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fzr , 1 . -I . LJ. - -'JJ ,
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IWIM II 1 SB Will IllUb
ts t"l.' : t A-t,4 .-,(
Attention oVFetieYaV Authorities'
, U.Cated Tot Advening Mat
I jrURdbcJvd lo. .Honolulu-
-. ....... . . ii ,j-
Wh'-Bos2e LhcrsrtartShenid Be
Sant,To Dry TeFrifory 1$ ' "
. .Question. That fuzzle m
The attention' of th. ferinraJ author
Mies, ha )yB.;?alfr(i tfeMsberfijoi'J
l&B Hawaiian Igt licviJrrnt, oC tlw
American Defense Horloty to in adrer
GeiiiV. booklet of the, Gandfach-Bunil-
shatf Wine Oirrrpanyy Of Han Francisco, I
on the contention (Bat, ir the booklet
1 iiot'OtQWtt1 propaganda, is certain
ly exhibits" nothing approaehlrig am
mosity toward tha falser and hit Httji
hordes. ';.- . 1
' What foundation, K any, thefe may
lr for the expressed belief that tb'e
wine book breathei disloyalty Ito tntf
t nifed Mates remains for the federai
outhoritiee to determine, if they can.
ItoW far they may go in the' way of
making an investigation ia something
toiy have' not as yet announce. Mar
Kit a 1 Hinlddy said yesterday that while
lift had seen copies of the booklet, he
hud Rot exaniibud it carefully and was
not ia a position to speuk intelligently
concerning it.'''
'The GundlacB-Bundsliau wines are
made at place in California signifi
cantly termed " Bhiiiof arm. " ' On the
seco'nd page' Of the advertising book
let aecurrs the following:
Why Ui ".Fatherland?" ' ' '
"HaH, in the Valley of the Mooned
our enrousiasiie pioneers or laiirorniad
viticulture located the si'enesi of theii
early strife. "Among them wa( (he late
Jacob Oundlnch. lie earLv realized, the
urrourtdina ' country to hi' favorably'
adapted for the production of fine anfll
aclaeted :inea and planted his fertile
a "to, the Racc.hu vinevurtla, along the
gentle slopes of the Hulchiaa' moUn-
taiu range y tfye vrar 1858. Swarod
n-iiiimi'iu miiii niiiuiiiii nr. e.rjier
SMsociatlons in the Fntherland, the spbt
called ' Kliinefurin,' aud bear that
nam 4oday." , . ' ; '
It is the last sentence aboVtj quoted
to which objection has been made. The
hoqklut, it appears, was printed .in 1D1S
befitretthe TnitM StteH went' to war
with perms ny, but it Is rpgaVded. ac
pefcitliar) ta aay the least,, thkt; it ir
still put out with the above tender sen
Hinents' concerning he "Fatharlnnd,"
and particularly ettanite that ttono
Ijilj. should ,ba; floo4ed4 w'ith the,vtuj''
licaMoYi jusrat''his 'time whrtu ObVu
already dry , and the 'whole Territorv
is oa tho 'eva of being tabu ta the iin
portatinn 'of liquor. 1
I (J'rekt numbers of tjio booklet have
I'een received here through the mnil
ilirected to all sorts of people. The
c. itire city Hcms' to been, f)oqde.d
-;'littii9 iMihlicntion. nltlfoiih there ir
little more tlinn enough ' time for per
s -in here to order tie frm if e 'oHsi
rnil jret it delivered befilre prohibition
"es Ifito fffeet' and, iftimkrtatiim of in
toxlcsnts becomes Uleil.
Thjs ,fi;at lire i(,,te cose is Ric oulv
cue rpmigeuted up yifsfercfuy ' when
fjie nintt.er. wss call()' to his nttouttii'
by n Vijfllsnte. "f dont know ret.!'
he, said,"" Whafber or not the' bookie'
'-( with Uermsnlsm,' as is, rhafRrd.
but it in iiHtonishing thnt it shotibl be
p'-i'ed to residents of ''dry' territory.
What lsjh.0. of the company goinir
to the expense of semlinij thh booklet
"i t vhnn it cannot expect to tot a
business f '
W. 8. 8.
KOMK, June lH( Associated l'ress)
--Viintii 's labor bus doubled in price
duriuji the past six ni.iuths. partly due
to the era ploy metlt given by the go
eriimi-nl to women in tactorios direct
d by the War Department t ann
factoring muterials for it. Jn order
lo )? sure of employment a woman or
V'irl must have a hiitbaud, fatlior, son
or brother at the front. Their lowest
pay is 'seven lire ber day, nr two to
I'our lire nbgve. man 'sj wages 'paid Je
foie th war. Many earn double this
H'P' bv ovej-tiine. The wage is not
now considered uniivmil hecauae in the
came factories nkiHed men work ere
rarn us. niich hs 100 liie per day, a
H'i'in once equivulent to 120 and before
the war the average pav per month
v1irh'k.k"a,,er-1 tI -. j
olnaii not working in Much govera
mi nt supply factories huvc latrily struck
for, lifty percent inert UfCS jn the dress ,
mill i mi and i lntlnug extabliKhments
and obtained their deintiud, iioyV re
icivinir n average of four' lire per
Iny. rnskflled women and girls are
ul mi km highly pid on the farms that
eiv ants c ilitrlcult to dad
i Vrl '! w. .: T
"The executive rumiuittee of the l)e
I'eiiie Hociety held n meeting ifc lliiilti
v slcrdny fur ihij transaction of routine
In siucf s. The subject of possible nj..
