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J. A
. i ? .i i r i , J I '
American. Force Irj Upland M4y
Bt) qbiigcd To Battle With
' 'i t"'T171: : : rrrr- -1 n i.. L-t-iL i. jl -i
iwi 1 1 1 1 m ii i ) i t -a
t (i t r . 1 1 . n
T;;;!srai ifwimj. . dimv'm.iij hm daw
MtTLi mm mme
,", ,i. . i it Tin ii ii i i naH ii ,,.111.11 ii , i .hi nivr ii n i xi i i i j
An unexpected Foe.v
WArVlN0TON, JV 3 (A.sociat
j !)'
1 1 J:':--..
! ', rttr r
... 1 ' -f f!
, 4 ittnn ...
j -.1 1- v
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I ....!
I tiT .
- s1a.
Jit. .!;.
5 . v
,4 tut!
turn l
i-.l (if,
).. ii.
'J I' '. -
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-1l t. I., I
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- a n i .ui j. i ii i i i ii r i i -'
Two Hundred Injured
I, When
Powder Plant' In Suburbs
an'd Wa'terSystem Deranged
C VRACUSE, New York, Tuly
kJ KlXteen are dead and not isi
iesult of two terrific explosions
Eolway Semct Company at Split Rock, a suburb of this city.
' The entire city was rocked by the explosions and the popula
tion is y.an'c stricken, for it is expected that more explosions will
occur. The fire which followed and was increased by the blasts is
I'ejrOnd control and is eating its way toward more vats of "TNT",
vliich it is feared will explode and increase the damage and loss
of tire.
Clouds of poisonous gases were loosed by the explosions. These
are hampering the volunteer firemen in their effort to quench the
The water system upon which the city depends for fire control
was vrecked by the blasts, leaving the firemen powerless. Little
6r nothing can be done to check the progress of the flames.
There were 'five hundred emoloyes of the Solway Semct Com-
anv in the olant when the exnlosions took nlace. Fir which had
traken out m the plant reached vats of TNT, which went up with
a terrific roar. The hve hundred employes were hurled in every !
J : 1 t A. f . r .1 ii . r i i r ii i , !
uirciuun uy mc turte oi mc oiasis, one ot wnicn lonowea quiCKiy
upon anotheft . -
The bodies of sixteen dead have already been recovered and it
Is feared that more will be found in the ruins. Search for them is
hampered and rendered extremely hazardous through the probabil
ity that the fire will reach other vats of trinitrotoluol with result
ing explosions.
Just how many were injured has not yet fc1arLVsTertairred. It
is known that the list will reach two hundred, two-fifth's of those
in the plant at the time, and it is (eared that many more" ill be J
found to have been injured. ' ' j
Many of the people of Syracuse and the surrounding suburbs
are leaving their homes, fearing thiit other explosions wjll 'occur.
Every effort is being made to subdue the fire, tut with the water
system out of, commission and the air filled with poisonous 'gases,'
little progress can be made.
nhftirrri irn nnih' SiirnrihiX lrA iiHTA i iap
flUbuLf CLLCn WW . K W 1 U flWIllt ;
. .. i
Doctor Gladden, Who Fo :aht
Agaihsft "Tainted Money,"
ueaa At co:umb'js
cou-jrurs-", ,. .; Tin- r,.v.
ir Vahtiigton ' ;l:nl,li-ii. fur thirty
t.fO S eara, until lull, i s t 1 -. r of thr
Flrat Cagremi!i-i:itl Mi.-r. U ..( thjs
crity, and fin tin- -n f,,m inrs its
liaiitor emeritus. !n, :,l ln. Iihhih iere
lady. Foi nam v, he ii.ul been
one of the ni'-t rlel v I ni,w n prem-h
r pad HJIte.s i r In, .leti.iiiii'uitl.MI ill
(he I IMteil Mn!e II
"m- inith !ii
tl.e ptiljiit I" 1 1 n ,,, n
a.,1 llll ll'fll III-, in , h,. m;
ILiencing tlie ..,nt ui tin
wbloly nrk nn I .-. I .- I
. Althyuli b it MM in 1 1 i
career lie ill ,,.
larky tii NMigh i hi- : ,i i 1 1,
' fl" Ihf t ' in les- Ii ii . ' i i
' ' ' tark. on '' I .ii .t .-.i ,i,,..,, -i . '
f itl arose h.- m .1 ,1, n 1 1
t'ir h'tr
--! Ill Ml
l pa 1 1 n-ii-t
hi l!"i.) i
nl an at
'I lie ipies
l(. .-k, teller j
nl nf Oiiii I
si. mi- ..f the
i.'l l r-. t Ii o It
' ,h
I'r l.laiblell
i. U'fl. 'Ii'
Vi.oWpivd the ui' -i i- ii 1 1 H
I latniraVkatAMiul (.,. , ..
