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.lo M ii M ttAWAlfAN ' r, AZr.TTE. TUESDAY, JULY 9, ,1918. SCMI-VELY P -
- m M V.
n I.
I I I w
'.-, t
(rn i.
' "I
('' I'
- -ll
II ''
4i ft
AIIIFS mm German Atribixsmadi'
r . (Ill I II II I fill III I- , - il - . i. .
... , . v a . a. : w - t
f i-( ; , , , 11, . t
Prepared For It and Confident;
Says General Marsh In His
Weekly Conference With Milt I
tary Committees of Congress1
Quiet Now Along, American
' fronts Since, Signal Victory At
Vaux fresh Hun Troops
Brought Into Field
MIIM;TC).. July 7 - -(
Asix iati-il I'rrss ) Thai
nn 'I
i i'
(li-rnians are prrarint; fui
iit rt".nni;tijn nf tln-ir oITcm
m tin- west front ami th.it
the Allit"- arc )ri;';irin t im.
the liciii st hluw yi't strmk 1)
vun 1 1 ituU'iilnirsj for a military do
cisitui this suiiuiKT is an opinimi
uTiri.iln .'iri'ss (1 here today l
("icmial Marsh, chief oi staiT. ami
in l.iiiidnti ly Premier Uuyd
(icm ral Marsh made his predie
tion at the week I v conference
held at the war department he
tween him and the niemhers of
the committees on military af
fairs of the senate and house.
There can he no other satisfacton
explanation of the present luli, he
said, although some military cri
tics are still of the belief that the
disastrous defeat of the Austrian!-
on the Italian front i
delaying :
the carrvinj; out of the full Ger
man plan.
In his consiiltatiori with the
senate military coiiuniltee, the
chief of staff stated that the Allies
are pre;ai ill); to meet the hcav
iest liirman sinali of the cam(
pai'n. hnviiiL; full confidence in
their ability to hold and throw
back whatever force the (iermans
may brin.i; into tin- next action. ,
A lari;e part of the American
force in Prance is heln: held in
reserve or is m the various train
ing cam.s, he said, as out of the
Million Ai'.cricans m I rancc on
'uly 1 onlv two hundred and fifj
tv one thousand ware actually il
the fihti'i- at that lime. I" I v
first, niillio i Xua ii'ans are where
they can le callid upon by ieiij
eral I'oi h, hi iv. ev i-r, when the
need i oiiii. while- preparations
are beinj; pri-s r. cotivev the
second in i i li 'ii t I t a ; a e as ra; -id
K as possible
The t sii re sful efl'ort to
late of the :i
capture i tl,e
near hat'-au I
t .encral M .n - h
the Americans
' pi'i ml victory
and held a'l tin
ami beat h.uk
erii ins was the it
a i positions
! e n , la st week,
i iiuoinn ed. II et c
nut onlv won 2
but! consolidated
ground they had
a s'icccs:doil of
heavy cjiiinter-
The Amcm .ins mi this fronj
are now fated bv a fresh division
of (iermaiis, this i ,n t having be
runic leariu I ;.s the result of 9
lecent skn uu -h, in which the
Americans br uht in iirisonei
for nlellt illt a ' l ai plli poses.
I here li
ecu comparatively
li :le fiKhtiu
' v eii ht hour -
lining the past IoT
the .-inericai;
front, although t!ii- Ainericajv aif;
men have been a. live. The. jtvbt
important recent cent was an at
tempted tieruian laid mi the Am
erican lines iu Lorraine, a raid
that was unsuccessful. I he raid
ers were detected before they hail
reached the American lines ami
were completely repulsed
Cabled reports from American
headquarters state that .rneral
Pershing . has . coi)i'i r tlitiu
I'uisheil service crosses ,,u thirtv
threc Americans who had per
formed heroic actions.
t Moscow Killedi
PAI8, Jfnty 7 (.Associated Press) Gencrl Oovnt iron, Mlrbach, who
handled ultimatum after ultimatum to th wmets goTBrrtmtnil it'fw '
ech frcah detriand further curtailing Russian indpendefcVWM assassinated
In the BussUn capital yesterday, accprdlhg ' ' . despatch tent out from
The German ambassador, who recently demanded the dlirtsndinnt of
the fore being ralseoT b the Bolshsrikl and, who Tnade threat aftef Ittreat
to Lenlna, was Instantly killed by two rink no wo in on, who ewaptsd aftcf the
killing. The two men are anknewn, yi --.
