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Ei Oa Your Trail
!;,'r' ' ; .
Ciljf' treasurer Says Merchants
.1 jppeirriiU Pay licenses In
Only One-fifth of Usual Number
' and Days of Grace End Friday
.i'A ! I ...... ,y. .
?arnant ana. vendor of Honolulu
fetter "kick through" with their
license feet'for (b omlng year t 'of
btfora July Of they ,.wTll have the
otto on their trail, if City. Treaturm
CoakUng't word Is to bt taken, terioe-:
on thi matter , . - - i .- I
tjeeo f mi for Van City ahd 'County -ilf
ilOttoHilu frtl tlu yesterday, and, an
na ttoa th feutom in th pat;
clerical klp waa put on the job ia the
eity treasurer office to handle the tx-I
pected 'crowd of eager, 'cheerful license
hjrrhlrh generally Knee op on July .
1 .khd' tmirttfgly pases over the 'coin
wofch allows thein to continue birsines
for" an'other -year. ' The aforesaid eager
and'ebearfuT one stayed away IH large
ambera and when the reeeipta for the
dty wer counted in the- afternoon the
total waa xjnly ?40O'while the. receipt!
on JblY 1 last Veaf. totaled, more than
lllod." , ' " :.
Tbi ia fke dullest Jhry first I ever
fiiw laid Treasurer Conkling yester-
flay Jip be. looked in vain for a long
tlte 'of eastonterb, ."and I can give no i
rtmsoa tor It, Ueeilsees'tiave either ton
gottea' the date or have put off the
JhrV'offle untir the last minuter They L-f yet, were powerless to help Huha
Mte'Dntu Jailt 0, however, to l nut of his predicament..
ioW kigfnaeyif life, after that t well, '
.than Jfa a. tnattet for the police. I
hopa" I wdn't lave to resort to. this lat
tei1 aespeflientjbut' limes are hard and
th'fc eauaty' needs the money."
Barring oMlearst
Lives Saved arCcach pcasse'd' By 'Corps
a. -t-T T" C I T J W.r M j' as as i, ra
"Steamboat Bill" Rescues Young 'Executive Committee To Recom-
, -Chinese from Watery , crave
-At Walkikl on Sunday r '
WilHatn W. Keaweamahi;bttei
known as "Steamboat Bill," one
of the life guards at the Wialklkl
i'h, saved nana Ydunrf, a nlae
teen year hid Cuiheee Jftftilk, f rom
drowning at one thirty last Bunahy
afternoon. , , .
The yonng Chinese had gone 'in
bathing with a party of friends.
Home, seventy five, vards f fans the
kToana-, Hotel pier Hqna got Into
water wntcn reacted to bis should
era. A wave a truck him and bf
went under. H was telaed ' tth
erampe and his frantie elTorta to
swim and the outeriea tff Msfrifni4
brought Keaweamahi quiekly to
me spot. - - '
MTkes Keaweamahi reached Heals
the .vooa? Chlneae was goinj under
for the third time. E pert knowl
edge of how to handle a drowning
person stnnd Keaweamahi In Ifood
stead and even though he bad to
bo at his buiineas with awiftnesa
he bronght the young man ahor
without much trouble. Ia a Short
tim Hana reeovered from kis mis'
adventure. He was loud ia his
pTaieea of Keaweamahi 'a timely as
sistance nrd so were his friendai
who saw how It all happened and,
mnd That. Jews-Dealeft Be
.puMv.Tf rSt6pt?rinoir0
Ttmltto tlje lsjan,ds ;,
. Tit5Gei.1oa 6pr7rng''to'ave the
Hearst pnblic at ioaa barred out of Ha
waii, probably bv voluntary action 'n
the part of the dealers, is scheduled' tb
nme vp fth-'diacusirthn at the tloopday'
luneneon ton of the Hawaiian Vigil
aff Ootpa.
Aa tfl rrfany other 'part of tHe Vnlt
ed Htates, a strong feelinc has dovelon
d la Hawaii that Hearst and what lie
Benjamin Citmao.
Pjfcs'Nejlr: Boston
w. a. a.-
rn'i-f ill- nil i i-ri ii in v mvflTP inp ipyt
-.' . ;t VtV it i 4s I
..aja- t 1 . - ?1 r- I
tslirhated to Have Been Six
'.Times Normal Years Brought
It s 'estimated fhat eollccHomi in the
internal revenue office here in the fis
cal year Which ended Jone'30 will run
sekiewhat in excess of 110,000,000 and
tka'go to $11,000,000. - This is some-
tthjnf lite si ttmea the sum collected
InttiiV preceding year and is far' and
4wfy'fhe' largest amount the Honolulu
bAtechas ever turned over to the gov
'erkm'ent In an single 'year.
iCol'Jlowara llathaway; collector, said
ylJstrday 4ht .ciaet, figures showing
the amount of collections can not "be
dlvwIgeaVnH tWnrme,-.lrat "wm 'ai.
aoanced in the eour'se ' tf time' f roM
Washington. ; The ' big " jump Iri the
amount of tax collected is due entirely
to th War revenue set and all probabil
ities are fha't Vext 'year's tax will show
attothnr. trig 'aln,' as the' law is to be
amended to bring In the greatly in
creased revenues needed by the gov
ernment.' i-'w. t. k.
