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" ' i .
I tlllwtg I X' tt I
ft ft
Stock -In Storage - Would Ration
Every Mail, .Woman;, and
Child For Whole Month
Grfiunrt Raw and Crop. Yet Tr) Be
Ground Would Give Each Per-.
, son Nearly Six Pounds "
Three quarters of the IMA Hawaiian
crop hns horn- ground, half (iif ' he crop
for the yrnh hna lern shippnff ni l r tie
quarter of the entire crop for the year
la waiting fur nli i to transport it to
the refinr,rirs whence it can proceed .n
to tho market.'
(shipments of sugar thus fur thin y?nr
have been, 21,0,00(5 of which tlje tjunr
Factors Company hns sent a.U.7 14 ton
and" other shipper 77,11(10. There, is
report'! to the representative of tho
(hipping boar to be on hanfl anil await'
ing shipment Ifl.OriO tona. Tllifc meant
h:il here in Hawaii wp have mori
than two mid three quarters pounds' of
rtifgaV for each mini, worlmii and child
ih the United St ii ten 'which we arti an
ion 'to get rlit uf and rnhn6t. Put Into
pounds the suinr" waiting Shipment
amounts to iSl!, 100,000 pounds. In
nVepbiind 4 ratmW this would do Hp
into S0t425,At)U pflVkhgis or pnrcels. '
'There still remain to be ground of,
the ttresent crop 12!,.'W1 tbns, ' This
onld vlo tip into 51,757,600 pnrcele of,
live pounds each.
MJuwiia' btipply '
Nearly 110,(MMI,ihmi flve-ponnd pack
ages f sugar, tho ainoiint thnt Ha
waii will send away, if It can gut thd
shipping duriug the present eaf wjl
give uu 'nllnvsnnco of mftre than' a
package for each inhnhitunt of tho
I'uiteil Htnte. i
" At thc presuiit time the sugar allow
ance pbr enpitn for indiv tibial "use, Is
fixed tiy the food ' HlminiHtrution at
tbce pounds monthly. Bo there is on
huinl in the Islands, waiting to go into
such ratiouw, a niontli ' supply ' for
every in.ln i.lual in tlio l'tie(l iuten
anil with what ulill reniHiiix to lio
i;iiiinl iinil Hliippi-d HiiWHii. haa a
two inonlliK1 Biipply for every iniliviil
nM'in the I'niteil Htutt-s. .
Morlng Slowly
Hut thiv fuijiir in moving Mlowly. Tho
increaae in the Htju-Jt mi hnud and
wit'ting Mhipnieut from June to July
1, wna '..'!, 150 ton and, in that mouth
the sugar muvoil faster thun lm.t bettn
(txpmaUd tttid 'eolftHitlfra'Mjf fiAtWilrf
the averni;n fur the first six months
nf tho year. '
1 4int year the average monthly ship
iiient was til.tJiMI tons while this veur
the hverajre ha lcen tt.lMlll. i.iist
molilh there win si'nt awnr r 1 ,5(t toim,
0.500 aliove the average.
. a. .
.'il-l.-aV ... .1. '.i.
Italians TraveUog
Around World
To Enlist in Army
"... i ' 't r3i
For O&feetfs Estate
Hdr Suit Fil?d ,Ye$terday Brings
List of Claimants Up To Four,
Says She Is Nearest Living
Relative of Liliuokalani
Amended petition ifern filed in two
uoiiti'MH mid a limrth was yesterday
added to the lint (hat ha.i Ih'i h present
ed i ll tJie cu e nil court in con ! -ci kin
Willi tin' I'Mtiilc. of thu (iiccii l.ilnio
kntam. ' ' I'i i iii-iss " Tlific-u Wil-n
Kelliveau, who was rueently coiiviclel
mid .M'lili'iici d in the caiininal li tiiia
of the I'uiirt for cuuspiracy lo iouiinif.
forjtery in )lu cITuit to ticipiire ' the'
Imlk id' tJic enisle, is I ho new i luin.
a nt. '
In licr cniilest' "Princess" Theresa
ssxerU ulic is the daughter nf Ivama
ksojin, w ho was 'a neico of l.illuolin
lam, and lids fact, she contends, makes
her the ne.uesl llvinjf relative of Li
liuokalaiii. In nllier particuliir ''I'rin
ifss" Tlierrsu 's suit follows the lines
f'f the other cnutcsts, as she asserts
that the will was not signed by wit
tii'sscs at tho rcuest of l.iliiuikalani ;
that competent witnesses did not sijrn
I lie w ill; that the Queen was meutullv
incompetent when the document was
exei uti'd and that it was ohtuincd
through misrepresentation on tho part
of t'ol. Curtis 1'. laukea.