and ilolljirs tin it. nm
yeraion of tin- I -; . t ! . i .
rtjiotwil ncecptan
daring, tluit Ml Km l,ef, ;ier 's moue)
.waa ill gotten e:ilih ae I , i ,i i 1 1 ..r
r:lriHjy.j ...,. ' It ti c . In, i.l) unflt.s
itarlf ftir voik bv InKing bribes of'
tailltt-l woiev." lie s.ii.l. s),e uucht
4a perish with the mony. atnl she will."
ill- liladiti'U 's ii iietnii in uimt.1 u .: stand
gay e rise to n ies.ri u. enutraixe'rsv,
ahjl tho-.h he mis nveiiiiled bv the
Jioanl of Arin-i(iiis he cnntinile.l his
Ught ogniist (:.. i ,i tin- i In ii h ti
forpi -rluso ielni;.,ii- with 'predatory
.J0i-.tr titdil-ii " . i'1-iiiye us a re
fo.1 ipr Jed bili u's.i nil.i a slight ten
trffC i politics. lie i 'a. e.l himself ns
a raudjdiiti' fur member ..l the ''
council in a inn.', ipal rlr.-t.,,,, ,,t r,,
I'oibus. auil alihcnigli mi an in as an
Independent in the ru host n-Bnleuce
a'd uf the i t ln-re there was nor
.Pally a jlirge Keiiubliei.ii iniijurit v. lie
voa by seventy six utes over the leg
llt;i r nominee. After his el.'etioii lie
lflil.itt the auccessf ill light, -ihi'li i.t
tTctfd liat ion i.lc interest, fur the
retdufltiou of street cnrfiires in Col
One of Doctor (ila. Lien's notable at
tOtAMce was Ins reit. rated plea that
every euniwunity should hnc a "muni
Ct pal churob." The slu. keinug power
ef the church was due largely, he
held, to Hi neglect of social "ml m.mi
cipal. filiations. It was highly ,n,l,
ble, he lelieved, that the (list elms
titlO churches were munieipal i h nr.-he-;
thVt u every town or city was ..ne
church with sevcal lien I hmhh .'iitmn.
each with its elder or iemlei . an, I ;i 1 1
cooperating iu the work of the ci; v.
H believed that the need of tin- h'.u
w;a the restoration to every in
city of ihe niuiiicipal chi.rch Its , l:rni
to the I'liiliulthrnpie leadi rslni nf t'
conifiiiifiity would not be disputed i
Doctor Uluddcn nun bom i'elii.:ii
, M a ny
Blasts Destroy
3 (Associated Press) At least!
than twn hi-nHrH fmfnrcH aa th
of trinitrotoluol in the nlant of the
II' A II 1 II 1111 Wll ;T 4IIIIMI
One Gun FactorS ts Tilrhlrtn Out!ll.u,"l T",Ht:"' rTur,np'
Ten a Day
v . 1 A smH'iul
WAslll.Nt, Juh :! i Assi.ibI
d 1'rei.si- Ainrnriiii built 1.1." milli
meter liowit.eis me now going to
France, it vi im iiiiniaiin e I here yester
!v l.j; the war -Ii pn it nieut.
The iktp.ii t iiient stated that one fac
tory n'onc i- tinning nut ten cf the
huait.i'ts i!n.l. These guns are in
teuded to Mipplci!i--ni tin) :irtillery
iiuipliiciil I ii i nit r I supp'ie.l the Auier
icun nnn by ir:inee. Tho howitzers
are if tin- F;euei ilesmn chielly usi-il
for the puiji.i.se of ireating bunugos.
w. 8 s
day s casualties
WAsfllM'ToV. July :t ( Assueiat
eil I're-s, II'. 'ni'i'ii;in casualty fiat
niiiuiuiie. d b the 1v:n di.,ai t nient yes
terday ell lied ',e Hemes of eighty OUC
soldiers and t h 1 1 1 v t '. n Murines.
The mi'it.m list , eight killed
in action, ten died ni ununds receive, I
and one of dis, a-e Forty eight are
posted a s..y,.r,.y u IIMii. led, twp.un
slightly .in n.l. - and two as having
'I, ls'U',. i l,.. love. I'euiisylviiiiia.
1" ''i" ' ' b'"e.,ll. , t ,1, ns miblishcd iu
IIMll. he tells l,,,l ,;, his gllllldfatb'
eis mc.. shoeiiu . I. ers Mini his father
u i iiiii'tn .. tea her. He eoul I
read ut f ilmic p ayers before he was
thiee mi is ..Id and he meinuri red I.or-
tions oi nn l.ii.lndi .-rnmniiir before
he ,'. tour v.., , I. His father
died v l.i i h.' was ery young, und his
nutti er tool, Inui to her country home
In ;Ncw v mi k st n... t here he worked
on li faun ens . rioter's bov. went to
mhool. and JmuiIIv entered Williams
Cnlleoe tiin.it cn-uched. und at last,
with no a te' danee i,t H theoloaicnl
M"t'ooi e " s ,
of a little
li'tet past.
