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,rr;' v-t,iyAIIAN .(jAzgTO'; uTVljSP iytyf 6,y -semi-weekly.
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fibftolutu. xtccx Exci'ur:i2
i V . ' Soautala; ialjr'is, lit,
was the historical pageant, the fi
V.W "PPr photograph. , 9low is shown th line up of th Children bf ihtf tiipoS&So. Keala'lcVua an
Anal xf .,kS.W tm 2-
v-a, t iiivu Jl lliunil til
nd Holuaioa Jublj'c schools,'
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v 4 i wl in Hi
' l
.Whan. thJLxButyUan.Territnrla. eoo
fntionl ;liijn i bf the theatres
. . "I :ball run ur.'.os
man nunto if put up
bettor mn
for tli race.
T th W lnt)r-ieond of this Kuhio will run again, howevoy much.
tonin, wriE i Jnrtrtf f volunteer com- he mn.v mvert that ha ! in
nfittee, starving 'without; apjiolntm'cnt,' t'o back.. He' 'a run so long ho doesn't
H present the draft of ,a platform now how to atop. " ' ' w
,. . ,-. , .wh,ch,ia Fill recommend JoKAppfOVaL ; "Kuhio doe no( represent the Ti'r
" The ilea of thin mod of tfroceeding ritory, II -can't, lis does the b4at
V"' w" uruugm no can, dui ne nan pninrol limit&liona.
it from Wyomlnir, whuro they do nay.fhe auenr j.lnnterrt lon atiic teeoj
thatr'tnatteco pIUi;al are fixed np. (n nld :the Hmitatioiia. .That ia why
adyanee, ( Uykpiia..Jp 0t a mem--' vhey tay-Bnl!an 420.000 and Oeorca
ber the ebnventioni but ha dlmtnaead- McClollnir iM.WTO a yrnr to lobtiy for
: ,.tha .idea, .with afunibe'1of''pl' em.- TMe lodylntf by patA lobbyMa
.... , - V"' 'I'' eWapwia'the Tertttorln h $m ot
H -Jin 3lftdJenVntM to work fAr U enaceea. tuft people. '.who tounj in Waahinirton;
ThM -WiotM peraona have heM nii mtkeiK it harJ for u to' gf what
inga from time to W the paat feW R()td foT UH hpre ,, whm the j,.
kKJ'Tff i'TP" !" wnJ,T from eongreaa."
htl V. ".'i-. pripTd dfaf? .w,,yjifaf Moat Vital .
yKMr ? i u 1. I I w 1 C"T"" itopprf to pornt out
No formal invitation' bna yet b.a t,mt , f bM the mont ImrH.nt
jn2 K.M r ,MirV 1 th8 product of tha lalanda, .whatee; wa-
?i!Ui ,- .,t, n1 ne ! the inereuae of tba
tar'tf ?A!i fc? .K Ti1 J"i P"- Vn" of aigat; and 1U forlfier
much aa. beine nouiinally the head of B . . T. j
tha,RepWia party 'a Hawaii, It "a.aalty, the whvl,Tv-
U do bthe ."t r,C ,hiUK f" hi,a'l WicTe In homeatoa.iiR. 'a.14
Oattlac m ToMthar v 'Mr. Cohaav "I want to aa than It
!.Mr. tiraMtona aaid ye.ter.fty after- "V"-ed with C,od American
noon. f' have been workU. hard on b,ut the aama time thia doea
tbta" platform matter, but my purpose " h"ni "'" ,d fnct thai lt U ?
waa to Mart eometliing. At we aay In the UT P1'""1"- tht ""'"
Wyomlnir. I have merely been trvina to of 0"r-prrent prosperity, .tend thera'a
get the boya. together.
, no doubt in the mind of any aana, par.
