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'i v yr.it- 'M '!''-' u - ,:av. -
' MoEdstirUtifclii.
act For Twfr
(red Miles
Ev YPRK Jx.iy iMA;;
11. sociated Press) From ijhej
, Adriatic to, , Salonika talonj
tane.e pt ttyd;' tipdred miles lic
Alie,s ; niw present a perfect
single front to the enemy. Tlis
is tbe Erst apparent result of the
recertt victoris of the Italian apd
French forces in Albania whfcijc
fjbey have, juried, the Au.s.triains
back to the Skuinbi River, twenty.-five
miles north of f?crat. Rome
Inst night -reported the establish
ment of th,e . perfect single two
hundred niile front that has been
Capturing large quantities of
war mutjUion and materials
food- stuffs and supplies, in spite
of thj(forts oi the ( retreating
Austrians to destroy storehouses
atTdtf, depoj as they flvy .taking
, ' , , .
...j.7 vtv
seventy mil front, the Italian and .
t- . .. . , .
French forces, continue their
prpgrCSS nortnward. Lonbrma-
tion oi the occupation of Derat
was received in
acspatencs OI ,
Werrlav nsornino- I
Ltfiii'mi;;- i . -
While the northward advance
continues the Allies are also
,. . , , . T i
nushinc eastward farther nnrl
farthej each day, and are 'rnrei-tro,,t Gemao positions, rive hUn-i
' - I ' l.lrn.l n tha unmr nn ma. In riuinira
seriously threatening the IJulRa-'
rian flank around Monastir. The
positipix.pf the. .Bulgarian forces
if grfowing correspondingly, weak
er and they are already1 seriously,,
threatened -rrith th neccgsi(y"Jf;;
falling back to protect themselve
fr,otn a flanking movement that
would be disastrous. ''
"We are. continuing our ad
vance in Albajiia, clearing the
ground which the AtlStrians have '
vacated before our advance and '
are capturing much oooty, was 1
the Italian official announcement I
received from Ronje last night.
In Italy the day was compara
tively quiet along the Piave and
in the mountain sector, the en
gagements were all of a local na
ture. In the Trcntino sector there
was no indication yesterday of an
immediate offensive against the
strong mountain jo.sitious of the
w. a. a. i
WiAHHItfQTON, July 12 (OOiciaJ)
-H.mvVKtityi of wooj ftpm, I'tuguay
and Argentina is to be taken over by
the Vnited Mates Government, it is
j fc . .i . , ,t
gnnoured,, thfl. war trade.
ine wrnqfta ,0J t0 l to insure in
the; government complete control of
aw wool.
I "yader the plan .advanced import
lifceqaaa will be gruirud to those cuii.ii
tries for the .toinaipder of the yeur, pr)
deliver' onl t(J,tho iiyrc'riniisler gen
erfl of the army.
WAWHINGTOV, July 12 (Oflicial)
- American people are spending more,
nioryy in juiyscnjepts au. less iu
travel. This is shown by the report
of the oflice of the collector of I ry
ti;rnHl rfvenue. It. van be explained
by W fue((s tl)tt.l. tbe gpvernucnt i
Mfivs'qjf to. d.isco4jraye truveJ other thnii
that which, Js ucesaarj( fr the con
duct of business; bs raised passou,
KVt,Pa. an.(J. that tiYeU,P has, bee u
nvaje in expensive luxury vUe amuse
meuta at home have; abnwu nn such in
creased cost.
In the month of May collections
of wsr taxes amounted to 4123,300,101.
1:1 Li 1 A ; I IIV I I I I IVflLr . j . ' J '' Ll1u 1. " .F
IT KI I NT E? NTT I i NT At mo irmni:H I dThiHrjifc-i riiiUir
-7. . .. . - i.. I IHV i.aaiaw 1' "-, wa i vt.ki I mill la.
