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takes Place Vacated By McCar
thy and Gives Island of.
Hawaii Representation
Active Work Will Start When
Bigelow Assumes Office As Su
perintendent of Public Works
IVlberi V.. Iet7.g?r. rie-ly appoint
eil ferritin inl treasurer, was yesterday
miul. a member of the board of har
bor n.ni is. loners by Governor Mr
Carthy nn.l will Till the place od the
bonnl tlmt as held by tbe Governor
Thi nppoint ment. in accordance with
custom Hives the Itlatid of Hawaii rep
rp'fntntion on the board and with h
ingle exception, it completes ,'je list
of the Ht ernoi 's more important ap
ponilmt-nt. The one exception is that
of" li. successor to lr. J. S. B. Pratt.
Wad of thr bonid of health, and no
choice lot tbe office htm yet been an
) on need
Mr. Metxgcr's appointment to the
harbor hoard is not for the lull temi
n,f four year. He ia named to serve
the unexpired tarm of the Governor,
whose resignation at a eoramissionci
was tiled with the board recently. The
term of the oi commissioner, there
fore, will he until June 3D, 1920. Com
missioner Metr.ger'a commission foi
the new ottiee wan not signed yestet
day until after the regular meeting oi
the harbor board and for that reason
he did not attend it.
Vlaiti Waiklkl
la preparation for tha active worr
that i to be done in eonaeetion with
the Waihiki rerlamatloa project Gov
ernor McCarthy, with Acting Superin
tendent of Public. Worka W. B. Hobby
and Lieutenant Colonel R. R. Raymond.
wlfoTias been designated to aet for the
atrny on the Walkiki bofcrd of engi
iseera, viaited the district yesterday
ntorning and made a preliminary in
Hpjfrtion. Detail of the plan aa work
ei out in" the ottiee of superintendent
rr public worka were explained by
tile action auperintendent, who has hail
charge of much of the mapping am1
etwvey work.
Blueprint of niapa and plana thai
have been prepared will be eompleted
probably by Monday, when Lpman H
Higelow, the newly appointed auper
intendent of public work, will assume
orfiV.e. With Colonel Raymond and
City Kngiaeer A. 8, f'aottn, who wit
the uprrintendent of public works will
comprise the (ward of engineers, he
will at once take steps to fix the exact
route that the big ranul will follow
When this ia done and property that
mav be needed for the Drat nnit ot
the work la acquired by the Territory
Governor McCarthy said yesterday
bid will le asked for from contrac
tor without further delay. It ia poa
aible that aetual work of dredging may
be aturted early in September.
Ia to Bpwak
- Tunlght (iovernor McCarthy ia ached
uli'd to deliver the commencement ad
rlra to members of the graduatine
ii'f of the Normal school at Kawai
jiliuo church and tomorrow night he i
to apeak at the graduating eaereie
f fhia year's class of McKioley higl
(l)l)ol. On the score of the speeehe
4b Ooveraor aaid yesterday he had
!irepared no speeches yet and said he
ijiderstood that he waa only expected
4 fy a word or two.
hu announcements are yet to be
made in connection with the food coin
.piisrlon. but the Oovcrnor deems i'
advisable to have the food rommia
aion work in coofieration with the
territorial marketing eommiaaion, whi-h
ia soon to be named, and the whole
matter uf food supply and distributor
wiH'be centralized an much aa possible
No plana are yet to tie announced eon
cer tins uses ' to which the 20O,fH.'
rev King fund voted at the recent ape
Hdl session will he put
..fter the (jovi rnor completes the
rev ,ew he is milking of meetings and
act! of the food coinuiinMion he will
ca'l the body together tor a discussion
Tki. meeting will probably take place
nine time next week. Nothing tha'
the Governor ha said concerniug th
ro'umiaxion indiratea that he purpoae
liirliiig any change in the personne'
of the cnruiaiaMion.
Ilourd of Health work hae been pret
ty liard hit throughout the lalanda aa
the renult of the national guard being
called into service, according to Kirk
B. Porter, aeeretary of tbt Board. "We
but'? loaf aeveral men whoae placet it
will bo .liffieult to fill at once," he
aid; "notably Dr. Bowman, of Hilo. "
A number of young men aaalaranti had
bea called into aervice, he aaid, and
th draft would hit the department
ni -iii. On the latter account it bad
In en decided not to try to All vacancies
ui. til the renulta of the firat draft had
rc-n fully determined.
