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rail .Wijl , JT
t . ii ra I r i 1 1 l
h AwAntot Gazette, Tuesday, july
Jit.. -. JL. --CiJ
Of Iindortari
r , '' i 1 H II
w I n L'l II I A if t I ft , i
Associated' Prerts)-
-Italian- forces.
AMT:RAfM, ,JJoly ,j(Ao
Nted,lVeM)lromier,von, Wpk
ely. of Hungary, oreated a. ua-
tiorv fl that: ' has i. Jmr.arl .' fntnijllv
Iff . Ttll,
. . 1 . - .
through the kingdom1 add into
Austria, when before parliament
pn Saturday b admitted immense
loe of AaitTO-Unngarlnni la the
battle ong the Italian fron. The
premier .gave, figure, wJifch .teemed
.pntilllngly Urge atthongh they are
meager a Compared , to jttie Ital
ian claims. His speech ha bad
the effect f, breaking bad .news
to the beople' of th final empire.
.The Hungarian ipremier in hi
speech to parliament admitted -the
lom of .18,000 friODV J)ut JUttffht
to palliata the shoek tT elatmlng
the raptttre of .HHt ItaUtna, ETen
mpro atartliiig.wai hii aimistion of
, raiualtira. numbering a 'hundred
thopaaad though ha ald aioirt of
tbeiie los were from alckneim.
v E V ' YOK K1. J i ry
. 1
T -Von ttieir lintish anl l renchAIlica attacked the Anstm-
ucimau lurrrvun TMinraau s una a mruintun fmt ..f .......
ninei.ictend!itg flrtM Jloiite di V tvJbelhi almost to the left hank of
the Brenta Rivet and yesterday rejtil?ed Counter attacks and c.m
hWidated.'rtieif pbsftTUithi ifhey storirtcd aiid took the Austrian posi
tidnfcton Monti dt ValbeJla and other heiKhU and reuire buta short
advance to frain their artillery afonffthe railnad that parallels the
Italian positions ortHhe Asiago IMateau,
It was only after a hiider struggle cn Sattttday that the Italians
and Uieir Allies drove put the Austrian in an engagement at close
quarters, capturing more than eight hundred prisoners, several field
audi mountain jfiina and-a number of machine giuistand munitions,
j the report reaching; Rowie froirl Italian headquarters. Counter
attack .were yesterday. 6itccessfily repulsed hr every Instance al
ihoiiK the etwniy:att(.tktd desperately and in large forces, and posi-
uoria are oemg rpnsaimatcd.t ' Vienna -admits but Sefks to minimixe ordinary iateraat for. th. ontiide world
penetrated advancbd Austrian positions at Valbella but were later ment 'of the profit eafr parUamktary
ejected by Stronf smatf atiacks. . ' j rohinet, which haa held office throtigh-
, .-.Ba!nunTn . - ' '
Tfte-ltal(anloffns1V,ha's come as surprise to'lioth laynleh and
rnilitary'crfrlM for It AaV believed thaVlienerarDiaz" would he coh
tent'to merely htld'JhiKtMn mountain positions ha had against
the tte offensive' that -it believed is intended by'lie Austriaus
when reinforced by GemiBfi, troops. "
W rThe tUck;w "v limited to Moute dt Valbella, between the
brenta River; and Monte Sisfemtol and commanding Val Franzcla,
but extended almost to-the leffHKntr nf tb wh.4 tft., ...i.- -
"c'S"l " .pasao ana kosso, commanding tmsitions of
considerable impitarier ,J : i,. r, t. Kl t, ,
' ' .'J?.'-. mX.''elaM;tfie;tiU(iw of the' Italians to pursue
ih 'Uw:the-Tivt TfyVtr. t is probable that General Diaz
txperte'd ttie heaviest WoW offfte4 ehifhy to be struck airainst the
fountain secfK whicfilS )e iky& the Italian situation and seized
tMioprtortirnty ttf ikeh'the enertiy positions and thus forestall a
thrust i ttle'Brenra RlVfer'bectbf'
-It iS'not b3liefcd thtft the) Italian comn.ander o,nteiyfrfate lokl
objective9-but'iit-will-riot'fcequirtnuch''offt advlfnce thrbViuh the
AMdgo Plateau to placfrhla1laV,i'nV-A1lea artillerv where Jfs
ftre will reach the railroad paralleling the bank- fr..nt held lv the
SVustrians. .
m 1
AiI8TF.aDAM. July ,1 (Anamiated
Pre) The general eleetion in Hol
land Bred for July I, baa more than
It . 11 be the, trat, election to be
hold on the baniii of the rerieeil con
itrhition with .univernaf and propor
tional representation, no thpt the re
ult is more than usually niteertnin.
