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. . ' . . :.... - . ' V '-
' : ; '. ; ' ' - .-' ' . ' V '.-.',- '' -v,- . '. . ' ; - ..,. - s ' ' - , : '''.'..
:, iv.-i-'-vt ' ' - :,;;.;;T).u. o , .,',v'..'V': tWATiAK r.AzrTTP, Tuesday, julx -ifr' 19. rrSjtiYEEkiY. ;.,.; ,uyx-. - : d
v'; j, '.. .... , . ' ' andkad It referred to bit own com- and .thejr efforts In support of th If-Vl oft' T ' "-iTl I Ul LU L I I'llfl" .lli-ll I HI II 11-U I II II IIU
port: f 6 ArM-Si-
tails Giurse of a
r i
How Prohlbittou, vm brought to
Hawaii, how tfea.Jonz flfht wai r-f-ried,
bow obta.cla wor mat and ovT
cnf afrid Vow ' inal tt tory wm V
taUied 11. tol4 ()4 tR following report,
niM lMt wek by.ET. J. W, Wad
man, Washington rjpr,nUU of tUa
Abtl Saloon Laf ua of Biwall, to tiia
dtfactori or titat Uatfua. ' '
Tba report la a ralaabla ooa and cer
tain to bate hlatoric latarast for Hi
wail In the fnttrra.. Baoausa of Uii
and because of the fact that what hAs
Laaa don affecta erery wan, wonu
and child In the Islands, In addition
to the interest of the report IWerf, ll
Is here Riven la full.
I.ruiiij( rtonoliilu January If), 101(1,
after a nail of four day im.i fi
hours, including the difffrenrp in time,
I lainlnl in Xun Frinoiwu on the tweft-
tieth ami reached Wanhinyion, D. Cr, (
j nnt one wepk later, an. I ut oni p beirun
my work as your representative in or i
ler to m'oure ponirrensioual iMiiii tuicHt '
to ril the Territory of the Imnlen ami
uhiip the blight and curse of tlip liquor :
traffic. I
Introducing myself to Tr. K. C. Din- '
widilie, the Natioual Legislative Super
intentient of the Anti Haloon I engtle
of Aineyea, anil to Hon. W. B. WlieeleV,
the national PounKel of the same, whos.
ollircs are in the Btisn Buil.linrr witliin
a stone's throw of the Capitol, I a
mos cordially received and had erte"
ed to me the privilege of. a desk, ket-s
to it and the office itself, as well a
the assistance of their atenngraphers
when needed, for which kind favors T
felt deeply grateful, being ever c::re
ful not to abase these courtesies in niir
way, and ia return for the name hc!d
myself in readineaa to assist in nnv
way in the more general work of these
splendid leaders of our forces, so earn
eatly p.nd enthusiastically enaajed in a
big drive to make America "dry."
Essential Assistance
Nor was even this the full ir.p.isure
of their kindness to tne as your repiV
sentative. Iudeed, had it not been for
their able, hearty and unselfish poupttr
ation from the very first of the cam
paign to the very Inst, it would h -been
oulte impossible for any one nuin.
single-handed and alone, to have sr
i any aetion of eongvess favn-1"
to our proposition, when we . consider
the manv diHcnlties peculiar to! oir
own campaign which coafronted us aid
the pernliarlv bard undertaking of ae
curing the sympathetic attention pf
congress during wpenod when great nu
tioenl and international questions e--r
reset n a for consideration with incre-s
invlv vital and far reaching imporoii'-" j
I am quite sure, therefore, that i T '
voice the sentiment of the lenge In
stating that wp pre greatly indeed
to these nutimial leaders for ther .
timely and patient assistance, ars.iriai I
them f'fit while we rejoice in the vie
tnrv which ultimntelr crowned our. ef
forts, wc are not unmindful of the p'drt
w'-ich these i"iod friends of in
i the cumpnin for a snloonleas Ter
ritory. Oronnc Bill Snhstitute
At the time nf mv arrival in 'Vaab
jr(,'ton the so ca'led (lronn:i Bill had be'
introduced into the senate, providintf
fn- pfr-.iifht p'ohi'i tion in Hawaii, al''
referred to the Committee on Tori'
Pleo nnd the 1'nciflc Islnids. Ther
V as no bill pending in the house. Af
ter ciip.ferrlrg with our friends. It r-'
decided to have Henator Oronna snl
stitute for his the bi'l which
Hemenwav hud provided for ns Icfore
mv departure, and to re'iuest Repre
sentative Hand.-ill to introduce the sins"
into the house of renriKcntntivcs. Thi
r ai-cnrdinglv dune.
I then I. cyan in v work ig the lub'-'p
fhst of a personal canvass, fl's'
rnfing the meui'ie-s of the two rnmjt
t-es in charge of the bill, ahd tlwn
in a wore general nnv. nmoii'T te
Tesentutives and senators themse'v'
In doin if this. I was requeated bv the
League's national officers to sofk a
lest T lonl. 1, and ns far as pomlli
to ssi-eitnin the views nf these men
on the ip:estinn of Prohibit ion in gen!
eral an
ami on thnt of a Prohibition ln
fur the District of Columbia in parti
cular since n movement was then N
inif promoted in nriler to secure, the
YiussaL'e of n bill for a "drv" C.itoit'vl
In doing thi:, ns it took perhaps a 'tt-.
tie mure time, vet it was a re"ognition
n our psrt of ! -i-h fhe"
ipt had shown u while the .suavev
which your representative mude at ths.
tlwie. ps reinrtpd to von in nvrn or U)s
,i,,pH ...Hn,,. . ncrirnnent fi'e ,in,;i".