, .
1 1
Is Major One Day,
K W TUnilT PlwQ
"WWW vuw
r 1 1
in Moiliili
juaveuua. 19 1
t .th'e food '
ami t "able to 1
A ties n a and rice dairv
eo ad acted by Mm. Tiura Matsuda and
ber .huabaod 'may open the way ta
make efeteak of the cows, for Mrs.
Mkrtuda. ih letter she has a.ldreseed
administrator says that
pftMklce from beans and
' surDBisinc richness that
tk efiflrely palatable aqd huj the Ira
portatit, virtue of being cheap ,n price.
Ii hr. letter she,, aaks permission to
gtfi (iV manufacture of this artifl
felal iWlK. whig she 'says has come into
bM.'apan. , .
-Mr.' Matsuda explafB that by the
proaeas aha follows from frfty pounds
of . fie and three-and a half pounds
ofbVahk she can make about thirty
Hye . gallon of ' rich-milk. The food
administrator says he sees no objee
tioiio, the project providing the board
of .' ' leajth and the pure food experts
fid, tia milki substitute is all right.
t 1 1 .
Cornell Franklin Resigns Com-
::.missiort Jo Enter . Army As , a
uraftee is Promptly Promot
ed To Non-Corn, May Be Of
ficer "Again - ! v
Cornell 8. Franklin, attorney, former
deputy attorney general of the Terri
tory, and untp a week ago a major fcnd
judge-advocate of .the old Hawaiian Na
tional Guard, resigned bis commission
on Friday, was assigned to duty as a
private with the First Hawaiian Infan
try . at Bchpfleld Barraoks, and jester
darwaa oromoted to the arad'a of aer-
geanb . He also kaa prospect of obtain
ing an omeer'e commission .later oh. ;
When the tw national guard reri'
raents were ordered to active duty a
uuuia b(v part 01 ine unuea
Htates army, Major Franklin waa re
turning te Hawaii from Mississippi ae
eompanied .by his bride. , As no one In
the judge-advoaate'i department whs
called to duty, Mtkjof FrankHa decid
ed, immediately on arrival here, to ae-1
cept the call of the draft board, resign
his commission and be just one-of the
422 drafted men from the Territory of
As he was still a member of the
guard, -however, it was found that be
could be ahsigned to one of the feder
alise'd guard regimeqis by' being demot
ed and becoming a mere private. He
stripped off his shoulder marks and ett
tered the army at the lowest rung of
the ladder.' " 1
Charles M. Davia. deputy eity attor
ney. for Honolulu, was called by the
draft yesterday and was sent to the
mobilisation camp ia the morning and
will be assigned to elerieal doty in the
mustering officer's department as soon
as he IsVpaseed by the army surgeons
and gets fitted for a 'uniform. Pri
vate Davis, if be is retained in the
army, wil naturally relinquish his work
in toe office or tlty Attorney A. 11
Brown, as he will be unable while serv
ing as an army private t6 conduct the
prosecution of eases in the courts.
Edward Kea, who has been connect
ed with the board of health for many
years, was also among those who slept
in a squaa tent at the mobilization
camp last nigni. - -
Herbert Pariah, son of Len Parish
deputy U, B. maraba,!, was aaother who
was arawn into service.
t W. 1. a. '
' f
tTnlesa .the city and county govern
ment sends out a gang of men with
tteJ tTftpers and cuts away low-lying
t Jlinbs which catch the top f auto
m.i)liilQ' uit for damages' may be filed
Tt3jit''tM''clt'y'l)y'auto 6wners who?a
ihekJues aro reported to have beea
damaged. ,
On k liumKer Of streets where the
ba'iekes f large trees, now heavily
covered with loaves have drooped low,
thV topi of large autoa are frequently
r'ajught hud tori, and the cars otherwise
The maUcr will be laid before the
Honnlul'i Automobile Club and action
by that body mny soon reach the board
of .MpcrvUorf with a raqnest that all
such liraucho be lopped off
'' ' . w. a. a' -iS-
Here I a) ;toryj told by Lieut. Wells
Hawks, who has a fund of tulos both
grave and humorous from the war zone,
end who related Jhu one to Harry
MVatayer, appearing in "One of Us":
An AhiericVn sailor, interned on the
gnnboat 8orptoa at ' Constantinople,
nilf ktthmptliig to teach baseball to tha
Tnrk. 1 Orfe day a big Turk stepped
Oil the jitflte, turned his eyes solemnly
, Allan, ne
made 'a two-
ufiwlrd, arid ald, "Now
h'iinef" The Turtt
has tit, and Wen the American step
ped next to the plats he held up his
bat and muttered, "You know me, AL"
lnitrnrtvur tiirnroi
Vullionaiie Businessman tjf last
Yfar, Patses Away Came of
rienjalSiln t: Ke'otAilaht Pitman, ton
of the late High Chief ess Klaool of
Hlky hud for the past flfty-ene years
' resident of Boston, Hied Sunday,
Jube 30, at his home near Boston, ac
cording to cablegrams wh?h arrived
here yesterday morning.