When the "'ree first contests were
oMTruled hy the courts leave whs giv
i'ii lo fife unieadeil letitionA hnd the'ie
were filed yesterday in two of the
eases ley Mis. Jvciiwe Kunahie. and hv
.Inliii V. Coriuirn, acting ns trustee fur
the niinnr children of Prince David
: lanakna. In the aineiided pelitinn
and iinrfipilnily that of Mrs. Nawn
hie, which hss tin accompany ing family
I' hurt, intileiile arguments are pre-
ven'-d shiiwing relutiiinsliip to th
I Ouecn.
It is prolmlile thaV a hearing wiH
' -Tinted thn courso of Yhe (XiV
vlicn the eonte ' " taken lip he
for.. Circuit Judge' f!. W. Ashford.
W. I . 4rr
'The Deeps of the Pacific" is the
title of mi i llnsl rutei article in a re
i e ii t ishiie of the ScientiHc Americnn
Siippleinent, liv V'lliigiuin MaeCuiighi'v,
of the College of Hawaii. The article
j.'ics a list of sll the meat deeps or
iiIivJ-cm of the 1'ucihY Oecan, mid de
ni rilies the animals ami life I'nmltf ions
tlmt occur there. Snccial uttentioii is
;'iven to the circle of nlivssc that nit i
rounds the Hawaiian ArchipelMgo. The
varioi.s deposits Hint occur on the Hour,
ih great oceanic pl.iinsl, of the Pacific
me also described. This is the first
I'Hidei n article to ilescrilje the ali'ssal
I'll, ile, and Iiiih iilMacted lit lent inn
among uuiii land scientists.
Forced To Serve Onrfer Austrfap
" Banners They Promptly Sqr
. rendQred. Tot: Rmiiansr Nov
Released, They're Going Home
To Fight Under Own Flag
! Traveling twenty the fhonsntttl mile
to enlint in the Italian armies ntitt
having served under, the bannnra of
Austria under protest, from whleb they
escaped by surrendering to tht Rita1
e'uins in their first biittlej'ft tttltMifg
are now in Honolulu tn route frotn
Vlndivoatok to Italy, via Rome. They
were torn from their hntne In th
Anstrinn Trentino region and hiaMe ti
serve in the amiie of the kite Emperor
Francis Joseph. ' m
Taken from the Aiistrmn.sidc of tha
TrenHno, the men Mow hop'e, on being
assigned to thu Italinu tiattle. linos,
to lit) 'iit to the Trentino settor to
light against the Anstriana.
All. are elad in cheap khaki Uniform,
whilo many wear limp khaki outing
Lata, bat a large number have cop!
of Austrian military design. Each man
wear upon his headgear a rosette of
tho Itnliun colors interwoven with those
of ' the t nite-d States, for they are
tfnveling tinder American War depart :
Went auxpiW-ti and will ' be delivered
by the American government to the
Italian Ua depart'jenf.'
To Be Ouegta of Chamber
Thia morning all the Italian sol
dleri wftr be 'tfia giWsta of the Hono-1
lultl Cknmben of Commerce. Hpeeial
troljey car's will be ready fof thenipt
ten o'clock' this morning to give thetn
a' sightseeing tour of the city. The
chamber of commerce hoped to take
fh6"mtta'b'tit for an auto ride late yi-a
tcrdajr afternoon but owi'n to the
ahort space1 of ' time in which to as
Aemble privately-owned cnrg,: thia plan
had to be laid' aside for the trolley
ride today. The ride will occupy two
hobrs' time, auflicicnt tn take the Ital
inns to ail parts of the eity. '
Theirs has been an unusual etperi
ence.1 Vbey were residents of Trieste
the Trentino. anil ofher'provlncea on
der Austrian domination. They were
ebmpellied to 'enter the Austrian 'army
ara1 were remhVed from the Italian
borders and transferred to the "Rus
sinn front. In' the very first battle in
whirb, they were sent against the Rus
siahs they surrendered. The Russians,
however, held them at prisoner Aus
ftirtna. until the recent upheaval,
thro Affront Russia wben they were r
ifiasedH They derMtd ko'travel -itifbijIrM
Russia and tSibeViij," and etentnalfy
make their why th Italy to offer theif
services against Austria.
Czarho 81ovak Want to Fight
The men are directly under tin- com
mand ff lergeunt ifantovntii, but the
entire party is looked after by IV-iron
Aliorti, Hie Italian minister to Peking.
He ii going- to 'Italy on a vacation
and was given the 'opportunity by the
diked (States goverritnent to accoin
I'lmv his fellow countrymen.
It is reporteiT that there are about
XO.O'MI Caneha, Slavs, Lithuanians and
Hungarians 'iu Russia, originally cap
tnieci by the Russians, who are an
ious fro ptiiist with the Italian forces
tn fight against Austria. The baron,
it is understood, is going to Washing
ton Had Rotuo to arrange for their
transportation.' They Will hme tn
travel ii'iined around the globe to en
ter the Italian ranks.
The Italians fcro h hardy looking lot
of men dettpite tbe fart they have
been prisoners folr thn past three ' ears
A few of theW'speiik English.