WASINOyON, July IS-rfAaaoiak.
fld frtnp) TXermany la moetlpg unn:
pete4 obatrlna on the Weatern lr,ont
Hnl thi it .tjhe occasion for the .long
Jalay in lsunhlnB a new pJiaae-OT te
tupreme offcualve in Mie boliof of miilf
tnry experta here. Thoy believe that,
the ttafik. qo bajng voluntarily de
layed berauae such delay cannot .but l)
liaadvantageona to the Oermans. Vari
ous rraaona for the delay are aHigned.
Secretary of Wars Baker eaM that
nothing definite i .known as' to he
cauaea for , fitur many 'a unexpqi-ted
taya ami that the reasons assigned are
entirely aurmhea.
Eeaaona For Dolsy
Some autioritips aay that the thnista
of the French between the Aiano and
the Marne. b,Ave completely upaet the
plana of the Teutons and that the
thruats o( tit (tritiah in KlanWtra have
ala ilisron(;ertcd preparations acriouply.
Still others attributo the delay to
tho Auntriwi. luiHters and the neces
sity of baring reinforcement r.eady to
meet the emergency on the Italian
fr,ot, .while others say that the food
shortage is responsibjn. Others oxplaia
it by rtoapateht from the Hague which
mu w Shimon irn
aj4 thak Ihiteh travoler arriving
roJn Germany teiJs of rumor through
out Germany that Gen. von Ilinden
.burst, the German commander-in-chief,
h too W participate Id the work at
neaaquertoiis ana that Uqn. L,u -
. , uequora uas .Mison over nis uuues. . J
Aim vrt-r iiiRM iircni. in not pcrmiiieuc.
T"nl nmn' OI ln,p- 1 1
French Hit Hard
I . French troops yesterday morning, ht-.
tackhdin fore and with spirit over
llkraa mils fril nti.l ...... ra ta.l ika
,; n. tn the. .loth nf mile h-
Caatel-Mailly and Kalneval in
I I'lcardy. ,Hrhey ejiptured'the Cas-'
. . :Lt t ' .
and a number of machine guns besides
some field guae .were captured with a
number of trench mortar. Theae new
positions appear to dominate the village
Of atorisel o the wet 'bank of the
Avre and tha yillago of Moreuil on the
bank, Sfl'l W .likely to cause their,
it1y-sriifctionV.,, .
' liongposfc has Iroen eapturo-I by tho qIVoted si seeking ta belittle the num
Freatdi and, further peogross made in ber and the effoctivcenBi of the Am
th, Beissona;Ii4ioima sector. I erlcan forces. He is reported as sav
I Biitish Success es
OiiflratinJ in the' neighborhood of
Mrise in Flan.lera the Britinh condiii-t-
I ed auccessfu) raids, taking 120 prison -
ahll. in Ik. vi..iit ,.r 11.. ... ..l
Australian and American troops have
"Q"16 further progxesa, taken a
few prisoners and consoli.lutod their
The Britiah fighting. forces in Frame
i now aggregate 2,000,000, it is estimated
Wearing oi Focejfin. Uniforms By
Those Mot Authorized Will
Be Punished
WASHINGTON July 12- (Olli.inl)
. it ia no longer safe-for any p'rson,
not authorized to in ao, to wear tho
uniform of the afuiy or the nnvy
of a nation friendly to the I'nited
rtates for tho Presidunt bits sjunod
the bill which makes such net an of
'f.inse punitikuMu by six. iiiouI.Iih' im
(riuinu;iit ar a floe, of . IMHI or toth.
The piirposo of this law ii prevent
tinposition on' charitably infliucd by
fakers for it haa developed siavo the
entry of the United Htatea in the war
that impostors havs xeprosnnted them
selves as iri the service at friendly
ntions and in some, instances have
seemed loans whle in others they have
.11 ii m 1 . m II i . i ....
t-oiioci.u.i i uii.m iur aiieireu cum urn
wl.lAh.1 wver -revlta e .inatio,.
for wUujh they, w.ers intended.
w. a. a,
COPr. .Wand ofWoitu. July ll' -(Associated.
