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July 4, JH last twent..
fonr son re' rainfall TV.
Tempera lore Mln. 71j Mf. !
82. Weather, Clear. ' . 1
On Mettles Hid One WktlM Meal
VOL UIvtNO,; 5V s '
I. i.
Never Before
til..iitJW AND
Nations United Spontaneous-:
ly To Celebrate Birthday
of Sister Country
Women and Children Fairly
Smother Sammy In Flowers;
Ambassadors Clasp Hands
; Over Banquet Board
WASHINGTON. July 5 (Associated I'ress) In battle torn
1'Vance, close up to the fighting front where the big guns
thundered, in Paris and other French cities, in London and the cities
and towns of Britain, throughout Italy and by half a dozen Latin
American countries as well as throughout the length and breadth
of the United States, the birthday of the United States and the anni
versary it the enunciation- of the doctrine, that all men are created
free and equal and have a right to independence of action, juMkc
. "pnd 'liberty, WTr celebrated 'and oojntnjbniorated ,j j;terday,, Never
IllnstoTya-w-rnaBy' inSejntlent natfmitVnite'd'in'the celebra
tion of the national holiday of a sister country. It approached the
Character' oT world holiday or at least a world celebration.
At ome the nopesot those who
have long desired a "safe and
sane" Fourth were almost realiz
ed. The use of explosives and
fireworks as compared with past
years was insignificant. Instead,
from more than a score of ship
yards great vessels, some fighting
craft and olhers immense freight
its, some steel and some of wood,
slid down the ways and splashed
into their natural element. All
records of ship building were put
far into the background.
("lose up to' the front Sammy
celebrated and his French friends
of the nearby villages, soldiers
and civilians of France, join
ed in the. celebration with him.
Women old and women young
and little children came to him
llower ladened and fairly smoth
ered him with blossoms while ev
ery one who could secure an Am
irican Mag, large or small display
ed it 'proudly.
In Paris the city
was ablae
with the tricolor and with the
Stars and Stripes and at the "'''"e" "f "tress and struggle in Kurope.
, I , , t i i . .i ' lu l'art I'resident Wilson snid:
luncheon which was held at the (ientlemen of the Diplomatic Corps
American chamber of commerce i un,i M.v Fellow Citizens:
.i ,i . . , "I am happy to draw apart with you
there was enacted a scene which,,, ,,, (lliet place of old counaeMn
was history making and created order to speak a little of the meaning
i i I I of this duv of th (i Nation's Indeoend-
a i-rofoun.l impression. 1 here, ,.,. Tl place seem, very 3 and
oer the banuet board Ambassa- i remote. It is us serene and untouched
dor Derby of Great Britain and ' !V'h i ,h" WOrWK Mn" w?
J i in tliose days long ago when General
. Aiuhassador Sharp ol the I nited i
States, clasped hands
It was the
first time since the I nited Mates ,
attained the dignity of a nation 1
that a liritish ambassador had at-1
tended an affair in commemora-! ,1"r' ,,',on ",' suw if ,with mo'l'rn eyea
.... I thai yearned away from a past which
tlou (it the independence of the men of liberated spirits could no lpng
l nited States. ''' endure. It is significant aignifi-
. . vr . .i i .. . . . i i . i . emit of their ow n characters, purposes
We celebrate today, but we do not i i i i ' 1 " r""""
, , . , ". .,. " 'land ot influences they were aettinir
lout, said Ambassador Bbarp und , ,, . , ' , .. '
. I . i i .i i . . ! uroot -tluit Washington and hia asso
then he told the buuquetera what was' . , , , B . " ,
being done iu hi. home eountrv and ' "T A . a .""c """y"6'
Ictufled the program that was 'being "'" id aeted not for a cla.a, but
enrried in the launching of more thau I'0'"8
one hundred ship. Scope Worldwide
LONDON ABLAZE "It has been left us to see to it that
Not since the flrat week of the war ( it shall be understood they spoke and
