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y V - 1- - lU-e-W l-JJ LV-U 'i' i
I Cf
W ii aa
- a
'5 IU
. aaaaaaa
Total 'For First HaW of Month
mdicate last Year's ATeraae l
p Hav. Be'Jlftaohe
. 1
J. ! . , " : . i I
TfiouSantf Tons $aiti Td Be
TWrtij ThousanrJTons taiti'
Going . By Canal And, First
Cargo Has Departed
. Vovemrat of augnr in. the pant two
week hare attalneil a pe that ia
hijftjy ciiruniegina; , te Hawaiian aa'p
iwjru. hifiaimtii than fnn la July have
lxn at a rate nlmoat equal to the
average mnathly , ebiimeatii of last
year and imliontiona are that the rate
may be kept up and that certainly the
ahipme nt will be in exeem of June
which wa tli beet month of the prei
etit tuar year and wax (),(U)0 ton
abova the average , for the pant eeven
For the two weeka from July .1 to
July 17 nil ipmofita of augar were 211,
0!K) tout fui laat year, with mora ahip-
ping available thaa thaa far tba year,
the average of monthly abipmeota wa
00,000 tona. There ia the probability
ot that flifure beinir equaled or ex-
eerded this month. June thipmenti
w ore 50K)0 tona. , '
Jadieationa are not wanfin pow that
a speed of 00,000 tana a month may be
mauitained and evsa aurpaaaed for the
rest of the sugar year. If it is main
tained it wili,mea that the last of
the sugar, except for any late grind
there may be feaotting ifrom labor 1
shortage, will have been moved by the
mlitillA tt nvnnihfr This wnnlfi Ka
... ' - ' " (
two or three montka aarlier than has
1 . J J A 1 . . 1. - -1
of the firt Heven months of the present
augar year.
.Sepmrta are here, and these reports
seem to be fairly well authenticated,
tbat a considerable quantity of sugar
u to be movd eaKt by all water route.
Thus, again there comes a change in
annoeaced .. plans which 1 have been
to he fefioed ou the rociflc Coast and
on topjof this announcement sugar ear-
goeo were mvertea to tne Met ana Hut
overlanrl. I hen cume an mcreaaa in
rail freight . rates and now, once more,
comet the report that shipments are to
"he bythieuhl and that at laaat 30,'
000 tons, are to be moved by that route.
Already one cargo of raws baa left
Hilo for Philadelphia, beiveea 7000
and 8000 tons in the shipment. Other
large sixed cargoes are expected to
leave the Islands at an early date or
dates. .
Kastern shipments when the sugar
goes to Naa Fraaciaco and thence ever
land, arc costly to the Hawaiian grow
er and especially so since a twenty
live percent freight increase went into
effect. With profits none too large each
dollar of cost or of saving in cost on
each ton shipped Is magnifed beyond
ordinary proportion. Thus the newt
that sugar is to move east by way of
the raaal instead of by rail, is of .a
Hutif vinjf tone to .local .growers, '
In the news from the mainland the
tropoct for Sugar movements lata this
year and through next year are ujuch
brightened. Building is going on rapid,
ly and there is every reason to hope,
even to expect, that an ample supply
of bottom wail be ready for the nsbve
im.'iit of the last of this crop aad the
first of the next. It is not to be ex
pected thst tbeee vessels will be fast
lunl large but the pbilpers. here will tot
)ir particular and if sugar can be niotted
with the usuaT total of shipments each
month a few days more or less la reach
ing destination will be of ao great in)
1 ,
. , ; I
",'S'AN FRACr:0, '.loly 18 Jotinf.
H,re-kels snd A. B. Hpret-kcl Renter,
ilay boitglit six blocks or parts J f
blx'ks on both sides of Twebtjf -fourth
Hrreet from l-fiulmna Street to the
waterfront. They paid ' $100,000 for
tire property. About 159,OUtr square
feet of Inn, I is included ia the tran
saction. . ,
The property is ilnirurdiaAniy to ths
soath of the- Western Hugar Refinery
mid California Karrel Factory.
The property is tideland. The dfiul
goiai in the uame of the - J. 1), a A.
xi. rwirtx-Hris nrcuruy . ;oinpaay,
whifh mrick rAhe realty owned by the
brothers is carried. Word was given
out at the office of the coauyaay that
the purchase was to exUoi the bus-iai-Hs
of the nVprrvkel brulbeiw.