Press) The Serbian press
bureau announces that it has infonun
tioiHJpf ,a serious mutiny Austrian
tros irj tjio occupied districts of Sec
bin. It Is declare.!, that bad fowl wns
the reuse of the mutiny, which was
luppreeo. after a ba.tie botween nc ,
disaffected troope and those which still
vvvyvu eir itiniuiii.inrf ,
1 ...J IL.! 1 I
, . .
WASHINGTON,. July (Ortiiuah
, rnrjy percent increase in the pay
fjf street .car piotorineu and conductors
is rnc4ijuqiejlled in the report of the
dr Iflbpr Ijoard, , the inereae be
ptpnted thr(jugl)ont tle United Stiles
'IMiis report wns rendered following
an i li vest i , 'li I inn Ii v the linnid nf Miees
paid, increases granted si ice the hiii
and the present cost of living.
to putjish fakers;
' -tf " 11. .
Loss Of planes
Germans Differ In Estimates of
Importance of American Parti
cipation In War
WASHINGTON, July LI (Associat
ed Press) Loss of live American may
phinoe as elnime'l liy Unrman official
reports of Thiirs.lnv were admitted in
the message.! which were v"te relay re
ceived by the wnr department from
General I'ershiii);. Othor German claims
yesterday sail I that the sixth machine
of the squadron wns downed behind the
German lines. TIhh ilespatch from Bor
liu aaid tlmt all ix of the American
airplanes which attempted to bomb
0blens hjivc fallen to the Germans.
Ja addition to the Ave captured one
was shot down.
Perahlni Report
.' la his touimuniquc of yesterday Gen
eral Peubing sai.l: "As a rosult of a
bombing expedition five of our ma
chine! are missing. " His report fur
ther ij. .,Jn ,hp Vongos sector a raid
u-. the - fn hrnk.. .InWn hofor.
, , --- .. ,...v
ad. -v.t- 4n Aai, nu. i; i , i
suffered considerable losses. Elsewhere
' the day passed quietly."
The Americans have identified
number of new German units be
tReir OOSitiOOS.
Fifteen officers and men hsve been'w a : . 'a
cited for an act of gallantry by which"
hey have earned distinguished service
.w. . "
BeUttles Ainerfcans
PrnitraHtctorv nnnrl. nf 0, innt.
ance or the United ntates and its forces
in the war come from Germany. Kfforts
are made by some to diarredit the
effects of American participation. One
inspired article, written by a military
contributor to the' Algcraelne Zoltung
hi quoted In desiiatchea from AnrsteT
'dam. In that article the writer is
in that he doei not beffieve the figures
given out by Secretary of War Baker,
'But even if those figures are true we
will whip them any way."
Another View
A hih German oflioer, bus told the
military critic of the Tribune de Gen-
ova that the great aid which the Amer-
icons are rendering the Allies is caus
ing. much anxiety to the German im
perial headquarters. Geneva des
patches said the German people are get
ting anxious over the outlook for oppo
sitioe by the Americans. They cannot
understand why the successful German
eiibmarino war is unable to prevent a
million Americana from landing in
France. The people are learning the
truth only from the foreign papers.
Casualties Reported
Casualties reported are Army: Killed
in action, nine; died of wounds, seven;
of disease, soven-; of airploiie accidents,
two; of other causes, four; severely
wounded, fifteen! slightly, one; unde
termined, two; missing, five.
W. a. s.
Busch Family By No Means Only
Purchasers Found
NKW YORK, July 12-(OfHtial)
The UuscJi family in ht. Louis are by
no means the only persons in the Unit
ed States who invested hoavily in Ger
muu bends befocv this x-omity and
Uocnjany wece u.t war. Tho deputy at
tiirne.v general in Npw York who is
inveaUgating the source from which
whs obtained the uioucy foi the pur
i'Jiiuio of tho Nqw Yurk eveuiui 1uii
and Kxpress, say a that his invbstiga
tiuas hawe shown that outny in Amer
if invosteil in sucJi bonds not know
ing that the proceed wtr.e to be used
tor the piupune of ijnryadin German
propagandtt in the I'nltc.l States, or
that tho mousy would be uxed in any
way against the interests of the l.'nit
ed ritates.