AVighin"''n off'u-e mid formed a la"i"
of oeratilln not nnlv for the cainpai.'"
in behslf of a drv f'noitol but the luv
I'pr drive for the Nntional fonstitu
ti..nel ameriliiient which sua ultimate
If Kioited ).v both branches in Decern
Ver Ust.
vv-rsied O" Ero1 I.lns
Km im'Iiiii.s it is onlv riyht thn
von shonhl know s a I .a"i-r. that
li'Trvi'f tmw't ii m it v oriirrec1 wh'"1
it did not seriously inter'"'.- wt
own eunipoiun, T did all I could to
r-romote !" ei'.v eme"t P" l doin '
so responded to tn-inv .Un'ioTis fe
public addresses in Wiiahiiigt-in and
eUewbore. In doin" this I had. cr
course, an otipnt..n!tv to Ween
own campaign well before the public
and after all, it is the pressure of
public opinion more than imv other
eqe factor which plays an iuipoi ti:it
part In such s campaign rvn '"
greaamea Uiitate to refus- to act
when they know that vox popiill do
meads it.
Believed In Plebiscite
It was not long, however, before wo
u.. A t.iiMlieif the CHIlnH
UIKV, mM m .-
ftr the passage of u so cull-d str .ngnt
Leagiii; jjfds Its
i:r,.T;v,lVv y, "
At a meeting of the ciccntl vc pore
ttttPe'of the Anti Halount Ixsfue af
Hawaii, hold Inst week, Qie . urj
ti'fiilpnt, Rer. )vhn W. Wuhain, jfre
Ki-iitrd his reporf of th NViiKhinton
rnmpBign for a bone ilry Terrltoiy.
There a large atttnlaiiR of the
mcint)?r. The report proved to le of
tmPir latoreiit . that it ai decided , to
Work Accomplished
aji a oinmlttpe to prrpiire a aail,,,, A wlde-apread sn.l vital ttt-
aMe resolution faf'thp records. Ttie
following I the reimrt of the eoinnii
lee subsequently preneutid.
The A nti Saloon League of Ha
waii on the return of .loha W. ,
Caduian from Washington, after
listening to kia ofh.iu) report, de
precates any mere formal accept
ance of sniue but resolves as lol
That we recognize the historical
iifnifie.aure te the Islands of the
campaign that las ended in the
viitory over. the xaloon;
That in recording our gratitude
to God for Hi guidance and help
through all the years of our tr
p.iuization, wo include in the list
of Hin benefits the wise and force
ful leadership He has provided for
I'Lnt while we nclnowlcdge that
there were many other causei con
tributing to the success af t)ie pro
In'ljitin moveaient in Hawaii . aa
chew here iu America, uotablv Jbe
ei oiioiii'c eonsiderntious rowuij
nut of the war and a greatly "V
vnnre.l public aentiment, we be-,
lieve thut the pioneer work; dona ,
by tciiiperiince leaders and ourAwu
Antl-Haloon League played Ihe4
largest part, and the effective ir-.
pupir.ation of the latter Anally marv .
shalled all forces to victory. ... ,y .
Thnt with due recognition of. the
eminent services of the lenders who
pre-edei our superintendent in of
flre, e are profoundly grateful
fur the tart, courage and persist
a nee shown by Dr. John W. Wad
man during the, long campaign that
led up to be final, consummation
of our hopes and plana,
Tli at we extend .to Mr. Wadman
our ooii;ratiilationi and akfi this
means to ritend to the publia and
to his family our sense of appre
ciation,. prohibition bill that our difficulties mul
tiplied more and more. There was a
! persistent feeling in congress thai the
question should be in some way sub
milted to popular vote befvri: a hald
nnd fast prohibitory law be euacted.
At leant the law itself should provide
for a plebiscite to take place either I
before or after the enforcement of
the name; nor was it until we had
exhiiiiHted all ni"nn possible and exert
fd n" the energy at our disjiosal, wer-j
we at insr driven TO tne conclusion,
after repented conferencea with our
dor tood friends in . and out of con
Rr. that any bill without home such
provision was doomed to be defeated
And' when at lust we wi-re forced
to substitute the so-called Petition
I'lebiscite Hill for the o.ie theri nend
in, we knew that not only r puld aoin
of our good friends aiid supporters la
Hawaii feel grimily disappointed, but
that there was a risk of repeating the
unfortunate experience1 we had Ip 1010.
The bill, however, was moat rare
fully drawn up by our national attor
ney nnd seemed to safeguard jaur in
terests ph well r.s it was passible pn'
(Concluded from P?e 1) I
der the circumstances. We then had
new "hearings" ana1 the committee
of the house on Territories, afjer aev
e-nl lengthy Hessions, reported the same
with a fnvnrable recomoiendation.
