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Will Not Try To Secure Demo
- cratic Nomination For Dele
gateship, He Announces
" tr. J. H. Raymond ol Maul In eon
11 ruling the announcement that he will
W a candidate for Ik office of dele
ct t to aengress, says , that he will
make tba wee as aa independent candl
lte, and not at a Democrat. In eon
nection with this announcement it la
hold that Doctor Raymond it ao well
known aa a Democrat that ha will be
considered such by many and hi sup
port will come very largely from that
party, which, the political wiseecres
tli Ink, will further reduce the Tote
which Link McCandlea -might expect
should be decide to run again.
Mr Candle, in an interview pub-
lihed ia the) rolumna panda mora
ing, taid that the appearance of Char
ley Rice ia the latt primary aa a can
didate again t Kuhio caused a alump
of Hawaiian from the Democratic
party to the tupport of their Alii. It
it thought by Rome that the appear
ani'F of Doctor Raymond hi the field, al
though running aa an iadependent,
mny bsve a similar effect.
Knna Independent
la regard to the candidacy of Doctor
Raymond, the Maul Newa of Friday
quotes him aa saying:
'But I wlah yon would make it clear
that I ahall make an independent fight
and not put myself in position to be
counted out in tha primary election by
a lot of Republicana rung la aa Demo
crat for the occasion. I waa up against
that game once, and the? would atack
the eards against ma the aame way
agaia if I give them the chance. ' '
No Time for Politic
Doctor Raymond declared that this
i no time for drawing political lines,
iid J the Maul paper. It ia a time for
the best interests of tha country with
out regard to a man's past political af
filiations. He cited B. W. Breekona,
urging the Republican party to not
spend money this year ia costly local
campaigning, and of Governor McCar
thy's expresaed views along like lines.
' ' I believe I ean defeat Kuhio thia
year," Doctor Raymond etated, "be
cause he ha lost much strength with
the preaeat electorate en account of his
record of inefficiency in Wjashington.
But if I should fail to. do it this year
it will be a aure thing; for me two
years from now, for by that time the
increase in the electorate over which
Kuhio will have no eontrol will be so
great that he will not have a chance."
The doctor stated that he had been
strongly urged to make tha race by
some very influential metf, and that in
case he ia elected he will go to Wash
ington aa aa independent Democrat
working for the betinterests of the
Islands, and not a a politician.
Smith Gives View
Speaking of Hi proposal advanced
for a more or lefts non partisan, terri
torial rampaign this year, W. O. Smith
aaid: "I believe in party organisation.
Ia ae other way rap the best result
be achieved. They nave found ft so
on the mainland, and we have' always
found it so here. Without such or
ganisation and systematic work by
parties a parties there is grave dan
prr of arriving at conditions far worse
than those it is proposed to avoid. I
see nothing in the situation to justify
any change in this geueral policy now.
and I feel that party organization and
party work should be maintained in the
coming rampaign.
"At the same time, I do not see
Anything in the present situation to
reader Imperative, or important, hide
bound party voting. All thing being
eoual, I should vote for a Republican
every time; but if it came to a prop
oeition of an incompetent Republican
against a capable, honest Democrat
who I k new would work for the beat
jjuterest of the Territory, I now fee!
that I aboulil throw iiy vote to the
' ' A for an economical campaign, 1
may ay that I have always felt that
'no much money vai ordinarily used
.11 connection with our elections. There
Vus always been room for trimming
' nmit be remembered, however, tha'
there are certain expense which must
? kept up, and both parties and theii
andidates will find it, necessary thif
var to use more or les money. Hut
this year I feel that a determined ef
frt should be made to prevent ex
travagance, and . the parties ahould
-nme to aome fort nf an understanding
as a rexu of which expenses may be
kept down. Tiii Territory has been
called upon to bear a cousiderabli
-bare, fur a smull community, of the
financial bunion of the war; anil wil
'e culled upon again and agaiu in
the future. In all of our plan, polit
ii-u 1 or otherwise, we should bear that
fuct in mind, and it seems to me tha'
ut ting out of uunecesaary expcriVes i
connection with the approaching cam
paign would be a good starter."
ttupfderoentini; th suggestion orig
iually liut forward bv R- W. Breckon
Republican national committeeman
who urged Unit all noe lleim expeudi
lire be eliuiiuated in the coming
vanipaigni It is now being advorute
that the two parties get together am'
ngree to mak of the coutest, a shiit1
planter election with thrift stamp am
war savings stamps as the ihin-plas
(era. It la believed that if candidate!
would agree to use thrift and war sav
ings stamps as currency in making
their races for office, they would ma
terially aid the government and ar
couiplih quit al much for themselves
it if they used coin of the realm.
