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Foreign Minister
Has Idea Chivalry
Should Be Given
Recognition As a
First Preliminary
(Associated Press) Scout
ing the idea of any military vic
tory for the Allies and claiming
that Austria has just won a
triumph in Italy, von Kuehltnan,
( ierm;iiiv's foreign minister, made
a statement of ("lermany's war
aims in the rcichstag yesterday.
These aims, as laid down by the
foreign minister, arc based on the
' ierman faith in final military
ictor. but are not to be looked
u son, lie e.lained, as the full
rnits of such a victory.
A significant feature of the ad
dress of the foreign minister was
'lis shifting of the blame for the
war from the shoulders of (ireat
Hritain, which has been the in
ariablc (ierman claim so far, anl
ilacing it uion Russia. The scc
"iil featue of his announcement
,is his declaration that Germany
oiild not pledge herself in ad
ance to the restoration of 1 lei -;;ium.
Speaking of the military situa
'.son. von Kuehlman said that the
cent (mmiiiiiii victories hint given
hat country the initiative of action in
.'ranee. "We can hope that this Hum
mer inn) autumn will bring new sue
i'sc to our arms," he declared. He
iinrad completely the fact that tl.o
list rian army had been overwhelmed
in its offensive in Italy, Baying that
he recent activities of the Austrian
urmy hud resulted in a notable success.
"Tho result of this year's military
..cfivtics have shown that the Alii'
idea, of obtaining a victory is only nil
idle dream," he concluded.
The statement of the foreign minis
ler was followed by another by von
ilei tling. the imperial chancellor. "I
Miiil in a previous address to you that
tlie statement of the war aims of the
I'nited States by President Wilson
; resented four points which might form
the basis of pence,'' he told the reich
sta' members. "Hut," ho continued,
'tiyre follower! no utterance '.from
l',Mi'lent Wilson that ho desired to
.I How up my suggestion anil I can see
ii object in spinning further threads
I him those which I have started. Still
li ss i there an object in so doing after
the statements which since then have
tcached ns, especially from America.
These later statements make clear to
'is wlut is to bo understood in tho
j hni'-c 'a peace league of peoples', or
league of peoples for the main
: i name of freedom and justico'."
In his statement, von Kuehlman told
ie leirhsta;,' that Uermnny could not
'i.l herself to any pledges regarding
Belgium. liegaiiliiig the war aims of
i iei ma ny lie said :
" We wish a tree, strong and inde
j i.' in 1 1-ii r existence yvithin the boun-la-ies
drawn for us by history. Y c
'lesire overseas possessions correspoud-
ii g to our greatness and wealth. We
' esire the freedom of the sens for the
inrrving of our trade to all parts of
li;r world."
The blame for the war, he said, rests
oiiiofly with Kussia, which instigated
the conflict. Krance is next in lino of
culpability and tireat Hritain neit.
(Quoting from the speech mado by
sipnth on May I'i, when the former
Butish premier said that (ireat Hri
lani wouhi not turn a deaf ear to peace
m "portals if they come couched in
t' -rnis that are not ambiguous, tho
foreign minister said:
We, likewise, enn make the same
lie Ih rn t inn , knowing that it will ulso
ue our iilii v, once the moment arrives,
en i I 'I.
Il t
one pie
- el t ;; i II
.';.. Il .it I
leg arde.
o not care to prophesy when that
will lie, that the nutions are
i exrhauge peace views, that
tin i condition must be a
legree of mutual confidence
er 's liune.si v uiid chivalry,
so long as eerv overture
I a;-, u pea. e olTensiw, or a
i as solliet h l II g false, ,ust sn
ill it be impossible to see how
i liuiige oi i.li as leading to pi ace
t in I
he I..
ew of the iiiaeint tide of the
the iiumbei of powers eneag
i . I v expect that any purelv
I I:.,
il ,i l .letlsliill w ill blillg the con
i,' lo all end without iccourse to
1,'loiual ic uegotiat ions.
V A l I I lilt I N . dune 25-- . OfnYiiil I
It, was iiiinoiitici d here today that the
i t:, I , ut of lumber in the I'nited States
hi Hie past year reached a total of
i s ;i.2."i!.lhio' teet.