B'B-C trv
Marvaleaa Suaaarh UtM'
elm tm4 Syatoie Rtmildw
-Cw, iTlJaey aa4 BUit
n UwMtv-Flaa Hau4
(hr 4 l4Utiv.
4 I '
Sentenced To Fifteen Years
Hard Labor In Federal
Chaptain Chaa. Feinler, formeilv .ti
nected with the Second I'nited stnttM
Infantry atntioned nt Fort Hhaft. r, l,n
been orilerinl .lUniinwd from the wi vi. .
and to erve fifteen years in a federal
ponitentiary under the eonvntion uf
the court mnrtial which tried him 1 1 p n
charges of riiKhiyalty to the ciuintiv,
disrespect to the President of the I nit
e,l -itale.. the war departoient ami nth
.r iillicert mill officials, and of i-mimIu. ,
and Inngunge tended to Inculcate in t lie
minds or' enlisted men a disrespei t tm
the country and the service m im ii
they are enlisted.
I he convicted chaplain, who Iihi been
confined to the limits of Fort Mi.iftet
arniy post since hia arrest in March
has been placed in custody by the null
taty authorities and will hereafter be
rogarded as a convict. He will be sent
under guard from Honolulu to the ;eni
tentiury on McNeill Island. 'alungt r
Loyalty Challenged
On March 2 Chaplain Vcinler ia
placed under arrest and accused under
,a series of charges which i hil'eni:, I
his loyalty and directly eused U:n
Heinjr disloyal to the President, th.
secretary of war and many other oft
t'ials of the government, and viih In.
ng endeavored by insidious mcthol-. to
weaken the fidelity and loyalty ol en
baled men toward their governmi t.' In
informing them that (Jermiiny :i .i
better nation, had better military etli
cieiicy and thnt the Allies were e.il
The climax was his endeavor to have :n
"nlisted man procure for him by ste
! confidential document from the oftn e
.if Colnel Holies, commanding otticei or'
'he Second Infnntry, which, he had been
informed, probably related to h ell
and particularly to hia record while h
was serving as a chaplain in France
A court martial, of which Colonel .lo
eph Wheeler, C.A.C. was president, emi
vened on March 12 at Fort Shutter,
and fried the chaplain. The hearings
occupied a week from early each morn
ing to Inte in the afternoons. The
court's findings were held n secret, mnl
with the testimony eoutprisi ng 400 type
written pages, were forwarded to Wash
ington, where the President, lis review
ing authority, held them for ninny
weeks. His confirmation of the verdict
reached only (ieneral Hlocksom, depart
ment commander, yesterday morning.
Charge 1 consisted of the allegation
that the chaplain was guiltv of a viola
tion of the !'"th Article of War, in lit
tempting to induce a subordinate officer
to secure, surreptitiously, & confidential
letter supposed to relate to Chaplain
Feinler'a record, and on this he wns
found guilty.
Charge 1', in which he was alleged
to have made use of contemptuous and
disrespect ful language toward the Pres
ident of tho I'nited States, the srere
tary of ar and congress, i not j
proven, and neither was charge .'1, in
which be was accused of having used
timilar language toward General J. I'
Wiaser, then the department command
r here.
Charge 4 contained fourteen speci
fjcatiotia. lie yvn found guilty of spc
ideations 1. .1, 4 and ", which were
that he had attempted to cause disloy
alty among the military forces, by dis
paraging the Amciican forces in France,
criticising their conduct and efficiency,
and attempting to excuse the acts of
the German troops. He was not found
guilty of one speci licat ion in which he
was charged with attempting to dis
suade the wife of nu enlisted man
from entering Red Cross work.
Speciticat ion 7 inyolved his state
ments in a public peech at the Y. M
C. A., where he said the German army
was the best disciplined army in the
orld, it being alleged that he endeav
ored in this address to cause insub
ordination among the military forces of
Amoricu. and of this allegation he was
found guilty.
Sentence Ia Passed
President Wilson's i onf 1 1 mat ion wa
ill line with what many officers here
considered would be the result of the
trial. The
"To bl
and to be
such place
mav direct.
sentence was us follows:
dismi.s-cd from the sorvice
confined at hard labor at
as the reviewing authority
for fifteen vears. ' '
Chaplain Feiiiler's defenso yas au ut
tempt to prove that many of the stale
ments thought to be his were in reality
statements made from a clipping which
gave part of Caspar Whitney's article
Q the war situation in Kurupe.