VTiile. the Dntr.h, aoriajists . have hith
irto refused to participate in the gov
ernment, the-' party now intimates its
readiness to enter an eventual ministry
if satisfactory guarantees are forth
coming regarding the democratic basjs
of ita .policy., t . . .i: L ,
Twenty -on partipe ha.v.e noin'pated
candidates Including the new Economic
Jeagna of -which fhek preaeut FiBaneti
Mjiuit,er, Dr..Trenb, is leader, another
body ealllng itself the League , fr
Deniorratlxarion of. tbe Aniiyt; aaif lit
fjr class, groups clniming t chAnipioo
t' interests of shopkeepers,' the arl-
cultural population oi the police. TheJ
cairyia igBj . is aread in ..progress.
. m
' tl
BMP? .
o the Ma rue.
Jnly (AWeiataiT Kest Tdi- M.-u. u 'v.rn n.i ..n.
bling at au.f biting into the Oernlaii'Unea on the t'rAnt it.. ....iA.
OTLUWPMI Of I Thiir.iAU I hldrrti I 1. .. - avx l
-u cn.uring tne crest of a ridtfe whion itrateirlcallV iiHnmve.
jMaitidn. Taere Wis 0nie Jj.rd hanirtb lmnd' fighting and tHe stormiug partr
ook25 prisons, ami souiergnn.. Tbia, wall the oulv infantry activity rcport
xl in the Krpiich oflicial retWrtM. ' '
On the British front the day VM gfenirily i,uiet ei.-.-pt for nu ntt.-.i.i-ted
raid by the tieru.au in tiW(lty'r IHefrV vfath was repulscl.
' )lUtBKlOftltlj ttXxt. &AJJD
, several points along the Amsflrtan front there were ral.U or rteounter -
fTlTrtr''lV'M i0Uii f" hlqn,. m Heard, mah body
of rierWoa aVkurfd thirt,; ',it of th enep.j, iueluijing due officer. 1., tha
Jsge sector hpvy low, wer, .iiflicted Opon the enemv when an attnriipted
wua..wa ItimJ-ed. In the vitiaity of CWau Thierry henvy heling is re
ported... i , '. .i ' " ' ' i ""i
teura KeMhing' alsti eaW ,that th. Americatis have imprded their po
iKtionteb,aouth of Tortyt ; .
IV .'.f W,W ,hi5f f'- Tlr .Anujr i ai,. at all time,
and in ail planes are mora U,n holding IheiV own and hV.ies.re. the people
atjiouie to understand thai tl, rank and tie are doing splendidly all along he
.-f.UT'f! ('' !tlt"'ti. pH.rger fotS. jf Americans got llrfo the fitht
,uftfJn.HJ inore.i4)rlMt a.fs, the eaaualty lit bus been mouutiug nVore
MH.;0.aaJWe..t4,to,bfawirte4 jfeday rF UH. tat tan .rn.y aj,d
l.o. among the marines.. In yesteralji twftlt)( lUt awoug tU mari.w the
WM wV JV fM01 ' r."W-t.Pe W'lf,W.dl rtyrone and
W i-w utaniag.,. arpijr casualty lle2 v, jttevliimvi of. alu.an killed in
vv-..iv .fvi, iner.jiro.mgiiBeAa XJu-e Irpui . c. Ulertt
There were forty si severely wounilej and one waa wa . prison,.
1 '
i- I pi L
PA.BX4.JuUf. 30TTrAssocit4 Pres..
