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HI ill! i I
Setief mt Uborcri Wduld fee
Given Deferred Classifica
tions Not Borne Out
Large Number Necessary, to
iclefr tto&vfiMMfod
' tupply 'Source tTotibnut
fcach flay tne labor abvrtage on tie
plaafatloe 1 norland Jjk, "grow to
wore eeofe. WTta tbe call or the guard
into federal service the prnch li felt
but with the publication of tie Ui
of drafteea, bow being aTle leteiser
vice each day, the ahortt , tyeoWt
mora and more accentuated. Just bow
great and eeriou it Will beeajpe. U'
hardly be known before the drat of tno
month when ihe sTegletraat will have
bean rnuatefea in end t tha, plantation
Managers .nave Jkejehan, fa fast iNlp
their aecooa'te kndaee eaectly lew tney
it and in man power.
It ia evident that Toe plantation
have ualrotad be effect W h
draft. It would aeetn jaa if the "aaS
failed lo take p'recaatioaa that nlj(ht
well have been takea, to aomewkatj
il. 4-1 f ' an.!. 2" : 1
to kae arisen, through i aJrenderatafli
infc of the draft UarJ f . .. I
Exemption W aired
Before the eallina If the draft atrea
eiaa (fMerHy belHnre) fie pTkaftkfio3ii1
would oe more aerioyaneoJiert Uwt
ealiinft of the guard than bjr 'flie draft.
They kaew tkat labor -eagaged in an
easentia) puraoit, aueb at produo'fKg ait
gar, waa entitled to 4.,dele'rwJ.iafet
ftaation but it would aeeina t;it had
been a'aaumed Tkat uc 'etMaiuVhtion
wftold b giVe krrtoe- drift JJorl
VturdteT.vaked or. kot. Nair ia. not
tb caae. .. ?f (he ,fejtUtjraat elimd 1
ezrinpiion Derauae 01 oerna eqEavra in
an eaiKrntial ibduiitr'Ud Uaradlt k tould
haVa eeeuredr it- Re,av J,1t'40''
night hate applied for eteipptloq pa
the ground of tka lfecf for jrorh
labor . ' an4 . wdhII u aesared
fka '4f orre. tlaaaJfiaa.ttdB. Av ,it f.
aia aot ao-una und, . revw ,f ne
arart wiii nit tn,e pianratrona
If not aardar, Ulrth A18 tB. ein
nardi There are anon i a 4efrr
.it' i
clavaea wk,oae Jabof la aoV'a"firfu4i
to "tire Tarrltory. tie arYan and tka 1
wtrrm a tha plantatioa worra, i I ta,
to late, bow and au that
dotfe il to tek t6 replace
with iiew worker. . .
VTharat Ta MnTvnlv
'Anil there cornea the rub.
be tkaWfee of aupplyt TVk ablpflag1
situation between tha PklLpfrnaad
here, ia auca that an adequate number,
of tHllpinoa can hot be tVouh ili.:
UWf , Jf kt ba.brpngat fri
Bicp but .the exket terms are not yt
kaown and s?aia the anTppIng tntukfloa
intervenes with difiHaltiek, Ther. if
no soqrce of eupfily in eight.
Ptantatto'n ihanagera have been lioti
ftcd to aand 1n repo'rtk oa tkeV actual
labor aoada, as aooa aa they eaa be n
rured bat fhie can hkrdly be done un
til after tha SraTt U.D tfbmpletod".
Home of the plantatioa ageneiea have
aakad for comparative atatethenta 'whttk,
viU abow number of laborera now on
the plantatioa, aumber eniployeil vte
year ago and humber ia eWrvtc t6
jesfrs nfo. When aucb antaiaenta are
acnt ia the eoninutation win be aimirla
and it can rakdlTy be determined jiiat.
hew mac I) labor must be aeeared man
one source or another.