Mr. Pitman arid hi Wife, Who is a
stands' for are inimical to the Wei- leading 'member of the snffrkcCOraan
fare of Jhe eountry. Heanrt ha bb ,iu.tun Vf kasaashusetts . visited In Ho-
pemy avurt of be ng prcOermhw, ; S : " " 4 , 4 V"
ahd In aome part, of the mainland l ' ".'a .fnt V ,Mt February and
Jiaren. sor ine nrst time la rirtv rears
and bis arrival ' and star here were
ni'arWd. ty reception's by llawailnnt
who accorded him unusual honors
During his visit to the Island of H
waU, where his mother was supreme ii
her davf' the Hawaiian tnrned but en
mas and 'regarded him almost in the
jigm 01 a cnl" 01 ine 01a regime re
turned t6 them.
' Xfr. Pitman's health wit. filling at
Be 'tiros of his visit to his native Ha
walL' and ft was because 6f this khaWl
edge thht lie determined to revisit 'the
Islands' which he had left as a amall
lad hen his father totfk him t6 Bos
ton after the death of the blah chief e
Even . while bere he mentidned his
health many times and at kit times ih
wan th bbject of Mr. Pitman's care.
However, the receipt of -the cablejrratn
announcing hi death was a 'siirpris aa
Mb'liietitioa had been mkfle 1n Te.de ut
letters frb-n Mr. and Mrs. pttmkn fhal
his health had undergone a radJcnl
change. His two sbus,' whe-bar Ha
waiian names, are both In the rwrvice
Of the United States.
Waa a Millionaire
. Mr. Pitman was at th bead of the
firm f L.. P. Hollander ia Boston, one
of the best known business houses la
eastern America. He married ' the
daughter of Mr. Hollander and tueeeed
ed to the .business. He acquired much
wealth and waa regarded aa a million
aire. Pniing their stay in Honolulu
they occupied the old Alexander Young
residence at Waikikl Beach where etsht
friends who kceompanjed them on their
trip here were their house guesta. The
Pitman "entertained lavishly while
here and were in turn the guests of
Iron or at liiaus sad "Nights in Hawaii"
and at alj,' times Mr. Pitman was ac
corded the tlpriors ot p high chief, which
he was in reality. Hi half, e'entnry
of 'restdehofl lh the btt'te, bbwever,
had 'completely 1 hsoleitVd htm hnd
hi publications have beea traced aadet
ine oan. ror a long time now none f
the'ta has bel hlloWed to enter Canafl.t;
wblle the laternatlotial News Service;
whleb beltfhgs to Hearst, was klekwd
ont yt 'England two' years ago after it
had 'bee proven that that so-called1
new agency was faking its news.
The Hllo branch of the Hawwiiaw
Vigilaae ; Corjs recently started a
movement to have the Hearst- news
paper and Hearst's Magazine kept ont
of the Islands. The movement wa
promptly taken up here. George B. Car
ter, president or the Vigilance Corp,
being'. tB first man locally te irive tt
hi fcohua.
Hearst Is "in bad" all over tl.e t'nlt:
eJ Mate for his attitude in regard
to the, conduct of the war. It is recog
nised that his newspapers are "knock
inn '"tha Trrl ted Sfnte. and most Darts
of the Ciilred fttstes -hav concluded
fhat ttiftv tVe had Itist about enoua-h
of Wrfliarh BaridoTph Hearst, friehd and
host of Bolo Pasha. Who k few weeks
go wsl tred is Frahe as a convict
ed traitor' hnd' Hiirt propagandist.
vt ia -nnnersrood -the executive com
mittee bf the Vigilance Corps will rec
ommend 'at the' meeting today that the
hew dealer be reqnented not to bring
nnv more Hearst publication Into tie
Island, , ;,
Re vers I other matters of Importance
are scheduled to come up for discussion
todayIncluding questions of the rmlicv
of th organisation.
a. a . 11 1 ,
m mm
ot the late High Chiefess Kino
ole, of Hilo, who died in Bos
ton last Sunday.
: :y --- -' - ,:'
. '''..
Dr;ftc:s Quickly Make Change
From Habits cf Civilian Life
To Th;it of Soldiers
.1 .v.
.1' I
Hriiitl- t .!iti .'(ii:
Georg Rodiek Controlled Isenberg
;:,.trVWK 8ays Master . . .,;
' .' '' ' f "'"''l'h -.'
. ;Afcnil p1iyw.tff "tbillTtiave been
made for the past several years out of
fhe esta'tii of the late Paul H. F. C.
rfVberrto the Oer'man ichobl at T.ihus.
