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, . eT"l
I UllUL 1 1 1 U U I uV OM A I I TlirmnilTP - -Violent Quarrel With Kaicer ' w
nun I nil r n I I IT ft V U I V A L L I H T I K 1 1 N I N Labor M ember of British Cabinet Offensive Is Said To Have Oc Increase In Forces Overseas Or M llPA ATTaPKX
V'MAC'ULn IMTn UlinLLIIILIIlUlllO Tells British Workmen of , casioned Congestion of Brain. On Shioboard NinPtv Thn... I 1 LUURL H MO
umnuiiLU in I u
if" nirn uiuwmy cacn wee AS
I HI IV Official Score Shows
No "Huggar Muggar" Peace De-L ... - r. M
clrres Lloyd George Before!0" Western . Fiwt Shoot Down
Canadian Editors No Chance
Left For Another Such War
Upon the World
VON HERTLING'S PLEASjt,Hl I growing more and moro
. y:n..iu- ii, !! ,
leace Emissary From Vienna
ffot With Cold Reception In
Berne, Vhcre No Allied Diplo
mat Would Consent To See Him
L'IN'DO.V, July 14 (Associa
ted I'ress) "There must he
ii" linear miliar jwace," declar
ed I'rcniirr I.loyd Georjje last
niL.hl, addressing a dinner gatli
nii. at wlm'li the guests of
li" mr were a number of editors
"i anadi.Mi newspapers, who are
Iutc lor tlie coming conference
"I the editors of the Empire, to
l'f attended by the representa
iive. of the; press Of Australasia,
Africa and all otWr Mritish lands.
i'!ie 1'remier devoted a large part
of his address t acknowledging
1 1 ie share in shaping the affairs
f the Kmpire which the domin
.n have earned but spoke also
on the peace which the Entente
;s determined must be won, in
iliis way answering in part the
virions peace suggestions now
emanating from Moth Vienna and
1 lerlin.
There mut be no peace which
will leave alive a potential force
in bring about another such war
upon mankind," he said. "The
god of brute ioroe must be for
ever broken and burnt in his own
Referring to the part the
dominions will play henceforth in
the affairs of the Empire, Lloyd
lieore said: "The Dominions
imivt have a voice in the peace
dims they will have helped to
uin. We. who engaged this Em
pile in this war. had no time then
t" consult the Dominions, but
henceforth you have the right -to
be consulted beforehand."
on llertling's speech ofKri'
day in the reichstag. in which he
a thru ied that Germany stands
read to listen to any serious
peace suggestions from the ene-
i . but that the recent speeches
of ! 'resident W ilson offered Ger
ii m no alternative but to con
tinue the struggle, has received
I'o direct notice here, anv more
than il has in W ashington, where
the officials have given it no
recognition and regard it as offer
ing no step towards peace nego
tiations. Here, as in Washing
ton, the outline of the desires of
Ameriea is regarded as a final
-taiemi nt of the war aims of all
the allied nations.
.Dispatches via Copenhagen
vestenlay add to the suggestion
that Germany is launching an
other peace offensive. These des
patches quote Chancellor von
I Icrtling as announcing that there
is no truth in the statement that
Cennany ever intended to retain!
1'elgium as part of her spoils of
ar " I he present possession of
I'elgiuui." he is quoted as saying,
is only that we may have a pawn
for future negotiation. There is
no intention on the part of the
Ini'ieiial government of keeping
l ' l-iu n. m any form whatso
i . el
i Iu- var, lie added, the
'icct oi Melgian independence
.il not be a worry to anyone
1 1 lend! v to ( ierman v.
' o, ialist l eader Schiedmann,
! o -p..!.e alter the chancellor,-in
.bsi 'snig the resignation of von
Superiority Over Enemy Aloft Is
KAliImK . t U 111 I.