Through the presentation of an etenaa that the Bd argroV iititfortent
Information to heard only by the ambassador, the two toon were able to
see Contrt tM Mtrback atom." After a ahott tUecUMon, M of fheni 'flint
the ambassador 4own and, emptied, hi frtoivef Into bod. The attend
ants at the embassy rtubed to the assimnct f ttett chief a the first shm,
but were met b a hand" grenade, hurled by, th send .4aAJrlit. '
It the confusion Veiuttlng from the' explosion of the grensda, the twe
layers of the ambassador matte their escape. a "
W aiting. Policy'' Regarding par
East Bf oiighi.Tq End A t Cabinet
Meeting Yesterday Vs Report
WASHINGTON, July 1 ( AMwtneil
1'rrH- - Altllllllll HO HUHOIIIlrl'IMI'Ilt llHK
t n nm.lo, it is believeil hero that s
wnifhtv ilcrision was arrlveil st at the
ini-cliiiK of the lahinet yesterilsy, a !n
ilium nffertinx the situation in the
Ksr Kant.
Aim online to unofficial ntntotiientn,
Amiitm-b's waititiK policy in reiei t to
tin' Knu.siitii' situation has emleil 'ami n
ilifiiiito oliy of artioa barf lieen do
i nlo l upon, an important decision being
red' heil, 1
Fur Home time, it is knows, the Al
'ii-H have been uririnff AnieH'-a's ap-
Accident Takes Frpm Country '
Man Who Was Thought To
Have Great Future
rv MMnh 1ilTnUn i rnfihTU nr iui u i
NKW YORK, July 7 ( Aasoriated ' LONDON, Juty 7 ( Assis isted
l'rcM) John l'uxrey Mitchell, for I'ress) The annonnfiiioiit of the Ilr i
threw years mayor of this eitv to which ish casualty list for last wwk wan soft-nftii-e
he was elerted on the Kusion tick- ,Mie. vesterdsy by nwy of furtJicr sun
et. was instsntly killed in an airplane iiv K A...tr.li.n. nn h V.llers
accident which occurred at Orestner
Hvi.iiitfn llt-m an una h-mim urn in uu-
spntches receivtvi'yesteTdny from I-ake ,
iChnrlcs, l.iiuisinna
nKe9 'f mVOJ. ' New York he had
nna. Mince leaving the
been eoramisHioneil a major in the army
,iudr-S enrolletl in the aviation branch
of tho service
' News of the donth of Former-Mayor
r.rifelro:l) h: eatiseil deep and sinrer
t "ecret ' rhmrtne people of all classes
throughout the creator city for his
I'ofiticul enemies as well as his friends
recoumicd his markctl and remarkable
abiltty, ntlmlred his dauntless courage
anoJ.Btdeiidi t, st raij;ht-ft)rwaril flgbting
qualities and considered him certain to
loom in the nlT.-iirs of the country even
Inrger thnn lie hnd in tbe municipal af
ftiirs nf its greatest city.
Not Tet Tony
'Joliw Ilirrcy Mitt-hell was still under
forty' years of upe, born July 19, 1879
but for the past nrne years he has been
much rn the public eyes, lie came of
a fighting fumily for his paternal
jrnniifathcr vvus exiled because of Bis
efforts for Irish nationality, one of his
nctea was killed in command at Fort
Samptor, another was slain on the field
uv vjtt lyBDur una lus rattier serves
throughout the civil war in the Con
federate service.
John Mitchell ns it lawyer with a
growing practise when, at tho age of
twenty seven, lie whs appointed assist
ant corporation counsel of tho City nf
SlAH. V.,rL A i. i n vi,ul i itii t inn nf ilm
office of the president of the Itorougk
of Manhattan was started by the com
mlnsiom-rH of Hi-counts with Mitt-boll
; acting :is their counsel and he prepnr
I 6i a c.'isn iigainst l'rcMdtiiit Ahcarh
und he la" -1111111 n member of the t-ommis
I si dm so that he in 114 lit continue to art
I as counsel. He proved no figurehead
I anil sivcepiu results followed his ia-
vestigiil ions.