regard to the Hearst .aewtpn
I ." h tinii ningazine coHiing lotoitlie I or-
ile'v was to have Iteei) considared, but
1 1. old nut -be -" lied In the jtioie allot-
i d fur the session, to was deferred to
a Hpecial meeting to be held pn Moil
I here will lie a general meeting of
tlie llnwnii branch ,of tho society 011
Exckeni ogress Wihfl UtatfiV H
the Building of Planes H' Goirid Ahdacf-LIberty Motor Produc
tion Is JncrcasinoPrCblcm of Shipping Machines. To France
Becoming Less Serioun :.
contemplate', never was entirely prac
OMall epaclsj T Th Advertiser.) I V'. '"t uriiticn( airmen ami saffl-
WA&HINqTON, June 1-The sofV " -if ' ' ""V.
i. i m i . .rl''. ! tit saute absolute wast cry of the air
fnlngoi Igorbotl ateti.eiits.of ;' fe 0lj.iBr Western front are practical pro
4'eekk" ago about the aviatirtn service pptitiuns. . one may say that the
lir0ee:eJ 1 bit's of aortb(hile jaformaJ realiaatfoa' of suck a status is now
'tion. Jssue forth'. This inforntatlori eafa' ".Bh
,, . , , '.T.i . ,1 Cernly great things are properlv
hardly be of value the enemy, bUtJ U-.bMir.tVl f this avati,!,, armv
tathat tk his eonsternation, after allj nhea it oetf to France. The men are
that has born said. ' It stjfcns tic pub-1 trained, in great numliers and being
'oafiicne.e In What has beei' done 1 I' on fighting edge. It is su.osed
.waging war ia the air, although it
hi aid Dt eaaouraae too . much exulta
tiasicf (,! ." , ' . '
., Tha atrength of the aviation person
ael.is A matter opoa which oiie,iqars
iacreasinr emphasis at Washington. - It
ia claimed with same show of reliabil
ity that eac.ll.ot progress has been
ade not pnly ia training av otor. but
in ..k.. I v. 11 I
A .t?i.? rti-fif .'t!"
A statement .circulates that the United .
rttBte now haa more well trained avia
tors advanced near .4 he point for active
servief than all Kuropean eountrlea oil
both sides of the firing line. Whether
,or pot ' that be an exaggeration, the
prvqjireis c a . Tery large ana highly
trained flyiog corps are excellent.
The. instruction of . these hleraihoa
been along earoful lines. A percentage''
pi aoeldenra is inevitable. "It has, been
shown to increase as young men are i
crowded bexpnd certain points in, heir
tnatraation, Th fatabrtiea t ttaaning
are described as telatlvely fewer. th;
American training service than, in. the,
British. But f tor the mnriv months
fc..uu- i . . . J ' - 1 n e srxi iww tuontns, nowever, not
nS. Id Ilvr? T "iAy nia these supplies be ready but
tions, the aviation aorps of the t nited. ,h ' .hM h. t.,-
glares Army, stems approaching a
stage where it should give a raqasur
ible acesunt of itself in Europe! ' ' !
, Regrettable -delays have undoubted-,
' attended the "construction of plane.,
tt 'ia well Understood that mu(5h,ha
bees dnn to correct faults in organi
sation and to speed up the building
tasks. But it is also said, how ac
curately may' "be uncortaiu, that the j
British ,aid" the French were' counted
upon arid, indeed, gave assurances of
bing able to firnish nraey fighting
clones for. the American fliers for a
Aw moniha Hjl manufacturers in th
.rplted Htiles' Could 'nlnke a gooil flubta
Vead The -"expansion of their pwr
jhying'corps 9s said to , have tnxed the
maqufaeturing facilities in those two
-!Ountrif!$ so fplly'(thnt these two allies'
'b'ufH nut make ' good their assurancea.
Itovernment ttlU Stride
,. ,fl,ovyevo, much one should discount ly technical. Air figbtlhg is vet very
statements like tho. above,, it seems ' much n the,' f xperimental stage and
certain that IS aviation prospects arc rapidly develqptng. Our iijfantry au l
improving very matariaUy. In ' trairi I artillery, standard military branches
ing and manufaturing, the. government I have en recruiting. 'and training fpr
taa at last gotten into its latride.,' tThe only' a. little more than twelve, months
W v )!, y As.,b,yl,Bol.teada .awl ajuat". gettg H9',t.'-.titasiB of jot
ecA up Tto, thegnuat proportpna in., naienct -K here they- .cart' Jbe plit upon
whicJi.it, wna, advertiaed by optinjrsta the Hnpglin,e"of tfie AVstern Iroot.
tud enthusiasts, when the $04O,(H)O,OOO I The inference' would seem to !be"clear
ippropriution wna being vpted by cqn-1 .that if thp air army, understood to ap
iress a rear ago Then talk was rife proximate 20ft;0()0 men, qunlifioa. fur
ibout 100.001) Amerji aji air)dnnes in vivnrous .wrvii'e within a year and a
Prance winging their way to Herlin half and "becomes a factor in blindint;
ind dropping unlimited quantities of the (ieraisu forces in France, there
iixplosi ves upon the Huns aud their would ba. a very great daal itanding
owns. That idea, although beautiful to its credit.
