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' 1918. v SEMI-WEEKLY. :
Suffers More V
11 1 XLf JL A 1JUU
Positions From Whichr Drives
'r'Agamsi Channel Ports and Paris
fo SararcTak-
en and foe is Thrown Back
...... j," vfc r' r! r- rw . .-.'
LONDON', June 29 -(Associated l'rcss ) I'.ritisli forces in I lan
ders and f rench forces further south hae apparently antici-
'pa led German drives against the Channel Ports and against Paris,
.' , re spectively. They struck sfrongl hard and unexpectedly and
have captured terrain which would probably, have been the start
' ing points of enemy attacks ukjii those objectives.
It is evident from the fighting of yesterday that it was the pur
pose of the. French attack to block the way to Paris through he
; Villcrs-Cotterets region. In this effort the French overwhelmed
. home strong enemy H)sitions. The French and therBritish attacks
,. were apparently so arranged as to fall practically simultaneously
against .the enemy fronts and to demoralize his plans for new offen
sive, movements.
The British drove a surprise attack cast of the Nieppe forest
''..-r. Hurling back the startled Germans for an average of more than
'. fifteen hundred yards along a front of more than three miles in
length, they attained their every objective and made some most im
. portanf improvements in their positions. Two German divisions
' were severely punished in this attack while the British losses are
,. reported to have been light for the battle was practically over be
r fore the enemy was able to organize his defense. It started at six
' o'clock yesterday morning after only a short bombardment.
' :. In the Lye salient, east of the N ieppe forest, the British made
an advance along a three and a half mile front, throwing the (ier
mans back, for a mile.
' i . . Southwest of Merris, on the northern end 'of.'thts advance, the
Australians stormed and captured a strong enemy position, taking
three hundred prisoners and capturing six machine guns.
V ' ' Simultaneously, on the new Mame salient, the French struck
. . southwest of Soissons along a front of four and a half miles. Ground
. v . was-gained all along this front, the German line being penetrated
; . " 'at one point to a depth of a mile and a quarter.
A thousand and sixty Germans were captured and hcjivy casual
t ' , 'M wer inflicted by the poilus.
Berlin, reporting on these attacks last night, said in an official
. '; communique that the Germans w ere busily engaged attempting tc
repulse vigorous allied attacks north of the Lys and south of the
Aisne. An earlier official statement from Berlin said that artillery
ing had increased to a great intensity between Bailleul and Bethune
' : in the Lys salient ami south of the Aisne, wheu there were isolated
: infantry engagements.
, f ( j In the air fighting the British continue to maintain the uppei
.', i' t: tand. . Yesterday tw enty German planes w ere destroyed and nine
otners were driven iiown iack
The British loss amounted to fourteen machines.
Grand Jury Investigations Show
t. Impositions In War Work
In New York City
NEW YORK, June -( Assm-iiiti- 1
Ir) Iqipowni; on tilt' ni'ti iotiMii nf
NfW Yorkfr, irinn itr c.f "fake"
war eharitiin mi 1 I . n .-ti .-. n( varioun
Morra hve ilcfran.ii'il tin- .V Y irk
, J)uT)lio and the enti-rjirices for whi h
ubteriitioi)8 anil cunt . iliut nnin '; (
piVeo of bvlnri'ii two mi, I Hiiih linl
,' liohi of ilollam.
;' Foflowinfr tlir dUinvi-rv of tl"
randnl in the National Kiiinfi'tTV Mr j
.. iif Hociety, renltvc in tJic in-
' dlctovcnt of Mrd. William Cuunni:
ltory and hr two norm on ltirt;i'M of
,, graml anj pxtty lanciiy and cutiiii'
acy to ilefraud, otbvr inviiKtixatioiiM
, aturted aud bun- bi'cn condinMi' I
bjr the grand jury. TIiuk rt sultcil in
l)covry o a immhIkt of other cut'-r 1
1. priara wuirli an- aMi'i'd to huvti lc:i
." fraudulent in w)iol or in '. rt.
