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'. ' ' ' ' ' .- - ' , " ' ")'. '"'"' . . '.':'. ;
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' 1
Attick Is Expected to Result '
Is EhpiMituI
, 'PRKfe Jul. Asr
sociael iVsY-fyo.mi f Abapia
the, ftflfifl,9tbtjte hasxtpfeajd quo
Macedonia Where yesterday the
British j(iCs on the Y?ccJorn
ffont 4 dwvf' a :, stron: Jttack
apainst the liulyariart positions
tai the west of Doirnii rul arhirv- I V
I ! H". T. i-.r'-. 1
tl Q,uct ubstarit!. aije -not
detailed 4ft the ofijia rejior!,. i ,
It is deemed probable that this
attack s, made vfifh the ultrrte
vietf, .cayturpt the,-. jii?rt?d
north of Uskub and thence out
f anking the caciiy to the north
east of MoiiAStir..
At tlw wxbtt 'inje tbjere ve
iudir;a.tiops.. oj ru intent p fvi?g
the Albanian fgr.ces, further east
toward Monastir tjhujj outflanking
the Bulgars on the west and thus
ciubmitrins' the f to a doiihlr
. . I
flapkinfi pt VW er. niovjtm.erUi.
,. In. Attiaflia, thjt.aAvAaKC of the
t. r ' ; in. c ! u r ;
Itafiaan,(l(te.Jr:rjfach. (Qre con-
tinues and meets with, no success-
ful resistance. On this long front
of seventy mi5. the enmy is be-
ine Dressed further back dailv
infc, presca iurtner racK(aaiiy,
losing heavily in casualties and
large numbers surrendering to
the victorious forces of the En-'.to
n I k
, Reports irom Albania List night
said the Entente forces, wer(e. now
in . possession of the Villages pf
Narta -ami Gramshi thtie bringing
their eastern flank considerably
nearer to- Ocbrida.
. iJVfwnaa iorc.es are trying
tQ. reorganize and make a Stand
,- fir ., I
the positions of the Bulgar forqest
are daily becoming more uncom
( -r -i vrw. a.-K-rj-i 4
ifroTrnn mm
Raiaj Heler Miajor -Opsration's
But Assault Is Expected with -Clearing
XEW YOR9, July 15 (Associate.
Vress) Bad weather in Vraaee and in.
Flanders is ten. ling to. keep anUitary
operations below the normal ajul ye
terilay' nowhere on the Western fronj
w.era there important eogageneata, the
activities being confineiT to raids jo'n
trenches and patrol enrouuters and ar
tiljory duels. . .
Big guns were active yesterday on
the American front on the Vartie, the.
British ftout mi the nwigltlwhoodf of
Albert, Kenimel ami Yprea an4 on the
French front at Corey, this artillery
activity -was tlu) oply sig pacefibhi
that, might indicate an early . laujirh
injfof the expe;tel German seaulna.
Military observers now .acliafd , Vo
the belief that with clearing wpathee,
a- eeasatioB- ef thf raiaa ami 1oW lying
clouds the anticipated big divs may I
be sttempted.
, . t,.,"' 1 ','
, . LONDON. Ju-se. JVPjrlBeeee Mary.
lUifigbte at g.ing 0ej.rRe. wiU thja week
Iwgiu a'ceisrse VftregeUtf btUaUir sJMt
euiaae at the ChUUrttU Jioapitsl ia
ureal Urmooj stfiet
best song imczn
y. a. a.
S' SvBd the bM soag-mrfiitor avail
able," cabled Gpn. ("ershliig to W'ah,
ingtou, recently. "W. StasJey Hawkins
ef Albany, N?w York, was picked t-o
KO'ovcri tl(Lr ".'.) I . lj,e had beB song
illroctot at th I'lattsburg officers.' trr;
ftig fairrp before ttonig t"Camp 'Pht,
whAre, with als stirring march rfceloiry,
Keep the Olow in OhT Glory, tie 4m
hued the men with '..the mhrtiat sjdrit
that will soon lead them la to battle.
"There goes one of pur foiy hundred
, Vou mean she i S nembe of ,th
fqur huadredf"
"Oh, no. That's lior aoc reeerrl
400 pairs. " -BaruHnyhajn ge Heal.d.
woo? xovfiA$i& wvoh.