Iur,ing tjie sugHr harvest of 1917
Argentine prodvfd 8H.076' metric tot
of sugar from 1.1.1'-,,2S9 tons of cane,
according to the liguree presented to the
minister of floriculture, by Dr. Kmillo
I.ahittc, director of rural economy and
agriculturul statistics, a translation of
whose report appeared in a recent issue
tit the liuview of the liivcr I'lute.
eJMMigea from u to um, a wa.iWMtoi inyennanl MO.m following , . ,,. h",d ; ' .w "'"A " v"r" n-e not in rhm csl eombinatbin, but
forth fat nfonfhs past. First sugars n Sttempt at the recital of 6he Jf l?.i?XtL UP Mpile oiie, an ar? Is produced, ; Rr0 in wh,t iB,lled a 'meebaileal
wera U v, ea.t by f he ea.al, the. the latest 0(lpt In thVlong and I- k'jT JleaTiato altJaS b" "A"- m'f "t!.. 4rx,'0'K I mixture-, a'erud. enmpJe r acVa
all were to go overland then again tha fterastiag stpryof man's pever-ceaslng 'y .'rwraiorl.lato nttratoe sack aroe , ofteur. In this apparatus , picture would be fin wdiist V
canal was proposed and again thai Ijyogjrle to eziaU,e. t , ., I JMtJ?foi this lead it has' bron dis- r1W'f(nMUne outgoing air , , ,PpBr.t'ion of tU two bein?
r.l . r-ui.me Alt auirar a Nltroeen Essential 1 f"'wwg ws ieaa, it naa ueon ,ai- , eonyette(j into oxides. ..;i ..m..iiK.1 k tkl
. . ... . . anil mtrnuvn at-us .atirh uninontiirt : ...I Bu.h . I
' . .1 nntfUfM Mifff Ih man.m.ila jmirn.
'1' Kffprrfri(r to ece Mmf nt in Tbe
mhim m- ?.,. nritlimlt
Anvertiser on tne eunject or me nit rare
prominent . . in the foruitr.
1 l a -1 i
cei of See. )
frerary tana- abasljd M ouki
Dffwttiug ; fa.,tareatorJa
shortage is these Islands, the
;MttT .have no doubt rl wht you
''"v ,hrt pwwnteii ome ( the'
. agricultural iniiuntry) wits deep in- I
Urent, arbiU otbara mar aava -vie,4
i thf matter with only a nupM-finlal eon-
I A I 1 T 1 1 A1 . '
I "fnUWWVaB'Ll.Pfb'.r P4y.not haya
Kuari i pcuainru ai ail.
' Tb. ait cat a : problem -af rf. ot nlf
Hawaii b b wkeJ rtriVwt&.WUi
for Micainnla, lh, aunraefHt: jfOutii
of., our raiM ia ibja ar..aieHt ,4b
Hona , anal" pei4 upoa .(hit. aani
traad nrlw4.JUil m foiSitttAr
of igrirlltuaw ugbooui, tbt iiVorlil
eiiaa tf LlbrtorwfAaii.wari bal aotiM-.
na4 rear r;4wo. after hat..( or" aoouet)
fnraitoe.wlil.Jtauat Ua,lanlf jrvili4
iaoi.L ur,.reerBiajii 'l it '
trata1,-tk.jrepeii eauflt aiake iba
Nltuat'ipa 6e more t-ritlral, ' '''."' ':'
XM7 Wf&r 'P' :&"inZi
M tk0 jjwaeaAiiW, hwJi;i;vl,
,,,rf.b r .1 U.A
Uetwaeai tb lAluiea aa4.4bf Htbjtaii
of . i'tUI , fur ila, aitxaU )hili aaitoetra 1
t.mirX f jKhlimhere,tMtamt ..Mil'.
ijgiveiyf jtJk (arti(taa4 iir ,oW)f un4 '
mtppiy ia bea( lanltd a4l0n.larmia)
tpui, ,ai)it bMj4iea,ilMtva4'tJii
ualtaa are diat0VRrirjr ptm t r
ply o ,tbia.; all iicpertaat aaHrff th
wrtk. iriirbuU 'Btailirea-, aA
t : t. K .t.. .. u . n J
m fwi.. ir.ufti.lwl'1iViV-'.
genva boma. kOldl. bat J Mb tIh I
. . I . . 1 I f . 1
Uf Ubh Ileal HIHUUHM NuTf aV ft '1U1,.' API . .. 1 'C ' ' . .-r.- !..- . , - ,
;k iv. u .uj. k.TiUL.; I rK Jld yoor aa.wer. thereLf r. , . m- x live ttola of a
fat Utt Itmtta. ,.WlMftii:r
skv in eeareh f poswbie asmawf of r
ami i i int nii r I h. itrtk Ma atl.l
salvation T" t
Sim-e the lrs dylawwol, wpea.Uv-
iag mas, aereriiity aver Dean, the
and Ui relluWInir
.Amoiur all tha chemical elements there
are four which are very -intimately a-
m mtwl with life, and. the' ,B:
trogen. oxviren. hydrocen aur carboa.