WASHINGTON, June 26 (Associated Press) The statement mart In
the reichrtag yesterday by Foreign Minister von Kuehlman regarding Oct
many'! war alma and her readiness to listen to pence proposal from the
Allies la regarded here as only another phase of the regular Oerman cy le of
first a military drire and then a pear offenslre, iiKh aa have rogu'.ar y oc
curred. The effort of the German statesman to fasten the chief blame for the
outbreak of the war upon Russia Is the only new feature of the state
ment, as all previous statements in Germany agreed upon p'lU'Uig the chief
blame upon Great Britain.
It Is believed that the main purpose of the German foreign minister Is
to invite peace proposals from the western Allies, an effort that it Is gen
erally agreed will be fruitless.
WASHINGTON, June 25 (Official) Secretary of War Baker todav
cabled his congratulations to the Italian government on the Ere.it victory
won by the troops of General Dtai. The Secretary said:
"The people of the United States have been Wetching with enthusiasm
and admiration the splendid exploits of the great Its la:i army In res sting
and driving the enemy forces which recently undertook to airy on a major
offensive against the Italian front."
Official advices received here state that the A ii '.train army Is still in
full retreat. Papers taken from captured officers show thit the retreat was
not planned, as claimed by the Viet na wax office.
SOME, June 26 (Associated Press) State Senator Cotille of New
York, who is here on an official mission, has Informed the Italian officials
that Italy Is soon to have the asalst?jice of an AineniA.ii force.
American troops, ready to take tholr place on the Italian frort, will bo
in Italy early in July, he announces.
Western Front Comparatively Quiet
Awaiting Renewed Hun Offensive
WASHINGTON, June 2li I Assocint
eil Press) While the Allies on the
Western Front are bracing themselves
for ti resumption of the Herman of
fensive, which it is fully expeeteil will
lie launched nt any hour, no lighting
of grent moment occurred yesterday
anywhere along the long line held by
the Belgians, Knglisu, French an. I
Kvents of considerable moment, how
ever, took place in Hussin and Siberia, 1
the Germans being the aggressors i'l
one instance while in the other the
Czechoslovaks, took the initiative. I
An official statement from Mourn-.
reports taut the (lerirans .tin ve Inmteil
three thousand infantry and cavalry,
with artillery, at I'oti, on the BlacU
Sen. " ;
A despatch from Loudon says Merlin
ad ices received by way of I'openhngen
i.ssert that a force of ('echo Slovaks
under General Alojicff hns rupture il
Irkutsk, in Siberia, from the Itolshe
v iki.
Japan Won't Intervene '
Although it is reported from Tokin
that Japan hns no intention of inter '
veiling in Siberia at present, yet nil,
has no objection toVhina taking st -ps
to block the Huns. The Tokio despnt. h
iiivs that the press of that city re
norts that as a result of the delib-i
ations of the advisory board, Japa'i 1
has decided hot'to comply with the,
request of the entente and will re
frain from intervention in Siberia at j
A despatch from Harbin, however.
says that the embargo pla I by th" '
Japanese government upon Chinese ac
Hon in Siberia has been raised because!
Kussin is taking no steps to proven
the German advance to the Fast.
Although no fighting of great im ,
pnrtanre took place on the Wester-i
First Million Built Under Ship
ping Board Will Be Deliver
ed By End of Month
WASHINGTON, June 2. .Otlnal.
With a record achieved in Hie pnsi '
three weeks of turning out one ship :i
lav, (he first million tons of new shio
being Vuilt. under contracts with tin
1'nite.l States shiiqung board prob.-ili'v i
will be delivered hefore the end of im
mouth. In the period in which t;u '
ship a day record was readied the total
attained was I2H.P22 tons. This tnnkr.
a gtnnd total of P2I.20II tons den I
weight that have been delivered.
