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. ? ; : v 1 f"," r,
v E6ard Expected To Act On Rec
j dmmendations Made Tester
If: day By Governor McCarthy
. '' On ' rernmmeiulntinn made by OoV
, ernnr MOnrVhy at yesterday's nwt
Ing' of the hnrhor hoard it is probable
'. thht the hoard tomorrow "will authorize
fnir iizrd job of dredging contract
' noon to lie started in th harbor by
the army. Yesterday's meeting wax
the first held by the reorgaaiaed board,
When Territorial Treasurer Delbert E.
Mi tzger occupied the plane formerly
held by (lover nor McCarthy and Su
periiitendent of public Work Lyman
H. Pigelow supplanted former Aeting
Hnpcrintendciit W. H. Hobby, ft ehalr
It vi n pointed out at the meeting
thHt formerly converging ocean cur
rente carried ailt. and waste matter
put to sea and it wan only whan one
" of two breakwater, the eae on the
.'' en t, was rompleted by the government
'' Mine years ago that one current was
diverted and the harbor and wharf
. fnirway began to choke up. In 1915
,'. the Territory dredjted out the wharf
fnirway Ht an out In v of (3300 and it
( now found that the work will have
o be done again.
' .. W'Jicn the new job in done, however
it -is believed that the harbor will
be'eleared permanently as the govern
. nicnf baa finished building a big part'
nt the breakwater on the weatern aide
and in rapidly pushing it to comple
tion. Thin breakwater, which now ex
tends I'll Mi fret Snto the sea, will
divert the current that carries sand
and silt into the harbor.
It urged yesterday that the
Territory could do the dredging job
at this time most economically, as th
plant for the work that the govern
men is to do is on the ground am
the charge of transporting it will not
have to be borne. The board deferred
' action in the matter yesterday beeaus
no definite estimate of how much the
' job will cost could be given, though
it was understood that the cost wil
r'be fifty rents a cubic yard.
Hnperintendent Bigelow, before a
. special meeting to be held tomorrow
will compute thp amount of materia
4o be dredged so that it will be knowr
Exactly bow hard the appropriatioi
: Tfnnd for "maintenance of landings am
givharves of Maui, Molokai and Lanai '
' -sviil be hit.
Ai i $.5000 job of blasting a chan
nel at Lahnina has to rone out ot
.ihis. fund, it is possible that present
'plana for the Kahnlui dredging may h
wmrrtned somewhat. These provide to'
a 200 foot fairway channel. A apecia1
appropriation for the improvement wai
granted at the recent special sessiop
Of the legislature.
Draftees who are passed into mili
tary aervicea at the mobilization cam
at Port Armstrong are being sent t
Fort Shafter and Krhofield Barrack
irrespective of whether they original
from Maui, Kauai, Hawaii or Oahu
but aa far as possible the differen
nationalities are kept together it
yraupH and assignel to rompaniea ii
hrk rertaiu races predominate.
At. first it was proposed to send aT!
Oaliu" draftees to the First Hawaiian
lufnntry, which is composed of men re
eroited exclusively on the island ot
Oahu, aud to send all Hawaii, Mau
uad Kauai draftees to the Second Ha
waiiau Infautry, composed of men re
vrurteil from those three inlands.
The plan now being followed by th
military authorities is to equalize th
iiunJjer of men sent out ilnily for cacl,
of the two regiments. When a hun
deed men are sent to Kurt Nhafter, th
next, hundred go to Hchofield Barrack
This arrangemeut will be followed until
each regiment has a maximum strength
of .''40(1 men, the newly authorized wai
Under this system the First Hawai
inn Infantry at Fort Hhafter, iu addi
tion to its original strength of approxi
matody 1000 men from this island, will
receive about SHOO men from all the
i inlands.
The medical department at thf
wiobili.ation ramp will be able to pus
about .'00 to 3.50 men daily.
' . Two hundred new men reached tin
'nol iliaatiou ramp yesterday up to fou
o'clock. Sixty seven of them nrrive
from Kauai.