Emil Aw Herndt. chairman of the tar- t,,at ltiver ia to the iatereat
ritoriareommittee, told of tba work the of 'nfl "B:p'"ilter ia to tba Interest
aelf appoiotaii iommittee 'had dona iai0' the .entire Territory. ! Vm ''V.
developiuK a platform, a given above ''Ib apito of thia fact, and while I'm
and aai.d that, the document would b6l'noI1T B fvPr while thia war laata
ready in a very few dnya and that he havinft lifl plantatiena keep in eul
believed it would le approved by the tivation; avery. acre of augar eane they
regularly appointed platform commit- 1 now harvte planted, I see neither right
tee and the convention. , nor justice in allowing large area pf
Delegate Kuliio eaid ho had not yet land to lie idle on the off ehanee of Iti
beeo ahked. for hia viewa regarding tlm being required by the Jdantera for
platform of the Republican party. "I augnr. Suc) lands should be opened
assume,' however, that I will be asked) up to the .people. '
and if ao I will gludly comply with the, 'I am going' into this campaign
request," ho added.
Referring to his candidacy, Delegate
Kuhio remarked: "I have not given
thia snbjwt serious, final thought, for
the principal reaspn that I have not
considered that there waa any pa'Utui
lar rush, the primary election no. oeiaf
until September. I now exprzt to makt
up my mind in about a week and will
then make a definite announcement."
Governor 'a Views.
., .Governor McCarthy's view of the
present political situntion is probably
eorrect and the Governor says there s
notlung doing ia-politics Just now,
'$ v. ;.; ::-: ,
Wt't :.'i4 t.
V'a-';-.- i,
-', .'.,; .
; n f v ;
r - . . " -!T'. ' vf--.' 'hvU'V'r-vD'.'....'s.;(,. s "
' : ; ' ' 1 - ;vsr- ;'i4 1 - lli't-Hri.
: v .1'
rr f H
SW Oi Lands By
more to see' if e enn not get a change
at Washington than anvthina else.' ' I
hm opposed to I'rtnce Lupiff simpl be
cause no a as done nothing, ah tnat naa.i
been done for the Territory at 'Wash ,
ington has been an absolute necessity
fmm a mllitnrv standnmnt. KVea that
hasn 't gbne "anything Ilka as far i PAmi'AAgiii I i
it would have gone had th matter,, UUVvlalUE- IS
been properly presented td congress. M- w : ? -t ' f y
ir. i imana or usnu snooia oy inis
time havo been circled and erlse-
erossed by military roa.ls. Ouhu ought
to hnve the best roads in the world,
aw1 :"metime or other, if we ever be-
-11 L .
To Statt This Week
It's too early," he said. "They to han,,i0 our pobIio affairs prop-
dori 't usually begin thinirs until Septem
ber and all the politics we're having
now doesn't amount to much."
, Tba Governor said he had no obter
vations to make on the subject of the
" Mmeaor'the lelagatahlp. jHe admitted,
' however, besides those whose names
have been mentioned there 'a a Demo
cratic dark horse in' the offing who will
become a candidate in certain contin
gencies. The Governor said he was
not at liberty to disclose the name of
this possible caudidate.
Another week has rolled by and si
lence continues to bang over both party
campR, for Delegate Kalanlannole has
not yet let it be known that he will
seek, re-election, and L. L. McCandles
is likewise reticent. It is nsserted that
things will not begin definitely to take
ahapa in either partv until these two
declare tbe!neelves.Tlio open announce
ment of either or both to stay out of
the race, it in felt, would i bring out
aspirants ready to serve, but it is be
lieved there will be no announcements
from Republicans until Kuliio is out
of the way and this goes for -the Denio- i one ,
vrats aa well la the case of McOaudless. j yeftnwtQ
independents suij
What out ami out talking and work
ing is being dona is coming from the in
dependent candidates, Jr. J. H. Knv
McCarthy and frvenbiirati
1 fld X6' RaM for Visit ,T0 In-'1
vestigate Public Areas '
irl, it will have.
