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- ' -
Preparations For1. Sending of
ter Allied Force Into Siberia
Halt anrl llnitrl taro MM I
Yet Satisfied With Plan "
is most important '
Washington' Objects To Weaken
ing Position There Other
. . . .. ,:4I.
rnases of Kussian ana uniana,
Trxihla I set Throolonlnn .
iiuuui j 1 ih baibiimy
WSIIITTON Itll ' 11 ' '
' .' . , !
1 swniiiii 1 riss; . in. -1 p, ni.(, Lie.hnowaky, former ambaasador 1 would come in for some erinii .(iin.i.1 1 WASHINGTON', June ail After Kd
Cfsses of t lie Czecho-Slovak forces to Orent Britain whose written mem- I pration at the meeting gre from the! ward N. Hurley, chairman of the I'ni-
itl Siberia have caused a Slispen- 1
sum if preparations for the send-
in.; of an interallied and interna-!
, i preeipiiBie s war. ne is now a prac-
lional force t protect the inter- tical priaoner on one of his own es-
e-ts i if the Allies in F.astern Sibe-'',M-
i i i t .1 i- . i Peace By Sword
na. I he stand of the L n.ted , in tht hau of
States is also influencing the sitJlords Count von Behrendorf took ne-
.union in this course of waiting i c",ion "tUgliifly rebuke von Kuehl-
" ninnn for his Keichstag ajieech. He
lor results. t said in parti "We cannot have a
X7tTCT ruriMT ptdct I peace waieh is worthy of the great
Wliil mum riKSl aacrifice which we have made without
It is authoritatively asserted I of tbe n word. We
, I must fight on to win a lasting and
in.u trie oojeciioii ui ine c iiueu
.'tates to intervention in Siberia
is based primarily on the danger
that "such a course might have
the effect of weakening the Allies
on the W estern front and that as
ct no plan which has been ad-
vnticcd has satisfactorily irtet that
objection. For the inometit, at
least, the position of the Allies in
France is considered in Washing
ton as overshadow injj in import
Mice possible dangers in other
Harts of l'.tirope ancj in Asia. It
's the belief here that every pos
sible energy should be directed to
meeting and defeating the foe
1 'resent conditions in Siberia
are far less threatening to the Al
lies than those existing with the
Piolsheviki in possession of the
onlv semblance of government
,t the development has been SO
siniden tnat it is imposstme to
s.u how or when military aid
, . . .... . . . !
,,,.1, v .
Novak control is ailuntteillv an
inn vi lain viciiiriu.
Indications that the situation in
(Russia on the Murmansk Coast
and in the Kola Peninsula may
speedily clarify are to be found in
dcsp.-itehcs from Stockholm which
-how that the Finnish people are
already feeling to their suffering
and sorrow the effect of their re-'
'cut close association with lier-j
man and that the government of j
I inland recognizes that unless
.i. i i s: i ,u I.-., I
: n i. iiuru .laivs auu nil i.n-
t'-ute will come to the rescue of
the n(i)le of that country thou
sands must starve.
I ieueral Mannerheim, the Fin
nish commander, has asked Am-
i ncan minister .Morris what i
liaii e I'inland had of securing!
I - M nl from the I'nitei! States anl ,
ine Knteute. He painted to the
nierican ambassador a dark and j
.. looiny picture but he was told i
there was little likelihood of his
. ittutry obtaining any assistance
whatever while Germany controls
: inland.
From Merlin a semi-official d"S
, .atch tends to make the Russian
-I'natioii appear less threatening
ithoitgh the message is not re-
,e,ved w.,1, full credit or belief.
1 b,s announcement was that Cer-'
: anv would not hold the Holshe
iki resiousible for the death of
lis ambassador and was con vine
, I that the Molshevist gove'rn
i ii ul was doing everything pns
ilile to detect 'and to punish the
I 'he Vienna N'eue Frie Fresse
lints a radiogram from MOSCOW
ami; the soviet government has
..iied a declaration that it would
Foreign Minister1 Is Scathingly
Rebuked By Speaker On
Floor of House
la-LAi1,let, nh.,n Tat. ha
I T -fA n J n-t
wnwyj i nwii un uw
laration of Policies
LONDON, July 11 (Associated1
Press) Utirred bv the reeent Utter
v kpmm. tkirtoT t . s.,brtt i
ppchata :tb Truaaiaa house of lor.ta
in pre,parinn to take action aeainat I
those who have Bo and do not favor 1
- ... ..A .V- -.111...!..