Though Dr. J. H. Raymond, J. C
C'obru and Delegate Kuhio are definite
ly iu the field tor the office of dolegat
o centres little d'iub,t in expressed
that L. L. McOftdlea will shortly an
noun. that he will again run. thutig'
V- sail Hntnrday that he had not mail,
-in hi min i In the matter.
Mifela Not to Run
Hena'or Mikae'e, Democrat, of Kauai,
i n verv bud heulth and will not run
pifain lie i'oes out thi year, Senator
'IhcV Conev being the holdover.
In ell iTol-abllity John Chandler, of
KoIoh, v all le put up by the Democrats.
Tii. (. re hose wondering if E. A.
Kn''Vn ill again appear in the field
fo- bemililican nomination, but those
wouct lo 'he former senator suy that
' HOKOX.TJX.Ti. HAWAII : ,' -- .
White, 1 lb. wrapped
Graham, 1 lb. wrapped
White Flour
Golden Gate bbla. or 40 lb. bag . .i....
Standard Grade, bbl. or 49 lb. bags , . . . .
Standard Grade, 10 lb. In bulk
Graham Flour, 49 lb. bags
Graham Flour, 10 lb. bag ,
Whole Wheat Flour, 49 lb. bag
Whole Wheat Flour, 10 lb. bag
Ry Flout, 49 lb, bag ; . .
Rye Flour, 10 lb. bag
Hawa. Corn Meal, 60 lb. bag
Hawa. Corn Meal, 1 lb. bag
Hawn. Corn Flour, 50 lb, sot ready yet . . . .
iiawn. Corn Flour, 0 lb., not ready yet
buckwheat Floor, 10 lb. bags
Jatmeal, 10 lb. bags
tye Meal, 49 lb. bag
Ityo Meal, 10 lb. bags
Hominy 8ml., 10 lb. bags
Hominy, Lge.,' 10 lb. bags i
larley Flour, 49 lb. bags
Barley Flour, 10 lb. bag
ilawaiian Rice, 100 lb. baga. Scan e
lapan Rice, 100 lb. bags, Scarce
fapan Seed Rice, 100 lb. bags, Scarce
i'otatoea, 100 Ilk bag
t'otatoea, bags er 8 lb
Potatoes Sel. Crt., per 100 lb
i'otatoea, Sel. Crt., per SVi lbs
Potatoes, Swt. Inland
Gutter, best CaL, per lb
ilutter, 2nd Grade, per lb
Butter, Inland
Jheese, Milk Cal
Cheese, New York
Egg, Island Sel
Milk, Evap., 48 pts
Milk, Evap., pt.
Milk, Evap., 9 baby -
Milk, Eagle ConrL, 48 Is
3ugar, Gran., Baga
Sugar, Pearl, Baga
3ugar, Gold Crumbs, bags
I'runes, 10 lb. box, 40-30
F'runes, 25 lb. box, 40 00
.leans, Large White
iean, Maui Red .
Beans, Bayo
Beans, Lima
Salmon, Red, 48 Is
Can. Salmon, Tiak, 48 Is ...
Ham Smoked
iacon. Smoked
Lard, Silver Leaf No. 5, tins
4up. Compound, No. 6 tin . .
rco, Med. biro Tin
orn Stand., 24 2a
Pea, Stands 24 2a
C. M. Rolled Oata, 86 pkg. .
Preliminaries leading to th beginning
of work on the Waikikl reclamation pro
ject and action of aome kind in connex
ion with the food commission are the im
wrtant thing that will engage the at
tention of Governor McCarthy in the
coming week, according to views he ex
pressed yesterday. All of the more im
portant appointment have been an
nounced with the exception of a suc
cessor to Dr. J. 8. B. Pratt, head of tho
board of health, and it is understood
hat this appointment will not be made
until Doctor Pratt returns from th i
mainland wheiy he is attending a meet
ing of heads of health boards.