. Dint reus in the stomach after rfiing
is relieve j by taking Que of Charobor
lain's Tablet. Try it the next; 'tlnie
you eat more than you ' should. For
sale by all dealers. Benson, Bmith aS
Co-, Ltd., Agents for Hawaii.
1 1 1 a- i
Oversea Forces Have Moved
pi cied and two JTield . i
WASniNaTON, July iiJLwoctii.
fn.itl. ii k war'dftxlirtitaAiit'a ixnort
eclpf q8 tba- 4Uy. eonnaunlque from
v ' .' ' u : . ' ; . '. '!
, Neva ?ot, ?ermai-. patrol i
about foxtj: itaai drives back bvtlte
jMierfoaa' ftro, . ,t hst three boimf
kiUed kqd the eqem earryiag a'un
tier of. ' a uunded i with t hem. the
tTklftjK . Htctor 'Anorieaa patrols wera
aeti've,.;.. i'.' , t
! Oalp. 4)innJt ' aetrrUiei are-. Mporjed
ffMtit Ihe Lrri.4i -V'oere, if uaiaiear
had. Altkiieh etors and h llarab
raa 'quiet tuept Sot artiljerjr tjre.'f
Ueiicml 4ltoa aaaooeeee 'that with
threw jnfl anriT eorpa .cw ia.Jfrtgca
)t ta revealed that the ahipiaaat of
rooim' hmi takerf' onhr lieJf , tta jti
estimated tfrigin'alt for the placing of
lhe Cwl d 'of uait4 State.
j ne. Inatead of w field army
liW'bf January k Xl& ,ws
bfiJn,i FiiBBed, it ow awtki
kw MJ prokibry b two. wck npiM
K11!? " Weitra by th
jj Tkouqli Ameriean-oaBuahiei di
foaef W.amfc tet week aa i
Ung they eontiwiia.. a
did aot
la the
fch repack Uancd. io"- eaing showed
date to be 1,733. Of these 4100
were deaths .io. the arssy and 573 in.
Ilk. f... TTU. -V'i...-JJ I
t0C il4ie. eorps
543iand""the ifa
larinu iuj. iae miss
ing, iBAhuuBg Maama prisoners sjre
army 51tf and Marines 65.
Yeterday'a easualtias in ttae arnjy
'were thirtoea kilhfd 'in actiooA eleTsn.
dead of wounds,. two of diseas sjul
four ef other eanse with thirty-eight
severely! founded and two, slightly
un were willed hi action tan, dead at
wounds four, thirty-three, severely
WQuiiilQd ail four misajn
1X)MXL),, Jul
14. (Aasoeiated
Aincriion v-uujiue;!
in. Miwnlerai ie - uiupiieu- up.' lhy)
.Are tiiVPCa whu f l Or gnJe-t with the
A ri
L ..111 liT
of . t!ic Otereun
Daily ;
axtkJe au in;
I th.j iwllowmg I
iy or IXo.iii tai where
maity Auittri. oun .e i will be tPCnt-
ed and pliin- lor tUo caie vt the Amer
ican wounded : ' ." '
"Great uutiiuaumiu prevails in Amer
ican inUiUr, naval, sod Kad Crpes
qiulm oyer the King's geBArjeity in
?jving a site in Windsor Great Park
or the $00 bed. hospital which the Bed
Cj-osfi Bot-jety and the Order of Bt.
Jobn are providing tot wounded Amer
icans. ' 'Only those men wounded in rojfi
meats bni(Hrifd with the British Army
will be brought to ' Kngland, said Ma
jor Rndieott, the Ameriijan Rd Cross
Commissioner ii) Bn gland. " 'All the
otl)cr win be. taken rare of elthpr In
our own Army hospitals in France or
In French hoapitala; Thus the' number.
who will come to England depends on
the total ttejieral Pershing brigados
wtrji 'the British Anty.' '' " '
Army.'Navy Indied Cross are Vrang'
lig for Elaborate hoejpit Bceomojla
only he acceptable, wlthwi ay rail
way journey of the ports at': which
ib wqUnrjfid will .'e hiDfle. "We hope
to take fre of all the wounded in
American hospitals, but the British of
fer tp attend to those we h.,aye nut
room for.