I'll i- deportment of justice pnaoiincns
that it has a compl.it o list Of the Uer
mi ii lioudholdeis in thr 1'nitnl Htotflh
and thst there are about 30.000 of
hem. The amoiini nf Geiina.i bonds
h . fc
h . 1
. e. I.
When you fall to provide your fam
ily witl) a bottle of fhimbcrlsin 's
Colic und Diarrhoea remedy at this
reason or the yenr, you sre neglect
Inn tlu'tti, s.s bowel complaint is sure to
be prcvnleiit, und it is top dangerous
malady to be trifled with. This is
i specially true if there are children in
h familv. A dose or two of this rem
e.lv will place the trouble within con
; rol and perhaps save n life, or nt least
a doctor's hill For sale by nil denl
eis, Menson, Smith & t'o,, Ltd.. ;eiits
l'nr Hawaii.
Ranls of Marines Filled
By Ready
WAHHINOTON, .July t Offl il- Rwininin, nt (hp I'aiWid Statra
Warino Corpa prfHTVla ritilly, eiiwditrrl ly (ho i.plrit'til RhoWing tht
MarHnpK nre milking ia ,the fighting Kranrr. In tlio tor). there ttn now
05, t ST. oflioors nnrl mrti. . -
Binro the Mrat of July thrre havr hven toirr, at. hrn IquacUm tk!S
enlistment pantr nn.l It in rHimateil that )hr nnpnin In :tU0J puiuling rn
Katmpnt nr hfllri at the various recruitin buretum.
Increase Qf Wheat price Would
Add Two Dollars a Barrel
. To Cost of Flour
WASHINGTON, .Tulv U-(Associat
ed P'reaa-li'''Hiise of the provision in I 1
the Aicultiiral aiH.roi.riation bill
which created new price for wheat,
2.40 a bushel President Wilson yep,,
torday. vetoed the niutirturn, declaring
Uia jneroaae is not necessary .to stimu
late production of wheat, the farmers
are pMwperouH ami tho Wheat Corjtora
tion will hnii. 1 1- any oxlgennies that
niny arise.
In.tl messii)(e which accompanied
hia veto rrnsidciit Wilaon said that tha
increased firice for wheat provlilod In
the bill would raise the cost of Haul
to tho, eonaumer at two dollars a barrel
and that.it would add to the price
which the farmorN will receive for this
year's whoat crop a.-H7,(HM). The farm
era are both pr.miicrous and patriotic.
The ic(eMod price is not aeeaaary to
stimalivte wheat planting or production.
Senators, anM represontativea of tho
wheat growing states protest against
the vote and threaten efforts to pass
the measure over his veto.
I'Akia, July l-(.ssor4ated Press)
King Albert of Belgium and, hi
queen are again on the continent after,
their flight by an airplane to Kngaat
They have returned aafelv. maklna the
return trip in separate airplanes in 30
GenauS, Hold Upon
I jtl . jk fflOriPtlfl '
, yM 4AIUVI Itull
I " - . .
I MflA rVnt IH flTTI
I I I I II H llnA lllll I'll 111
' t
Cnri. f rnrl l Diixmna.