Kauai, are tilt 'Approved In the latest
iWport In edhuectiril with the estate
filed by the master, Qdo'rge A. Davis,
hud tie reeommftnd that the sum of
lft00 with thtest be charged against
Beta MIse'n'betg-,"T. FrHacltfeld and
D-. Pattf B. IsVuireVg,"as Vxeeutors or
agents of eieVntora Inc'ldrintally ia
the recent nport he"magter pblnt out
that Georg ftodiek; former Germka con
sul at Hondhrla. sskurriefl 'almost ab
solute control vbr tS assets' of the
eat ate. '
In' th first report that Davis filed
he objected to but one payment to the
I.fhne whool. Thi was 11200 turned
oVer to the school few m6nths agb
and the master's action drew a state
ment frdm ttva'Raelrfeld firm that it
bad been making ,1900 payments out
of the assets of the1 estate to the I.ihue
school for a number of years, The firm
denied kit responsibility and said the
payments had been made at the express
rfequest bt the beneficiaries under the
will. Th Question of the navment
then became the subject 6( a general'
uivestigatton or ' tae arratrs or the
e'atate With the veiralt thart the msster
holds that all of them were irregular.
RediekV connection with the estate
is brought out in a record winch shows
that aetinr a Attorney f J. T. Hack
feld he ordered that $51,000 be Invest
ed in the purchase of Oils no A Ferti
liser Company bonds. While the invest
Economical Campaign
And Noh-Partisan
Ticket Being Uiged
It Is Generally Agreed That For
mer Should Be Aim of Both
Parties But Opinion Is Divided
As To Feasibility of Latter
There Was 'COnsiilrniMi- street tnlk
yesterday on the j . . i t i ontlook,
started principnlly l.v fl.e opinions ux
pressed by party I wiiich have
been appearing in thi.. p.-iju-r frr sev
eral days. There were cii (Terences of
opinion on minor de'.iilH. but 011 the
main p.iin's of an 110n1ie.1l cuiii
paign and 11 non nrlisMn tieki-t there
seemed to be 11 nencinl nreenient, ir
respective of part-., thnl the former
should be the nun of Loth pnrtie.i
while the Iiitter ias ide.il but very
hard to pull olf. These erireinn
were by men not pa 1 1 ieuhii ly aitie
in politics, except i s i;oo(l otern.
I.orrin AedieiH. who hns Ihmti :i
Republican leader here since annexa
tion. hnd Hiin.-t ti i n ir l i:iv. ulii. h o-i
account of his proininenve in the pnr
ty, will be accepted by niary as ihr
real "dttx." He said:
. "I do not see how the Hrpublicun
pr(y can do otherwice than carry on
1 n- .
M fjoVgtrrtei f,tnbtje1f otrgue. W..Jna any money in this rampi1n
uiliui thmi unnolnte eMcen!i:iU
: er:
I -tin
Me ,.
he; 1
) 1 Ir , fi-t.-ne-l 11
. A i .idkc, lnnib'T
I." It-' in nil "f I lie dnift
. 1 i'i 1.-1 .11 l to
I S!ete nnnv
Honolulu, Jelr k, 918.
Ai. . iinlitwln, Ltd.
.. Ilrwwer A t'o
81 OAB
I '
Ion n him
i:"ii I'liml. t'o
fbitkn Sni;. ( 'i
Ilnw Airr.-tr. Co
Ilnw. r. H. Co
, , II, uv xi, u. Co
I llonokss Mil km Co
II one 1 II II I red IHV.l liflV ' ll'il.olell Hny Co
Illll, hlnami , U110 Pl.nl
i.n.li. Ninni and Kiitini. . Jxl,i,,1K1, iMnnl. l'o .
tli: i.ih ll.e piivsn III 1 Ki-ksn Hiiic. Co
. . Ki1a Una, Co
no!, Ti,oi eailip yes .M,HV11,. nir. Co.. I.I.I
Uilhll MllfJI C
1 ilnn Sus Co., Uld
OnoiiK-a Kin. I n
I'miiiliuii Huk. Plant. Co..
I'nc lll.. Sugar MIU
U O'K'd 1 ! I'laulntlon Co
h" viVTHe-a riHwar a .a ......
, . - -. " 1 l'l..n.r Mill Co. . .......
r to the yepplv t ent, received ' Sim I'nrlim M. Co.. I.til...
e 11 iliiirv nut tit nnd n few I Vt'iilnlim Air nil. I'o
v 11 link n Mlf. le
Emlsu 1ot. Co., Ltd
lnt Imii Amm VO Pd..
2nl limie Paid C11 . ...
Knels Copper Mlnlqa Co.
1 1 11 ik 11 V I'. Co.. I'M...
Co., Com.
A ...
-it ion
wi . ht the nrit one to
ili tin' fi ii it 1 medical ten ,
!" ole I to Inking finder
i-.-imiih of cicli ilrnftee. I p
1 dmj 1
1 "Tai
1 1S.....
