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SO, Ills Last twenty
tot . hoar' ; rainfall .00.
Temperature Mln. T4 J Vf et
14. Weather, pertly cloudy
AH MaU MaatlaM and Ona WlMtlaM
,' M'-
Honolulu, havvaii territory; -frida ' fjmes 1918. semi-weekly.
VOL. Lit . NO. 53
J I . A fll lvV7"VCV(CS V X CVa, ff -lA VMCV'AV yttil k-W . . . ,
:VMiyr..W'i iww jotv 1 '
Thousands off.!:
Arc Mowed pGa By Artil
lery tad Two Thons&d
Prisoners Taken in
Day's lighting
Italians Hammer Away At
Most ' Powerful Austrian
Positions And Strategic
Values of Recent Gains
Prove Immense
NEW YORK, July 2 (Asso
ciated Press) Successful
in their mountain offensive the
Italians are still hammering away
at the most powerful of the Aus
tr'a.. defensives and pushing on
to ihe oositions which command
1 a ri j M,
nt rvswgw riavcau ana win c-
able their krtillery to render use
less for communication the rail
road line that parallels the Aus
trian front. Against the heavy
counters of the Aystrians they
re holding all of their gains and
these new positions are of a
mighty strategic importance.
The Brenta River now protects
the right wing of Diaz mountain
force against the possibility Of."" enemy raiding parties were circu-,
. flanking by the foe while the leftpyreiribta .it of piii.g VTC W7 VlOT IOR RFC.I H ACTIONS
I fV, flank is sinkilarrt protected by two! ing. The, enemy Infancy aeame. to ba IN Ji W LiyUUIV IV E. VI J lt 1
ground put(the Austriafis at a
serious disadvantage.
Massed forces of the Austrians
were again thrown against the
heights which the Italians now'
hold from Monte di Valbella to
the Brenta and were mowed
down by artillery as fa,st as they
were sent forward, never gaining
even a foothold on the heights.
So well directed was the fire that
numbers were cut off by barrage
from their main bodies and were
forced to surrender, two thousand
laying down their arms and ask
ing for quarter, it was reported
in night despatches from Rome.
"Our losses were small", it was
officially stated. Enemy attacks
in the Meugna region were also
repulsed, it was said. On the re
mainder of the Italian front the
day was normal and there were
only local engagements.
Admission was made by the
Austrian war office of serious
losses of valuable terrain. Wire
less messages from Vienna pick
ed up in London contained this
admission and said that they had
been compelled to completely
evacuate valuable positions at
Col del Rosso and Monte di Val
bella at the western end of the
Italian front.
W. 8. 1.
WASHINGTON, July 1 (Official)
Demand for an explanation have been
. made by the I'nited Htate upon Tur
key. This government has prevented to
the Ottoman government the report
which it ha received of the sacking of
an American hospital and attack upon
the American consulate by Turkish
troops when they took Tabris, the sec
oud city of Persia recently.
It Is understood that the character
of the troops that were guilty of the
depredations may have an Important
influence upon the action which this
government may feel called upon to
take. '
".!' ' J riirimi rii irrrnn .1
ssedTrcops t t i I Mlrrrn.S N -
In One Day Fifty-three . Planes
and Six Balloons Destroyed;
Allies Make Gains
WASHINGTON, July 2 ( AnHwiatM
PrMtV Heavy air louses are being In
fliftecl upon tne Germans by the Allies
all a Ion r the Western front nr Similar
Wll day of air dinaiitern which per
ha tie excels any the foe has auffered.
On that ilay fifty three Teuton plane 1
were ahot down ami six balloon were I
deatroyed. Of these the Trench avl- j
atom and air defenie foreee destroyed
the six balloon and twenty-one planes .
while the British forces accounted for'
thirtv two planes. I
A'-'loji Maka Oaina
East of the V'illers Cottorets forcttts
the French jreatenlay captured some ,
strong commanding poaitiona on the I
heights, the night Paris report 6nid. '
In a aeries of operations on Sunday .
ni(ht anil yeaterday morning they im- I
proveil their positions near rally en 1
Vouloia, repulaed enemy counters and ;
eaptured a valuable position near Cutry j
to the louthweat of Soissona.