Hni'lk I Wl
Ar'ams an. I
n "d f ."
II..' eH'i,i,l
'I''-.. Kii-t
C- I-,' '.'Is el
't ,k .-
a 1 lie
I Ir' I
I a "I beciiiue pastor
c'l'T. h. He was
nr smell chiirchea In
Vo'U ('i'v mid North
i i li.-l.l ViistHchusetfa.
o'ltie.-ted with.
'f of the I dependent.
nil Church in
pus'or for
li'e. ttl1' i
hiii-e,.s ..f the
O' I le ;,
' ':i ii I i 1 1 lt iiipl
'.. I,. .. -III'. II" I
1 1,.- hn n l. "
ll i ' ." e ll III u ag
oi t ll'' huich.
. f i ...
,i i , ii
h ha-.,
pel llu. i:
'" ''' aiiioiig
1 1
'i I'M." - oi the .huich.
r"c, I", ' "",Ur- r-'-r'r , rrp',-atio'Bl.oVvI. W Y0KK.v.lMly.:'2-
len arc l,-ted as iniss,Uj,. ntfijdei. It,,!. 1..., ..;,.l.i 1 '.:.-? I Pii:hs I Hiiiraulattv ea". of
d, si, J'";"; '7.':,I,''V ,1'"' "'1VU'r' Ha-n Vranci , be pres'ent at 'tlie T ",,l'r W eoMl-.'-
seve eiy w,.,,.,...i and twenty nine ,.,. Kai, ,.ls, itf): ...Tiilv'a aliip, M''J" rettriat the
h . building le.-md will 'be the 'irreateat ib L,k'nK loan . to C b.iua. ,
lOkioK, July (1lhMclata Pnt)t,1r1);M idMWUpni
thtJIflr. of th small boat cxryln JMim ,tw. hmuwl in or of tb
Wooicp ixurWK pe41cl ofllcrt and. mmWn Ux rrtw of tin Br.tUh kor
piUi .rtlp.lfjiflefy ,Gm ppars to hY bn comploW no nirrivora
fouud. . Br.Uth srtt vom1! fovt.twn qurju vh.watr.wl!r to-
' - -" "
Ui victim fttf trat o Uielf boats b beta fund, Ths authorities aar
p'iMUtkUy tbaudonod ail bop of farther naiuea,'-' , . . . ..
,. tb tapUia of tb Uaudorery Oastla bid boon Ukii kboarA tba
sibmarlr.a . aad. question iy tha U-boat camnundaf, urbo atta.upted to
mika tha British akfpp ackrowiadg tba piwaika f cxploaires on th
aoBp44 uup, fie vrawbua.the-nibauuruia attaia tn otner ooata tarcytiig taa
survlTots, aaalu them. ahdlcd. ., i-.t-
. ,Ap(isravi.y it,:wa tL iutarioa of tba inbmaiina earHOiander to daatroy
, all witise 'of . Wm iUna, regardlati of the fact that a nu nber of wojiej
nuraaa. etf fttaong tim. ', . a
M'ri t M nm Till art KA i ll inh
" V - . U ' " , y
SoldihS ill f r2inCe Or Oh W'L Th'Cra
Is PresideWt Wilson's AiQuncemt
;CompIetB. Failure ot SermanV
i SimnlSr'ini! CAmnAlftn tft fndl-
j .MpJi iw ca in-a't' nt Thk
f. LCI U?! AT,
Huge TotaJ Ortly Two Hundred
and llineVy-orieMave Beenloit
At Sea -HDflClred "Ship's TO "Be
UurtcTied Tpnwrtfw
,...o,a .... . . ,1
n Antniiivri. UJ t .xiti.i-mT-
el Press") Mor thfca a million Ameii
can o!dler ara now In France or on
their wny tliere, acconlinj; to bii an
iinuncement made by t'retideiit Wilson
last night.
The (freaident ' atatement, nhici
ill be hailed with Joy by the Nation,
In bused, lie aaya, Upon a com muni on
tion aildresned to him "by Hecietnr'y pf
War Raker, in which the latter jihvk
that Mince America entry into the
var tnijrf than i million soiilu-m li.-in-aai.nl
'for Vrance.