"Anierican W9uhd,ed will b.ave grey
ujtti puttAneq Up to the neck and pn
the materi
beina the same as
the English
ounueu wrur.
"Tbo American Army has not yet
drcJuH to allow jt men to .roine tp
England, on leAve, the feeltng being
thai the- cross Channel service is al
ready sufficiently taid.
"Mr. H. P. Davison. rhAirnuui of
Ute American, Jed, Cross Wat 'P.ouncU
has sent a message q tir Arthur Htan
ley, cbalrinsn of be.JUint War Commit
tee at 83, PaU Wi", --W., saying:
" 'The fset that the English poople
vs,nt to I'P.kfi such, provision for the
taje of tic sjck and wpunded Amn
can soldiers anr tfeat such honpitnliiv
l to lie eicnded t.o them io the de
llhtful country- est'at of yfqr Kin
wu) prove anotuer rrweans of csmpntiuv
tne ties of friendships and synuiBthy
un,tte" me wq peoples.
"'No country whose people ore
thoughtful and geiieru'iis ns Io prnvi.l
such care for American soldiers nml
sailors can be considered as a fo
' . , a
1 " T
ilirn inlii mniilinm
HiUJiufui NUUIIUnj
ci. ;;a io teu
DrienfaJ Rebublia "Wilt So Us
1 fart Hclpinflj Beat Germany by
AastiiiQ Shjppinfl ProBram '
: WAflUlXOTON",; July' 14- !(0(TIfcl)
t Chin i AUn to th lint of DftHou
thU r. buil.lii(('liii)f to ill fst r
rny.i Th j l!itol 8tle'' ihinpiBg
or bM awnhHl to the Chinf Roy
jrnmmt yard t ShnnRhal fentrtct
!ot the tonfitrqction of four crgo ve
vela of 10,000 tom each. It took p
'iOM. tlo. for 'the bnildlnfly 'the
mi yr of 80.OQ0 nne of dartipn-
it tore oi 9Mi,uuU)UVU ami pprunaituv
ijr W,000 ton! of eteol will be ihipptd
from tho United 8't. v efttif
74 tl'reqripoiprrt( frttl W, bil te
t'hina. prlivrie. of the'ihi ar to
twgtj -i ntont hi foql t4ig jine
f 'Ortirlale ro card, bho ' cootoaota. ij
tleUned to further, eement uib. conuifti.
Stood feelinif betwecp the I'aited Htatea
and the new repnbiic of the Orient. '
Cln'na 'is 'enger1 to'' taV " V greaWr
part la the war, having-flt t(p.woiglit
of .Qpntnaa' tyranny in tho (Jermafl
QSoera t expimil In the far, Jajft,
I Chairman UarJey o., the. .abippikg
boani, said . that bejidv funiid : ttmt
China tmlendldly 'cuuiinrtU rtQ 'i""
ai'subftaatiaJL tontvbutioa to the ,b.Jflii
of hipa ualec the .program. 3Che
Chineaa- governinont yard ranks aene
cf the moa elBeient yard.4 la the wotkl.
v M.,r, i. m. i r:i"-;
' WASHINGTON, Joly Vt-(OIj!io1)
Etgbi fortnrtr rGermad kteasneta,
g relating G2,0O tons .regietrf,- vsivwls
.hich "Wera- zfed iby lHgHayhao
been' eharterd from "that eowit'ry t.by
the United 'States shipeharter board,
makJa? a hiehly important additloa t
the available shipping tonnage with o
delay -for eomplstioa and diivariAarJ
prnta waa madeyesterday.. .... , i J
TJnder the terms of the rontraet -aji.
of tia''ahipei.r' -a equivalent teflunge
of other shi pat will b sjlotod to the
wajt trade wi Umnoay. -
' WJ&1iIQJQix, JWy-ilir-COnlalsA)
Three thousand ofhaers anal aaiief
neln,',ra,'i, the erew of the li)utclr
J i . i t. .
esaeis, woe, srere men over ny qe
rvtud aUatns in accordance .ith.po
vllon of thff'lHtprtintional law,:hav
been, .nt to their, hojiirs in, Holland.