I He wiik next offered the nomination
on the Fusion ticket for president of
the board of aldermen and his condition
wus that he should run as a Democrat
'miauM' he was a Democrat and he must
be satisfied of the worth and rkaracter
if the nt her candidates. He was eloct
ed and made the office no longer an
"ornamental .job." He .forced the
board to vote il.lMKl to conduct tllt
otbee they hud given him to "keep him
quiet. ' '
He w:is next named as collector of the
Ilirnr of New Tork
In IHIl he run for and wus elected !
mayor t)f the city. He was a candidate
for reelection but was defeated at the
fhe primaries i as shown by 11 M
rount which he asked though on the
face of the returns he had been nomin
ated. He then ran us nn independent
candidate at the (jcnernl election and
wus defeated. In national politics he
wits a Democrat but ill municipal poll
tics he ss fearlessly nonpartisan.
Spoke Fearlessly
He was ever nn advocate of national
nreiitiredness and his outspoken lltuuin
tiatioo of the sinking of the Iamtania
and other Teuton outrages caused the
rollout Irish to ypi-ose aim ami call mm
'"traitor." He stteni eq tne nrsr
... iiiii. i-ii,. . i.... L ,io,i
I riHlls.nirH i.nn.i 11111 ti ".s
1 ' ... 1 . .1
j as an uviaior aiinougn pusi tne u...
' e
AMSTI'.UD M, Julv " (Associated
Press, The treaty of peace between
Ch rmany ainl I'. .mania was yesterday
t tin Hi 111. -d bv tin Kunianian sen ito
wiihoiil a I'is'li.ling vote, it is report
ed in iiicss .-i s received from Bucha
rest." 1'iev msIv it had been oopflrpied
. by 'the' (lenui.ti it iclistag It thui goftl
I into ottii ial 1 1 oatit.u though bitil
l oiintii.'s I 'M . been operating under
ills terms -ii. r die nuiioiiucf in.-lit of
I the itgreeiiii Mt 1 pou tbeiu.
1 J.A
(irovsl ta Jiint action, mul tlii whs nn for a snmmor recesn.
further .liM-uase.t at tlie went iiioi ting , Thj MnM(l palllM., this nnil sent,
of the supreme- command- in I'hum uwt ..... , . . ...
week, ir Is believe.! that the .-. mi I V Ouaa foe aermn, despite the
nirnthm sent to the administration ly request of the frest'lint that some
(ieneral I'ernhing. tit Which the view of , action bf tsVen on 'the resolution an
;he supreme war eommsml was out 'ineil, 1 thorliing' kirn to ta'te orer the tele
laid before the cabinet '.yesterday has graph, telephone, cable and radio sys.
had a larrR port in influencing the chI tenit of the country for the period
;net-inro the action they have now do- of the war. He W iiri(eil that this
i-ided opon. authfrUy le voed him prior to any
Army ofUrinl here still believe thnt . recess adjournment, hut his request
Amerii a should not oinlertskn to share
any extended expedition into SiIktih or .
M sn-hiiria.
Haig Send3 Congratulations To
Australian and. American
Sector commanders
Urettoneaux sector, where they aij
' i
vanced their line afresh along a front
of two thousand yards.
Last week the British lost a total o,f
17,;Ui UMin, cousideraldv liolow t Ilea
weekly, average of June, Of those post-
ed as rasnaltlea, 2740 are listed as ilea l.
witn H.filKI wounded or missing t a(
r . ;..
Itexirts from liritirli hcadUflrters ifi
Kram e state that even the German prii-
oners brought iu on Thursdays lh
riuuime rroui aiimu Tiiai inn vusintuisii-
American attack was oomluetotl with
levernohs and invincible courage
Yesterday General Halg telographod
hit rongrut illations to tho Australian
ami American commanders on that
The British are holding all ' their
Fourth of July gains in the face of
heavy (lerman eouirter attacks, of whioti
there have been three. Each of these
has been smashed with henvy losses to
the enemy aud in each counter thm
number of (ieruiaii prisoners takeu bail
Im'cii iin icaseiL
W. f. S.
UfJULi. i
. , I tertnined and eighteen missing.