T 1 1 r: l ' 1 1 . . i . 1 -
l)diq a. fiigeiow win loaay nit
over his duties as superintendent or
public work, succeeding W. R. Hobby,
who has been acting superintendent,
and his first official work will be ia con
nection with the Waikiki project. Th
uew superintendent of public work
with City Engineer A. 8. Cantin aad
Lieut.-Col. R. R. Raymond, represent
ing the Hawaiian department, will com
pose the board of engineer whose first
Jutv will be to fix exactly the rout
that the eanal is to follow. It is ex-
,cted that blue prints of maps and sur
veys that have beeu made of th in
undated area will be completed today
ind will be placed in the hands of the
board of eugineer.
Boulevard Planned
An important new detail of the plan
for the VMiiikiki project that waa men
tioned yesterday by Oovernor MeCar
hy i the proposal for the Territory to
acquire land in addition to that needed
.'or the canal iUclf so that boulevards I
lordering it may be built. It Is CS- ,
imuted that the canal, which will T '
ibout a mile long when completed, will
be 250 feet in width and to provide for
he proposed highways bordering it, the
rem-nt liuriiose will be to aequir a
itrip 400 feet in width for the full j
ength of the "channel. This would pro- ,
vide an area seventy five feet in width
in eacn siue oi me watercourse,' ux- .
nciem tor mgnways oi me una pro
posed. It is understood that the build- ,
iug of highway bordering the canal
Its in with suggestions that have been
advanced by the army engineer, a
thoroughfares of the kind proposed not I
only would nerve as driveways for the
general public, but could be utilised .
by the military stationed in the vari
ous beach reservations.
Uovernor McCarthy said yesterday
he would under no circumstances take
t cliaiK'n. Oniric A. Rice was, also, at
taut iiirouiitx, ileuf to any overtures of
i Militii'ul nature. T. Brandt, the
tiankir nt W'uimeu, who is now a su
rrvi.Hor, i alo referred to with favor
I v (iarilt'ii Islander, and pressure may
c hroii;lit to bear on him to enter the
race. '
(in thi iiluml of Muni, Senators
Harry HaMuin holdx over and in that
'M'r;. .-I'lintor George P. Cooke, of
Molokai also titay "put". Senator
W. T. KoloiiHon got out. The latter
.n iih'-.-Iiik.-I a retdnce in Honolulu
and will probably reside here in future.
Keirii('iitiitive I'enhallow Is favorably
spoken of for the senate, and there aro
a number of other possibilities. (
tort Paya .
J09 fwr lb.
.09 ter lb,
S.OO to X20 per
2.85 to 3.00 per
a- l m i
....v....).. '.Vo"to
.OS to
3.25 pr
.70 per
.1.60 tiet
.67 H to .70 per
3.80 to 3.88 per bng
.'. .784 to .80 per bag
t.24 per bng
..10 per bag
162 per bug
1 JO . per bar
None to be had
.97 to 1 00 per bag
3.8S to 4.00 per bug .
' .75 to .80 per bag
.8.1 Vi to .90 per bag
.RJIVj to .00 per bag
S.83 to 4.00 ixr bng 1
.87 to .92 pr bag
8.70 per bag . .. '
. . . ,
lO.on er ng
Scarce. None to be had
2.40 to 2.05
' 3.13 toS.'nV per l'wib.
None in the market ,. :
.67 Vi to .80 per Ib.f v
3 to .54 per lb.
.20 to .KH per lb.
.38 to .39 per lb.
no per dor. . '
fl.30 to 5.45 per aa. .' .
5.00 to 6AV) per ea. . ,
8 86 to 9.10 per t$.
7.60 to 7.70 per bag,
6.43 to 6..10 per bag
6.33 to 6 40 i er bag . .
1.65 to 1.75 jr box ' A-, i
3.90 to 4.00 ir bag
14.00 to 14.50 per
None till the new
11.10 to 11.50 per
15 6 to 16 00 per
10 40 to 10.00 per ease "
7J50 to 8.00 per ee.
.37 to .39 per lb.
.CO to .52 per lb.
1.45 to 1.35 per tin
1.15 to 1.25 per, tin
.92 to .93 tin
1.35 to 1.45 per do.
1.20 to 1.40 per don.