For four monUis, ever since the vessels
wore taken, oveiylasi Msgeh, theae men
have beea.0unt8 Of; th. nation' fed
and iqiiafia.- al. 4tt inpaosB'" -V f , -
8KATTI.K, Washin-top-, July
(QfficlaJ) Cnpt, H. M. Ka, ioreign
trude manager of tUe OtpvCf aneport
Cmpiny, Limit d rl Ivo'w), , Japan,
'rnke!) the nnnoun e'tie'it bf plats, that
well undiT vov for' the establiah-
iiicnt of a norld girinj ftcarns'.iip
li n-. ' !. . .
Hhips of this line arc to touch At
i.oin' alontr both the, west sd east
roasts of !?outh America, at New York,
lveston. the West Indies a nj New
His company is buildinc A0.000 tons
of shipping, he said sod th govern
merit has chartered 30,000 additional
tonnage for the (;rcat commercial pro
w. a. a '
Tilt; JJAGUK, JuV JXAiatied
l'rssj-Thore aie now irfi Jloljsuid, 17,
74H toreignois, who aa a reault of thj)
war, are more or less In charge Of Vie
imhlie authorities. This noniber-in
cludes I (10, (Hit) refuiees. 3.120 British
irisoners of war, 1,007 OdnnaO prison
rs of war, itO.SUH BetgianS interned,
M2K HntUh interned, and 6.040 Bel,
gian families. '-- .
. , r
No Rest Fidr Thftt
AthihH R&fet
. I. Sr. I I 1
Housework da top kard tfpr.k en)an
who is half sjck, nervou and si ways
tired. Hut it keoiwlnilin t), and gives
weak ki.l rieys' no tlmft to -recover. Xt
your back is lame and ashy and yowr
Kidneys lrrevumji; if ' Mu' VaiW 'tblue
spells," siuat hsud aches, BesTOUsness,
dijuiesa and "rheumatic' pejsuf use
Doan's Buokaolie Kldnsr Vilim (They
hare done woniiera . f oft-tbowsans of
women worn out with, wee iiidefys,
'When Your BaAk i LaaieV-lteiBent
lier the Name." f Don 't alntp Ssk for
a kidney remedy-t-aakl distifletly for
Doim'a Backache KiHieyFibi and take
no other). Dona's Backache i,fclViey
I'iIIh me sold ,y .ildfofltries Sad (tpr-
per, or will be mUid Seutflpt of
price by the
Hinson Smith
Hollister . prug Co., or
it Co., agents for the
a .U.
No Tims Lost By Senators and
VEeptescntativcsave. Their
Luooaot Packed- "'
W 4!( - mi., i i i '. - a - n'
VASIIINaTON Jolyi 14Asocla
fede Jvpw) The ''oxodujs eoBgressnien
frem-i ibe capital tfqr their summer va
eatiotisalaftet !' fckraeal! edntlay
and is' now tij .full tnr, Wosk of the
senators hve already departed and tk
represenrativea are generally packei
up and teadv to go at the "close of
toiayvfc . sesatrili. . j .... - v
lit the hou.se. of representatives toflaV
IheiAgrfcul'tirnt Appropriatioa Bill will
be pssed .doleted ia forsa by the flin
lnnt in.jnf the elapse ftx(nger prior
f 2. 40" ' f , , , X ?a irv a , M . raot: f tle :
deqiaada o('fhe President as espresiJ
in , hi) vet message. It wilt be ,t)ie
fnnT l'Bn up'seH?' '"hrfpre the rer
and t'litptjixdinj-bnsftiees tiVlj be dis
J'Oseif -rf ns -aean,rr ,' ' ' - i. i
' ' The record bf -tlil ieioti of congress
bcgi'nn'hg with the de -raration.' of wiar
kgnlirsf 'Ao'itr)n Hunpsrv rn Beeemqer
7, tsi tsonslilered remarkable la many
ways 'sad to present. fine record of
Will yisit-Fcanc, ijnd Endeavor
' To Tecur.e-i-essons. la.ftffi-
i' 7 ficncjf'frcfli America - ;
-,vhh;am:i,. joy iwtuiwiai--M.