I The army cnsiialtiee wore fifteen kill
INO I'ON. July (1 ( Assoc. at-, Br,ioB; iwp',d,eas! of wounds, two
I'm anient Wilson signed sin 1 killtnl in Airplaun aoeidents, one from
Km of -.151 Ml, 1 1110 in tho sun f an unspecified cans, five from dlseas-,
1 . .1.. ......i.i .,,,1 t
w i
yl I
pi ai 1011
li v i.s . ni I, ill
nthoriing a iiennaaeot
1111 n-:i-c i: tin navv I'ulisted iiersonae,!
to l.'ll,'1"" men, w ith fi 1 IM ill additional
for V ar ,i,t poses.
I he . n:i!c passed the bill author
sing fsui.iMitl aililitimial Liberty
. a ... . t
iioinis, iiimi ing a 101 ai uumurir.ru 01 j
Jl''.tifMI iMHi.iMiii. The toll also provliles
af.iiiiilitfiii.oiin for loaiia to the Allies
This mea.nirc recently iassed tha lower
house nml n,,v awitits the president's
"Blue" Spells Means
Bad Ktdntys?
1 ?"'"t
if H "f ""T
"Klue," worriod, half-sick, people
, , . -
' li"old find nut tbe cause of their trou-
1 b i s lift,.,. 0 I. ...! Lia.iav I
, -r., -uj
I action, which allows the blood to get
i '"'"'cd u ith aoi.ons that Irritate the
; nerves Kni-kach, heai-achcs. dimness
' and annoviiig bladder troubles are
added iroi.t'i thnt the kidneys need
heh. f,c Hoaa's Backache Kldnev
Pill. riiousHnds thank them for relief
from just sin h troubles.
"Winn Your Bunk is Lame Be in em
ber the Name " (Don't limply ask for
a kuliiev remedy - ask distinctly for
Dunn's H, -kuciie Kidney Pills and take
nn otiicri. Dunn's Backaclie Kldouy
Pills in- sol i bv nil druggists and store
keepers. ,n ,i,n he mailed on receipt of
pro, lc 11, ,. I),, Pinter Drug Co., or
l;,-i 'a. 1 1, ,v ( ,, t mi'i tit m for ll)f
jllsusnui isiiii,,,, Advertisement.)
nncc ni ipjiwifd m
Lower Chamber Calmly Ignores
uesjrft ci upper nuu m
Deference to Krcsiacni
reaiPrictdn7 Wheat Nct -
Favored In White House
Where Veto Waits
WAKIIINOTON.v July 7-(AiMcint
rl Wess) The desire f the senate to
siljnnra last irfght "'! AuRiist 12
ws uiieererjinniousiy. elierkeil by the
bouse,ihieh edjounieil until tomorrow
wiikwut taking np for cnntiuVrat.ion
the Kepnte's ennenrrcnt resolution coll-
went nubfleded In the upper house.
Houm Ignored Senate
ft r'ennlred the agreement of the
loseer chamber to hecoine effective,
however arid this acrecment the house
has refnsed to give through it nesa
tive netion yesterjay. This comes as
a sxiVpflse and a shoi-k to the setinte,
which had .confidently looked for house
atrreement. During the afternoon,
H'ajoriry feader Martin of the senate
bail announced; tha.) it was the concen
sus of opinion of the leaders of both
house that congress would adjourn for
the summer recess last night without
faking, action on the telegraph resolu
tiprt. . "
Array E1H Pa-aed '
Yesterday eir?ess completed its
work , on-the Army Appropriation Bill, i
a measure which' carries a total appro-j
priatron of twelve billion dollars, 'this
bill carrlee appropriations covering all
tli requests of the war department.
Taridtis amendments made to the house
, , u-il a
maarwrw in the senate sent the bill to
r""l7' .
yesterday adopted in both houses,
The bouae bill fixing the price on
wheat at two dollars and forty cents
a bushel was accepted yesterday by
the senate .and "now goes to tbe Preei
Jest. - fti if ttinderstond' that the new
Pt R1I0S Akifmcefwltlt favror'from
the (ntliU-nihtiatidn afwl that the Presi
dent win veto the". Mil.
III' iintjmr'ifc iiih i-i.iiii v
4rV "KaS-aij Bil. earrvinp; H '
p8.0f)0,0MlJ fThis 1 hiif airthoi
The Priuurirnt has signed the Son
total of
airthorizes an
nnrnase id tho perinaiifiit personnel
of the Navv to ni HU men, with an
additional 5(l,lMiO in- time of wnr.
m. w.