Traps wen laid for the chaplain, ii
which a dictaphone yy as i nst i omental n
ringing to light some of the conversa
'ions which he held with various en
isted men. To bring things to a focus
Hattalion Sergeant Majoi Wright wa-
leMillcd to yyork oil the i ihr, and to
achieve this purpose, he was Mipposci
o have been .lentoled tc a (.rival, . Foi
thia reduction in rank he was suppose
tn have a personal and military giicv
ince ngain-t Colonel Holies and so.n
got the ear
geant ninioi
tliiue was a
oni I Holies'
record w h i le
Feinler was
I the chaplain. The -el
lei . I r . . ;i si ,t.m, n; I
onfidctial r- pint in Co'
fin relal ' ng In I'ellilel '
he vy a s s,n y i g in Ft a m t
.cut look lit. in r'ntnie lr
General Pershing bei au
he is alleged tu have i
,,f slat. -me- I
lead- there, 'It
I f. Il.iw passellgi"
w ... had I flse
' III ,t II s to I y. 'r
the w iiv back he o a
w ith 1 a pt a i a 1 1 er k
to fight against ih,
was S"ii1eined to 1 t'y y i , impris
in n t Fe ii I II,,.. i.. s
corresoondrln r allei I, nth ic.n he.' th
on nt vy .
Dictaphone Used
Sergranl l"i.,r W t,,,j,t lulled h'
meetings at Keinlet 's house so that "t
ftl'ers could lls'ell lit the 'eeciyillg Clld
of Wiles wln.h ltd out of the chaplain's
house to t'ur ti,l't,TS of I ue iltl'lia II I llv
The dictaphoio' win pin 1 ia the wall
f the r'etitlei home and the convrrsa
ions e.e'c di-titiclh heard at all tune.
i l ,, i t , od i, I he ,lcliiillone,
" h fele'ih. li-- i-iniii.l tt,e j- suddenly
ent til ol , oiiimisnioii With tin
uiitei f uge, workuieu wore ablu whiln
Cosmopolitan Population of Isl
ands Never Better Shown
Than In Lists Called
From vegetable gardens, warehouses
and wharves, law oftteea, department
stores and public utilities throughout
the Territory, hundreds of draft age
men are being summoned daily by the
local draft boards to report at the
armory in Honolulu the end of this
week nnt during next week. Ilardlv
a business interest in Honolulu is es !
enping n bombardment, with militni v
induction orders for employes.
I'rosn the operating tiooth of nnt j
ot the Consolidated miiseinent Com I
pai.y 's motion picture theuters. Tint
inns l.ivvni is ordered to rport at the
ni inorv on July 3; I nomas Kicrwirds
will drop all his work with the Hum
' ii I ii I 'itnstriif tinn Cnntpnnv on the same
tlnte and rPort. l.ee Sun. who works
in the Kvvting Yick Vegetable Gar
dens, on Waialne Road will drop his
ho" tot a rifle, while John Joe Then
ne yvill .;ive up his school ruler tor
a bayonet. Totaru Horiknna will prob
nblv mix hot cakes on a cook detail
occasionally instead of manufacturing
sake ua nt present.
IMwnrd I Chung who has been ligh'
ing (ires aa a member of the Mnhiki
Fire Station, will fight Huns if he
I tis a chnnee" to get "over there '
'ieot'ge Oeriicimos. assistant muniige
of tin- I'nion Grill, who yv:i horn in
,rr. e is ordered to report for dntv
-till Kam Monk Yung, born far up r
the north tf Korea, is also to don tit'1
'h.-ili of the -Vniericnn stdtliei.
Ii is a list typical of low ; i i as th'
inures run. I oo Chow. Chinen': Knnri
I vehnrn. Japanese: John Fnria (Juiiitn
Poitngnese: Geneeso Pont a v ilia Fil
inn": Chun Hvang Koou. Korean; lie
i:-initi K. Kaatiui, llnyyniinn: .ln
. a rt i tie., Spanish; ,wamuel ti. I r yv -tiierican.
mid so on, alnurt till n:t
t until lit ies summoned tn beat ihiii--.
I nch man as he arrives in the ci'v
ftoin tltihu districts or those ot Mam
Katini and Hawaii, will yyear a sleey-'
litniil. different colors for the different
di-tricts, t distinguish Gatdeii l-l
at tleis from Valley Island mint.
The selective draft headipia rt its vr
t. -d.-M received wireless messages from
at: the neighboring island I -: l I li::nl
:o I. noyv Ictiglng receipt of the instrin
Mniis as to how and yyhen to send tin
'litiftees to Honolulu, a-o! antioiitn-in
they would endeavor to adhere stt icily
to the schedule s that all deck spine
mi island steamers yvill be utilized t'
the maximum.