KswniKs'yil ecretarjrt 4W Toka
rrrsyierJa ilisinjd' .the Baneiah
sltoaiiouv'le asitUI'' 'J r f ' '
' JapoH is not. fpoklng for ajnnesa-tfaTutt-Vorritory.
Like the other Al
lies he )s seeking sot tor herself but
f os iUe, wrl4 adveawement. .'--,
mi w . -ri t.ii r ::
S: inv HIiSBrw Ansir.iai , vtosv
piljMien-.dsVloe toisrrive-ln'Waskinrrton
on Xsmriay.es tta; way te Franete. Dur
ing their '? the tnestrVera, of -the mis
sion will ibe. the guostav of the American
Red 0nasV which-) has planned recep
tions in their knnoc. . ';
Thl i.'nthmiiiil l ka,1at ,hPr!nca
. W - r y-m-:-, r C
lokagawa, a'd fts'vtker members are
prominent.) in profoasioasi ; aadi social
tUf'(ia MhM-V .jLrsobg'tbeae- are Dr.
Ant MWgawa; Dr. 'rJhigemi ' Bawa
iat;e. Dr. VasuiinT Nalto, Ur. Bakaka
Kerceyftnuv tad Messrs Hide Yehkla,
Hideva' Fai'irSwr,UJibiehiro 1'qjinrori,
and Count Kuwashi Katso.
iMlVsa. -tbe pkuu-t ntudy the work
bf ,tb Anjeiflriro Bed Cross, speially
In Europe I with a S lew of adding to
Ae'fsfllciomyeiti.'pMB Japanese Tied
Csosa-and pVtsg grdater assistsnce to
the cause ef ' the Allies.
t.-V .mai-- 'V
SJX w6eoau.yE$sELSu ,..r.
' ' ' .
4 PORTLAND, Oregon, Julyi. 14 (Om
elal) Charles M. Schwab, director jen
rl of the emergency fleet corporation
ttartioipated today in the 'ear,emonie.
ft hi daw Brlariied' the lauqalikng of six
wooden shins having ait,' sgcrest ton
tage of 1(0,M ''aoaav This is ttu:
iggesfr'di'y 's Jaancsinft of wopden
Ships bv one. yard ia the history of
the .tTniteHatee.
I Ii- Jn announced that anotbet ship
building ya'kenesr hsfe has arranged
io turn out tareeiy. steel vessels yearly,
each of 8860 tons registry. -
-i : i
I -XNI)f)N, tjune 'if -ri ( Associate 1
I'rAsfci-rCaswla, has. HlreadV seak 400,-
00 men to the' war and has -another
g 00.000 in reserve, T. C. Norruu Trom
lor of Manitoba, announced last night
in addressing a meetinc st Edinhurir.
H Premier Norrta said he anticipated
1 15,000,000 bushels of wheat would be
jisodueeij by yaoada.,ttt)is year
FRANCIS, , June; 22. Major" Theodore
RnosAVclt- eldnat. son of Colonel. Theo-
' deri JtqWvelt, iiis boen cited, in the
I'SItO'l rtawja.awy oruera aor vaior m
the imp'tigny, oparation or May zi.
in ciisuiw res'w
"He displayed the highest qualities
fl drsjte,-SHMMtaeistiip, gomg ror
ward,to.HMry,ij.Krrsoiially thq aetiop
of one of. hw companies of bis bateau
whtfti kttacTteit'Caurigny
VTbjistsr."altttmiiih gaaaed with
ffi)tSAt his. lwigsTwUl ibiiadneaaitq his
evea. Major'Boosevelt gave aa inspiring
example of devotion to outy, rerusing
fb'i b'evke"uated'tO"B" hospital ' Bnd -M-
taunlag;-eojumaod tot ( bftMauqu,
wllk-!was -anaes) tivjr uoinuaruient
tbioughouV ilisi ngBgemeat."