' We are having about two percen
rejaetioiui at the mobilization ramp,'
1wid Major Charles K. Cooer, cnni
eurgeon, yesterdnv. "The men all shov
-. up well, physically, an I all are wcl
Atttfd for army service."
NEW YORK, July 4 (Associated
.Press) Custodian of Kneiny Property
A. Mitchell Palmer has seized the In
ternational Textile Incorporation with
headquarters and plant at Bridgeport.
r This 'concern is a lace manufactur
Irg romnany and its value is estimated
t a million and a half dollars.
. The custodian says that discoverie
ma 'e throurh the books and eorres
rioi'denee of the company tend to shon
flf"'!" nw-nerahio.
Marvelous SMosch M4 e V.
cles aaa Sy sa RsbulIJa f X
-tivr, KlJaay a4 Bias- f X
ft .1v-Hb Blw4V4
CissnMr Lsutlvs. s, j ,
. All latr- V""-
HIS picture ihowa the first
X ed by its crew. One of the
r 1-00
'Among the many Chinese-Americans
of Hawaii who have enlisted in the
army and navy and who are now sorv
ing in France is Alfred Yap, '! of
William Kwal Fong Yap, of the BaoV
of Hawaii, who is attached to the or. I
nanre department of the United States
army under General Pershing.
Young Yap, who was born in Hono
lulu, educated here aad is as thorough
Will 'Check Up Men From Other
Islands j
An iniportaut new department of the
(elective draft service which has been
treated as a necessity growing out of '
he present response of draftees to the
call to the Colors, is that just organ j
ited by Rev. W. I). Westerxelt, and j
known as the "Draft iuetioiiiHip' j
Bureau ", established to provide a'
-hecking-up place for draftees former I
V residing ou Hawaii, Maui ami Kauni, I
iow living on Oahu.
It was discovered when the lirst
Iraftees arrived at the armory that
nen were reporting, saying they had
previously lived ou neighboring ll
inds, but felt, being Class I A meu,
heir services had been demanded. As
io lists of names of men called by
oards on the other islands hud been
eceived in Houolulu up to. two days
igo, these meu became a prohieui.
Tneir tudurtion orders may have beea
nailed to them at addresses on neigh
boring islands, aud therefore not re
eived by them.
The men reiortel feuring that they
night be liable to punishment. In
rder to protect thee men from surh
lunishmeni, inasmuch an they showed
heir deir to join the Colors, and to
rovide a list of names and new ad
'reases. Doctor Westervelt opened the
'Questionnaire Bureau" in the armory
nder the authority of ('apt. H. (i.
"ield, the selective draft officer.
Vf . n .. nnn,. ham l.....,i liuti.il nnil AM
oon as the lists arc received from the
ther islands, them1 listed names can
n checked off, and the men ordered
a report for duty at Kort Armstrong.
The following induction orders have
eeu received at Doctor Westervelt 'a
ittlce. The owners of the names should
have beeu inducted into service on
ulv 1, but the induction orders could
ot' be delivered because the meu had
hanged their place of abode. If they
re in Houolulu thev niut call at Doc
or Westervelt 's office, armory, mime
liatel', for induct inn into service.
Otherwise they will be classed as mili
ary deserters, and lien apprehended.
reated with sex ere jiuuistnneut
i nt is as follows:
Order No. Names
UMril Michael Auaskun
I'remitibo ltelnaru
Kelix Cabalong
Julian Cubrado
KstaybHii t'orriage
Antone Bond Cruz
Tunis Deliicru
Kwaug Sun Dong
Biikichiro Kke
Nicolas Kabre
rvaturuiuo Klores
.luliau (iubriel
Eddie fieorinoies
(Tlspulo tlontes
Aurillo lucre
Bigekichi Takaki
Mauui I Milionu
Deno THkahashi
Modesto Moaris
Domiiiudiir Suiiiiiin
Delmucio Hebusu
I (54
w a.