1.95 to 2.10 per .toa.
that while the first unit of tha eanal
being dredged it i probable that the
flnt land to be reclaimed will be that
for the proposed highways on either
id aad the engineer may And it ex
pedient to defer filling in much of the
land nearest the ocean.'' until work is
started with later unite of .the job on
the mauka side of Kalakaua Avenue.
The first oait of the work, which un
doubtedly will be started within a few
weeks, wifl carry the canal across Kala
kaua Avenue and arrangement are now
being made to provide that traffic oa
the thoroughfare 1 not interrupted.
when the dredging reaches this point
temporary bridges will be erected, ac
cording to present plans.
Another Problem
Another question in connection with
the project that has been engaging the
serious attention of the engineers is
to devise some means to insure thst
waste matter carried to the sea by the
canul may not be deposited along the
beach and convert it into a mud flat.
It ia already intended to carry the eanal
out through the reef and to utilize a
natural current that sets in from Dia
mond Head. One suggestion that has
been advanced is to have built a form
of ea wall bordering the Ewa aide
of the channel. It is thought that coral
material for such a wall may be ob
tained in cutting the ehannel out to tie
reef by blasting the coral floor out
from the beach.
After the eourse of the eanal is de
finitely fixed by the board of engineers,
whatever property held by private own
ers is needed for the eanal or roadways
will be acquired by purchase, exchange
or by condemnation proceedings. Uov
ernor McCarthy expressed the hope yes-
,i 4K. litl- r.r...r. rAr,A mnv
h,ve to be acquir(d by condemnation
proceedin. He said he thought mnch
f ie laod ,h) Territory will have to
hlv (e uken in MChange for
i,..i :, v,ij.
Toc& Questions
Th. fiovernnr h. not vet fixed a time
for tBe eonf.rellce he intends to hold
..,,, , Mi mmm mn.
?Z.MM 111 II
Act ilk a Cnarm la
th on, Bpcifi
Th on.v "alll,tl.s I.. NBlfSSAIXIIa. OOUT,
JUNE 88, 1011
Cotummers Should Far
ClO per lb.
V t.10 to 30 per bag
!'"T?M to S. 115 per bag
( .70 per bag
' - J.25 to 3.50 per bag
- .70 to .80 per bag
. . . 3.65 to 3.85 per bag
' ''' V ,70 to .80 per bag
, 1.85 to 4.00 per bag
" .80 to .85 per bag
, '.3.00 pef bag
'.' AS-jer bag
3.00 per bag
, J5 per bag
' i .
1.00 to 1.10 bng
. 4f0 to 4-BO per bag
J , .85 to . .95 per bug
.90 to, 1.00 pr bag
,.00 to i.itt per nag
4 10 to 4.25 peV bag
.03 1e 1.00 ter baa
.3S per bg. In (una 1 1 lot .10 lb.
;.00 per bag
: i- 1 75 to 3 00 per 100-lb.
: .25 for 8 lb.
V 3.75 to 4.00 per 100 lb.
j,.25 for 5't lbs.
.65 per lb.
,03 to M per lb.
, ' .C per lb.
.30 per lb.
.!5 per lb.
.65 per doe.
1.45 per do,
S for .25
' .70 to .80 per dox.
2 for .45
5 lbs for .46 ,
5 lbs. for .35
3 lbs. for .35
.20 per lb.
. .20 per lb.
. ..15' to .17 per lb.
.12Vi to .15 per lb.
.17 to .20 per lb.
.25 tin, 2.75 dot
.18 to .20 tin
.40 to . .42 per lb.
.54 to .66 per lb.
1 55 to 1.75 per tin
1.25 to 1.35 per tin
1 00 to 1.10 per tin
.13 to .13 per tin
.12 to .15 per tin
.18 to .20 per tin
100 lbe.
100 lb.
100 lb.
but It 4 probable that it will take
; place some time this week. . Since he
has taken office, as a preliminary to
the inquiry he set about to mak in
connection with the food commission,
be lias been reviewing the minutes of
meetings the commission has held. Ito
has abbot completed thia and he said
yesterday that fro what h had read
it appeared that the commission hud
done a considerable amoust of work.
Without indicating that he Intended
to make any changes In the personnel
of the commission, the Governor voiced
the belief that "it. would be a good
thing" if the board had as members
rancher and also arnan . familiar with
th production of rto and th manu
facture of poL .yrq -in.