Otlier iiiilirtmi'iitM uml nrrintH ar rx I
1, pecked iu gruw
from tlm nioru recent
v, qevBlojunentH.
w s a.
CAIRO, Kgyp'f. .Inn -U f Ah oci.-ftcl
Press) Modern rnilwnv traiim are sow
,' '.' HBjuiujf po'allcl to the obi 'M'iinn
.-, inta wMrfa for Vi'urx v :m t'nifoN
only means of rouiiniiiiii-nt ion witli
', t Palestine. The railvMiv h mi u i.t i n tioii
..announced recently rompMiou of a
n),.! awing bridge over the Sue. rnn:il uf
i. "ifitara bv whiih tlit-e will be dirert
i ' '; traia aervice from Ciiiru to )'.'ilistiue.
4 j Prom Kl Kuntlirn. twenty i(b t miles
Booth of Port Said, tt '.;ny fol
loiwa the old con si n I .m u;in trail
thronh El Ariah to H.ifa. on the r-y
' rian frontier, and to (ina.
PARIS, June 8f .h ..-.tel Prer
.' , Aeroplana bomb-irdinent oceine.l
rcaill lsst niht in the vicinity of the
..' I - "r til third S"ceisivi- iii;-h.
. ' Ji the VsbJ nf Thnt-4,1 .v nii;lit eleven
' ve" )r1ewt. fcOCeen ini red unit con
. !. l daaiH.o to pro i r:y wn oc-i:pnd.
ot tneir own lines
out oi . control.
button combine is
TIL'S MOINKS, loa, June i (A
- a : '. I I - 1 -hVlcral J inline Wade
Iiiin 1 1 ! 1 1- I it '. oliintarv di-iTOf dimtolv
inx tlu !- o n 1 1 1 . I "Mutton Ooinliine, "
vvliu-li, it i ullfeil, Iiuk I'outroHed the
(fnrl luittou i 11 . 1 iint rv tliroitL;hout the
I'liitt"! H'ali'H, i'iiin or routrolliux all
tho button miiiiufni'turing inachiin-s.
f'uttnu iPiiiMifai-turtTM will now have
tin rirlit i i 1 hi ri liiisc HUrh miii-liines
out r i t; ti t 1111.I tII tloir iiroducts iu a
i omjH't it i VI- ma i ki't.
w. 11 .
Height billion loan
' WASHINGTON, .In in- rS -( AmuK'iat
el 1 ' -. 1 Lii;)it 1 1 1 1 1 i 011 dollum of
Liberty 1 1 11 I s in ndditon to tho inline
heri'tof ore :nitl'.oi'iy.iil h re providfd it
Hi ( bill mIim'Ii :im -n'll tin1 Ikium1 toda
aftor having; bcrn favoiably niortec!
by till' romillittei' yrHti'lday.
1 This lint Inn iat ion iH ex't)i'ted to bi
xiifii'ii'iit to curry t'ir rountry on int
' tlu1 next Kcssion of roniiiVKi.
W. 8 H.
I'.MflS, .Im,
"H (Associated Press)
I iint ii r 1 1 ii ii. (-, i ii
1 1 uiu':ii'Y and in Auh
tn are bv c
Miiin publi-li
licl!iuus i nil. i
ut ivor an. I I
iinniin ut nn end. The
i reports of nerioiiH re
k-4 niiion the garriHtins
1 1 unwary.
T.vo t lion -:ii
I ." v e beiii con
in" urt in t lie
The revolu
. I sul. hers are said to
li n.iie.l to death for tnk
t :i rious uprisings,
lonnrv movement IH af-
fcilinir both lliiiinry anil Austria on
n l;ii','e siule. The nnt of revolt is
-'rolm in tin- nruiv and there have
In i n violent ileiuoust rat ions iu iiuuier
i:ih citilM.0
T. :'!(), June L'S (Special to Nippu
1. 1 i A ton ..I t. n iIiivh In the nortb-
ii part of .Jilt nn will l.c iiinde by
i u I'linre IIii.'ImI.i of .Inpiin, the
: n ni.iiin etni ii ' I' 1 1 etfei't beinr mitde
iI-Ih inoinii.o rt tl.e cro'An princeV
I a'lice Tlie pi im e nriil his party are
; to leave hcie next Muuduy.