Four Thousand Taubes
and Albatrosses
LONDON, July II i An.oeiate.l
l'rsiM) The snprrmary of the Uririnh
in thfkkir nvir the aviator of the CVn
iconarant aura- eki Onrintr th ir
romhaU of the summer ami fall f last
rear, while the British won a majority
of the vi,Morie, the battling wan not
wholly one aided, sueh an it haa now
become, with an average of tour anrt
more enemy machine brought down for
every British flyer defented ami lost.
Thin ia the mora emohatie at present,
when j.raefieally all of the air battles
ere fought far baik of the enemy front
lineiChere every disabled British ma
chine forced to land is lost, while the
disabled enemy machines are frequent
ly able to mnka a snfe landing where
they are among friends.
During the year ending June 30, on
the went front, the airmen of the Roy at
Flying Corpa have shot down a total
of 82.1.1 German machines, these being
each officially observed anil reported.
In the aam period, the British naval
airmen have scored decisive vie.
toriea in ail hundred and twenty three
caaea, that many enemy mnrhiuoj being
On ihe western front, di.nii; 1u3
yetr tho British lost a total cf I0PJ
K. F. C and naval machines, listH ea
oiisaing, although it (a believed that
many of these machine fell behind
the enemy' lines without the crews beinu
The score on the western front for
the year thus stands: 3856 Hermans
destroyed to 104 British, or nearly
four to one.
On the Italian front, where British
airman have been operating daring the
past few months against the Austriana,
the superiority of the British is most
marked. The officials reports show
that from the first of April to the end
of June the British shot down one
hundred and sixty-five Anstriana and
lost only thirteen of their own planes.
w a
YV-ASHINUTON, July 13 (Assoeint
e.l I'ressl By a vole of 172 to 72 the
house today overw hi Imingly sustained
the veto of President Wilson of the
Agricultural Appropriation Bill, which
lie 'Unapproved tierause of the increased
priee set for wheat. This he declared
unnecessary to stimulate production
ince the farmers were patriotic and
prosperous and it would increase the
cost of flour to the consumer two dol
lars ii barrel and give the fnriiien
.'t77.0UO,00n mure for this year's crop.
w a. a.
WASHINGTON, July 13 (Official)
Moltlier of the exptxlitiouary forces
Hie to he kept posted on the doings at
iiiuiie. It wus arranged that they shall
receive some news by wireless duilv.
This will be iu the form of a suniiiiHrv
of the general news of the day and it
will be sent bromlcast by wireless, no
only for the men in r'rance but for fill
naval vcnsels as well.
Bulletins are to be posted where
troops are quartered in France ami
where the men of the navy can read
it iSi shipboard.
w. a. a.
NKW) YORK, July 13 lOltieial)
Cuba is Killing to lo its jiurt iu the
winning of the control of the air fur
the Allies. It was announced by the
personal representative of I'resiilcnl
Veuocal of the Islaml Republic thnt
Cuba hits nrgaiiizeil H.i air squadron
which it is icikI- to, place. at the ilia
liosnl of the AlU Afhi'iicm' It sbnll
be rc(iiireil.
Kuehlmatin, said tliat no politi
cian of the reichstag had hren
ClnJllt('(l hv the militrirv l,.-,,l..r
. . , -
regarding the (ierman desire fur
vietnrv fur the .,f ....,,. 1
1 Jl : r ' '
.nn. ini- i. a i v i . i in in i ierman
, power.
despatches fmm S wit.erl;md
eslerd.iy ipiote the Imirtial dc
Geneva as conlirniing the recent
reiinlse of an Austrian peace
emissary hy the Allied legations
mi lienie. where every Kntcnle
diploinat and tlie American min
ster refused tu see the peace envoy.
Labor Member of British Cabinet
Tells British Workmen of
Reports He Receives
NORTHAMPTON, Knglsnd. .Inly U
Associated Press I An Inn Hender
son, Labor member of the British cab
inet, fold the In Ivor conference which
is in session here that Socialists from
the five enemy countnex l , I anxnered
the statement of vuir nimx of tlie Brit
ish labor party Bnd thst Hie difference
was not so able as might nnw lcn
surmised. In numbers of instances
these war aims were nreeptnble to the
Socialist of the enemy ennntriex while
in others there was n sentiment to
leave the question to the Socialist of
neutral nations for decision.
