- An.lriiile. K. I. bell. W.
Ciii .-.ion Nakailii. Ikelmrii. Charles (lay,
1 ( Inn I. - S Mul akaini. S. Slllroka. Waila,
, 1 .lotiu Kiiiiluuic. s Snlio, S, lllrokawa.
Tor 1 1 1 ii I ii Ui ti I Mrs. John M. Adeu. Mrs.
. W Ii .Vilnius I' I' ArlnslrniiK. Miss
Cm. . Ami. i m. n r. II Armstrong-, il.
Halle) I VI I toll tin III .1 II Iteritslrolll
V' iii Ill-riling
nf tli" i-niiirf, tl
do Si-ly atnl o ml'i' 1
stand still ilusi 1
tlii-v an- iuiallv -1
triti K
I lie t u U r
l" i,.'i- st in. I
nd tlu'v will
(iiti.illv wliin
Mi- A l-.nikii.r Sliorne llnrrell. II r..
in rest or a i eserter. and ine inai i .-o r. .1 iira-isuaw. nr. 1 mum- nun. i.
,1 l.l..lin I lior.ler Mis 1 mines 11011
I. in
Tin- official shifting of (ifrtnan l.laini- tor tin
war f r if 1 1 tlmst- ( lot t-st rafed Mtiy;lisi to tin- Rus
sians is prolial.lv diif to thosi- hits of tin- truth
I'riiH'i" I iilinowsKy let out of tlu- la lu thc
f;u f of tlif revelations 1 tlie former (ierman .1111
b.issador to London even a spokesman for the
Huns would hardly have the j,rall to repeat the
same old lie.
rrohably Kerensky is comiti"; to Ameriea to
prove lo the reporters who have killed him so fre
quently that even a Russian may come tack.
h -ill tlii
lioiti reading ll
1 11K - on rt h '
n,i-t to I ,l nl .'.
man who w li 1 1
I In- main .
lu n.-1 1 v 111. 1 v I"
(I IK't loll. II' 'tlol
ni's to the o,
. 1 1.
V. ..
A a I'.nt.
'11 lepel n lei k e
1 that fain.
ii:'!lsh i;eut
(. ha plain 1 i' i ' 1 1 ' :'(
it lueky for some pc
u' A n 1 er ie.i 1 1 -I
in 1 ea se pt 1
lend v oil r s,i V
voiir l.iln-rtv
v 1 1 1 1 1 1 ni.iki -.ue
not 111 the
sisl's staff will have to pav the cost
..f takinji the prisoner t .) Fort Ann
'tion' out of personal funds, as tln-ie
is n.i nvei nmeiit iillovvanre for sm Ii
1,1. expenditure.
A meeting of metulicis of the Urit
0I1 1..- railing Coliilnission tor llie flu
- .inn Islands was held Inst nieM !
.1 - iss 1 1,,- eoopeintive etTorts i l tin
I n.t. -.1 Mates and Kii;lainl to have all
i'i.iiis of each ollier'i- rountiv, h"
ti-e el-eilde for mi I it 11 iv seivoe.
1 ,. 1,1 into t l.e r r 1 1 1 1 . - - 111 it isli Con
s il I-:. I .. si. (iordon state 1 t hat t he re
. -ail.n.j . ..niiuissiou had enlisted near
Iv a hundred Itritish resolents and ex
,. -s,-. I tin- opinion that eliildes anom-.-
I III ,-. -I lent s u ..III. I l.e .1 It'll ll to
tin. I. Ilouevei. the . -nn iii i s ,i on wonl1
II ;iki w (tiorou.-h i n v e.-1 i.'it ion t
....in. up nny in the ronnuunity that
. 'I.I '... I.e.-nii.e niios.
I. -s ,. I ton. .lolinsoii Hon. Mrs A. i.ich-
Mo. ('..in 1.. Crane. John on ley.
Sli .l.. n c.ir.-e, V.. M. I'lllllUK. Clinse,
-.4 1 . 1 11 H Clark Mrs (1 It Clark
iL-e II Curler .lames 1". Dlllloa, Mrs
.1 I) liL-irlesloa. Miss K. Ku'ltlesUin. Miss
I Cm, i,s .Inn,. . l-i.l.le- Mrs. .1. W. Gil
li,l. I VV millsi.le. II A Giles. A. S
Ital.illl. I II HuillleV. Miss () lllllll lev.
Vll-s il III, lis Miss I. A. Illeks. Mrs
VI r II. hi, ,i, I, VUss I. M llarrolili. I'.
W .li.iihii, virs K VV .Ionian and llins
.1.11. lien. - J 1 1 Knl.ei. Miss Anna Ki-inc
, , M i- A I I. nn. Hi. nr. Mrs .1 M Levy.
-I s- I. I. a. a- K It vi.ii l'iiii Mrs K
i. VI,, ve, i Mr Merrlniaa. I. V ,MeCnr
i. -'..u. Vh-s M M. Kin lev . M M.s In-sney .
II i: n.-hi.. mum Kame okamoto. T.
1:1. n. ii. I .'lol.lnsiin. c II Mil-wart. Itiifus
I' spiil. Iiiil' Vrs Itiifus r Mpnlilliii;. Mas
l.r II - SoaMliix Jr. Mr- A. I.. Soul.-.
..l.i, line Vlasier Gordon 1 rue Jr.
; . -- Chili Wnu-iier Mr
r j .