Many American Soldiers fraternized
w ith the Italian's ysterday, and bought
i-isr "nd eiirefV. ice cream conef
and dinners for their comrade Allies,
suit then took tlleill to motion picture
shows? lust night".
Cortcert OWen By "I"
1 A very enjoyable concert was given
nt the Army "and Navy Y. M. '. A.,
bist evening in honor of the Italian
.soldiers. The Interpreter was Kre.l I..
r,6zaroni., The visitors said tlicy had
liot liHtiiuied an entertainment of nnv
Sort for three years, and gave vent to
ini'ir i'iii niisiusm ny cneers ami up
plause. Magic s'tiinis were given by
fit. ' Hubert 1). Willinms; a comedy
sRetcli was presouted by Mrs. Nellie
Kitchler and Bgt. Kd Rurke of the hos
pitul corps of the 8. Army; Hergemit
Heckwith of the same corps played a
piano solo, nnd a tenor solo was giv en
by Vvt. Philip Hall, V. H. Army, who
sang in the Italian language.
The visitors returned the compli
moot w hen a double quartet "of the vis
itois sung the Itnliun national anthem
with such fervor that the entire audi
encp joined inland Hgt. LodOvico Kris
inghelii, of, the Italian forces gave an
address on " Kxperienees in tha prison
camps of Austria."
If- Germany: Repudiates Treaty
Ci' ' Mill' V ''.k u , A
,. iues .jviusi. Lonscrvc
Their Interests
(Ooncmaea rrom rage 1)
and attciiiitcMl t overthrow the
'government. This uivrfsinjj fe1-'
sttltetl in siriiHiK streot fighting
lctwecti li-rres repreRcnttnr llit
SoYi.nl Hevolntionits nml thtgov-
Crnnient. "
Russian wireless tles)atehcs
Mate that this revolt wan put
dawn, with much slaughter
among the counter revolutionists,
a claim which !esatrhcs by way
o ToMo seem to contirm. Tokio
reports that hundreds of Rus
sians, including the leader of. the
Social Revolutionists. Alexandcr
uvitch, have been arrested.
By way nf Amsterdam it is re
nortcd that the I'krainian gov
ernment si t up by (iermany has
resigned and that Markicvitch. a
Socialist - 1 ederalist, has been
chosen, to form a new cabinet.
This news reaches Amsterdam by
ir despatches from l.einberg.
Former President Kercnsky,
who is in I'.iris, points . out the
.'anger to be exjiecte l from any
intervention in Russia which
might give color t the tierman
warnings to the Russian people
against Japanese occupation of
th,e country. kercnsky speaks,
through an interview published
yesterday in Kxctlsior. The fani'
ous Russian leatler says: '"';
"L'nderstatul that our position
is not one of prejudice against thi;
Japanese people. They have al
ways been loyal in their friend"'
ship for us, but that is not the
question- ' It is a question of not
llayiiTgUbtega-rrifc' of. tho Bolshe
vifci ami' their German protectors
by giving them the opportunity
of exploiting the itiorancc i '.lie
Russian masses by niakin- them
believe that the Japanese are
coming to make war up. m the
"Has not Trot.ky said that be
tween (ierman and Japanese oc
cupation of Russia he would pre
fer the (crman?-' '
w. a. a.
four fsmm
Most-htensive Battling of Whole
,War Scpms Imminent To
i Military Critics
i '
(Concluded from Page 1)
i pounds) per inhabitant, .vim h must
; last the people until the late lull lutr
; v est.
1 Conditions throughout the Kii .sinu
j wheat fields, according to reports to
j the embassy, are similar to those of
i the t'kriiiue. Lnnd troubles, wherein
village fights village for the Inn. I, and
absence of Workers from the fields,
have contributed, as well as fear of
seizure, to tho failure to sow more
I than :io or 40 porccnf of the fields,
j As conditions of actual starval:oe
have prevailod in iiihiiv Russian i
j munition for several 'months, ailu.il
j famine Is facing millions of Russians
i next winter.
; w a.
LONDON, July 8 (Associated
Press) A Tokio despatch to the Tiiip-s
says that the council of field marshals
and admirals has perfected measures
for the national defense of Japan in
. ....... .ni..wu wiiu in i. army ami the
."V; '.; ; (Concluded front raja i.
npatches and in Albania 'tlic Al
fi.C.. r)tt?iii led pos.sessiou.,i,ftll the
gains which they secured on Sat
nrda' ainl Sumlay. v . 4v .
L fOfthe e.stern -J-'rynt .yesler-
uay the 1 rench made a long gain
tijrpn 4, fnmt of two miles, gain-
Lig s tiinportHnt positions ainl
raightenmg out an . awkward
angle in their line of defense.