It ia understood rthat action ha
yet been taken, looking to expenditures
from tho $200100 fund placed in the
Oovernor' bands ' by th legislature
at the special session to meet food needs
of the Territory. It is fairly well as
sured that an entirely new food com
mission will not be named, for, as the
Governor pointed oat, if this wer done
th benefits front' the-work th commis
sion has done sine 1t was created would
be lost. But whenever the food com
mission 'a affairs ' are adjusted finally
and it again begins business, whether
reorganized or with the present per
sonnel, it will work in cooperation with
the territorial ' marketing board and
method of putting the $200,000 to use
to the best advantage will be- worked
out by these two bodies under the di
rection of the Governor. ,
In speaking of meetings of the food
commission Governor McCarthy men
tioned one of tho things that brought
a blnst of criticism from the former
Governor while the special session war
in progress. This waa the fact that af
ter, period ' of considerable aotivity
the commission had "become quiescent
and had not held a meeting for a period
of months. Governor McCarthy said
he had not yet discovered why thi?
had happened. '
w. a. a. -
LONDON. June 20 (Associate!"
I'ret The widely published storj
that the Hhakesfeare tercentenary
honored in Berlin than in London liHt
revived .iritation here for a nations,'
theater patterned after the Corned if
Fruncaise in Paris is which the works
first of IShnkespeare, and also other ol
the best English writers, classical and
modern, could be produced. Iu sup
i port of the call for such an institution
I it i aaaerted that durinir the terren
tennrr ninety-four German theaters
produced twenty-one of Shakespeure 's
nlnv with a total of 070 nerrormnnees.
and ONLY CENUl' E,
Check and rrst
t;i r,e:t .VBed known for
I coughs, coLDi,
asthha. beonchitis.
i.. . I Uui.f.MurMM
J.T. LvsMreas,i-u.. U .$-.
HHauMATiaas. im
' ' - . P
Chicago .CObs, X However Still
Ahead of New York League
In Club Standing
' P. W. 1 Pet.
Chicago . .
New York .
Kiaiton 1 . .
rittburgh .
Nt. Louis .
Brooklyn . .
Cincinnati .
60 41
6U 41
63 30
TeeterrUy'g Reoolta
I At St. Louis Ht. Iala 2, Pittsburgh
l (first game)) Pittsburgh a, St. Louis
4 (soeond game).
At Cincinnati Cincinnati 7, Chica
go 0 (first game); Cincinnati 7, Chica
go. 7 (second game), called at end of
eleventh inning by agreement. - i
How Series Ended
Pittsburgh 3, St. Louia 3.
Chicago 2, Cincinnati 1.
Todar'i Game
Brooklyn at Boston.
Philadelphia at New Tork.
No other gome scheduled.
Boston .
New York . .
Cleveland . .
Washington .
Chicago . .
Detroit ,. . .
Ht. Louia . .
Philadelphia .
W. L. Pet.
3 ft
63 '31
62 27
76 81
62 23
Tssterday'i Results
At Washington Boston S, Washing
ton 1.
At Chicago St. Loui 4, Chicago 3.
At Cleveland 'Detroit 10, Cleveland
2 (first game) ; Detroit 2, Cleveland 0
(second game).
Ho other game played.
. Today's Games
Detroit at Cleveland.
New York at Philadelphia.
Boston at Washington.
St. Loui at Chicago.
P. W. 1.
IO Angeles H9
veraon 88
Salt Lake H:t
San Francisco M
Sacramento 82
Oakland 8S
Yesterday's Results
At Sacramento San Francisco 5
RftunmnBtn 3
At Los Angeles Los Angeles 3, Salt
Lake 2 (first game); Salt Lake 7, Los
Angeles S (second game).
At Oakland Vernon 3. Oakland 2
(first game); Oakland 8, Vernon 7 ,(sec -
ond game).
No games today; clubs traveling.
How Series Ended
Los Angeles 5, Salt Lake 2.
Vernon 5, Oakland 2.
San Francisco 3, Sacramento 3.
Tomorrow's Gamea
Sacramento at Salt Lake.
Vernon at Ijnm Angeles.