Ml friendly aliens in t'lass i I '
In- talleil to the colors.
supposedly repairing the phone line in
the Veiulcr house to place the dicta
phone. Sergeant Major Wright was the
star yvitness in this case, his testimony
being corroborated in part by that of
Lieutenants Klv and Hutchinson and
I'iplain Frank Iiouuherfy.
Civilian witnesses, yvlin had listened
t,, the Y. M. C. A. address, included
llr J nines I!. .1 ii, 1 1 1 . who was a surgeon
with an Viiiero-aa medical unit in
Prance for sometime; J. H. Super, and
Mrs. J. T. Warren.
I'hapl.un Keiiilri always ha-l a good
uord for the tiermans and told wit
ness-'s that it wns "all rot" about the
stor.es of the (nTinans starving; that
Germany had food enough to last ten
years; and that he had seen many
French girls of fourteen and fifteen
vears of age yvho were mot hers of ba
bies, whose fathers yyen- not French,
in. I S" on.
Couldn't Lick Mexico
He dawned that the I nited State
could inn have cleaned np ..exico and
that Drill ml I'eishing had selected out
neiviM,- .illi'tos iiii, si nt them out with
detail in nt - feeling that they would
pick a light and bv this means get
more snMi.n. Whim Pershing found
he could not get iinnr men for hi
army m Mexico he gave up the lib'
i figlt tii: tin- tin g h inn i ng republic.
He s'i,;,.. thai white on duty ui Tokii
lie had lnMight heavily of Tokio nn
n ovinmitt l.oiols. potting nearly all hi
-avines u i,, ihrin. but had bought very
few l.ihtity Hun. I- The inipressiot
was g.-iincl diitinu the ttuil, from th
cli.'lp!;ii"'s tesl itnonv . thnt these fee
l.lbeitv Honds had been lost in solllt
iinac in' h t ;i Lie ma n ret
It yy;is brought out i u I lie 'estiluoliy
that the chaplain had told some of tin
witnesses that this yyn .1 n iiiiiist war
hat l.iiinai.y had tin spoils of tin
war, mnl ttiai (letiuiiuy uuuld have no
only Belgium and Action, but Russia
and Paly, then Kni'laud and until
vcu!u:i!!v g.-i ii,,. I'nited states. II
also said that while in Finnic he had
'lltten letters t" f I i sister, in tin
: e 'in n n I 1 1 1 e n . i g i .
The convicted e h ;i j .1 :i i n y :i born it
'ieiii'U'iv : i r.l ciinie I" she I nited state
nbout i he tune of the Spanisli war an
tocjiled in ontli Dakota, from chic'
state he was a j.ioi n t e,l 'o ii rim illume
in the nun in liinti II.. cut to Franc
in ( n t..l.er. Inl 7 . and n I icuuiibrr vv a
Mulct el I'll1 1- He y , ,(n 1 1 e lilt I 111 ;i
yith 1 : ;u . ri lletikes it was broUgh
I He yy i,
n lletikes
e.tllllol.y . !
this Olli , ,
,, I (':.,..,
,nt it,
t il li
ft tri
ll f
I :,ul,
I s.n.l hi
I llesh n:
. I
1 1 ,
1 n
, - i e;il -, n t in, oi s. .lor 'are
at that In- .y as In, i n n ' i
I. Ion I a- I. n o, nu :in I I
,. - ,,' r . lid 1 r-etl I rd re
nn, i I, s
.in d t.
1 1 ,,, ii t 1 e i ma ii y
llil, I h, Wol
l! I t - I , , e -t-l Ins fist -
W S 8
'I In I ,i:,.u ..... Is ;i list of thr stud, nit-
t' l , 'I t . . , 1 r . vs I'hilliiis' ( 'oiliinercia
s, I l'is gt;i, nn 1 1 no class who. hav
it,.' o-ui.'e', I then ,,,,11-se and passed .
' -a 1 1 -i'a t ,u ex am i na I iuii , were ayvard
I r I then- In .bunas last week lis-
i Ml.ni Di.wsrlt. Miss Ionise Smith
Mi-, I ','1 I'ic'i-r. Mis- Hnel Diew
Samuel K Ferreira, Mis- G. Sabin, Miss
Iringard H schaefer. Miss Fua Oka
ako, aud Miss Liuuia Ilughas.