Here; the, advanced to -depth
of two-thirds ,f a mile, hacking
aiwl, slauKhtetung at close qitar
ters, proceeding on. over their
dead foes, taking 347, prisoners
and .capturing guns ami 'muni
tions. This was at Lougpont and
givrs the French a new line from
Lo1l1JP.,nt to Ainbleny.,
North of Haincl the Austra
lians! straightened out' an 'angle
whic,h they have found awkward
and threatening since .their gains
on- Fqirrth of July. Jn Uis ,a.d-vance-vthe
Amricans brigaded
with trie Australians again, partit
cpated. This advance was, along
a front of more than a mile and
a half., .
(Jeneral llaig officially report
ed that a few prisoners had heeu
taken ani sdino gains made in
. (Jn-.the. vilalian lnnit the-Jtals
i.ms cftftfjlud th'eir gain?. Official
reports from. Rome received last
night saifhthat before La C,arit,v
and at Val I.ar'sa there was heavy
arJu;ry M'ting. J ii these sec
tors' h'e"cjtslians gained some
groin! ' ",;
In the mountain zones the Ital
pa on Saturday the Ital wins cap
lured ti fry-one. large guns, two
machine guns, thine throwers
and munitions. In yesterday's
air fighting eight enemy machines
were downed.
In the mountain zons the Ital
ians ami their, Allies continue to
strengthen their positions while
on the 1'iaVe front the victorious
advance continues., There. Rome
rcports, the Atistrians have been
completely cleared from the right
bank of the new, J'uye,
At Mont (irappa they also ,e
troycd a collapsible iyin ma
chine and eight cnemv air planes
-r-- 1 -, 4 . s.
ilrrrtlrf I.HItt
ni i ini
Washingto.i Con
Fact That Manufaoturor Will
Be Michigan Senator
One of Survivors
of "Princess
WW Visits
,n. uuiiiii, wno rvaj vviin negi
navy It Is tilauned to have an arHiy
of '.'I corps of two Vli visions eaehThis
will double the strength of the ki
- rr w. a. a. - . '
I.(N1K)N, .Time 23 (Associated
Press) la tvyo village' eburvh'-:.rds
near London three fiermun aviators
kilted in a night air raid on the metro
polls on Monday, May It), were buried
Isaac, M. Cox, principal of the Kali J t hrie . day'iM lifted amis while- inquests
hiwaena school, Whs adjudged guilty, I ov pr bullies of their victims were be
yesterday .morning byPaihla MuilgiH Ihtf cKtwiucfeil in Londbu.
LigHtfoot, of scVerlV Whipping William In one churchyard two (iermaus wirre
Fiirtado, u p"p" and a fine of .V) and ' burled wlfh militury honors. At an
costs was imposed. The defense an other cemetery services were lid over
iiiiuiiced iti intention of appealing the: the body of a German aviator which
case to tho supreme, court, if ncces 1 had been found in the wreckage of his
surv. laying machine. The casket, covered
The court, took the case under ad with a Ocrmaii flag, was conveyed to
v isemciit a week ago, nod held to the the burying ground on a gun carriage,
lew of the prbsecutlng officers that : followed by ufHeers and men of the
the whipping was unnecessarily severe, Royal Air Korea.' Allied aviators Hew j w'here 1
' By tfcNEST O. AiiilK ;
(Mall Special to Tha Adrerttaerf
WAHllINOTtiN. '.Hine VItUa ' Virtttal
ehoiee atreJiily for Henry "Piird tftf aervp
the. atate 6f 'Michigan km tnnator far
six years nihkr-s the politicians look np !
InarlU I '.... I .. .. il l.lf. I .1 1 ' L I
piililichns in Washiugt(4tatr.ibacrvlii
cutely thnt "Henry is a protection
ist". The' remark soeins rathsfi jaileil
for protection' ami tnrlflf foV revenue
only ar probably ycarg' In abeyance.
Tariff taxes 'must be protection high
for a' long while, to whatever limit
income taxes be raised, as the Nation
discharges financial otiligatioua grow
jng oiit of the war.
The coining of Henry Ford to the
senate, now apparently assured, is ia
all probability the beginning of e)c(
tidns to' high legislative place for dis
tinguished war services. " Noteworthy
activity iu this public's behalf on any
general scale alwnys has a sequel in the
apieafaiice of the actors On the con
gressional roster. I'nion eohltfera from
the North and Confederates from the
Koftth' hhd1 numerous' placei fli 'both
bra aches of congress for mahy years.'''
Soldiers, fresh from aervira, in
France, will be appenriug lo the house,
if not in the senate, before' very long.
Hut the army of great liusirtesa mind,
who huv captained the great, indus
tries of the' land to help win the war,
Will undoubtedly be recognlxed fn poli
tics, The manufacturers and industrial
factors by the thmi-auds, who have
been ' helping win the ar, are show
ing a quickened In ter eat id " politics.
The niHny,,wliy have beeu associated
with the work of the executive depart
ments at ' Washington, 'have 'also ob
tained a worth while schooling in 'gov
ernment. The Hinall type of ilitician
w-ill find more competition for his hon
ors, as these successful men are quick
cued to a sense that the work in cong
ress is worth the time and effort.