1 1 l.i
ii r npt enred s n soldier of
. 10 W" 11 ' 111 i 0 -.
I' '. 1 i'ii' 1 1 1 c h I ' s brother, Oeore
I'" "ho ciliated in the (Inn
.1.1 P: : ,. ' 1 ps of t he nriiiy l:i t fall,
lie I 1 1 he s, 'i, e of his country Bt
'iio.p ' , h'. Mm . hind, ti few months
mo. 'I'; fir-M white star, denoting a
lentl'. ' I ,' pliieed mi a service ll.ig
in II 1 , 11 :is thnt ntlixed to the tiny
& Cook". Pvt. Maine
-sinned vesterdny to do
if . I
I lvi..
el. lo-
Arr.iy Ofl'uers Interested
k in the mustcriiiu nfliecr 's 1 j'"n- T
H 1 lntf-r IhIsii
Ltd. .. 1014'
Hull (lil t 'r, l.l.l 1'MI
llnlkii K.
llnw. Con. Hi
Ilnw-. Con. It
Ilnw. Con. Hi. Com.
llNwsllsn KU-.trlc Co.
lJiiH-. rtnenpiile Co.
non. 11 . I
the I
Of tie
ti'.HI '
of 1 '
A L. Co
land H. N. Co. .
.Mil Inn I ll. Co
liuliu ItnllKsv L. Co.
I'ulimiK Kurdier Co. .
. liu IllnillBK". Pd.
name (o pa.)
Hubber Co.l
Besch Wslx I. D.
'Ii nnuliir army odicers of
.11111 1 1 .ii r 1 11 1 1' 11 1 nre deeply
.... 111 tlic enuntiy, or pliintn
ii, -, and beciuiHe of the hnbit
1' 11 laboieis tu move from
etiother, the responseH ul'Sa L0- -1
10 rour.h lUwn ,rr t; m. ........
Miisr ir. 4 Her. IVW
iihw. Ter. 4' Pub. Imps.
Ilsw. Ter. pub. Imp.. 4
nw Terfl 8"i' .'.,..
Hllo () Co., Ltd,
Honuksa Hi!, Co.. 01 .
Hon. (is Co.. Ltd 6a ..
uniinl KT. Co.. 0
Mnuon nit. IJ. o. ...
McHrjrile UK. Ce (Si...
Mutual TelepbeM Co., 5s.
I HI II U II a, la. CO, D ....
MiiIiii Kusar Co,
Olaa SuKar Co.. &, I
Guano It r. Co.. Ca
meat may have Wea a trood one, the "luck for Hawaiian on. the mainln
m '
here be; wa jjeneraTiy Vno'wn among the
Hawaiian a Kebia'":
He WSs tibrn In' Hllo', a'till Is the great
grandson of Kameelamoku. the older of
the two famous twin fKameelnmbku
arid Karnanawk), tne Warrior chiefs who
taught' Kamehamehh the arts of war,
KOd who aided him 'in 'aeVjtrlriag the su
pVemaev "over all the 'islands. In ac
knowterlaeirierrt Of ttteir great services
ftielr afflgiea ' Were "' anthorited to be
pliced on the Hawaitan ,eoat-of armi.
'Son 'of AM '
Hoolulu waa the son bf Kumeeismoku
and Kahlkiloa, a high chiefess of Kau
and daughter of Kihar Imakakaloa, who
waa offered as anerifie on an altar
by"Katnehameba the Gfent. ' Hoolulu
married HalakJ (Ctfartofte) Cox and
oh of their' danghtera Wa Kinoole,
nether of Mr. Pitmkn. 1 HklaVi was a
lineal deseendent' vt''aniehameha Nul
artnau, king of atknr, Who was a son of
Kekaulike the Great ' Klabole married
Benjamin Pitman, a business man of
Boston, who eonddctefl "a. business nt
Hilo. They were th patent of Ben
jamin "Keola"? PHlmkn; lust dead.
Hoolulu Was fhe chief .who buried the
bones of Kamehauieha the Great and
Wito said afterwards, "'Only the stars
Will kriow where '. fcatriehamelut is
buried." V ' .
The father of Benjamin Pitman
amassed a fartune in Hawaii. When
young Benjamin Pitmaa was twelve
years of age, he aecompaaied his father
to Boston. Ha -waa about slxty sevii
years of age when he died.
In his quiet way Mr. Pitman did
ill .
'i :
maater eonfIu.de that It furnishes am
n' proof that' Rodiek whtle here held
full eontrol over the 'assets of the ei-
w. a. a.
lit mwk
Tip. Agile Muni
By oeoegb nxuan .
. . II I , -f.
t n
Is Granted Stay erf Seventy Days
, .To f orject asjv
"Princess" Theresa Wilcox Belli
veau, who with James Kealoha was
nuutenced to serve three Jears in
Oahu prison for conspiracy ia con
neetiou with the fraudulent Liliuoka
luni will, will uot begin to serve this
sentence, for some time and the possi
bility exists that she may never be
giu to serve it, for she waa given sev
enty days time yesterday to perfect
an appeal. This was granted hi ah
order issued by Circuit Judge William
H. Ueeo before Whom the criminal
trial was bjeld. An appeal is also be
ing taken In the rase of Kealuha by
hia attorneys, Achi Achl.