(W' Je.jurhaf oi, 32a work at 4rt!
wentj-eiaht. .thwuvai . . dollars i.,.laJ
Hi niunt'a tU,Ui year. M f toe
ffAM.iif Aftiattll.;: a qrjrt)lili'.tQ,n
fJljuaerUma art patrons, a.-.oritig 16
tljfcal a.BWil repoit ottjtyf otgaai.-
4fi '
Pttqna of, tficijugiyiu4Ma,i fffif
ilribUtejl 50U ,fiDCt,pi- nsowt hfitJiUM)
cjioitfe, pf,ne wojk bft w:htL,whBl'
Qnibenf of th ogsniitaUcm ddrWed
the! igW. to. apy prtiila piwe by
lot. ... .,f . (.. J I-.. , i"
Anvjbg, Uwwj f-bft ei'viitL wpilt
M, J. WdwJ. ,l;b Uiw4fi "i w .ii r. .v
eph H. Chonte, .New'. to'H '.W' l)
Cady Eaton, Nw Haven, Conn.; Wis
R. Oodobaux and Bertha Welaeh. Han
Francisco; M. Ouggenheim, New York,
and Myron T. Urrri. k, Cleveland.
rtOMK. .Tune .10 (Aaioeiated Pre..
The exMirtntinn of diamonds, ruble.,
.npphires, pearls, and other prjoious
tones bus teen prouibited. I ae reaaoin
for this action is that the VlepYeelaUd
vulne of Ttulian money ha. made It poe
aible for itealeN in Hwitcerland, Grande,
pr Spain to buy these stone in,. Italy
at the market price in, lire and yet get
a handsome bargain, really paying for
a set Of diamonds worth 100,000 lire not
more than rto.OOA 6 70.600 l!n.'At
there bus been accumulated ia' Italy for
m.ny peuturie.s iiast,, large,. quantities
of valuable stones, many of which alnee
ih war have been put on' the market
by needy owner, the feur, baa bfan .c
preasea that Italy has boeh losing mdfh
of this form of her' nationsi wealth,
through exportatiqnn, particularly to
w at tl-U f
AN FRANCIrtCO, June 30 (Ofd
Hal)" KWiaas here hjVe' determined
bi incorporate a " Defense league of
rTf4 RusiHa'. It wtH be the purpow
thiseane to 'ora&ie nlub wlilrt
ill lissevw M4il' fajuiljarwe Uia, inerb
t.ars.witk ,tpe wiml crfwilitlws .in, Hiis-
siaj, U .wijl refuel t : jvucoin the
JJiiit Iituvnk treaty aud win suport
a . firm sUianeu- for .Rum-iu with the
HrrirX PITY, IowaV Juue 30(Xo-.
eiated Press) A three story bpildlhj;
which was being remodeled collapsed J
yesterda.r, crnMliing two adjacent two.
story buildings. Fire started ia the
ruln . ,' ... xi
Last night the casualty list as repoft
ed was six known dead and fiv in
jured while other, were believed t. ,fefd
buried . iM'ttuAth tha Fuiaa,., JU ia; eiti-1
mated the death Hat will reaeh tea and
t lip injured will number, twenty.
r- w. a. a. I
. . ., ... , . . 4
(A4Hf.iated Plies.)
HOMH. .riiae :w
The automobile isdultfy
, , I ..c
hl ' been
iiiiI.Imw.Im.I ;.. Itkt niaiftu k An.
Miands. As oniptired wliif io3;"t)ie
ar now rA naNiiiifaetunat eempasuv
instead of a-j,' with . total eapltal.,ff j
netvir , L'"ii,iUiO,(,in lire . foniparej ip
AO.Oi)O.)i(ti) lire in 1013. Dividend, haw
:sld lye s pornent .s eoinpaea . td 3J
,-;nVAriUlk0TQN,' ilune SO :(OfflriaJ)-Actn.t . outlay . f
the'goertiuient, fof the Hscal year .from July J, 1P17, to
f'rWr.M 3tHW ji0,f,Qrti o,r,.atlexpeni; .,. Jn tines
ot ptmf t,he government has .pent less than a billion dol
lars annoaly,' , K'ow single bill, appropriate far more thna
that aunt and at-eipaiae'i withdufc jhl call 'and Ihe goria '
rliftwpusre.nuUiptif'l tVelve.fgld, ,, i,. ..;'
. ilh .Iditioil to this.lJ.,tHif000,lli0, th govertlqient ent
ViMI.IHIrt.rxKT, ii the three month. prr..oiUi thi fls.al
year, bringing total war expenditure f or: JtLe , w) t"
il".rHK),Ot,0Mi, .