Foeaiblo Oro taae
V ekatime . eatmatea of tha actual
shortage vary. It is aaid) that a eoiv
aervative estimate (a between JflOO ad
5ftO Irtorera . blw . the. laat yaar'a
i peter will be, found elnse to the figuaa.
lnles this ahnriajfe can fee 'made ty
t lie i rava are bound to suffer, Thia wiU
not ba (he ease with thia yeaw yi0
especially, but it will be with the aett
ani with the Itrso erob npoa .wtrich
irlui-k wark .ill be rinyirid Atrendv
tha 1920 crop ia seriously threatened by
th fafAira of the nttiata 'auptMr 44. i
a aambiaatiqn uf lack of Ubot amV
want of fertiliser w'6uld j?lay realty;
afloat fcavoa. .
BnroU Idlers . .
One proposal that is heard, hot, fron
r-iaatatlok kgendes but Trtfm a'tadenla
of economical preblema ia tka,t. tha aakt
lcgialature could pasa a faw almijar p
tkoao taaked by WM Vlrgrnll, itith.
land, K"w Jeraey and law VatkaM
rnalcp idlers get nilo some useful ocdK
pation. iTkoae lftwe afVeCV Aew'ooteidk
'of 4raff aga . and t m UTv
Hawaii were forced to work a rertala.
number of houra weekly of th'eTf nwa
free; will dr a Ifrnator waber oa) f ubHe I
nueda there would be many of thcanj
wno wpuiu pro to inn -pianiaxjone tbii-.
ar tba.n to jaU. ,
So far aa . not claiming exemption
)toi, it Is not strange that 'tha aver
age plant atlrfu labernr baa o.rkne. .
In tha army h will Mt.hia 9v,k
month and bit food wiU ba better
tbkb e haa been .are attained, T' itflk
thirty , do)lar la praxtlflljr clir fa.
iim and "it 1irVa gWd to im.T'
., w. . .-., t.
Tha annual gift of a ,beg, af washei
aogar wka aKa?i rfiVen by 4. ft. WU
tot o Vyu tfthrrTed mW6Ta. Tbil
eustrfm, 1Mr. Vle'ox ttaHrd aevaral
yeara ago and has kept it up every
year.- Uarden Island.
M. fr.ki.LMsk fnrtber delayed.
aaa,irr Jf ';aifjlf I
nimiCEsmLL m
' ' ' 1 7 FpWfOOD
nnn ' rnL n io rr"pni in-
Witioa T6VB t( H a WWffaJ)!? prompt
aaeiaiaa, Daiag roaeiwrq py tte rol ad
fttnlaturtio rentWf ,t, fixing an ad-
faaca ii 'fTkii reanaraK anargin. Wbat
iYer 'hllafw-ac aiay 1 drterrained will
be granted to offaet tha inereaae in
prodoction eoata that baa taken place
aince October 1. when the refinera en-
tarYfl into tha agreeMent with Food
Adaviaiatrator Ifootrar te cett a net
pargta of-lTOinta,
Daifgutadl yt Hooyar
An important ltaP la the direction
or. reaching ka early adatq'ent of
(ka qoertioa Van laken tkia, week, when
Pacar JS CttrbnaV akanman of the New
York Stata nuhlla aarviea rntumixinii
for the llrat. aliatriet...aa deairnated
by Mr, HooVer-to inetigat and paaa
ia tk aSvrlta if tka rofiaara' applica
on -for M wpward raiaion of the
preaeat aaargia. '.
. The appointment of Mr. Ktraun ia re
orte,d . to t regarded by the refiuera
a aD kdaiirkble' aelection and entirely
natiefnetory . to tkem. On the other
hand, the general opinion of the augar'
traJe ia that, beeaaaa of hia large ex
periance jut an arbiter ia a number of
mrortaat 'ecooomla and Dublic aervice
fOntroVereiea, ki appojfltaient will be
ragaraaiL y eoBaaaiam , a giving aa
aurance tkat thai? iat'ereata will be well
aerved asd protected. ' Mr. fitrana waa
seorafarr . Of labor -and aomaaerce un
dur ,iPraaidBt RoomyoTIl .Waa formerly
bmbaHMdor ta Ttfrkey, and wma chair
maa of eommiaaioa appointed la 1914
to arbitrate the.; differancea between
the .Easter a raiVoada .and their engi-
Koadjuatmant Fro rid ad Tor
' The proVMoa of fka agreement un
9er wkiekv tki ' refiner! are bringing
tketr, rVqtieat, for il readjuatment of
tifelharao-rfpeeificany atatea "that aaid
margia la alao aabject to reviaien from
TfnTe to time by reaaon of changes in
(M con or renaing,"- ,
' Early in he Vear tke teflnera ree- .