It in dow estimated that pineapple
park for thia campaign will lie the
heavi st in the history of the industry
in these Islands, estimates in the hands
nf A. II. Tarleton, aeeretnrv of the
Hawaiian Pineapple Packers' Asaoeia
tion. indicating that the output will lie
in the neighborhood of .I.SIKf.OIK) eases
Onliu is counted upon for '',7li.0t'l
eases. Maui for .175,000 and Kauai for
I 1, (100. The largest previous pack was
in 1015 whn I'.lifiil.OKI cases were put
on the market, the two sucreedin
years fall'np; slightly below.
Good prices are being realized and
it is expected that they will continue,
particularly on ones and twoa. A
principal reuson for thia is the heavy
draft of the I'nited Btates on the out
put. 475,000 caaea having already heen
called for and further requisitions
beiii"; anticipated.
Pineapple of thia crop are exception
hllv fine, the Kuuai blight having al
most disappeared and no other pest
having been encountered.
w. a. t.
Work of improving the buildings nt
Oahu college, advance notice of which
has already been given in this section
in us started Monday morning, and ifliii
00" will be expended for the sake of
additional room and convenience. The
beginning m made on Rice Hall,
which will be changed from a dormi
tory to class rooma for the junior
iicadciiiv, and Dole Hall will be put in
o.-oiea- wilier ! m.,. f,,r dormitory purposes. A ne
...ii . via- . r lieolL-e vv iiierninise. i j . , , - . ... , , .. - .,
u vir. -i- i vv Miss oilve bungalow will be built for the prior
w,.ir Mi-- l Wolf Mrs It A W lieel.-r. pal of the boarding department and a
l; v Wheeler Mrs I A Wilson. Miss ,.. R(h,.tic room will be constructed
I s wii-oi. Masief u is us ,,iis,
Ji. .-I.- Wiiiilnill i.ai-nei Niiiiiik. Mrs Gur
Moth the Hoard of Strategy and the
Knights of t'-ir Kound Table are te
suspend sessions fur tvvo days this
'ii'i'k thfouh eon.i.ulsiio1 - and hrivv
tte affaii'H of the Nation are to grf
toiward or what General I'oi-h with the
ainnes of the western front waiting
Ins eouiiiiands may do in ttie cmcr
L'i'l are questions of the ".avest eotf
era. for Ihe two i .-ist it ut ions that long
have bein ( nails ot last resort at
nhich world questions are disposed of
can't meet. looil Ail in i nist i a tor .1.
V Child yesterday ordered both Nolte's
lestauiai.t and tin- I nion r i ill to close
their doors tor two days. It is alleged
they violated food i et-t in-t ions bv serv -ine
bread eontiiiiiing w h -at Hour to
i-iistoiners who had not asked for it.
It is understood that the Grill will
be closed today and tomorrow and
Nolte's piobal.lv will have to close
Friday and Saturday. If this happens,
the board of strategy, headed by .1. K.
Hrown as I'hairuiau, will be able to
meet loibiy I.. I.. XlrCandlesa, K. I.
Spalding. Colonel .lones. Dan Logan,
Vnjor I 'ot 1 1 r and other members of the
lioni.l mnv in this rven find some means
to meet emerg.-nrv of the morrow when
the Hound Table of whi.-h U. V. Hreck
oils is rleiirnain. will be able to be
in session.
lu ii il ' 1 1 ion to the two well known
est Idish nit-lit s, another ( oiolurted on
Nuiianu stieet by Chong Chang, has
been ordered to i lose for two davs
for the same offense b the food al
WASHINGTON, .Juno L'li- ( Assoeiat
ed Press! Tinted States Minister
I Caldwell reports from Teheran that he
lis unable to obtain anv further infor
' ination rega i . i iil' the reported Turkish
seizure of the America a consulate and
wi looting of the hospital at Tabriz.
moves the cause. Ued the world over
u einr u cold iu one day. The sigtia
'i. re H. W. (jKOVK is on ta li box
.lamilnclnrtd by tlie I'AKIS l:U
CI Nil CO., St Uui, U B A
nt the rear of the swimming pool.
Other rhnnirea of a minor character
Ihe mainland - K. Harlio. Mr aail, lo ,,,,.,! (v ,IUI,i, . t.,r r,,
I. II, iti"ii" Ma.lel lol.ll ll.-ri-'linia. . i ' A , i
l , i.i c-.rue p li.rL-iiiiin .liilin I lurk icy , i i'"i r-cpn-ino,-,.
1 1 l:,.,.. ii i'I.iiiI.h II l-'riiler. Vtr ' w. I. f.
:::! X;: m" nV; I rice land in demand
Mull.r. Mis J K M.-Alplni. and cblld ; 'n,,. Hawaiian Trust Co. reports quite
VI, au l Ml- W II VI, i .. an. Mr. II . . '
Nui.. Alex I'lniem. Mr. and Mn ITolt, ' number of calls for rice lands by pen-
v ii s ni t 1..1, Mr. p soii.a iv I ... pie who feel encouraKO'l by the hiiih
prices now prevailing to go into the
V II II It l.'S.
.-iriis. r, Vul.-nsnela Mrs
Mttster l. 'snviiles. Mrs.
u le, Mr ami Mrs A. N Wne
iiminess of rice growing.
hoiihl the Turkish outrai'f be confirm
c.l. il might settle the ouestion of dec
laiatiou of war on this power.
W. g. a.
During the summer months mothers
should wntrh for any unnatural loose
loss of i In child's bowels. When giv
i'n prompt attention at this time sen
ous trouble may be avoided. Chamber
linn's Coin- an I Diarrhoea Remedy can
i-t,vas be depended upon. For alo
I v all dealers. lit nson. Smith & Co.,
Ltd., agents for Hawaii. Advt.

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