' ri f "- did not go so smoothly in
the senate. The committee gave ns i
svmp.ithet ic hearing but in the ah
Hem e of a quorum requested its chair
man t' poll the absentees and report
A Hold-up
The result was a hold up full of
pa rful and vexation delays. It was
a most trying enperieuee. The force
rn opposition wcie doing thiir utmost.
Two or three senators, members of the
committee, uppcured to be their uc.
five aeu4s. Nor does anyone know
until he has had the hitter experience
just how provokingly impogMble it 1
to overcome a "frame p" on thP
puit of o ily a few wilful obstruction,
ists wlicu a bill, as this wn, Is tifj
up hard and fast and those who lea)
in the opposition defy you 'ace to face",
if nut in so many cords yet by their
deliberate in ioi s. It was me of U'
' let heseiunui-K, cud yet as we look bal
low wc nu plainly see thai after a'l
the I'll'.! i.f (lod v (is in it and our
humiliating failure at thnt time really
prosed to be a splendid step iu ad
vance. Prohibition Session
This session of congress namely, thi'
'i.rj Hi, Iji'iuioc noted foi its many pro
Illinium enact went. Bills for a "dry"
Capital, a saloonless Alaska, a prohi
bitioii 1'uito Itico, passed. Washington
itself liiid no in 11 liinerv for a popular
election und ho the objection to a
straight prohibition bill was overrome
not, however, without one of the bit
terest tights ever witnessed 6 the
floors of congress.
The people of Alarka a already
voted in favor of a fedcri(l law, while
the bill for l'urto Kico ban in it a
provision fur uu almost immediate
local election. Hoth of these latter
bills worked so well that the sentiment
for plebiscite provisions iu all prohibi
tion legislation grew by leaps and
bounds though congress adjourned witli
our petition plebiscite measure hanging
fire in the senate committee, with the
rhniiman. Mr. shnfrnth, much more i"
favor ut a bill fashioned after that
of the I'orlii lli.o law (of which Ii.
j w
aii the pi.uiil fuller and ardent pro
.111 Maaia.'t"aiuatl as Aat'ttatora
reRgressdkrnedot only were the
above Aaned bill eaaeteri. but as mint I
more ia.all, bmriw enj'- Xavvf. pr.t.n.it.oau. A
lMtion of prohibition, which madatprs ejitgr. a). I .r.ortera U
11 the asor diOlenlt for ne to bar , ntftated. priP. ,
nr , disappointment, with becoming
grace and undiminished courage.' it : 4
" Tonvtheii' lae) -J vliiit from Dectof
Dinwiddle, tke-' result'" of which wai a
ost important titteement s fji iur
medat raperaadl la the new ssssiii,
difilng ' tke opening, weeks' kh.k.
according' to, th'e. schedule carefuHr,
mad br the leaders, the resolution fof
a National Constitutional'' Amsdmn
was to ' Introduced and pushed to
, AO aunjeet ever proposed in wip't"
tereat aa' thi For ' dava and days
during Its e.onsidcrstioa the gallerje'
nf hoh thambers were erowde'
the lobbies became veritable beehives.
Our ieadera, 'liae Webb, Bhfkelev and
a1alt ' 111 the house, and Sheppard;
Kenyan i- and Jones'. In the senate,
ftiught like Spartan a Our lesgu" Lead
ers Dinwiddle; Wleeler, Bussed, Can-eon-
and Baker, were in the trenches,
so n neek, day and. night
There wwre artillery attacks and la
fpntrr aeaolta. Bombs were used anr1
w were (raaaea.--.lt wnite enua!'d the
Wester front ta a ese while it last
ed. but the forces ef fiffhteouanrw pre
vet'ad and by a two-thirds maioritv
wirh -eome vetea'to apare. the resolu
tion1 was adnnfed by both eharahecs iti
th enheeauent result that twelve
states, lacliiding Kentacky. Manl"-'
d Massachusetts, three of the Na
tion's wettest strongholds have already
ratified i their Btata legislatures
"ithont a ireal defeat as yet in any
tata,' hile our- leaders are hopeful
the the- thlrtvai Htntea necpawrv te
ratify will-yet be secured and the 1'r.lt
ed Mates w411 , b permanently set free
frtni the slavery and misery of the
qnor trattle,, '
t0ont!tot!anal1y dry in 1!'0"
Ihe.wirtehward at the present tinie.
tThwnU'a Big PriTe
la January last, tipon the convening
af ermtreiei fter the-f :hritma r-""
we ben the "big drive" for our Ha
waiian bill. Other things were well out
of wty.-r The national officers were free
to cooperate, arhich they did most glad
ly aad efficiently.