M""u v.wrmanj. m wroi urmioi
plauj of Germany. In aecret aramon
ou t'riday that 4ody expert In take
action whirh will probably reault in !
wmrn will (truunuiy result in j
the "pulsion from its membership of
rtt,,J. prepared, he ha aaserted, only
I for his own family, found its nay to
.the Allies and ha been used as damning (
PTidp"0 of the plan of Germany to
. .... in. u uniij, luuun l.n na.r ill
honorable peace
Shameful Speech
"No projfreaa toward victory and
pear can be made' Ihy aneh ahamefnl
apeechen ai nave recently been de
livered by responsible peraonajrea. bv
thoae who should have weighed their
words carefully before they were ut
tered. In the Reichstag the Hoeialist party
'la takinir advantage of the expeited
change in the foreign ministry. Thnt
party has refused thus far to ratify
the finance bill which contains the
new wat budget and insists tHat lie
fore ' ratification an announcement
should be made by the new foreign
minister pf his war aims and his gen
eral polier.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON. July 10 (OffleiaH
The treasury department announced
that loans to the Allies now total !,
Oil 1.500,000 and will continue to in
"ease at the rate of approxima.P.y
Mr ,i..npH ore follow.-
Great Britain. 3, 170.000,000; France,
1. 705.000.000; Italy, 660,000.000; Kns I
sln t.1S;3,0O0,0OO; Belgium, I3I,H0I1, -
''; oreece, fio,mi,iniu; cuou, fin,-
OtmiMMI. and Herbia, 9,000,000. A crddit
j of $(l,rj(WI,000 was extended to Rumania
but the exact status of the loan at the
time that nation made peace with the
Central I'owers has not yet been de
termined. Of the credit extended to Russia
only 1H7,000,000 had been paid out on
treasury warrants before the fall of
the Kerensky government and the
peace treaty made by the Bolsheviki,
which halted the despatch of any fur
ther funds.
w. a. &
LONDON, dulv 11
I'ressi -Great Britain has lost, 'hrough i
an accident one of its leading aviators.
James Mel 'ml. Ion has been killed by a I
rail according to reports received yes
This daring air fighter was credited
with having downed fifty-four foes.
ally itself with Germany in case
of Anglo-Japanese intervention in
A despatch from liasel, says
that Foreign Minister Trotzky of
the Russian Bolsheviki govern
ment, in opening the general con
grcss of Russian Soviets at Mos
cow said: "Russia is on the eve
of general military service and
' ;
l HAV FUAKCIHCO. Julv 10 (Offl
ciali Juijui G. Kasai. iiieinber of the
Pacific Press Bureau, speaking today
nt the Allied War Liposition, said:
"Japan has been the loyal ally of the
Allies and the faithful remird of the
past is Mifficient guarantee of hor pu
rifle intention in the future.
'Japan is in the war for the Allied
enure and has been the stunrhest
friend of Russia a ad the Russian peo
"In the namo of the valiant sons of
the Land of the Ilisinu Sun. I olfer
praver for a complete victory for the
iU nt ""'P" he cause of
lUHtiec and humamtv onv the rrussiun
Vienna Says They Will Discuss
Purely Economic and Not
Military Questions
rnlLllUN ntrUnltU IN
Austria Expected Heavier Rein-
fOrCementS and DoeS Not
, 1 ta I
LONIK)N, .luly 11 (Associated I'ressi
Austrian 6nd Gorman -1 i I - n-n yes I
with a viaw of brinK'ni uL.tiit . lospr J
relation brtwopti tin' t itiont.. ,
Vienna deiatrh'i aprt ilmt the con
t 1.. 1.. I.I 1. I
, , ..r,., ... ., .,,,
morrial and economical aflni
mnriai imi rciiHu.inc.. hiiiiik hi.. ...
eredita the report that. tinhtnr (pies
tiona may bo (ivon ennHideratinii.
lion Ilia in' (lr(l ciinni'ifi a I 11111 . j
'Reports that the military situation!