Wr .(ivitips .re now costing th. eountry about 01,--0b0JJflE.dii.V
.UAycHattre.Jtor .tbfl mp.nl.li oJI-Jftuv'
hartng .Vew. a. jbUiivA.nt; ..dllM.rfciftVfcr, m is i
,he.frt;iol ita f.vluftL tide, duc.nrf th... Jus
).Uih1.Vihfl VUj.t'aLatatinrf t(s.S,t'lrX,.W bHe
paTpiiuit. lyilieil.i Hunita,.an(Li.th. f eiififf,
pt.jhdpMe.iivea. jWilf 1 ff. tM.rrV. v,V tU.
liTA .,.vi.a 4n..u,4 f fit . f lilt ' WSF A(ehli Afl tHM. mi
'.rnl .fear ,ttvo. imin.nae .pprepriation lullsi one of thmii
eiita- lltuoat. tuuaJ rfa.tha.biUk warf iitiMstnf Uttjraar.
lay. baeai pnl-e C,'! 'tii-V,,. ' ' A V -. 1V- '"U V ,.
h tit-ti aoniliHLea arO. biUiu ia..teeB of iha iolal.-wkl.
t pte. These hills are th
foet .r th,. I it,l Uit
w nit' rmnm iui.u Um
k . t . i i ill if j. ir.ccrcrrv.i
ill It 1 ' rl'Vli Hit. I ILL
I - iffl 111 Mire Ucoa
' k'V J.l .illUI V II li
1. all Mil II l.ll I II I
. V I 1 I J I IKIl.aTBlMBflBl.Bl . .
. . i j
Army ApprnprUtien Bill aad. the.Fortincatlons Bilb . Tbn
former carries appropriation for 12)80,(KHl,000 and i the
largest single . budget in the history, of the woild. It
movWe for n anny-uf tkeew million men kad it approval
ry the President is expaatpd tpmortow. ' "'(,
The fortiflcationa Bill eairlrt hpproprlad(Shi for tOH,.
000,(11 Id and .is the largest bill' for such jurpsjs iWrorld
U. kpowh. j It cover (nflloiept Hirg. turn fifr th ,'eii(ip
.ent of Km army f three biiljlon,,, uint fith aoeeiiary
orunanerv i nis nui stiii nns ie go i a conference com-.
Miitter for h kcttlement of difference between tile house
and seimte nnnres,Thit, bells-ed, . wi! inet be
difficnlt of ljusfmntT r tt .: '. .. ft' J: L. .
jH&ngre,.- hss eomjdeted ensi(eration4of th KaVal Aj
propriatlen Bill, arryiog appropriation1 of 1810,000,000
ih't:li jn d tn President -for approval. ' ' '
(' Thefe ,thre war measures provide for expenditure of
,iVJ07.r,(MMt h(I ,to pot jnvfide .thl estihiabd,.wt,eost,
fpr.theyrnr for all put pose, and 4p at depsttnwnt". .
.'tThrpe billions of dollar is the balance ,f trade la favn
of ilb, Ignite 1 State fo th. fsrl .yewir.tfiM nd tmlay.
Ktnrirtif.have been .nproxjmately. i billion, of. dollar
find yJnjorts h.ve Mep about fhe billion. -'? n ) '
iim l ine srriamK iMmrri or mt year'. Traoe .as been
"(1,1 ... I M, i . if, : n
Plchar;S!jufcS3tittl8hii LejiolitOr
. I- . tl!. I A.....
M Ijipsyhatof w 1 6etijami,,i vKyl
j(Hil,itf ''i1r1stbtl Vjllk:'tii;:i1'd;
111 tntl lili;ioig tartar' lli Vnrire'iuiiy
.eaU,p,r,;l jlnSa. ih had a , king and
lit limepitVtaeua earerr io.he. tta
tvoaai. iBiiisiAtir... nana, . tie staa.eiett-
d tqiiip iWpir rheuse, ol Uongrii
itt i.n'lv i.ed.lly . Jevnie , knowijij
WkiotH,pen JtAlbnan. Vv eehaa jH-pr
taanWilu!? ta.tf,,in..thp eift4 fro
bIqc, Ills first ' election ' fo ut' leriod
jffirV.i,V Jit. V,V r-.w.HVfe
J! 1 Cantor JUjoitttJ if in, his teventj(
Arst rear. Anil has lioen snfferlne from
111' Jieaith Jtbt caanc for hi recovery!
in i
. . . ii nn,.,r iiinnii
i., tut L iilUlii.tl
2Qm(iiaI)--mriliHry ,6t j.biterlor
I, r.nhlj..tMrivrii.aere to
i dajt. from, Ufliioluiu,. Jiaving been
fo, ih,e Ilawajiu ,a.i ouvest
igate the land question .ml other
. brnbtoih ..nHenfcetlv de
Jl.r ttVAt. A C , , y. . , i v., v r '
,0 the -tie, steamer, with the
aewetary arrived' Prince Tokugn
.w on Aa .iHUriHl Bed Cw mis
lon. r -.'U w- h. . . . ...
tne now-. ni goia foJryiiTn sjanerte... ; .