wiuiij vi 'vvinivi yf uuutlc m
SOUth) lind " Centra) America
ExaojQepated ,To Discpgrafjej
Business; of Othei Nations
WASHINGTON July .Associated
r rOTB; i rminrm aionei or oermany $
commercial acnievements in rHutb and
Central America and the generally ac
cepted boast , that German goods had
completely cupturnd .hose markets fade
under the intense light of Careful in
vestigation into lijierely German propa
ganda, circulated wth, the idea of scar
ing all other competitors out of the
field, ,
WSlliom C, Wells, chief stntbtticinn
for the I'au American Vniort is author
ity for the statements that for several
year before tl) war -ffesrmany actually
man iwBiiijj Kr,,ua m raouia na ventral i.oiin--iuerir.na (ma irqm niexu'o .10
America and, that the greatest gains Argentina la eostpetltion with British
were made ly the United btates. , and French goods years before the
Trade on Decline ! I'nited States, wu shipping anything to
"Just prinr to the European wnr," these .countries, except flour, codtish,
says Mr. Wells, "German trade in most lumber and the like. Yet in 1013. prior
of Latin America wus in, danger of im- to the outbreak of the war, the United
mediate dissolution. For thirty years, States had passed Germany in four
it is true, Gennaa trade showed a large tenn of the twenty countries of Latin
and progressiva growth but this was America that is, the United States
aloHixt entirely at tho expense of exceeded Germany in exports to thueo
France, in IMJ1, German trade reach fourteen countries in the ratio of more
cd its apex. In Argentina was center than 4 to 1 $187,412,006 to 13,822,
e.l the German efforts to Capture Latin- 005. ,
American trade. In 1911 tho percent- "In the remaining six-countries (Ar
ages of impoiis from Uiu seven leading gentina, Brszil, Chile, Paraguay, Koli
commen ial countries to Argentina were via und Uruguay) the I'nited States
us follows: I'nited Kingdom, 2H. i; trade was over tk) pennant of the Uer
Germuny, Is; I nited States, 14.t; Italy, ' man trade United iitates ' 141, 540,585,
H; France, 10.4; Bifum, .'1; and , tiermauy, 175,744,27.1. Forthewholo
Spain, .'i.l. lid this was Germany 's ! twenty countries the. 'tiitid Stat.es
liest year. In thirty years Germany trade exceeded the German exports iu
had increased bur proportion of the the proportion of 3 to 2.
Argentine tr;ule ninety-four percent, Not Al), Told
Italy gained ninety-four percent, and '.' Figures are sometimes eloquent if
the United Mates trained 141 percent. oneAuows how to eud them, but thty
All the other ountrioi except Belgium never toll quite the whole story. The
losi, France must heavily. Most of t he point that the figures of trade with
Germun iiLus were i her exp.yise. j l.Un America df .nof teU. is that the
"In fourteen of the I.itin-American German trade was precarious, some
countries, notiiithstajiding the str.;nu- what artificial, and iby no means well
ous efforts maile by Germany to acquire ! baspd. Its bases' Jrere long credit aud
or to preserve the trade, the result had ; cheap gyjids.. I.onji f red Us Md chea
been practically failure. The imports ' neas are undoubtedly good bait with
from Germany in these countries was which to Ash for tcale bjit nut nflcessar
onfy slightly mer eleven percent of the ijy for the best JUnd of trade. Fur
whole and less than one-fourth of tho thermore, long efedlts and chespnoss
imports from tlo United States. I are like byomerangl, having a return
Discourages Rivals uiv ofU'n to hd huft of the user.
"Wonderful stories have been told Mny Bad. BisJU
and are yet being told ef lrinan com- j "It was notorious that German losses
rueroiai surccas in i.a4in America. The iu l a,tii) America Were much greater
spreading of such stories is and always than British, and Amer lean losses. Many
has been part nf the German program.
It creates an atmosphere which is sup
posed to have a depressing -affect upon
rivals. The Kugllsh, French. ItiUian.
or American exporter is apt to be re
ticent about h hat he is doing in foreign
countries. Not so tho German. lie
claims evervtlniig and then some.
"As illustrating thut, some time ago
a story came from Buenos Aires to tho
effect thut agricultural machinery from
the United States Imported Into Argon-
Hna since the war was giving great
dissatisfaction; that Merman muehlu
cry used prim to the war wis much
better made nnl more suitable to the
country. This story, with much detail
us to wliy tnc (leraisu niacin uery in
general use in Argentina prior to the
war was bettei, wns published exten
sively iu the I'nited States with no emu
moat whatever The facts are that
Germany had no hold ort Argentine ag
rlclill iirnl niin hinery imports, She had
l.eeii nii.ted I1..111 this field more limn
inenty eins ayo horst funl and
ill actions. Ann rn-Hii machinery had
Young Recruits
Only Ifl js-k Waybn tTvtrJ Uwn
tired pillions of Coal Be Se
cured, Says fj.vfi.efd
WAUlN(iT,(iN; July I t rAami int
f.l IVmW Nationai.'e i.r.ihihll in l .