(To the northwest of Altx-rt Oeneral
Hlg r,port BUcceiaful operation! by
his force and rapture of fifty pruon
era in addition to gains in terrain.
Hons Claim Captive
German claim of prisoners taken
during the period from the opening of
the offenaive ou March HI to the pres
ent time were made yesterday in des
patches from Berli which aaid that
191,434 of the Allies had been taken.
Of th!e it ia asserted 94,0:19 were Brit
iah, K9,0I'() were French ami the remain
dor American, Belgians and Portu
guese. Pershing Report
General I'erahing in hi coiiimiiiiiiiue
reMrted considerable air patroling and
activity on the Marne sector and that
1 tannic. tarvuKH r rwu (.vtriivrj m
thueiastic greeting to General Pershing
when, for the first time, he set foot on
this soil that is claimed by Germany.
Casualty reports given out officially
yesterday were five killed in action,
four who died of wounds, Ave of other
causes, seven of disease, one by an air
plane accident and twenty six severely
wounded. One is reported misgiyg.
Lonilon welcomed and entertained
a large number of American troops.
Last night there was a notable en
tertainment at the Pulaco Theater.
Vice-Admiral Sims expressed American
appreciation of the spirit of the British
in welcoming the V. 8. forces.
w. a. a.
Flour Millers Must Make Resto
ration Under Orders From
Food Administration
WASHINGTON, July 2 (Associut
ed Press) Profiteering millers must
return to the government the amount
of such excessive profits which they
have secured. This is provided by
regulations which were made public by
J'ood Administrator Hoover yesterduy.
The previous regulations provided
that not more than twenty five per
cent profit should be charged by flour
millers but by the charging of a
"trade commission" they succeeded in
increasing their profits to forty five
The senate has refused to yield to
the opposition of the bouse to an in
erease in the minimum price of wheat.
It overwhelmed a motion to instruct
its conferees that the. need of such an
increase is not imminent.
w. s. a.
RIO JANEIRO, July 1 ( Asociate,l
Press) Brazil will celebrate the inde
pendence of the United States of Amer
jea with that country on Friday so " ;ll
be done by other South and Central
American countries and belligerents
against Germany. Proclamation whs
issued today declaring the date a gen
eral public holiday and lauding the
United States iu its purpose of defend
ing the! freedom aud rights of the
nation of the earth.
w. a. s.
peal to the people of the world for their
moral and financial support for an effort
to establish a Czechoslovak republic
was issued by the C'zecho Slovak work
iugmau's council here today. The
council said that there are 6,0()0,0)
Czechs in Austria and 2,000,000 Czech
Slav in Hungary.
SECRETARY OF WAR BAKER who yeterday issued ordert
making even more stringent the rulr prohibiting furnishing
liquor to soldiers and creating number of new dry zones where
small force are encamped.
- . 1
' " ' -
- '-. :"' '
: ... v"' j
- '
..'., ...v
. :
1 1
WASHINGTON, July 2 (Associated Press) New regulations govern
ing the use of Intoxicants by officers of the army and soldiers and for the
establishing of new dry sonea were Issued by Secretary of Wax Baker yea
terday In accordance with a proclamation of the President. . These regula
tions absolutely prohibit the giving of wines, beer or liquor to officers and
soldier In private residence under any and all circumstances.
New dry cones are established where small bodies of troops may be,
especially covering border garrisons or border towns where patrols may be
stationed. The regulations establishing such sons provide that no-liquor
shall be Introduced into, sold or given away or transported to or la sonea
where a many as 250 men of the army may be stationed for a period of
more than one month.
Million Men Affected By ! Regulation
WASHINGTON, July 2 (Associated Press) Nearly one million men, it is
estimated, are affected by the "work or fight" regulation under the Selective
llraf't Law, which became effective yesterday. Definite decision on many ques-
j tions are expected to bo rendered soon,
lie employment in ossein nil industries, un 1111s ponn nciiorm browner huh an
nounced that he will await specific instance to render decisions aud make an
nouncements. These will without doubt be of sweeping importance to thousands
of men who ure affected by various specific rulings.