Tt hu'iioW'been -astablisbed thai Ma-
M lpsajrattvaa, f"t gaaspd, badly,
ilrfeyety,, vaf ording t h. phyi-
ciapSf is unlets. .. , -
(len. Leeuard Wooxl aaid at a lunoh
eoni , t . -
"There 'axe- so many (rewards for
vry. attti votipn pu the Other side
tha pobt soldisr naturally get,s cop
fused amdng 'tneuu v"
Croas. ta V. JH- or ledJU3iinitaire;
the ft 4 0 ft DistUlguiahsd Bervice
Order J the fWi'-tVr -Croix de Guerre,
aud ao on ahiiost Indefinitely. '
, . 'i A, difuglibqy VJ- gruilge agalnat
hls.'TpUlu: Wb- was 'a bit of a mar
tWr weft, V W i T, f A-"B
nigbta wsifcresssald to the doughboy:
'Pld yoit kootf they'd given your
old raptakn ',th' O. O.f- '
' ' The doughboy laughed aloud :
."'Berved htm ilara, well ridht,' he
said. 'How many daysJV Washing
tou Star. j,.
I'.r'-Tpr pT nu
a. .
wco m:m
. I!0I ILt uuiliib
-' i . (' -, -
War Industries Board Announces
r Immense- Increases. Irt R&-y-'t
quisitions For Smokes
; WAlilNOTON,' aJry' loAssoeliw
ted Pitss) Tov nets the demands of
the forces of the-American army for
smokqjjsnd ' to send a supply for the
soldiers of the Allioa as well, control ef
the tobacro industry seems likely for
the requisitions are becoming so heavy
there appears no other course. It1 is
not unlikely, lit the event of such Con
trol, that the Americas puhlie wilr have
its tobacco- supply rationed for it
rI is announced, by thf whf indus
tries board, that it estimates that ap
prrimarly . . twa-tklrda - vofr the 'leaf
raited In-'the 'United States 'In 4017
was available for ,tbe mannfacturers
and this should mske ' 316,000,000
pounds available for export to tb Air
Rqport Shows, Splendid Working
.1 a) ii . ' -a a, r '
, oi iysicm trrai May Become
. K International j
Announcement is made by- the fed
eraL reserve banking, board: that the,
rrsournoe ot .tJ)- twelve federal re
seeve bnnks was 4,117,722,000 at the
close. -This shews 'an- Increase at 403,-J
000,000. over last week. : . .
In Jiine the loans made by the farm
loaa banks aggregated "$8,343,420 mk-'
ing the . total that-the Vkitel Btate
has loaned the rnrmer f iii,dt7,W"i
In Washlnston, Borne, and iadoa
there have been expressions ia favor'
of applying the principle of the' fed
eral reserve system to the regulation,
of .world exchanges. The presidents
of more than one London bank are on
record as preferring our system to tke
British lor national baalnessu 1 What 1
new now is the proposed applicAtios of
the system to international finance in
order to make clearings bptjvecn Tia.'
tiona, just as now they are mads be
tween foderal reserve- districts by the
maintenance of a, food pooj, .;; David
Lubin'r tho Anierican , representative
npoa -the International '. Institute of
agriculture wbich has) Its headquarters
in Borne, said that there had been eom
munirated to the Entente statesmen,
naming President Wilson specifically,
proposals, for the establishing of- au
international clearing house on a basis
of gold deyosited by all adhering na
tions. . 't -:-,. . ' ..'.-- 'i ' - .
In WsaliingkoB there were i hf Brings
ioa. Senator Owen's proposal for the
establishment 'of a . f earra -o-eserte
bank to correct the exehajigoa and
remedy the depreciation of the dollar
in neutral countries,.
AM8TKBDAM, Jtrty - H(Asociat-
ed Press) It is planned to, establish
the large.it ship building ysd tn Oer-
many. at Hamburg, says toe Jamour-
gor. N'aehrichten. The ..combination of
Interests at the back of this concern
lartudos the Hamburu-Amcrioaa Una
and the new-company has -a provisional
capital vi ten iniuioH uursn.
Bt-giiining tomoror,so ili'.pments of
parcel pout pavkaj;os will b accepted
for t nited Htstes wddiqrSi M) lfngland
or Ki..nee except on presentation at ths
piistoflice here of a written request to
the sender from the soldier and apo
ve-l by the soldier's commander, hold
iu h'e riink of major or alwive, says
the Los AireleS Times of July l.