The firWb unit to aarr 'for Kuropet
ai!ed May H!-1S17. On May JO, teir
day later, (iciieral l'ernhing and hj'a
' to Jtine IJMJt; accbrdljjg to
the furee xurlplied tho 1'realcnt Ify
Secretary 'Baker, the total number of
men ileaiiatched to "France had :h-i
led 1,0X9,113.
bUDmanne wan axe raua
(f thin luie 'total, ouly il liaye
been lust at sea. that small fluurw
Tnensnrinjt roe eiH'ctnTnesf or tc
from becoming a 'big factor mi the Vajr.
inei total numner or men who liaye 1
bein 'returned to tlie I'nited rita'tf
lust nl sea or listed us i-astialtiea
Jaltiea is
a atjlllijn
Mii."i, leaving utill more than
ni ten thoinjnnd on French soil br qn
snips ilea icn ror rranc,e.
t This Hiiiiouneemeht of tliis hnj;e ,tp
(a.1 comes . nnsidefably sooner than wis
expected. Amir tiiic ago Sccretay
fttKer saiil it was. hoped to bVva
million men in France by the end
Augniit. l aier the date niia nlvaiicil
to the fust nf .lulv. The lattor predic
tion i nun more than Inline out.
.,"1 ... . . I .. - . .'
i ne rrcinc ii.I'uim speeding up or tl(i
i-'ilp Iiiii iim" ; r.)rani is yoini to make
tbjc :
if possible
leitK to
shipment of
seas. (huirn
;.jri" '.oi,,,! ,
e-lil I'e sliiio.
Am.'iiean tryup over )
ii . , . .i ,
imiiiim hi uie snip-
"lei yiMteriiay to te
.1... . l .
tii i,rn
Of dlljv
eoniirv b
rtre I ships
fy speeded
Wen no di
vent in-. .
the hiindf'
odd be
the Ian
elebiHted in ths
lung of one nun
I ee work has been L'reat
up. he cabled; there Ins
a si nee the rush prugrapi
-fTe.-t. ii ii I this has'ipude
I nn ulta neons biuticbifis
Our Answer To Foe
"o nioir defiant an-wer could Im- U ,
iriven to mo- e-ieillv s cliiilleDge
I'i'iieral I i -rill n a s reply to
riinrle- Al S.ln-.iib
the history
f the country. Tha Ta-
cllic f'oant
leading all other pott.
of tl.e country in th
... a l ! i m . .1. t
i iimiii v tir
turned nut mid in their tpuilfty . Ftoiji
Tlie I'a' ilic l'oa-t we r ived flic first
retc shlii and
' -
sieci snip, i ne I, rut cone
"' hrst "ooden shi
On June lo Kdwnrd
niu of the Federal
H, HacJflV.'jCliaic-
Abi.iping ioa'rd,
delivered un aitdr..s nt tl. .nmmAnaa
ment exercises of the I'invarailv nf
Not-e Dame, ,unth Bend, Indiana, in I
which he discloses interesting present
torHj'c lie ui' s. I
On the first of June of this yaar tha
tshippiiiu Ibun l had iuireasad Amaii-
can built t.,iinm,e to over 3 JiOO.OOfJ
(lend weiidii ions of UiopLng rthst l'
to say, fiom .Inly I, 1W7 to Juua 1,
11S, theie hi. I been construct in
American si,,nal,i. i .nual
to the
ll luls
foe 111
I'" -i''
t. ' " I
'i' ' ' "
t I ui
I! h ll
M"it ot American vara
t e , r ;iuu, four yara.
''." lie iterJUIill SHl A MS' j
viih a total dead weight I
er : in .000. It lias roquia
i in- Hutch, under ,the
i.ler s,
vei,.'lsA ,wiiji a
' i touiiii'.e of more than
,dl.l I l...u ..V...rl..rU.l
fi. on ...uniiies 'Jl.-, vessels,
!!!, in :i ' !. te ,l i I, i i, ,.
ii Fiance that the VoiirtiUiTa 'nut Miroiihb.
t'liartes s. ,,..1, ....... i . .. m
' ' V"' iniinciune ot a Lirtre number of vva-.li(UIWl. loony witu , ine. .
oMUrwl to leuve in t)ie eoaatwu'
Lakes trade, e'vea p a iotall
nl:. T
pfovtmiit 'tdtai ciend weight, tounajr;
JSdVntro! um,Br ,h
i la. round anmbera, aaid Mr.. Hurldyj
I Vr1
Huaiflat Germany CTn nearly
. (MMI ton Ot BbippjllC.
(lur -tirdirram calls for the buitdinff!
of "lH5 paaaenger, cHrpo, rfrifferatpr
ihipa and tankers rat!'nS fora. buuu o
12.0(10 4oo each, with an . acrirreirate
dead weight tonnage of lR,tt00,000. Tka
lionrrt ia also arontractutK for ZOO wood
ea ' largos fifty eoacrete )iargaK 100
coiifrete oiVarrying bargea. aad J&O
trl, wood aud concrete -tags of 1000
horsepower 'for ocean and harbor aerV
ice. ', f U a 'aiajrefeait a "a 'tbfal dead -weight
hnn,ac of 8JH),000. - . ,
txtlomve of tha abov. we have 215
commandeened veaaeln, taken over frojm1
foeign and domestic owners, which are
biftlng- rontplirtfd .hy,i thai Ebtereeacy
Fuet Corpprai ion. acting andar U FeV
eral Mitppi Board. Thee average
7000 -Woa aqflv aad Ttfejtrtgaie a tout
dead-weight fronaaue of 1,T15,000. - ' :
This maket a total, of -8101 aaaea,'
oicluaiva. of .tuca auj barges, wbioh ta
Tli'ct Corporation if builitiog, with an
aKgreat dead weight tonnaga of lj,'
J 15,000 tons., ..