The Bulgarian Socialists, Header- t
son said, accepted practicnllv nil of the
general terms of the British statement.
The Hungarian Soc ia lisl s 1 1 it . 1 su b- '
mitted to the Stockholm committee of I
Socialists a statement of policy which :
was very similar to that ol tlie British
laborites. ;
Austriana were ready to accept them i
aion of disputed territory
ording to
i of Nil i-li
f the so '
the desires of the populate
In Germany the minority
eialist submitted a memorandum on'
verj- much jhe same lines while the
German majority said that il would be I
wining io panicipaie in an interna- .
tional discussion on the basis of pro
posttls to be made by the Social, sts of
neutral nations,
, . w. a. a.
Hundred Thousand Men Could
Subjugate Bolsheviki In Sibe
ria Without Trouble
WASrIINOTON, July 14 ( Asm -ia.
ted J'ress) One ' hundred thousand
trnined -soldiers eonld effectually sub
jugate the Bolsheviki in Siberia, tho
soc i star j of Trinee Tokogawa, K. Ka
wpLktnii. la reported to nave said in
Chicago in an interview trrautid yts-j
tertlay. He declared tbat Japan is
uot locking for the annexation o! nny
Siberian territory but would act if it
be desired by the United 8tar-s nrd
the .Hies.
Lieutenant-General Horvath, provi
sional governor ' Siberia, declnred
thct the allied powers will have the
full support of the new Siberian gov
ernment it is reported from London
whence other reports said that British
reinforcements have been, despatched
to Siberia to assist the Russians and
Ot-cho-slnvs in guarding the Allied
stoics from the Bolsheviki now acting
with the German ex-prinsoners report
ed to be advancing on Vladivostok.
Trotsky is reported iu Moscow des
patches to have asserted thnt the newt
from the front showed that tile unity
of soviet troops had suffered severelv
as a result of what he cnllud the "An
gin-French propaganda." He said thi'
a part of the soviet troops hujl de
sorted to the Allies.
W. S. S.
At :i irt'ft inr of the Hawaiian honiM
(if Missions lu'hl yr-ertlnv u lnn wb
rt'srnt'i( looking to thn formation of
n V;ir T 1 1 1 u ( 'oinnii.Hnioii rOMHiHtinj; of
i'cprt'sciitiit i tH of vh rioiiM religious or
yaniations of Hit Territory. Tin- aim
of tins ONiinissKin wotiltl )k to direct
in nn a.lviory rnprti-.ty t fit work of
siti li oi liHiiiat ions of tlie Hawaiian
lioiir'l niol others whi h enter into the
arrt iiM-ii I , in an effort to meet the war
time n-els in reliiotiH linen with n
uinfe.l effort ami with the I'ttteiit ims
fsihli' -t inilii mi l w.iHilom.
This plan mis j.irovel hv the lioaril
h in t a committee appointed to uh)i the
matti'i to a sueeeMst ul eonelusion.
The liiiai l yester.lay Imu took up tlie
matt ii of set nr in i; a HVHtoni of in mi r
mire for t lie mi n intern ami eviiueliHtH
w lio are uorkiu nioler i t h direction.
War tune piiteH and tlie small tualuriex
of manv nt' ihe men have been working
haid'hij'H in ilia's where HickneHW or
death come Manv of the men have
heen in the mtv ire of the Hoard for
most of their wnrkHjK life and the aim
now is to t a Is e ea re of them iu timer
of Mi-kiie.K or disability. A eommittee
Unt lici-n Hjijiointed to into the whole
mat tt i ery t horouhl v and make an
early report.
LOl0, I ul v 1.1 (Associate.!
I'msi Mntih casiiHitie tor h.t we-k
'r.'i'i H "t ihc HkIi'im..- fnmta -o fit .
