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Main Austrian Forci
ROME, July 10 (Associated
' t'fes) Vtaving turned the
Austrian right flank in Albania,
lie J t'allani and French oocrat-J
ng there are, giving the Aus
trians no opportunity to make-a
stand vt6 reform but are advaiK
itig rapidly, rolling back the
enemy's fine. Despatches from
thai front of last night indicate
that since th Victory., north ;of
Ayfpua the Austrian. Uuc lias been
puafieid f back'' .for , fifteen miles,
yi,t the.Jntentc troops pressing
their -advantage, ; jv.'1
, T.lie 6fTensivc in Albania is be
ing conjcTtictcd at .a number, ,of
points,. along a wide front, frqm
the.x'AdriaUcu north of the, ;Gil
of. Arta, to the upper waters, of
tfie, pevpl Tver, more than r
ty rtiiles east, toward Koritsa, TThe
Franco-Italian advance is genjal
along this whole front, with ihef
giyis of, British monitors bqni
barding. the Austrian coast posi
tions, and. cavcring the Italian
progress .north from. A.v lona.
coioyuNicATiONS cut;
;i Yrestjhg the. Austrian grip of
the. coasthne roin,.thein,ahe Bri
tish warships opened a way $Vr
the . Italian cavalry, which . work
ed its. way back of the Austrian
lines and raided, ir. in the rear,
reaching the Scmeni River apd
destroying the bridges, thus cut
ting off the Austrian line of ec-
treat nprth nu preventing sup
plies from reaching them from 4
their main Albanian base at Du
razzo. In the advance,, thc Italian iti
fantry has crossed the Voyu&a
RivCr, and ii crowding, the Ais
tHans eastward, vyljile inland tic
I'rench are sweeping forward
from southeast ...of . Jierat, and
threatening to trap the main body
of the enemy.
, Jhqiild the success which has
attended the open lug of this now
offensive continue it will threaten
the hold the 'Bulgarians and Aus-
trtans- havc bcfn jnainUining pf j
tflein main Ime of dclense ,iii
Macedonia and may hring ahu(Ut
a K,c1a r-;ne,wal . .of Aieti i(t y
along the entire Serbian and Bul
garian Jeouts. . .i I,-,
Tlie feaMire of tho.fiyUtiiiH y,s
tcrday, .vras-. the,- cature of tie
town and the heights of Fieri ly
the ItAlLansr witl) thirteen hurt
drej pripficx. .This victory was
'i v iiriportaut v yuc, piicning the
yj( tofr the substantial advance
later made along the, coast.. ,
. W ."t 1 1 ," i .
AAyiUNGTON. Jul- 10 (Asanciht.
ed Press) The final totul of subscrip
tious q, tbe Third l.ilH'rty Loan was
anttomiced -last .night. Thii figili"
re"h'' the enormous totul of t,17ti,
51tl,S30. t .'.- ,v t1 " wi . t, ,. T.,n.
WAisWllJlOTOr; July 8-(Officini)
f Aa'aV-hrted 'PressV Prosiaene' Wilson
has Unproved prices for eotforf brod-
ucts which are twenty to-'tnlrTy percent
lower than ' present quoted market
prices. Representatives of the trade
have agreed to the new prices.
M Albanian fortrctA oath
yesterday by the Italian
vu ;. . v..,...a.j ,ty."i h-Jv
-i a i'
Givjng Germans Little Chance To
Perfect, Plans For, Great
Offensive Expected
NEW YORK; July lO-Aaaoriatcl
Pfe) The Alliot are giving the Oer
manii -UtU - hanc to yiorfae their
rrangoninti for the- resumption of thu
Rreat offensive wh'cb, it is now known"
tbe German, high command planning.
AH along the liritiqh ami French line
hid A'ilips are mi'ling in fur" and feel
ing out tha euemy, with heavy bom
hard men Is of thoso sectors which give
indications of" extra, heavy gathering
of Germans while the air fleet is eon-
timiously engugod in harrying the eon
eutiatiuu cumps back of the German
mrnm i
" , Wires Mi
mere nas own comparative quiet. w quA,,tionod to ,lIg viowg concern -on
all th. .ector occupied by the Am- ing tho advigabiUty of tho pro)08,.d ,.. ;
t .fcn'dJP!bIe f'ghhng on tlon- Tbo tCMion 0 ,he con;mittee WU(
both the Brttial i and French fronts. 1'' I executive, the general public being ex
the region of Iwingpont, southwest of . .iuj,..i "
hoissons, where H French prewed f.n'-
ward on Monday,' a number of German
conntera yosturday were thrown back
with the' rreneU continuing to edge
forward and nee'upy irew points of Van
tnge. A number' more German prison
er were taken and ttioir fosses in their
unsuccessful conntem 'were heavy.