Henry K. De Fries Lands Job of
Building and Plumbing
Hollinger Resigns As Chairman
of Committee When His
Protests Are Ignored
W. H. Hobby waa appointed suporni
teudent of parks and public buildings
last night and Hahry l)e Fries was ap
.n.nu.i ouiiiliug luspector ov 111'- buarn
of superviaois atter U stonny sessiou in
who n .supervisors iloningr, una Alu.'i
bitterly opposed the appm in ineni o,
iluooy to lue last ditch, i lie Uf r ne.s
appointment met with the unanimous
approval of the whole board.
After a caucus that lasted nearly an
hour last night before the regular ses
oni oi cue ooaril, tnu much tanked o.
and hard fought questions as to b.
. ouici I nl (ne pusuioiis oi mnl. ling
pet tor and pack aupei intciidelit- win
.iianv aettlo.i, ollov. ing yynna. Super
is, .is itoilingor tendeie.l Ins resign
mi as i iiairmun ol tlie none park
..i rui f eo. a position In tics heul i o
the past four yeara.
Alter the regular rout.ne hisiness "
to- ooaiil was coiiijt.eteii, Aiayoi ten.
esetiiru tue name ol ileaiv le 1-rie
position of l.uii, i, ue mspee.oi
. u- l-'ries w its all eie vf a i ii h.u,i i a. inula t.
in a large field uf app.o -a nt s. llr li.i
.ria p. inn ii.enL. y en,. r,' . r, : v 11. lotild
,ug wo, a in the 'ieiiitoiv li.i
.1 uf u'.in, Whh .tii a u i -sen! ing vol
,r yy.is uuiy appyiiutru and a sa,aiy o
r-nO a month v. ,s volmt to go Willi tli.
The Storm Breaks
The storm broke in tin- meetiug when
la. or iiiii put in in nu i aat ion fur tbt
tositioii of park superintendent th
iiiinie of W. R. Hobbv. sn(.erv isor llol
.iigei asked that the board defer actio.
n this nppoiiitmeiit until next Saturday
yhen lie would present atlnlnvits .shoiv
ng that Hobby was not u civil enginee,
is he claimed to be. W hen the major
tv of the members of the board showei
o i .ii- iiiutiou to fnlloyv this course
ivith colisiderabie enipiiasis .supeiviso
Hollinger declared that if he was givei
lime that he could prove that Hobby
as not a qualified engineer; that In
had no credentials to prove that hi
as ami that if he, Hollinger, was give
inn1 he could prove that Hobby wa
brought to the Territory at the instanci
f Charles R. Forbes through family in
"I have made my record aa a super
visor through what I have accomplish
I with the public parks of this city, "
aid Hollinger.
Hollinger Opposes
"For the past six months. 1 havi
et ii hampered with a mini in this posi
'ioti who is incoropc tqnt to fill it am
w. vou members of the board,, wh'
are sticking together on this appoint
nent want to forq another 4 lemon
.ii me. 1 wunt to go on record iiov
hat if this board confirins the appoint
ment of W. R. Hobby as superintended
if parks, 1 will resigu as chairman oi
he parks committee and if this r ivn i
ion is not accepted, I will resign a '
supervisor of the City and County i
"It has been said that I am trvin
ii Nicuie the appointment of A. K
ierin fur this position. This is ,-
t. If the board will uame any
uf the si candidates other than II. . by
v ill vo'e for that candidate. Thus.
ho have lierii advocating Hobby '
a ml idio v . are advancing the arguwen
I at In- is an engineer, which is th,
uaiu ipiali ficat ion for the position. I
uitrtid, and can prove that lie is not
" engi ru-er. ' '
.hia Aiao Objects
supervisor Ahia bncked up Super
isoi 1 1 ,,ii nger 's argument in part am
d that the board had plenty of ap
'i ant- whu were Hntlolnlans and be
eyed that home talent should be en
Moth of these new appointees wi'
il.e office on July 1. W. R. Hobby i
I ii e ."it holding the position of act
j superintendent of public works. Ac
,ui on the acceptance of Kuperviao
(ui linger 's resignation as chairman o
he puika committee was deferred un
il the next meeting of the board
len it is hoped he will reconsider hi
.lion of last night.