Work on the ne. tuo store, rein
forced concrete building, lit til ' Ksfl
side of the present 'oiiual School, is
hci'iK rushtd is inn. I, n t,ossil i, ar-'
it is now eert"in tlin iu- i-Viti'
will be completed bv e.cnil.ci I snd
ready for use ui il peeint; of ftie
uext school vein It in n t .i -lory
building aud i . i m-iit n dei.'ii
It is figured that tl- n . I I t , . . 'o t )
school ntll take . :n. ot the l.uU of
the increase of Imnl nioulnl
the Waikiki side ..t Vunm.i- -t-wl
It will take cure ..f .ill gritdc, tn.m
one to eight iiiclusisr.
American, gun fired by the Americans against the Huns, surround
gunners is Alfred . Yap, ' o! Honolulu, who la shown-in the inset
; r ' ? ; . :
fn a----
ly American any down-east Yankee,
enlisted 1 ,the) army last year.
The island boy "recently had his
photograph taken as a member of his
unit surrounding the first gun fired
by the Americana against the Huns.
The photo was taken in the Mos.llo
district, which indicates that this parti
cular gun haa been shifted around fr n
section to section. This is the fam uts
seventy-Hre-milllmeter . French gun that
fired the (rat ahot on October 23. lt'17.
A letter signed by John fJuild. chair
man of the "Overseas Committee fo'
Hawaii'', was mailed yesterday to nil
known rWotsmeu in Honolulu aud the
Island of Hawaii. There was also en
closed the constitution of the Hsrrv
lander Fund, giving Hsrrv lender's
appeal which is a particularly human
and rtrong one.
All rVatch penpie ami descendants
are expected to contribute very liber
ally to thin fund, aud auy S otiiinn or
S.otoman who has been omitted from
the mailing list will know that it is
an omission on the part of the com
mittee for which tbey are not respon
sible. The list waa taken from the
only records procurable and uo doubt
is uot complete. Bishop 4 Co., bank
ers, Honolulu, are the treasurers and
will acknowledge all contributions,
great aud small. The fund is open to
all Scotch, people, but contributions
from patriotic allies will be cheerfully
received to swell the amount being sub
scribed for a most worthy war object,
.lames A: Dunbar, secretary of the
fund, will be delighted to supply auy
information personally or by corrn
spopdence regarding it.
tjontributions may be sent direct to
the bank of Bishop & Co., or to any of
the representatives on the other is'
ands, or Bishop t Co's branch banks.
The fund will be open during the
month of July, and if found necessary,
will be further extended. This the
committer feels, sure will not be the
"The senate committee has reported
favorably upon the war meusure aud
the house hus already passed it, so
that it should not be long before we
hare prohibition throughout the
States anii its territories", says Kev.
John W. Wailman, superintendent of
th" Anti -Saloon League of Hawaii who
has returned from Washington, where
he has been residing for two years
working fur prohibition for the lsl
This is merelv the war measure for
the duration of the war, but he express
es confidence in the congress passing
a permanent prohibition measure for
the Islands. He believes this will come
within the next two years.
w. a. a.
Lame and Achy
Every Morning?
I )iere' little peace wlieu vur kid
aeys are weak and while at fu.t there
may be nothiig more serious than dull
backache, nhuri . stubbing pnins. head
aches, illxzy spells Mid kidney irregu
lx rifles, y,,u IU ijuicklv to avoi I
the more aeriou- tr .u lr, dropty gr.; vel.
.heart disease, KriuhVs disuse. Us'
(loan's Backiicla K.dn. y 1' IN. the rem
edy thai i, s,. u-uinli I ecommeiide.)
here end e . i i I,,
"When Y II. Mn.-! i- I nine Itemeill
l.er th. Num.- " t sim 'v ask fo
kiilll.M Ah ;.-k II t o. tlv fo-
I'osn Him km I.. Ki (i,,.y I'ilU and tuke
no ollicrl II- an ' Hu. I f. Ii.- 'i lne
P.'N tin ol ' v : i dr agists n- d sti.re
k-epers. or Kill I ml .1 m. ic.-eipt of
in-ice In ' I,.- ' I . " i -l , r lri- 'o , or
Heiisi.e it i. i'n sf. hIh for the
Hawaiian !.Ihi..I i Ad vert isviueut I
- '!
v - -
L. Pet.
:nt M'
i I. os Angeleu . .