BlUtani Kaqufrad .
. To finish the board 'a program . fpr
th1 year. 1919, and 11)20 no leaa tha.n
tis.ooo.qoo,i).H) win ba required. ,tvs
will give America a juerebant float ag-
grenting a
,wuu,U'iv loni., .
orke there ia today a force
Aa to wor
pf tone 3Q(
300,000 men. So. tha shipbuild
ing yrd. and 230,000 en gaged (n . al
lied trades. By 1930, ao Mr. Hurlay
thinks, wo eojiJd bava cloae (to a mil
lion men working on American mer
chant ships and tleir equlpniept,. , J
Finally, ui 1o the mucb-difUsod
total of tonnage for the present year's
output, Mr. Hurley, report tbat . tae
most liberal eHtimata f the output f topi
all countries, except America, does BOt
ceed 4,000,000 Vna, Ap to the jrdit-'
ijoii or .(,!hmi,imhj tons Tor ina country,
l()th Mr. Ilurlev and Mn rVh'wab, 'the
director general of the J-.mergency
Fleet,, rorpyfaihrri, irjicft ea 'tKaf "iho
lireetor' general of the Kmereency
(leines ,eaii br erccmii-d. Thfe fa ifcat
it ' l .... .i. 4.
re iiwonfinu? wen twnevn powioiei , pur
- . j. .1 : !
1'irry nne m ii hi no ma snare u ii is io
every nne moat n
will Hrnhtmru ha -NsnrTinnpn kv
r- v a S.- r-
! Tn PH WA K
i ini l in iiiniin in
' t I , ill II VWUWI J SaW yiailWMVMfM J
H...kvia... Govemrhent'
( Assoc iateil
(b Btllte
jhsij eoufei 'j
adyiaHbiUty qf
Among the
'",)i"r Braia rapraaewted were .1. .
MP'Ki" Compaiiy., K"bn, - Iiel f
"ompav. the .National C'ty Bank qf
iltm- Vyk tha First National Hauls
uf.Naw York, tha Chase National Rank
a' 'hu guaranty Truat Company.
Tip- bfiiiVara. have agreed that tyi
loan shiill be made to Cbisa unless t
la, kuuetioued by, the government but
indications : are. that the uoverument
! Will favor the loan.
, -rr-r a a. r
HAVANA. July 8 (Official) Thf
Cuban aeuate a nd houaa. by wuaniraous
''"I" vesterday, deereod that tha Fourth
of Julv. the American national holi
; da y d Jbly 14, tha Rational hi
' France.' fhre to bf regarde i
'Winhl TiolMsyS 'In tubi' , Hlff fe
as na
turns of both the Jttiruiblicon holiday
are lining arrauced for.
.. r- F- r- ..
I (lyLnoy-'-'i'ly 8 (Aw o"! a ted I're
- o explosiop in the National Hhell
Flltl'iu Fnctorv In the M.idlauds on
f..l,d..V l.ifllll Lilleil from alktv til
seventy heoide No details have been
irlv.. it
J !r) Aairiaa troop aiar bo
frtrrf.l to light fljjainat FinoiMli anidiert
withio a very'nhort time, Recording
to diplomatic despatches. hicb reached
fcar yntrdiy, tba nftilation Iwlng oo
that ia rauninn .unusual concern mnon
onVialn. ,
Tba dexpatrhp iy thai a fore
of thirty Bro tbounonj Oernmn and
I'i'nninh f rodrw - Are iiow roacmitratoil
Vlhorg, whe 'awnther 'hoMiile fViro
of mlxod Finainh an Qprnjan. Axt-
titUnia iu wiMtin a hnli.lml ntiha f
h fOTt of iColar in IJiplnnd.. nn Xfi i
Arctic, norr Allied ani AWrtcio
navbl force have been landed to pro1
rect. the railroad and jrnnrd the miti-'
tr- Vorea- nhich the Allica and the
I'nitod Hate had eent. to Rvrawa be-
for'a the'yicace "of Brtst I.itnvgk.
t'lioUclnl re(iortn from Copenhagen
Kiate .that the Allies. and tho Amer-
eaaa at Ko!W aonn have t face
eerio'ia attecK. from . h? Oprninn nnd
Finnish ftreeit bow nushinn their ivv"
northward to eie' the wnr matcriaN
atored In . Laplnnil. ,
. t , Wi B- a .