Rllinit.ted differenees nhieli l.nve nvi-cn ;
net Ween AUStria OnH OerilllUIV nil tni'l"
bet we
by thi
tion of sending of reinforcement
the Tatter of the Italian Kront with i
a' purpose of cheekiug Austrian retire I Hnmuel (lompera, president of the Amer
ment and mnkitig possible nn ntTenaive j ""' Kederatioa of IJilwr. had spoken
:n the Trentino sctor. These reports in opposition to the Jones Prohibition
have emanated from Rome. Amendment to the Emergency Agricul-
Frlctlon At Front tural Will, Josephna Dantelx, Keerptary
, . , . .. . . of the Navv, made a profound imprps-
Thnre is friction of n kiuuh nature . ,,' .
. ,, i a , .i aion on the committee bv his testi-
IH'l-w et'll .leimniiv nui. mini nn i,.i-i iiic . . . . ., .
V . . .. monv m favor of immediate prohiln-
carrving on of the eampniijn nn the I.. , , .
1 r ft tion. He bnsed hia atateinents not on
Italinn rronr. .iJwhat might happen, but on the actual
Austria has declined to acc ept the I . , , , , , . . . .
appointment of General von liuelnw, j "'""'ts DU
thi-Jlermnn officer, a. connnauder in- I .""enee through .the banishment of he
chief of all the forces agai..t the Ttnl ; "loon frora ,B 'M 'V' the
iana and the refusal to approve his ! "et "I'viaion of the navy depart
rhoice has raised an issue between i ,n'n'-
Vienna and Berlin. . '"Hpeaking for the enlisted men and
The reason give for Austria's atti- personnel . of the Navy," said Secre
tude ia that Germany has not made j tary Daniels, "I want to say that-the
good ou the promised plan to supply elirainatfon ofBqnor has increused ef
twclve German division for use against flcieucy. In every 'particular and that
the Italians, the divisions to be sent : the order had already demonstrated its
at the same time that von Buelov. went I efficacy and ita wisdom."
to become supreme roiumnnder. j i eVery cae, he declared, where
Expected More there had been a change from the open
Swiss advices sav that the Austrians , nloon t0 prohibition, the results were
expected Germany" to despatch these j tn" m n1 spoke volumes in favor
troops, and now take the attitude that of ,ne change. Further, he declnred,
until Gennanv makes good her pledge : those who were opposed to the change
to do o, von Buelow will not command i have since then approved and testified
Austrian troops in the projected nffon , to the benefits which have accrued to
sive against Italy. concerned. As an ' illustration of
Kaiser Haa Grippe what the enactment of a dry law could
According to Swisa advices, the do for the shipyards, Secretary Daniels
kaiser, who was on one of the battle
fronts, has goue home, sick with the
W. I. M.
Economy In United States HaS
Splendid Effect
FRANCISCO, .lulv 10 (Offl
.Voluntary sa ing ia meeting the
food problem of the I nited States and
its Allies. By reason of the saving
in this country it has been possible
to i nci ease the woefully scuut ration
of beef in Britain aud in France.
The federal food commissioner for
California aim ounces that by Septem
ber not less than 170,000,000 bushels
of wheat or wheat products Will be
landed on the other side of the At
lniitie. of which 150.000,000 are di
rectly attributable, to the voluntary
su iii's of the people of America. He
said that every one of the 20,000,000
homes in the I'nited States is working
with the food administration eliniin
I nting w ante.
Fiance. Knyluud and Italy are fed
! and I'n'iy imperative need of food
; there is promptly filled. Our navy is
! the liest ted ill the world's history.
Our people huve sufficient food for
their health and there is tranquillity
"'-' " ' l,",s,'H-
"We are now snipping .tuu.uiiu ,imhj
pounds ol pork products abroad month
ly. We have a reserve of 1 100.0HO
pounds, insuring a reserve supply sufti
i ient to care for the needs of the
Allies indefinitely.