-f i r
(Aaaociatod 5rei
reas)-(lerman raid-
Axaociattwt Preaa)-!!!!!! raid
era bff the eofeat'of tb Caitd
State hv added to their ret
ort) of cW'truetioa tho torpedoing
of The Brit lull tteamer Atlantian,
one of tie Iai(rMit that they have
mink aiaeo IKelr depredatiOna In
thou watera began. No eaunal
tiea reauHet from, the iinkinjf.
The tlaptiaa was ' of 6l7n
tonn rtK'try.
Tlina' far the loaaea to trie ship
ping . of other nationa hai heea
proportionately fcaavler than to
the United State, eoniridpring tbe
natera in Which operations have
ben aoadacted. Great . Britain
and Nora-ay hava been the tuf-
fi'rerl of the foreign bationn.
Germany Sends Messages Which
Contradict One Another
AMSTERDAM, June 29 (Aisocint
pd Preaa) Donlal that the former cr.ar
of Kuk baa been aaaaaainated ha
rome liy way of Berlin 1n a despatch
which aaya meaaaea from Kiev qnotn
i momber of the Hoviet government as
ayiug that the former C'rar Nicholun
laa not been aaaaaninated aa hna bern
(ported but that he and all the mem
tra of hia family are well.
I'reviooaly a despatch from Germany
wid that a Ukraine informant said
tbe former eaar had been killed by
tbe red guard and described the
BHsination ma a ."personal quarrel."
... . i. w. a. -
KOME, June 29 (Associated TroBs)
Thirty more . American ambulance
jnits were rereived here yesterday i)y
he Italian Rod Cross officials on be
islf of the Italian government. A
most eutbusiaatie reception wax- given
y the populace to th American noys
attached to these units as drivers aud
CHICAOO, June 29 (Associated
Press) Four persona were killed and
score Injured at Elmhurst yestetdaj
hen the Klir'm-Aurora Chicago Limit
ed train smashed into a crowded motor
truck on a grade crossing.
Major Robert E. Brooks, formerly a
-aptain in the Philippine seouts was
one of those killed in the accident.
WASHINGTON, June 28 (Aasoclat
cd Press) Today 's casualties as re
ported by the war department include
wenty-four killed in action, foir dear!
if wounds, three of disease, twenty
wo severely injured, two to a loasel
legree aud one taken prisoner.
The marine casualties are seventeen
tilled in action, seven dead of wounds
ind twenty six severely injured.
PA BOO, North Dakota, June 29
Associated Press) The Non-Partisan
'.eafriie. in imuiv parts of tbe Country
regarded as nnti American and of pro
terman tendencies, has nominated a
fall state and concrensional ticket and
will lielit vigorously in the November
At the Keiiiiblican primaries Frazoi
an nominated for Governor and Baer
vaa renominated for congress.
TOKIO, June 2K (Special Jto Nippu
'iji) The (;ov ernuient has interfered
ith the rice brokers of Nauoya and
(uina h In n the rice exchanges of the
wo lare cities of central Japan .were
irdered to suspeml operations.