,ogntaed trax reeoirraa to tnia provimon
rrnl4'hva to, bej, made becauee of the
rpid, (oereaaca .taking place ' in both
ma.hnfe.efilfing.aB4 diairibottBg ebata.
Tk. kbjct of mkkiag tkla heceafdty
know a io tke food admmiatratton waa
dUeaaaed kt ,varioui meetings of the
'ineflcak Scflnera' committee dnring
Vvbtaliry bkd March,, at arbieh timea
pjf tgJfrrtT brrinioav waa to tha affect
Ibat vrhila the juntiea of taking imme
lfiat tek t' aeenra relief waa ua-iftAtilna-v3ti
waa a tba lxsat intat'eata
actum aa
reeardre of
knd ffia-
tHbatiea bfsame too heavy .to ( permit
BJgner . msf n
ispecialfy among
rporatloatu. Tka
ta Acrrtl 80. oa
arbldt date a apeeial ammlttf waa ap
0idatodt pnsi1iug pf,B,,A, Oxaftrd af
tha Havanoah Hugar Refining Corpora-J
tion. W. A. Hoodlcaa of the Pennayl
qt tho indaslry tq defer aucb
lowf a, poaslbloi
t .April, fcoWever, (he p
eoata In labor, anppllea
- ? f-'ltH taal.iefln'ag ea
llrfatfer rime to a lead
alik frrar Comfkny and George, B. , eht additional fe.lerpl tax has awdkea
ujflV 'of lie National rtif. Ktmn- Ved eoimiderable interest among atock-
tajjt Company, with tpatrnrtlone ta pre- '
pira trriefa showlnfr the Wreaked, eoat
Of reJlnirf v--ar since "he re'eement
waa. thcred into with the food admm
latrartbn. After i-eve-il vie'is spent in eecuT
lag coat dr'- from all the refinera, the
report of thin -on mittce was embodied
la he form of briefs and waa recently
laced before Mr. Hoover. No infor-.
laticm baa b'een given ont as to the
rate Af InefeKke asked fdr, but ta a
tEowara way atigar eireiea have tad
aowledge that it waa considered nee
t6 yainik 'to eqoallE'e the increase ia
reKniifg costs. Owing, however, to tha
differences in geographical location and
financial resources among tha yariouk
refining companies, variations are re
borted to exist in the number of addi
fiirhkl Yo1nt'a above fhe present mkrgin
kieeeeaary to give adequate compensa
tion for the maximum increase in re
fining eoata I
Fall In Four Divisions
5i In generil terrha tbeae increased'
coVa Wy be grouped rn four (fivtaiona,1
emOKriDK labor, aupyliea, fuel a ad
naekaoaa ('barrels auil bans). No due-'
lion ex'iats but that larg;e iricrkaea.
la eoata Vkve tkaefi place 'aTbre laat
October in each division.
: 'AOtrr6rities conversant wlfb t'eflaiOg
Op'eraUona eelliaete the laereaae In
wacaa'aranted to tabor from the above
akta to ike preaeat kt fully twenty
-psrromh, aad thia. haa baiaa practically'
amlprjn an h renaiiag points, in .tn
caae or supplies mere nas doob no eiop
a tha ateady upward climb of prices
to aa average increase of fully twenty -five
percent. Not only hate the eoata
rrf irflVlnds of mkVerlals rone ho. but
Vfter June 29 "the twenty Ave percent
fnerVasa In YrelgNt rates win have ta
T)i MTded. This latter added expense
ttn fkn beaVlly tm the rvftnert. Ooal
KlOn'e kvttl c!iftiut for 'a Ikrga Inereaae
la refining eostav .The bicreaaa . in
freight alone will be forty five cents
per Jon end more than 1,00(1,000 Urns
lrat,. uaed by the refiners during the
fear-., .i
JpbAer the, bead of cooperage, which
reoreseqta the mater'ikU uaed in all
fama.if ,o,'veriug, auh as bag4, bur
Jnj) ,bar,rln, coat hve xBe tq M'
'rernaly bigji Ipveh Wl'tV k $eni(ency tp
likta On all of the above facton en-
Terlng itifo the determination of a ne
margin , are now befbre
Uiscas'sing this particular
-"i-y ...iv hi.