Our canvassing proceeded most fav
orably..':. Tile eommitteea were well
lined iw. In much better shape than
thev had been. Real effective legisla
ture; loMrvinir must Include in its caai
rnalgp, the. Imoftrat matter of retting
your leojnmuieea aiiapr u n
nuafy ';
eongreasmen aetft a joint cable to the
Delegate ia Honolulu, stating mat aen
timent in favor of federal prohibition
for Hawaii was grewing Ig eongtess
and reflected, throughout the en.tlrf'nav
tion And requesting' him to wiro iai
mediately as to whether he would favor
to this end such a bill or not this
the Prince replied desiring tnat actloa'
be deferred nntil bia return to Wash
ington. ' j, ' i . ' '
Iti the meanwhile, the Hawaiian Pro
te-tive Association, composed of .Ha
waiians and prganlaed for the. benefit
of the native petfple, had tarted a
movement in which it waa proposed to
demonstrate to the Delegate the grow
inif senliment among' bia own people
in favor of a "dry" Hawaii, during the
period of the war at least, anj. lnler.
its officers hajidpiT the Prince a petition
praying lo forceful and eloqpent tewnv
that ha use hie efforts is behalf of a
federal law in order to secure tbe same
This petition, m'ada a .dflCii Impression
T have reason to believer, Oft the mind
n' the Delfgatfl, and also od that of
the memberii of botrt eonimlttees, to
which the bill, as eubsequently intro
ducef, was referred.
Bnatneat For tt .
Just about this time,. I rereiyed r
oct'tion signed by sixteen Jrotoinent
Snsiness and tHofessionaf . men. Of the
Islands, including the aptherlied rep
resentatives of nearly all he'eadinv
porporatlous and frms, proving eon
gress for the very samp action as the
ITne-aiinn Protective' Association hn t
rpniiesfed. These two doeumepts mn
tcrialir. -d in Washington at a most on
Mirtene time and contributed gTentlv
to our success in securing the bill as nt
forwards enacted.
Xuhlo's Own Bill
Iminediatelv upon the arrival of the
Prince in Washington, ha was inter
viewed by those who were anxious to
have his cooperation so almost abso
lutely necessary in the CAtnpsjgn, ip
order to wiq ojit and it. waa long before
he proposed to iutroducft. his awn bill
s a substitute tax tugae uendjpg. This
ho did, end after the regular ,V hear
ing" ut whub some pposition ile
vcloped and some fight bad to be made,
both committee, reported avoably,
the house February 1 and the senate
march 2. (
Presidential Order
OT" VI arch 3rd I cabled you that an
order had been issued by the war le
iiiirtiiient, through the office of the
iudge advocate general, fretting the
Ishind of Oahu into a dry xoue as a
military measure during the period of
the wnr. This order was later signed
bv the President und become effective
pril loth. Several and varied agen
cies contributed to this result-
Your representative bad already re
ported to you his visita to both the
war and uuvy department, aa well as
thi.t-of the -interior, soon after cong
ress had enacted the law investing the
President with power to Issue such mil
itary orders. He had interviewed the
heads of these departments several
times and once had Congressman, Ran
dall go with him to aee Secretary
Baser. At these interviews, always
pleasant and more or lens cordial, 1
sought I., point out the necessity for
;ust sin h action, so fur as Oahu was
onccriie I, uud ulso earnestly request
I tl iiopcriitioii of these depart
ae 1. 1 in l elmlf of a congressional bill,
ipplinille to all the Islands, taki"g
pre t.. Ii.iiil Hiese secretaries and oth
is 1 1 ..i m;s IM. m our papers bearing
upon the question, uud shuwiug the
m;n anpoiutea. oi possi me .mi "eui the Jiou, met again early ' Friday
atapoj tjrypr nropoeed legislstion. ' j tnorning add gave him the power, to
&nhlo Bpnnded Ont I call the bill from the Speaker's table,
. On January 12. nine senators and tedj which he did, and although In the Fri
iitan-e to trie. 1 have Med dip
piaja by tha.nnfaH, I . T
eohtainlpg Ihe.llnPiit kind of arguments
aw . tl If
Jaerv0 on I
, We.snuUl alro retnember grateful;
were'coatribiittirv to Our final votary
inf eitawk one nnJ all, .with ad
wur wn. '
WZXgJ thu. cub'ninatW
Ijn yvaVAlngtoti, hc cbamber, pi- rom t . fliarspaj pmKujy, wne eawfa rpr ise service, in, in navy is vow wu
nrerce, as; you readily recall, passed its blanks, expects them to reach here 6a vessel stationed soMewbere la the far
unaninioas rasolui.oii in fnvr ofj ; the Bext mall. He espialna that when Eaat. Aa 'he aaya In hla letter, Kong
Vx&ti "t h -re,y two fr. of 7?c.
Clelav,' This was hsiidml to President mica waa mEde her i before tbe'rgls- In all eight year, and hss, enlisted
Wilsoaliy Ihe I'.legnte's secretary up-' traflon begad, "ther wa "nothing' o ,'gtia, 1 f
on'tta roeeipt in WaKhirigipu, BmLaA, , base, thirst Imat onxcept by ealcn-, .,. -,fc th, fc ,ik . aDeK i,vM
ing' npos) roVr in-trm tlun tableT tae 'latiooe of the'flvea -and daughtere of ' 1i6. tn P JP" JjK'i
at the titne I collaborated with' Ihl the" fnald dermaha in the Islands' fo the wnter'U thef Vaf flejputa It. Korlg
reprfsentanlv'e of the 'chartiber'of gaii' already werrf regtatered; ; . Unlisted 'originally on the U. B. B.
merce aa far as possible, wno did all On Ihla mctpnnt the aherlfla and dem -1 P(,nMyv,Bia WBell this first term
be eotild to secure the order. Fortn-' uty ahenffa who made the estimates db Irti,i..Ai v. tt Wnnolii.