Oakland at San Francisco.
w. a. a
German Stupidity
Blamed By Huber
For Wine Booklet
. and in fact are claimed to excel most
District Attorney Can't Find AnylrT'! wo,rk i?('VV1Lnp, The boy
, ' . ' will show tonight at K.ahului, tomorrow
Violation 01 Espionage ACt Or 'night at Paia, nnd Monday night at
Indication of Hun Propaganda; ;Ln'minB . .. ... .. .
p . tome clever jiu .litsu exhipitinn.
Only FOOllSn BUSineSS POllCy ,nn,l boxing were tgea at the Valley
I ' Iitle Theater lat night before a big
Oernian buiine stupidity rather thnn audience. The big event , was a con-
lerman propagandists is held by Vnit
d State District Attorney H. C. .
Huber reponible for the mailinc to
Honolulu resilient of the advertising
booklet of the Bacchus tahle wines. He
inys thnt after an examination of the
booklet he ia unable to find any vin
'atiou of the Esponage Act, although j
there are some tender references to
he "Fatherland" in the introduction.
The district attorney explains that in
order to be considered German propa
ganda under tho Espionage Act it
would have to have some bearing on
the war in the text. This is missing,
he says.
Aside from the stupidity of the mail
;ng of the expensive advertising book
'et, for the wines to residents ia "dry"
territory, he thinks it was a foolish
piece of business for the wine rom
nany to send out reading matter to
loyal Americans which was written In
line who is so apparently an admirer
of "all thlnpg German."
"If anything the booklet will have
the effeet of making drinkers careful
?..Lt.0.. V W T ro,n
. ;v
.TBmeM Lawrence Holyate gave up a
414 a day job thi morning for one
tlmt pay sun and wa glad of the
chance. u the Port's:!'1 Telcram.
Holgnte, who live at S3',i Union
ii venue, tna a chalker in a l'ortlan
shinvard until todav. Now he is
soliMer in the Canadian ovemeai army
enlisted in the Inland Waterway
Transport service for duty in Fran-e.
He enlisted at the British and Cana
dian recruiting miHsion, at Third and
Oak Streets, and i now-oe hi way to
Montreal for training.
Kashiro Beaten;IaV
Last Trench By -Former
Title Holder
Walter M. Hall Defeats Brilliant
Japanese Player In Middle
Western Tennis Championship
- NEW TORK, June 50 (Offleial)
-Seiichirn Kashiro, tha Japanese,
tennla player, hae goae down to '
defeat after one of the gamest
fighta that wa ever put up on a
tenule'court in the United State
and only fell before the prowess
of a former title holder.
The Japanese expert fought his
war through the preliminaries,
and aemi-flnnls and into the final
for the Middle Western cham
pionship. Throughout the tourna
ment and to the last game of the
last set hi playing waa of a
brilliant and spectacular .'Order
whih made him a prime favorite
with the large gallery that watch
ed the desperately ' keea ; play
ovej the net.
In the final Kashiro. met
Walter M. Hall, the former title
holder and Ave acta were neces
sary to bring decision for. the
American. The firt ret were
equally divided and the fifth and
deciding net wa fought with
brilliancy and grim determin
ation, ia donbt to the last stroke
of the game.
w. a. a.
Johnson Leading List
Of Shortstops In
Oahu-Service League
Maddis, With Sixteen ' More
Chances, Had Tnree Errors
Charged and Is Third
"Pinky" Johnson, Sergeant Man
gum's Coast Defense team shortstop,
did something in yesterday's battle of
I he . Onhu Hervice League with the
Thirty-second nine at Moiliili .Field
when he allowed Holeombe ' grounder
to get away from him, for he was
charged with an error, the first this
fine tdiortflcld player has had ehalked
up against him thi season. It busted
his perfect standing and brought him
do- b from 1.000 to .976 percent.
"Smiling" Maddis of the Thirty
second, while having three errors charg
ed agaiDHt him for the whole scries,
had fifty-eight chances to Johnson's
forty-two, bis average being .948, The
two have played in the same number
or . ven.