Tbe price of rice in the two cities
ias been sliootin upward for several
lays iust an I Harnins were fiNen te
be brokers, the defiance Of whieh bar
lnnlly caused the (roverument to take
Iruslic. action uunmt tb ,fi! mX
Dominations are made
W y 1 1 1 N ( 1 Tl ) N , .lune 2H (ABsociat
V.I Press) The nomination of eigh
'irigndier geneinls to be major-general'
mil of fortv three colonels to be brign
dier generals were sent to the seuati
'oduy. The men proposed for major
'cnerals are Mason M. Patrick. Kdwari'
VI. I.eem. William .1. Snow, William B
'"iih. I'ter V. Traiib, William H
Oravea, James 0. Ilurbord and Charier
P. Huniincrall.
Vmuh ol its tonic and laaatlva tfv
-U thr u oirtlusry Oulolnc. Doen not CO
'vouiiuniii. uor ilulnf la the head.
iiix-1, .her la nut on "Uromo Quljli
, IUrt,,' f i V. (.IQ . it C.H'
Steps Are Taken By the United
States To Prevent Serious t
o somert Threaienea
& . . . i . . . a kl..
WAr.MINQTOW. Jane 9&-'( Aneoetat-
d Pre.)-Panaa, the capital elty of
the Kiblle of that name, and Coli,
the 1'anamanan city eloae at the weat-
era end of the hual, re to be taken
nvr for imllca bniTioaen
tcmiyrarlljr )
i. h. ..f the Canal .
Zone, lnatrncti.nl to that effe, t having ef 'om A t tew'
bern iwuel yeaterday by Secretary ofroi, .; a - . '
War Baker, nndor whone jurmdiction the I
Canal Zone Cornea, ,
The seretary yeaterday issued in
Htrtiction to Major Genernk Blatchford,
the department eoinmander at Panama,
to take over the.1 policing of the twa
cities anil maintain Order there. Bee
retary taker's action is based on In
formation that has reached the state
department that serious dlsordera are
looked for unless prevented by Ameri
can military police because of the) an
nouncement that the national elections,
due to be Witt , tomorrow, have been
suddenly postponed. -' v '
.1 ' . a. a.
.1 .1 L:'l. A " I -t t (
Purchasing Power of Lire It Low
and In Foreign Market!
t Exchange Goes Badly,., ;
ROME, June 2f-iisooi'ated! Treaa)
The eontinoed flepreckitlotv of Italian
money in foreign markets,' despite; the
establishment bf itie government of the
National Institute of Exchange early
tliis year for tba purpose of reducing
speculation fn lirn, hat led to tba pro.
posal that Italy 'a allies help. her. by.
arbitrarily fixing the rates of exchange,'
as it Is claimed was done with Franca..
As Italy must Import large quantifies
of war materials In order to keep: in
the fight andM she must pay not only
high current prices but $1.60 of her
money fox every dollar of jnaterial
she buys, it is pointed out that she it
carrying more than her share of the war
burden. ,
Government's Efforts
Hi nee the establishment of the con
trol by the government of the exchange,
the' prioe a dollar brings in Italy hi
creased from 8.70 lire to 9.00; five )iri
being jiar value existing before the
war. 'I' ue government also forbad the
buying outside of Italy of drygooda and
like articles by private "companies, and
since then the price of all such nec
sities in Italy has increased far beyond
the proportions of the exchange. 'A
yard of wool cloth that sold a year age
fur twenty lire is now priced at sixty
or more fire, if it my be bad at any
price. The price of food produced it
Italy ias also increased to meet thet'
advanres. ' Vegetables are almost' a
tear as meat, and meat laat sold a eat
ago for three lire the pound now eell
for seven lire.
The whole question of the exchange
alue of Italian money baa been diacuas
ed by a series of article, from bust
ness men in the Peholo Bomano, at
emptiiiir to locate the. causes ut !th.'
depreciation of Italian money With the
purpose of finding a remedy, in these
articles it is agreed 'that thtf depreeht-
'iun una mn wen rpuiwu vy ius in
creased issues of paper money since "the
nr. It is argued that English an?
French paper monev, as related to tht1
old reserve of these nations, baa is
med in renter proportions than tha'f
f Italv, which has btweea twenty-Jlv
nd thirty percent gold reserve.
Oermanv, it is stated, baa but four
teen percent of Bold aa compared to he'
paper issues, her gold reserve beih
fhis hinh because of her inability to'bu:
Baying Quality Low
, Yet. Italy's monev has a far lowe
'Hivinsf value than the money of tboa'
'nuntries. In Hwitr.erland it takea 21'
'ire to buy 100 franca.