The shipping board has aiinouu. d ,
that the largest types of wooden l ij.-i
ever known witl soon be turned out i;
quatititv. These are to be fiOod tons
each and will be so constructed tlmt
thev will be able to tow barges, thu
greatly increasing the carrying ci.pn
That t tit Pacific Coast is playing no (
small part in the Nation's great shi .
building record is shown by the fail
that in the past six months u total of
2SII.IHIII deadweight tons in ships vveie
delivered from one Pacific Const pot:
Within the past several days the
chief assistant director of traiiMpmla
tion of the French high coiuniissiiui in
spected forty .'I0O0 ton steam rivi "
schooners, which are being built in
the I'nited States for the IV h gov
ernment. He expressed sat ist'a.-t .on
with the progress that was being in i le
and declared ut the same time Hint Hie
shipping industry in America will m nt
most effectively in the wnr i mimii;;
program of the I'nited States an. I 'lie
allies. Twenty additional vessels el
the t v pe inspected are ulso bein built
at Atlantic ports.
The first of fortv live vessels .l;: .'in
has agreed to build for the I'nitei
States shipping board has urr vcl ami
has been placed in service. Tin-., ire
to be 11(11111 ton steel ves-els and il is
aiiiiounced that lit'teen sister ships .
I are to fallow the one Hint hns I.
I delivered.
w. s s.
Diuirhoeii is iilvvays inure or lis
prevalent during this wea'her. He .
pared for it. Chamberlain 's Colic nn I
Diarrhoea Heine. !y is prompt nm' t
frctual. It can always be depended up
on For sale by till dealers. l(cnso.i.
Sin i t li & Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii.
- Adt.
some activity, both
infantry, with the
in their attempts in I
surress In raids,
that north of the
- nt tacked but were
thrown back without gains. London
reports tlmt Hi, Centum intillery was
active east ol Amiens and that the
British in raids curie I out in th"
Arras re; ion t.mk prisoners.
The British :iv tutors were busy yc
tenlav and c-irrie.l out raids on inanv
points buck of t.;e (ierman lines. Man
tons of bombs were dropped.
The Huns von ore more gloriotn
victory of the son fm which they are
most notorious. Their aviators tlevv
over a Canadian ho-i-'tnl eighteen mil.-i
behind the Utiti-h lines and bombard
ed it wilh bombs. Seveinl doctors, an
otl'cer and a number ,' patients were
tireeee will so' n be ie:i.v to take
nn active and effe.tnc part iii the war.
;ici oi din;; to nr. .-lunonn, ement male in
I'-iris by the Orcck legation there. The
legation suys that Greece will son i
have two hundred tho,is:-.nd S'ddies
ready for active service.
The American casualty list reported
yesterday contains Hie names of sev
enty eiht men who died in the sir
vice of tleir country. Of these, sixty
nine were of .the army nnd nine of
the marines. The army list inclnd'M
lifty four killed in action, seven who
died of wounds, two killed in incident-,
one killed in an airplane accident and
live who died of disease. In addition
there were reported twenty six se- ere
!y wounded and two the degree of
whose wounds had not been deter
mi ned.
The marines lost eight men kille .'.
in action, one dead of wounds and to:'
men severely wounded.
Hurley, Johnson, Burleson
Gompers Oppose, Dan
iels Favors
WAHUNOTON, June L.---(OHic.al .
Vigorously divergent views were n
p:es,e. today before the senate agii
cultural committee on the proposal tor
alisol Hi- nation vv ide prohibition 1 : r
n.g Hie war. Kdwnrd Hurley, head of
Hie shipping board, opposed prohiht n i..
. i . ing that there is more risk conuc.-t
ed with prohibition than with con.scnp
turn of lubor, and opposing taking
n nc
res ut this time by " experiment i
villi tae personal iioerties of a milium
shipyard workers."
Percy II. Johnson, vice president of
th Chemical National Hank, New York,
sai l that a prohibition amendment Im
Lidding the withdrawal of spirituous
lnU'irs from bond would result in a
" financial catastrophe. "
Postmaster General Burleson ex
s-e.l the f I'll r thut such action uuylit
interfere with the prosecution of the
war. On the otiier hand, heereturv if
t e Ninv Daniels udvoi-ated prohibi
i 1 1 1 ., declaring that prohibition has
b'.. audit gre.it ly incrensed etticiency i'.