Those who have served the Nation
in war time .learn how they may also
serve in framing luws,
Aids Ncm Partisanship
' Preliid cut Wilson's endorsement of
Mr. Ford and the cordial action of
the , Michigan Dcmocrate in asking his
election by both parties will surely be
a impetus toward non-partisanship in
the congressional campaign. Republi
cans, apparently, will not relinquish
their' efforts to control the house and
the aeuate after March 4, l9U, but
the example of Michigan, Democrats in
enilrireiug Ford an of the President in
argjntf bins t a-eept will' br -abted in
many states and congressional districts.
It wilj soften the opposition part,y and
make thu noniiimt mil of rahilidates
who have littlu excejit partisanship to
ipii'ineiid them to the voters less easy.
' Hut it will also, make it mudi easier
fx,r many candidates ' for ' reelection,
both lifmocriit.s nd Republicans. The
President's action iit8 a premium up
on efficient service in winning the war.
The Do'mocrtit or Reputdican who has
bepn doing. something to help along in
tho winning of tlje war, as against
partisan activity ih Bagging the Presi
dent' and alanitiiiiig tbe ailministration,
is likely to have faw obstacles in get
ting another term. The defeat of Rep
resentative Frank" P.! Woods, Republi
can, of the Tenth low-a district, for
renoniinutioi) the other day by u ser
geant in the army from his district,
gives an intimation of the probable nt
titftilo of the public. Woods is not oil
ly 'ehairtnan of th6 Republican con
grcsNionnl committee, but he has been
an insistent critic of the ndiinuistra
lion. He wns of the Middle Western
Republican fypo who coOiile.1 upon a
lukewarm elonient of the public to
support his poUticaiJ didsenl and main
tainhilri at Washington.
Reverting" specific ally to Henry Ford,
Ins development as a legislator will
be followed by the eyes of nil tho
people, tlis six years' term, if he nt
tains it, as now seems probable, idiould
i reach beyond thu termination of the
, war with (ierpiany and coiisi.lerably
i into the reconstruction period that
must ensue. lUa duty as u seuutor
w ill be measurably, different from whut
he lias been doing in building 1' boat
I'hasers, parts' Tor the Liberty motor,
and laud tanks. These all have
volved his skiUeiJ exper.ii
ker of niitoiiiobiles. In
Lstelle Magill of Sun j ho will have no particular inllueiu o In
mi' senniu, m spue or ins great repo
I tation, iuiless' be has wisdom a- a leg
j islator and if odd 'judgement
Usefulness Meaaurea luflueuce
His great prestige wiir'stttud hi in
excellent stead as a senator if lie has
the other requisite , qualities of use
I fuliitjHs. For at". usefulness fol-
the tasks in baud largely detei mines
a senator's influence. His colleagues,
j a u b(ai aiw.a.Uigetlier Hire4fn
I sjxing. up a- iuu wbo iconics Into tlfelr
I niidt as a representative of n sov
; ereign slate. Mr. Ford 's term will
I cover the last half of President Wil
: son 's set oud term. He will probably
! be persona grata at the While House.
Pur he was very instrumental, as gen
al uiolerstandiiiK noes
ment At Bloody Battle of Yprcs
Is Modest li Talking, of Fight
That Nearly Wiped Out Regi
uniini i is II stsss f-VCIJ i r ;
- . ''' l .
Honoluln, Jnlr 8, W18,
i k Ilsldwld. Ltd.
llrcwer Co.
S I.
j . .1 1 II I I i.i v .
l MHMii iiiuuii ni tivnnuL
fl. (iiinii. one of tbe survivors of the
Princess "Pat" regiment of Canadians
who nit their way out of the rinn of
OeruiHii during the bloody ciirnage of
tho battle of Ypres on the night of
May in .-,, ,n jn Hmiolulu en route to
Hongkong. When the terrible toll m I
been tHkn of the lives of the fight
Ing Cniiadisns 250 were alive and
wounded when they rame in contact
with the main body of the British.
Out of 1700 men, the pick of ( ana
tin's young men, who left Canada to
enter the British battle lines, carrying
tbe banner presented to them by iSiu
eess Piitricin, sister of Prince 'Arthii
of Connaiight who was recently in
Honolulu, less than two ierrent are
alive today to tell the tale nf one of
the must sanguinary battles of this
War. Only they won't talk much almiit
If, and Mr. Quinq is no exception to
the rule.
He is an Knglishman, and was bunt
ing in Canada at the time it was pro
posed to organize the regiment. lie
immediately offered his services and
was in' line for the first review when
Princess "Pat" presented the now
famous banner to the fighters.