WASHINGTON, July 7 ( Assmdate 1
I'ress) Cacualties from the ranks of
thii'ariuy mid the marine corps as re
purled ve-ttertlny nonibered I5H, those
of the Marines outnumboriug the army
m iXP than two to one.
In the marine corps the list showed
six killed irt action, fifteen dead or
wounds, twentysthree severely wounded
1 fifty two wounded to a degree not do.
: "evem.-.-n -
WAHIIINtiTON, July 7 (Assoeiat
etl Press) Forty-eight aoiiiinations for
advancement and promotion in the
army was confirmed by the senate yes
terday. morning. Of these eiht ure
advauee.1 rom brigadier to major gen
erals'aiiil fortv from colonel to bngn
dier general. They are1 a part of a
large imihber of promolioas that have
been listed-. ' 1
" (Viieral ' March, chief of staff, 111
maki 11 i these nominations has made it
I clear that he has discarded the rule
I of "precedence anil seniority " that
1 formerly prevailed and is governed
I purely by hi ideas of fitness. In cases
where the officera are now Iu France lie
la belnir nWerned largely by the rec
ommendations of Uenerat rersinug.
I rC
. 1 ,t.i 8 w. a. a.
AMyTKBJAM, Jaly 7--(Associated
Press) -j A Constantinople despatch
sav that Princa ,Ysiuf lz.edin, sou
of the late. Hultan.-Alflul Amiz, wus ou
Friday proclaimed as riultan, in succes
sion to his Oucle, Hulttu Mohammed V,
the proelaiuatlon being made iu the
ttlione rooni of the Iinperiul palace tun I
from the Top Kapussis, tbf "Cannon
(fate". The new ruler . ascended the
the throne of Turkey with the name of
Mohammed VI. II" a'"" - s-1 i I bt
fore the funeral of his predecessor had
taken place.
I ' imiii nnAiiriTirfiin
AKffl rhWINNol
T VtjdtiiO EMrvfAhliEL' ORlf aMPO Prerpierof Italy ;
iY .rreturned fqom meeifig of; tnprcme war -council In 'tm
announce complete victory for Italian arms on the. lower Piave
-1 -r- ; ;
t - V f-'M
J '
j aJ-
Excursion Steamer ThM, Turned
Turtle Had Been Cpndemn
ed Eight Year Before
PtOStA, Illinois, July 7 (Aesoeia
tod Pn s Although condemned a u
fit for pa-seuger service eight yeas
kgo the ixruirion summer Columbia,
vi Inch turned tc i tie) on Friday and thus
enusetl tie dentb of excursionists to a
number now rrtimatod at ISO, Baa o
tinucd in service. It waa anaounced
ycptcrday by the federal inspectors of
halls anil boilers that the steamer was
condemned ofiirially in 1910, Why or
how ir has happened that it has sinrte
secure,: the license necessary lor its
operntion as e passenger carrying, ves
sel is not disclosed. " . "'
I'p to date last night siaty-three
bodies, mostly women and children,
bad been recovered from the Colum
bia which rolled over in the Illinois
Kiver opposite to Pekin. Of the 41)7
that were aboard when the disaster oe-
eurred wventy tivo arc in the hospitals
ho thnt Lis have been accounted for as
tie ni or miurcyl, but neuriy ninorpr per-
sons are still missing, in the viciniry
of the scene hundreds wait anxiously
anti eagerly awau me rucuvury ui mu
Indies of loved ones.
Yesterday an investigation as to tho
ciiusti of the disaster wus started und
it was at this investigation thnt the in-
pe tor of hulls and boilers told of tho
1 lemuutti n ol the steamer years
SAN Fit AN CISCO, July rt f Assoein-
...1 l.,..., oTI.n ..,.. r.ro.mv ftnet cor-
porutiou lais given us an equivalent of
a 10,0110 ton fhip each day for the past
ki r v da j. ' ' said Charles M. Schwab,
speaking as director general of the. cor-
poratiun today. ' j
Mchwiiii saiti this was without the as
sistance of two of the biggest Eastern,
sli'.pyaids, which, ure now constructing
many vessels, but none of which are yot
1 11 11 10' I , I
w. . a
JI'AHKZ, Mexico, July C (Associa
ted Pi.-ssi (ien. Canuto Iteyes, revoiil
tionniv geneinl and reputed to be n
leader of the Diaz, troop., wns eitecnft-l
at Tcrrame. Durango, on June 27, (lea.