' "Ultimately," continued Xfr. Cohen, I
"the federal- government will find that)
the best solution 1 of iU ecoaomle and t
pomicai proDtenta-Tnrojrtioi uo atatea j-(Jovernor' MeCartky ial,l some titna
an.r tnrina anil . A Vi a. taVinn Aiiar I , ,. .
aftiiit t3 iti w l Ira win am issivj iaa.iu( avva
The survey of Urrltorial lands which
ago be intended to carry but is to fce
begun this week when the Governor
and I
'of the eontrot 6f iU the public roads.
When this ii done, pi'rt of thd cost an I
maintenance of such roads will be
borne by the federal government and bar eh
1 4LA l -1 4. -r, l - ' . e
will mLn that the whole-ronntrv will eke Thursday and
have good roada. That time may comej1611 laya or two weeks on the Garden
sooner than , is anticipated, nnil wlien , Island before continuing the survey
it .kios come this, Territory wants to on other fslnnda.
net in on the ground floor. ' -L lt . t.
Tourists Art Comtng lt, y$ that the rea.dent's
"None of these needs of the Islands proclamation under which eane lands
has been properly presented in Wnxh- will be kept in cultivation, aa outlin-
fcharks A. Rice. WiAll
tor mm Again
1 T ar? f r
Tryirm'-for Nomlnauon for
LjWill.nol , fry 'IH Wa .primarjei for-;
iinatipnl HgMpft Kuhio fpr eon
Kws f)sn o.". ........
Hslkn Km, ft.,
Hsw. Afrtll Co
Hsw. 0, A K.rfCo ,
Haw. Hngr In. y.
Moniiksa Hn. (p. .
uaiv ua lVsui.
orrhlaann Hog-, Plaat. .
feKngk 1'laat, Co . ....
i-fslia Hug. C04 i ,..,
M, llrr.l. ... f. 1 IA
tOsh ar. S ,l .
rssoh.0 mum. riaaL Co..
I'ac. Ku-sa Co.. ,
I'ala I'lmln Co. , ,
'"nk Hng-ar Ca...
Ptantwr Mill v.
Ksa Carle MllllnB; Co, ..
U'alahia Aitn-tl. Ca. ...,
Wallnka To.
WT. vw. bin. ,..
let I mux Aumm 80 Pl..
imn isa Vmit l , ,
Rnla iri'fibiM .uuin4 A
Rsika r. 4 . iN)., t-oai...
Hawt Coa, Hf. 7 A.
Haw. 0b. ltT. B ....
law.. Cobu K Coat..,,.,
llawalltia Ettrtv i'a.
flaw. vlnastle Co, .v....
fonj B. A li, Co..T.to. ..
lion. Uaa. Caw litd..
JI..O, K- T. U,Cp..
laUr-lslaMl S. ft. l. ....
Mitt. TeW Vo.. .
Oaba R. A U Co.
I'skaag: hublMW fax . ....
Relama-btntllaa.' Pd. .
tteach Walk I. .O.
Hamakna Wtch Co.tta, ,
Haw. Ceo. 6
HaWa 1st. Co., . ........
Haw, tt. 4 nf. land..
Haw. TaaL atL lk I -..
Haw. Tr. puh. Imp, 4
Raw Tr'i liinL
Hll Gaa C, LtlT . .
Hanokaai tug. C.. ,.
Hao.Kias Co.. LtJ,.&T..
aat HCv. ..
Manna Imp. tUaC, H ,
Mutual Xet. Co.. ft ......
Oaba A JU. Co., 6 ...
Onlui Man. Co.
Olaa; 8uaar.COM
ravuic uuaao at r. V"-.
aa Carloa aUUtnC.