'' As a result of our beef shipments,
Fiainc and Kuglund have increased
the'r in at i;il. on within the. Inst few
w eeks. ' '
w a s
NASI1VII.IL, Tennessee. July 11 -!
socin 'ed I'reHni -One hundred and
f.'.eo dea l and eighty kit injured eon
ttitn'e the -ost in lives aud Injuries
of the une-' plained rnilwsv disaster
rf Tuesday on the Nashville, ("but a
nooL'a 4 st. Louis Railway.
-i est inntions of yesterday in the
run s nod cl aried debits of the two
trains served only to add to the hor
rible details of tiagedy. The deuth
list mounted ii'iove the estimated one
hundred and many of the injured are
ho-rii I,- inaneled or burned and sufTcr
w. . a.
vo ne"ii of sntferino from ciuuins in
the stoimii'li or intestinal pains. Chaui
be'li i i's Coli. and Diarrhoea Remedy
never fails t" ndieve the most severe
........ Oct it today, there will be no
time to send for it after the nttuck
comes on. For sale by all dealers.
Benson, Suiitli 4 ( o., Ltd., Agents for
Nationwide Prohibition Is
, Brought Nearer Through
First Test Vote In Senate
WASHINGTON. Julv 11 I Associated Press)--I'roln h,m, won
victory in the senate ypsterdav, scoring I" hp Hrt lunl i.t .tienirtl, on
nrriendment to the Kmergencv Agricultural Bill which will. ,( I'lHi'il, 1T hlir a
national prohibition Within n few months.
A favorable ropert on the lull amended was returned In 1 1 . - scnnc
tnittee on agriculture and consideration of the nieasuie w :i . 1 1 1 1 n no l.v
senate yesterdny. morning Senator Hnulahnrr of Ihdnwntc. on-, dm- 1 1
I dent pro tempore) then rendered 11 parliamentary dci iin v In, h 1 ,.r the tune
' being, rant consternation min the camp of, the advocate, pi,,), 1, ,!.,,,,. II,
h""1'"1 amendment was s "riiler'' nrt nut in:l m t,, t,,. :l.i
, proM-r holding that it wn .111 attempt to p'nvl le general loej.hit n :m ,
The reverse for the pinhibition force's was but a t poran n:ir In.nrur.
fofthey mlheil to thecauc f prnhiliition nnd Henntnr .Inn,.. 1 ' nOiii,,;'!!!! Ic
' D "l'lp"' from th ruling nt' tin- chair. """ -"
!on the vote upon the appeal the rnlinir tnr "h ' T"" tin- workmen in tic
of Senator Saulsbury was ov or ri .1 . t ti
by h vote of thirty six t.. thirty lh-ce.
After recess last fvciiinii leaders f I
ih; '':! :,i,,on ";. 7nT,
not n-prpriit their full -trmatli m !
wprp confident that thp ntc uimii. Dip I
'amendment would bo taken in a few
""V" " 'I '" 'l.lll ,,
.1 .. I .I.- !A 1. 1 1
tsi,,a,,)v lliru n,Hr(ftn ,,,
in tt, Hrst
. A a
ted stHtes Hhipping Board; Percy It.
' " 'iri,iucu. ... in,- v nrnn-
a"' ationiil , Hnnk or ."New lurk; A.
"urleaon, K)stoiaatr fcenernl, and
submitted the cases ef Mare Island,
; Han Frauciaco and JNewport, Rhode
iieip to sauora
The commaudanta, oflheae yards, he
said, hail repeatedly affaled to him
to issue an order prohibiting the sale
of liquor within the flve-mile limit.
After full consideration the order were
put into effect, with marked improve
ment of work in yards where the effici
ency formerly was of a very high or-
' der. The saloon, he said, is a tempta-
j Viid '' which ought no to prevail
wherever we wish to secure the highest
possible eiticiency.
' Speaking of the general effect of
prom in i ion irginini ion , r-'ecreiarj ximn
iels told the committee that reasoning
f i inn the change of opinion in districts
which have gone dry there ia no rear
son whatever to dread dissatisfaction
or to shirk the issue. " VVTien th Con
gress of the United States," saii the
Secretary of the Navy, - tells 2,0J,000
soldiers and -HMyiOO sailors that they
are not to take liquor or go into a
saloon, it cannot be indued tknt you
are encroaching on the right of in
dividuals when you make these re
straints universal."