" - II, I nti W t .
,r r--.r.Ai
k4iU k'kik. aiiiiM
"Vow l-oo eky 'teli me,'HvisWe.l the
wichifa 'fruiiorporal!1'' ' W invented
tbe:'Loirirf''gUVlt"'"The,''llt1uhd of re
rhitV Jalliereri om nllfc Wked at
e" j.hbterfech 'W1" etpeeting hi. !
otilraitB1.) i'hawe'rttto .! luundriim, I
' T,),:' l;-. .'t.4.1tiJr-. -V.
Some W the Bodies Are Believed
To Be Completely Incinerated!
.; , . few Identified , ;v
wocx ciTjr,' i"W, jW 1-4a.m-
ei.ted Press) Ihnhout .yesterday
tht.list. f auartres -resulting from
the eollapae of the building that waa
being remodeled Which, carried vtith it
two adjacent building, ia it fall, eon
tlnued to grow. Th knowm dead now
umber thirty aina. and it ia believed
Ytha't th. total may reach ft ft r. .
Jadgmg r the endltion of several
f tha bodies that have been recover
ed, it l probable that several bodies
.at. bee. eomptetely Incinerated.
TM Uientined dead thu. far .re
fourteen, seven being men and aeven
women. -. .. ,
Jwuj H (tlfilJli. jrrvfeue.' . vne
grett fijictiou, Of ..their 'world. Bill
Iltckeo.1whi4iete. io h,U ll, " 'Oo
was ,lhii bloke. aiiv!l.l"i. '
oUhiLunHi UHiiir
-t 'I.- '1 A, X,
id he. "I
lr( Acrftl BiHjd
Air Uquor Houses (if Garden Isl
and Close But Honolulu Brew
ery Keeps on Selling Beer
' Irkiibn.
4 ... ... h . vam tn .Mt'" ll.nl ii...
lyioyemeni rpr increasea unus . minute : ami never mind,
....... i , them girl, in the road. Now 'oo
Kauai, the
posed to go
island which waa rop-
bon. dry"' Saturday
v BfrrOi - aft the yini Poari t "IT'1 f,
TradWrtaada anlidly- Utid. f .thnalartl- " ",vw.c"""1
ntllvfidthck ff t.y.ffrt. being w'W ;HI ...Nor 'I.-kwu-
611 I. . . Lt ' 1 ' ' .
"'"7 ' k .i... ;..i..ni. .......
rogiuifnt of soldiers on the Islands for I . ? ,T. " . - .-
h.rn.e defvnae. To that end George 1.' ,.',.k,", ,f"rl:
ill tilrar. preaident of the b'o.rd. Isi"1 h ",,h ' i"' at
evening, will not ba qujte ao dry be
u , twee. . and August 80. aa h.d
bee. fgured. It appear. that in the
ehUulatioti the hartet of the Hoaot.ln
brewery te- do a Territory w Id. buai.
aes., aad nht beea ' flgurd and, ' f
fcpurse. tharter of that sort take
brecedebee 'aver regulation of . Jocal
or county liquor boarrt.
A the matter now stands, the K.aai
M particularly, thoae who are em . Tn oor,,orni .iUd, into bi. hund and . Wr 5fTtJ tm
V?Vrf, .fi"' :?1,,t,u j?Bir iioildod an aflirmativo. , Vvlpg b!d out ' their .rtttck. by Sat
Koud offices la tb,urthanfe of re l' .. .jeklHH, .. ,ai, he, VI V lK'unM "'kV5 "'j-brwr
Jtf f.uY.. AHf ,.J1. Optata M, Q. ,i,..tion! A 8ue intelligent lad Hk.,W "t ,t?alWlL .aad Will at one
Jktyfacr . J., ffijj) Ppst Herkld . aya; VOM u WBnleil ifl the Sherlock 'Olwe? fP,, .I..brant3b; there. It ean
' Plnri far the nrpsntrAtirin of nntHrM-.- trim hhlv until Anci'iil ?0 1 T)i l.r
r! ,i -iT-r.-nr rlTr " .1 7 ..T 1 I "
company of .the. ro.lni! ..uuKrd oo;: the
If,, i , ' . ' 1 7 ' . - " 7 .f " "
He address.! the recruit in .gueri. j ftry Tla. h right to el (n ttupintitics
What lcksou as j' told you. i ow ,ai ino qoxeq .pome, ouw "
correct. The Lew h trim like tbU one J ! nnderBtood. will .C.tOaiir part With
'I. 4 K
rurre.1. i hit iirmn jjiiii line ium iruv 5 . o,ww, . ,.. M..vun..