During Monday night the Hritish
raided frequently, taking prisoners
from the Homme to' ah far north as
'Fla'ndors, white yestorduy morning a
local engagement or iMrtao imi'O'tance
was fought. In this the British ad
vnnced for a milo along a ftont of
mnrn t li a ., lun .til... n...l .. I. n 1 9 . . f
Anthout, on the Albort front, cnntni iiig
n numbor'of stTong points, iuflietiii'.'
heavy losses and taking four huuilred
and fifty prisoners.
COPKNHAGF.N, Jaly 10 ( Associat
ed Press) The Kaiser has consented
to Mio acceptance by the, imperial
ehnncpllor of' tho j-esignation of von
KjicJi!nUHtt, the foreign seeretniv.
The 'resignation of von Knchliiiaiin
Tins foccil expected ever since his speech
in the reielislag, on June 25, when he
iwiliounced that a purely military v ic
tory for the Tentrul Powers is hardly
to be expj'ctcd.
WASHINGTON. July fl (Ofticialt
Secretary of r.)ibor Wilson has an
bounced the establishment of a worn
ah 's ilivislbn of the department of
labor to develop policies and methods
for the more effective iise of the. ser
rice of women in wnr Industries. The
peneilil si I nation now U liettr tl.ini
ut any tiuie since America iin.lertotii,
1 1," n i', line in he All.es.
Adriatic, seized and strengthened
'With -the aid of the British navy.
1 " ;
i ' V ,':!; V'V -vv .-'J,.'
1 V:,'V:.'rUA;:''
-1 vt-f
President Will Get
Senate Committee Votes To
Recommend .Passage ofvReso
iution Seizina TelearaDh. Tele-
'h DU I Uo n...i
M.U..o aiiu aui wi.cs uui my
'WASHINGTON, July 9 ( Associated
I'reis) The interstate commerce com
mittee of the senate, after a hcariiig
yesterday ttiut lasted many limns, de
cided by a vote of seven to three, to
recommend to the senate for passe
uuuse rosuiuuun auinoriin rne
President to take over control of the
telegraph, telephone and radio lines of
the couutry during the period of the
The principal witness before the com
mitte was President Carlton of the
Western Luion. For three hours he,
lt ia for the purpo,e of acting on tho
propo8aI t0 authorize the President to
take ovor control of tho telegraph, tel
ephone and radio Hues that congress
is living held in session. The maiinitv
of the senators wanted to adjourn with
out ucting orl the resolution until af
ter tho rocesdj but President Wilson
insisted that action should be taken at
WASHINGTON, July J--((niciah
Additional credit to tbe oxtent of ten
million dollars was today extended to
tho government of Italy by the I'ni
ted states. This makes a total of $i;ilo ,
000,000 which has been loaned tho Itul
iuns by the American govornment, mid'
thu total of loans to all of tho ALIieJ
now stuuds at 1,01)1,51)0,000.
WASHINGTON, July ! (Olli-i.ih -Secretary
of War Baker has tlioli ,n.'.
the war council and turned its vn-!,
over to the assistant secretaries of t.m.
General Peyton C. March, i hi. f i l
stuff; Major General Frank M'Tntyie,
assistant chief of staff, lint! Major G( n
eral Goethals, in charge Of pun liases,
storage ami tialrle.
WASHINGTON, July !)--( Associated
Press) A despatch received here to
day from representatives of the Ann r
iean government in Teheran, Pi-isia.
says that food riots hnve foeen pie
cipitated in that city and that the an
murines nave I u compelled I
i In i it a state of martial but.