No Food For Booze
"We ought not to ue g bushel of
wheni for anything which is not a
prime necessity lor eating or foi
d ri ti k i ii tr, much lens t,,' tolerate a
business that is not essential a'v'
which lessens efticieucy. ' ' conclude.1
Secretary ll'intels.
Kiluntil N. Hurley, chairman of the
Cnitel States Shipping Hoard, hnd pre
viouslv declared that the reason h"
the shipping board and 'he emergency
fleet conioiation were opposed to the
enactment of proli ilu t on legislation
was liecnuse they were apprehensive of
inn change that mii;ht conceivably
interfere with the ork mi the yards.
Both Mr. Hurley nml B'-aiiibt idt;--Coll'
whose eluim that the taking
awnv of I i trli t wines and beer wool I
reduce the Cnlted State- shipyard out
out t ' cut v five uereei't . w as responsible
for the committee's ,e.i,enii.g of the
hearings 014 the Jones prohibition ;
smei'i'ioetit to the r iner.'eney Agricul
tural Bill, admitted that th-y were not
speaking from nnv knowledge of what
actual resslts iniidit ensue from the
pnsyage of the ninenlnieiit, but de-
clured that thev were .1 isinclined to
have any extieriments in the yards at
this time Tn other winds, both the
iteesse submitted a priori argu
ments bused on the assumption that
the luinislnnent of the -aloon might
i'B"se lUssnt 1 fact ion au'ong tne men,'
who, they declare had now reached
a high level of efficiency. They ap
nenled for tin1 maintenance of the
status iiuo, but refused to sav thnt
nrohil'it ion would Inn e bad results.
" Tn inv mind." said Mr. Hur'ey.
"there is more risk in this prop sal
than there would be in the eonser'p
tion of labor because it is a pnrtial
interference with Illicit ' without any
Increase of control I have ouposo I
the conscription of lab .r because I
have felt that we should so long as it
muy be possible lelv upon the volun
tary and puti'iotic pernlinn of
met ican lubo' ' '
Hurley Opposed
The gist of the a' ; o 1 1 1 1 uts nr-sente I
by Mr. Hurley a'l bv Mr. Colby ut"
conta tied in the fo'lowing extracts
from the testimony of the former.
"The Herman snbina set out t 1
blow our small merchant fleet out of
tht) sea-v Responding to tht) uatiuu 'a
mini '
ar,, have be n break inu nil tl
"iila of the
"1.1 Id .11 sh i 111 .11 i i-li no T , ..
r on nri llllr.l v ,th nit hiKnihin 'I'll, y
r,,' ., Ir
bnnnrr vent f ',., i.mt.m. W,' k,v
hat i h ipurMn; i i, nml. In cut it
fatKly nn.l .iml
do nut K ii'. w
lin-lei the .rn
! hrt wonl I 1 . 1 j . l.n
posed experiment.
'We feel that the wrk of the inn
ment is tvo important for the .i.r
sion of any eneiy into an inot ". a
tion or rdiifrnviT"! over the 'r'nl'ieu
of human ratine We'ie j;ot t., put
(ill the Miiali an. I drive .ie'c i ot
Into this war We've i;ot to tl.lit 1
fi irl t nml still fluht, ith eveiv ni'h
cle straitiint'. and put ai-idc nen i s
sential 'X'ierimentinu. if we aie to
wring victory from flip linns."
Kennror Kenvon-Don't you realie
thaf it Is ennallv essential tl, at the
people who tire proiiiirmg food almuM
not Decnme cissatistieri j .
Mr. Hnrley I appreciate that fullv. ,
Senator Kenvon - It is voin op iuon
then that the enactment f the .(ones
amenomeo: .nn .iisni cnnie l.il.o, ,:i
the shipvanln' ;
Mr. Hurley It may.
Senator Kenvon What do .i: base,
that statement our
III answer to this pertinent qnesti
Mr. Hurley repbeil that tiny had,
ripcnDri-i greai nnncniiy with latmr
"I---- , "" i
in the yards, and that they now d sire I ;
to let. good cuourh alone. "I do not I
want . to take any chances: I nin 1
mereiv siaiing nn opinion,' declared
Mr. Muriey.
obet Men Work Best
At the close of his testimony. Mr.