Suit I nke . . . .
fun Francisco
Siicrameuto . .
On k I ml
til Til
til 51
45 40
i2 4o
.19 4S
IK), 3d
Yesterday's Results -
At San Frnnciseo Oiiklaud 2,
. Frnncisco 0.
At Salt l.nke Sacramento ft,
I nke 1.
I At I. os Angeles Vernon' 2,
Angeles (I.
Salt J
l.on ,
Bow Teams kUand
Sacramento 1, Salt Ike 1.
'nklani. I, Saa aueisco 1.
Version 2, I.os Angela I.
Pill Kssick 's Ticers a. Vernon have
gone to the top of the Paeidc Coast
League, supplnntiug W'ade KHUter's
I.os -Angeles Seraphs. Walter -Are-Credie's
Salt l.nke Hoes, occupied' the
throne for o,uiJt' a spell, until fney
v.ere forced n nbdirate In fnvor of the
Angels. ''
The Tigers revolreil yesterday a,nd,
hy beating the Angela a second time
l(i succession on the home grounds of
thy losers, Imve taken the reigns of
government in their bauds, although
theit tenure is by no means any too
seeurV, for but half a game only
separates them. Yesterday's was a
close battle, Vernon defeating Loa
Angeleit by a 2 1 score.
Del Honurd's Acorns, playing at Ban
Francisco, turned the tables on the
Judge Ornji.mi Seals and blanked them
in a very 'close gume, t l), the aides
being now .even for the series, each
having won one and lost a game.
Bill Turns On Walter
Dill Kodgers tarned his Sacramento
tlaw Ment Katers loose, on Walter Me
Credie's Bees riht in Salt Lake and
wnllned thrin in manner and form
good to behold fnpm the standpoint
of view of the '.California capital
supporters. Wheu the .dust and smoke
of buttle had cleared away, the dead
buried, the wounded taken to the hospi
tal behind the fighting Jlnes, and the
net results of the battle tabulated, it
was noicod that bnerawento bad really
defeated ralt Luke by "an 8-1 score.
This turned the tables aud made the
series even, each club having wou i oe
and- lost one contest in the jeries to
I.os AneleM, Halt 'Lake and Pnn
Francisco will witness douljei biialers
fedav, this being the, Feurth of July,
and a Fourth which' -will be worth
celebrating properly, "particularly this
I year. .,.
j tiniks to be the beet young pitcher
developed in these parts - iir many
j scneons. Were it not fo)r wnr sondi
tion, the Seal magnates ruuld fignre
nn disixisinu of him at a biff fat price,
for there isn't n major Jenguo elnb in
j the country thnf would not be seeking
his services
SA FIIA.vriMCO, June 21--"Noth-'
inu' meceeds like success" prompted
e bard seversl moons ago. and tl.e
I I'acihV Const l.eugue baseUsll iliug-
nates have added "lathing succeeds
like identv sucres. " Ho the uatna'es
i eiconraud by the success met with
In the two twilight baseball games
pbtved thus far, have cone ahead and
onle'ej twilight badisll in Oakland
i on 'rhiirs.iys. The first twilight game
I w ill be played neit Thursday and rmi
I Vim U-.lireii will veil." hotter tip"
' promitlv nr sit-thirty oYlnek.
I I ex AN(I KI.Eft. June 13 Tlie ilght
I i'l-; Bengals clinched the series bv
I "-.iiiucinK he Oaka aguiQ today, 2 to 1.
Hei'rer pad Kremer pitebed air-fifbt
I bsll im l both i were given perfect
I .uiiioit. Hill Fssirk got into hn argn-
ment with I'midre Frary in the sixth
Hn.' was chnsed to the clubhouse after
being fined $23.
Cubs Beatent By' Cardinals, But
Chicago StiH Heads Na-
l Nona!' League
P, W. 1- Pet.
Chicago ,- 64, 44 20 ' .689
New York 4 43 CI .72
Philadelphia ....... At 0 .12 .475
Boston v 04 31 ft!i .470
Pittsburgh A3 20 3D .468
Brooklyn S 6 37 .413
ft. '.! . 66 27 3B .409
Cinrinaatl 2 23 37 .403
' Trtrs-', Bawoita .t.