Residents of Kano had a bTg and
most enjoyable fair at the Kona-waena
school house on iTuly Fourth, the total
sura Of 1350 being realized for toe
teicfit of the Red Cross. The whole
country, turned but and made all alb
dar ffalrvof it, ... tha. Japanese sad
other nationalities takinir aa mnti In.
eonirresa i .... "
- fji. 1 ... n.iii. ui vurir name Deicuoors.
or agaA.( Jay,Wbar candidate, pro-j Miaa Nancy Walbvco waa ehairman
posed for that offleeV?' said former Sen- of tha decorations. committee and took
Kdria Celebrates and
Red Cross-Is Assisted
inaton. We have on the Big Inland the
greatest fl.ssets foT & Xational Park any
. ..... i. l T -: i i i
ruuniiY ever imti, i.uuut.ttf linn i-it: ' . , . v
region'around he'volcano, far outstrip ,ho o-CMloa of Governor McCarthy's
In wonder nnd interest anything
Yellowstone Park can offer in the way
of attiactions, and look what has been
the government for the
ellnwstone. ami to tnia is a.KI'-il the
incomparable TlalcnKalai', of Maui.
"When tho war is over people arc
and Commissioner B Q Riven- Charles 'A. ! BicV'at the Ybun hotel "l",plaI charge of the main buildings
-in . v , .i , last nfa-hf 1 I""' grounds, while the Japanese look-
will go to KauaL Tbey n j - . . . . ' ed after the Japanese temple and tea
hursdayana will probably spend I 1 'ra be,n ttre4 b mT P00I'' ha.lL A big Liberty Boll made out
n. .i! to run again for tha -territorial senate.-" ,t trrn fnlln.. .! K. n. . ,i.
ha added.f "an wil UVily- do so. I eatrance to the Japanese1 temple at
will aeak the aaatioW kaid by Senator traded much attention. Tha gate of
Mikaele, Democrat,,' who is in bad ; the home of Rev. and Mrs. Baker was
heaWk alul 11!.' not ftih, again. , I have also decorated.
not heard f ahyoaV bUn p up by f W. M. McQuaid waa chairman of
tW'Dentocj-ata to taki.the plait of Mi-j the main committee and opened pro
kaele. It has been urged on Kauai that 1 eeedings at 9:30 with a short, patri
men of experiene-ra particularly bad- otic addresw, referring to the war, the
Iy needed in thai.aeaata.'aoW, and the importaiieo of the. work of the Red
cltUana coming. o.m.,On.. tho matter Cross and pointing to tha Kona drafteae
ecnk to- feci that wyyeara in the up-1 who were drawn up in front of the
pet rous of tht legislator, will stand j building.
"i;'?f"e7, .'rl '' I, The next striking feature as the ar
,. ppeAkiBg oX.Kvbio,.! notice that he ,ival of the school, kildrea iu proces-
w --j.nB;lBO w'foi. yev.necjdea wnai ion from, neighborlnir tons, ith
rd In the address made by Secretary
of the Interior Franklid K. Lane on
Inaaguration, will be received by the
next mail: When this reaches, the
hands of the Governor thin definite
steps may be taken to grant' new leases
on lands on which leases are expiring.
The contracts under which these
to Tour into these Inlands. I f ' i. v.- i ,
inouii has launched bis campaign on the ; k j i . lory
Islaud of Maui with a written state
ment and Joel C. Cohen, lieiles keeping
the matter of the delegnteship alive
here, combined business and politics on
a trip he made last week to the other
The letter from Dr. Raymond to
Jidge B. M. Dutson, chairman of the
territorial committee of the Democratic
Tinrty, stating thnt he will run as a
Democrat in the primary tor nomina
tion as delegate to congress, will, in the
miuds of some of the leaders of that
party, complicate the situation quite a
good ileal.