: '. I '
i . r,'w- .Trr - I
I A ' ' ' -'V-'. ; 7;,- f
by the Aust.ians and recaptured
'. 'j-- v
Public Prayers By Cardinals For
Peace With Victory United
In Work and Sacrifice
V T XOHK, July n-(Otli, ial)-
l"V aw . 1
I America to slnml snli.lly foack
of tbo Nation in the war, not only
liv rill nfiMHitile miiti'i inl n.il Iml lv I
' I VASIir.NGTON, July SI (Associated
'the rcitost of all spiritual power, ,..-.,..,.,. shipping board has ,,
pray 'i, ' was made ycHler.lay by 'nr noiinced the discovery of a new pro
diniils (iili foons, Failtv nr I ( I '( mi irr. lei t i e rimting which is nx per ted to
'ilie tin... cardinals nui.li. U i.::n,',l l, r
the sm i ess of the Amerii an
the .'rent I'Diillict. u a joint
made hy l''iein tiicy said: .
"Frein the moment our rounlrv
mnie the inoini'iitoiis deciMiui ti
the cont'ii'i tho whole "at ! i-
lulii I' inerica eathusin - n :n
whole hi ;i 1 1 ni ly aeeeiiti d its l ul
of the work iiikI Hiniiiicr. I;
Ktintiiigk put forth nil i's resi. in
to stai.il villi n U other A inei i :i i .
the d"fciie of our sacred 11 im ij.l s
right ami national duty.
" A ni ma ; ' d by nn umlau'ili'l
let 1 he luile Nation t in n In i
prayer tt li le. our army eo.ira
con 1 1 o'. I 'he foe.
''While t.'e usi.' every pos,.i!,i.
: of our iiiaiei'ial power let i -:
it by the iMcatosl of ail tipini..,.
..i .1.
II t ' I
.li .'.
huh i piaycr.
- W. X. s. -
SLA I I I i , July J) (Orr.Uiali Far
reacliiii4 iiult fiom tiic extension of
.InpHiii se an. I American trade are cv
peeled full'itviiig a convuiitioii of all
.lapiuiese nl the Pacillc. Coast stati'H
I and Canada pledging loyully to the
I uileil Males. Kxpunsion of the com
I menial ni tions between the two
' i i 1 1 1 1 1 t ies :s planned.
Press i-
luHKt'H Itf I ii
iiimI Kruirli
IhTII i. Ill' u
1 ilri'tlt Iim piM
i t Kt t ion i -
July III (Associated
' . I ;i 1 1 1 1 a I v I, PI I 7. I lu
ll I ships hound for Iti 1 1 i-h
I'tirls iiniier I'lintni hs"
'I tit eat y nine one Ii n n
' nt of the total, in eonl
ti m mil i v . of the snlmia i ne
-i. ed Inst night fov s,r I.e.-
my of the Nhippin board
llonietiiii.l bound shipping from Hi it
tsu por!
year lues
in e ti first of the present
In en destroyed hy Gel man
io the extent of " rutin r
suiiuiai ii:"s
i-tite than
liil.- Ies,.-
ne perceut ' ', he I epnri s,
since the llrst of the v ear
s hound for Hiitish ports
Hitler olio nnd t tvo lift lis
of food
hnve In
pe'i i lit.
ry I. 1017
re h:
1 n
1 tllllS
i 1 1
il .
'iv two million e.
"iu oye.l to and fi
h pints.
o. si. I I ,
i-.il nnd
Ccnfiricntial Report On Quality
of New Troops Falls Into
Arrcrican Hands
I n :.n m t :
in V, :i li: v r i
tlir t i : 'i 1 i m i.'
ilv 1(1-
1 ' ! he A merii n
Uic.itly hum i' .used
ot.nliies (if rne!o
t 11 rMr iiios
1 'ttiieinuti njinv
; i . el 1 1 ,.
I I'lll'l ! ti'l .
I'l l' IIICH n s:n I Hull 11 fi'Mllt of
' ' 'i'":i. ilrli ! Itinrt nu'iit
M-h luitl Iir-.'n i'ii I.! 'i rt" 1 oc ri Im'iI hii
A iiirrii-n:i iliv iximi mi the Mnrnp us
"niiniHt nn nltii'-UiiiL' ilivinlon." The
r i 1 1 Jiiiil lluit tlir ni'ivi's of tW A m
rrienn i'll i h.nl tint born Khnkpn
liy ()rmnn firo, wliii'i wan iin.'ililc to
nT'''-t ttwir nmrttlc.
T is imi'jihlc fur M (IcrmntiK, tin"
rp,.nr riir1. tn "mm militnrv infnrnia
ti'-n from A mi't ir -i tiiknn pi-iHorirr.