W. a. 4
In the annual tennis tournament be
n-ti l.leele a ii 1 KilaueB, which war
Id at the home of Manager I.arsen
t Kilauea Plantation, last Hunday.
uiiua won by a margin of seven
iios si,y lust Tuesday's Garden Is
i ml uf l ihue, Kauai, (juite a number
t people lourneycd from all over the
1 i I 1,, see ibis match and it was
el worth going fur to see. Play
tailed at ten o'clock iii the mnrnini
'"I lasted till about four o'clock in the
iteriiooii l.unelieoii was served undei
e tree the la vv ii to all.
The teams and scores were as follows
Knikiocvfi and I.arsen for Kilauei
ii"itr,l l,'i. hter and Carlson for F.I
'r. I I,, i, '!. li 1, li t.
lilaisv.u and N miens for Kleele de
1,1 wi .,. 1U1, Sinibotii for Kilaue
't '-'. ii :t, 7 ...
I! i, I a i ds.u, an, I Nash for Kilauei
ie.i',1 l ie. w nn, I Pilkingt-.il fil'
I.- I,- r, ii-:t. I r,, '.' r.. il n.
To'ol si-oie of the games was Kil
iii ii fill II lid Kleele 111 Riehter lllld
ilaisver acted ns icfereea.
W I . ,
.-HINGTN. June L'l'. ( Associu
t P i Further lit of 2,a!5n 0(10
vns alb.y. 'd to Helgi .in yesterday. Tln
tiit'js ih.- total of loans or advance
menu to the Allies up lo S,D72,5.0,
0U0 from the L'nitxd States.
M : on nmnMiooinMO
Ad Three Games Played Yester-
day In National League Saw
Losers Shut Out
t. W. L. Prt.
.57 IS .(1H4
7 MH 10 .till?
..to a ni .ts.'t
..r.r .' 2I .47
.flS KS 30 .4fiS
.57 L't ... .4'.')
.3f 2., r. 11
.57 L1.. .'(I .404
Chicago . . .
New York
Boston .
Pittsburgh .
Ht. I.ouiS
Hrmik ly ii
Yesterday Result!
At Chicago Chicago 1. Pt. Kouis 0
At Hoston New York , Boston 0.
At Philadelphia Philadelphia M
Brooklyn 0.
,t Cincinnati Pittshnrifh vs. ('In
rinnati, no game: rain.
Both the Chicago Cubs and the New
York Giants won their names in the
National League yesterday and no I
hnnge came in the relative position
of these two clubs in the team stand
ng order of the league. Fred Mit
liell 's creyv rematninp n full game
head of McGravv 's aggregation.
There were thiee amis plaved yes
err'ny in the National and all three j
inn clubs were shut out. Rein nt j
Cincinnati prevented the Christy
Vnthewson Reds and the Htii'o Btvdck;
Pirates from coining together. The
wo clubs have plaved three games in
this series, which ened vesterday. and
Pittsburgh won nil three straight. .Then
t rained nn Monday and yesterday it
rained some mitre.
The closest game of the day was that
staged in Chiengo, where the present
leaders of. the league shut out the .lack
Hendricks St. Louis ( nrdinals 1 ().
The dnv before Chicago also shut out
the St. Louis team, but by a much
greater score, 140. Such is base
ball. Chicago won three of the four
gum of the series, which also closod
The Giants had absolutely no difti
cult y in taking the Braves into camp
iguin. 0 0. making it three straight
for New York without Boston having
won a came this series, which closes
Tha third shutout of the day came in
'he game nt Philadelphia, where Pat i
Moran's Phillies defeated and blanked
the Dodgers; score - Philadelphia fl. t
Brooklyn 0. In the series which closes
today the Phillies have tnken all three
games played with Brooklyn. I
Pittsburgh at St. Louis, and Cliica
go at Cincinnati open today for their
new series June 27 to .10. Brooklyn I
st Boston, and Philadelphia at New
Vork open their respective series to
morrow for the games of .lone 21, 211
July 1 and 2.
w. a. a
Chicago Shuts Out Tigers Sen
ators Beat Athletics Browns
and Indians Break Even
P. V. I.. Pet.
Boston i'. 17 2(i .587
New York ft! 11 2") .57i
Cleveland ('.ii Id .10 .545
Washington . . -4 11 11 .51(1
Chicago n7 2.1 2H .509
Detroit. .'.7 21 .1.1 .421
St. Louis 72 2(1 4.1 .40
Philadelphia .".H 21 .7 ..102
Yenerday'i fietrults
At Detroit Chicago .1. Detroit o.
At Washington - Washington 1,
Philadelphia 2.