1'nckuges to be sent to members of
the Bed Cross,. Knitfbts of Columtnis,
Y. M. C A., ana similar wotkers, wil
also ,sit be aecepted except on.prljses.
t at ion of written requests aivproved by
iheir suooriora jn ..the field. No Paek,;
ages will be 1 arceptsd': f or Canadians,
British aad Krici soldiers or soldieas
of other of our allies unless permirsioa
has been obtained from the respective
war missions of those governments in.
Washington. ' . '-''
These ruguluUona hav.e ben,maike
neeeesuH-.v by -tho. treme4pua os'uhor
pf packages sent to members of stbe
United Rlates fexpedltiqnary . Foroes,
clogging thd French Bud other loreign
ttiiwuy' swrvichr
k uh m ctArm la
w ;' pscine in
Tk anj7 sh, i
a. .av. "''.
r?S brtiaiNAL and ONLY QtNUlr ).
rUhrn txvy i h'titi ' Hint ncW nrrtfin
HSt,Wfe VJ LoUi ot JUo
Vienna Organ Called Undesirable
tn rBerlin Speaks -Out ? Gov
ernmcjit Will ke Announce- ,
. merit of Foreign, Policy '
T .I - - -. .','. ';
LONpON, Jljlyf IS -'((Asiciat?d
Prcss)-tJt)enifln(ls fo Immediate boece
are ones more loudly Voiced In Vienna
and' the government of Arjstpa-Hun-gary
reeoguises the fact that K must
again msJie dsclaratlons as. to its for
sign policies. -r f- J,-.-:
it In the :VlerMia Arbclter Tleltung oft
ItcJal organ'. for, -tbs Pocial Democrats,
it la, rrgrted;. ia jlUvas despatch,
there, was publishod demaada-that ,the
goverumest. .forthsith , eome to fas
agreement with . President : Wilson. ' .
This paper is the-one that was men
tioned, by Chancellor on Hertiing la
ts Oehrmas) roiehsteg lw June when, he
said the -paper, had keen barted Tut
of Germany ia full aoeord wiih the
view ef Vienna wswellv Vcaese.it is
' considered to be a- perverted aews
fapefif V ''' "i -
It is- also announeed ffein Vienna, se
tordlag to a telegram received by-wny
of Amsterdam,, that. important declar
ations as io foreign- policies may ' bf
made by the Austrian Hungariaa gov
srnmestT when the parjjanjsnts -meet
and .that the sessions are impendingi
U -Tie Is taken to, mean tk the goj
ernnlcnt wiUb undertake through proav
tees sgsd expressions of peaceful inteat
to eheck the inaistent demands of the
growing number f fiaelfists.
government May, I'e Caljeo; Qr
; To Settle Coast Disputes. ; !
OAKLAND, "Jury - J6 Associated
Press) Trouble between shipbuilders
on Baa Franeieco Bay aad tkeis as
pleyes , is immiaent and : a settle me at
may have to, be. effected by the govvn
ment. ' Claims of breach of terma are
voiced by , the maehinlsts and -Wir
workers and they offer a long array of
alleged instances. '-. 1 ' - "
About. 3900 employes,, including
nvetars .employed, by thft Hanlon. and
Moore plants here and the Bethlehem
plant at Alameda are included in the
protesting workers. They claim that
they, have more than two thousand in
stances where (he- employers have set
lived tup. to the machinery wage sqalr
agreement and they also assort the em
ployers, are Tef Using to. snake, -retroae
tiyo payments at the machinery wage
seal Wtoe.-,-.; -Vv'c" v1 ; -
f i- - U. W-fca-j-U-t:' i ' ;
LONDON, July 15 (Associated
PredeV Fnrther occupation of point)
on the Whits !ea in Bussia ar repoat
ed by the Frankfort Zeitun'g, claiming
a violation of Russian neutrality. The
paper says that British forces havr
occupied Kem.
. No: onlcial, report has been given,,by
the British government and the report
is .unconfirmed. ., j . .....