The charges ef forgery against Ke
aloha and "Princess" Theresa will be
dropped in the event that the eonvie
Ltlons on the tharges of conspiracy
stand as, under the law, persou may
uot be punished for couspiraey and
also for the offense flint enters into
it. If Keatoha and the' "princess"
succeed In thetr appeals in defeating
the conspiracy' Vharge, however,' tliey
may then be tried on the charges of
; I'd hesitate to qttarrel 'with
A- lively Japanese;
Who bow before he bean you,
Then performs the tame with ease.
See him gravely, greet bis f oomun
With a smile, on bonded knee,
Then sail into, the contest
Like' a cyclone oa a spree 1
H bows; and shy; "Excuse me"
Then swats him on the crown,
And With manner' deferential,
Salute kirn, when be' down.
Tis a marvel bow he kow-tows;
And then lays on Mac Duff
fit to sharae an irate wildcat,
With that ancient fencing stuff.
Then, with grave and courtly seeming,
In that jiu-jitsu game; hi '11
Tie bow knots tn your ligaments
And dislocate your frame.
I'd soon be hort-de-eombat
With my dome transformed to jam;
And with joints dislocated, I'm
Not worth a tinker's dsm.
This sawed off, smiling vendor
Of kuick-kuacks In JliiC mnrtj
Or the boy who serves your kaukau
Both could go some, should they start.
Pm strong fdr peaceful amity
With these people suave ami brown,
Hince I've teen their stuuts athletic
While I lingered iu their town.
Scores of young Hawaiian,, tempera r
lly stranded 09 the mainland, found in
Mr. Pitman a true friend of Hawaii.
Waa Host of Qean y
The late Que a Ijltuokalani, during
a yiait to Boston, iluring the. monarchy
days, was a guest at the home of sir.
and Mrs. Pitman. One of bar favorite
jewels, which she kept near her at all
times, waa a gift from Mr. Pitman with
the date of herfisit to Boston engraved
thereon, and this was foond among the
jewels which she had in her room a
few days before aha passed away list
Pitman Btreet in Hilo, It named af
ter Mr. Pltmhn ' father a Kinoole
Street It named after bit mother.
The devoted way ia which Hawaiian!
so generally greeted Mr. Pitman as the
dnsc.endent of one 6f th mightiest men
of old Hawaii, of the glorious reign of
Kamehameha th Great, touched Mr.
Pitman deeply. When he left the Isi
ahds last Marvh a hookupu reception
was given for hlrh at the Yotiny resl
dence where rar Hnd costly Hawaiian
rifts were showered Upon him and Mrs
The Ad Club has arrange quite a
program for its noon-day luncheon to
morrbw. The featnre adflreas, by Judt-e
.1. J. Banks, wiH be along patriotic
lines. The Scouts' pledce to the flntr
will be ireiented by a detachment of
the Ad Club troon. Musical features
iil include violin sc4o by K. .1.
Vilim, late of flhn Diego, accompanied
bv Mrs. K. . Bartlett.
This wfll be IM rourth Of July pro
gram of the Ad Club, as an organiza
tion, and it is expected that there will
be a large attendance.
1 1
would be ill advised, even if pos :! !e.
The candidate for confess is well
known. There is no to e I to s . I
money on him. In the din .t pi in n.
each candidate, of cour.-.e, liand! - I. -
own campaign.
"At the ln-it county elect!-. -i to
Repulilicftns spent 11 lot of mono- ,
rled on an orirnnized ,;inip:i;: 1
juit in a honrd of superx i mrs it . '
the inn.jority wese Hepnldii a :-. I i
med'ately after the elcstV1". h,, -r
two Of the Republiea i i 1 . ,t 1
the Democrats to put on' , '..e
every Repulilicnn who lad , , t ,r
the success of the R.-pub'i ; 1 . . t
The natural thing will be t! nov
man from now on will hn, ,,'k
on hjs own platform, r ! ' r
se m to rejinrd themsp' - r ..
their iartv n sonn ns oh
"The snine holds good t 1 rn
bers of the lefri-'aiuie.
"In my opi 11 ion nt - '
early date, enndidat-'s i-. :
election will probably Ii ...
liropoHitiop of Cnrpor:: t i,,- - '. i'i
Cortiora'ions ' 1
Asked just what he 1111 ; ' '
,r. Andrews ftiid he 1 ( t1,,
hif man trying to y it ,
little fellow trying to lis Mr
i n-ni.'1 . 0 - '. 01,: t .-' ...'!-
immediately in mind.