There are those who figure that no
matter which of the Democratic candi
dates receives the nomination it will
meau votes for Kuhio, for the reasou
that many of the McX'audlcaa support
era jitroHiflv oppose Rav-moml, while
Kiivmond supporters ore equally op
posed to McCandless. No one of prom
inrpee seems to. care to figure at this
early day .on how the primary contest
may come out, but "complicating tho
travel over to
have to show, their numbers will
limited only by the ships that curry
them. And there will be enough ton
nfifje when the war is over to give
tliu Islands n ship dnily from Snn
have been engaging tlie atten
dee what the Inlands . tin of the attorney general for some
be time and the Oovenor said yesterday
that they will be made public In a
short time. The Governor said tin
iienerul public will be iriven an onntl-
Frnncisco, not to mentiion her boa's Unity to atudy tba lorms of contract ele.tad a suprryisor ah Hawaii. Later
from San l'edro, Snn Diego and from I before they are finally adopted and h figured in the big soandfl Over there,
northern ports. If we nre rea.lv, or'tbeie will be ample' Opportunity to cor- involving much, of the BAri county
even yetting ready to tal;e care of our j ruct auy flaws that may be fpiind. j government, serving a, term iti prison,
visitors, iirovi.iing comfortable trims-L Aecompanyiug ; GoverJior McCarthy .l1!! Wee in tha aaoato,- the Ljhue
portation for them to and over
b WfJ 4o wbthe or !. he will run ,,form dresses and carrying Flags
fpr aongreas tbis.yeaT, That, la exactly Effective Pageant
tne line of talk pot p, by hn two years The pageant, waa carried out at a
age wnn. ruuuing fgaiu-t nia. sneciallv enntrurt.rl
ttauat wiU.bva .aU.kv.la of caudi ! 'Uitt' 0 lhe .rronnd. of Hcv. and
Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Ben Kamuka, rep
resenting Hawaii, presented a chant.
At its conclusion tha Church entered,
being Rev. A. H. Baker, Father Kugene
dates u t lie flld this year for the
houa. Tha Uepubliuaus will have
enough and to spare, while I understand
the Dempcrats wl Vav Jfu)l ticket."
Mr. Rica statad iliai jobn'Kealuha is
back on Kauai and may ran aa a Dem
ocrat for the senate.' Jtealohn was
vniioiis isluuds, we shall hove such a
flood of people here as has never been
enjoyed bv anv other tourist resort.
World Sick of Palo
People are not going to Europe for
some time after this war is over. Of
conre there will be many of the
morbid-minded who will want to go
over und gloat or moan over the ruin
ii it 1 1 deol Uioji of France, Belgium and
other Ian Jh laid waste, by the Hun,
but sane-minded, wholesome people
will not go to Kur.upo fpr u while nfter
ans-U Accompanying, uovernor .McCarthy UV1" w Jw me i.inue .
the !a,ul Commissioned Rivenburgh to Kauai "b!eof the island t)f Kaiial Would have j
this week will- be Charles T. Bai'ov. ,M,h members qf tha npper house, Sen-
of the water service. At Wkimea the Btor W ' Coney, who is a hold
party will be met by W. V. Hardv, the over' a,, Uving.thera. Xbe obi system
water man f .that Jsland, and athir- ad been, to give wia seaator, to what'
oLn Inveattgutl .n will be made af the 18 ue1l,,,lt,,,' a the1 Lihue-aide sad
resources abovo Wnimea and Maka- , one '. lb Wtt'm.e. i.davThia custom
veil and thiough to 4ha homestead re- 1 w' 'Hf'l'i "l01 F" ,BPtor Coney ,
ginn abov.1 Kapaa. -While on th Vai- ; WM elected, Si-natorMikaela being from
and Rev. D. Wallava, represeating the
Cougrej;ational, Catholic and Kpisi opal
churches respectively. The children,
numbering about 50fi, came in next
and then the Government was summon
ed, being represented by Judges
Thompson and Baker, Mr. Mi. Idle-
Kauai Has Thousand
ditch. . The Army and Navy were rap.
resented by Messrs. T. C. Wiite and
Pod mo re and Industry by John Mid
kift , 1 . -
The plan of the pageant waa due to
Mrs.' A. H. Baker, who worked very
bard for it. Miss Ella Parte assisted
tha Hawaiian part if it, and Mr, in
wards and Mrs. p. D. Wallace aided
greatly. Mjss Myra Willmot, of JIolu
aloa, interpreted the role "America"
and scored complete success. Tha. re
freshment committee of J. G. Smith,
as chairman; Mrs. W. H. Greenwelf
and Mrs. D. D. Wallace, with a corps of
assistants. .