Iuin London seen such a wave of on- 1 acted not for a single people only, but
(Continued on Pag 3,
Have So Many
Whole World Fights
For Principle of
ficiul - lnttrrt'tinu the American
Dcrlurutiuu ut liidt-ii-iidence a deaign
ed not meroly for the Nation planned
by it Hiijurre but for the whole world,
applying it utterance to the condi
tion tlmt c(ni trout the peoplea of the
eurth today, declaring that while the
events of 177(i were then interpreted
by the Hritinh us u revolt agaiuat right
ful authority they have long since been
regarded by thnt people an a atep for
the liberation of ita own people aa well
an the opi of the Tnited Statea,
I'rcttideut WiUou spoke here today
aouudiiig u keynote for a celebration
of Independence Day that waa for tha
nmt time practically worldwide In ex
tent. It wiih xingularly appropriate
that the add rem should have been de
livered at the home 'of the "Father
"f t'uuntry" aiul the air of quiet
hiki or peace tnat reigned over the
Mcene wan in dintinct, contrast with the
Washiiigtoii was here and held leis
' y ,'""f''r,'nee u,ftl "c "en who
were to be associated uith liim in tha
crciition of a
, "From these gentle slopes they look
ed out upon the world and saw It
whole, saw it with the liclit of tha fu-
(Don tinned on Pag S,
Desperate Efforts To Sink Troop
ships Are Rendered Fruit
- j less and Costly
ATIK'TIC PORT, July 5 (Associ
tit PTe)--DestructloB in European
fttrtt of, Ive Herman submarine by
British trssaporta, carrying American
t rto pa tad eoavoyed bv Americas and
British destroyer In detailed by paa
sestrer who arrived her yesterdsy on
a British traas-Atlantic , liner. The
Mori's which 'tbey tll indicate how
desperat tr the nVt of the foe to
break through the" guarding cordons of
warship and strike the transports to
ehwart tb constant in-pouring of
Americas fortes to Franca.
As American- destroyer detected the
snbmsrine which aaak the empty troop
ship Oris and dropped a depth bomb
squarely npoa it.
On the name evening a troop pas
senger vestel in the convoy lighted and
shelled and ssuk a second aubmarine.
. Tha -atext encounter threatened to be
costly to 'American liven for the fog
lifted just ia time for a British trans
port, ladened with .7000 American sol
diers, to discover three enemy divers.
Ona.of .tbeM wan eloae upon the trans
pert t bat f the big Britiah ateamer
raijlmed it. Her gunner then Rank a
aeooted of i the three and a Britiah de
stroyer' disposed of the third.
- la every One of the five encounters
there was no doubt of the destruction
of the undersea eraft fo.' ;h n,ri.irt
of tha ocean waa aovered with oil and
dehril wtych roe to the surface a the
aubmarine aaak- helplessly into the
ocean depth. ,
w. a. a.
Before Ascendancy Had Been
Kept Prisoner Many Years By
His Brother Abdul
AMSTERDAM, Netherlande, July 4
(Annotated Frene) A Constantinople
daepatch via YiesM eayi that Mobejn.
mod V. aultne ' of Tarter, died tkat
Xohaanated V, thirty-fifth sovereign
of turkey la -dtroct descent of the
House of Oamaii, founder of the em
pire, came to the throne by a eoup
d'etat on April 27, 1909, After having
been held for thirty-threo year a pris
oner by hia brother, Sultan Abdul II,
in the royal palace and gardens of Con
stantinople. The scheming Abdul II in
tended that his own son, Priaeo Bur
han Kdine, described aa the moat bril
liant and giited of the princes of the
House of Oiman, ahould succeed him.
But this plan was thwarted ahen par
liament deposed Abdul and placed his
prisoner brother, Mohammed Beschad
Kffeudi, on the throne a Mohammed
Without Education
The Sheil ul-lslam, head of the Mos
lem church, drew up th decree of de
position, which passed parliament with
out n dissenting voice. Five minutes
later, Mohammed, who during hia im
prisonment had had no experience in
the duties of government, being pur
posely denied education in such matters
by his brother, was declared sultan.