In Three Days
ifr t$ blrifli ;bn 'over feer
. iriafi tirie? Cdritahtly, With
j.lajb'rityp1 Victories For thq
Entente 'Flyers
m. Julv It (Associated'
jfreMl-rTo, , couceal the- heavy move 1
nieufs 'of trod pa iioV Voino forward
behind :(lier jiftei ip preparation for
(ha , resujnption , of their western of
Ifluaiva ilia iiarma'a airman Vr atriv.
Jtfg. derperatefy to preveat., (lie con
H,awj.W'f recqnuaiaaaiice or-me .ines
fidt air Lnttlea pve the rrma lines
ire occurring with increasing frequon
fy, Ja thtesa tha losses of tha Germans
aCa aavarfil - timea thoap nf tha Allina
(-po jupdsy .tha oritiah aitnien shot
.d9WUn ,iud. ileatroyfid .twenty-two. Gey-1
pan, flinfipiqea, ?rqv po tan oruera out
j)f Vootiol and destroyed two German
observation ' 'bh'ltbolia. '
On Von(lfy. thf. Aljied airmen cross
ad 4ba Jernian lines in gTeat numbers,
haraaaih - the'" enemy uoceaarngly,
bombing the railroad junctions and oth-;
er military 'points , and ' bombarding
tBelr 'hiltets and their troops oa the;
'march with constant bursts of machine
gun fye. Air battles were numerous
and the official report shows fifty three
Hun planes shot down "and eight bal
loons set on (Ire aud destroyed.
Yesterday the air activity was a
constant and contest after coutest was
at.a.'.ed oyer the Clerrnnn lines, The
British wore for the j'ay included
forty-two iiemiHii planes destroyed and
three ballqops Juijned.
w. a. a. '
VAyHtXCTON, July 2 fOlticial) ,
Tlie cotton production uf the I'nited
Sttas for this yeas is catiiuatd at
I.I.Si.' 000 bales of 500 pounds each,
according tu figure inale public to
(lav by .the deprtiueut of ugricu'tme
'I'he coiiilition of the crop is e imut ''I
at 5.8 percent of normal. The area
,'iit.ed to cotton this yi-ar is 37,07",
onii acres, which is mure than tun mil
lion in esccn of the acreage of llllil
'.nd the biggest ever planted in this
country. ,
w. a. s.
AMHTryiMAM, .Inly 3 ( Associated
v'resa) hungry Hunejarv has hopi's of
'ttmg, ir crops iiow growing, rt urn our
' Vi a'Vordaijce with crop estlauifes. The
rirticinl liungnrian crop report says t lint
;-rops are fair to inediitio. Ui'av y
liuiiRge Jujji been donp by front but the
urea planted this year is lllger than
Inst vear.
L- w. a. s. -
WAHIIINfiTOV, July L'- lAssoeiut
d fruits ) Senator King's resolution
'imullihg the charter of the National
Herman American Alliance was pas"e.
today lr the senute without discussion
and without a vote of record. It now
lyocs tv the house.
WAMHINUTOX, July 2 (Assbeint
el Frcsi) The railroad operating in
cnnie Is showing a distinct falling off.
The income for the lust Ave mouths it
IOH,llli,(l3d lass than the total fur
he same period last venr.
TO fUI0r a nnm tu fiur niv
(Tablets), DragffiaU rafnud monev if
it fails to car. Tha aifnatur of
E. W. OROVK ia on aa:b boa. Mau-
actured by tba PARIS MKUICINB
CO.. St. Louis. L. S. A.
Y ASiUN'GTf )N July ,3 (AVstxi
. YV ' prryiifiat'ely 'five Jutndred prisoners and leayuip nearly thou
sand German Je'iid on titc Keld, thf American, ftircts tn the, ilarue
on' Monday night annihilated a German regiment anil scored a sig
nal Victoiy, . . t - , . .. , .
Cooperating with the lecli, Vvlio a(Ud-9j on their left along
the Chateau Ttiicrry-Soissdn.s line. the 'AfncricaTis smakhetl into the
Germans; vest of 11 ill 204, Vest of
J! 1 " ' 'f"i Vt i
jiiij.a a surprise. The Huns hastily organjacd lor. uctousc out
jinalfrte.ti' .ndtd'attd 'the "Ahit'ricans
Itillan fcndh1,'iari$ Americans
- Each fake .flrwrtd -and
. - Inflict Losses
. ' V ir'r7l i .-
XKVt YOjlK, July 3 Asso, liia.1
lyein-r--RJjs(rttj rpmJi various army
headliiartpr ; Frane.B and Flanders
tgrea; tlytV"t,'fpa13VT "l'enfiou of
any (lormnri lnteaxinii to launch iinme-'
iliately a fresh offensive on the weat
pcy lipe, )lt hough. .t,he ,)roop piove
hieut beb'ind tjie. Oai'inan jfrpKt is e
traordinarily .hpavy aqiL ft is evident
that th German liib cojiniiand, in plan-:
ang '..resumpHion of 'bis major offen-'
sive soon.