Farm Stuff Bold ' -
..Mr. Midkii'ff aithSi rman of tha
agricultural -Committee,; iad assembled
ail sorts of farm, products, pigs, chick
ens, etc;, were sold .during the day,
the "fair", If aneh It may be called,
closing with aa. auction aala .which
was conducted by Mr. d Mello. ,
The fancy work committee, tinder
the chajrmanahip of Mrs. R. V. Woods,
turneal 'out. a. beautiful display, which
found reader iale. Many of the articles
from Portuguese women of the district,
n . ,1 ......I . V. : . .. - , ... i .- .'
I miu nui u imua nm nais aou Diaia cum
nig from the, iiawaiians.
The lei committee!! with Mrs. Ross, a
rhuirman, turned an ample sujiply, Mr.
Oka, chairman of the sports commit
tee kept the boys and lovers of sport
quite busy, and the music committee,
under Lot Kauwe, scored at different
times daring the day but particularly
at the luncheon hoar.
The Japanese section was particular
ly enjoyed by the little folk, as waa
alsq the fish pond, where bogs of pea
nuts were caught on fish hooks.
Kouu has not had in a long while
any affair which was so largely at
tended and was so generally enjoyed;
and the big amount fur Xbe Red Cross
speaks for itself..
i .1
n.Luv.u.. "- i the war. The world is sick of pain
those doing the talking that Kuhio n , ,, g,im.rill(r un(J Americans, when we
Vbnut'.e," are considerably strengthened I hnv( .,, -tl, v,nr - Wnr tu?rt eagerly
iiresumlug, Of course, that he is to b ... .. ..n k.i.... i...... .. -,i
the Republican can.Udute.', I luipniness. Thev will come to Hawaii.
worlq people will
e snail have so
Vi any ships that rates can be made
tne uepuiuteaa can.u.uiw, I happiness. Thev will
However tha othr; may beedT.n( ad from all qvCr bhe
about the queatio of the toUpbAx lJ . w
Joe (ohen is leaving no doubts abou,', .. .
where he stands,
Statea His Position.
"What 1 want to sec is a good rep
resentative for this Territdry in Wash
ington," said Mr. Cohen iu ani'tnter
view in the Hilo Post H'rtjd, copies of
which reached Honolulu yuatenlny.
,' ' Wf ha,v,e not bud the right represent
ative there. 1 want to see a delegate
elected I who raa attend to the Tcrrl-
nttruetjvly low to- catch the rank and
file, while accommodations can be made
l...:.:..'.. . '..U .1 - i . - - in . . .
luAiirmuB iiiHiuifii- piewaj' lie nivsi
i fastidinh of the ritih. , i And we want
to begin now to have our roads in con
dition to take care of our travelling
Only One Party
"We have in America now onlv one
meu side a trip will nrobabty be made
t i tn Kokae atream, at the head of tie
canyon, and an inspection made of tha
large mountain tract set aside ut a
high elevation there for-Summer camp
purposes! ' ' , ;
Says Sheriff Rice
W. a. a. -
blif tmrtf the Win the War Partv. We
tory 's interest without the aid of paid can not be rabid Republicans w ithout,
lobbyists. There's good materiul iu J in a inensuie, working against the Ad
the Territory for this job. Hurely out . mitilstinti. n, and whether we are Hep
of our population of more thou 2()(),(K0 uliliriins or Deni' crnts. what we need
we can send a man to congress who ut this time is to inject into our policy
can represent the people, look after I the pull toge' her-spirit which must
the Territory n business, see tuai we
et what Washington can give" us to
lid in the development of Our Island
resources without tho sugar planters
laving to spend $;15,(H0 a yeur for
special lobbyists."
Hiving jundo tnis point clear, Mr.
ouM .t on to say:
eventually win the war
slime time help us as
and at the ,
a territory of !
the I nitii.i Mtntis We need a man in
Washington whom the responsible ele
men! of the ronnnitity wilV- bank ut.