" "I"
till V '
been iricivcl Mere nut
leiuilh I'liil'i'i- ttuiri in weeks recently
I ust li 1 1 linin;li still .ciiv. The Inssp-
e.ii.rti"1 I ii it week were U.IH1, hImiiiI
three t lniii-H u l less tliun ii week a'o
ami les than In. If the size hs iluriiiir
the he
ylit nf the Ceriiinn offensive.
moves the cuus. Used the world oe.
:o cure a cold. in one day. The aijjna
tuie it i; W. (' ;A'K is on eiicli b."
.vl-illil I ii ti.ri 1 I y tl:e . ' .' I : -, "'
CINK CO., tf' iMMt I o A
Offensive Is Said To Have Oc-
casioned Congestion of Brain
AMSTERDAM, Ju y 13-As-aodaUd
Pr)-Oeneral von H ,n
denburg, tha Ocrman military
touunnndar, known as tha
"brains of tha avpreae o(ts:is
lve" It dead, it ia reported in
lea Nouralea. , That newspaper
sy tbat the de.tll x curred after
a diaAgreement between the Gen
eral and the Kaiser over the of
fensive which developed into a
stormy scene.
Von Hlndenborg is reported to
have become so excited in tho
qnaxrel that contention of the
brain resulted and from the ef
fetta of this he died.
W. B. S.-
Are Far Behind Expecta
tions and Committees Will
Intensify Efforts
ul' ""X1" 01 "' lx '"B
Speed up the buying of V. i
A"'1 ITirift stamps. This is essential
for the Territory ia far behind the
llgures it wna eiperteri to have reach
en in im nrsi pair OT tlie year. ThPI
um for the . Ialands foi thnt pe- I
rind was 11) for each person auil the'
sales were only 2 which moans thst
for this six months' ke must buy at
the rnte of $1 a perscm. :i a month,
if we are, to kepp Up the record that
HAVnii has made for doing nil thut is
expected of it to help win the war.
Organized work of thrift stamp sales
must bring better results for the next
six months thin the Inst six, nine
times over, and it is' planned that it
shall. On Monday an intensive cam
paign starts and in that enmpnign the
various corporations. Arms, trust ea
tntes and other organised similar eon
cerns or institutions will be seen and
asked to take 1000 each in thrift
stamps, the maximum the government
allows to be taken, . Smaller houses
and estates will be asked to tnke ,r00,
In this phase of their ranionigiiini;
the workers will point out that n bet 1
icr rate or interest ia realized on thrift
stamps than on Liberty Bonds for
1... !ltiry 4-25, K'rPrnt inu,rest
Sura of TnErW 1
Another argument la. favor of the
purchase of stamp, which will be used
,n approach!.. a different class of
purchasers is the ea.eTwith which the
stamps can be .ealised upon. .There
ire many nho wnnt to "(to the limit'
but are nfraiil they may have an ab
solute need of tha money' i a abort
isT,r ;:LXhw7lt
chnsers of stainiis can have them re
deemed by tlie postoftice at any time
ocensiou rci(uires. Thev will get back
mn unit wnni iney puui ror toe stamps
but three percent interest on the pur- I
nnse. .n euiiiiiiiKsiiins. no naitin for
a piirchiiser, .just j!' I" the postofhee
fill, l ,rt tl.j. nw.xa., '
All rationalities will'' be rtorouKhTW
i"1"!1' i n c coiiniiiiiees in tne
loininn caiiipnin. They have the
iiiiiinisc nf full rooienitiun from the
Japanese and the Chiue.e consuls which
is expected to be a jrrcat help. It is
expected the lists of committees will I
be coinpleted and the verious notices'
mailed out earlv this week.
Thrift Day Plana
Separate stands for He separate races
I "" of the i ild features of
Thrift liiiv July lT. :i feature that;
would ii"t be so :ii'r.'i : iutc elsewhere
is hei e After the .n ;.le the various
i't iiuiiil it es wlm-li piu'ieipate will ;;o
each tn its own stun, I and there will
be addressed by speiikeis ill their own
IsiiU'i'ii'i' ns well as l. the (Governor
in i:n'lisli. It is sin. I that Governor
McCarthy lias expresi. 1 his willingness
to speak nt every stand.