Sately, Gea. John P. Wiener, then In not think; of or tahe- Into ednsideratljn ' ",c' pl he r.ame to Honolu
Miarge oi? the Oahu forcer, having been the Bisters of Charity in the Island jlu ahd after viait of four months be
at' lust edevlnced of the need of such eonventa. . ' ' j went tnio the navy agala When be was
an order aa a mililnry measure, cabled After the registration w aUrted, It Mit-Dej . to ft inp Wth the Aaiatle
. . . . i . i . . fnnn .t- I, nA a.., SuiMt Skirt . " "'r
Bia request ior nc same aim ibis mv
orally brought the whole matter to a
nes.l end tne or.ier was issursr iorin-
with. W re grateful to the General
for the stand he took and appreciate
k. k....i.i ,...,.u. nt ib ni-.ies
thongh not a t-oiiH dry measure, now so
---- --..w.
wnll 'nnfApileil
, r. , .
OT?C ...
Tn the ninnmiiii. eontrrofa was hoirr '
never more so. Great war measure
" es- t '
were pressing, w o had to p patriouc
M well as patient. It was another ,
mQtstryhij pidenl. We had plans w.etl.
ma.rd for ih,ecurlng of a special rule,
The committee was quite ready to ae'
when the turoi.er moment should axriVe.,
thogh, .pur friends were anxious' to
avoid creating ns much embarrassment
es poaaible aa fur ns Jhe administration
wai,,fdncl.rne.l. The "f Wets" watch
tlielr haacea in this particular and. n
onli r to' defeat prohibitiori meaanrea
will go'the limit. i'
At last Senator Sheppard carefully
watching for the Psychological moment
(a the senste, called the bill from the
calendar ihur.i.iny' afternoon. May
f 16th,' nniler a resolution which he had.
tactfully Introduced fir the Speeding
dp or 'the calendar and without any
ojipotiftion whatever and with nbt even
a ' roll-call secured its passage Which
lent ft at once to the Speaker's table
14 the bouse.' Meanwhile,' the comiiilt
fch jn territories, having authoriaed ita
chairman Miigresanuin ; W. CC H6ua
iton to'.ewhuast all tarliamentaly ex-
peilients in girder to secure the action
day afternoon session we were stop
pedj, owing Xo a, more quibble or tech
nicality aa raised ' bjt the representa
tive front ijttwwiaukee, a place, made
fautoua ky ila rn.ad j)f beorr the box
day the Mlrfcasaed after a rather bit-'
ter. fight on the floor Inating two bouts
and twenty 'minutes, by a vote of 3ht.
to 80, the largest majority ia favor of
any prohibition, bill ever passed by
Congress according to the number of
members voting.
Effective August Twentieth
On Saturday , May S.rth, the Presi
dent affixed hie signature to this bill,
and so It becomes a law effective in
Hawaii August 20th, ' prohibiting the
manufacture, aale, importance," expor
tation and transportation of intoxicat
ing liquor, with Certain exceptions, gr
ing the period 'of the war and for two
years nfrer"the conclusion ,0f peaje,
u- . ..i . . ''.-,
the a, t may. apon IetitioV i. twen
.. a i : i ..a
iy jwubiu yi tjuaiiuru vvteii vui-
ii iibal vote to repeal it, tbn it nil r1. II
uo longer he In force aud effect: other
wise it shall be in full force end ef
Ah we briefly review the campaign
no a-spii iiunly crow ned with success,
I need not now nur in this presence
refer iu any detail to the difficulties
which confronted us in Washington.
Many of you are already too well in
formed as to th" opposition ve h-idjo
contend wrth from the very beginning
and the forces which' were well or
ganized in ordur to defeat the move
ment for prohibition in Hawaii, and
so, while we pre all pleased with the
result achieved, wish to teeprd tpe
fact that while there wa collision and
disputation and argument, ar d the first
man to greet me most cordially, In Kan
rranriHCo as we were botti en route
to our homes in Honolulu was one of
the Heaviest financial losers because
of prohibition, and since my return it
has been most gratifying to find that
so many who were uot cordial to., onr
campaign as a league, are n,ow actual
ly congratulation ns on the result,
ahile it seems that our citizens gun-
erovy ore tuny eonvinceo toi toe, ier- tcr, to those a-ho helped UP win our
ritory will be Infinitely better off be flht. exprefcuing your aenae. bf
cause John Barleycorn U s soon to pralitude, ahd may I here name a
give up the ghost and satoonism is to ,.wf ur c Dinwiddle, the na
dimppear. i tionnl lef islutlve superintendent at
To those of you whp stood, by the the Capital and hU office ' force
campaign so patiently and kindly and should be remembered. So also
courageously with Wucb of sacrifice and Mr. Margaret Dve El'ls. holding the
rare devotion permit in to extend my (nme popitioa of the Jlationnl W. C
heartfelt gratitude. tt was exceed f, y. ar,d her coworkers. Congress
inply trying ft tlme. No Bne little mon Houafnn. Hnmlin, Reavis, Randall,
necmuinted with what .it is to rapi- ,),0iild bo included, as well aa Senator
paign for such a bill at the Capital, sheppard, whom the Star Bulletin char
can anpreclate all that it means Its
difficulties, discouragements aud heart
burnings, as well as its pleasures and
.1 shall never forget the experience,
nor shall I cease to, recall yjrur kind
uess to me. No hrajthy ruan, blessed
with even, a little rod blood iu his
veins, wishes to tan iu an uuuerian
ing of this kind, sud ao I did not core
to come home without tne Pill, inougn
the thoinrht of not returning never for
imp moment entered my mind, "lla
whil is good enoti(;li for me."