Ho ii.ni. Prehltleut (iompers of the
iueiiian Fe.leration of Labor oppo-.-d
it. saving it would thriw discord
aiiiung the people of this country.
W. I I.
!fi H'lhi-ial,
I lie
i. In
ice treat ICS betwei 11 the
and (ireat Mritaiu pro
; tm re.-1 1 1 1 oc ii ! operntion in the
I lat.-s ami in (ireat Hritain of
iiiv seivii-e laws of both countries
rntll'ed I
'lo- t'-a'
t '.e seiiat( tod., y. In
tod., y.
1' " Itritish ,-iub
the I'nited States and
.- lesldlllg in the prit
n lied into mititat y ser
1 1
' I ' "
t hi' l
M hi
-i-ji; t. :iUi to-iav fKtt'Iitl.Mi tilt'
al ;i i I ' i 1 1 a 1 1 "ii tit'nt with Urfut
in int ;t t)t' t'w )t'ari,
Frnr-t, there m:is
of nrtilerj and
Germans repnl -.. .1
t in . I !i ,H IV 11)111
Paris reports
Aisne the Gemini
Lloyd George Appeals To Carson
To Use His Influence In Secur
ing Irish Acceptance of Con
' scription Policy
! Delay In Settling Irish Difficulty
j Is Hindering Conduct of War
In Britain and the United
J LONDON, dune 'Jfi (Associated
Press) The LUli Home Hule question
I snil the matter of enforcing ennscrip
tion in Ireland were up for discus
sion in the house of commons yester
day, the innttei I. cine; marked hv li i
for statements ,.n the part of Sir Fd
ward Carson. Hie I Is'rr leader nn I
former attorney general, regarding the
Homnn Catholic Church in Ireland.
The matter was brought up on the
floor of the house by Kdwnrd Short,
the chief ae-ret.-iry for Ireland, who
nlll lt be hoped to satisfy the house
that the Oerman plot to stir up a
revolution in Irelr.nd had been a real
lnd an .Imininf nt danger to the roun
Premier Makes Plea
Premier Lloyd George followed Him
statement wilh nn appeal to the com
mons to see the need of a settlement
of the Irish qui st ion. a question whic'i
was, he said, im icising the difficulties
nf this government and of the admin
istrntion in the 1 nit.-d States in con
ducting their share of the wnr.
The premier appealed to Sir Kdward
Carson, the leader of the 1'lsterites
and the rhief opponent of the Irish
Home Rule, to ue his influence in
Irelnnd to secure tin nsent of the
Irish people to the . nt'o-cement of the
terms of the con-i r pt ion bill. The
government is ndlieriug. he said, to its
policy proclaimed on .lent but the
men entrusted with the :olnunistr:i
'ion of afTairs in Ireland must advise
fhe government how to pri cee.l.
Carson Bitter
('arson, replv ing In l.l.ivd George,
said that the premier was taking n
lesperete cours.- it In- tried to bril e
Irehiii.l with llotiie Knli- promises in'o
accepting conscription. Kcfi-'-iug to
the oppoHition to coiisinptioii hv ''the
Roman Catholic hu-rar hv ", the I'ls
terite said:
"If yon have to endire this iudig
I'ity you are crnvvling before this par
ticular church."
W. S. S.
Ex-Czar Nicholas
Says Russian Paper
Publishes Statement That Red
Guards Broke Into Romanoff
Home At Ekaterinsburg and
Slew Former Emperor
COPI.N 11 AliK.V, Juno 2li I A ss.i, , , t
id Press, -Former Cr.nr Nicholas of
Kussia lias lni'ii murdered, aecoi-lnu'
to n desprt- ii received here from sto. n
holm. I'lie St.ii'l, holm despatch vi , ,
that the lius-iaa newspaper Vjia pi. I.