In the phenomena of life aad devb,
of growth aad deoay, these four ele
ments piny the most Unpprtaat aad tW
Buat mysterious paxt, butiiot.-con
Sjiiciiou niuoo the ooartet is, the gas
nitrogea. There ran be do' fife without
it. This aeenis puvalo(f-ai. iA , in
rte aoli'arv. i i.'ateij .aavte, .rkjtfrn is
the yery iuiateaeace lor aaasi an l
inrMH -
flame. " I
aa.t iuiv i' 1
ef nit.ru 4 4'
bulk (or. f i
otit of r'.r'
! l "ie in an uqUlute'l
w ' 'e; -w do live
i . rr-'-'i'Ma awenu
' OttliH f .'.ho,, -total
iiTe e'a':t W rPa-rJsJ j,jtr,t of 4ima, f calcnm nitrate) cpn
.nr: by . vJBie)i f , taininu 13 percent of nftroiren is belni?
the atiitoi plu-rc mwiet, . of .hi gaa, manufactiired along these lines, the p:ir
while on oiurv uxxp f the, g afch.'S BUT- tirular i.lant tiiTniaa- ont from 3000 to
fa- theje rest a .uuiatf Jf0)lra
of it. And yt we are thiwate&ed svstn
xteruuiwation fur. the wtspjt, niltpgen
to grow tlu" crops we ijani .4Jor ..food.
The "why " of Wy anon?aJottfl ; situa
tion js thut atmotplieric orogea : n
its elei;ient?ry form, is po available
either to aoiniaU or th hlgUetr. ortr
of pbiuts. Animals require thcr aibrp
gen in the organic form, as in, the
ready made tissues of othor anhaala ar
itluiits I.tkewtue most itlun Ia if an.
able t ,fjl uirnatior a.similtrn,o-tcb8raiLiir
spheris Bitrogejn.iu, ita'lfe.aaiej in
ileemt'at Soa ,Biro(pBOuf syDttMBCes
contained in the eoit, sne as sfiiteatfs
f wotasb, Kt 4oda aw ft rsailciuro, m
suiioni urn .noil is, ttcn1 iitmag tha verjf
Iqwf st fons pi v)u;qtablaiier bowef a,
there are fungi which j
are' capable ot
absorbing and aeaiadlatlng nitrogen idL
reettly sm, the, ai; u4.twttfriag jt
up with iu their iisiues at rrgxnS fnmfi
tar s which hoguer (argiunmS . majj
feed. . iieaidea thasaiharf tare altriify.
ing bacteria which act ' upon . decaying
MtmaJ matter, jiuh u.rin afld. dung.
Sqd, by a serious of oxidations, cop vert
It Into, nitrates,' in.'scbicb ibst form U
nay serve as plant food. '
.fiKtfFy ; ,
..But JJujse najral, prousses, re ti
abw AQd the pjirtrpj too lsobited ia
ba snncjajly usefri in the scheme 6f
nu4rs. )otfgs1vt,aKrl,cyturi. Mri has,
however, beoefltad mmeuHurably the
expoiindipg of this hypothesis of aitri
filiation,' M it. has given positive knowf
ejlge. to hi iri if the efRcaey of manure
as fertiliser 'and o the V)r(ne of
lugumes in rehf)il,ttiqg woihi out Soils.
(Jood a these have beeb,' we: neptl tome
tiling that is quicker in action aad un
der netter control, so the quest' for 'a
n jt rate substitute has been g'oidg dn
assiduously, sn, ' for the; plirpjsvs f
this article, the sOlMioS of tt probleiM
and results attained might be told in
this msioiert . '
Aoswar In fikim '
Obi Dame Necessity, put to her wta'
end in this .nltrogei crisis, decided to
carl upon her gpod ; f riq,t Mother a
jure. It a on a Msrk, forbliblinjf
night u the depth Of wnter. Qa'ia ffl
in torreuts. . ami the sky Was' fairly
shattered by tlfuader Sn.f tigntSing.