At New York New York 2. Boston
At St. Louis Cleveland 5 Si. I.miis
t i first game i ; St Louis 4. Clevelaril
, second game i
Kiv games plaved yesterday
American League, including a
in the
s with
header, resulted in close bustles
small scores in each estise. There
me shutout registered.
By defeating the He. I So.
Yankees lessened the first place
if the former over them but one
'aine. New York won its game
Boston by u 2 I score, which was the
"loseat of the day. In the series which
float's today New York hus won two
if the tiiree games plaved.
Knw land's White Sox, somehow,
managed to shut Hnghie Jennings'
Tigers, 10. The clubs have brokeu
veil in the series which also closes to
lay, eiich having won and Inst n game.
Another close game was that playe I
;n Washington, where Griffith's Senn
'ors defeated Coii'ue Mack's At'tle'i s:
core Washington Philadelphia 2
'Vashington has woo all three games
laved in the series, which also comes
o nu end today.
Oivlde Honors In 8t. Louis
At St. Louis the visiting 1 ee I'o'il
'nttinns and M e home Nt. Iciii -'trow
ns divided honors in their duiib1"
'lender. The visitors won the t rs
'linn" score - ('lev cla ml 5. St. Louis I
The home team won the second giune:
core St. Louis 4, Cleveland '-'. The
'cams lire tied for the series ha in"
broken even in both their double
headers, thus each hav ing w mi mnl lo t
two games. The series closes to lay
w. s a -
Wing, former : . I'ra n ncu i u w spn , in-
man and connected witi the (rrfit'i
enterprises at Tijuana has .id. del in
the naval reserve, and ep"'ls to le
stationed at San Pedro with, i i he iie.l
few days.
Bees, Degraded, Go To Third
Place In League, With
Vernon Up Second
P. W I Pet
84 47 37 .660
H3 4 37 .B54
78 4.1 39 JS51
M2 40 42 .488
78 .15 4.1 .440
8o .1.1 50 ..198
I. os Angeles .
Vernon .
Halt Lake . .
San Francisco
Sacramento .
Oakland . . .
Tastorday' Rattlta
j At Haernmento -Wan Francisco 11.
' Hneramento 3.
At I .ns Angeles Los Angeles 4, Halt
Lake 2.
, At Oakland Vernon 1, Oakland 0.
Walter McCredie, who, once upon a
lime, visited Honolulu with the Port
land Reavers, since kicked out of the
Pacfir Coast League, has with his Bait
Lake eBes fallen from grace. They
have, also, lost the leadership of the
Pacific Coast League.
It all happened yesterday when Salt
Lake lost and Los Angeles and Vernon
won their games. The Angels ascend
ed to Station No. 1 and the Tiger like
wise went up. and both of them carried
on over the top of the MeCrecfic crew,
for the Bees are now third on the list.
Two of yesterday 's games were fair
enough, judging by the scores, but one
was a frightful affair, also having in
view the figures of the score totals.
Playing at Oakland, the Bill Kssiclj
I Tigers from Vernon had the audacity
to actually shut out the home Del
Howard Acorns; score Vernon 1, Oak
land 0. This mnkes two for Vernon
; and nothing for Oakland,
I At home the Wade Killifer Angels
defeated the visiting McCredie Bees
. score Los Angeles 4, Salt Ike 2. The
two dubs have broken even so far in
the series, each having won and lost a
It was at Sacramento when the once
lovely and meek Seals of Mr. Graham
trounced the Bill Hodgers Raw Meat
Katers, the score after everything had
been done and said readingHan Fran
cisco 11. Sucramento .1. The Solons
have lost both games of the series.
w. a. a.
Such is the Opinion Formed By
Coast Swimming Critics
During Present Tour
Late Sun Praneisco papers received
in Honolulu devote considerable space
to the doings of the championship II a
naiian trio of sw iinmers Duke Kaha
na m ok u. Harold ("Stubby") Kruger
ami Clarence Lane.
Here are a few excerpts on the Ha
waiian boys, uinler the San rraneisco
date of their publication:
SAN KK ANCISCO, June ltf Two
more world records were strung up at
Neptune Beach yesterday afternoon by
the Hawaiian new uf swimmers. Duke
Kahnuanioku clipped a second off C.