Iishes a statii.ient that Russian r
u'lards broke into the KomanolT ! i
lence at I k a t ci nsliurg, where l
former iniperor was confined, and k'"'
cd Inn
It w:, r ntly reported that the ev
c.nr was to be removed from Kkateiii -burg
to Mosiow as it was feared he
might es. .r e. Previous to that it v, -,
a.ini'i.n I t'taf the Holsheviki guv ei '
l.ent had d. . i. led to permit him to
to Sw it it rlend to live.
w a a
T K I' i. .1
e ?.V-(Special Cable to
While niauetiv erine over
the njvnl station base at Opptima. near
Yokohama, yesterday, a hydropl: .ue
,uloled bv I u ntenant Mnklinioto of the
nt: vi. I a vial i. ui corps fell, killing the
iviatoi i. I nost instantly. Lieutenant
Y.oieic.iw a. who w;:s carried as a pas
sender, was seriously, probably fatal
y, i n j m l in Hie fall.
w. s s.
TOKIO, June :!!" (Special Cable to
ippu Jiji'i A visit to the tomb ol
the lute (Jen. Count M. Nogi, the li
of the Port Arthur siege in the Kuss"
.lapuiiese war, was made yesterdav h
Pi nice Arthur of Connuught, who is now
staving in Tokio us the Mikado's guest
of honor The homage paid bv the
piiiuc was pii'turusue.
TOKIO. Jim.' (Special r.tlili- to
Nipl'U .lip Tin' -oiinimii'lrr el
tit- JripMiu 'f hiii:ilinii Iium witl.
tli' lct;i liMlt-nt of tllO 1 11 1 ' '1 1 1 1 t
inaruii's tnun Tijmi t !, lloonftn (rov
line, CliLiin, w Ik rr it was liinlo-i fi
w i-i'k tt' pioti't t tli lives ali i
I'TtlPiTt li'i i'l
ri'si- lent .1 a I'M in-
t'l-i-n th. .h -.r.'rr "iii.'li Iihh full" y, . I
'h" 'li'ffttt 'l' t In' rt' vi) I nt ioim ry a n v
ni i hat pHt-t nf I'hiiiu. )rltr hut- I m
fully it'sttwi'i! itiiKahout tin; citv ui-l
no iMi'tiarc ftiiin lt)otiii; in mtw c
While Financiers Prepare Reve
nue Bill Others Will Hike
Home To Repair Fences
W ASHINGTON. .Inn.- - ( Assocint
ed Press I Congn-ss will probably take
n month's receis. couimeni ing early in
.Inly nnd reconvening early in August.
"Inle the house nays nnd menns coir
mittee prepares it t new revenue legis
Iniioii fur submission to congress. Yes
tenb.v it was announced that Presi
.'.nt Wilson had approved of this
f Inn.
Included ui ,i number of impoitnnt
" 1 1 1 t o . r i :i 1 1 o it tneanie dealt with ir
Hie senate vcsi.r,,v the bill apj'ro
iMiitnie ip'osii ... mm. o ii,.), provides
r"i an n-inv if -hne million men. was
".ore, fmi'-,l.!v l.v the military
e:in'tee Tin- v,.tlt,. nHO jiBssed the
"iid;,- ("nil Hill which carries np
oprintiins a mo- nt i n e to 2.50(1.0110.
"HO The amount i". lodes 25,000,000
v hich will 1 xpeuded in building ten
new diydoils at varinus ports. The
'measure will now go to a eonferene.e
In the lower louse the Fortiflrntion
Hill, which .-nrries npproprintinns ot
f ."). rifi.oilii. '''.' w n s passed nnd now
goes to the senate.
w. a. a.
New York Blockaded,
American Cities
Bombed, Huns Assert
Pamphlets Dropped Behind Allied
Lines Say Atlantic Ports Are
At Mercy of Submarines and
Airplanes Are Raiding As Far
West As St. Louis
(Associated Pressi
PORT, June 2ft
America is invad
ed bv the Hun. Her ports are block
tided; le r prim i nl cities are rorke.l
rn 1 shaken by C.o explosion of bombs
dropped from the .Icy; even far inland
:he people lie u-.lor the terror of the
conquering hordes of the kaiser.
Such, nt least, is the report bein'j
spread bv Hie Cerinnns in pnmphlct
drojiped by lli n av ators beliind the
llied lites .n tin- West F'rimt and in
(ended to diseoor: the French am'
Kurdish and frigliten the Amerieui
t roups.