It is further argued that Italy's tarr
ltiin' nf jninrt? e.r her exports doe
not explain her difficulties, as ia bnt'
prance and Kngland the aante disprr
lortinn exists.
It is asserted that If Italv, before sh
nt to war, had raide a bargain wit1
er allies regarding her axehange n
"nifld not now be at auch a tromsndou
"onoinic iiisadvantaire. and it ia m"
'u.iod tit s'h an arrangement ough
ko be made at once.
NKW .ORLEANS, June 12(Asoeiat
I Presn) - The climate ef Now Orlean
i undergoing n ehange, alreudy with ai
icrense in temperature eUce 1900 o
ierit decrees in rumtnef and a derreas
f four decrees in winter. Ir. I. M. IMine
-eaher bureau" .flistrlitt.J forecaster
olds that the tv ef New Orleans, ft
ilf is resnnnsible because of the in
tal lnt ion some veasa aeo of the sub
mr'aee drains ore svstam.
The scientific explanation is that
water absorbs beat more slowly than
he earth during the day aud loses it
'ess rnnidlv at nteht New Orleans.
lutirely surrounded by water and with
ts soil saturated, fgriuerly tonstei or a
ore uuifnrm climate. . I Ute years
lowever, levres have prevented over
ow. re- linuiiUnn projects have effect
I the l-aiiiin" f sw',lP", flnHv
ub surface dra'nnge Iti the city no'
nlv lis eliminated surface water frot.
Im street dAiii IWitn grotuid inoiHtur
.ias beeu lowered eight or ttu feet.
tor rflcmsTfiTAHis
. A as. 1 . At -a ' .'a Ja m 1
IXKDONi J4rt . ' J-"(ileiafd
(ftM)Ofliiall Brltah U; iltt
g iftft $$G AC
j not , fnr pag bot M Oermaa propa .?
ganda dealgned for the eooaumptioa ot
the weak-kaced aiuonK the AIM 'Hir
RobrV5''i I"'"!
Kooeri -veu nea a rtatemntii Tea
)a tbh atalement LAtrd Caell in id
that voa Kn
nuenimaaa . apea.aaigni
well haVe Wen 'deaitrned as aa hp(eal
to' '.the Vpaclflsta hnd. the- war. weary
ones ia Oreat Britair and warned
against the propaganda whleh . might
thus be eiretilated. ' . ' 1
? Whatever the jaovtng lanpolae the
foretga minister gave .the Socialist
and' end-Junker paffiet of 'the relch
stag an opportunity4 that bey Slid 'not
fail to eelza.Despatehee - front Am
aterdam say that lingo Baaae; Itdc
pendent SoeiaHet, ia a) speech to the
retc'hata'gY declared tVat Finance Itin-
faler Helflrciea . and Aflrhiral von Ca-
pel), minister of marine, aald t t917
Uat the Vnited Statea Would be un
able t take- aey further, ptrf la he
war and that the mltitarr itftportancs
of Hs entry -into the' conflict waa nil.
Today," Waaae pointed oat, there are
700,000 Americana on French aoil ana
nothing haa been heard Of any U-boat
booty la the ehape tot JLmeiieaa "trani1-forte.-'
' V -. ' '
"Tbe ((oeUiirt ' declared that the 're-
Jen t confident epeeehee pt Count Von
wettarp ana nerr Htmessemann jav
garding" American (VowerleasneM must
therefore be taken - with' tbe xrreaUat
ttiatruat. ' ' '- s ' ' 'ii '
"It thlnge yTb 'not'eo' aeordlng to
the will - of . onr military autocracy,"
he eaid, "Germany Will be ruined un
lean the people v taVr the ' cause of
pease la to tbair owa haada. ":-, v'r. .
w.a.a. i. i -
Business, As tt Existed In Peace
.Time, f xista iNo v Logger ;
: tn Realm of Kaiser ; -
TOULON France Tnne
iated Press) Busiaeaa, in. the peaoev
ime, iena of v the; word, ,.vlrUall ia
lead - ia . Germaay, , aeserta :. Bergeant
ollleftlet who, with teveral eontradee,
eiiently escaped frbm, k, prisoner ; of
sit tamp . in ; Oeamaay ., and ..Toecbed
France, and wbo la o it visit to ku
latber kere. ' .