The same afternoo he took the oath
of fidelity to the Turkish constitution
uud lot guns proclaimed the new
Wax to Finish
In February 1617, in a speech in
parliament, the sultan promised Tukey
participation ia the war until the end,
and declared tha alliance forced him
to break relation! with the United
The Turkish empire paid dearly for
bis entry into the great war. Russia
overran Armenia, and th British drove
the Turks far UB th valleys of the
Kuphifjt akd tteTigVJs and took Jeru
salem, Bagdad and Other important
cities from them with great loss of life
and treasure. Under lim Turkey has
become Virtually a Uerman vassal in
the auUoratic schem At the German
power ior leutouie ascsndency In een-
tral Kurope. 4
The Seat heir t ththrone, Vuseeff
iz.eduue, laVdhe son of the late Multan
Abdul AW aud wss therefore, first
cousin of Mohammed V. Mohammed 'a
eldest son, Zia Kddiue, a man now over
thirty, is ninth ia the line of succes-
A M ST K KM AM, July 5 ( Associated
rress) arsaw autnorities have 11 11
earthed a conspiracy among leuders of
the Polish party agniust the Central
Powers aud many arrests have been
made in the efforts that nre being
made for its suppression.
W- I. I,
P1ENOS ArBCS, Argentina, July
4 (Associated Press) A widespread
strike of port workers here has csuaed
a serious fuel shortage. It is expected
that by the cud of the week ther will
be no light, best or power.
Strive Hard Tof Learn American
'National Game On American
National . Holiday and Bring
Diagrams and Clippings With
Them ; '
Praa) Befor Xing Ooorg a4
boat of other Xrtndorfer who tried
laboriously to foOow too play with
'. th aid of dlagiaraa and printed ex
planations of rules stud ply th
basebaU Bin cf Ununited State
Army la England waa fo,td by
t th nin representing th American
Nary. Th fata waa good mo
. with th acore. two to one In favor
of th Hllora. .
Th Londoner tttomptod to work
4hp an onthualaam and followed th '
Lead of th American aad "r-il'Tin
spectators In applauding th good '
plays, but iw orldont that th
gam waa moro ot a wonder aad a
bowlldonnont to th spectators than
. a well conducted oontost. Tor aev
rai days th London pra ha been
du eating tta readers In haaeball
and ha boea Bubllshlng xplana
Uou of th gam and of th rule
InvolTod. ' JV '
Th ddr of. th spectator to
understand what, they wer watch
ing wu Tldeat in th fact that
Tory aany of tnen carried bwb
napof eUpplng rrmuinttig those ex
planation with stem and studied
tho diagram of th diamond as it
appeared U the papers.
w.a,a. i :
Commander In France Tells
Attack and Overcoming of
Foe Near Thierry
WASHINGTON, July 6 ( Associated
Hress) General Pershing, in a continu
ation of hia communique of last Tuea
day gives further details of th spies I
did aueeesses.. whisk jsfre aehiered -fey I
lue American, troop af hi .expedition
ry forces ia tneir engagement with
the enemy north wast of Chateau" Thier
ry ut Vaux snd adjacent heights on
Mondny last whes they took import
ant enemy positions which they have
since held against all counters.
Two battalions of ' infantry enrried
out the attack in the Chateau Thierry
region on the evening of July 1, Gen
eral Pershing reports. This infantry,
attack wa preceded by finely executed j
artillery preparation of twelve hours
by the American artillery which the,
general takes occasion to commend.
Tli en the attack was launched and all ,
objectives were carried and the posi
tions and jnins consolidated within uu
hour and s half.
At .'1:45 o'clock on Tuesday morning
the enemy made a strong counter nt
tack which was repulsed with heavy
enemy casualties.
In the American attack the foe losses
were very heuty, one of their regi
merits being practically annihilated
nnd a large number of prisoners taken.
When the counter attack of the eseniy
was repulsed still more prisoners were
added to the enemy's already large
loxses. ,
Our casualty list was light, he said,
in comparison with the value of the
victory that was achieved and the posi
tions secured.
Casualties reported from France are
nine killed in action, six dead ol'
wounds, three of other causes, five of
disease, 20 severely wounded, two miss
ing in netion and one taken prisoner.
w. a. a.
ROMK, July 4 -(Associated Press)!
The first contingent of American troopx
to arrive in Italy established ita eamp
and within forty eight hours was do
ing all of its own rooking. The rapid
movement of these forces, fhe expedi
tion with which all orders are executed.
has created a most favorable impression
upon military observers while the civil
ian population is wildly enthusiastic
because of the .arrival of the Ameri
cans, their Allien from over the seas.