The fighting reported yesterday is
uitogwner in tavor or the Allies. Am
erican attack, oa 'tho t'hateau ffhierry
aeetor have won ihem imortant ground
along: the section .of the Herman lina
aearewtHo I'aria. Tho. village of Vauartd.. The Americans also brought
oa tba northern sl'opa of Hill 204, which
dominates .Chateau Thierry, has been
captured with Heavy 'losses to the Oer
aittpa. I ranch. Nibble a Kt
On 'the- same front, further to the
iww .., lusir nan iivfii cviiaitvrawic , ivcn i
.1.-1- 1. .' L.1 I 1. 1 I I
ightiilg, wlfb tha French tyne.rally onJV'"-t iiiimtrci? t 'jcimaii jmh.-s.
tlie 'oafessive. Wait of the Oise the j Three GctMAn machines were
French have revapturesl the village of , . , , . ... ,
Pea 1'iorre, southwest , ,of . Bdissou, j W'wn and two of the Amcr
wbirb bey tost three week ago.. ; icans arc missing.
lag iiariuu nova, suoucinj siuue i i
thair point of. attack from th east aide I
of .the Aaia.o mau tq tha Mont
.tirapna. region, taking . iaipotaut uoei
!iqps. u this lighting.. lp the moun
tains the I'aiiatia have been given valu-
a life id by., the regipianta of Ceeho
aioypaa, rnrotU onaWWIV. "twa o...,.a
beg ,tW' l J fhwwrat .tW atT:on.,hwa4t,Aont ia expected mo
blow agaiast the. Aostriaaa, ,;Tha Ut- B1I1triv , '
Kn'h'7Vf' tbe.Brenta pass. UJ Zir.l U.iut .t
..Itabaa blnoVi.,. re,K.rtW oa the ! fa est of (1i?Il(.au Tllil.r.
paifmafgn. ..tatp that he recent con- , (f Alm.ri,1H ut
queata of Monta .U vai Bella to del , . ; Jhoobler to ahoulder
osso Col 41 phelj. J .intervening . . b l h anticipating another
ground has restored the Itnban l'-'. German thrust wat in the ..npeig,.e
tintlsl U. ll I ll II 11 if llaalt la stat III tilM A
tiouB wliifh iiitit Wt" lust u Aur
. - . . . i . i -
recea AKl.t.n ihe famous bersnjrliqn
battalions had e-xacted a heavy toll
troin tae enemy. .
Yesterday the Apstnau "illo y
alotlg the wountnV aw-tora was vary
severe. In the sbelling or the villagps
the Austriaus destroyed houses which
11 . . .
ware centurion old. .. p
On the Asiago Irutit h Austriaus
Attempted n tiuinber .' 'of leoiintors, which
the Kalian gunners tunushed.
Oarmana Gain a Point
, ..On the British frw . in Northern
France, the Garninus drove forward a
hovy counter attwidt northwest of Al
bert, attempting to fegnia he ground
lost oo .Monday. . At ou piac.o (no oer
! , , -I itL i I
muu slioiK , trnqis sueurod ji foothold
iu the uev) Uritisb lino, but thu attack
was bialeu back generally.
H' V"
Herliu 's summary pf the. general all
nnttuu nv tliaf tho Alueil thrust on
jhe west h;r. e U bi'i'n repulsed, with
iht ierutuii front firm in Ua iiea'iiuivs.
Hince .March "I, says tha ii-riiuin
aiitruiiiirv, tlie ijiriiiuijs have takru a
total of I H 1, 44 priitouors.
w. a. a. -
WAhlllNCTON, July !1 (Omcinll .
Paternal revenue collections fur the
fiscal year which .closed on .lune .u
nre inore iniiii luur rmiss niwsi ui
year nerore, ,a lomi oi ..uia.uoe'"". louets of Felia Diss surprised and
being reported by he various utertiiil .raptured the town uf . He v none, a forti
reveima ceJUetiirs fa Sgnlajt . ,oal 'fled pln-e opNuisite IKdalgo, on Won-
of oily awHl,0(Mj,()ilo ror tu tweei yer
of 1016 17.
w. a, a.
wAsiiiN.iTov i Associated
l're-vVitb tsecKlaries Baker, Dan
ids uiid Burleson advueating that the
tTovrrnment tulje over flip conmuiiif
Hons of the ecnintrr, th honae today,
acted on the resoluflon'empowortng the,
I'residcut to take the telegraph, talo-
iihone, cable und radio jyatema. Th
house assumed .iunslietlon of the mcas-
ore and vested it Iu the military com-
Hecreturles ftnuieU aud Burleson ad
vuuate p-overnmeiit ownership if the
yntoniM ure ofttriently routlucted.