poltitj k lead-
lag refiner said thia week to a reyre-
aeatkti've ef Pact About ftugar:
"ml task win t not Only to see
that the food administration ia so ad
Yiaed eoneernlng a higher margin a
ui arrorn io ina rennera . tne name
unftit J cooperation ttianieated by
them in their aeeaptaaca or voluntary
reatro, but b1o To InrerpYet to the
puiiic tha aeciaaitT for ft akVgbUy btgk-
tt prloe oa augmi barauea, higkor
f(Htaing .tvoath. b Tha. latter aboolil got
dinirult, t teaa, the wan. in the
atreet ,te alreeulY , fully ,iwr that la
rraaiieil, wojra to. labor, bljftier freight
rate and .larger valuea placed on
rnateriala muat.M paae1, aioag to the
tonauiqer to frraerva tka buaineaa of
'he country in. war tuna." .
. Ja ctinertloa wita-. the procedure to
'e followed by Mr.. Btraua in hia ia
Yeatilion, it la reported tkat be doaa
not 1)0 eoatemnlata boldinfl an pub
' hearing, lie will for the prenent
t lenat confine hia line of Inquiry to
dy of tha refinera' brlefn aubmit-
ted, btrmeTOM eanfaVancaa nd 'iliactia
aioti with rnifivlduai refinera, and amrita
f the refining wompaniea' books to ea
tfctrtirh lHfcita eoat agnrn. -
It !ia evident that tka above method
will 'accelerate tka detcrrhination of the
new marriai aj 'rapidly , aa a. poaaible
ctmlntlT with iia. Hoover 'a deal re
! have .-the inveathrathoa .a tkorough
-k , Ob tka other, hand,, it would ia
iliemta, gbat .whatever margin l decid
ed .upon , cannot, become -affective for
aome, time t coma, ,
. ,Tbia latter poaaibility ia giving cer
ain-reibing eompanlee aoma coucern,
jit ia generally, eonaleil in all ajuar
tara tha( uoleea the, relief to be grant
ad Ja, promptly fortkeorntng it will be
of little Yajue, to tka refinera this year.
The last quarter of the year, even in
normal timea, ia the aa of the lightest
refining araratiOna, while tnia year it
will be abnormally ao, aa supplies in
ioht for that period, in,, 1918 are ex
tremely liffkt It ih thus obvious that
k moct JelaVed Inereaie ra the mhrein
wvtuld acHilalty Vet the reflacrs but
little, aa thai Vgher reiflhinr eoata have
prevatiad eWrtng the montna tt heavi
eat tweraTiona. ,
It U reoerted . in trad circle t hat
th tariff aommiasion may take advaa
tnge of the v present inve'atlgation to
conduct aa inquiry covering the en
tire subject of . refining coats along the
line of te aurvey made eome time ago.
or the . coat nf aucar rrroduetion , in
Cuba, Porto Ttfeo, Hawaii and I;0ui(fia
na. -l -
tr. V a. '
Applies To 'Only
-artd floi To Atctjffiula-
fidnY Of Other "YeaUt r
, ' .
Announcement that, iihdivide l proflta
Ore to be aubjected to u fifteen uer-
holders of various corporations hieh
haye in past years accumulaUd a'u'rplus
es through in vest men t of profile in
afead of paying them out in dividends
and inquiries have been heard as to
whether such tax is applicable to auchl
surpluses or applies only to aeeutoala
tions of the laat calendar or fiscal year.
Where last year k Corporation, or a
firm, failed to divide profits, not ea-
aentially needed for the carrying on of
it. vuniuriw, nui;a unnivinvq prprKa are
to be subjected to a fifteen percent
surtax. The understanding ia that this
applies only to the earnings of the
past yen r and does not apply "to prior
accumulationi although the first latent
of the law was to make it Jo apply.
Aa paused, it is said by thaae ho
have kept in Constant todnh with thia
HoTt of taxtion legislation, it applies
only to undivided profiti foY tha Year.