It siii-Ii n man can be found, and I'm
not that man. then I 'II gladly sten
ilowu uud out aud work for that man."
LONDON, June 29 "Can nnyons
sny why every ship returning across
the Atlantic does not take a full human
cargo of the interned German's, sp that
these useless mouths may be fed over
yonder t" is the question put forward
in a letter to a newspaper by A. Conan
Doyle, the novelist.
He mIbo advocates placing of Oermnn
officers on British hospital ships and
merrhan tmen.
It is estimated that a ton of food is
imported annually for every ten Ger
mans fed by the British at intoruiuept
camps. Marty ships go to Ameriva iu
ballast (that is, without cargo), so
feeding of German prisoners in Amer
ica would releuse tonnage.
Senator Rice cam to the eitv to at.
tend a meeting of tha Jand. board, which
wlH be -held tomorrow, he having sue-
eeeae.i uorror naymonn, now a canal- t,i8 war with nearly
ante ior congress, on tnai Doard. lie
expects to trctutB' home by a - steamer
at this week end. Ha will quite likely
return again to tb'a city' fdr the Repub
lican convention :oi the twenty second.
; m ,i . w.a.a.'... .
CHICAGO, Jun 81 Aa American
weddiag nisr;h ta displace those by
Wagner and Mendelsaoba is io, process
ot composition by Lieutenant John
Philip Hours, bandmaster at the Great
Likes naval training station, it was
announced today.' t atauaaj ia now at
work on the processional at the re
quest of the vnhotir musical organisa
tions, it whs n' id; because of a dispos
ition n n.hiiy quarters in regard to
fon ig i muu-liei ks a part of "kul-tnt".
(Tabjeti) . DrugU rafunjt mbney If
H talis to cure. Tta algnatura of
if. W. tlftOVKla on each box. Mau
nfactured by the PARIS MKDICINH
CO., 8t. Louia, U. 8. A,
"Kauai has shown her patrioti-m in
a thousnnil men
now serving the colors," said sheriff
William 11. Riee, of the (iiirden Ilaud,
yesterday. The sheriff ranie over with
half a dozen draftees and turned them
over to the selective draft officer at
the armory.
'All of Kauai's draftees have Leon
sent to Fort Armstrong, with the ex
ception of a few strays. With the men
who wre inducts. I into military serv
ice as member of the iiatiouiil unr.l,
draftees and volunteers who have been
I joining the army ami navy during the
I past year, and those serving in the
I British army, Kauai has furnished
about one- thousand miin. Aa Kauai
has a population of only about ilmty
I thousand w believe we are u hundred
i perceut island. "
.Maui scut over eighty six di itti e
yesterday iiuiining and these w.m nil
at Fort Armstrong in time for th.ii
first ariv breakfast.
(taring the afternoon they w.ie
joined by about one hundred and t -n
ty men of Onhu sent by Local Ii.kh .U
Nos. 1 and Z, Fpur meu failed toj.
port to Lih-iiI Hoard No. 1 je-tei a
as follows:
Lee Ki Von, order liumliei Imij,
havid K. Murando, order iiumbi i IJ o,
Kuinuu I'uraiuu, order numbor r."M
LONDON, July 7 (Associated
Press) A wealthy business man of
fered to contribute a sum of mone
large enough to supply one of th
missionary bishop of the church of
Kngland with an airplane. "I believe
this would enable the. bishop to visit
the outlying parts '6f bis diooee with
much greater ease than nt ireaeut,"
said the writer.
The British Society for the Propa
gation of the Gospel in making ac
knowledgement of the offer, says that
while it cannot at present accept the
gift, it has no doubt that within a
few years similar offers will Ue ac
cepted, "and in this way some of our
bishops who are in charge of large and
scattered dioceae will enable to mul
tiply their activities."
w. a. a.
No need of suffering from cramps iu
the st mil or intestinal pains. Cham
beilain's Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy
never fails to lelieve the most severe
cases, (let it today, there will be ao
time to send for it nfter the attack
comes oa. ' For sale by all dealers.