Hurley, under cross o nivti on, nd i
rrniTefl mat better work tm,l I,, or. ('one .
in wh'e shipyards in i!,n leiritoiy JU ,
me i .-cine t oasi. nut ". in :i-ii thai, in ;
his otiWiion. the reason t ut this was
the Weather conditions .n.. the com j
patativeW simple type of , an;.i hoat '
eonsTiuciao in inese vnnt. la answer i
to thi. r-inator Kenvon introduced in j
tne recor.i unemenis mad ' l,v narl.M
A. 1'ier vice president of the lancr
gency FleetV Corporation, whet- the
latter bore. eumuy to the better
work done w-hre vnn s .ire Mr,iriti. :n
nry Territory, rn mis Mr. iiuri-y said '
up int'i uu xnowieoge.
Senator KutliprlBiid of West Vir
ginia introduced vidsuee of the
change of feeling among the miners of
his State who befori the Ktnte went
ivroinei causes, rnree; seveteiv wouilil
dry were rampantly opposed to prober ed, fortv live: slightlv wounded, one;
'"'t who nre "ow petitiiiwtitjf n.'ssi.i". twelve; l.-il.cn prisoner, two.
mm Tor ine passage or t lie . Tien n r.i; i
amendment. j
w a in uc I Oompers, .rr-siileni i.f t'le.
An - rienn Federation of Labor, iiiid .
S. Ilu -Icnon,, piistmaster general, both;
upl os,'. I ;hf amendment, the latter j
I-' v ' K c' li's reasons for oppositirn ;
thaV ft'' s "an old fashioned Den.o
,ernt.'' that he has always been tp I
po.,11 to prohibition, that he thin!.s
tha' the passage of this 'nnendni' at j
iinc.ht l.ei onie an issue ia the cou i
i e -moii.'i 1 elections next fall. -ind. fl'ittl !
1. that he does not know the facts'
as in vli.lhei or not this legislation
is ne. e..i.ry.
w. s. a.
N I W Yi'iiK. July 1I f.Vaaoeinted
'ii--- . .'Mil luniks and a number
if l....lei. have been i ailed upou to
''uiiM.h t,.st .iiiony relative to the course
'r whiih the mouev paid for the 1
" ' n;e stock of the New York
Mail and Kpress emanated and how
it w ns I i ndled. !
',,r ,l,.i:i a million dollars was paid j
for tin trol by Hintor It timely, now
n in I i ai ' -t on charges of perjury in1
f in-' i -h in o the custoilian of eni'inv
prope'ty vilh attidavits ns to owner-
ship in which he sou.'ht to conceal
the ( i i' : in ii ii ownership of the stock.
w. s a 1
Y A sl I Nt.TON. Julv 10 (Orticiuh
- -Taking over and coot rid of the sul
phur nidustiv in the I'nited Slates is
a 'iio-anceil l.v the war industries board. I
This material is one of the essential
needs in the manufacture of war sup
idie- nnd n such its strict control is1
, eon-ulcied as of h
i W I
LONDON, Julv I I I Associated 1
1'iess King Albert and Colleen '
l.li.iilicth ot Beliinn, traveling li
.1 1 leached Lnglu nd safely on I
Sa'ui.l;.!, coaiine to attend the
silver wi-dliug unii: eisarv -of Kiiiji
( 1 1 ;c .1 Cucen Mary. J
The H- I l; 1 mi roval pair vere es I
cartel l.v three Hel''iun aitolanes
' and t-aveed i'l separate seaplanes.
1 They landed near a warship off Hov
er nml tool fiftv minutes to make i
the piurtiey.
'- ..jj)'
Austria Pushed
Further Back In
Albania Battles
Ti" nMii 1 n a mo Aisnr
OlilMLL bAiltt irlMUL
French Score Advance and Am
erican Airmen Do Valiant
Work During Invasion
ted l're -f'otiti .' I
(mm ninnK, Inlet f i i i
I I - ( A.HNocia
'amn of the
i th
plans anj 'l epna r'
of the Miies on On
i -tei-ilny It ... tl
w e spn iii !!y set i r :i i
I In' policy
w ostein Front
I'reiicli who
i' and who won ad
mitted success fri ni ilu i.criunn On e
the Klnmlers front tli- Itntisli forces
conducted iinror op linni hile in
the A me? icn i sect.ir. tin-re was little
tntivity i xci pt by ' I c avintorn.