BrettingV record for the 100 metres
mnl came within I 5 of his open-water
record for the distance when he was
clocked ut 1:01 I 5. Clarence Lane
copped three seconds off tha 80-yard
record held by C. M. Daniels, negotia
ting the distance in 42 seconds flat
SAN Kit A N CISCO, June 15 Several
vears ago the late James K. Sullivan, at
that time secretary of the A. A. U
cabled Honolulu that records were not
smashed bv seconds. A young Hawaii
I a n Ifa I cracked the existing record for
Mlie eeiiturv swim bv live seconds, and
it yy as months before Sullivan would
I allow the mark to stand ou the record
i Duke I'aoii Kahanamoku was the
I youngster yvho lowered the record by
'live full seconds, and his performance
in lull startled the aquatic, world
The next year he journeyed to Stock
holm and theie met the world's best
I uatators. returning with a new record
i for the 100 meters. Since that time Duke
' has set ii number of new records and
! in his last big meet created two new
world's murks in the 50 and 100 yards.
His records fur these distances are 2.1
ami 5.1 seconds, respectively.
Few athletes attain world's records
at the age of seventeen, but Harold
"Stubby" Kruger, the blonde Hawaii
an, has that honor. A year ago Kruger
established a world a record in the 100
yard backstroke in Honolulu harbor,
and since that time the boy has set
number of new records in his favorite
event, and before the tour of the con
tiiient is ended he ia expected to lower
y record in
Pel Monte
the backstroke. In
meet the youngster
record iu the century
i'd his own
syy i m.
Clarence Lane has been swimming
under the shadow of Duke tor many
vents, ami the i liumpioii swimmer owes
in,,, I, uf his success to Lane. In the
ly. i, laces when Duke lowered hi
win Id's leconls Lane was close behind,
lui, I - yy i in in i ue; enthusiasts predict that
il,,- voung Hawaiian star will be Duke's
s nu ess, i when the older swimmer
thiows usnle his swimming togs. Lane
i olds tlie world's r ird for twenty
live vnr.ls. and in an attempt to lower
th. v orld's .mark in the fifty-yard
event he smashed his own record aud
came v ithin 2 5 of a second the world's
I,.-. t ti made l.v Duke. Lane is
only eighteen veins of age. and should
have a gieat future in aquatics.
W. S 8. -
Baseball is a fast game in a way,
vet in a iv n v it is quite slow,
Battling Neale dropped Bill Killefer
for the count and the public still is
waiting fur John Teuer to reuder a
Commiawiona a second lieutenants
may reach Jar vis Roy Patten, James
Sinclair and Owen Thomas Webber by
Saturday, or early in the eomtag week.
as each one yesterday eomp'eted his
naturalization aa an American ritiren.
Ml three were members of the Inst
reserve officers' training ramp at Seho
Held Barracks, but failed to obtain full
qualification for commissions owing tn
the fact that they still lacked full
eftltenshlp. They are all Britishers.
It was necessary to complete a ninety
day period of waiting for their final
papers and these were given litem yes
terday in the United States court.
The papers were turned over to the
military authoritiee In the afternoon
and the Information baa gone forward
o the war department. As all the
other island boys who qualified at the
seme camp received commissions us
officers, these three will now be given
heir 'shoulder straps.
All three have hsen attached fo local
regiments, two aa privates and one a
Castle & Cooke,
s'w i llantailon Compagy
Wailnkn Agricultural Co., Ltd
Apr kaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Knhala Sugar Company
Wahlnwk Water Company, Liu
fYlton Iron Worka, of St. Ijoiiii
Babcoek A Wilcox Company
Green ' Fuel Economirei Coin .an
('baa. C Moore A Co., Engineers
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lies in -.pending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make nur
money earn
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
Kegular Bailings to BRITISH
COU MBIA (chunge at Victoria, B.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver is con
necting point for passengers by
to or via tS. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mini
treal), FIJI, N F.W Z I' A I. A N I and
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
F.vva Plantation Cu.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd
A-pokaa Sugar Co., Ltd
Pulton Iron Works of St. Loui
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Babcoek ti Wilcox Boilers
Oreen'a Fuel Kconumiatir
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co
Kohula Sonar Co
chinery of every disci iption made to
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T. IL, as second t 'ass matin i
SI ' Ht-'t K 1 PT ( I l I l ls
Per Year .'.'.no
Pur Year ( fore i vju , . . if . i ei
"ly-able Invmiubly in ad'uiur.
Th AssocUud Prsss U sxclusiveiji i-
titled to th uh for rsyubltuailou of .'II
asws-dsspatctiss orsdlted to it or ic.t utlit,
wise erodltod to this pspsr aud lo the
local news pubUaead tasrsln.
0. S. CRANE, BiMtUieoH Manager.

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