1 At Boston Philadelphia 8, Boston
I At Pt. Ioaia St. Ixtuia 8, Chicago 1.
I At Pittsburgh Pittsburgh K, Cb
rirnati B.
1 At New York New York 9, Brooklyn
4 'first rmelj New York 1. Brooklyn
0 (second game. )
How SariM Stands
Oiicago 3, St. Louis 1.
Pittsburgh S, Cincinnati 0.
New York 2, Brooklyn 0. '
Philadelphia 1, Boston 0.
Today 'a IbU Header
Brooklyn at New York
Philadelphia mt Boston.
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Chicago at 9t I.ouls.
Tuesday's story of the National
League, as between the Chicago Ctbs
and the New York Giants, was reversed
yesterday for, While on the day pra
vioua the Cuba' won two games and the
Oinnts lost one, yesterday New T6r
won both gme of its double-header
with Brooklyn and Chicago lost it
single battle to St. Louis. The Cuba
are, however, atill in the lead in. the
National League, being a full game
ahead of the Giants.
In the opening game of their abort'
series at Boston- yesterday Pat Moran 'a
Phillies won easily and shut out the
(4eorg Stalling Braves, fi-0.
Olanta Win Couple
The series which begaa yesterday in
New York between the visiting Wilbur
Robinson Dodgers and the Qiants saw
the New- York clob victors in both
game of the double-header atareiL
New York . won the first game of th
afterttdnn without much pilikia, 9 4, but
in the second battle, the Qiants were
forced to go the limit to win again.
In this contest the Giant cam out
victors a second time, shutting the
visitor out, 1-0.
At St. Louis the Fred Mitchell Club
lost their frst game of the series after
having won three straight. . It waa. ft
close affair; the Jack Hendricks Cardin
al winning out. 2-L '..
Pirates Sepeat On Bad
Playing at home .-Hugo Besdek
Pirate won rather tardily from We
visiting Christy Mathewsoa Bed: score
Pittsburgh 8-v Tia w a epra-rei1,
for the, pirates have tarried off both
ennteet of the present aerlea. ;'. '
"Today being the Fourth of "Jitljr
double-headers will be .staged between
tb eight clubs nt Boston, New York,
I'iftsburgb and St. Louis. These games
will close the series in the first three
cities named. The Chic.ago-8t. Louis
series in the latter city will close to
morrow. Philadelphia went up yesterday into
third place in the league, forcing
Boston to drop to fourth. Pjttsburgh,
No. 5, is only .003 percent behind
Boston. Brooklyn jumped into sixth
place, while St. Ixmis is now at Station
7, while Cincinnati has re-eutered the
cellar, where it seems contented to
bang around.
W. a. a. i
Owen Merrick, Manager of Ha
waiian Swimming Party.
Writes To The Advertiser
The Hawaiian swimmers were to per '
form iu Portland, Orcgou, on June 21
and 2'i, according to tbe PotUund Kvea
ing Telegram- of June, SL -No new
of the meet haa readied Honolulu yet
and nothing ia known her definitely
about it. . .
Postmarked "Port Seaside, June 83,"
a letter written by Owen Merrick,
manager of the party, and dated Juue
17, the duy the party left Haa Fran
vlst-o fur the North, reached The Ad
vertiser yesterday. Although belated,
it is interesting, nevertheless. Merrick
marked this letter No. 4, which seems
to indicate that his No. 3 to Tbe Ad
ertist-r has miscarried. His two oth
er letters were uriuted in this aunt
some time ago.
Here is what Merrick writes to The '
Advertiser under date ot Juue 17: ,
Letter No. 4. Bv Owen Marrlcfc to
Tb AdTortlaar '
liukc Kabanuutoko has demonstrated
that he is iu shape to set new marks i
(hiring the tour of the swimmers on,
the muiu:und, Ou Saturday at Nep-
tune Bi'ch, Ihe world's champion set
tw ue VHBrls..i j, )gtsit perform
um-e. . Uyke -set new marks (or tha
IihO meters and 110 yard swim.