'ere ( 'Opkius, wheu vou've fin ishod , the brew .only by $6, b.rrc
..... . . i it
Biff Island have been autnoriacd by
Adjutant (Jonerai Wyne jn Honolulu,
Aaftoiding to. wireless despatches, re
enired, hr Paptain . Waltr .V. Allen,
ackier amwr preaeut, thi ioir"ing
ARaymoid Klliott, chemist at the Ha
kaUn Plantation, will be first lieuten
ant comniandinir. the comnnnv. and J.
'V.cM.rieie, of .Hpnoiul. -ilV be aocebd); they re wrong
lieutenant and second in command, i Beef "
Both these men have had wide expert I A fat faced recruit broke in,
n. with national guard work and corporal, , I thought the Belglaus- -V
with task of orga.i'Mfloa. I The corporal turued pn him like a
The work of gritting the required ' Hash. "Me boy, you don't 'aire to do,
number oi enlistment will-be rushed no thinkin not yet. Your job is to1)
throarh here .. speedily as possible . lUt an to bloke like me, wttat punt
Vnd' rerrulting nieetinga will be held to tea. Ii you ew to use your brains
atrokin' the lo k. of ycr neckV 'Was
invented by t'obunel Je,wis, of the
American Army. You'll find plenty 'oo
will tell you that the Lewis gun is a
Bolgian, but you ean take it from me
ut of . it altogether,.
people .re, fpr ,tjie 'present, only, jp
their w.y tb.th.. desert. , . .V.
The hrewarV will klsn cnnlin'lie tn
io business wilh ' Maui and Hawaii,
to'An.Tuat L'O, these island (till being
1 5 11 'rt; :i-Tf
V-0 1 'I I ' 1 e ' T T ' 1
AHi Vir M t'ti
inmoii ur unnu
i ' liot llr rLUUK lu Dt j.wys;;
lively, dated June 23. rruiih' o'rganlr.. J
itoaVl posiUJ 'pe4. ' poruplele fthysi 1
Ml CDAiMinenf,. ,.a;a arrpce rrmi uy
tVmty njntb nd " wir.bjss tqtnl enlist
ment . of twenty eighth.'
f filie.ner n ,.1 th Hoite
0ir4 rjtai.piiy, N'ft.W.. pre sw.rn
in last fajghti aiaking a poster strength
of 108 men, and on completion of the
physical exaatiaaitlona puly one man
found to hare bee reieotpd.
AThi mnwngi Captain i W V..AUO.
will .uotify .lqnatara u , apnoium
tai the. rviie4 atreacth of 4Q(X neh
.Ifet been btaid. aad mustering
.a : 11 v. . . .1.. Kv lu Innliv
Mjiu.. Kea, ariing here KundMy
OAiCUANO,1 j..e ar-.(6(lici.n One
thousandr JtapanOM te-t hnW an
lftm1c.uiE4io. ,VDiy" i-lebratiun
here. They wiH be .ddxsd y cly
foetal aad prumiiieut Jopa who
will etplai. how th. Jap.heaa can best
aid and ant tor unity' with tk. United
States, uasUting i. tJ world battle
for the ranse of demoenuiy. They will
pledge! thMr fujlet vW-Prt 't )iY
kWlh jwiiilvaa int. I.tbertX Bonds. Var
tiovluKl jv1 Thrift. Ramps, Hod tlrons
ianlribntjotii' and in other ways thej
OultM N.tWTl. it movhmont and in
. ,-r-.-y-,W , .t , r., jald iwe s porcnt . qomparea . to, 3.0
iVI&Tfiltt ARff It'll I pn Wrwt in ipi Export pj. auimo.
Ci'l . - bile bve increased in val'u. JMrlyL
HllT WORT)!, Texu. jMly (Av, tmir tiIMM, f,oW 3i,anq,9O0 .lire to
.ociated Prens) -,Iueniiivt Willim . 41M0O,QUi. . i
hV )oee.ntl.rr of th r.