' ' 1 1 1 .! 1
To mure Iftiwaii youths, "who did Jl'hird Fiigineers last "Ajiril njid left
lot wait for the liaft", Carl Wiknn I liere a short time iftcrwnrd with otli
lej- and Hurnhain Koefe, have rentier Honolulu volunteers for-Caino A.
'ihotogvqpbr and letters to their Umio-i Humphreys, irginia. 'They! rite
,'ulu relatives iclnUng their .experiences 1 that, they hope in a few moiths to be
ind . expressing their pleasure becauBc sunt to France with their rogjment.
flicy are enlisted in the light against! Wikander is a former'. HUo youth,
he Huns. ' and a brother of Miss II. Wjkamlrr,
Kcefe and Wiknnder ioined the 1315 l.unalilo Street, Honolulu.
ttsTRucridNs are RECEiygbxpk ,. ,
Full iiintructioos regarding the rules iheeu termiiiateil by ilenth or ubsolute
md leguliitioiis governing the registrn i divori'e.
ion of women aliens who are subjects Naturalized Women Free
f Oermany tinve been received in Ho-' A woman priiuallv a nnti or sub
ioIuIii. Postmasters, sheriff's and depu-i jeirt of (iermany, , if ' she hns become
y sheriffs in Hawaii, who are to con mitui:y.ed ip the V'lited r-'tates, Is not
luct the ' registration between July 1 , n Oeruian aliep required t, register,
'in! .July lo, inclusive, excepting .hum-1 Any .merienu' wonai) ' who marries
lay, July 7, which has been excluded. I a foreigner takes the naUonhljty of
are to be supplied with these rules her husband, but the aituralUation of
regulations, if they have not a' i tho husband as y American citlten re
endy received thew from the Hoululu ttor to the wife American, citizenship.
eiteral oBicinJs.
All ' women, uutives, eitlaeiis, denl
reus ir'subjeeta of the German Kpipire,
between the age of fourteen and up
nurds, now within the United fctate
tnd not actunlly naturrtlaled as Ainer
leoii citiaens are required to register
is Oerman alien women. Women ub
. ts of the Austro-Hhiignrlan fcnipif
trw. mit' required tfl, register under th
ToTm " ' ' ,,n" U h- IH
RegUtration Places Announced
In cities or municipalities .w hich had,
by the Kejeral c.eusus of 1910, a popu
'ation o(,fM,)OO.o over. , the rgiatatln
will tal;p place In' the police station:
in all other communities kn-u h
non nrbun areas, the registnition will
ake place in the poetorhxes. Ip nop
urban area immediately rovtiuous to
a city receiving oiaU Or rural free de
livoty routes emauatiag from the,ust
office of such said city, or sei vd with
mail by such pontoHce. a refidtranl
ahull register iu the poatufllce. but she
shall jUe.ili'uieil a. tvciatJBit of. the
SOU urban area iu liicji ;she ieH;ies,
J ,J woman, li)eispfUve fit l(IV i if i. ,
thtu of her parents, whe is Iiim n ji the
i.'niten niatt's aim iuni to, tim Julia
diction thereof, ia an Amerlrnu citire-i
and is not a German sJien ryoniie'l to
register unless she h'ls bf come , u:it
urulized or taken an out h of nlbipiniicc
to iM'iiniiuy. or lias iiHiirlml u citieu
aiibiecl to tleini'iny who h ml nc
quired 1111l11r11liy.uli1.il in the I nils
Htntes nnd the marital relation hits 1:11'
1 t vj--ej ifr-i
if."- . t 4 tt. r
i .v
the Trnh, of Aviators, While
. ..v.,(j .
that Washington in recent months has
witnessed marvelous stunts in the many
exhibitions. that .have taken place above
the city but probably these exhibitions
are tame by comparison with porform
ittee the- flying experts of the United
Htates are now capable of. ,
' X"' k.. t, 1. . . ... tu.
f o", KtlJt
snioment or p'anes'across the Atlantic
' o.opoIU. enormous space on
.hll,hA..1- ... ' ...
v Oa serious drawback to the aviation
(hipbowtdk Just when the quartermas
ter 'a department has been crowding
Levery possible shin into the service of
carrying men and munitions to Gen
eral Foch,. so that. the United Htater
armv might help strike powerful blows
at, the enemy possibly decisive blows
In the course of the battle Jhat be
ikan lit March, it hns not been feasible
to ehip airplanes. If sufTic.ient fighting
planes for tha aviation army had been
crated and put down upon the docks
at Atlantic porta, one may doubt whe
ther these would have been transported
v4',under. all the circumstances.
Coa Snip Plaaea Now
In the next few months, however, not
they should go over the ocean. There
seems to be confidence that the Ameri
ca aviation service in Frnnce will be
much better supplied in all particulars.
The shipping board is making such da-1
titled gaina in construction that prob
lems of transport are much less aggra
vated. More space can be found for
shlpmeata of planes.