; This enthusiasm is increased by reason
of the large Italian population in the
l'nited States, and the feeling that these
soldiers are, in a sense, the comrades
of the Italians who left home to seek
fortunes in the land.
w. s. a. 1
RKAUMONT. Texas, July 4 (Asso-'
ciated Press) The Orange Maritime j
Texas ship building plants burned this
morning entailing a loss of two lives 1
and a monetary loss of half s million
In process of construction within the
vanis were thre two thousand tou
scboouers and these were also destroy
ed. They were a considerable way from
An investigation of the cause of the
fir will b conducted.
Order Is Restored In City Up
risings Grow In Other
Sections of Country
WASHINGTON. July V-( Associated
tVeee) 'Vladivostok i quiet nnd in
the possession and control of the
Caecho-Hlovak forces, is the report re
ceived here yesterdny from a member
of tlfe American diplomatic crops now
In that Hiberian city. The control of
Caecho-'Wavs is complete after the en
forcement of orders for a general dis
armament and the occupation of th
principal building.
From other pnrts of Russia the re
ports continue to come of disturbed con
ditions and the uprising against the
Uerman gjrressors seems to be gaining
in strength.
Kiev Burns
Reports from Mosc.ow say thnt on th
twelfth of last month there was a sec
ond great fire at Kiev which destroy
ed buildings in that city extending
over an area of five sqmne miles and
leaving only heaps of smouldering
ashes and smoking debris. '
(Sanguinary battles in the I'kralne
are reported w here Yckalenno Klav
peasants rose ngninst the Oermaa
forces and the Ckrainian white guards.
Two hundred thousand peasants are re
ported to have armed themselves and
determined to make n stnnd in defense
of their homes and their rights.
Serious famine is reported in the
province of Tcheriugov in Little Rus
sia in despatches from Moscow which
also said that reports from Caucasia
said that Turkish military commander
in the-Alexandrapol district of Rus
sian Armenia had ordrwd a number
of Armenian civilians to be shot.
Kerensky Speak
-Speaking iu l'aris yesterday Keren
sky said: "The shame of the peace of
Brest-Litovsk has caused the Allies to
consider the Russian peo4 in the light
of deserters from the cause. But this
I can assure you, the Russiana will
perish rather than submit to lierman
tyranny. ' '
w. s. s.
Push Forward Half Mile on ftFile
and Quarter Front
PARIS, July 5 ( Associated Preea)
-Genera) Petain regained another posi
tion of importance from the German
yesterday, striking strongly against the
enemy lino at Autrechos, ten miles
north went of Hot soon s and three miles
north of the Aisne. The attack waa
made on a front of a mile and a quar
ter, the French line being pushed for
ward nearly half a mile, leaving the
F'rench in possession of an important
bit of high ground.
The Germans lost a thousand and
sixty-six prisoners and a number of
machine guns and trench weapons, as
well as suffering severe casualties.
w. a. a. -
AMSTKItDAM, July 5 (Associated
I'ress) Germany proposes to further
fuiunce its war needs by fifteen billion
maika and will continue its policy of
raising funds by loans rather than
through increasing taxes for the whole
or any part, it was announced in yes
terday 's despatches from Berlin.
The bill to grant this immense fur
ther war credit was introduced lu th.'
Reichstag. The interest on Germ.iny'i
war debt is now greater than the rev
enues which are received from taxation
and the burdea of interest will th.is
be further increased, requiring f urh r
loans to meet it unless a new rliv
shall be adopted.
w. s. a.
NKW YORK, July .r ( Associated
Press --Equipped with I.ibertv Motors
the tiist flight of an American built
rcat Caproni niiplaue, the successful
Italian model, was made ut Mine. .In
aviation field yesterday before great
cro ads.
The test of machine and motors s
reported as completely successful und
a speed of 120 miles sn hour wus at
1 11 i n ed .
- W. I. S,
STOCKHOLM, July' 4 (Associated
Press) Without notice to Hweden.