(lermnn u bitta i i lies are lilockadin,;
New Vork haibor and Innding rnidn v
parties in It..-ton and Atlantic C.ty
ncrordintr to the p.imphlet.s distributed
fr.-iii the h is y bv the German aviators
AirplnneH are bombing cities as far
w est as St. Louis.
The story of the newest German
propaganda was brought here yester
lev bv passengers arriving on a vessel
from France.
w. B. I.
wu tost his mi
Wet Goods Shipped In Furniture
There will be no prosecution of II
Knaack, the naturalised (ierman, be
riuise of the findiug of a quantity of
,;iiior in some household goods shipped
to his new home in Kona, but he will
l ot get the lnpior returned to him.
Tlis i nfoi mat ion was given to Died
miIi Doilvers, an alien eneinv partner
k 's, who called at the federal
.1' . es vesterdav to explain bow he
sii'-.v nothing of the lnpior concei.lc:
ui Hie household goods which he ceil
il" I to Hi,- Kona u Idress.
"Knaack will not be arrested, but
'ie . .11 not get his booze back,'' tiic
inarslial says lie told Doelvers. in efl.- t.
It is repotted there were two doen
bottles of beer nnd two tpiurts of chani
.;teiM- in the liquor shipment eoi-.lisea-i
d bv the marshal last Friday. Mar
-hal Siiiiddy says he intends to p"'it
in- I r. which is still in his otti-e,
'inio the gutter". The chumpagnc
las disnppi n rod already. Where it has
.. i e is I. tede, nl ol'.ice secret, although
i. idee .1 .1. I'anlis and n number of
,, tlnr atti.rnevs nave made muuii ies
is iu its whereabouts, the marshal .says
WASlllNliTdN, June iTi iiitt,ci.il
u in. ement wns made at thi
tc House tulav that President Wil
n will deliver a Foiiith of July lid
i-ss i.t evenises that will be held a'
t . Ye ' noli.
The I elebl n t loll which will be at tin
storo- s,nt where lieorge Wnshino
ti is buried, it was announced, vvil
attended by representatives of all
the ul'ie.1 nations.
i v oh k . .lui.i' jr. .oti.cii'
( :li.t , pri. pi rt hoi linj auJ r'' i r 1
1 , i ft' ( . ci in i ii i n i-il fr inrat iout Ii a
ii'-.' 11 ii I'e-V 'r-'11 u t u h .u t hhi i.
f .'.,'ih i .mih wrw cii I here tl;iy l
t h- tV'i'Til I'lintu-tian uf jirojicrt x ohi
c 1 1 l.v alii'ii t iH'in.if.
In )-"iiht' t ion w ith the sfiTiuro it
w as ii inuiuuc.'.l thai u ( lot had )'
list'ovrrrd to Mlt' 'ininy ui'tH art I
tlit t Ion k of A tiii t ivbu corpora tioiu.
Has Been Taken Apart and Will
Be Hauled Down New Trail
Through Jungle To Hilo
Lieut Ralph 11 Wilson nnd Heroeant
Robett lirav. of the signal corps, return
ed yestcrdi v fiom Hilo after eomplet
"'i: pom" n-r nringing me engine or
the wrecked nrniy enplnne down from
the Kniwiki inngb- and forest to Hilo
for transportation to Honolulu.
They announced that the engine has
been dissembled and will be taken down
to Hilo by Jnpnnrsr, who are also to
cut s trtiii be ween the two points. The
ttnil will he cut through the .jungle
up to Hie .IT lii foot altitude.