abs-iluielv necenssrv if the eitra him. .
did million tons of eo thut is need id I
bt to He secured. This .vM awMei i
ynat-erdav hy Fuftl Adininlstrator O.tr-
fleid. rroi.ibitios is n.-e.ie.i u,, ape
ttv production, it would redtlf.e f el ,
fOMf r.ptin. in taloona ao.l similsr '
,""""''c " wo'i Rive a lurr.oi
en.-v of llor to relieve short a ires
.This statement by the fuel adrnisi
trator followrd .decision in the senate
. iMwu-onc acTinn on tae Drnnnn roc
nationwid prohibition durln.; tlte r.
An BirrAAsaiaiail ! I.mh A.a.all t
r:hJlbit7,,:1.,1h: r"1.?.'"" :,r
Antrnst n.
,The; senate will vote tomorrow On ho
bljl calHng for, irovernment conjtrol ef
telegraph, telephone, rsble and rado
s:t,erps rnd .then suspend business un
til August 10. und"r the " gentlemen 'i
agreement" for a three day recess.
ArikRAtTui&'isTT" , . , .
WASUrNOTO, j.uljt I.Vr.(AMoeis)t
c4 Press) Tbe senate yctedar after
Soop. erjnllrmfd the appointment " of
eorge R. Clark, recently commandant
at ithe Pearl Harbor naval station in
HawaiL to be Judire Advocate Oenen.1
: of the navy with the rank of rear-
-I M '
U)NDON, July '13 (Associated
-rsr-lyitBWiibmnt of. a teniporarr
government for an iu.lxpeimeiit Hiberia
if annonn.MBl in .lespatchos from Harbin
i.ieeujonwi.i Tie
XUiiuase. and .Eastern, .fiailwar haa dn-
T.U lr. f
patch id,and . has been . prqclaimed
ine provisional ruJer or Hiberta.
done the ousting because it was better
made and more suitable to the country
and tho crops. Tho trade was more in
telligently ,hsndlod by American im
porters and as a consequence they se
cured i t,.
United States. Gaipi
"B,'v iemaajr .svnd the United
Htntnsare sew entrant, in tb)o race 'for
I- ; - . . . c.ifr-. aj.ii. v lull BLO j ufjirr unburn
Germany was first in tha (laid.. . Gormen oUi e, now uaerxin)f tilll pi,n.
miuuf aat urara.. mar ft. nniuunir uiLn thai . . . . 7v " c
maauf ae4 urere-i wereu pou,ng ia.to the
ell-iuformed persopf believe them to
Im arciiter tiiuii both eomblned. The
; G.-nnana bud what eniountetd to almost
a coniplete DMnppov of the bad rinks.
On the rontrery, American losses from
had credits were almost negligible. The
leading pew York house in the South
America export (eld, through one of
it" "Mlcials, has stated that its Josses iu
Soutb America, expending over a long
period, mounted to a very small frac
tion of one percent.
, '''Germany treated LaUuAmericanH
as on a plane with Chinese and Central
Africans. It wni though that anything
isriuht be sold if only cheiD enmieli.
Price was everything; quality nothing.
i tie result mignt nave been r.uesecn.
The flood of cheap, flimsy and gaudy
lUiirnm.'igem wares that poured into
I . . : .. A : i .i.i l
' ' .(-. - nil . ii " iiiiiiet miuni ine .tcrnian
reputation. The German stamp nn nn
aitii le ns 11 grave hftldiesp even u lieu
the article itself was not bad lcn
tin- di honest subterfuge of ppieing
Mi." lean nad Knglish label on Her
a. in guilds did not save the situnt ''
.V"' ,"
Irrynediatp SettlemenJt Is. Asked
From People Wlw ArvT6(j
Poor To Secure Food
t '
.SfVep Billion Rubles.. Is Ampunt
Assessed Against the. Vic
tims of Early Peace 1
1'AliIH, .1 iH v III-(Aaaociated riW)
A ""P"" '1 received by the yavas
Dn,'v aim.iuo. es that Uurmany
CH"' f" "'e immediate settlement of I
'nJ'm'iity now Imposed, upon Rus
W"'" 1
blt,t (.l,u!w.0U0.(H)U uodor normal value
of a muhic, hut about one-third-that
it the present depreciated value of the
Russian standard coin). 1
Aceonipanying this despatch is an
other descri hinir th AtmimrntM fniul all. I
uation in and around I'etrograti, wuere
cholera has appoaxed as a result of the
irennrs nmi nn Tk. .1 ........ t. . .