"'hen not directly busy with our owu
bill, and just as often as opportunitv
presented Itself. I was ever ready sod
dolitrhted to ayst, not only iu the
wo'k of one orticH.n lushluvton, but
ns" in other Prohibition movements,
particularly that for a "dry" Cafi-
itnl and I am sure you wihV be pleased
to look over the pages of tkis beau-
. i)vvii.(.i(,''H T.
Failure to male' aa estimate In ad'-
vahce 6t the Biatefa fif. Cbrlty t the
Islands Who -are' alie. enemies' baa
raneed a cabled call to be eeat to. the
ciac for. any 1 'gpare' blanlja which,
n may" left twef tler; so the'
reiriatratioa mav he
ASinlal.! Ill t h
Haw.ii.aJ...nda,: . , , , .;,,.y ,.
- -,'
' orty ttt these women la the Islands
" 'v -"
Maul reported first thai there were no
female alien enemies ia hla dmrict.
and then afterward ascertained that
1B ..... -t i
i ity of Watluku, i
. .
. .The. reglatration date for the alien
. .. r..i t in
. mi nisi t. xsv ajiiiisia wma a UUi sjhii . sar .
ini-jave, but the time -has been ex-
nx indefinitely tvecause of. the
,horU(f, f blanks.- What blanks are
B0W on nan4 M being . redistributed,
and others will (be mailed out.-to' the
registrars, as aoon aa reeeiyed here,
lUH.id h Si.tera af Charitv wht
are subjects of Germany there are '
number pf 'bther alien enemy women
who haVe not registered yet because bf
H)neaa 1 ' v
it was first estimated that there were
about ninety of the German women, ip
Hawaii, but now the estimate has beta
increased to 120, because of the diacoV;
try of the Gprmsn c,ittenshlp Of some
of the Sisters of , -Charity.
iition To
Af Yet dcvclori, '
Although Malcolm f ranklin's, four
year commission as eoljector of port at
Honolulu expires next Tuesday, he does
not think he will be reappointed for
p'roia'bly another month, but it (a very
appajeiit , he does nqt expect f ay Op
position to reappointment to arise in
the meantime. '
However; when asked If he t
he would be reappointed,'' Collector
Franklin, gave the evasive answer that
"you never can tell Jn oVltlce:",' Still
those lu th,e know ssy that Collector
Franklin has hd asepraprea recently
from the treasury depart nierrt that' he
aame is to be sent to the seriate again
bjthe President.
He admitted Saturday that he
thought he cosi Id depend on Senator
John tsiiafpe Wltljamf to'take kr of
Ii!' ik.i f ..I. a fv . nbA..nl.A-
' "v UI"" - W".1
I '"; ,' b' M-PPOintmt.
So far as ia known here there are no
, P n" e,ther H6D? i" r W"hinB-
I ton.
AMSTBHiyAM, July it fAssoelated
Press) The first number of a "noVel
casualty, list has just appeared In Ofr
iiiuiiv. It ronlnina the' numbers 'of
i itches found among the belongings
of men killed in aetiOn who cannot be
o'hei'wise identified. Watches ' when
sold or repaired are usually marked
and numbered by the watchmaker anil
recorded, and the German military qu
ti. critics, by circulating this new fas
ui;lty list among watchmakers through
uui iiermuny, nope ret eeraoiiHii
identity of many dead soldiers.
tif "Book of I'eniory" so called pre
ented to your representative by the
w. O. T. If. of the District of Colnm
, n. in which are man neraonal let
ferg written by friends in Washington
,lu Bitim01.0 who jeaned in thle way
t$ convey their kind appreciation of
the little service I was able to render
their good cause.
t ,,,., wm fl tnat a
eynmjttee you should send official let j
acteried in sn eilitorisl some time age-
as "The Good Shepherd of Hawaii.1'
which pleased the senator very much
The Honolulu press should be. prate
fully recognised, and last, but not least
Hon. J. K. Kalantsnsole. out Qelegate
to Cnnifress. who ao. kindly and en-
thus'BSics1y came to our assistance
jn the end, nnd renllv made the flnl
victory possible. Iadeed, it is his Nil
tich rirts ttie traffic but, 6t existence
ti- nhou the Territory AugW UO
next. .... i
Finallv. it would not be quit J-ight
for me to rloe this report without a
word expressive of our gratitnde to
()il, " whoae very smile, ' as Whlttier
states, "is victory Itself.' for His
constant nuidanee and helpful grace,
Resnectfullv ubmitted.
mm MS
.. i-i ;., v., 1 ilivfj
' .