How mui-k will be allowed aa an
amonnt necessary far the aoaduet tt
the business Will be a matter to tie de-
elded in specific Inatakeea. thk Yary-
Ing circurtistknces deeldtng the tiaea-
hm. ii is evident, nowever, rnai me
aettimy aside of a ftmd to pay federal 1
win noi maae aucn sum lunject
to tax. This la Bomethikg that practi
cally all of the Hawaiian cdrporafrohs
have done. Home rff the companies did
acquire farther kuVTffioh fq tlirt lur
plua funds last year aad It. 'wtjl-be
necessary to determine whether1 Vke
additions to such surpluses were neeea
'nVy 'for the eondfiA of faa business
Of the companies
It must also be taken Into eoaaidere
tion that where Liberty Bond have
been purchased by such companies t'
taxable undivldeil profit's are 'Mily the
amount over and above the invwatiiient
In rank Liberty Banff or fa treasury J
Ortinittl reports received tbu month
row India place the total erop. of
1917 18 iu the BriUak Imljes at 3,2?e,
(KfO tons, which is the bigheet, so iar
recorded. In view of the shortage of
sealing vessels, it Is Joubtfu If hla
bumper rrdp will relieve hi any 'way51
the sutrar Kbortage in Western ann?
Ceutrirt Korope. j
w. a a.
The coat of sugar maOufactare bat
been computed tn the Wt ad dma
. imrM-iui. inrorinairon is at 'nana a
I to the increase in prices. Tor example'
I beet seed hua Increased 2d0 percent,
1 IhKor ion percent, fnel oil 128 percent,
coke Hi -reent, filter flofh 5life 170
' permit filter rl.jth duck 2lt0 percent
, sugar bags S3r. perceut, aud io on down.'
GUTTIO I th Ih Wafluka
hi antTe'dW erowthf "Vlhi
merVJi fcf nooot krid orte'oItirWht'ahd the ftclA., ari In contrast to
fr.i'i..ai'.,-f .in iwt.i. In , :.. ;
''. 1 ','S,
mm. wmw
I. l. Art, Vr' arvrnvv'i
' lAUoK
Two 'plantation companiea have hn
novtneed fukpennion of ili viIeoila,N Vyi
luka.aa aikai ad Hutchiaaoo on Ha
waii aml'the, reaaona for. the action are
the borne ta botk caaea, adversa grow.
ibg eoTiditiona. , The action of Wailuku
was.Ypnyiokpacted but with Hutchin
son the expectation waa lesa general.
Wailuku haa .bad two yeara of ad
vereo aonQftloba that could not but
greatly, diminish crops for thia year and
next year. auV Well. In 1910 came' the
heavy rains add the Iao Valley rlooibi,
waahing .out irrigation aystenla and do
ing 'other material damage. Then in
1917 ramd a reversal in wentber rondi-
4 ticme aad aeven months of drought. This
rut tie preaeat crop by fully a third i
Tram the. normal and the 1919 crop waa ;
( aloe , eeriously ,, damaged Under theke
! eireamataaeea a canaation of dividends
area tOf be .expected.
t Hutcbinaon suffered severely from the
.drought on Hawaii last year and its ,
frop waa atmllarly reduced for tnia year
and win be out for next year as welL ;
. Posts Increased
I - It cost aa much to grow a field of
cane when the tonnage of i-ane la light
aa it does wnn me enne la neavy. . it
also eoata a much to grind raue where
the sucrose content ia amall aa where it
ia large. The reault ia that the coat of
growing and, grinding 10,000 tons of
sugar is the name aa if the acreage bail
produced cane to, yield 15,000 tons or
in other worda, the eoat for the pro
duction of a ton of augar ia about a
third to a half larger than normally.
Witb costa higher and with aalea re
duced the profit bi i6ne. This is the
situation at Wailuku.