The burden appears to rest largely
jnet' now on the manufacturers. If the
conclusions' of senators, who have been
investigating, may be trusted, the Lib
erty Mofof .ia well advanced as a prac
tical,, working machine. It is not per
fection yet but it has been developed
to the point where quantity production
is an increasing actuality.
Thei aviation corps is now substan-.
tially 'entering; upon its second year,
rrpbably it was entitled to at least
twelve months before very much could
be exriec.ted of It. Thn service is hiifh-
Te niarnuac. prior to, April ft, 1917,
of n .Oerutnu alien woman to a cltlxen
'of the United Htntea. naturalized her as
j an American citixe'n.
Other provisions of the Woman regie
I tration prnduumtion follow: '
; A ,,., , 8tive,.1Sitien. denizen o'
, subiv,.t f GefmiUiy wUo Uu, cqure,
American citUenahip bv - marriage to
Auierit nu, i, presumed to retaiVfhe.
. same , after the . termination of the
.nuirital relation., by d.ath or alisvlute
divorce, if she, continues to feai4"lii!
the Uuitud HUta, unlets sh makes
. tirnuil renuueiation thereof , . before a
! court having jurindistioa to naturalise
aliens; or, if she reside abroad, ilie
may retain her American citiensliiii
In , registering ss, such before Upited
.itiitee (Qoiisul within one year after the
termination -tif such marital relation.
Marrltga NaturalU'S I-Jmily
The mornuge. of n Oerman , alien
widjuy to aii Ameri,cmi uitiaeii prior to
April ti, lu,7, imtu ralifd r. tmericiui
i iti.ess lu'ritelf and such of her for
civn Imrii minor , children as ' tiy-re
dweliiug ttitlnu tbo United Utatee at
the time of, such marriage or who be
i-amy periuuueiit residents of the Unit
ed Htates before ntacbiug .their nia
jority. . -, , .,
If the second or subsequent husband
tioruiaa alien wtdow becomes nat
uiu)ji'd as an American citizen, such!
niduu lit sou might herself be law-
lully nut urnlied I and her foreign
In.. 11 minor children residing perma
uenlly in the United States lit the time
Inquiry May Result In Charging
Executor With : payments r
For Fifteen Years
,Quostiune raised nhou. payments
made out of the estate of I'nul H. F. O.
tsehber fn the report of the master,
Oeorge A. tavls, mid particularly about
paymeata made to the Oerman school
at Lihoe hive led to an inquiry that
I now to be made. In the mnitvr't
report (fled this week a payment of
12(H) that had been made from the
estate to' the l.ihue school, which Is
Conducted by Mrs. Dora Isenberg, Is
flisallowed ' and the executor ia aut
charged with the amount an. I Interest
Following' this action II. Haekfeld
ft Co., which hns been acting at da
posit a ry for' the est.ite. has given ao
Ice that payments of the kind to wbinl
.he master . has objected havpybeet
nade for th JMjist fifteen years-to he
whooL In tuaking the statement fhi
tackfeld eompnny disclaims any re
sponslbllity and aseertt thst' thro pay
nicnts to the school have been, made
at the exprese request nf the bene
flciaries under the w ill. The company
tays it has been ncting only a
nositary ti' .YeVCr as ngent 'fot' the
oxerutor, who is I). I'nul K. Isenberg.
If the aurahargo made by the master
if f20 aud interest n gainst the ex
-iktor in the"1atet report is upheld
by the : ..court,, it is probable that all
if the payments made in the fifteen
yeara. amounting to is, 000, nAy be
charged againat him or against Ilaek
feld Co.
, Following' the presentation of th
master 'a report', the court yesterday
ordered a complete new inventory of
tha assets of the estate from the exe
"Utor. Aa Oeorge A. Dnvla. as master
resterday withdrew all pnpers in. con
nection 'with the estate it is assumed
that complete review of all of the
acta of the executor will he made,
. , ,i
of the naturalization of such husband,
or' who become permanent residenta of
the United 8tats before reaching their
majority, ' arei thereby naturalized aa
American- citizens.
First Papon Not Sufficient
A female native, citir.cn, denizen, or
subject of Germany, who has not be
come an American citizen by marriage,
remains a Oerman alien required to
register hereunder although she hat
declared her intentlpn to become a citi
zen of the-"United States by taking out
flrsti papers of naturalization, or hat
been partly or completely naturalized
In" aiiy country other than the United
States. ' !-
'Tho naturalization as an American
eltixen of 'the widow of an alien . nat
uralises' atf American citizens bet, for J
f .i V i'-Ol-. V Jl!i , - ' v ' r .. :l
Clgn-uurn nHifir-- riiuiri.i m di , rusiur j
permanentfjr within the United NtaJeV
at the tune of. hor natnralization tuirl
also those Of her miqor children so! born
who become permanent residents of the
United Htates before reaching their
A female child born in Germany of
fnther at the time of such child's birth
a native, citizen, deniaen, or subject
of (If no any but subsequently nntuml
ized a an American citizen while sued
child was a minor. Is not. a- Oenuan
alien required to register hereunder,
provided such child began permanentlc
to reside in t'ae United States before
leaching her majority, .
Alsace Citizenship Defined
A female child born iu Germane nf :i
father who was at the time; of such
child's birth an American citizen is not.
unless she has herself acquired Ucr
man nationality, a Oerman alien re
"uired to register hereunder. . Th"
rights of, American citizenship, . how
ever, da Tint descend to a child so bom
nhoae father, never resided iu the Unit
ed States.