. A-Cctfrttyrig to hi story, couatlea
itores in .Oennahr. wace j-losed and
empty, and , sverytUVig that is beting
MnnTactured ta for war purposes and
or the itate.
.'The meat ration ae.aaid waa 250
raina, one half pound, per. week, U
vhleli waa added one tenth of a potiBvi
Jf; grease or .fat; Sngar' and eoffe
were nly dVnly remembered luxuries.
rhe beer waa Virtually : unditnaajjie
ibd the people were living eir p6ta
'Oes-aad beets. Ihi bread ia sait
t Indigestible. .'.'. .' ?' ' '
Leather hhd alrb6s . entirely dtfap
eared, and the aoldiere at horn kttC
tiny civilians wore a wooden eolet
loes aknost exclusively. Soldier koHtt
Ii) forlongb re no Ibager. permiftei"
spend all their time With thei)
Vtrnilles o friends bnt must work 'palN
time in the factories. '"'
The tuorhle 6f the civil arid mill
4rV fcoDUlatlOn. Vuitlenurt aaya, is
Infained' by the eontlaoal aprted
riir of atorlee 'abottt ah llext "des
erate altiration in France" nd t?er
inn vieteriee, Whie are lbudly pro
Ihlhied by the rfngin of, belli not
yet seized for ammunition purposes.
- w. a. a.
"Jnited Krnodom Will Celebrate
.. Rulers' Silver.wedding
LONDON, June 18 (Aeeoolated
reaa) Tba English -people wUL M
uly 4. have the drat opportunity elndt
he days of George III to celebrate the
wenty-fifth wedding anniversary ot
heir King and Queen and are prepay
tig to mark the event te the fuflesl
xleht that war necessity and war ken
inietit Wltl permit. '
King George and Queen Mary have
ended to accept a personal sliver, gu
robi tbe CitV of London and the Loif
iaror of London ia raiainc a aura Of
whinh will ba bestowed updr
omc tharitv their tnaiwtias may aelect
a honor of tbe anniversary.
' Fornial eeretnonios of theday will
e confined to special services at St
nulN Cathedral from Which the Kinp
nd Queen wtU no t Guildhall to re
ele the oood wishes of the City oi
'.ondoa. It la preaumed that the peopf
vill tuke advantage of these drives u
voi"e their eoneratutatlons.
British writers, deploring the fact
that It would be improper during tbe
war to hrve elaborate eeremeniea, pomi
to the contrast between fbe feeling of
finiinositv toward tlfe ueiwan
leorge'of the Elgbtee'nth eefltdry'aad
be attitude of the people toward the
resent King. The bitterness towarr
leorpe III hue lost nobbing iH the re
Iliitg of conditions of that time. "
King Kdward Silit Qaeen Akjaedrr
.lebmfed fhetr sOvor wedding thirty
' s.i wlies Hiev were rhe Wner
nid 1'rinr.ess of Wales abd the natloD
joined iu Ihr celebration.
, 1 r - -- ' w ' u a r c.aV a
i ;S?3S5 S?ftS!?rl - ILI'iUH I LU UUI
I I iaWaAI 1iJ Jlaa a kHHlliuia A 11 f 1 1 I i I at
the peopu ef tbe Tjmtef BUtee
and to the nearly million Ajner
can, eoldiera now ia rmooe aa ai--
Jea of tbe rrench.,, Tba) araiottnce
in o tUie Vaa made vesterdat'
in the tWurJe'r of depuuea, being'
j ecei red, with ' theera. .. ;
'' from, .'American headijttsjrtert
ft learned that plana ere nn- (
derway to c'eUbra'U the bolldayt
Of tbe "countries Jointly, , July t
nni Jhly It. All tbe Xinerca
nntm will be decorated with flag
and T resident Polnckire, Prerniar
jOIemnnceao, Oeneral Toch and
OenftAJ Perabin wtU be. Invited
Activity -flay Indicate AUempted
i? y - 'Renewal. of wen$iv .