Benson, Smith Cot, Ltd., AgeuU fur
Franc is. o Fernando, order number
Two hundred udditionnl mru of OaUu
will M'poit this afternoon ut the ar
mory at two o'clock sixty the from
the Fourth District and 133 from th
J'fth Dii riel.
... .
i a.s,
a a
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Oaba. 10, 8; a.90t. Bnatls. HO, 4.18.
r. BOABD-SALXS ...-,.'
Ewa, lu, 48 u0j H. p. k a.,Co t, 40 1. ;
' 1 Dtf tftBN It OIMY
' Jul 1$.W V ... .
WataliM , ......
Q.'iU U Co. .
Kekaba, Rxtra .
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8Rnalyst bwu (no advices). .
Vmtanora ........... .y...., M.KS
Nw Xork m (No Quotation).
' ar. a. a.
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i mym stocks, i
KtW JtOAK. Jalir U - Ussorlated
Preaak-followtna. as ta owOIb and
elwtlua quqtatloa of slocks In Um hew
ork. aiaskt -raatwdr. - .......
Ammlcaa Hnrsr , ,
Amerleaa. llt . ."J ;
Asa-uttsl..int . ,
Alaska ..Id
AarVa Lurowotlira . ,.,
America a, Tel. A. Tl.
American .Htuulter
Amerlcaa trl i'drr. . ...
Atchlw.a fairway ;
Aaaoonoai OpfM-r ..
Kahlwla LovoiuotlT
HalUoioN) A Ohto'k
llethhitaeu Htwl -II"-,
CaUtwnsa Paimleuat'
Central Leather .,
Canadian-farttte .'
C A. 8t.,rtai . . .,
rofo, Knet i Iron . .......
CtwWbla fHwt , , ,
Cuba Xuar Cane
tWit nmiSH w- ,
General Klectrtc ,,,
tieueral. MvUtra oew
Great Iort hern Pfd.
luUMwatimial M hT
Induitrtai Alcohol .
Kennecott Capper . 1 t I ij
iaBitca i valley, Kauway , ...
New Vork Central""....!.
ItaanajrAraol. y ...
Bay CommUdated
Uaadiac .wouh.,
Ueiubiicao Iron common ..
Honthera. Paeitlc
HtudKhaker v.. ,
t'nlleti Htatea Rubber
Tss OM,.-,.. ,
t'nlon Paclflc
I nlM Htte Hteel ,.,
f'tah .'
Wsatern lukoa
M'eatlugbouse .' ,
Htdtalx-lJlvldaad tl'nqi
RAS, ITBUKCIBOOv Jaijr -.loVUaimelat-.
id Prea rolhwc Ir tit opulu( aud
'loataf moutaUoaa. mt ncsr aad, ether
stock la U Baa rraaehwo uarfcat laa
tardayi ., . : ... ,.T
Clf '
I One- I Clo.
haw'a conii . ;.;.'.
Hawaiian- Kuwar Co.i . .
llouoksa Huarar
Itiaa Hugat ck
pslm Suaar Co.
llutchltiaiHt Wuaar Co. .
I'aauliaw Hugar Co. . ..
Oaaawa, Jlunar Cm
uouoiuiu tni , . .,
HoiuiIhUi Plaatatlon Co. .
'"1ri"d'xdriuu fCD.iuot'jo. '
.84 '
"-"""V". wm mmm iwnwinj ,mwmi anr
curb stocks, as wlrelraaed to Th Adrar-
uaar ay Bioaaai at u arsa , ,
Jiig Ledge .
CaMbmla .
kimiua Cupiivr
Irotu lilwutnm
Jim flutter
Jrrvnie Verde
lu rail
Midwest Oil
Mvtbcr Irfxla
Hay. liesviiiMi'
Itcscue Kul
Hex Cons
Kllver King Cons. .
Titwuiiah alitvanlon .
K.rs 4lu .,
I'rwwii Hold .
Perfactiuu Tire and
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day lTi
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