No doDositibn To Collector Has
... .w
hiisfib bun Share to Help Unitr
$ttQ lfnflCt(vQVi 7W
; J 01X1201 Militarism
mast Vnow'also that
snay, anT not;, t6 be foollnfr
ia' the' terse Way' in whleb 1
the whole
atnrv 4a tnfd by Hi m Konir. a Hono-
. '
When the war broke oot the vessel
waa at; Chefoo, China. Kong related
that when-the word came that the
kjnireii nrorea Bin enuirea insrsr. on
United 8taies had entered thewar, on
. 117. the commander of the
w wmng tnem tne news oroereu
the shit) cleared for aetion. The vessel
- ..
then went to Manila where the Germaa
ships, io- port .there were seised.
Thi declhartipn of war, Kong says,
brought about1 a change in life aboard
ship, for then began drills three times
a usi inu ttst nam ii uiiii.
'Uut- tle pight time,'.' Kong adds
rather Wistfully are.the worst when
a man sleeping so sweetly and dream
ing ef his fair love at home Alien aud-
dnly Jhe flight, of the snip is turned
out and the alarm bell starts au over
the shio and the bugle ealla yon to
dress aad go to your station for ac
tion,"' .There i, are no eompiainia,
though, Kong adds. . .
. rnust . kre. remind you peo
ple that J b0T notlinft to kipk 6n
for being disturbed in our sleep and
our dreams. Wle are more eager ta
drrq.than Jo sleep and, to dream," and
he given , tne e?mpie reason, toa
"We roust do our share to kelp the
United "States knock out this German
. ....
Boarrjj Diredted To Speed Up
. Work to Have Men Beady for. ,
. -,Cin T4 Cbfori e Month
WASHINGTON. July fl State draft
execntivee werf" directed by Provost
Marehal GfneraJ Crowder today to
have local boards call up for physical
examination ' Itrtmediately all rew reg
istrants -1iVir!er the setective draft law
who have heeA place' lit elans oae.
Distrlcf Phd local boards and medi
ear alvls6ry board bodies will be in
structed to speed their work so as to
have new class one Inen available for
call to the colors In August.
Moving picture p'ayers are rlns'.e'
as ''legitimate theatrical performers"
ia an order announced today by Pro
vost farshBl 'GAernt Crowder, and
drnt boards are directed, to consider
such plovers, musicians and all skilled
peraona; employed in creation and pe
sentation of moving picture product
ions, as engaged iu productive employ
ment. Tljia settles the qioot question of
the status of the movirrg picture )n
dustry under the work or fight order
Players, musician, pl:oU.grap:er
mechanics and others ueccssary to
prodjictipns will .hold fheir presen
cinsaiflcntion undvr he draft law.
'8ACHA,ENT0, '.tulv iu Baibes
insurance solicitors, ami agents, ren
estate operators, clerks and broker
are. exempj from the "work a
a)ght" fljuse of the selcative' draft
law, according to telegrephic advice
today received by Governor Willian
D. Stephen from Provost Marsha
General Crowfler.
Owners and rrinnagori of, places o'
amusement,' (tamed nnd amusements
who had previously been listed wltl
ushers aa n'ou-productive ' or mm ri
aeutial employment, are likewise ex
The instructions which Adju'snt
General Borree has transmitted to tin
exemption boards of the State do no
name any other class excepting tin
moving picture actor as beiii' change
from nVheierigraal Hat recently 'sen'
out from Washington D. C.
Proclamations are shprtly to be is
sued by Governor McCarthy and Mayor
Kern settiug aside as a holiday July 27,
which has beeu designated as War Sav
ings Stamp Day. It is aunounced that
the Goysrnqr during his visit to Kauai
thle week will give several W. S. ti.
The Governor is going to the Garden
Isluud pn official business but will be
accompanied by Robert W, Shingle, W.
H. S. director for Hawaii; Phillip V.
I. re, executive secretary, and others.
Mr. Hhinglo aud Mr. Iee will conduct
a campaign to organise the final ar
rauguuieuts for the drive ou Kauai.
viu "iloiu ri(s)nriatifirt inr
, XI0U3 to riuut nyctin
3, 'Jr')' " ' I
PARIS, JtWia- tf.--AMhoagh ired,
hospitals In and around Paris radiate
enUOftm'ta, Heetfjblnpsa and determin
;iu. . ninmn hi V word that eannOC he
fpnrid in their a-pcnbalary. They think
only Of WeoVery ihat they may re
turn to the ray w renewed vigor.
That 'Mh; W'h''",,M0" " "' from
a Viait tO tne BoapilBl wurun. . j ut- uu
take pardonable rirlde in what Ihe'r
respective eompanie have done around
Chateau Thierry;. . tH '
While 'thejj te tlent regarding
the part they kava plaved, they have
talW bfWu.WrfOl'ht-rtnwn to tell alout
their eomradea.!, '. rf
'Walklhg two ktlomatera through a
German barrage, after-reeelvlug a rifle
shot wound in, his atiouder, Chester E.