Mother Nature wa ''at home," and
when the problem Was sMburitted to ier
she qoirkl.v pointed to a Hash of light
ning more vivid than the flashes that
hud preceded it aud explained: "You
J.YANAMIDECAS WrtmeHloWAVthi teffjre shown
i j
pot of cats, grown without fertilizer while at the right
ota' frown with the us of thft'hew'fertfliief.. Tne oati
jrei two ppt grown
! werilHt jJafited t the same timrwi cht'poM stood vide trjr side .
laWrtjf Rowing conditions rdent4cal ixttpf for the fertilizing of i
i ... .
1"' V
, . . . .. . ,
ttoo...hsJ shown that in the immediate I
Plu. ot mo , iignining a iircBn oxiuna
. "?" -jje"
-- . " '
tion of lightning, the electric arc, a
certain percentage of oxide of nitrogen
ia formed whea.the electric .discharge
take place, ia a mixture of .oxygen aad
aitrogea. (or plain air in. o specially
eauatraated apnrking-ebnmbrr. This ox
ide in caught ka absorbing overs ia
water, in the formation cf oft i- acid,
ar rn lUa r soda in-.tlievfufniUiot of
nftificiml.nitrn'rs nf lime aad. end .
From data base "unn 1 lie nttucJ run
iii(T ot aiieh a pant, nitric .acid 'hue
been produced from i lip atmosphere
Cand water) at a cost of about two
an. I a half cents a pound.
Norwaywdc Way'':
In far away. .Norway an anhvdrous
.VMM! (ons of nitrates per annum. And
t 8 estimated that n.ltrlC acid cat he
manufacture from air in Norway at
a cost B0 percent below that of nitric
acjd made elsewhere from' Chili salt
petre. frtWe Jfrpin Air ' .
.There , pre. various methods used iu
nvijcjiig ibis atmospheric jiitratfi, which,
while similar in principle, vary,, in, ap
plication, and more particularly in the
of the electrical, diwharj
'40', use ace. of great intensity a
small volnin and others use ares of
greit yoJu.me.and smqll intensity, bat
a belter vietd Der niiit 'of nlant is
.(Isime to fta had .from tha flaming
nc, anica r enjargen lp m scope ef
Ictipp.bj ,nienji of a pcwerful magnet,
t Suiting .a'- njsxlmnm of oxidatioh. - Aa
VmUpn carjrent of, from oftM) td
0)o, yo(ts- psed knd the 'diameter,
p .he' fliUne "produced ia about, six f4.
py pvaps of blowps, bQVt'JiOOrt' ebbb:
feet of .air ate forced thVotrgh ' ieaob
furnace every mtnote. After leaving
the ,furnnc this avr' eoiitaiaa one jt
rent of aMne oxide. Tb heat of the
air eavtag tbe furaaCe . la utilised to
raise steamf k boilers befarA it eaters
the absorption towars, which "Sr abogl
fifty feet hurh, built of geaaita alalia
sn-J filled with lumps of nusrttf, vf
wlf)eh the wster tricklVs. 1 Front toft'
rj amber , fifty percent, of -aitrlrf ai-id
is drawn off; from ntmher 2, twenty
lae. percent! from niimbor 3, fifteen
percent: and from nnmher 4, five,per
ment. Tower number S contains milk
of lime, sad towCr siimber fl beds of
Jime, The nitric acid is added to lifnn
Sthne and rhe solution ii eoneeatracd
?nti it can just be noured into oip
slners, and lt ia1 almost aahdrogi
pitrste of time, eentaiaing, Ss before
stated, nbout thirteen percent of ni
trogen. ' ! '- ,
In Ttslv - still ether methods are fql
lned, and improved result are' elajai'.
ad by oxidising air under heavy pres
sure. ,
picnarinaerits At Hotue
f'oming tiaek tn.our- beloved l'rtitd
States. ; we fi'nd the AtmrWuAierie Prod,
vrts fomnanv at NiSgara Tsllsj, work
irf on the Same eirnblCm. Here oners
tions nre enried on In n srnrkMor
chniier which consists of a lurge t vlitj
drieal metal box lined with verticn'
rows of contact points .each one nf
which is iu counectioQ with the posi
. A- . ij
aynamo generating a di-
of about $000 volts. In-
- wBn """""i - v u i m v i i
epotacta in tlio form of long rods, all
onneeted with the negative pole of
Uiq. dynamo,. Thin cylinder rotates at
tie rate, of 500 rcyoliltions er .mjnute.