Females horn in or resjdiug as tier
man subjects in Alsace Lorrnine sub
sequent to Mav 111, 1H71. and now dwell
ing within the l uitqd Htates are, unless
naturalized as. or njarnod prior to
April cy 017. to American citizens, re
quireii tir register.
Females born iu or residing as (iiyr
man subjects in Schlesn in Holstein sub
seunent to August ISllfi. and now
dwelling within the United Htates n-e.
unless naturnU'cd as, or married prior
to. April ft, lilli. to American citizens
reonired to register.
Questions in respect to particu'nr
cases not fulliiiL' within the. foregiiissf
definitions should be referred to the
dfloertment nf bistiee, M'ashington, i)il
trict of Columbin.
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day, tortured with . dutl backache or
tliurp, stabbing paintf Don't drag
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tils ( Ad w rtievim 1. 1
11 ,0
Tl JTl f TPfrytJoVrr
VljrJ IVtsitory"
hND more millions if required
RoOfiewIt Want Jn Ampri-
Cdn3 dllOOI me WaV ineV
A . a . 1 i. isi . . aaaa
Shout Urges Speed In Getting
Men in France To Take' the
Strain Off Nations Who Have
Lonq Been Fiohtinq For Us As
Well As For Themselves
I wsnt to sec America sIimi! the
Way she shouts.' said Colonel Then
dore Roosevelt
response to pro
longed applause which greeted him at
a Win the War mass meeting held by
the American Rights League at Cor
Begle llsll to commemorate th sink
Ing of the l.iisitnuin. "1 want to see
Americans at the end of this war de
se rvo to be greeted iu Knglnnd atid
France ss the reni-eseutatives of the
armies of (Irest Rritnin and Fiance
afc greeted here. Wo most nit eon-
line oursetves to npplainliiig others who
ngni in n aar, that is ours as muth
as theirs. ,
Three years neo the l.usitania was
sunk. When the l usitanin was sunk
we still failed to prepnre, and the fact
that we thus failed, the fact that we
failed to net tilwila,-Aft Vv n nut ina-imA
paredness was as profound in the soul
as In the hmtv w. ...w-..j t
apiritual no les's than from nhv.ie.al
nn preparedness. Thank, and . humblv
thank our God that at last our people
, r
nave waxen it was the eleventh hour.
but it was not the tnelfth that at
last we waked. If we had not waked.
if we had not ;one forward to do our
duty, never after the close of th's
war would an American have been will
Ing ta loo the citizens of another free
nation in the fae. Thunk Heaven, we
have won the right to walk with heads
erect among the nrtiims nf mankind.
2o Tour Fighting Now
iiw. Americans, ngnt nnd do tt
now. Mike our wciaht felt ami mnke
Now. Americans, fluht nnd do it
ll reu at the earliest moment.. For,
three years nnd throe quarters the F.na-
liah and-French arn.ies-av-e. and the
Itnlrana and the Helirinns nnd th other
i u.V,Zi k.
as t heir" The v
Allies have battled
' ' " " " " uiui u na iiieirs. I nr?
have suffered heartrending leases. The"r
leaders have stood as once it wa. said
nf Governor Andrew of Massachusetts
-their leader, have .tnod .. J,ll.
W . MUM mm .....! u . V. . 1 lt.1
,t- , 0-.j
r ' ll KIT- IMilllia til llp Bimr
and Twmren. t th. lir 1.1.-1 '
7 . I -- -! - M
be and th,ir bravest. Their .oar-
have died thnt we might live 'n anfotr.
Vow W ... ...,J '.v.. .u-':
" . - re.... win mi iuhi 1JD1T :
death shall not have been in vnin.
VNo American has the right to feel',
satisfied .until ve hae,in France, ho
many million fighting men that the'
drain will have been taken off the
Frenrb and., the K.nglihh armies and
transferred to us, for we deserve to
It. I'hooe Vo see immediate pr"o
o made for an armv of Ave mil-'
,. m, , ,.
must tell the wsr department thnt if
they nml them, ano her five million
inlw an. h: aad, W. And rememnW
.tL - .... . . .
max .uniier-ine ronanioas er moaern
war not nnltr rormt .. K- w
they most be ermed with the admiT
able nnd delicate mechanism bf itiodern
warf-e. Hoend up the building bf
the ships, of guns', 'anrl of aeroplanes
the ships, of guns, and of aeropln
'" have a .-Bllant but a. small
army nn , the other side.,, Wc .baye
for the last six weeks 'heen sending
troops rapidly arrow, perhaps most of
them hnye as yet only Veen able to
take fhi!. p1 nces or1 the English triow
hat haVe bPen sent to the front. That
is, not enough.
Speed Vrgtd
"lot .,. ., tt. ... 1.,.
hind the lines' and n the front. , I
nn the buildiat of ships, the building
of runs, the.buildioa of aeroulnnes:
work fhree eiht h.7r shift, nut of
everv twenty four, nn.l .have it under
stood that any man who makes an im
prouer profit out of jthia war is n
traitor to. this country. Jf there is
a i ingle man of. wealth, who nt the
end of this war is not poorer than
when tti war. started, be will have
niech to exidain.