To the sotithne") i.l Soinsons, said
llo- rrciirh official t 1 1 issued Inst
ni(;lit, the French f.,r. i s continue to
make iraiiis again-t I lie foe. YestAr
dav they attacked successfully and oc- ,
cupied I.ngrille farm ..n tl utwkirta '
of l.onirnont and the northern section
or orey.
neriin Aamua
TIiIh lierlln admit'. si , the (iermnu
niuht ofTicIni rem. rt w Inch mii.l Hen, 1-
qlfarters mlmits thnt th. French are
..ontinuing tlieir Violet ;ittniks. have
taken some farms and have made a
short advance."
To the east ..I i,s the Hermans
showed moie neiiviu ad thev attack-
v, locnlly east of Villi is BrcteiinuJf..-
()u the Flimder..' ti.mt the British
eou.lucted home i:lt in ktfe v i. in
CfFU ' i uc I
jty f
nnd tot
'Mrrris, made a -hirft ml auce
nfiil took n feu iirisonei
AmrWn invaHe
thi'HIKelvt's vestiOtn . An air sound i - 1. t
,,.n ipude ti.yZi,, i r.ft.v mile, reachmg results of the campaign
ovi cneny' tern'on in the rourse'are to be expected. It is conced-
f this iitv nsion the
i In ed off a mini
.r ,4,f foe plains ,
y ohmlle information.
.1 secured some
;.. u. . ..i. i.:. :.. ' .
.u.,1 ;, c,,; .; ..t i. ' . i.. .. ..;.. i
rdav, downing
hi, 'first German nlnne.
Qniot Saya Pershing
o..,i.,,-,,i i . , . i ,. ,i,i..,i ,i,, i...,i
,,.. ,.w.ts 'had mthing of' im
p,)rU,.,, , r ,., ., ,,,, ,
,., ,.,liv ,.v n,., i
The war department an nuimced thnt ,
o..,, ., ,, ,,,,,.,, ,,d ff;riw.(, fr,
. . . . ' i
o erse.ns.
Casualty Ll3t
The casuaii v.ri'port for the dav for
'''Ki.uwtion. fwMyone; died of
wounds, fifteen; died of disease, four;
ar'othei causes, three; severely wound
K illcl in action, two; tlii
Is. t
,vo; .everely injured, one
W. S k
WASHINGTON, duly 11 (Associa
t..l l'i e.. ) -Tuesday was the record day
the -ill i.t Thrift and War Say
.i. .s s;.,i;,ps since tlie drive begun, the
'dal i .' the day reaching (. Iti,4.'l I . lll.'t
I ' "in .Inly 1, to July 9 the sale of
iiiih- tainps were 40,55L',.".'i!i.
sue. repoiied as oing forward to
ti'- hih saiistactiou of treasury of
w. 8. a. -
i s i . Ill I A M , .1 o I v 1 1 ( Associated
i In-.-. .lews an
e lacing uew persrcii
, i
In ;
It is tcpoiied by the Jewish
at The liugue that the l'au
1 partv is planning to tax the
. 1 iei 111a 1 1 v hea v ily.
u Stockholm conies word of even
-.lions trouble in Finland. The
s that the Jews ure to be drit
hi Finland and thnt no food will
.wed by the Finns to those Jew -efuse
to leave ns ordered.
8 8.
i rui. I WAK LAMrAlliN lo
v UiANClMt). .iiy lniotti
Thc National Commission of the
I v.
il.-d .a.iiii.ini' i-lubi., lendi
eitisniL! in the I'nited Stntes '
union u l plans for meetuig
rk in September 'to launch
i-iinipa 1 ; 11 to expand the
I.. I I.
of the ICte.l States aftel
w s s. -
ATI. WI'IC i'l I N . July 11 , As-.,,
.1,11. Pre s. Al its riio i lo le . on
.en' -i now in e--i ii- here the liene.
