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WVOt. - Lit; NO.'
it. s. WRvrer re beau '
July Ifl, lPiv-i .t twetitf-,
our, . hour' ; .'minMl. .00.
Ten porajure V "."; ' Ma. '
M. Weather, udyvr r
V 57.: '. :'' h'1
, 'X. i.
1 P$ I03B; ;PH
- ., ... i, . : , " ; ' , ; . a i -'3 . ''
A MllXIOlf MET Mo of th Eoalmt-Arttmiia M v '
I f '
W. Mctor, .wtifrt, btwMH th CUidria City nd Mm1iw ft (Tftt amun diivr bM htm hftld, and (b
. -kV) .tha RhaiiBa-M&ma If n &lnn wtitrh ' tm inairuit MakJ initial rM tli tfnti'a
fuiv, fttcnaUr dafefttlaf a hoary Owuaa fore and cant mine many ttrlaonna. Tha Am trie ana hold taa tin
of tba Manw saUraV only forty-Mrran mllaa away from Pari a, and a art gnarft iha approachaa to tba Franch capital.
M Pay Of Fighting Is Clearl
To Allies And I Immense Losses
Avail For Nothing
PARIS, July. 16 (Associated Press) Attacking along a front of sixty-five miles,
swinging forward a force. estimated at nine hundred .thousand '-.men, the Ger
mans at midnight of Sunday, launched their expected great offensive. Reports
from the various headquarters last night indicated that the enemy is being held at
all points and that the offensive so'far has-been a colossal failure.' j
The battle at midnight last night was proceeding fiercely, the line swaying back
wards and forwards, with the Germans seeking to press on regardless of losses but
making no appreciable headway at any point.
The battleliue extends from the, tip of the Alarne salient,. where the Americans
are holding the line, to a point nearly, forty miles east .of
Jihetrjju, the heaviest fighting Iwingoncach wing"s
v. J; E, zt of Whelms the FrenclyjrdjifcaJ jajis
are pres wtJAw
Oerinah tnod
sands are hurling themselves in vain.N i
Between Rheims and the Marne the enemy has push
ed forward through the first lines of defense, but are being
held now and are only holding what they have won in the
face of a terrific shell and machine gun Are, in which
their losses are heavy.
The notable successes of the day were won by the
Americans, who fought two terrific- battles, smashing the
offensive at Vaux and holding the Germans back with
heavy losses, and coming back south of the Marne, east of
Chateau Thierry, and defeating the Huns in a smashing
counter attack, in which they captured between a thou
sand and fifteen prisoners, including the entire staff of
the Tenth German Brigade.
The city of Rheims itself, which forms the angle of
the Entente line and is about in the center of the great
battlefront, is not leing attacked, and while the enemy's
plans have not yet developed to a jM)int where they can
be known, it apears that an effort is being made to en
velop this city and Nalient. So far the effort has pro
duced nothing for the Germans, while their losses have
been prodigious.
From Rheims east the Germans found an "irredu
cible defense" which threw back their successive assaults
without budging. Wave after wave of German infantry
was sent forward, following four hours of intense bom
bardment but in few instances did the enemy succeed in
reaching the Italian-French lines and in no instance did i
they gain and hold a foothold. Where the French bar
rage was pierced, the enemy was mowed down by ma
chine gun and rifle fire and ejected from every section of
the trench line Into which they managed to break. The
lighting all along this eastern half of the battleline is
still proceeding, with the French and Italians, and the
few British battalions' folding certain points, Confident
of leing able to check each fresh Onslaught.
On the line running southwest from Rheims" to the
Marne the French have given ground, being pressed back
from their line by the initial force of the drive. The de
fensive system along this section of the front is unaffect
ed, however, and from early morning on the Germans
were held all along the sector.
From Chateau Thierry east to Yemeni I, along the
Marne, the Germans managed to cross the river in sev
eral places, in the face of a staggering machine gun fire
from the American Marines. Overpowering the Anieri
i an outpost positions, where the gunners and infantry
men stood their ground until killed, the Germans man
aged to push the Americans back for some distances. Re-
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- i
a ",. ; ; 11 '.,.; '.V" -". ' "' ' . ' ' ' "' " 1 " . ii
Favorable SPiyfe
. .