"80 much for the capitalists, mi-1
the same thing applies to the wage
worker. See 1. that the big man of
oieaus gets 00 more profit out of tl'e w it
than, is necessary (n, order that the
business shall bp run,, and see that the
vvorkingnisn (lues his work up to the
hafnllu. If any rivetef in. a thipynr I
drives . only UI. riyfttt iWlwre he could
drive 120, biv has driven. OU for free
doni, and he bat left, 60 undriven for
tbt sake of the. Hohepiojlern. lf any
.man works thrtte days, at high wages
jiinl loafs the next three, been use of
the Muh wages he has received during
the first three, he is an enetuv to Amur
ic, and an. ally of the jKalser. If auy
uiun, if apy capitaUtft.i makes an uudue
pront, or, U, any workman .scants Jus
job he. is playing the game of tyranny
against liberty, andhe, is false ..to his
brothers in unjforin at the friit.
"This war driyi) may, very possibly
,be Hucceil9d py. peav . dfive, ami
a, peace, drive aurowiy designed tu Bp
ptutl to shorUugiitail BclLmeauiug po-
pie, wno properly and justly haing
siunnesj anit-norrine nje the slaughter
and devantatioii of war. fair to too thnt
-e must suffer anything now rather
than permit this condition to remain
such as to invite, a repetition of this. 1
war. -.. " , , , .
"If Germany .jsndV, her ,.three vansnl
states, Austriu, Buluana. and Turkcv.
who are in mat ten veco"6mic, militury
end administrative, ,ierev part of the
German Empire todays i Germany and
her three vassal states are permitted
st the end of this War' to control (lie
Kajknns, a,nil contrbl all the provinces
of Western Kussia, - and throueh the
Turkish Empire to dominate Western
Asia, if that ia dona,: we shall huve
seen as the result of . the war, the up
I ml. ling at the mightiest military des
potism against which) the eiiliel
world has had t contend in all time.
"If we are sincere. in our beliefs we
cannot rest content until the Jinhemiuu
and his brother, tbt Moravian, sud the
Slovak have their independent com
e-oiiweulth. and the Southern Sluvs
theirs, until the American and the
Zionist Jew and the Arab and ih"
Syrian Christian, are rendered m.le
pendent of Turkey.
Denim racy Tor All
"Until everv 1111'ioii, c,-i, . .
ulit v now bending its neck iin-l. 1 1 I.
yoke, whether nf the Sultan, the Ho-I
henaollern or the llapsbwg, is fraed
iinH allnw-ril hi.l.l it. K.il 4rttltph4 !
" fre commuiiwealth, we can't af-
into the r. m.w let s see the war
through to the end until victory conies, i
As long a. we are at war, le(a Bght.
oil cj.ii t Hi: li t umcss you niuhm i,v
nil ypur nllies and oppose all your ca
timet. Any American citizen a. he fe jw
nitai ks any "1 I lie allies of Atieriea la
n traitor to Atuerica. We declared war
on Otrinniiv after a gooil Ileal ' of
thimghttuliicss. After a further period
of thought wc declared war on Arts
iria. I hope to heaven we don 1 Make
four bites of th,. cherry, and that we
let-lure war on Turkey and jDulgaria
at once. 1 feel in international mat
ters thnt a great self sacrificing nation
should handle i elf exactly, aa We. es
,., t an houornble man to hamlle hrro
elf in nriiam r..l.t:.,n. '
able man should under any ireteiMe
ininr another, nor alum 1.1 ha lulnnlti
to injury by another. My advu-e to
any kinsman of mine as he grew ap
was never to hit anv one if he enuld
help it, but if he did never to ait
aof .ly. Noboily is grateful for , being
hit softly. If you hit a man. a little
he doesn't like you, and he does hur:
you. Don't hit him at all if vou can
pmibly avoid it, but If
him, put him to sleep.
you do hit
of the amooni of moriey thai
this'eountry has provided for expeodirtg
during the past year, and think of the
fact that the expenditure ofa ,smnil
f action of timt money in preparing, Jar
ing the preceding three yeara. would
have meant thnt if we had had ,te enter
this war at all, it would have- been ovqr
a yeai an, and all the bloodshed stop
ped. A Yvrofcsaional army it an army
meet fo- aggression. But I wish to see
us realize Washington's Ideal and
provide an army potent for self defense
and most unapt to engage in n,ny, js-ar
rrre or aggression an armv bated on
. . 1V . - .
th,'?' ,,",t. ,"".v""al fifTrago means
,, '" 1 iVv V i7?