I Chillingworth of the Weikikia comes
third in the shortstop fielding averages
nf the league with .879. Sewell of the
, Twenty-fifth, who had a very bad day
yesterday in the game with the Wai-
1, : i, : u.i.n .1 j ii i . v.
iii ni .-i-iijiimi Dtuini-K wuru ac
lumped rour errors in a hunch, Is fourth
with an average of .750, while 8oule
of the Fourth Cavalry comes fifth, with
.(0fl. Here are the figures:
O. PO. AS. E. Pet
Johnson (CD.) 7 19 22 1 .97
Mad. lis (32nd) 7 21 34 3 .948
Chillingworth (V)..5 12 17 4 .879
Hewell (25th) 7 9 19 9 .750
Houles (4th Cav.)..5 4 12 7 .690
Saru. V. Robley's boy athletes have
been attracting a lot of attention on
Maui since their arrival on Wednesday.
ays the Maui New, Wailuku, of last
irridnr. The pyramid building stunts
J of tlie youngster is truly remarkable,
! ,0Hf ''Cweeii Kinjo Ikeda, exponent
of the jiu jitftii art, nnd Kama Apo, a
lil)itMcight bnxer. The match was de
clared u draw. It was a very interest
ing contest.
Ah no further word was received
from the disabled steamer yesterday
which wireli'sneil that she had three
damaged boilers on Friday night nnd
wa drifting thirty miles a day, it wa
hoped by shipping men that she had
lett able te make repairs at sea. How
ever, there was fear expressed that her
wirole might not be working and that
xhe wa not able to send out a call for
aHHiHtancc. The captain's messagn to
the Honolulu agents Friday said he
would cn( for help in twenty-four
hour if he wa unable to make re
lair to hi boilers. The twenty-four
hour was up at midnight Saturday
w. a. a.
buHehall league 1 being organised
in the I.aliuina umtirot, says last Fri
dav' Maui Ni'ws of Wailuku. It will
coiniirise four or perhaps Ave teams
Nome good sport is looked for on West
Maui during the rest of the season.
MarvtlM Stoaach M4I
da 4 Syim Rbulldr
Llvar. Kldaav anS Bla-
oV Ramadv Fin Blood!
Uaantar and Lautlv.
All lrurtlt-
General Pershing
Adopts Two :
French Orphans
'.T ' s. , ''. - "
PABI8, June 13 Burled away ia
this - week 's issue of the Stars and
Stripea, th organ of the American ex
peditionary force, there Is a single tin
revealing . that in the ; midst of the
World's greatest battle, Pershing ha
found, timr td sdoiit two French war
orphani. Y- - V1V''m" " K" :
. WhiU no'detslls could belewrSi'eil'it
headquarters of the publlcartony it will
be remembered that the American tom-mander-ia-chief
1oK two little ehlldre a
a hoy aod a girl, in a Are got long ago.
It i , understood General Pershing
has adopted a five-year-old 'girl and
her brother of six, coarlbnting 1000
franca aannally to their support. The
wo little onea will )e brought ap In a
Fretich family. Their fathor was killod
at yerdun. . .it ti..'
Castle &Cooke,
' i ' sasnnBawaB '
nrsuBANcx AaEirr
Ew i Plantatioi Company
Wallnko Agricnltnral Co Ltd
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltl
Kohala Sugar Company
Wablaww Water Company, Lva.
Fulton Iron Worka, of 8t. Loot
Babeoek k Wilcox Company
-Oreea's Fuel Ecouomiser Com a
Cha. C Vuore s Co., Engineer
r Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make vour
money ea,rn
Corner Fort and Merchant St
Regular Bailings to BRITISH
COLOMBIA (change at Victoria, B.
C, .for Seattle; Vancouver i con
necting point for passengers by
to or via t8. Paul, ChlcaCgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZEALAND aujl
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
CASTLE & COOKE Co., Ltd 'i
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of St. Loni
Blake Steam Pump
Western Centrifugals
Babcock t Wilcox Boilers
Green's Fuel Economiaer
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matuon Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co
Kohala Sugar Co.
of every description nude te
Issued Tuesdays aad Fridays
(Entered at the I'ostuttlce of Hoi olulu,
T. Ei., as second-class matter i
i'er Year aU.nu
Per Year (foreign ) 3.00
Payable Invariably in advance.
Th AootaUd rrs Is xolnslvsly en
lUUsd to th a for republication af all
I Bw-dpuhM aradtud t It r sot otbar-
wis cradlu In thi paper and alfo th
local naws pabllshsd tharatn.
C. B. CRANE, Business Manager.
' t,
h. K

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