Yesterday draft officers started work in calling registrants before them to
determine whether they must lose their deferred classification.
In New York Btate yesterday there weut into effect a law against idling
which is similar iu it terms to the laws of New Jersey, West Virginia and Mary
land. One reason for the passage of the law was that the New Jersey statute
had driven 1111 undesirable class and inaiiy other iii'luMrial slackers across its
borders to New York.
The law is designed to meet rich and poor alike.
WASHINGTON, July 1 (Official)
To safeguard against the possibility
of a shortage of fresh beef and other
incut for Mammy five huge refrigerat
ing plants are to be erected in France
and will be filled and kept filled, un
less the shortage shall partinlly de
plete the immense supply of meats
which they will contain. They have
capacity for between thirty and forty
1111 1 1 inn pounds of beef, sufficient to
furnish ten pounds for each man of
an aruiv of three million men.
Ice manufacturing plants are to bo
contained in each of the five build
ings. The I'nited States has furnished
all of tin- iiiiiihinery and nil of the
materials except lumber and concrete.
The army is now operating on plant
which Ims a capacity of ten million
hiiiiiiIh and this is to be increased to
twenty million pounds capacity.
w. a. a
TOKIO, July I (Associated Press)
-The American British society has
been formed here and plans to pro
mote the spirit of cooperation in mat
ters of mutual interest and in the de
velopment of tho ideals of the two
covering what may be aud what may not
WASHINGTON, July 1 (Official)
Heirroiiatioii of the casualties to the
' A iin.rl..ii , ,,Ail i t wtnfl r v ffira furniih-
es some interesting raets, one or tne
most striking being that of the Ameri
can Marines only one is known to be a
prisoner and two are missing. It is
possible that the enemy has taken three
members of the Marine Corps although
its total casualties bus beeu more than
Of the !l'll casualties in the army
U91 were killed in action and
died of wounds ami other causes, mak
ing fatalities ;i71iU, the wounded were
04 and the missing iu action, iuclud
ing prisoners were .'IN.').
Among the marines there woro 407
deaths, H42 wounded and two missing,
while one was known to be a prisoner
iu the enemy 's hands.
NF.W YORK, July 1 ( Associated
Press) J. II. Kosseter of the Pacific
Mail HteauiKhip Company has been ap
pointed director of operations for the
I'. H. shipping board.
Mr. Kosseter is vice president and
general manager of the Pacific Mail,
general manager of W. R. Grace & Co.,
and president of the Sperry Flpur Co.
Hospital Ship, Lighted and Car
rying Red Cross In Lights, Is
Struck Down With No Warning
From the Darkness
Commander of
Steamer Had
Diver Says
Aviators and
Aboard and When
Proyed Wrong Shells Boats
LONDON. July 2 ( Associat-jhas important interests and where till
ed Press) Sailing the, seas, rines were landed and have for some
on errands oL mercy, traveling at
night with afl lights lighted and
with a great, flaming, electrically
lighted cross to show that it was
a hospital ship, the Llandovery
Castle was ruthlessly torpedoed
bv a Hun submarine whose com-
mander vainly sought excuses for
J n
his actions and then proceeded to
shell life boats in which women
nurses and medical officers had
sought refuge as the Mercy Ship
fo1 ndered. These arc the reports
that are' brought home by the sur
Aboard the hospital ship were
258 persons of whom fourteen
were sister nurses and eighty
were Canadian medical officers
and attendants She was struck
trom ; ihie,ldArkneV
fier own lights were lighted and
a Red Cross, composed of red
bulbed incandescent lights flam
ed, out vividly. The torpedo
struck aft and a terrific explosion
followed, the steadier quickly set
tling. Boats were launched and
in one of these there were twelve
jf the sister nurses. This boat
.-as seen to capsize and all of its
iiimates were drowned.