. . I
i la nnitiber of alipluues to Chile is in
1 WASHINGTON. July ( Asiii'da')- tieeiird vcltlr,,lv Ameriean principles
ed Press) The Belgian 'sicnmei- f'hiler hi Id down . " iderit AVilsou.
was sunk iu mid Atlantic on J' ne 'JI,. w. a. a. - .
according to news ost received by offl VJHT.K YOU SAT TOO MUCH.
"ia' here. Twenty five survlvorfc in s U) stress in the stomach uftor eating
Ki v. :i ics.-viS.l' nil .luue 'J" It Is i. -il:evc-l by tnkiug oUe of Ohambar
t'ldii'ced the esse I Wits' sunk by one M'h's Tablets. ,Try it the next t i mo
of the'l bout raiileis whi h n- on its vim enl Inore thhn you should. For
a y lioiiif fvom ' ; opera t ions on the vie bv nil deuloifc. Baosou, Bmith ti
Atiiericiiii coast. 'o., Ltd., Agents for Hawaii.
; a 1 in a i, ,s . .. f ,
kith Wess) CK ptnr fife a p-
Chateau Imerry,(the 8ttack com-
?-JA - ,lf.,J t...i ,.ioo
,1 V. , V.
poin'cfl liifo' their -lines, swoe
P,?r'ting 1efore them. The de-.
Jendmi;' fcgimcnt -was practical
ly WrHwVvi
Yesterday the Germans launch
ed "successive counters to regain
their tosses, ill each instance their
kdvaiice being shattered and
broach tip without "gains.
flerlin despatches nf last tilght,
re'fe'rrirlg 'to Ihis Clipajretnetit said
'that "Aflierl 'affacks west f l lu
teati Tliierry and elsewhere wcrev
On tlie Nfoiitdtdicr sector yes
terday the Atiierieans carried
through ttVo successful raids. One
at daylight resulted in the bring
Irig 1 bhs'k (rblli the Gentian
trenches of ,a single prisoner, the
sole siiVv'fvor of a machine gun
crew vhich the raiders had locat-
hack the machine gun.
An American air squadron of
nine machines fought a battle
yesterday with a sijuadroli of
I -
VVte'iiVirWr c Ave iriTMC
WASniXOTON, July 2 (omidal)
Oeucral t'ershina'a report shows- much
enemy activity in evidence, indicating
lhat - nf the Herman aetiv-
Anien. mi troops on Monday u iixhtL
. W( Wh rf B
the' x..ym of Vux WMt of r.
, 0,.,.llpjoil tht. h'(.1(tlt WOHt nf Vau'ic
I ' Matftln
, h'ml.,,,, )nerH worft t,,,,,,.
1 . .. . Jl
' t iii.iii'if u r v'.iK.ri s.
A Oeriunu uttark with 1'upiid fire wes
iiiii le on June 26 against the Americans
in the vieiuity of lailmar, which wus
i-oinpletely rupulsed.
It is reported that ut one point along
the front the lierinaus sought to f rater
ni.e. with the Americans. They sig
naled; "Ooo'l morning ", ' und threw
over packages of cigarettes into the
American trenches. These evert tiros
;.i . ii. . u
, Htei iiii nil ri'sounsii I nun i i rttiu-
I . 1
I . -' '
W.Yf-JlIXviTON, July :t i Assnciat
ed l'resi) -A new and higher price
has been lix;.. for cooper by the wur
industries board, to meet the added
cost of prod in ion. This luiw price was
annoiincrsl yesterday at twenty five
lulls u pound, an iucfeusti of two and
a half vents a pound over the previous
ly fixed figure.
. w. s. a !
JJ'.AU.AN, Texas. .Juiy (Assoei-
ut,., i'less) hundred und fifty fob
,ia. ni,ll(. The place was Garrisoned
I by Cnrranzistas but the surprise was
hi oumplfte tbat the capture was of
fected without the necessity of blood
w. t s.
i AN ATKANT1C KWT, July H (As-
soeiatad Press) Fublii; health offlciaUi
ure determined W to permit the tvpe
0f influen.a which has been ravaging
Spain during the imt two niuuths to be
brought into the United Slates. Yes
lejday a fpaaish passeuuer Hucr. whi. h
'arrived from aa infected
i ,Uaroiitiiie until it aud all abourd it
iiid be rhnmnirlilv
-. .uu ... y.'a. g.
VAsHl'.TOM fl itt ,i.ii
vuav iit M 'llll ini 1
Aiunnsea.lor itessdiag, for Orent Brit
aln, has eipluined to the minister for
Vr. keie that tlie recent delivery of

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