Sin. years hj:o Duke journeyed to
Stockholm und nhile there set a new
lunik for tbe 1 00 meters which has
not beeu approached aiitil 1 this year.
I ast Saturday tbe Favorite Hon of
Neptuue flushed through the water in
I il I 5 in a 100 meter race, -cutting
mure thau one second, off tha record
u'.i'li u made in Sweden. i
In ii,- and Duke left the starting line
together, aud at the 80 yard mark
f Bsanl,nH . .A a , -i I it., n
w,aacuuu ,nuigyrapnea oy rreu
dent Wilson Sold ; For
$5650 In Chicago
v. W, I. , Pot
on , 69 40 . 9 .50
New York 63 3d 19 .054
Cleveland . 7S 40 S.I .048
Washington 71 38 8S .8M
CMttgo 68 33 85 .418
St. Louts 80 84 40 ,425
retwit 60 88 38 .484
Philadelphia 04-24 40 .T5
. Taatarday'a &mlu
At Chlrago Chicago 9, Detroit 5.
At Cleveland St. Loai 0, Cleveland
Washington WashlngVoa 4, New
York X . -
At Philadelphia Philadelphia A
Boston 0. ,
; x How They MUM
Chicago S, Detroit 1.
Cleveland 1, St. Louie .
Washington 1, New York 0.
Philadelphia 1, Boston 0.
Today Doublo-Beader
Detroit at Chicago. ,
St. Louis at Cleveland
New York at Washington.
, Boston at Philadelphia.
There waa only one real close gam
in the American League yesterday, the
other three being rather of the one
sidedj kind of baseball. The day wa
featured by the defeat again of th
Boston Red Box, leader of the league
and the New York Yankees, the run
nera-up. It waa Philadelphia yester
day which took the measure of th
Red Box, while on Tuesday the hnno
fell to Washington.
The eloaest game of the day was tha'
staged in Washington, whero the Clarl
Griffith Senators just bsfrely nosed ou
a victory over the Miller Huggin'i
Yankees; score Washington 4, New
York 3. This opened the-three-day ae
riesefor tha two eluba.
At Cleveland . the one-time . Fieldei
Jonea Brown turned tbe table on the
Lee Fohl Indian, winning. 0-8. . The
side are even in the series, whieh will
close. today, .each having won on and
lost one game.
Athletic Boat Bod Sox
Playing at home, the Coaoie fack
Athletics, wou the first game of theh
series from the Ed O. Barrow Red Box.
shutting the losers out by a 0-0 score
Tbe game played in Chicago was i.
ragged affair, the White Sox of "Gen
arid" Rowland emergiag victors b t
9 5 score over the visiting Uugbie Jen
ning Tigers. In th prevent aerie
which closes today, Chicago haa earriei
off two of tha three game played. t
In honor of the Fourth ot July aj
eight club will ttage double-header
today, the games to b played la Phila
delphia, Washington, Cleveland am
Chieago. New Yprk at Washlagtoi
and Boston at Philadelphia will rlow
the present series tomorrow,
mgb Price raid For Ball
- A ' baaebart with tbe autograph i
President' Wilson was sold In Cbieagt
th other day for $5rl50, according ti.
Une following:
I CHICAGO, June 0 Chit-ago defeat
ed' Cleveland 5 to 4. in ten Inninfrk to
day . after two batting rallies ia thr
seventh inningt when they tied the
count and in the tenth when they won
Prior to the game three autographet
baseballs were auctioned off. The first
autographed by Billy Sunday, the ovan
gelist, brought fifty dollars. One by
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson was sold for
$1,430, and one bearing tbe autograph
of the President was sold at 85,650.
w. a. a.
NEW YORK. July 4 (Assocla
ted Press) Frankie Burns of
Jersey City outfought Pete Her
man, bantam-weight champion of
the I'nited States, here last night
in their eight-round ring battle.
The decision was a newspaper one
a'nd there was no question but
that Burns proved the better man
in tbe bout.
Lane stopped, setting a new reeort
for the distance. Duke spurted at th.