After the boats left the hospital
ship the submarine commander
called the British captain aboard
his craft and conversed with him.
The Hun insisted the Llandovery
Castle had airplanes and aviators
aboard and though positively as
sured that such was not the case
and that there were only the
nurses, the medical staff and the
officers and crews he indignantly
insisted that if it did not have
aviators it did carry explosives
and insisted the explosion aft,
where the torpedo struck, was
proof of this.
He then ordered the captain
back into his boat and as it was
rowed away they saw the diver
shelling some unseen objects.
presumably other life. boats.
The Llandovery Castle was of
11,423 tons registry, was owned
by the Union Castle Mail S. S.
Co. and was built at Glasgow in
1014 by Barclay, Curie & Co. Her
home port was London. She was
5X feet long, 63 broad and 37
vi p.
w tt
WASHINGTON, July (Associat
ed Press) VicoAdmiral Hims has re
ported to Secretary of Navy Daniels
that the recent tests in European wa
ters of a seaplane propelled by a Lib
erty motor has demonstrated that the
engine has better climbing properties
and load-carrying qualities than the
best motors of European make.
W. a. S.
WASHINGTON. July 1 ( Associat
ed Press) President Wilson today
vetoed the executive and judicial ap
propriationa bill because of the provi
sion to increaae the work of govern
ment clerk frm seven to eight hour.
Complexities Grow and Situation
In Archangel Province May
Cause Complications
WASHINGTON, July 2 (Associated
Press) More than ever complex are
the phases of the Russian situation
which presented themselves yesterday
and in official circles there was some
tlarm of a possible crisis arising with
tka ITnita.l Uln. TV,;. .....
by tn, announcement that a "atate
of war exists" in the lroinee of
Archangel where he I'nited Utate
,'''n stationed
The fact that
the words have in the past been used
in the sense of "martial low" tend
to relieve anxiety.
Concern Is Felt
Concern was freely expressed at the
news of conditions in the province of
.Archangel for American Marine and
Allied forces have for weeks been do
ing patrol duty there and protecting
J"Pf "L''0.'?,; ?
province anil there the Allied forees
.have been guarding arsenals and rail-
road and supply houses, their advent
having been welcomed by the soviet
povernment when they landed.
Vladivostok Situation
Further gains and growing strength
of the Czeeho-Hlavs In Siberia are in
dicated in a Reuters despatch from
Shanghai which said these forces had
dissolved the liolshevist soviet council
and the workmen' and Soldiers ' dele
(rates council in Vladivostok.
Fieri ting In TJkrtlnla.
War between the Germans and the
Cossacks, in some of the Russian die
trieta which the Germans are invading
and attempting to organize, now loom
aa early possibility. , ' V'" '
c The Don. Cossacks are? Terming; a
laige Tvplunteer- smiy, ano ' It 1V In
creasing rapidly.; General Alexin, one
eommander in chief of the Banian
forces, headi the new military organi
ratlon. The German are advancing at Voro-
nash and are arming German colonist
in the Tavriidi district. Ukrainia has
ordered the mobilization of all men
who have not yet participated in the
war and is planning to create eigbt
army corps.
The Germans have occupied Tiflls,
the capital of Caucasus, and are begin
ning there the organization of A astro
German prisoners of war into an army.
NEW YORK, July 1 (Official)
Alexander Konovaloff who was vice-
premier in. the Russian Kerensky cab
inet, was imprisoned and made his es
cape, has arrived here and todav issued
statement to the press on the Russian
situation in which he said: "Russia is
in grav need of immediate help, both
general and military. There is no doubt
that action in those directions by the
Allies would now be welcomed by an
overwhelming majority of the Russian
people if it should be preceded by a
joint Allied declaration that the Allies
are ready to do everything in their
power to assist Russia in accordance
with President Wilson's declaration
that it is their intention to free Russia
and to restore to it the territory that
it has lost and to preserve Russian
democracy by giving her the possibility
of free development.".