IMii'V rniclv imli 'ji'c "itinrm orriiii'- I
I. I"' il.l st- to, f Mont of til"
An ("rirjinn. tin1 rrimit wiy'n, arc of
f.i'i'i'ii (.(. . 'i., i h"ir Ri'trit anil
(i-.'li'irjf qim'iMcn -rn rrmarknlib.
w. t. s.
Death of Both Ows May Render
It Impossible Ever To Learn
Cau:e of Collision
NASMVtl.l.K, T"ini"i;oo, July Irt
( An"oriiiti (I I'rc-.H' 1'iiriiplofp mj'Btery
aiirroiimln the ';iiih" of or" of the wiirt
rnitriinl wrorkc in tin- history of the
rn'ir'rv i liich kill"l nt least mio htin
dreil persona whon two nissongor trains
I cn! i'l"ii mi tl " N'uhIh ill", Clint tnnooi'
ft Mt. I.m is riiiliuiiil in the suburbs of
this ku .
As th" crows of both trains were
Villi1 1, il limy ni'ver for known who or
whit' was ri'.piiiisililc fur the collision.
Six cii.i' lirs pre eompli'toly demol
isheii in the "rush. In one ear rverv
person ivh kiMi'l. Fire 'broke out and
added its horrors to Uio tragedy.
In H'lilit inn to nt lenst one hundred
who were killed, it is estimated that
seventy-live erc injured. Moat of the
killed mid injured nre negroes.
W. . 8.
New Protective Coating Is Im
portant Discovery
"' e eoacrrte snips as .luranic as steel
Ilie board also announces the leilini'
""" 1,1 of emit roots for ninety two army traiis
appenl ports ilesigne l for uso us passenger
I vessels after the war.
w. a. a.
1 i 7ITA ninrM'T. IT'Q
ed Press I -A Vienna n
' ss,,ciat
piosl rated
s:i s that Km press Zitn is
:i"d liiiM been eorilined to I
r bed for
Miine dn'. s as a result nf rn in
circulation in Austrian court
that she was the cause nl I hi
I -in 'i fsiiure in the Italian oil'
"It in line," writes this mn
'"nt, "that she advocated petic
Ih" rumor that she had math
do with the eollapsc of tie Ai
e 1 1 "le.
nut ".
i'. but
ai; lo
-1 1 ia ii
oireusise is sbiiiderous. ' '
w. a. a.
LONDON. July JO - Associated
Press; John Robert Chins, pallia
nieiitiny secretary to the cenlial de
purtment, was yesterday named as food
controller for Groat li ri t it i n , in sue
cessioii to Hie lato l.ortl Khoiidda.
Hardto Shake Off
That Backache
Tlie daily grind is madi'ten tunes
worse when litflicted with lame lack,
sliuip, darting pains, hi'itdaele s, . I , zy. i
ness an I iiunoying kidney d i Hi. u il ies
If you want to shake it olT I e fore
there's danger of gravel, dnysv, or
Kright 's disease use Doaii 's Hai k u he
' Kidney Pills. They nre phii-e.l I lie
woild over by thousands wiin line hud
lelicf from those exuet trouble-
"When Your Buck is Lame K 'in
b.'l the Nllllie tDotl'l miiiii.U .'inU for
j a kid ev remedy ask disiiicilv for
I'l.nn 's Paekaelie Kidney Pills ,i" I lake
'no otheri. I man's HaeLin-he Kidney
I Pills iii-e sold fov all druggists in ! -lore
1 ' s .,, it I I,,. Ill t 1 1 . , , , ,., .( of
rue liv i !,,. li,li?ter 1 r,, ' . , or
- ii mfc-'.'AWwinls f .r the
M la it a hi n Islands. ( Advcrl io. invnt)
In Ten Days On ItalidiKFront
Destroyed Fifteen To Every
One They Lost
l l"N. .Inly 10 (AnwM-ini.
I'rcsi Tin. .mt ih" Kntcntp ami Am I
crii mii ri i :i t , i - htiv" licrn playing I
tilling tlir ll:ili.ln frunt wai ill"rrilird I
ill iin (.Hi. i ii ii..nt fiom Oennral I i r.
"mi in v Hie Ittilian Irailcr paying
full i i " lit for tlii
material assistance
th" iiiittirn lifivr li,."u in his ilecKov"
irln:. 1 iii i ft tin- illlfn of tbo Aim i
triiui nlTi'iisni', unys tho rrM)rt, the.