90-yard mark and came to the finis)
'Jn IP j.01 .15, this time, being takei
by- -three watches. ' Tb srowd gavi
the two swimmers a real hand aftei
this' rare. Lane's tithe for the 64
yrds was 42 seconds, which is three
eoond better than tbe former Amer
IrtiB record held by C. M. Daniel.
Krngtr'a Backstroke Attack
"Stubby" Kruger has been makiiij
n attack on nearly every record in
the backstroke, and he made a big
hit in Man Francisco, when he lowered
a record held by a German, who Is now
on a V boat. The record for 400
meters backstroke was held by U. Au
risch of Germany at 8.50 1 8. "Stubby"
cut tbe record from th book, makin;
M. He continued on to tha 440
yard mark, making the distance in
.mi. which broke the former record
held hy I nwin of England by 17
On fsiturilav sfternooh Kruger set
r"' records for the 40 and 60 yard
backstroke in one race. These timer
were uttieial aud will be recognized by
the A. A. 1'. officials. Ja addition.
tbe. Jjovs laudr a hit with eihibition
and will be welcomed back to Nep
The trip to Del Monte was wonder
ful. nud n large sum was raised for
the Red Cross, more than 0100 beiug
realized. The swimmer have been un
usually busv. aud have had littl time
to write to Honolulu, but In th Nture
thev wil) bsv to postpone torn of
tbe dinners aud other affair which
iciU be given in their honor. Next
Friday and Saturday the boy will
swim at Portlaud.
i,'. ';. ;., j , .. i . v ; , ' - v .
yarea'aei of war. Baring' Btampa, In
Hawaii from. January 1 to July 1 to
talled 500,783.04, according to figure
annonneed yesterday, by K. W. Bhln
le, territorial director of the campaign.
The real drive for anch- kale I to
be held tha latter part of this month;
and ia preparation for that event Mr.
shingle will make a tour of the lsl
and, giving address at varlons
towns, and ttllng npoa (he plan for
each island a ha meet th local men
In charge of .the work. He will earrv
motion picture with htm showing the
Thrift Ptamp parade in Honolulu a
few week ago and will p reseat these
ia various theater.
Governor McCarthy will aecompany
Mr. Shiagle to Kanal and wift speak
tt many of the maetiag.
Castle &C66ke,
I wt "
i Flaataxloa Oompaiit .
Wallnku Arrlcnltoral Ce, U4 ,
Apokaa Sugar Co, Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wablaws, Water Company, Ltft
. awsssssimsai
Fultoa Iroa Worha, of St. Loot
Babeoek V Wlleom Corapaay
Orooa'a Pool Koonomlsor Comma
Cfaaa. C Moor C Bngiaeer
. tot;o subk kaibha
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to' richest lies in frpcndinjj
le.sB than you earn, and inci
dentally you do typor Country
a service. Stkrt a savings ac
count'with us and, makf vour
money earn ! '
rky0 ON DEPOftTS
Corner Fort and Merchant St
Begulur Bailings to BRITISH
COLUMBIA (change t Victoria, B.
C, for Beattle; Vancouver ia con
necting point for passenger by
to or via tS. Paul, ChlcaCgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZKALAND and
Theo. 11. Lhvies & Co. Ltd
Commission Merchants
Sugar . Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
WaUlua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps
. Western Centrifugal .
Babeoek Wilroi Boilers
Green' Fuel Eeonomiaee
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matsoa Navigation Co.
Planter Lia Shipping Co.
Kohala Hngar C4.
chlnery of vry dcaeription made t
' bemi-wzzbxy
Iiauad Tudy and Fridays
(Entered at the Poetofllve of Honolulu,
T. IL, as second-elan matter)
Per Yaf .. v $2.oo
I'er T.r (foreign) i.l.DO
Payable Iavariably ia advaure.
ta AHA0UTID rasaa
Th AsMeUtea Prss I saelaaively su
Uth4 U th as lor repnhlieetua f ail
wMspaea srl(4 te It sot etbsr
wts ersdUsa la uis nsper tea als ik
VmJ asws ubUsk4 arla.
O. S. OEAinB, Buatntaa Manager.

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