Ravenall of the bistrtet of Columbia
and Corp. Bay Dauuing of Ton. were
ItiHuil in ii ii m i.t uiiln u0..i,lMiit h.r,. t-a.
terday. j
The ime ni' puHxenircr cars liV private
persons Iiiik tieen forbidden for, year,
' so h t In iiive motor and lulirieatlmr
oils for military purposes.
PAtO OINTMeiST,i guaxwnteed to
cur. blind, blskdiag, Itching or pr.
'trdlig Vitus' ia eVto' l day. or
money refunded. ' Mannfactnred by
the PARIS MED1CIMJ CO. , St. Lah-u.
D. S.A,
grows eve'ry time. th Hf""10 ,Kea
nulls out. for aid Ofthu. More. ia b
A indicated bv the sale, of noIa-'i log constantly, rushed Utb Hila. bow
.alert an.l( retile,r, both bUn'oess fiver, so that therp 1. , little, danger of
nouses and housekeepers In lono;ujuj.a,.noringc, oerorje. tne trap i .pruag
are responding tn n satlsfnctor? wayJ oft tne liquor, bus i pass in,tbi Terr
t i thi inat ructions of tbe food adminis-1 tory on August 20. ....
tration in regard to the "nlo and ueil). It is snid that., all of the saloons
or notir. mnco tne move tiga,inm
certain restaurants Inst week, the eas
ing, bouses pf the city have lo in
more eareful. Aeeording to informa
tion received, many, of the. bakeries,
however, have not bee. following in
jtrmitiojiv The result ut thin ia, that
permit are now issued tn retailers for
purchases from wholesaler of flour and
rice, in order that a eloeer tab- may
b. kept. i . .
. In checking up, the fopj. a'loiin'istra
tion ha found that one macaroni fac
tory in Honolulu and one in Hilo have
alrendy used their flour supply, respect
tively, to the end of July, with the
result that they will have to go out.fif
business until they are entitled to flav
kllowancea. This week bakerie. of th
city will be
foii.d that l
their nllow.ne.e they
food Administrator Child explain
that there is only one month' supply
of flour in the United State available
fur the market, while th. country has
two and . half months vet to run be
fore the new supplv comes in.
i .1 ' r, . ti w; S.' iU4u
,lii 4ltQo '.would keep . open., to' Aueuct
.poying th, license for a, yeai; but
tb.t, . few .on, Yet.. Hawaii woiad
ejQfie. Rlo dealer expect to dp . re,
ord bust nest around tfuljr 4, tjiifl week
The stateuiea't 1 Qiade that one deal
er is heavily stocked ,w'.0l. Hawaiian
wiue, upon which . he stand to lose
CUnhidaable, as It I hardly possible
that he can. clear it off before being
jWVirfd to y'yy' v, V
U"T.. . a roualderable ark bf land attached
cheeked up and if, it ,is. kaJI beea i-.oqniied ntar Queen stow,
ny of them are ahead, pf for AlBeflo.n mV1 hoipital. It wll
cestbeywPl biro be entpff.iv. ..,, . . .w .... .
1 ON DON', j ii ly 1 ( Assqj- l t ed Pre)
J'rince Alexis, .crardlug tg (lermani
newmiiiiers, is H.-iinusly 411 and was
u on tile to leave Tobolsk to join his pur- '
cuts ut Kkateriuburg. lie is being
nursed by Princess Tatianu who re
uiuined by hi bodsidu,
QL'KluNbTOWN, June 20-.(Aocia
tad Pr.sa) A largo dwelling house, with
a considerable atah bf land, attached,
be used for ntb from American war
ships. Wooden dormitories will be a8d-
ed to the existing! buiVtipg e to
bnug . capacity of the hoajrltal ,ivp
to 85(1 beds, Th dormitories are be
ing built in sections in America ami
shipped to Ireland a knpckidovin form.
,. the fpUqwIh .gear i wilting ship
ment .on the Island pf lfW(iii; Opo
mew. 0J5.0O0,; Pepfiike 4,0(!' Houo
IU H. CU.400.; Hf wai',, 10. 1 ; fl a
nmknii, M.IOil; Kaivjikl. VJ.IMM); l.iiu
pahoeh.ie, 5H.IMI: Wuiuliea, il'l.lHMI
Olua, none; Hilo Kuirar Co.. lll.iKMI:
llaknlnu. IMt.Ut.l; I'uauhnii. !5,oK'; 1'una
luu, 1U,I15; llouuupo, U,'.'00.