Further Successes Against Aus- .
trians Strengthen Positions of
French and Italians and Ene-
- my Is In Disorder ;
Foe Is Busy Reconnoitering and v
Launches One Attack Which Is
Broken Down and Shattered
By Italians
! ''
- :
cenrieKB"1 "4 rv-afTTi 1 5-aat
LONDON, July 1(i ( Awiwiateil 1'rewiJ Itonar Law, eiik;ii iu the House
of C'ommonit last uight took occasion to pay tribute to the bravery of the Amer
ican forces ami the aplemlid fighting qualities winch they are showing He
aunonnceil that the American forrei bail stooil the test, ha l t:ikcn more thi n
a thousaml prisoners on the south of the Marne ami hail ilrivcn back th- foe.
Spcuking of the new phase of offensive generally he Haiti:
"The enemy attacked over a 'front of about ninety kiloruoters, pretty
evenly diviileil, east anil west of Rheims but the city itself whs not attacked.
West of Kheims the enemy penetrated the front liues of the Allies defur to
an average depth of four or five kilometers 011 a front of thirty six kilometers.
Ou the east of Rheims they suffered a complete check."
Hritish army ofllcers and military observers are highly optimistic and so
expressed themselves last night after reading the official report of the first
duy of the most recent phase of offensive. They point to the tact that even
whhre the Germans made their greatest gains they were unnldr to reach the
high ground to the south of the Marne.
It is estimated that at least sixty German army divisions participated in
the Httacks of yesterday.
While it ii conceded the effort of the enemy will surely le continued the
first day's results are regarded as a distinct success for the Allies
An official issued by the war office last niglit said the llnti-li lines at Vil
lers Hreteuaux were slightly advanced and 'J'2H prisoners taken 111 an engage
ment ou Sunday.
WAtSHINUTON, Jily 111 (Associat
ed I'ress) Officials here are highly
dated at the news that American foreeas
arc successfully meeting and throwing
back the heaviest attacks of (he Ger
mans in their new offensive, an attempt
ed drive against Paris with the forces
f the I'nited States holding the im
portant Chateau Thierry sector. which
they had flattened out . before the new
assault was launched. Here they are
holding bock the foe at the nearest
point to Paris, the evident ultimate ob
jective. Keports from the American
headquarters, from Paris and from Lon
dun all are signifiicant of distinguished
gallantry on the part of the American
Sammies Victorious
Culled upon to meet attacks in force,
attacked by wave upon wave of ap
parently innumerable grey elad foes,
the American forces yesterday, in the
Marne sector hurled back the enemy
on. I last night had them well in check.
Heavy artillery fire along the Marne
front on Sunday and a spirited engage
ment prciisaged the real attack which
was launched at daylight yesterday
morning. On Sunday the Americans re
pulsed a heavy enemy 'attack at Vaux
11I udtani'i'd their own lines for seven
hundred yards in the face of it, tak
ing twenty eight prisoners. Later they
fell hack to their former positions for
stratpj;'''''' reason". The American bar
rage broke up the waves that were
sent aitaiuxt them.
Assault Launched
Throughout the niirht the enemy had
maintained a terrific shelling of the
front. At daylight the Infantry attack
was iHunchPil at I hsteau I hierrv and
esperially against Vuux, close bv. The Efficient Oun Firs
leans are said to have advanced their
own lines several hundred years.
Slaughter Enormous
Letting the Germans draw near iu
their wave attacks which followed the
American counter the American ma
chine .gunners would then open fire
with appalling slaughter.
The enemy bridged the Marne but
were driven back by the withering fire
of the Americans and their attack
broke down under the fire counters of
the Sammies.
The Germans first bridged and cross
ed the Marne at Big Bend and here
American gunners and infantry men
died where they stood, bravely fighting,
while others strategically fell back, to
return once more in desperate counters.
Wearing their gas masks the Ami ri
can machine gunners advanced into the
thick clouds of gas and smoke meeting
the attack of the advancing foe be
fore it reached the American lines.
Foe Is Upset
Despatches from American headquar
ters on the Marne last night said that
the xtrong American counter to the
south of the river bend took the Ger
mans off their feet, upset them com
pletely and threw them back to the
railway skirting the Marne southwest
of Jnulgonne. The new positions tak
en by the American foroes are being
successfully held and in this eonnter
four hundred prisoners were takes in
cluding a major and two eaptains.
Lust evening the German Are had
diminished in violence and the Vaux
district, where the fight was hottest
throughout the day, was comparatively
calm although there was heavy fight-
nrx along the American right.