--i ssk tne mothers r the lartd to are
I"1 ,r 'T'? "r c,,lf7. W?Ti
pareu. i ssk i no mniners or tne lana
,(? "cp n,at ,n,, Ry'pm i tuch that the
ihern' ",,""nt """" who
, . . c , , . , i .
nupvorted becauaa.aom,
X " T. t T" "
',0 "'" dut;v' 1 k -Pprl to th
Vmen- 1 ma1e rougher appeal to
-tb men.
til it T . , . 'M J
T, ,np 1 .v that any; man ofJ
Clnklin ...... .. I. 1. :il:. Ill
V . ' r . Vi. . " i -.iiu--
. t
en the con at rv calls ought to hri
deprived of his vote right out nf hand
Americr. j"or Americans
"There is another thing. Tht event1
of the past three and three-quarter?
years have shown that no havf gpt ti
put a complete stop to the day of dual
citizenship in this country. There ii
'"'" n In thif
fT f " a" .Am'7" Vr
is an American and nothing else. Thori
!" "V"m f"r 'ty-fifty aUegmMf
rl,"'I.y- " ",nT m"n 'K
l 'vfiv attbe, country at uh. a. f
does th I. send him to the Other .conn
i.-- .- .1 -j j i L ' i
,rr- A,ccl,t no allegiance. We
f"nm " "'X '"'f'-'t '
"'"'. the. Ameniaa nationality:
V 1 T '
! rule, out the red flag of an-
nii rij iuhi an inucn as any owgrr nag
! 'nd we have room In this country foi
but' nno lauguago, tha .English Inn
vajro., . , , , '
i " Ib-memberj there, ,re two sides to
, tin' principle I have laid down, ijf Amer
icairsm. Any man who does uot sub
j scribe to and art on the princiilcs thui
la til dowi, in. not, an. Ameriejin ami
: ,1"Hl" w out "T this country. H11I
. lf' R0"! fa,t! he ho h,tt"eir h
: f''' "
1 Wm,,,V . "'" ..W 8nT. r."
v,,r "nt'r in' tn rr"1 '", l-'Tesse.
"r N' the nationality from which he ,,
111-. rii 1-i 11 niiwii,
I "I csre not where a inun was Imru o
wbnt lead his parents ctfine from An.
it is no cocernof mine in civil life s
to what is the method la which he nor
ships his Ctreator so long as he is a'
American ia good faith ofld nothing
but an American. Ho our business is ti
insist upon nn absolutely straight out
A I'lericaiiixm In every respect in thii
country. Our business is to iu.ist up
on u policy of preparedness, a perma
neivt oliey of preMirednesa to hold run
own nirninst every specie of foreigr
nyuiession and to he ready to do oui
dutv to make the world safe for everv
well behaved power t9 live its own life
as long aa it wrongs no other power
' it great or small. These are the two
duties in the matter.. I want you nun
to remember that , the onlv American
ei'Mtled to the unstinted ailmirntion nf
a'l others ji re the men to w hom the mi
irme rood fortune is granted to wear
th uoifurm of tha United iltate Army
or pavv, t
i " A,tul that much is our business, to
buck thsise men in every wav nccessnrv
I fur rai'siuar the money to elotb". feed
arm nnd eouiii them, nnd to back then'
through our iiublie wrvnats. standing
, behind everv public servant who doc
his ful dulv to the country and hold
i him to the .sharpest a-euntaliilitv
if 1M aiis to do his dutv."
. , , 1 , xa. s '
:' , ' .........
AMSTERDAM, June IJ -- 'Assoc iat
ed I'ivss) Human fat. says the Vienna
Khnisilie Woclienachrift, lias proved
of grout beiielit in healing espcciallv
deep wounds where leious of the tionw"
11 nil 0,1 he- pnrts have occurred Such
fut ol tnii.eil from operations, this
medical journal explains is preserved
,'rie free nn.l 1 e stenii eil tictoif us
ll is then heated to the temperature
of blond 11 nd Injected, rapid li.-ntrira
tn.11 being obtained. I! until 11 fat hu
also proved very useful in accelerating
tin- hetilin'i piocess in cases of toln
tendons nnd nei v ch.
w. a. a.
LONDON, June 11 -J. M. Joel. lace
horse v"i"', has refund an offer of
2,ooo f,,i his horse Hlnck .leaterc
iheh won the St. l.etlgei in I0M. This
cclioii wn taken by fr. Jm I i.u the
; 1. .nn.l tl.nl il wo ul, I l.e ll(, unst the
' i,.l- I ..lit e.l I.. ,h I I,, iim- to
I Al-a 'ttS ll a ait tt tl
StA MMM mil
Needed To Link Up Finland and
Carry tnto Full Effect Mit '
t.i r,,,.-. C u
,;te! Opa SChCmeS
WAKIIINUTON. June 10 -( Asum-iat.
ed l'ress)-liermnnv 's sctltities) ia r;
r'nlnlid nnd the Al.'ili.i Islands ara
cmising rears innong the northern r.nro-
l11" neutrals that a ":niii.le Sea of
the North" is nnteinnlnted hv tho
niiiiM-riiTic .TiiTmi towers ns an ail--
illll.-t t.i Oini. ....i, . ..I...... f.a mm
... ,,v.r,"i. I'm nr. ,u, ! ll.
n wmimir xnn iniiiHry alliance ngninss
the world under the name of "Mittcl '
Kuropa. "
"The result obtained bv the fier
imav: h vHaLian Baltic states give '
the ' fteiitraf 'irVnlhern countries Mutch
riKim for afur thought," declares Dr..
lur. : Asch the fscandmavian econo
mist, in an - article received here in
oflicial rtespatrbes. "The operatlona
of the OeruMiis iu the Baltic provinces .
may nave consequence) which no tienco
congress ever wili have power to efface.
i ne Hermans nesire 10 connect ' t in-'
an. I L -.. . ' . 1. II- II
in mi prviwHIf WT WIVU jnilllllV-
KurillMI. Kiulnjltl a, .nunllv aI V a.
natermls If llAhnanv Imnitinn.
ter of the Baltic, and Fiulaml becomes
n independent state with economic .
onnections with Middle Kurone. Itus-
tia't -wish to extend toward the west
nrobably once for all made imtioa- -
... - .
a n, r . ,A . L.. ,
'eet again, she niust.Jlnd au outlet for,
her natural riches, aad when, she has
no. way Ofpyn to the west, she must get
mere ny am or tne Middle J-.uroean '
roup, esiiectiiiiy Herniary, , nnd by aid
ii omiiuiiinv,. is mis way,, an inter-
nan go of trade between Hcandiuavia.