tacking hundreds of new victims dailv.
tTR0GRAD searching
PETROGKAD, Juna. 27-,The victual
ing of l'etrograd now. has reached a
numi ruun kuooih
more critical atajie. There oftei is no) until they should receive some as
bread at all to be distributed for two , ... ... ...
or three days together, ud ; in lieu durance of the policies which Will
jnereor only hair a pound oi potatoes
pir head and the, same quantity mf dried
pot nurng. xrus morning U was .said
(hat from tomorrow there will be only
tbreo dsyi more either br,td or pota
toes and wi shall have to make shift
with desiccated, vegetables aVne. This
fact asd the ruination of our maxim um
allowance of hlitpk hra4 to lw ounces
When the bakers ean ant flour, will
eonvav soma id nf th n ikimra
Th. all imnnrf.;. K,..i:7.. k": l
present is to get enough to. eat- The
exiguous moranls doled out by Abe pro
vlaien commissariat or otherwise ob
tained with great difficulty at ruinous
prices barely suffice to keep tody and
soul together. Men and women fre
quently succumb and sink down La the
street from sheer, exhaustion.
The other day opposite my window
a shopman out of work was. unable to
proceed until charitable passers-by re
visrnd him with scraps from th meager
rations which they were carrying home
to their families,
Seardi Ia Offal
Novya Viodomosti, putting it strong
ly, says that hungry eitisons seek rav
enously among ettal -and- rubbish heaps
and Hek the paste off street posters
end placards.
For the ssme urgent purpose the
savings of years are used and family
treasures find ' their way into antl
qnarisn and Old curiosity shops which
are multiplying at ,an extraordinary
rate while other shops are dosing for
want of warep. The waning shop trade
is gradually going over to the street
hawkers, many of whom sell sweet tri
fles at Unconscionable prices, such as
small lumps of sugar aufiicieut for one
cup of tea at the. Russian equivalent
of 2 shillings each . or more. Among
thes"! street vendors ate former officers
ishmoul of impoverishment. They also
retail newspapers when the latter are
not entirejy ganged by tbP censors.
Almost e yerytXLnji.ppJitu al aud mili
tary iales Into the shade in comparison
with this frvujse which it must be re
tnemViered conrtocts also the extreme
scarify, of a'J. raw mtrinls, mnnn
fa.etured afticla as will ai foodstuffs
Tho consequence is. that the economi'
situation ia far more pressing than the
political troubles and the Germans and
Scandinavian neutrals are preparing on
. vast scale to reap the benefits in th
absence of oomrtetitioa from Kugland
Bad the other Allies.
More Than TwattLindrd Sent To
Fcrt Armstrong
Local Boards No. 1 and No. 'i fur
uifdiod 210 men for the draft yester
da.v aftcrnboiv, wb,o, niarcho'J down
from the national .guard armory to
Fort Armstrong, tsar abreast, like sea
soiled voteraas. The new soldiers to
be wore given f) niedical examination
a the armory first to det.-ruiine the
existence, if .any, of infection or con
tagiou diseases, Cloveieor McCarthy
was sn Interested visitor at the ar
Hiory iluriqc te afternoon anil ex
pressed much satisfaction with the
speed ia which the new reerunis ipllpt
oil. themsolves to their chaugud conrji
Owing to the press of rouut.y Uiri
iioss, Sheriff Clem Cryweli, of Mui,
has resigned as head if the aidective
draft board on that island. W. 11.