NEW YORK, July los
sociated Press)--Continued
successes are reported from the
Entente front in the East. The
French and Italian lines in 'Alba-
nia have been brought Into.cony '
Uctndi the pursuit pf the enemy v. (; , .
become a mght.;.;. v'"y'.'tT',t;V h---:'
On the Italian front there were
strong indications, from the activ- '
ities of the foe, of a resumption , .
of offensive by the Austro-Hun-
garian forces with German rein-
In Albania the Italian and '
French forces are pushing stead'
ily forward, said last night's of-
ficial reports from "Paris. "Our
pursuit column has reached the .
outskirts of Chekini an,d Cruja
and is meeting only slight opposi
tion. Many prisoners are being
"Our rinht has now joined the
Italian left, which occupies the ..) ",
heights of Cafa Darza." V
Fncounters with reconnoiter
ing parties were active between c '.
the slopes of Saisso Rosso ami V1.
the I'.renta River all day yester- ; ,'
day and there were a number of '
encounters with our patrols. '
"At Cornone the enemy attack- 1 '
ed in some force but the assault
broke down under our fire and
was repulsed.
"Our fliers yesterday downed ...
six enemy machines."
w. a. a.
whole line was a dense mass of gas and
smoke, illumined by the bursting of oth
er shells. There was a roaring cannonade
and the Ktacato rifle and machine gun
fire was incessant. Before the first
attack of the infantry, the Americans
pave some ground but rbey were rein
forced and eountered, singing and
cheering as they attacked. The first
results were undetermined but the coun
ter drove off the enemv and the Amer-
WASHINGTON, July 15 (Official)
Braul has asked fur wooden ship
plans as a preliminary to the under
taking of building a merchant marine
'or the Itia'.ilinn Hug. Tin- plans have
been fmni-lii'l irmn pi I v I 1 t 'n I'nited
WASHINGTON, July 15 (Aseoeia-1
tod Press; The casual'y list madi' I
public by the war dcp.vimcnt showe"
' killed in action, femrt. en; died of
I woiin I.-, seven of disc .is. icven of other
I causes, one sovereh red, twenij
i eight missing, three.
Women Sacrifice
Vanity To Victory
CHICAGO, July 16 (Associated
Press) "Ho new dresses, no new
hats, no ornaments and no new
clothes for the children except where
absolutely needed" are the slogans
heard everywhere at the National
Women's Conference which mot here
It is the plan of the conference
to enroll a force of a million women
to sell half of the next issue of
Liberty Bonds.
( " s
American machine gunners along the
river caused the collapse of the
enemy's plans. They stuck to their
guns and only withdrew when the guns
got too hot to fire and then they were
replaced with others. A group of these
machine gunners piled up high heaps
of German dead along the river bank
opposite where the foe was striving to
build a bridge.
The French enmmandor congratulat
ed the commander of the American
troops that repulsed the enemy on the
splendid and gallant services that had
been rendered.
Offensive Seems Shattered
"From this section, tonight," the
report continued, "the offensive seems
to le badly shattered. The Americans
cniiimund the riverfront and the bend
of the Marne.
"The famous German Tenth tried
all da to cross At nine o'clock to
n -hi not a German hsd passed over I
The Germans, apparently deliber I
atil". tried to shell the American h-m 1
j 1 1 . 1 1 p.. neur tne trout and shells lul'
1 l"s.' t,i them.
live Gem. an airplanes, disgUM'd as
Figures Issued By Census Bu
reau Show Healthy Condi
tions For Fiscal Year
(Continued on Pafe 4,
WASHINGTON, July 15 (Official)
- Kidmen on the enormous eotton in
dustry of the country were today pe
nned by the census' bureau' showing
ninoiin's consumed, eayorted a, ml im
ported and the present supply on hsnd.
During June the United Slates 527,
4ill tunning bales of eotton and for
the eleven preceding months the con
sumption whs (1,049,544 bales.
As to stocks on baud the report
-hows that on June 30 there was on
lniixl in consuming estsblishments I,-
022 bales and in the public: stor
airi hoi. res 2,177,300, compared with
1,402.403, year ago.
June imports were 40.101 bales ci m
pnied vith '-'K.lSl for the rami month
of 1U17 and exports were 873, ''02 m
compared with 245,709,

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