Where profit are earned there must
be put aaule a sum to meet the federal
taxes Tor the year when they stinl) he I
definitely knowb but wheCe the situn j
tloti ia as it i at Wailuku there will '
Buttles of Soft drink in the United
States may save trppToximately B0,00d
tons of suvar annually bv usinir other
... ifiroralutr to ;
vestigation -by apeclaMat 1 61 tke Du '
reau of Chemistry, United States De
partmont of Agriculture. The Bureau
of CkearietrV U preparhig to furnish
bofVlefs With kWeetehing formulas that
will alfbw the actual sugar content in
soft drink to be ejit to fifty percent
or lea and at the aame time will ore-
apre the cubmhry 'tkste and quality
of fhe beverages, Btafch augar, atacli
Sirup, mnuoae sirup, auu noney are ino
Ulstiie- ,;Biie4. ,.. , . ,
, The Puieau. fit CnemiHry pecinOsts
have cooperated witb bottler in valng
tieae to aw'eeteV and dve ''body" to
Pfjt drink, their favorable 0pinions
fit feadlta bev betja utaiiied by
pur ."tkating juffeyV, tnade up pf rep-
reeftat?ve of the Wttling industry,
bufaq e'xperti. iereaentativei of flav
of ibg extVac rnVuufe'thrcr, and Wo
n?Vtihhd Ajbildreo repre'senting the eon
auiing, 4irtIJe, , . ..
The kweetenlo'g trormulaa that have
been tested in The bureau experiment
will be TurnTsYed to tipUlars and the re
suits of the eaTpOrlmeat will be deMrib
efl 'ia aTetyil Ik UdtttMg trade publica
tion. KeatrlcHone on the use of sugur
4n aoft diinkaave been placed by the
United matea T00 Ailmiu;itratiou but
it ia believed that ty Bureau 6f Chem
iaf Vy experinenta will allqw the usual
ainouut ef tkase product to be manu
factured without marked change in u
atabiUty or ouolty,
. ... .f . a. a. . . , i
TMe' beet i u gay preffortroa for tho
season of 1017-18 in the NelhtrrlnmU is
'refroftUd by ibe J6nf nk1 flea fabrtcants
de Hucre of Iw'arcli W a totaling
02.1 ordinary ton, against a home con
luniptiuo of (105,707 too.
Phratation .field tinder normal condition, vheri good ettier
.Adri'lrcrkrjae4rftrut a third bv reason of two advene turn-
be practically no income tax and will
certaialy lieino exi-eaa profits tax.
Suspension Kacessajy
'It ta'therafore Clrmr that the an-n
eioa of drvidWade by. Wailuku if u ne
CBBaity'sibce it. will liot have the earn
ingB-andia iiot a rourae purmied to
aeeoinulate undistributed profits. Wai
luku will have email earnings, if ni.y,
for therescnt year and the 1510 crop
ia not highly encournging.
Aa to Hutrbinson n aiinilnr clear
statement has not been obtained Imt it
ia understood that vihnt Iiah been said
of Wailuku earnings and probalile earn
inga may be similarly applied to I lie
Big Inland company.
Otaeta Are uxely
. Hunpcnsion of dividends by other
companies will not be an unexpected
eventuality, or If not suspensions ' at
(least etita. Ia aome instances the sus-
pensions may be merely until ,returv
come in. Mome or the plantation com
jinnies now have a third or a half ' of
their crop stored ami waiting bottoms
for shipments. At Wailuku, with its
other trouldex, there in in storage now
about 4 Mm ton or nearly half of thia
year's crop. It will take weeks, after
shipment tor the companies to receive
their returns. Meantime they do not
consider it the part of wixdom to bor
row money at six or seven percent in
terest for the purpose of paying 'regu
lar dividends. They will have to put
aside their provision for tines on their
earuinus and the result will be a teni
jtorary, lack of funds, at loust of funds
that are avuilatile ror (livnien.is.
The coiiipHiiics also face the preba-
liflitv of still larger excess profits taxes,
These, with higher freights, higher coirts
for everything used, wiH cut the profits
nalow last year nonsiiuraile ami mere,
will be a materially smaller drop for
the year as woll.
The sugar division of the United
Htates food adminlat ration Id Washing
ton has compiled the following esti
mate of the quantity of aogur used
annually iu tlio various manufacturing
Confectionery . ...
Boft driuks
Condensed milk . . .
Ice cream
Crackers .
Sweet dotiglis . ...