"But', p 1 1 1 ii in . , "
hi continued, "I think tint - --an
I'idnte in the coming c!ei t e
to run on his own ineri' I I 1 '
if there will be nt:y ehnn 1 -. .-a I
money as in the obi tiir
"Every party organi-:.' '"'I
toniHher by pntrenrge. 'I':' ''
w ly the lleuii. erotic pn i t , ' '1
lu ia increasintf in rtietrle -I
a Miration is being built 1 'he
Democratic mavor and the I' 1 "
territorial ml m i nitrat iim : n.'-l '
frsnl of (he so cnlled Repel
chilli to suppo t fhe pn-fy 'r - i;i 01
ia resulting in the dihlntegtat .. ' lii
"Aa to n nonpnrti'tin t'.-l 1 'i"
not see how it ran be wo ,' ' .
will shape out such n tie'.,'.' II'
chamber of commerce Y, 1 1.
erganizntion to start wi ' n
panlzatioii menus par! V. ' ',
mean party tickets, N". 1 '' '
,11 ha i to have 1 he ,. 1 ' 1 '
1. lid carry on the eani 1 , '
totore in this regiivd , ' .
expenaea to the barest 10,.
Monev Wasted
"KdiMe" l'o"nty. i-Vn. 1 '
county committee of th, 1 '
party. Nii'd : ' ' M oee
-' aated. 1 bebe o in '
. atnpaign thi- full. Th: ' .
I ei ug ko 1 mail, all i.;n 1
oflice are, as a rule. 10 ,
I. now n. I'uii 'it t h", ,. , !
. oud liki' to see n II . 'i . '
i nir for nom inaf ion f ,i i
i rHces pi 'd';e t henisei . . ' .
if this i riiini aei' v 1 1 1 1 . '
w t-il i 1. lt itio' ev In tii' 1 . 1
d: idonl p'nlii.ll-
' ' ihilllde c 1 1 e :i n has
elect;ons in rh'M eonin
money was spent in , ; , 1 -, .
I would Ii1'" to see for .
paign carried on on tin' "
1 undulate.
' ' There is 110 doobt i n m . 1
thnt the winners in the , ...
I ill if 11 will has" to h-, ,. 01 , le 1
dividual platfoiins uf tin- 1 : ' 111
Hill be inclined to pi tihe .1 1 , , t ' he
of their cuuslitueiits. " Imreai
were a. t ,. thoruueh n in the
District, ai. 1 11 number of men are re
porte 1 a deliuipteut.
Prisoner Reports
liei utv Jailor I'unoha, of the comity
jail, roii up to the urinory and ac
companied a I'il pino before the board.
The man is now a prisoner, but was
liai'lei. lie was returned to the jail.
The iction of the men of both
list net - was accomplished quickly, one
uiiin I, .ine. tul. en out and sent to the
HWt M:ati,r hoypitnl suffering from an
"Ht" ' "' '"' ' :ls'" 'f rheumatism.
At ;h,ee o'.lock Captain Field, the
., leetiie enift olllcer took his place
it the hei. t of the column at the side
Arthir f-nyilcr, who carried the
American Pa-.' for the entire coutin-
nt. Mr. Sn.iier was last giving per
to. in: nces of apecinl and classical
dain-es on the Hoof (Jarden, and today
will appear in khaki. With all the
musician being tolled from every part
of the Territory, who can piny, the
ukuleles aud guitar, with hula dancers
and clnseical dancers such as Private'
SniiUr, the td'Hawnlitn reghnebts
wjil Lave all kinds of ntimseiiieut tal
nl without culling on the outside
world to supply any.
Through the armory doorway the ag
: i e .oil ion passed, loaded dow n with
ii t ases an I telescope baskets and
e.j wrapped in towels ami paper,
heerful ami laughing, and ready
e any photographer that showed
ong the line.
e men wflre quicklv haallod at
e mobilization camp by the ollicers
charge and long before live o'clock
ie all assigned to sound tents, each
p ssesslon of 1111 army blanket, niut
. and inOHUito net. The wur rie
iiert olliiinlly rerognies the pug
:i of the night -blooming mosquito,
i furnishes armor to keep iiim at
Sao Carlos kUUlnf.
a !
Walalua. 100. 40. 18, 26.2ft.
O. It. & L. Co., Honda. IJUUO, 500, 100.20.
July 1, 1U18 . . -i "
Hnlkn i 00
Keknlia i...,. .00
Koliw 1.00
l'loueer .
. . w. a. m.
NKW YOKK, Jnly J (Associated, Preaa)
-Following are tbe pealnc and eloetue:
quotatluaa of .stocks In tbe New York Mar
ket yaaumlay. . ', -. .
1 11 . 1 ' 1,1 n 1 ia
(Opssi. I Clos
ing I u
Hearty Eattn
Ai live o'clock the ci
, lit bugle cull, and
,,e,es; tune thev had I
e long day. It was th"
aal. They were heaity ent
Today this aggregation will
r the scrutiny of the ni"
r- a 11 I perhaea b tonight miiiiit
eia will be in Kort e-lnn'er. while
; i v of those who iirne',1 Sunday
in. 1 Maui and Knuni will be at Hcho
11 1 '.a ir, ii l;s. assigned to the Hce
1 I 1 1 a w a i iu n l( iin,'iii .
'llie tist of the ilial'tees fi-oin the
:. .1 I of Hawaii will reach Honolulu
1- morning, one hundred and ninety
Thia will be t lie only , I. lega
le turned over to the inoMlia
American Bnftar . . . .