In the parnde it is .'Miecteil to hne
the foriner l'ihii I niul 1 1 ' new soblieis
from the draft in the line, their first
appearance in public mi. c they put on
the militaiy uniform .it tlmir country.
In addition to this tin lied Cross arid
other iiri'iiiii.Htin.is ii: be asked tu
Appeal To Advertiser
An appeal is beinf n.i.le by the di
reel. us ,.f the War ,-.iyius .stumps
aiiipiii'ii tu the In. a1 I usiuess houses
.1 i el ei I ii War fm in . tain j in their'
i . I i' 1 1 i e nie n t s iii the press. Letters'
i i.een sent tn eet liusiness house I
in Honolulu hhU-i ii j that the merchants'
itili.e ihis iiietliinl of briiiglug the mut- I
ter to the attention ot their custom 1
ers :in.l tu the publi.- in jienerul. The I
letter, sent out yestenbn over the num..
"f I'. C I, re, cxei utiv. secretary, is I
as follows:
War Ssviii(s Stump committer
is very much indebted t . you for mil
ooperntion duriny the p.it five months
hi the War Stamp rump:. i'n.
Kr.mi literaturi' of the Associated
d vei tisinp ,( bib. vhi.h i e hive r(.
eivrd from" the ma.ii' 'i i d, our stten
Ion N cnMed to the tut that the -War
'avinis Stamp campni'ju -it n be y;ren'
Iv assisted by the people who ndver
ise, i. ul sueeial note made of the
fad thnt in Dallas. .I.n njf the Third
Liberty I oan eonfeien. e ;. se.ho e i as
developed by which i . i v ad crtse
ment in the papers earn. I u strou ap
peal for the loan.
As von prohnhlv I, now. an intensiv..
War ltainp cninpnin will be carried
on in Honolulu from July L'J fc( 27.
the purpose nf which is to bring Hn
wuii up to her proper ipio'a in the sale
of War S I ii .mix. thee I.. ng a deficit
of H, per rnpitn t h i ou'inut tbe'Isl
The u r Shunn eomuuilee wishes I .
is'i oiir Ki I 1 1 ii ii during these four
. in tlt-.t v "i i...)wf .,
"orlioii of otir dnilv n-1 -1 tsi lie sua -e
in an appeal for the War Sayings
Increase In Forces Overseas Or
On Shipboard Ninety Thou
sand In One Week
WASIMMVrnv ,ii, i i (Ofli.-mi ,
- - AmerlcHti t on e-. nn re iri:!i or on
shipboard now n iml.cr I . I IIimiihi. ( I, pf
of Htaff (len -ral I'ctoii C Maul, to
ilny told the senate . omtnitteo on null
trry affairs. Tin-, he -ni l, n-pre.i'tits
an increase of oo.oimi in the n uf
w eek.
Three niui ' ori-. em Ii niiniln iing
fnm L'2.",0ihl tn "iii.niiii u.i'ii arc to be
definitely nrgnmeil f rum the Anicronii
di isions In IV e. 1 1 i,n x n Ii h
I een ilneiiied 1 1 , m t I he lu-t of i hese
Us II be comuianleil by On, Hnniei
Ijlggrtt, temporary comninieh i. but the
i omnia niters of the se, onl ami Ihn.i
ci rps have not been ileigiite.l.
Oeuftral March sai.l there was i:n let
lip in the spec! of troop inov cincnls
from this count rv
to I ranee a ml t htl t
. thus far in .Inly tl
i bring maintained i
n me
rate was
the past
i a iikuing Reports
I In his daily cable. I report to I he
I war department (leneral Pershing sai.l
thut in the Chateau Thiery region nn
! u 1 1 (tin nlntl l,v I l,'i. .,,. .... 1 1. ..
American trenches broke ..,
heavy losses under the withering lire
whivU ""rt from the American forces.
n the I hiacourt region an Ameri
"n aviator snoi now n u hostile mn
diine. Generally in the American sec
,or w" puiet.