Finid, brol-ii oX Catt. II. (ioieliug
Fiohl, has burn ajipoieted by the I'res
i.lent t-o All the vanancy.1
('aptain Field has received instruc
tiuus fr.oiu - WsshingtoM to have the
President's prcrlaiu&tiQU. vttiug .Inly
81 as the date of registration in lla
wali, printed in Hawaiian, Portuguese,
Chinese, Jupauejte, Spanish, Korean ami
three FUpjno dialects.
a "1 vi r l" twns
VAZQ OINTMN'T B guaiautecd to
fiWft W'Aing. itchioK or pro
UOiling PILRS in e to 14 duvs or
tuoiicv reliiiidcl. SUiniltniin.it I v
(lie ' K1S MCINK ' ' . s
4. 1 i
iILIm LIIIU 0 n 1 0
Kaiser's Chancellor Declares
Country Will Fight So Long As
Us Utter Destruction Is Sought
By Allies "
fon jjg fyfy Be .Mini&tCP Bllt
Uerjna SaV9 It Mafcel . No '
n M .a , , '
Difference , As He Intends TO
Run the OfflCC HimSelf '
f OVHOV tnl 11 fAtasveta.
ted Press) "Wilson wants
war unti1 we are crushed " Was
l'1c assertion which was made by
von Hertling to the Reichstag
speaking on Thursday iu behalf
of the war budget which the
Socialists had refused to approve
be followed hy the foreign min-
ister who is to succeed Von (
Germany would he in a recep
tive mood for jR;ace offers that
approached German demands, the
chancellor indicated. Continuinrr
I '. . . r r
on lnc htiPjeci oi tnc auuuae OI
the United States and President
Wilson toward peace, von Ilert
ling said: "Wilsvn desires that
we shall he utterly destroyed and
i .1 t f
no ioiil' as inis nesire ior our de
struction exists we must hold out.
e will not change our poli
cies. If serious peace efforts show
.1. .. I . Til . j k .
incmscives we win not aaopi.a
negative attitude. .This, staqd
iKiint is shared bv the chiefs of
the army nd xy tne administra
tion generally. -.
In reference to the rcsirrnation
of von Kuehlmann and the nam
ing of a successor he said that
Admiral von llit.e had been pro
posed, to succeed Kuehlmann and
that he was thoroughly familiar
with Russia affairs which is re
garded as highly imjHjrtant. He
added that he would approve of
von Hite's selection jirovidcd the
latter would agree to follow his,
Ilertling's policies and not his
own. , . . .
17 T T V TJ T7 nnuc
"I shall direct the fyrcicn poli
cies of the country," the German
chancellor declared.
Von I lalkeuhatiscin, governor
general of ISelguim has aniiotiiK'
ed his plan for the disposition of
liclgium after the war, according
to messages from Amsterdam
vhich tpiotc him as saying to the
representative of a Hamburg
newspaper that lU'lgittm will be a
fedfeca state bimilar to Austria
and the l-'landers Walloon will
be separated. They will be gov
erned, howeve'r, under one king
or tinder a Herman controlled
N'cws has reached here that one
of the men implicated in the mur
der of Count von Mirbach, the;
Herman ambassador at Moscow,
has been ; arrfstcd. in .Moscow. '
WASHINGTON, Jnh- lJ-(Om.ial
Turkey ii investigating the report
ed violation 'of the V'fiiti-d States con
stilate at TabrlK ntid the raiding of
the American ' hof l'itnl tin re but has
not yet secured the facts connected
with the incidents. This Information
wus convoyed to the state department
from the Turkish .an crime nt by the
Swedish foreign nfhee.
The othcial rcjiort received said tbat
Turkey replied to the demands of the
I'nited StHtea for an rlaiMtioi by
saving that the true facts fcluting to
the reported seiture of the United
" i.tcH cnniinl.ite an 1 Hie riMirted ruld
Hg of nn American honpifal there by
I'u.'ish forces had vet been s
. I'ltaijie.l but tVat 'I'u.l.ev immiI I so
'' II i ilniiM l i 'IUKt
posible in.nni'iit ninl tree 'null re-
. I ... 1 1 . i ! !.

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