Those, ,VVro Contemplate ,!Marry
ing Frenc)...GjrJs jjrgefl
to Reconsider
LONDON,'- .Tons 20 AmerirrB spld.
iers who cMtenipl"t': nowr- i"rc Fjencb
girjs and settling dow' "er " wher
liifht ' wine has di'Vn "I vrt cinS e
beverage, mav be intere.ted in the ad
vice of W. 1 (ieorjje, sociolost, t
British soldiers not to d" .it. -' T-omnviqr
have taken brides at Havre, Rouen an
other Frqneir sUies. Itokiug at thr
matter purely from a standpoint gfi
happiness, Mr. 4eorge said 4hat--
lion), euatonis At enirouiuent Morn
o,,di,tTerest tkat they tended to work
against happiness, ' - .'
elome !lfl,(Hs!)- ;Atiatr4ina hAve tnkoq
Euliah, Jjridt'i plan to make hoey
moon trtus after the war -by their
iunrnei home, i ' Australia, ,New(.JVa
land and; Canada, hayorvjl io, windqw
disiilavs of erainS and. fruits, phuto
irajauLf 'maiii etareeta.':' back kbnia,
canie aud i pttusr aubjoets, to attract
radynpra, QiiBsi'Jerable migration to
those latiaa after-the war is aimci
ClMWks and AcretU ...
, Jju tcs XmejV rkaWB
COUGHS, fcpLp3,
ArttttljLv BhOMCttlTXS.
rt miV!??rli
v i
fricolor and Stars and Stripes
Float Sids by Side From White
' pus and (Two, Nations,,, Ob
serve Bastile Dav Todcthcr
Jmcflcan' SoKs " - C $$1 for
twavery ..iwarcn Ldire.eT,s y oi.
Paris Par ticipajinfj Io UenStcr
Holiday Pagearxt
WAStlMciTOK, July 14-
(Officjalj -r Bastij Day, the
French national holiday was gen
erally Observed and celebrated to-
lay yirougnout tne unitea states
n honor of the heroic part which
France is playing in the defense
if , the liberties of i the rWprld
against airtocratio m iggyssion.
rhercwas a general display of
Jie tn-colof in all of the larger
Jiiea of the country.
President Wilson ordered the
jisplay of the French flag on all
ountry and upon all of its ships.
it home and abroad, no matter
what waters. At the White
Houise a special flag staJT .was
wected so thai the red, white and
blue of France might float beside
sric. Stars and Stripes. Various
ities held patriotic exercises and
.he interest taken in them ap
proached that displayed Sri the
elebration of the Fourth of fuly.
. President Wilson sent a mes
sage to President Pcrincatre of
Frarie , n. which' lie aill;
,, "Amtca s;to.i7iince, this
lay, pfijrrjn nierntirjes wltH, its
'icar;t ltili pt warm tricrui.ship and
devotion to the great ,.ca.use in
Aijjch the two nations are now so
happily united.
"Your July 14, .like our own
Fourth of July, has taken on a
,iew significance, not only for
France but for the. World. As
France celebrated our Fourth of
July so do we celebrate her July
Fourteenth, keenly conscious of
:he comradeship in arms and of
'he purpose .of which we are so
iecply proud.
"The sea seems near and nar
row today with France so close
t neighbor to our hearts.
"The war is being fought to
save ourselves ftotu intolerable
hjngs but it is also being fought
o save mankuid.
"Wc extend our hands to each
p.thfr and to the great peoples
iUi whom we are associated and
a l ' a
;.o ay peopj.es everywnc;re who
loyc right and price; justice as
a, .tying beyond price and wc, c.on
ecrate o.urscjvcs otipc mor? to the
uoblc enterprise. of peace, a'd, jus'
t.icc, rcalizyig ,th,e .great fpnetp-
liyns (bat. lifted, FraOJ-'c ajd. A,u"
erica Jjigh aiUQPg the free -peo
ples of (he. vyprkL,
"The Frcivcb fjag flics., tlay
Hon.a slalt qn:th.e VVJiit House
W Aiiier'f fs proud and happy
toJionor, that .flag." , ,. , f .
Advices received from France
told of American, iart,icipation in
the celebrations there Despatch
es from the American frowt pabl
that the Auicrican soldiers join
ed with-their French cornrades
and friends c-v.ery where they
were in proxjiyity and desatches
from Paris said that tvy"o detach
iijents of Americans, all recently
cited for bravery participated in
the motjster parade which was
held in the French capital. One
of these - detacvneits was from I
C antigny and the other fijoin 1 hi-
erry and at every point along the I
lino of march the Sammies re-l
ccived tremendous oxations.

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