On the fatal May night near Ypres
wbeu the Germans almost surrounded
the regiment and literally, hacked it
fo pieces, the men fighting desperately
while being shot down by scores, some
one thought of the banner. To save it
frotn capture it was buried. Later it
was uncovered and carried again in
the newly organized regimeut, and to
day only a small, but sue red, scrap of
tbe banner exists and this rests in
Westminster Abbey, said Mr. V"'""
last evening. It was on the Caua
dians at Ypres that the Huns first used
poisonous gas.
During his voyage to Honolulu, Mr.
Quitin participated in a Red Cross eti
tertainnieiit, in which he gave a few
of his experiences and his talk was in
struments! in raiHing a large sum for
the Red Cross, which1- Mr. Quinn re
fetre.il fo as "Mother of All". The
collection amounted to $110 from tho
cabin passengers, and was turned over
yesterday to Secretary A. L. Castle,
head of the Red Cross bere, who met
Mr.'Quinn last evening. Mr. Castle
told Mr, 'Juinn that he had the pleas
u're of seeing Princess "Pat" review
the survivors of the regiment a Banff
a Couple of yeara'age. Mr. Ouinn at
that time w'as in another regiment and
still fighting oa tbe Western front.
. '" ' w. a, a. i -
I'nn I'lnntattiin Co. . ..
lli Ik n .siiKSr , j
Itiivr rrtl, l'o .
I Inn ('. it a. Co
mm sugar l'o
lionokna Him. t"oC i, .....
IIiiiiiihiii KU(. Ctf ,
llui'hfnsoB Hog. Plaat. ,
KaJitkii I'lnnr. I'a
Ketdltm SMj-. fi,
Kolun any. ,
VI. Ilryde stsir. Cb . Mil..
On Im Sua. l'o
oliin Suii in.. Mil J
i iii'iiui's ana".' Co. .
I'linnlisn Kii f. HajBt. Ca.
I'Settte Snir, Mill. v. ..
I'iiiu PlHiitntlon lo
I'l-oeeken smear IJo.... ...
I'loiwr Mill l'o.
fun Csrlo MUllnr I'm. . .
Wiilnlnn Agretl. Co. . ..
Wiillnkn Hsp. i
Eadan Dev. Co.. Ltd. . ..
1st Issue Aftsrna NO Pd.
3ml Issue 1'ald I a .
t-'.ni.ils i iiM-r llulng
llnlkii I' A 1'. Co., I'f.l. .
Ilinsn K. fc H. To., t'nui..
Haw. Con. Itr. 7 A ...
lliiw. Cm. Uj.. Jr l.
Iiiov nu. He. coin,
iis.sllri. KW-.lre Co.
Flnw. I'lnespiile Co. ,
linn. It A M. Co.. btd
I ion. Ons Co.. Ltd. ..
Hon. It. T. L. Co. .
Illler Islllllil H. H. Vo.
Milt. Tel. N
OiiIiii Ii A U Vo. ...
1'alisng Rubber Co. .
Selanut-llllllUUgS, Hit,
ssme lo! t'O.I...
IS 'A'
1.13 '
... 10T
I 4.1 T 43
iW It
Tsnjong Olsk Rubber CA mi...
Nahakuelua Serves Five Years Irv
Beach Walk 1. O. St..
ttsinsKiis iirea eo4 m
llsw inn. (K4 .....,
Ilsw'n irr ti, . flu,...1...
Unw T.-r 4 K...ia6
iiuw ivr. i rub. laiiis.rioo
Haw T-r. I'ob. Imp. 4c,l
.Tl.n ItllJ 111131 . '
I'sw Ter-'l UVUlt, ,i I
llll.. tins I'ii.. Ltd.. trf,. ..
"mink-.n sttij. I'n. wii ..I
lieu Oiii i'n . Mil., As . . .
aiisl tty Co.. as
Mji iiin I. IV. "iS
M. nry.lt- Dug Co 8
MiMllill T-. Co.. OS
Ontiu R. A- L. Co..' 6 ...
OiiIiii Kiik. Co., Ir
oims Suitsr Co.. &fc
Pacific Uuano 4b F. Cn. fta
Han Carlos Milling. t ..'
.v.. vi .
o i.i7 -jsaoonni Armi
mure ex)ctaiilly for the !
'over these 7 thun does!
No J-.'i tit in v
ever waited
fall to go
Ni'iss Fitiuct
. ,nu nas volunteered ner ser
vices to the American Rod' Cross as a
truck driver for sovioe ih Ftlincv. Mie
expects to leave iu: abdutj 'tbirtv days
with the motor track supply division
of, tbe American Red 'Crosa and hopes
to be assorted to-'fruVk driving, for
which he has made bef ptepurations
her by a course- of fntruction In the
service station of' F.arlb C. Anthonv
arHiy ho ,ftsfritute Ue Paekard lines
aTMs .Cf.Utoinia.jr'a.., 'f -r r '
xAit. IJbV :fter da'Miaa Magill has Wen
' ' ta tTe re,tait 'shop f the service
stations and out bn "the road has
driven many miles at 'the ''wheel of a
big three ten Packard transport WHIM I II.