.iI.hk ni. i iiIiik tlif A in"fuaii, i"Ji
Ma! ".I inn lnimlri'il Mini twrnty chatn'r
il:iii.- ,, u ,in; . ' ii ni in ten ilny Hi-.
Iiiiii . liiii-,ii liiiinlri'ilM of roitihiitu, in
ih" inure nt nhiih thev shot down
ami 1I. .1 mi . il une liiimlred and" si'veii
1 1 M I ' l.i l'..iltl4 11 llil ni'. . n AlfH.ridll i.i. I
HIT Ml I Mill ll.llllM.llS.
I lit Huh liuhting the Allies lost seven
of their ntn planes, shot down or fori e l
to iicm end liehinil the Anstrian llms.
while tn :ie I'.nlinn balloons were des
t r 1 v I . Three allied pilots wer '-"
in tli" liyhtinjf . six were wounded and
seven iin- missing.
Battle:. Continuous
Tini.' ns much nir fi;litinj oir
tne "stern front yesterday, in which
the 1'ri'in Ii and Hritish airmen carried
'he buttle tn the Germans, nearly every
air iinil al lunifi fought baett of Iho
Getmii'i :.ii's. The Hritish shot down
thir'e 11 enemy nun liines. The number
of ii In: les won by tho French has not
been a -non need, lint the Berlin del
pate!." "Inim a totnl of eighteen
French ami Hritish machines destroyed
f'lii'iin; the tinv.
The i.aal planes on both lido hive
likewise lecn active, with each aide
scut 1 g A (ieiinnn seaplane squadron
lo. ated anil attacked n n Hritish subnia
riii' fl.itil a on the east coast of Kng
land on AaturUay, it is announced by
the inlniiiulty, one submarine being
slightly ilaniaxed and one officer and
live sailors being killed.
"11 .l"lv I a H'lt'sh nenplane. aqaadrnn
had raided Zeebrugge, Ostond and
Bruyye. dropping a number of Itomba,
and the same points were raided on
July 7. following the visit of the .Ger
man M':ii'Unr.s to F.nglaJid. Io these
two mids the Hritrsh airmen dropped
1 tetal of six tons of explosives, regis
terin',' direct hits on buildings and
vossels in the harbors. German' plane"
that rose to defend the submarine bases
w ere shut do" n to the number of eight
in all, five being destroyed and three
forced back out of control. All the
Mritish n ill i i; planes re'urned in safe
v to their bases.
w. t. a.
Must Go Where They're Sent,
Says Crowder
WASHINGTON, July In-- Associat
ed Press) Meu eligible for military
service who do not wait to lie draf'ed
font volunteers are not to foe allowed
to select the branch of tho service
thicli they prefer. Instructions to this
effect have been IsVued to draft boards
throughout tlie country by Provost
laishal General Crowder. Volcnteers
for the navy will still foe acc 'pt vl.
increasing daily
W VSHINGTON, July ! 'Assm iat
id Press) Today's "iisnnltv lists ca
Id "d f'oin France were as follows:
Marines: Seventeen killed in action,
leu dead of wounds, thirteen severely
wounded and twelve missine..
Army: Fourteen killed in action,
ten died of disease, one died of
eoiindh, twenty-eight severely wound
ed. two slightly, oleven missing and
one lul. en prisoner.
W. alt a.
NORFOLK, Virginia. July l"--( As
sociated Press) An Argentine dread
natiglit has arrived here bringing Am
bassador Naon of Argentina and a
diplomatic mission from thst country.
V PVGOTC PORT. Julv ! lOmcial)
The In r rest concrete drydorl. in the
I i' 1 1 1-'I States hen is neHnn "omple-
; to ii. It will foe 10iJ feet loiu and
i l.-.o I, it eide, with a eapiieiiv of '.().
i 1 1 n i ill m oiiT'ihih w li ii Ii au be puinputl
i i ii I it ii hours.
W. s. a. .
M.s-TKHDAM. Julv in (Assocint
' l'..s The Televriiaf learns that
Kn:.'i-u Minister Loudon is soon to
foe unpointed minister for the Nether
binds to the I'nitctl Males.
Minister London has alieudy served
in this rapacity, linviu", foeen minister
at :isi,ii,rt,,. fr,,m linis to 101.1.
".'i I P!ii:litis. the pii'senl minister,
is In. im mi leave mi in t otint of sickness.