Launch Lost
Aa American power launch has been
lost, according tn other reports. It
was aiding a French destruyer to tow
to safety an American seaplane under
the Are of the (Ierman shore batteries.
Two of the erew are probably drowned
and two other were taken prisoner by
the enemy.
Distinguished services crosses have
been awarded to eleven more offirers
and men.
Casualties Reported
Casualty losses reported by the war
depnrtment were:
Army Killed in action, fourteen;
died of wounds, one: of other causes,
two; severely wounded, forty two miss
inp, eight.
Marines Killed in action, eleven:
died of wounds, five; eercl
WASHINGTON. July 1.1f Assoc.la
Ul";.'T"en"aI C(row,(1".
!, 'IT I" ''"w' I 7 CnM?T
T 'm I1 grV,Ce 1oJ worltl ,n
! "JTKo'Cw. P1'0"
! " TV ?M ,7'
W. a. a.
i r ' mm ntf
Perry' McGiHiYray
' w , t 1
nPfllQ IllllfP
i 'Culu LUIVC
In the Two-Twenty
Mainland Merman Establishes
New World's Record Kaha
namoku Wins 50-Yard Dash
CHICAGO, Jiuy 14 (Associa
ted Press) Perry M. McOUIIt
ray. who ia now stationed at the
Great Lakes Naval Training Sta
tion, defeated Duke p. Kahana-mou-ii
bore last night In a meet
held as a benefit for the Ajrjert
cii Red Cross Society.
With the woijd famous Ha
waiian merman second, McOlUltr
rry laado the two hundrad and
twenty yards swim In two mln
utos aud twenty-one and two
tifths geconds. This time broke
tho existing world's record for
the distance.
The water was apparently too
("id or tha distance was too
tueit for the Hawaiian marvel.
Knhanaruoku won the fifty-yard
dash, making the distance In
twenty three and four-fifths sec
onds. The world's record for the 220
yard distance, tank. Is held by
Ii. J. llcbuer, his time being two
mi nut oh and twenty-one seconds,
flat. Perry McCtilltvTay holds
the open water world's record for
the distance, his time being two
mtt'utes and twenty-four and one
fifth seconds.
Duke Kahanamoku's world's
record for the fifty-yard dash,
tank, is twenty -three and two
nttua seconds, while his world's
record for the same distance,
mnde in open water, Is twenty
three seconds flat '
While the Associated Press
despatch to The Advertiser is
silent as to whether the two
swimming races were held In a
t or in open water, it Is
judged from the times made, that
they were In open water. The
two-twenty has never been con
sidered Kahanamoku's distance,
"a remains king of all mermen
in the fifty and 100-yard distances
and the midway stations thereof,
Terry McOUUvray, who defeat
ed Hawaii's great swimmer last
Mlcht in Chicago, is well and
favorably kuown in Honolulu,
hero i i swiun on a number
of occasions.
O n Yon Afford the Risk?
' 1 1 rr M-ir.l with a severe
iit'n. !. ..I up -.'- or d rrhoea
" i "' "' 1 .' ' ! ! ' "''ii. nberl aii s Colic
'"'I ' I Ii' I i" tin house f
I1"!. 'I i a I , siM.) ii-,1,,.. A ,)ose or two
' 'II "'i I eioie a doetor c. nl I
.usm.1 ii iiille.l. niul it never tails
ii i ii in the most severe and dnn"eroiis
' i ses l .ii sale o Heuson, Smith &
A. I v t'l-t iHeme.it.
French Hit Their Line At Three
Points Yesterday. Taking
Over Thousand Prisoners
Something Holding Germans
Back In Their Plans To
Strike On West Front
NKW YORK. ,l.,!v
Preys) Continued ,
various local ofl.nsiv.
out by the Allies , ,
westein lines, with n,i
II ' sm, elated
-- attends the
Is'ing esrrw'it
hi ttie Herman
i 'id ic.at ions that
the (ierniH'l plnns lot thei. m.'ior of
fensiv, expected for Ho past two
w eeks, are developi i.'.