Canned fruits:
Cnl., Ore., Wash.
Rest of U. H. . . .
0,1 10
IH if)
' 8un jrj. ukary goo.b
1 Proprietary mediciu.
Cauue.l vege'tnblea .
Lliewillkf KUIII
llrewers .
Totul . .
The e ii ii l i t in n of the sugar beet crop
ou Jsihe 1 is 'reported by tbe Bureau
of Crop Kstimates of the United rttatok
Itepurtiuent of Agriculture aa OK.tl. Tlio
eompnrisiiii is with tho average condi
tion for tho past ten years, taken as
100 percent. The condition of the crob
on June 1, 1917, was 104.5 percent of
the average.
w. . a. :
The tih'ue M.ifl received rush order
for 300 bags of washed augur for the
Honolulu market. They have started
a night shift on grinding so that they
will be able to finish on time, as they
are now grinding for the tlaiiamaiilu
mill which lias shut duwu Garden Islam!.
thipl; t Are akert crhe 'y f ko.
it i t, : i,;i i . .vy
Twelve Thousand Five Hundred
Tons SerltWftdttorrl Off'
Raw sugar shipments suffered fur
ther during the past Week from sink
ings of carriers by tke German U-boat
raiders, who continue tkeir piratical
operations in North Atlantic coast wa
ters. The two additional veasels to be
listed with the three reported destroyed
last week were the Vlnland, carrying
1,471 long tons of Cuban raws, and the
Pinar del Rio, witb 3,642 tons, alao
front Cuba, Pacta About Sugar reports.
Bugar Lose Over 13,000 Tona
Thia further lose brings the total
amount of raw destroyed through
submarine sinkings to about 'i IS, 7 (JO
ton. As the total receipt at Atlantic
ports for the previous week were above
00,000 tona, while .those, for this week
will closely approach that figure, It is
ohviows that .damage Inflicted by the
enemy submariue oa the .inward" flow
of raws represents' but a trivial loss
which ia barren of any aerion influ
ence on the sugar situation.
At this port cargoes of rawa have
been arriving daily all the week. The
name i known to be the t-aae at other
Knstern ports. In addition, it is re
j ported that aucb cargoes of raws as
were temporarily diverted to poothern
ports ut tne outbreak or me suDmanne
. attacks have sinoe arrived at their
original destination. Sugar can
lield at West Indian ports last week
have also since sailed.
Slight Slowing TJp
The net effect upon tho sugar ship
pirig situation of submarine activities
along the American coastwise lane
niuy, therefore, be summarised as be
ing confined to a alight slowing up in
the movement of raws which, ia of
practically uugligible importance. Hu
gar earners are inovln r to leading; and
uulouding points nude' instructions is
sued by the Navy Dcpdrtiiieiit Under
this system all Msibie safeguards are
being provided mid Uie results attained
so far under this plan indicate that
there is I vtt In likelihood of auy great
cheek taking (dace in the future ar
rival of raw supplies at any refilling
There Ias been no change in the
general shipping situation for the week.
I. ate reports iu the trade fcre to the
effect that the Joint Committee . on
Transportation still anticipate the
movement of close to 300,600 tons dur
ing June.
w. a. a. ' r-
The allotment "of ilgar to be handled
by the Honolulu Plantation Company
has been Increased 10,000 16ns. 7'he
sugar is to be supplied, through the Hu
gur Factor 'Company, Ltd, The refin
ing ef thia additional amount will a'erve
In relieve sohicwnat the pressure upon
Pacific Coast refineries. Which On ac
count of the transportaHon situation
are being called Upon 16 haQdle 'an un
usually large proportion of the current
Hawaiian crop.
w.'a'a i
The acreage losa to kugar beets
Inst year iu the .United Htates was
64,080, while in 1010-17 it was 072,110
Ceres. The tonnage lliced 'was 5,00.1,
217 tons, agaiuat 8,504 J07 tpus. Of
the tonnage Colorado sliced i,&04,508
frtna ami Califo'rhik l,)8a,91H ton. The
averuge yield Of sugar per acre was
.90 tOnk, ugalnst ,M tons in 1916 17
nnd Mb tons In 1915 16. There were
01 fnctoTies of Which 1(1 were new.