''It would be absoliitelv impossible
to get Hint engine down to Itilo unless
Hie trnil was cut." said Lieutenant
Wilson. "Then- tire two parts of i
which weight l'jr pounds each, too
urcni n i -an tor n mnn to ptieK: nnd no
mule er Morse can get up the mountain
side, (hit n rra nirctncnt now is to Dark
he parts of the engine in the two pon
toons whi.'h form n port of tho seaplane
and use them as sleds to draff the en
gine dow n to the mud. ' '
IateresHng Souvenirs
The officer has mnde nn interesting
souvenir fiom arts of the vrreeked
machine. He has taken Harts of the
nnvas. which is made of the fines
rsde Irish burn, treated with a special
varnish, and litis cat this into covers
for u book of pliotoernphs he has made
f the wreck, and fastened the t-overi
with the turn buckles and strong steel
vire winch held parts of the machine
getlier. Painted on the front cover,
which is an odd shade of grey, will be
ie red. white and blue star usually
list. laved on the propeller.
Possibly even more unusual is the
ther souven r, suvs the Hilo Herald.
This is made of the frame of the wings,
vhti'h is in two parts, each separated
into four compartments, just the right
ize fur : good photograph. One of
these has nil four compartments into
which will be placed as many different
views of the wreck. The other bus
inly the two central compartments re
maining, Lieutenant Wilson having cut
off the two ends so the second frame
will hold onlv two pieturea, showing
himself nnd Sergeant Oray, in the heart
of an impenetrable forest, at work dia-
-emhling the psrts.
While there will be several of the
albums there will be but two of the
frames, one of which Lieutenant Wil
son expects to send to his brother AI
erf, who is with the Tent Casual Com
anv in Washington. This company
vorks directly under the government
at Washington, and hag charge of tho
policing of lumber camps, and preserv
ing older nmnng the spruce lumbermen,
o there may be no delay in getting out
spruce for tho manufacture of "flying
ninriiines. I he other frame tae young
nicer will send to his mothor.iwho is
till his "best grirl".
Lieutenant Wilson hopes to get intp
the flying corps himself before the
war ia over.
W. . s,
WASHINGTON, June 25 (Offieinl )
Keriol numbers of America' 1W1X
clnss, which registered under draft
Ibws June 5, will he drnwn thin vveek
for 744.8li5 men, it wan announced
The men who registered June 5 and
for whom oerial numbers are to be
Irawn are those who have h'-com-
twenty one years of age Hinee the rejis
'ration last year. Trie drawing to de
termine the aerial numbers will be eon
lneti'd in the name manner as the
lrawinej held Inst year.
T(li:iO. June '.'."i -(Special to Nlptui
'ijil Union Y. NnkMnni, the (lniin. a'
idvisor to the Chinese government. I.a
etiirned here this morning friun
'ekin;. The financial status of tin
Chinese republic, said the baron, is as
satisfactory as can be exported
- w. a. s.
PARIS, June 2.'i (Official) I'resi
dent I'oincare by decree todav declared
the depaitment of the Seine, iueludiny
Paris, within the army zone.
Keep Fit For the
Daily Struggle
'fvrry Pit fury
You can't atTord to be laid up with
.ore, ncliine; kidneys in tliene days of
ngli . in is. Some occupations brine
Sidney truulilen; almost any work
nakis weak kidneys worse. If you
eel tin-l all the tune, and suffer be
-ides with In in- buck, sharp pains,
Iiav i-i'cll. Iiea.ltielie and dinordered
'i 1 1 1 1 1 ii.iiii use IVmi ' Hue k ii.1 he
'i Ii e t ills. It may -me nn attack of
' h e it n i a 1 1 s iii , dropsy, heart trouble or
Itri'lit 's disease. Dunn ' have huljied
In. ti- a it. I - I ii i' k to hen 1 1 b
''Wine V in It:' ; is I. nine 1'. Ilieill
icr tin- N ii in,' ' ( I ion 't simply ask for
i kidney rcinedx ask distinctly tot
'loan's H:u k;ielie Kidney i'llls and take
hi ntlnr I. 'iih's Mai l.uche Kide
.'ills :ire sold li all droej;isl s and store
keepers, or will be mailt d on receipt o'
urice l' tin- Holliater Drug Co, oi
Hensi.ii Smith A Co., agents for the
Hnwsitun Islands ( Adtt rtiseiueiit )
austrians ir:
Italians Hampered'
Now By Flooded
Piave Which Is
Saving Foe From
Still More Losses
NKW YORK, June 26r(A
stuiatr,! I'rt'xs) While thi
Austrian runt along the t lave
front is romplete and the enemy
i tomjilctcly wiped out on the
west liank of that river, the Ital
ians arc finding it difficult to Car
ry through as rapid a pursuit of
the main Austrian arrny" . Vith
'IrawittK on the east bank a the
nature of their victory Kould
permit. lite elements which
r ' '
nine; in tor the Italians during tne
first days of the Austrian defeat
llUP noil' (nrmtt Itt ( i irr Af 1tA
it ii"ti MM III vt HAV
eaten army and the fate are
sisting the men of Kmperor Karl
in iii.imiik ooi ineir escape.