Mnrguia of the Cirranza troops an
nou net's.
KAN 1'ltANCIHCO, July (1 --(Assoc i ri
te. I I'icksi I'rliicti Tokiigana. who is
is the foiled Htates on fted Cross mis
Hion, ibtnnrted ftr th Kas'f todnjt. It
is the plan of the Japanese envov to
visit Mocnir National park, then Clnca
and Washington
w. s. s.
When von fnil it.
ilv v. iMt a bottle
( ' 1 1 1 1 e a 11, 1 Dnt r 1 hoc
sea-oii i,t' ihe yenr
III" I liei,, a . bow el 1
provide your fani
of Chamberlain's
Itemely at this
you nri' neglect
inii laini is sure to
be I 1 e v a lent
II i,;l.el to
iiiid it is too dangerous
lie 1 1 ill, d with. This is
i .ti.,1. lit line it' iheie ure children iu
tjie familv. A dose or two of this rem
edf will place the trouble within -ceil
r,l :,n.l i.-ilinns ivc a life, or tit least
, I,, K..I s-il-c bv all deal
eo. IteiiNon, Smith v Co, Ltd., Agents
foi Hawaii.
' V - --v vv- ..- - :-
5tTFfl WI PR fiHH IW Rl A tTHfll WORRY:,
Work Or Fight Rule Causes Anx
iety Until Provost Mlarshal
. Decides Cases
'. VVAJSHINOTON, July 7 (Associ4
ed Press) Moving picture, actors, en
gaged in the production of films that
are to be shown for the entertainment
of thi' public, are placed in the same
class as "legitimate" actors by Provost
Varsliul Oesviul Crowder, under tbe
"work or fight rule" of the selective
I draft legislation
He announced this
decision yesterday when he direct qip
the draft boards of the country to vd ivrD v,)it,.,, ,.,t -consider
men engaged in that occupa ' suits of the Au.Striail offensive
tion as "productively einged. " . and the 1 Lalian , victorious count
In regard o 'as-e' all players, as cfs The Austrian lnsseb in their
nouuceiaj..t f e-pectetl sooh tor this1
question w.ll be speedily . prw-ipitatiM great offensive, according to the
through action thai is repotted to hnvc ,fst cstinu'lte , obtainable, have
1 been tnl.en 1 v
various uri.tt noarus
Fort Worth, Texas,
a t Lake City boars,
esterilfty. Tlie
board and the
BlV talirig the
. 1 i.....i ...
ball Driver, een though he" be ill the
"major lengm-s," is not productively
engaged urai r uie icwiis 01 me nuini.
I Th-nugl.ot the country there is the
deepest aiuiety being tliapluyed by i..eti
w, r0 ga 'ed in occupations that
,w. M,,t y t I,,'., .,, classified while hotel
j nn, restn'uru'it men are engaged in 11
scrninlde to mi uie men over the itraii
a t- ai wniteri. Indl boys and in other
1 ttenilant capiM it it's.
W. S. S. ;
1 v A s H 1 N (i l l N . July tl (Official)
I olonel Itoosevell has written ot.iigrons .
. .1 - .!.... .1... (11 oilll SJ i.l.i.l lummi '
llSSI.Ig llllll lilt i-ii,i". " i'.
prise fund which he donated to assist In
nronlOtlliL' lililiisliiai iiearo ."V rtjiuinmi
to.iiim. The fund wus never used audi
ne wains 11 now hi eiupno ...
. W. .
NKW YORK, July 6 - ( Associated
prPsl, A iinounccmen't was made to
g. a e,r,.HS company emploves
in the Lnitinl Htntes are uranieu av
increase in wanes from July 1 when
tlfh giant, merger permitted by the
government for the period of the win
went into effect.