Iowa will plant 10,000 aeree pf beets
this year tbe largest In the history of
this great farming r!tate. The Mason
City plant is one of the largest and be.it
eiiuii'iped plants Vunwn in the couutrv
and will be ready for a heavy tonuayu
iu fall.
Departure From plantations Act
' 61 fio'Veriimfen Ami Not Act
! fof 'Men Themselves
Draftees who are taken from the
plantationa and accepted for aerviee
will not lose the bonus which they have
earned tho far thia year. The plaata
tloii eompante realixe Jhat the leaving
of the plantation by these laborer is
not an act of their owa will but an act
over which they have n6 eontrbl.v They
Wbuld bave beea perfectly willing to
Work' out the bono year If tfiey had
been permitted to do , but the gov
ernment Haa takes, tbem. Under these
efreonlatanca it ia only rigut and fair
tha't they should not be the loaera by
the arrangement. And they will not
be. .
i Payment of bonuses to those called
in too draft will not be made at thS'
time but will be made to them, aa to
the laborers in company employment,
who have fulfilled bonus conditions,
nt tbe end of the1 bonu year. Already
they have received each month a third
of tbe bonus money for that particular
month. This meana that tney nave
coming to them the remaining two
third of the bonue money foe' those
months, of coarse, the bonu Ceasing
whea their labor enda with tka aall of
the draft.
It waa said at the office of tbe Plant
ers' Aaaoelatioa labor dummiu on Wed
nesday that thia waa the case but that
the aame rule did not .apply to thoae
who were called in the guard. The men
of the guard, who have been taken in
to aerviee now, joined the guard of
thoif own responsibility; by their own
willing act, knowing that they might
thereby be called into aerviee. Thua
it appears that the guardsmen called
will lore the several months accumula
tion of the bonus money earned, for
thnt period, aa if they had left the
piantntlon ftr other work. Just where
the difference comes in the lay man
may not quite see. It is estimated that
the call of the guard has taken mure
than thousand men from the planta
tiona w. . .
Still Shipments Are One Hundred
and Fourteen Thousand
Tons Behind Last Year
More than half of the Hawaiian
sugar crop has been moved. At the
aame time accumulations of raws are
piling up iu all of the warehouses of all
of the Islands for, although the pro
portion of the total that has been moved
is not alarmingly below the percentage
of the 1917 crop that bad been moved
at the same time a year ago, ship
ments lire, in volume 114,000 tons be
hind. ISo far as are available the figures on
shipments to the first of July are 2JH,
607 t'ona of Sugar Factors raws and fiS,
702 or in all L'M,.'I0S. One year ago
there had been shipped to July 1, :I9S,
79. The June ihipmcuts may be a
little higher thnii thesi II, aires indi
cate for the failure of the iisunl channel
of information as t i departures from
other Islands makes tin' to'ul uncer
tain and there muy hnvc been some
departures since the date to which this
year total is run.
The shortage of shipments this year
as compared with last by no means in
dicate, the amount of sugur piled up
awaiting shipment for Inst year ship
ment were behind production und uow
the sugur is not moving so fast as it
leaves the mills. The figures of sugar
waiting shipment that are each month
reported to the shipping board as of
the first ilny of the month have not yet
come in. It is expected they will have
been combined within the next few
days -and will show h considerable in
crease over the first of last month.
Still shippers are optimistic of the
future aud are couttdent it will be but
a short time before tliero are suflieient
bottoms available to enrry off this
steadily growing surplus stock.
a. a
A report from the Kast says that the
United States government has taken
over a plot of vacant ground and a
warehouse of the National Sugar Ke
fining Company on tha Kust Kiver
front iu Brooklyn. The property ia
part of the old Molleiihiiuer refining
plant on Kent Avenue and will be turn
ed over to the Y. M. C, A. who will
use it for a tennis court.
CAHl'KH, Wyoming, July 5
(Associated Press) Karl Cud
dock retained the world 'a wrest
ling championship here yesterday
by taking two straight flls from
Husaone. Caddock won the first
full tin sixty one minutes by a
bur arm Imadlock. In the sec
ond full lie used the head scissors
arm combination.

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