Ulnner, Biddell, Illioois, arrived at a
post tie sours where , his wound was
dressed, ne was then evacuated to a
Paris hospital. '
"tt was p wonderful picture," he
said, "when he went pver. the top at
Cantigny. We went oyer In four waves
Just aa the sun was coming up over a
misty, dew-laden No Man's Land. As
we tan through the wet grass and
weeds, stumbling through shell holes,
out machine gunners in the waves
ahead of ns got in their work and some
what cleared the way. Then we step
fedJn- and gave it,. to them hand to
and. Every fellow did his best an I
we soon had t)i Hun on the run. Those
who stayed to light were finished thero
aad'then"'.'1- , .
Huna Fine Targets
'"Wbmlerful work of the United States
marinea around the Chateau Thierry is
related bv the wounded. Holden K.
8iegert, Newport, Minnesota, R. K. -
Bona, kt. . Loiils, alKl .fleorge Jackson,
Cleveland, nit euffering from shell
shock, said the Germans made fine tar
get aa they frawlcnl through the grass
or ran to cover behind Vpes at the edgo
of the woods near Chateau Thierry.
They praise the fighting mialitles ef
the 'French , chasseurs Alplni or the
"Wue devils," as they are called.
v Corp. M, C Carson, Nashville, Illi
poia, wounded in the shoulder by shrap
nel, tell how the marines, after riding
in aprlnglesa motor trucks for two
eights aud a day with practically no
sleep, -were debarked at a crone roads
under shell fire and then rushed up to
take their places beside the French nt
Chateau1 Thierry.
Fought Like Wildcats
"Despite lack of sleep the fellows
fought like wildcat," he said. "They
plunged, In, weary, and tired, but full
of pop and enthusiasm. Ami they ac
counted for hundreds of Germans '.n the
dead and wouarled. "
Wpuuitfetl officers have , nothing but
praise for their men, who, they declare,
Ight.Jih veterana." -
T la.it Palinii f Tttch.-irla. Morgan-
field; Kntwkyvri!leiip the work of
the. .rnnncrt; eei-iojve men wno
carry Weasnges from thd attacking plat'
ooits to-the company or regimental
"I saw two runners start out with a
message when a shell landed practically
under their feet. They were thrown
ipto the air, but by something short of
a miracle neither was hurt. They got
irp, stuniied aud dazed for a second and
y'hom at n r tod An their business."
Fred H. Hallman, Berlin, Wisconsin,
lohn Wle"". Unffney, South Carolina,
nivl Tnomas Scnllae, Warren, Pennsyl
vania, were also among the gassed at
Cant itrn y.
"I saw a corporal and one of Ins
oieo, manning a machine gun. killed by
German bullets," said Sealiae, "but
'he flther'tvo men with the gun kept,
it It until the weapon melted. They
a ve the bodies hall."
Up Cantigny way the Germans have
nicknamed the Americans the "block
makes" because they are eoutinun'l.v
rawling through he grass toward tho
nemy lines, giving the Hun uo rest,
according t John Sclioepks, Komi dii
l.ac, Wiscciisiu.
"The prisoners we took up there
wanted to know when wo slept," he
aid. "But we never sleep and they
never catch ui drowsy."
H. hoepks was wounded by shrupncl
'' -V" ' ,
riimmlrtce of the Pacific Club an l
tTiiiversity' fJl'nn . wil hold a jo'nt c n
'erenee tonight at the University Club
to i Use u tho, proposed amalgamation
if the two clubs for the duiation of
'he nttr, at least. The proposal Is
ilnnnel as n patriotic measure. The
eommitteea Inter on, if the members
f th trwo organir.alions confirm the
lun, will sehnct one clu' hmse in which
to conduct the activities of bo h while,
the othor miiy be tufned over to the
Rod Cross Society for its activities.
w. a. a -
LONDON, July 1 (AsKociatel
k.'rejis) AS -aepunt j of,,h,ow Brigadier
lenerai pi, vaqujin. sou or tne rnr
M ' PrlfnK Ml'tiiatfrt'nw6n his third
Q. S. ()., is given in the official Gazette,
v Ii ich says:
"He went through a heavy barrage
nj made a aticceasful reconnaissance
an adrancejl position. letter, n the
iriuht, moonlight, he reconnoitered some
lili(ipgf t wV'sh were reported to be
.anp'tid 79J' pe, enemy. The enemy
ipenqd ffrjl, )ut he entered one of the
'niilrliiigs and found it occupied by
in exhausted HVltinli garrison. He re
urnetl under Im'Oi fl.rs'. and broui'ht
p three platoons to relieve them."
; J w. J a -
TOKtO. Jiie IS- Associated, Press
-rttii't Hiinemnsi tl.fl.a"l i,i,pct''"
.p exports from British Columbia of
'MI0 tons of manganese ore to tba
nited K'ntes to be used by great
istcrn plants in turning out munitions
f Mir litis been gruuted. The required
nrmit wua secured by the presenta
ins of the Provincial Minister of
ies. the Hon. William Sloan. The
ine:al will be shipped from the Curl
line, uenr Kuslu, H. 0, i A

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