Yesterday the Knioh hit the Hun
line between ifontdi.liei an. I the Oise,
advancing their outposts for about five
hundred yard and taking in the neigh
borhood of six hundiel prisoners. I'p
until last night the lieimans had nol
made any eonnter attack at this point.
Southeast of Amiens the French ulsc
advanced on the Houyrelles plateau
where they now dominate the regiot
between Avre and the Xoye rivers. It,
their operations here yesterday a to
tnl of more than five hundred Herman
officers and men were taken.
On the front south iv est of Soissun
the French made further progress i.
the neighborhood of l.ongpout. cross
Ing the Navieres Kiv.r opposite Cstifel
fa rm,
The Brtish cnrrie.l through with
success a small operation in Flanders,
tnkigg ninety-six prisoners and a few
machine guns, while they repulsed a
0"rmtyi raid at Meteren.
Albanian Progress
lii: Albania, the French and Italians
are continuing to press the Austriana.
Aa offleiul despatch from I'aris says
'hat the number of prisoners taken
by the French on this front was In
creased yesterday by four hundred and
seventy, while the Austrian losses as
hey fell back before the French were
henvy throughout the day.
The official Itnliali communique says
that the Italians are maintaining their
contact with the enemy new line
north of the Semini River in Albania
The Italians have taken prisoners over
eighteen hundred Austriana since this
offensive was launched on July 8.
Something Worries Huns
An ofticinl statnenmt made in Wash
ini'ton yeston'av, dealing with thr
fnilure nf the Germans to launch their
expected offensive, says that the fail
ure of the Germans to react against the
repeated counter attacks of the French,
Mritish and Americans is accepted as
conclusive evidence thnt the offensive
is held in check by some consideratinr
other rhn the purely practical One of
preparing their storm troops for thr
The Allied pressure, in local opera
tions all the way from Ypres to Rheims,
is being continued. Every day for
more thnn u week some territory ia be
ing wrested from the enemy. It is
reported that uearly six thousand pns
oners have been taken by the Allies
in these operations.
w. s. a. '
The .lapnnrse who have for month
been trvin- lo salyn''c the seaplane ot
Major Clink have found their task i
very hard one and have really mn I
little progress, says the Hilo Tribune
They are trying to salvage the en
L'ine ia sections, nil. I have broue..l
tluee ipiarters of it down to the :0H'
foot level, but one ipiarter still remain
at th.- I.".ui level. At the same tun.
'lie I.,
It was
ell" I n.
of the gung stntcs thut lo
to land all of the machinci
hi about three weeks more
t one tune predicted that tlo
mil l not be saved nt all.
w 8 a
WAHL'(iT()., July 13 (Official)
Klaluirute preparations, are Iseiuy
made I v the American Red Cross to oil
ert.nn l'riiue Yoshiliisa Tokogawa, thi'
lapnne.se special euuunissioiier who
has I. ecu sent to the United States
on n special mission I'onueetod with
he K'ed Cross. He is dee to reach
Washington on Tuesday and arrangement-
have been mude fur President
Wils .ii to formally receive him on
Frida v .
I' ' i il I lie nifi ten il lio m 1 1
Krui li :t Kii'icli .nnuui n ,-.i.lrin.
(l ! :t I.M.'i i ''I'll lets hrt'ii rt'ccixi'.i
I i I; I . ,.l !. ;r it ,,f I In,, .-it f n.u.
Mini -'nai l-if.- I'is, W'..'m ,
IH -:.'. llllil licit Hh' A llli'Mcjili- r,t.
rxr l M li y .1 hi! n. nl i n f 1 uc lir v ni t h
Kri'H di st i li ii i , : 1 1 1 1 ut i-, i-Hi.l t hn t
IS lull i-l My n i In :i tire ;nl t h 1 1 I i'i
I'll! t u III. f Mlt.t.lllit' 1 -, -.cIm.Ii i i utc
' IIm iiht iii 1 1 :iit- lifir mi r : i
ii u in 1 m ' - :i M 1 1 t Li' v :i t c t'i tit- no 1.1 1
'Tin -t ji si, I nl i n (! '.it'tic- t'nr i 1 1 1
KrciH !i -viild i t r ' ' lit hiimI
w a. a.
v. siii; Ti. .luiv n -iiiriii-ini
A i 1 " i . i ii c i-in r 1 1 1 .1 i l . . . 1 1 1 1 ' i l
ef ' I t In Hii'n' Kntiiii. (if 1 7 .'
c , ... i-le I ' he t ri'IlMII'V- .li ;i I t
' o I I ' r I In l.m.is t
--. ''lilt II I. I III.