as eaca negative
Compotands Destructive
...As previously stated,
trogen is a
lar.y and stubborn gns. It js at the
same time the most restless and the
moht powerful of all the elements un
der certain 'conditions. It forms but
rnw compound, and these are rerqark-I
able for, rather, notorious) as a rule,
ior ineir irrmnqijiiy, as witness: mtro
glycerin, tiitro-eeUulose. trl-nitro-toluol
iodide of nitrogen, cordite, dynamite,
etc., most or which comaounda are at
s verv moment giving vent to their
itructivenett iri the battlefields , of
NltraviHyeerin i ao akstablr
a errmpoand of nitrogen that it has been
known to explode from a sneeze.
Highly Explosive
To illustrate the sensibility of iodide
of nitToren. sn experiment was nun
ducted in large empty hall. Two base
violas were" selected for tho experiment.
One wp placed nt eaci end of the hall,
nod both w"ere tuned in unisOn. The
enperimenier men runnen ,one Of the
strings of one instrument with wef
ioiliile of nitrogen- fit is too sensitive
to handle this raanner when dry),
and when it. had dried he went to, the
mipiNiibe end nf' the hall and plucked
tho corresponding string of the instru
tuent there. .The viola at tike other
end of the kill was shattered isto
match stick by the' explosion which,
fuiiowed. . At another example ot tha
exphndvemtaa of nitnogea compounds,
the. writer kas a-friend who la , maimed
for life a the resitlt of shakiag ia the
smilLglit, bojtle of specially prescrib
aii ,cy,idicuae,', containing a chemical
v Jtwrompalible mUtur.
SuapliM At Haad ,
' ilut in (bis recouat we are concerned
oaly .with the fertiliser compogiwls of
oitrsgco. ' it .naa zueen uiscovered nf.
is Oltei of ti ew.Je0ions
11 Jtnitaidiractly with nitrAgqn
l :t i
'whicb. will
uader certain conditions.
nn. .aaii if
I'uusa rojild. bf procurcd at a sufficiently J
w j'rirv iiiu fmuum ur a :miroteno
manure would
bo solved. aa an
'Uside" the '.writer. woylsl , sav, that jf turned... M, Baiapll ssid j;harsrhiy jltt
Joer ,is si eounUy is. the. world the delegation caned onr'Mr. Kolph,
afher,' high grde "ealclum r" i'sd also on, Chtirman. Mayfeld" ,jpf fha
fre islentifv) than in the Hawaiian j tP' o of 'the Infenatloaai
lauds he knows .it not. Comjiion : Sugar eommittea before whom they
limestone it said to contain" ue
any rur-
iy erceot r cwciui. i ait rociai
manufactiired, compcrr.ialjy ty to
electrolytic, .decompojiilion of the melt
ed chloride, to, to produce it, a hib
power eUurtrUcurrept is required. Ami
tp iro(loc jt.. iheaplv the power of
aatcrfaljs uiotube utilized in genemi
Ing tie. oecesaary current. If fi' have
the last naninA ' jeaulsite. the airriciil-
fural industrr of these jslanrls need
haVe (q aTaym .Over, the nitrate situs-
tipp ejccerit as 6 obtaining supplies
for , Imipiedist " re.qulremetit. as the
proJUlfr Cairablej of being solved
r"ht iri Hawaii' nel. ,
Calcium Cyanamide
And if we had the necessary carbon,
these' Is a uuHBpouud of oalclnai which
I1 Cheaper to manufacture thaa pure
cVcism. Thi is csliiium carbide, with
wblrh'sll kra familiar .and from whlnh
neetvUiiia, frS Is produced. CiiIcIimii
csrlilde. it liaa bea found, will tenet
with atmospheric nitrogen to form the
new substanef known as calcium ryanu
mide or lime nitrogen.