.11 I I 'rot e. t ,v ,- Or lei of L'.h
1 . -ol nt ne- - .v I .. h lui r. f 1 o 1 1 1 il.i-
h -e - ill. I lie .lull looms ot :, II
I.je. the .11 del . t he I i.-i iiiau
Mar 1 i nn Stom. h M-..1I-
L lll eel Sv St nl k .-'-i Ihl'-r
Livei. KiJiifv- nJ dlti.l
tri Id n.-Ktv t Intf ll'..K,J
Cti- iiitvr r.,l I .njuvc.
All Ui JKCI ,t
Though Result May
Not Be Far Reaching
tect On Bulgaria
May Be Important
. i iK Is. 1 ill v 1 1 - ( As-
soeiateil Press i l ite lt;i!-
iiin-I'rench "liensive against the
Austrians hi Albania is beim;
1 maintained and the triois of 1'Jii-
peror Charles ;ire being pressed
iack inmi une pusitioii U anotll
with comparativeK heavy
'esterday the Italians added
more than a thousand more pris
oners to those taken this week in
this new theater of activity, the.
captlireef including sixty ofticers.
ad.lili'Mi --m s in othcial ll il-
' '
Tan coiiiinitiiiipie. several ,nr-
ilaius wete captured and much
ther bootv taken, the Austrians
al ia iidoi i m
uiinlu's of all kinds.
W)n1' Albania continues to be
lire most avtiM- tlieater of all the
war fronts ;it present, with the
Hntcnte succeses causing a nerv
ousness throughout Austria and
l'ltilgaria, the general opinion in
military circles is that no far-
ed, however, that should the suc
i cess of the tiast few days be fol-
MN ct' ul'
by a strong blow from
the F.ntente along the Mace
donian front it might have a not-
a''le effect upon war-weary Hul-
, ' . , .
Insertions 111 the Hulgarian
arm v j Macedonia are increasing
gi"v.-atly. The Ucerters declare
, that conditions in llulcaria are
j unbearable and that the hopes of
' ultimate victory, lorag kept alive
i i,,. ,i, .u.
Jf HIV yi UIII1CH.3 Ul lilt ItdilVI 71
h:xc vanished since the Allies are
i,, ii- .tr u ....
, '
jaini me iianans nave aeteaien ine
Insubordination in the army is
ucrcasing rapidly, the men defy-
eir officers and refusing to
rders to attack.
' A London despatch says that
the Allied success in 'Albania is
i.lready adding seriously to the
troubles of Austria, whose armies
are now being, systematically
i I eaten on two main fronts. While
j the region of the Franco-Italian
I advance in Albania is seventy
I miles west of the Salonika front,
a nervousness among the Mulga
rians is apparent. Any further
advance in Albania will seriously
, lir....,, ii tin- Itnbrarinn riirbt tl ,,,L-
, :md leave the way open for an
Allied advance against the rear of
thrir main line.
ietina despatches yesterday
admit a defeat in Albania, an un
official statement saying: "In the
face of strong pressure, we with
drew our Albanian front across
the Herat-Fieri line."
I There was some slight activity
"" ,,K' northern Italian front yes-
I teniae, the Italians nttai-L-inir in
the I'.renta Vallev, on the AsiaL'o
Imie. I lyre Uwy.drove the Aus
trian.-- back slightly, rectifying
f w. a. a
V V -IIIMl'IVIV, .liiy t(1 -fss,.at
, I I'.,-...- I ncrrvasiiiA' speed in ship
1 -' - ''i-'i'in i. luiwn by the report of
h. -'noi'j' Uuird covering the lii't
i ii J " I '. iii hi lb seven day s there
'1 ' v ' ---I to t h,. i Ii 1 ppi 11 o I i.l
- ' 1' Oliiell t, ,,,,,;!,,,. as du'l"'
"' 1 1 "l of the ship building
.... 1,,
I tv tlnee hliipa of U'JTTl dead
eipht ten. were eulupli'ted the lirst
.veil, in July. Tin. total t,, ,:,te is
' .hips aggregating 1,41 5,U-iJ t"Ui
deloerei tu the iihippiug board-
s-s. - V
. .
. i
1 ir. .
. i

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