Germany has anchored two mines in
the Categat thus threatening the waters
between the North Sea and the Ralti,
nnd teriously impeding commerce. Ini
mediately upon the discovery of this
Sweden presented a strong protest to
the Oerinuu government.
Americans Participate With
Australians In Smash Spec
ially Planned For Ameri
can Holiday
Hamel Is Seized and Held and
Fifteen Hundred Prisoners
Taken While Foe Is
L()IX).. July 5 (Associated Press) American infantry on
the Amiens sector celebrated their l oMrth of July yesterday by
taking part in a smash delivered by the Australians against the
(Icrmaii lines just south of the Somme, cast of Amiens and on the
sector officially described as the Villers Brettoncau section. This
attack was planned txpressly as a Fourth of July demonstration aad
Aniericau bajultons,.which had been brigaded with' the Australjah.
were invited to Vrt&pair honor of the day1. ' ,V.t,V, -VU-'
. The battle was a complete surprise. The arananhh
their American comrades, swept into and through the village 'of
Hamel and seized and occupied the high ground of the Hamel and
aire woods, taking fifteen hundred prisoners.
Make Gains On Piave
River Sector and
Capture Thou
sands KOMK, July S (Associnted I'ressi
In u day of desperate fighting, under
severe conditions, the Italians on the
Lower Piave added to their gains yes
tcrdny und inflicted heavy losses upon
the ei y. A new feature of the light
ing whs the appearance of Italian air
planes carrying barrels of oil, which
were set alire and dropped on the
bridges held by the enemy, the burning
oil scattering over the woodwork and
completely destroying twelve of the
Field Boggy
The battlefield of yesterday was
water, mud nnd sand, in which the
opposing forces had the greatest dirti
maneuvering. The rapid
movement of lioldpieces was found im
The Italians attacked at four differ
cut points along un eight-mile front,
everywhere driving the Austrian back
in desperate buttling, much of it hand
to hand battling, killing such ns refus
cd to yield or flee and taking many
Thousands Token
lu his otHcial report to Koine yes
terday tlciierul Uiaz reported that siix
f-iitiirilav his nieu had captured in 1
held tinee important heights ami had
llic Italians had taken 4tlilO prisoners.
Further Gains Made
Later in the day the Italian com
nmiidei gave details of further tight
ing and more prisoners. This cmnmu
niiiie reported that his forces runtin
ucil to L'nin in the 1'isve Kiver seciori
mar the Adriatic anil that ! n San
1 Valley they hud materially in
lnrged their positions. During I he duv.
and iu addition to the prisoners in 1
11. med in his first despatches the it,,i
1:1ns had taken "J20 prisoners mr U 1 n f
the total since last Saturday nenriv
,.eu thousand. " '
In the nioiintaiu sectors the 1 ressiire
against the Austrian ndvauce I ,m
Ik. i,s continued but tha fightii nt
me hut leu violent iu nature
I The battle was fought along a
front of four miles, along which
an advance of a mile and a half
was accomplished, with the Bri
tish and American losses surpris
ingly small. . Opposite this front
the Germans have massed three
divisions, the Thirteenth, Forty
third and Seventy-seventh, but. so
complete was the surprise and so
tierce the onslaught that the
troops of these divisions made no
showing and failed to advance in
time for an organized defense.
The troops in the section over
which the Australians advanced
( were practically w iped out. those
who failed to surrender being
shot down. One German batta
lion surrendered practically as a
whole, including its commander.
The Australians proved to be
irresistible, advancing for the at
tack in high spirits. Their ad
vance was made under cover 6f
a smoke barrage and was led by
tanks. When these tanks rolled
into the German defense lines.
emerging from the smoke, it waa
found that some Australians were
riding atop of the monsters, firing
their rifles from their points of
The presence of American bat
talions with the Australians on
this sector was officially announc
ed here in the report of the bat-
I tie, tins betiitr the first mention of
I font.
Simultaneous with this advance
south of the Somme, the British
carried through a strong local
; action north of-that river, be-
It ween it and the Autre. Here,
,-, a front 0f twelve hundred
. , .
j ;ir. Is. they gained a depth of
(about a quarter of a mile, taking
, .
rcvcraI hundred prisoners.
I On the Vaux sector, northwest
1 ,
j (Continues on Psg 8
1 I

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