Miss Magill ia upt, cautent to knit
as a ma
long run
1'pon reconinier.uations filed In the
circuit court yesterday by Attorney
(Jeneral Arthur 8mith, Wilson Nahaku
elua, who baa been serving a term in
ahu priHOM for attempting to dyna
mite a residence, was reba.-e. on an
order issued by Circuit Judge William
II. Heen.
Nahakuelua was sentenced to serve
from flye'to twenty yen is mi October
.10, litl.'t, and at the kh t ine he was
fined .VK) BBd costs. As set forth in
the statement of the attorney general
he became eligible for ;irole on July
7, but could not be released under the
law until the flao of film is satisfied.
I'nilcr the section known as the poor
convict's act, which provides that pris
oners unable to pay fine imposed in
connection 'with prison sentences, the
circuit judge is authorized the nnlcr
the prisoner's release.
Xannkboloa was sent to pii-nn after
he tried to blow up the home of K.
K, Hmmpiij. on the Island of Hatvifii.
Kngels. 40.'3. 170. i.oi); Oahn. B. lftj:
Wslslua. 5, UftakJMouee, J5, tS, 2&, 10,
BOABD a AUKS u'. .
Uaw'n. inaea, 0. 45.0. ..-;.,''.
. .., KOTB
There wss no session of thla Xxchsags .
July 4, B, 9, 7, IStM. .
niviDKJtna v :''
July 0. luitf ,
H C. A H. Co 3-1
llnaiimii J : ' ' v . 1 " ill
. .. wwiwi,' .... .
. June 24, lalH '... '
ss. analrslM bwts tao advleeaX. '
Parity . . , , ' "
UU1 Cent. (Fnr HawA Ragara ..... lOOS
DI'UUt'B itltAaaaVlAWH
wsfak an s(,u ni X aVia w
' July 1. IMS ' '.".
Singapore t.07
New York (No quotation).
. - w.a.g,- , '.'. - .
9 UU trr - i, i i. v i'n- 'vr" B
NICW. YOItK, JUt B-J(A"oclated rri
-Following arg the opening and closing
quotations of avovka. in Ui New Xrk .Mar-
kt:t ywsterdar.
... I J. 11 .' 1 1 ' ilii'ieisiMIIUIIIg goes, III lillliglllg
sweaters audoll ba4age? fcut wants about the President'? reelection. 1'J
geX uitu tie thitK bf it. She wants. M,y Mr. Wilson hu. liot been n 0 Tli i ml
to get into the thick of it. Nhc comes. fl, f this in the effort he l recent
nati.ially .by ,ucl, ' tltaue, for her ly made lo have Mr. Ford come to the
father is of Irisa, dusfent and has 1 senate
served as chw etiglaaer'of the Tex William AJdejji . iii t,li' who,,, Mr.
an, which aa rammed a short time Ford is, t(i s'ucce.ejl, ,1ms been one of
ago. He uas with the Cramp ship ! the readiest criiics of tho Piesulent Tn
yards as inaruie engineer, but liad the senate, lie has always been ipiick
retiied previous to, th war. 'When eonvi-rse in la in.cn t u t ions in the cor
the I'nitcd Slates Joined tie allies lie ridors o, to thunder against the ad
once more v obliiteerod ' his uci v ices ,iniivatiatioii in debate.
and is now Supervising tti inftalla I IM
l'" of tl iflchliiery in n,.w hiin in I " " "
yards of the Vorth Pacific coast. . I tor the oik. If 1 tH ,,, a truck
'M want to go to France," said M'iss , for tl it will release a nian foi some
.OKkin, - - a ii i get into tae tuck of t . . w in , tint
the prosecution also asserting that the
laws did not permit Corporal punish
ment in the schools, Mr. Cox's defense
Has the boy was disobedient mid his
panlshment was necessary to maintain
discipline. The defendant held that
the whipping wns justified because the
buy ic fused to pledge hi in Sell' to bet
ter conduct.
over the
mon ies.
h ii re h yard di
ing the cere
TOKIO, July 7 Ass... dated Piess'
Kix women, are mining a baud of In
laud Sea pirates recently arrested by
gendai iues. It is expected thai the
entire number of the gnuip of lifty
pirates will be taken into custody soon.
my wmk
for year
hnve lecc
opcnit ion
can see tht) direct effect of
I have been driving a car'
i. and' w ithi the training I
iv i .1 'recently In the care and
of trucks I
Miss Magill chose the Aiitlomv sir
vice station as a school of in-tiue
lion to, (a,, reason that she had been
infoi ni ei I by an Army mini who had
know I can, be i beeu with Pershing in France that !V)
i in their trans percent of the trucks in i. reset n
I ney are Handling thou by the Ainerinin forces are I'm -kinds,
of stuff in France, much and she lucfers to I .o,.,. ,, , i...l
nic i n 1 1 eil .stales, j with the make of ear she would
need many trucks and drivers j likely be called upon to operate.
of use to the lied Cross in their trims
port sei v I.
s.i II, U ol' I
1. 1' which '
and they
All those iu any way iiialifled to
serve ou territorial commissions and
J'fi tievdsrly an the territorial market
Sag' itiibimissloh Have been listed liy
Governor McCarthy and out of some
four hundred names he. hopes to be able
before the week is over to name the
body, which will have six ineiiibers.