ri,.. i: ...u:u u i
- - - '.-, ' .... II ouuusiu
flooded and trapped a large part
of the invading force, fell before
the Italians were able to com
plete their destruction of that
force and permitted the 'Anil-
tnans to rebuild some of their
pontoons, across which thbu-5
sands of them fled. Now the
Piit-o lfe -If. i i'
i iv no.-i i itii in iiuuu adlll anu
several of the jxmtoon bridges
iiuhl; aiioss uy me uaiians nave.,
been swept awav. This is pre-"
venting the Italians from gettinij
thetr main army nrroai for the malnt--
"'" me iiemreu nnar prenaurv
upon the Auntriant la retreat.
The Italiaae liave a ufBo(n.fvBVry.
force preRiiofr upon the heela of the
Auitriani to maintain a steady Ik
aming of the fleeing foe, hut not agiH-
ctent to cut off any considerable por- '
tion of Emperor Karl'i remaining
The Italians have enlarged their f
tensive, nowevcr, io tne mountata Ren
tori to the north and hete they ate
meeting with great nuccens, yesterday
a series of notable gains being re
ported from Italian headquarters,
Along the Piave front the number
of Austrian prisoners is being steadily
added to, while the casualties among
the Austrians are rapidly mounting, the
total being reported yesterday morn
inn at more than two hundred thousand.
The sole remaining force of Au
triaim on the west bank of the Piave,
which had been cut off near Missule,
surrendered yesterday, nfter the great
er number had been cut down by the
Italians surrounding them and holding
them penned agninst the river.
Official advices received yesterday at
Wahhingtou confirm the earlier reports
of the Italian victory but jrivn no addl .
tional detaila as to the extent of the
AiiHtrinn disaster. It is believed ia
iisliineton that Austria has had the
tables so completely turned upon hef
ui her cjreot offensive that she Is now
nit of the flhtinjf for the remainder
if the summer st least.
fc. - 1 . M 1 I M
.winy iiieii. iiuwerr, nrr or mfl uener
thut (iermsnv retains a confidence that
Austria will still be able to hold the
Italians until the forces of von Luden
dorf are aide to deliver ' their final
l ion- in France, a blow which all agree
i to he struck soon.
Vienna rottinues to send out opti
mistic reports of the Italian operation.
The retreat of the Austrian army, now
become a rout, is being carried out,'
nays the Austrian war office "accord
ing to prearranged plans." The Ital
ian losses, says an official Aosti'ian
statement, have now reached a ttftl
or one hundred and titty thousand men
since the beginning of the offensive,
while since June 15 the Austrians have
captured a total of fifty thousand Ital
ian prisoners.
Announcement that alien enemies
and other aliens iu the military forces
of the I'nited Stales may nour
petition for iinturaliintion caused a
Hood of inquiries uiid application
of army tneu in the federal clerk's
i ttiee yesterday. Two of those
who neck nut lira li .a t ion ar youths of
I'liiiadiun birth, who have completed
their training at the Scliofleld Uurrieki
odicers' training camps, and who mu.-tt
wait until thev are naturalised before
thev can lie coniinissioiieil. They are
Itov I'atten. a niemlier of the station
ery firm of I'uttcu &. ('oinpany, anil
.lames f-'uin liur, fornierly with the Aud
it Coinpuiiy of Hawaii. None of thu
petitions for nnturalixutiuu are to be
filed ut the fc.leiul clerk's office outil
the special feriu. re.pnrc.l reach here
from Washington.

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