W. 8 I. -; ., ,
LONDON, June 25 (Associated
I'ress) Tbe trade ucccptncc which
lire doing so much in America toduv to
remove the old "lack of capital" difn
etilty were bused to n great extent on
the older international acceptances. Hut
,ni, wuy j,, whi, h
tliev have servo.i
- , Americnii luisine-s
at home suggests
Ithnt ereat iiiilinivement can be made
'in American shies abroad bv siihilaf
means It appears to be the 'belief
,,f (he American Chamber' 6f 'Obmiaefee
here that so ong as Awerioan'wianufaci
tul(.rs f, Hhiv' the- suustf ileniahd cash
nuuiuHt gootls l'u lit" York there will
,e serious weakness iu Anierieau for-
The Anierieau Chamber pf Commerce
is making a detailed study of the terms
at present ileniuiided by American firms
.1 11.tr business' with Kuglaud. It ill-
tends to propose n plan for extending
I lie a. Iv nutat e-- of American Irnde Of
. eplinice to all American linn Willing
I lo evptut.
'i ."f I 9 i : T 'i,. ii ft.-
Enemy Counters
Also Detected
ROMli, July 7 (Associated
Ircss) ..Yesterday after-
tTtH)n rouplit auVplctc victory to
the, Italians, on the lower I'lavc,
after au uiiintcrrttpted stnt'lc
which has been in progress , for
JtUe.past five days. The Austrian
losses were heavy throughout tin:
battle and grew so ystcrday. that
theywcre unable longer tq resist
Ihe '.ceaseless Italian assaults.
Abandoning their positions they
withdraw, cornplctcly - fnm the
right bank of the New Piave.
IcaTin'g, the battleground in Ital
ian hands.
Yctcr'lay afternoon, , under
heavy fire, the last of the Aus
trian detachments, rccrosscd tho
river. The, Italians- attacked at
dawn,- driving the Austrians be
fotctheni and clearing the riglit
bah as far north as Grtsclc lny,
tbe, resistance of. the enemy bciug
Completely broken. Knur hundred
prisoners tferc taken in the initial
rush f the Italians.
.On the northern Italian front,
iivjhc mountain rcgifu. the As
trians drove forward a desperate
counter attack near. Chicsa Nuiva,
attempting to regain., some of
their lost position. This counter
was smashed by the Italian guns
and then repulsed, the fighting for
a. time ;being hand to hand and
he losses on both sides heavy.
. Depalches from .Vwtma. last
night w'lmU thte ' retreat on the
lower I'tavc, tjic, Austrian , war
iffice announces- that "the main
body of Italians has pressed a
portion of . the Austrian line
back".-"- '' -
Premier Orlando "last night is-
been between tvvci hundred thou
1 san an,l ., ,IllartcT of a million.
,-c... 1 1:11.1
ihci.mi.iij; uny 1. ...:,.,,,., uiv.i.
: Tills estimate is based oil the re-
, . . . ..
1'orts of prisoners akd of Italians
vv)lO were Captured but who es
. . . ....
. Capeil or were reseueH. I licse
Italians report, that the Alistliails
forced- them to work neat the
front hues, under the hie of ll:il
ian n 111 is.
Since June 15, the Italians have
captured 24,434 Austrian prison
crs, with sixty three guns, sixty
live mortars, fj.vcl,ve hundred and
sixty four rilles and much war
RANTA BAHBAIt A, July f. (Otti.-i
Ml)-e-Luth'er Burbauk, the "plant wi
anl," annuounc.cn that he will soon
publicly tlemunstrute a new variety nf
wheat which be claims will revolution.
Ixe the farming industry. He declares
that it .wilV prooause fifty busholi of
wheat to tba afire where twelve were
rrrotluceil before. Tt is rich in nutritive
value, Iui assorts,
' ' ; . w.a. t. -;
WAK.HINQTON, July (I ( AsMoeiute I
l'ress)--The sesate today accepted the
2.40 per bushel prine for wheat, i'rt-si
(lent Wilson is expected to -veto the
bill fixing the price at this figure as
arrangements have been made for the
food administration, through s govern
meat held corporation, to adjust prices.
, . w. a,
i BOIrSfcl. Idaho, July (Odi. iui
K stw gold discovery is Trorted in
this rnte, from Which $K.()(il),(J()0 Iu
tnstx n n.'nifrp ' ! been tn'ro. T1'
ainthee linje is fourteen feeftw4tla -eynd
very rich.: '. rMfKa
tN'"T is'tM i f
novel tha fiose. OJaed thew(orld over
o cure a cold ln one day. Tbe sjgns-
ure v.! B. W. CROVR ll on each box.
iniifmturtil l.y tbe PARIS MKD1
1N4 CO.. St. UmU, U. S. A.1"

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