The (iovernor said lie bad been eu
countering no little difticultv 111 find
lug men at once qualified and nut
barred from serving bv restriction of
the law which prevents him fioiu being
able to Maine men now serving 011 exist
ing commissions.
When the marketing commi-siun i
brought into being 11 will wmk m o
operation with' the food commission
lllong 'geireral lines of food luctiiui
and conservation in addition lo direct
ing the public market wlioh 1 lo be
established, .
'. r- w g
In ncciirduiirc with Hie pidv oons of
one of the acts pasel a' the recent
session of the legisbil ni . . an iniiiirv
is to be made into the u I . o-. I lecble
itniiiledness iu the Tn nh ' - bv 11 coin
mission which was ninnc I veslc lav by
Oovernor MuCnrtliv.
Mrs. Wade Warren Tinner and Mrs.
V V.. Sleere are two w en inembeis
of the body. The other :i 1 c 1t01nev
W. L. Whitney, John It Lilt, and
Prof. A. L. Andrews.
AmerViah ttugsr . ..
Aioerlsu Iteet
Associated Oil ;. .
Alaska (old
AlllerlcHIl LlM-oinotlTe . .
Aiuwrttun TuL h Tel. ...
Americnn Hjnelt.r
American Steel a'dry. . .
Atclilsou Railway
Anaenmla Coper
lUlilsrla Lw-oniotUe . ..
ltaltlmore 4c olilo
Il.-itltelldll Hteel "11" . ..
California Petroleum . '.
Ceiitrat LeBukcr
Canadian Paelilc
C. M. Ht. Paul
olo, Kuel A Iron
Crilellilw ileel .
Cuba Sugr t:sne
Krle common
Owiernl. Kleetrle .
Ucncrtil Motors (new) .
tireat. Mortbnro,' I'M. . ..
tuterniilloiml Nickel , ..
Industrial vAilistktU
Kciinwsilt CoiN'r
Lehigh Valley hkllwuv .
New Vork Vulrnl
Hay uussilliUlcsl ,
lteadliig comuiou
ItiliiibUi-au Iron isniunou
Holttlleru Pacific .
I II 11 CI KUtes Ullbhcr . .
Texas oil . .
I nliui Pacific
t'nlled Htates Steel
Western i nlnn .
U'...l I.. ..i.......
w, a. a.
. ... 11.1 lf2S
:::: ?
. . . . sal, pi .
:::: V
.... Mil K44
.... an mi7
.... VHL lllii
....I n-a vl .
H4 m '
. . . . 19 '4 1U
.... 147? 14IH4 '
. ... 11 . .
.... 'iH 47
.... m -ai
::::l V '.,.$
. ... 1 14H4
ina mva
,aoi4 o
. ...! .lis .) ,
... Uttt U4
.... H-iv aasfc
..) Ui'i BNtsj
I Vi M .
.... JM IHH
.'.'.'. an"? sS-i
.... l4t(T 4fl i
.... iww ;tw
.... IVH l.ttU
.... l'I Ul .
.... NI
K!t FIWSriMOrt. JalF'fJ(iilsa.tat.;
d Press) Following r ta ajHUg aixl
. tnauig Uuillous of sagar and Othnr
terday'1 frMcl,M, WW!k1l Jv
Huw'a .CoBi'l
HiAsltan Hugsr Co
Hoaokaa Snvnr
Olsa Hugar Co
I hi lis Hiigitr c.n. .
IIiiIcIiIiimiiii Huiriir Co. . ..
I'siiiihHU an car Co
OuulUea Klliur Co
Honolulu oil
lluiiiitolii PUnignbiu .fn, .
Kniiels Co,iiM-r Co
t rr-W.il
4 1 40',
14 '
I '.
1 15
Quotsllnns ea tk follnwlng NT Tark
curb stocks. a wtreleaaeil V (TU Ad,Tf"
User by Htooebain A Co. arl rt ,
Ratut Tues.
Iilir l.eilae . '
l uledollln
I.'iiiina 4'iM-r
lia Mill let;
i. t.iiii.. Yeide
Marsh .
Mlilwesi oil
Mnilxr Ud
lillt lll'lclllcs
Kcseoe I : ii )u
!' C'Xis, .
rillief KUia ns
Tolloiiull I' vlensloll
K..rr I like
ii. .. in ;
l lesson Hold
I'erfectlou Tire aud Rubber
l ill
J .0T .'
urA i.M''r
m ". .oa
4 lav, ' 4 liV
4.M) '- 4 AO
drtl' 8.IUV4
8 id

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