W. 8. 8,
Ninety Percent of Soldiers
France Take Policies
WASHINGTON, July 1 (Official) -Ninety
percent of the American expe
ditionary forces carry the goverameut
insurance and the men are keenly ap
preciative of the measure the govern
ment has furnished for their making
adequate provisions for their families
In a cable message received today
from General Pershing bv Secretary of
Treasury McAdoo, the general said:
"All ranks of the American expedition
ary force deeply appreciate the gener
ous measures of the government iu pro
vidiiig insurance for the protection of
their families. Proof of this apprecia
tion is shown by the fact that more
than ninety erccut of the men have
taken out insurance. This making of
wise provision for the loved one
heartens the soldiers and the folk at
home and strengthens the ties that
bind, at the same time making stronger
the bonds that unite the annv and the
people in our strong determination to
triumph 111 our righteous cause.
Ihe tuireau of war risk insurance re -
ported on June zs mat sai,.iw,n.iM,mu
msurance had been taken out by J,t m),-
45.ri fighting men-
Announcement of Intention
to Supply Potatoes tbl!Afl':'n
Belligerents Leads Dis
coveries of Possible
Double Dealing
Intends to Supply Germany
With Fifty Thousand Tons
and Belief is That Offer ;
is Subterfuge and Vio
lates Agreements
S!II.V.TON July 2 .'
(Associated Press) Hoi- 3
land is once more on the verge of ;
serious complications with the Al- t
lies by reason of its policies of
furnishing food supplies to Ger-, 7
many. The course which it has
been discovered the Netherlands ,
purposes to pursue will be consicJ- '
ercd by the Allies, as little .if. at . '
all short of a breach of neutrality ,,
and will probably be met by dras- '
tic counter policies.
Announcement has come from ':,'
The Hague that Holland- has ! '
agreed to export potatoes equally : '
among all of the ' belligerents " V
This announcement was followed
by investigations which disclosed .'
that it is Holland's purposej to
supply -Germany with 50.0Q0 toil's ,
of .potatoe j:,'. v';, . '
-V'- PRETENSE 'SEEN' v ' '
-t , . - , ... . --.s. . , ',
'; Officials here believethat llol "
land is trying to disguise its in-
tentions of sending large quanti
ties of food stuffs, chiefly potatoes 7'
to Germany only and, makes a i '
pretense of willingness to furnish '
to all belligerents. It is said that
this violates its agreement with .
Great Britain and imperils its
agreement with the United States 1
under which it is securing wheat."
and other grains. . ; '
If Holland should undertake to -furnish
Germany with fifty thou- ;
sand or more tons of potatoes the
United States might retaliate by ' ;
forbidding all exports of food ; j
stuffs to the Netherlands and ;
preventing the loading in this '
country of cargoes fpr Dutch i
AMSTERDAM, July 1 (Associated
Press) Another indication of the
rowing food famine in the Central
owers ia furnished br the (Berlin ' '
Vorwaerts, which in an urgent appeal :V
to Berlin to take remedial step says '
that the general food shortage is n "
dermining the morale of the people.'.
"Among them," the paper continue,''
"the question of aa early end to thi
tragic world war has become again of '
the most urgent importance," ' '
Chancellor von Hertling of German
is expected in Vieuna on July 7 or 9. .'
W. a. a.
r-i smn rfllf.
W1AHH I NOTON , July 1 (Official) .
Fourteen destroyers, almost a fleet ia
themselves, will slide down the way
as the navy's participation in the great
"Fourth of July Splash." These , .; -naval
craft will be iu addition to the.' ',. - .
merchant shipping that is to lie launch- 1 '
ed that day and which wIM ntttliber'i'ur'
nearly a hundred.
With Independence Hay only three
days away reports from the shipyards
throughout the country indicate that
the plans of all are going forward -.'
cording to program and that there will
be few if any disappointment!. With
out a doubt the dy in thia country
will be the greatest in launching of
, new snip mar me world ha ever
snip mar me world ha
1 known. Ihe original program would
, ha e tieen a record ' breaker
in htp
I building annals but it
pnssed by reality.
will be far ur-
" '. '.

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