. ' . . . . . . i
Entente Diplomats Informed of
America's Plan Which Docs
Not Include Sending Military
Expedition To Siberia
Oelpqr.tc From Vladivostok Coun
cil Now En Route To United
States To Lay Facts of Situa
tion Before Washington
ArM I . i I t l. , IIIV IU
(Associated l'rcssl - An
ecimomic penetration of KuHSta
by business representatives and
not an armed invasion with a
military forue asparcntly is what
the administration has decided
upon as the best and most effec
tive way of meeting the advance
eastward into Siberia of German
ism. Such it is now said is the de
termination arrived at by J'rtsi
dent Wilson and the cabinet at
the important session held on
Saturday, although there is as Vet
no official announcement of what
there transpired or was finally de
cided uponi The administration
has, however, fully advised the
diplomats of the Entente 9(to
America's views for the. best
methods of aiding Russia, and
these views have been cabled to
the various Entente capitals, v
It is understood tliat a project
is shaping up which will coun
teract the advance of tbe German .
influence throughout Russia and
lead to the rehabilitation of. that
rountry without exciting. tjie dis
tmst of the Russian people;' regard
ing thu motives of the Entent oil of
the United gtatea. , "
Th original proposal to send Am
erican fousinrtnH uieii into Hussla has
mwnmd a new phase through the in
jection pf an idea lo mnke the econ
omic, eommissioa ami the armed guard,
to acootnpany'.lt iuternatioaal.. ,,,, .,
Tliis alleged decision of the United
States falla far short of the Kntoute'a
original desiron, which favored the des- .
I'sHli nf a military expedition into Hi
foeria, there to cooxvrate with the anti
Holsheviki elements for tho restoration
of normal government.
To urni Uie carrying out of the mili
tary., expeditfoa idna, tho Cxeehohwvae
eoiim il, now adiniuistcring affairs at :
TnditosLok and tlie surrounding eoua- '
try, i Bonding one of its nininWa, .
t'olmml Vladimir lliirfoan, to the Uni
l'l States. Colonel Durban is now in
Tokio, en route to America. In en in
terview in the JiiiMinese capital yiwtor
day Im stated that the Czechoslovacs
ha'o a total force in Kastern Silria
of eighty thousand men, of whom some
R'teon thousand are held at Vladi
vostok. ;'
Vladivostok has foeen uuiet since
jJune 29, when the Cei hoslovnes coin
! pleled tlu'ir oustini; of the Holsheviki
element and suppressing of the Kd
Guard, which offered resistance. Ja.
'he street fitfhtiiig the Cr.echnslovacl
lost twenty five men and the Ked
(jiiar'l sixt v.
A Rheiighai despatch states that tho
Czechoslovacs have followed np their
success at Vladivostok by advancing
westward and capturing tlie naval sta
tion of Nikolayovttk, on tho Amur
Hiver, defeating a mixed force of Hol
sheviki n. released Austrian and Ger
man prisoners.
An official despatch from Paris to
the state department says that the sue
cem of thw'l'anehoslorva.'S at Vladivos
tok and further' west, where they have
rut the Trans Siberian lino in a Bum
her t6 places has caused anxiety , in
OerWny, where the Liberal oran are
cTtttriniasy the govern men t and saving
that bi the affair in Uuasin and Silsp
Ha . tho Gennau pnblic is being kept
ileeeivel. .,
' Antiifly-which hasibeeo felt in offi
cial circles here fos Ih aafe'v o'.Ain-
bassa.kir Frrajlfia timl other American,
at Vologla, Utnmia, was relioved yes-;
tcislay by ' tho. receipt of an oflicial
rwltbvgrajik fmu tho 'euvoy, dated from
Vologda on Hun.luy lant. Tbe ambas
iwulor eonfirma. the. news of the assas- .
sinatlou of Count von Mirfoach, tho
Uoniuui uubaaaador, and the subse
quaut disorders in Moscow. This is
the first direct word from the Amer
ican embassy in Kussia since. June 27,
w. s. s.
Can You Afford the Bisk? v '
Were you ever seised with a sever
attack of cramp colic or dt irrhoem
tvithout a liottle of Chnmburlaic 's Colio
sud Diarrhoea Kemeily in the house t
Don't take such risks. A dose or two
till cure von before a doctor could
nossili'v lie calli',1, nn. I it never fails
ten in the most set ere mid ilangerous
si -. Por alik i.v Hi'iison, Smith
' te AJv ert isenient.

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