' lQild, idMS'iaaoelated
PrenNCbnalderable '' -fichtibcr . in the
mountain regions of Italy ia told In the
reporte from. ' the . Jtallaa , , front , and
from Borne of last night. This did not
take'theform, of a concerted offensive
by the Atuurtana dux jnaicates mat
the offensive may be resumed against
other eectora than those whlcb rendered
the, first efforts, of tbe foe, abortive, In
an effort to retrieve the .disaster.
Along the Plave river the day was
one of comparative qu'rte. The Italian)
hare not Teaumed their pursuit of the
enemy, but have thoroughly eoosolidat
Jd the poeitlotie which they- took aftet
drivinf beck tbe enemy.i'
w, m.
Ether 'SttfeKno1(iers fiet All tarn-
t- injwaH'UbertKBoodev:, Are
. RQugit ,0r me Paid
; Eamltitt' of ' corporations will be
arore generally- distributed ; 1- tin
stoeKnoiaera jn tea ioraui aiTi.irni
Ifemi Will hot tw-no larg In tbe fa
ture. for at additional tax of ten per
cent le te fee charged agMnat the tin
Dstributrd net ineomee of auch eorpor
ationa. Either hey will pay this i
(tere Irtll "be greater display of tpa
trrotiam ip ?tbe purchase of Libert.'
Honda, - 1 ' ' - ',
ArriouncOJWent la made bv Col. Hp"'
StU Hhtbaway, -collector bf .Interna
revenue-i that the undivided nn in
ccmee of eorporationi tfre aubjeirt' t
an extra tit bf ten i)ht, nnlss iq
vesiea jo governmeai socuriues ui hi
iksue subsequent to Set'temW 1, 113
Blank forme for the returns are D3ie
tent 'out b the follector . to tbe co
bora'ttpns that have filed, fbeir 1nc6m
fa' Vet urns arid other1 "concerns tia
Are similarly affected. The period fo
dlatribbton 1 'six montht after
ilose ot the last fiscal or calendar e
an tbe cut mav ie ana suen inrt s
la not retained for the reasonable re
ijuirements bt the eompaay .will bear i
rax of fifteen poreeut. It Is payabl
tea dare after notice and, uuless a
paid, ia subject to an added. penlt;
of 'five percent of the eaisayn't of th
'ax blue one percent a month for eae'
month nntil it ehali be paid.
When the first Liberty Loan wa
tanjrohed the eofgeation was made tha
r.he companies 'distribute some of tbel
undivided profits to atrx-k . holders
aa to enable them, aa well a!s the eoM
pBniea,to subscribe for the purchae
if tada. The nndlalrlbuted orofita o
last year were not lo large as tW
seemed, however, aa large reserve
wttre set 'aside to meet the' payments 6
inereased taxes, Thia year the inobm
Will be emafler than last, for eoata ajr
htirk.r 'faltarBl titu . avfll lie Vet
larger tkaa waa expecitd, nnd, glene'r
fenr, ,t
AMSTERDAM, June 18 (Associate.
Press) The largest hydraulic powe
- ivrim In VSi'rtiia im lie built in Ha
1 aria and operated ai a pabllo utility
i loeordtug to plane completed roeeritfv
be - power is to be gotained mm
Valoben Lake, in Booth Bavaria, am'
ill be transmitted by cable from Ko
iliel 'to all towns and "villages tbrongl
ut Bavaria. -
' A commission whlcb has been sHi'ly
ngihe undertaklnir fOT two years l.u
lubmitted a dtftalleil memorial t tii
lavaiiiau Diet, "eatlmarioR the i-ist
he enterprise at 78,000,000 marks. 17
oat of the system ia te be borne pro
" drtionellv by the Bavarian govern
tent and the municipalities beuefitrin,
y this great electrical plant.