. 1 .11 ,.f : Ie I. .1-. i.. I,i
i r. i ii-.i
Senate Passes House. Resolution
and Wilson's Approval and
Proclamation Are Now Only
Steps Necessary
Congress Arranges For Perfunc
tory Sessions and Three Days
Adjournments Until August
Twenty fourth
W ASH I XtiTOX. July 14
( Ass. .oi.iti'il I'rcss) All
radiii rntiip.-init's, t-li' -hno. tflc
tjraph ami i-alilo lines art t'l'iia-s
itnili-r alisoluto frovernmtrnt con
rui lAcii tlu- lines wliirh carry
lie iiius r.f the day into the
lew spapi-r utVu'c ol the Country
lo not 'si.aic such t;ovornmeiit
.-on trnl. 1 11. taking of tin- lines
.aits only iiniM the a)ri)val of
the joint resolution i ei.tiLfri'SS
ly the I'resiilent and the issu
ance ly him of the necessary
iroclamatiou or executive order.
Hy a vote ot forty-six to six
efti the senate vestenlay passed
he house resolution empowering
he President to take over all
incs of electrical communication
mil to retain such control during
ihe period of the war. The ac
tion was faken after a fight that
Aas more hitter than is indicated
hy the vote for the opponents to
the measure insisted that there
existed no military necessity for
he action and that it. was social
istic in plan and in tendency
Before the final vote on the
resolution amendments which ex-1
mpted telephone lines and llio
private press wires of the tiews
lapers from its operation were
lel'eateil. The minority vote of
sixteen was coniposed entirely of
ivepulilican .senators.
After passing the Wire Control
'enislfltion the senate proceeded
0 carry out the program that
i.nl lieen arranged and agreed to
1 series of three "days recesses to
oiitinuc until August 24. This
s done under a "gentlemen's
ii;reemetit" under which no leg
islation is to be introduced or ac
tion taken beyond the routine and
the voting to adjourn for three
lavs. It is expected that the
house will now adopt a similar
' r 'i H r a m. Technically both
! .ranches of congress will remain
in session, prepared to nier any
merjiency. It is understood that
'.he I 'resident approves of the
1 1 is understood that the most
I the senators and representa
tives will leave the capital. Manv
.1 tlu-iii have political campaigns
iK-iore them to which they desire
to give some attention before re
sinning the work that they expect
will keep them too busy to per
sonally conduct cam pains.
Mhers will take ell earned vaca
tions. A very few will remain to
In. Id the semi weekly 'perfnnct n v
sc-,-1, ins
I'.v a unanimous vote the i
,iu deinled to postpone action ,,r
vv.iiiiine nation wide prohi'iili.
until ..iter the end of this snr.i
met" recess.
w. a a
.t in
II... I..
I,, I
tllN(lTON, July 1,1 (A
1'ieHK i l'iiiilnt Wilmm to.liiy
the follow injf army lioinilnil kkim;
i..r e.'inrnl of tilt, linn: William
cr :i u.l Henry O. Sburji.
in tn uuiNler piiral witli tlie a"k
0. r ueiiiiral for four yearn: Uri"
OeiiiTiil Hairy 1 Itulier.
let (.f .inlnaiHH Willi tlie II. 1.1 .i1
r j.eiin:il fur four yea-s: Hiei.
1. rneriil riarenea C. i.Uaiui.
' f
4 t -.'
l..lt !.
"" " '! .,
... .i

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