American Heet
AsmMiatiMl oil
Alsaka Jold . ...
Americas , Ixx-omotlve
AiuerUaa Tel. ft Tel.
American, Hiuelter . .
America a Hteel Kdry.
AU-tilma Hull war .
Anaisiuila Copiier . .,
Baldwin LottuiioUre .
Baltimore ft Ohio . ..
llellik.liMm .Kiwi "B"
California l'etsoleuia
Cent ral J-eallH-r . . . . ,
Canadlas I'aelUc . ...
C. M. Ht. Paul
1 was the culia Hnaar Cans . .
aid during Krte common .
'eriili" Ueueral Klei'trlc . ..
I-'"" l.,.r.l U I...-,
Ureal Northern I'fd. ,
pass tin I Inii-riiH'lonal Nlckal .
o n 11 I iiiimmniu Airoiwl
I ,o-i , amp to lay.
Tomori ovv si xty en
j 1 . 1 r 1.1 Kauai, w hi'e
j o. I of Honolulu w.l
1 ', : t . , mid laical Hoar I
I loin, w ill furnish lid.
"lwya Robinson settled
' 'lo waiting routine- of the
I ','dav afternoon for he had
I ec.lle I l.v the doctors, and
Kennecntt Copiier .
I l.ehlk-h Vslley Katlway . .
New Vork catrsi
1 liny feaaolldsted
Ueadlnir rouimou
Itepiibllcan Iron common
I Hon I her a I'sclnc
I Mlmn-haker
1 I nlteil Htates Hubber . ..
Texas Oil
I n Ion l'ueltic ,
! Culled State Hteel
1 iau
Weatern t'nloo
w 1 1
III e 11
l.i. a I Hoard
t 11 1-II i sill bill
No. llouo
down to
amp vex
uot beea
till wore
I i;:ian clothes. He feels that he has
1 : 11 on undue publicity, so he said
i o'-lii lay, an 1 explains thai his father
I ha I appealed on his behalf 011 the
I . 01, 11, 1 that hia services were needed
11 the management of the Niihnu
I li'i'io h, a uecessary agricultural enter
I 'I can asuiro you that there wan
I ,0 intention of 'slacking' 1111 my
'i," said he. lie added that he was
lad lo l,t. 111 the draft camp and will
,,i form his dnl'i.'H to the best wf his
a' .i..
Motion pictures for 1 1 i 1 1 f etitcrtain
, 1, Is to those detained in the niobili
.110.1 eaiiip oernight will be pfeseiit
i I '. 0... lied Cross.
lis .
KW '.
41 v
w. a. a.
Quoratloaa ea.Uie ronew1atJ'wi Tork
""u innii, aa wimH-Hwiq u 1 AQfeC-
iiaur uj BwoeoaiB vo., arai
III Letiffe
Calelonla .
Kinina Copper
Iroiu liloaaom . ...
Jim Illitler
Jerome Verde
.Mtdweat Oil
Mother Lode
Hay Hercules
liitM-ne, Kills
Hex Can
Stewart .
Kllver Ktns Cons. .
Toutipah Ksteualon
Tuolumne . ,
Kerr Ijike
Hla i......
t'rvaaou ()li
. 4ay
.to y
M ,
.IM .
i!oo '
.10 v
4.U '
Tuea- -
,.4i .
.tu .
.15 V
'-.15 ,''
4M '
' 8.50 '
I'rcertluu Tire aud Uubber.
. w. . a. ,
nirniAi Tri sv
i i; :
I- ('
el. I
V lo" lo
I !
nil I,i
I,.- I -n't I
t v el e - e
I or.'.r-
,.; M . I r. I . . -
and -a I o
id', ctcal pa.ti
a.U',-,,,1 i,,
1 1
a r, Ii a "
ie of
! -i tf-l: i
.i hu h, via London, June 15 Aps
pealing fur tb eighth Aastro-Hungar-iiiu
war loan, the Hamburg Ftemdea-
lean any a: ; . .
"America comes too lata With War
threats of armarnvnts., Hhe will. have
resume a war already lost, and will
as surety as tue Plant Uussla
, lost it." ; ., I
o , iditships. The I.eipiiger Kueste Nackrtchtcn
--.s. who. tells its readers "the operations of Ger
iinlv bv tkejuian submarine . off New York have
l. lam I'm i lo r mused suspension of Americas fieisht
lien ca-es from iruffic. The paper add that th U-boat
the s. a soi ice i campaign in American water will
brvuk the Alliet morale,"
I 'list . IMS
e tuav go
nd for
it a cr
tenet mm
ii ctis'oms
loae it

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