1. ir:j n. r
nf .ninijie r.lirnnesn Kroup, ann itussia.
nn the entire Mohhmmedan world
voujd be Missible and. uot simply a f
Htlla Jr. in en ' . 1
"With regard to Norwav, it is not'
Mt of the question that thla country
ill have te nmiaiiker sorioualy whether
win not have To lean more to the '
Bst axl south than naw la the ease."
Ben ring on the same subject ia an ab-
traet from Affarsvarldeu, - a leading
I wed is trade jminiaJ:
- "Uermany's actions on Aland and lo
'Inlsul, and the inclusion of Finland
a-tlie Merman protected stales, is a
'ary serious thing for the economic life
md the whole future of Sweden," it
J. -"" .1-
imler l.erinitn economic and political
-ontrol are a menace to Swedeu greater
kon any before. There are siren. ly in
iieafions to show that deruiuny ia el
ending her new iiilluciu-c as tar north ,
is Sprtzbergen.
. ".'if tvnlaod forma an economic union
vith ..Uertaany, w hkh, for anyone who :
nows Gcrnianv. will mean onlv that
.'inland bee allies a German vassal state, .
lua will haV H great. tiiHiieime on the
iwedish.expcurt market for timber, wooi
ulp, paMr, .etr la wjilcb Sweden has
isretnfors -conpetei with FlnlamL ,
. "The economic future, of Sweden has
en greatly shadowed by the events :
t tha last few weeks. Whether it will
iave any politioui Inrluem e remain to
tie seen.
''The Frankfurter Zeit.ung ways with
egard to tha , German occupation of
tland that it has, of course, n far
,'reater political than militnry cl.arac-
tdt.'i I, tm ' .1. u , . .
FRENCH FR1WT. Mav lS-(Asto.'
Y 1 "fl.. ' .
vaper prists in Genua sy at the prcs-
i moiiieni mere is presenteii some
Ind of a .si heme for the solution of.
t k .. . 1 '..4 11 1 . mail ."
nm iiitiiun ui Amars-i .iirraiiie. w oat
he German can not understand is the
fact virtually every real Alsatian and
.or rain rejects in totality any scheme
'or joining bis native bind either to
he German Enmiie or nnv of its com
onent federal States.
The latest method of disposing of
he two province's discussed in the Ger ,
.nan Imperial Palianjcnt proMMs their
ivision between I'russis nnd t'.sva ia,
Lorraine to be taken by the former
ind Alsa:e by Ihe-lutter. This pro-
osition not only fs rejected by the
inhabitants of the provinces thcniselvcs,
iut has aouacd. protests from wn enl
if the (lermsn Hint., an, I Mu.,ni.,l1i
riu Vuerttemberg. Consequently for
he time being it hus been iilluwed
'o drop ia fuvor of two other sch.vnes.
'10th unsatisfactory to some of the
Uorman uartiea. .
Th" first of theui looks to the forma
'ion nf an independent Sfate of Alimew
iirrainc uaiirs ne riite nr a nuKe,
vhile the Second formumtcs the found
ition of a repubtie of Alsise Lorraine
ittarhed to the German Empire. Both
if thein have been widely discussed bat
vitjhuut ha-iaglag about avy ennchi-dnp,
ml. sheuisl .eHher ef them be accept
id V tha Oeraiaas. it is believed th-fl
eitttlAiof tha two. tirovinces would have
lotbiivi tp-vdv. With It.
Athe j-orsesposdent of The Asmo
ated I'Kis has found in dibciitisin
he matter with Alsatians and Lor
aint Of, all classes, the oulv d esire fif
'hesv people ia to he reunited to
uienve, tvirthf wwbh they have rcn iiu
l, is! spttCof the German a uexatioa,
loself sllieil iM'-all their idens and
V hlf their souls( They reca'l fre
quehftv Jn the course of their con
ieiainna flie.-Worda uttered bv lesi
lent Wilsbrrr"'
''The wrong onot-cd by I'russin (o
France in M)Tl mnst tie 1 ed res.f..i i or
der that peace may be establish I in
'he interest of ell."
t 1 , sr. n
Clinmberlttiu 's Colic ifiid Dinrilioea
Iti'inudy needs no glaring hen Hire to
attract the public eve. The si.nple
statement that all chemists ,..11 it Is
sufficient, as everv f ini-h know its
value. If has been used for I'ortv
Viturs ami i-i in. I wh i it, 1 nine im
plies. For KHle ,v I, , . Itei,.
s,.n. uiilh t. to. I i.l 1 lur
1 ' .- -i
4; 1' I 1 umaVOw s

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