Vhen you fafl to provide your fam
ily V'with ' V aW or Chamberlain '.
Colip ind DiBTrhdea 1 Bed y at this
season M tbe Veer. Were neglect-
Ihg them, 'af bowel complaint Is sure to
be Devalent. hna It is too dangerous
a malady t e' trifled wtth. Thia Is
eirneeiallv true If there are ehlldrea in
the family. 'A dose or two of thia rem"
iJr m- piaee" the trouble" witwn ton
M and pVrhfcps an ve a life, or t least
i doctor'a Wtl," W Me r " I
rs. Benson, Smltb Co., Ltd,, Agents I
for Hawaii. ..
e 't 1 " 1 'v
Contradictory Rumor Ai To
Hevolotioni and Counter Re
voltt Are Current Which May
Have Some Basis In Fact
Hun$ Are Reported To Have En-
, tiered Secret Pact With Boisne:
vist Governmeot . ana ret to
' Have Brought About Downfall :
LONDON, June 2-(As9dcia-ted
. rress) Rumors i re-
votSind counter revolutions jir
Russia, some of them evidently
;manating from German sources
md Bent from Berlin, reports of
he-overthrow of the Bolshevist
jpvernment and other reports of
secret alliance between Ger?
nany and the Bolsheviki, in spite
f -, their former antipathy to
'secret treaties" and their publ-
ation of some of those of th?
ast ,' as pecially 'obnoxious to
.hem, were in general circulation
aet nighi. ' -
Undorifir'med reports1 of the
Bofshevist government at Mos
iow came irom copennagen.
fhese reports said that the over-
hrow had been brought about by
Corniloff, assisted by Kaledines
Ind that they were supported by
jerman troops'. Lenine and Trot
ky were reported to have fle"d to
he coast. Ft was said that the
eaders of this revolution had
roclaimcd the restoration of the
monarchy with the Grand Duki
Nkholas-,ks eriiperor .: ;
. Some foundation for the report
hat a monarchy had been decjar-
d and the revolutionists
. were
vinning successes was
given tn
n .article published in thev Cra
oV papers which, -however, -plac-d
the scene of successes in Sibe
ia and said that the supporters
if Granlc Duke Nicholas had
verthfown the Siberian Soviets
it Irkutsk, Blagoviestchenk and
These successes Were explain
ed from "Moscow in a way that 1
tended to disprove German sup-
Hrt for the. revolt. They were
iescribed as a Crecho-Slovak out
)reak and the despatch said that
t had stopped traffic oft the Sibe
Han railroad thereby seribusly ih
erfering with German plans 40
ush home released prisoners ot
A counter revolution in Sibe
ia was told in a message from
lerlin to Amsterdam which said;
nch movement had been started
iy,Paul MilukolT, Constitutional
democrat, and Alexander J. Gdti
ikoff, Octoberist, who had arriv
ed at Harbin.
Mention of the successes of the
arty of the Grand Duke Nicho
as was made in tbe Berlin Tagea
'.eitung which said, "It is belieV
p Hi htrt that the Bolsheviki will
ie overthrown s6on and that
Kerensky is the man of the fu
ure Russia".
One of the most startling re
Kirts was that Germany and the
iolsheviki had entered tiptm a
ecret treaty or convention
vhereby they agreed to cooper
ate in crushing the ambitions of
the Polish Nationalists and the
I'olsheviki pledged themselves to
recognize the hegemony of Ger
many and Austria and to assist
them against the former Allies of
Russia, v j
a. a.
I uhkihtiania, June SS ( Aeweiat-
led Press) Copt. Ruald Auiundaena't
polar ship Maude has left for tbe North
Pole. The explorer will Join it at-'"
'Trenwon, . f

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