Kaiser Asks . General To . Stop
' .Shelling.uf Is Moved By Other
Motivc$ Than . Religious Scru
' le WwAt!ibn -
Refuses To 0jvulge Secret Until
' Germarr'forces Are Out of Bel
gium Even When Written To
i By the Pope
Li (D'DON, July l(Associat
4 ed Press) One religious in-
ktittttion may ' he .pared by the
Huns in Belgium for the kaiser
has sent k request that the hom-
bardtnent; of it shall -ca?e. The
moving power is no religious
scruple but the fear that the lo
cation of the grave of a? relative
may never le' known if the bom
bardment shall go on.
; It has been learned at British
headquarters that the kaiser sent
a letter to the German command
er asking him to cease shelling
md to Fpare 1he Trappist monas
tery at Mont des Cats which has
recently been under heavy bombardment.
The prior of this monastery is
the only person who knows the
location of the grave of Trincc
Max of Hesse, a relative of the
Uaiscfho died in the monastery
. tn- K 1-inl Kai.ii ulw-.fr ill 101.1
aui 1 1 v. uau uvvi. .tiii.... ... .'i.
Trevious to the letter -which
the kaiser sent to his commander
he had written to the pope asking
him' 'to learn, and Jn form hint of
..7 . -. 1 t
the lcitMHsf this grave. , The.
pope' sent th letter to the prior
who replied that he would never
divulge his secret so long as
German forces occupied Belgium.
The prior is believed to be still
in the monastery in spite of the
shelling. whiCjh it has been given.
Mrt. Eeiliveau Ordered To . Pay
Penalty For Conspiracy;
Counsel Takes Exception
1 ' Priaecas " Theren Wilcox Bellivenii
ivas seuteueeil by Circuit .InJge Heeu
yesterday ini-u ln : i i.i.e eirs im
piisoliiiient nt li.i'il lab r in Ouhu peni"
teptiary, us a rvsun oi liei i-uiivii-tion
on charges of having entereil into a
conspiracy to iletnuni ili. heirs of the
estate ' of the late Queen l.iiiuokaliiiii,
by meuus of a I'oiged doiuiinent pur
porting to be a last nill ami testuincnt.
. ..Tames Kealuha, convicted as her part
ner in the conspiracy, who posed us nun
of the two H'itneHses to the "siuu
ture " of the Queen, a. sentenced to
three years at hard labor in the hiuuc
fir Trials Deuied
Motions for new trials for both of
fender were denied by Judge lleen,
who - thereupon proceeded to sentence
tile conspirators.
ICxceptions, only, were noted by An
dre.' A Piltuiau, uttorneys for Mrs.
Belliyeau, to the wnti'iice ami tflic
denial of the motion. If thei-e nre car
ried up to the supreme court, the lat
ter will rule upon, them and, if the
ruling be unfavorable, will probably re
sult in Mrs. Beiliveau entering prison
of tlw JiTSm isVtM ot to hr.
. Attorneys' ur , Kcalohu, instead of
puling exceptions, announced that they
would take a direct appeal to the bu
prmue, coprt. . , ,
Other Indlctnieuts
There are still indictineiit haugiiig
over both the defendants in connection
with the forging of the Queen's sig
nature to the which Mrs. BoHi
veau filed in the court as that of the
This, mux i brj.Mg tn mi inolile close
thUsi'.rnfiihl rlMA. Belllveiiu, w'ho self
(tylns . hv?w.)i. ViJ" im esK, " and lio
etltli)l Vasliuvl'n soriet when slie
'out there as the wife of the Hist
delegate to convress from HavMlii. the
.bite Holiert Wiliox. nhoiit eighteen
years uj;o. ,
. W.
Nil ' I of sulTer:nn from i-iiiini'S in
tile Ktouuirh or intestiiiil oiiitiH Chiini
lieilain's Colic nml Uiauhoea Remedy
never ti il- to telieve llie must severe
cnyen. (iet it toduv. tlu'ie will tie no
time In i ml Inr.tt mIIi-i the :ilta. k
conies on. Km s-ile bv nil dealers.
Benson, Smilli . Co.. I, Id.. Ayents for

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