... ;
A -. . . , jV , -, r
bora lima and earbon are nlifnthfal
and lectrieity is cheap, it aaattfra fqt
nbetber the ChilC saltpeter beds be
come exhausted la 19i5 or aoonor.The
Sriee of tha ew eompoond depehdl
pan thr rose f, tha. eir-ortiTioio-rettti
aed in prodkieing; it. It Is estUnntO'l
that the horse produces fl'Mk poumi
of nianure yearjy, containing 1Q pounds,
of aitrogea, whiU tb aleetrie horak
in the same period will fix mora thaa
uv, nquads of nitrogea lit' the otm "of
ealeium eyanamide, which it consider- i
ed qul to, Chili , saltpeter, at .pitrate
of aoda. weight, for weight of thf al
trtvgen eo stent, and if eensidered aven
superior to nitrate of soda at h ferti
liser. - . .". 'Vv ' i
In certain of the sugai' esse districts
of thse tslaads, and om pahu in.lparti-i
eulr, there is talk af duefv; yields'
par sera due to an i net easing amount of;
alkali found in the soil. As the fields
e"cted are 1ow-linn; it aeems Reason
able to asanme that these fields are
becoming more and more impregnated
hv wash-water from more eeted
fields with tha residue of the sadium
nitrate fertUera so plentifully tised ati
the present time. the near .lima-"
nittogen compound we ma v find a blee
ing in diseuise, as lime is of acknowl
edred virtue ta ttiricnltHre. . whereas
soda Is more or less toxie ia its effects,
l ime nitrogen or calcium aranamideV
should provtf esneclallv deirsbl ssder
te present practise of .trashing (5r fat
ting of the ene trash in the fields, as
the soft might thus be Kept tweet, and
ToduHve. .,, ' .
Fnrwinliv Olran , f . ,
The formula for mnkintr this new to
tllixer is: Ca C'J plus 2N equal Ca ,K2
plus C. which, transcribed Into ol
Fnrlish from the chemists' shorthand,
reads: One part of Calclua. OrhMe
and two parts of Nitrogen yield the
compound Calcium Cyanamide and Car
bon. i Besides the electrolytic methods pi ab
tainlng nitrogen from the atmosfiheTt
there are two other very -novel Method,,
to vit: l) Hv liquifying air and then
ilistillin-r off the nitrogen, the ol!ini?
t.ioint of which is higher thaa that of
its associate, oxrtren: (2) br meanf'of
the rentrifwire. Most, everybody knows
that atnjnxpherie oxygen and siikrogeq
mixture into water, when the Atiffe'en"
j in specific, gravity causes t,he,(,0"J fij
;kihk ami i-e ,'tvar i0 ruiajn jn.p. ni,
j t-oi?nn sens'Stor advantage is taV" of
t-e fac f ifferece jn n)e4siflc,ra'yitv
ilso. The enectfle gravity' nfi oalgen
is r"int 1f10i5. while , that of nitroaon
I is .071. ad sV Tteltan named Mseia
bn- mvente'l a centrtrngal wheel wnere
bv oxviren is whirled 0't at prje s"tiot
o pdf nitrotren at anothf entrlfpaj
' 0f frs
force heinr Mit a nnn'i"f ,w the !
ivitation the oveS, miases off
iVntiiry f the wheel.
Mska Onr own
And now we' arrive at th-wier it-
tore"!-'.' t-srt ( our etrtr Wlfv fthonM
it not be Practicable t,6"Mak-fur Own
Ms but one nrime recinialtS. if the .TsVw.
I "o4a.n met,nnd were tt be' follpWed
I fwhlrh tin thns far proveid emlnentlv
successful smt that-is electrical eqecgy
i ty" '-icfBlls. . '
the making of enMnm evanawH,
frti'iher on s eomritt''elir jarre pclc
ell the remiisit" maeetaW areTf''lab'e
r'orht here In Honolulu lso In HH6 to
the writer's nositfve VnowW.e.
Louisiana Ftldtdrr CkiiAThat Ini.
pression From Roiph
, rlpTh ing" definite' Va edjroe' frni"ab'
MrtfiMn th delegation; Of . ugar f scAof
Ul.lv ...V. -J t 1 ' S.I,u.V'
tli hmmk -
c.al-fwhlpb ha eojnuoae of L. A. rVsherck
p. A. JCnUiold ,an4 Q?C. Peykine, ,nnd
: WHicJi' was aert't tier jto like. up. ht
sUugtloti for 'those back' home, has re-
jprrsriiiea naia supwmg ufn oo jium-
nai hgar 'cmrnitiee, 'was' aetllng
rkws to mHiiuf acturers'and othera who
foim.-.ly bought Ijobbtiatia second aad
for that reason ha manufacturer of
JVuisisna ere jinsfire 10 dispose of
tjiol srocond iigirre.' Mr. Mafleld e.
pressed til wiljiogness, it is said, td ee
that tW tale of raw to' thpse buyer
would be stoiined, Snd alreaoy ttiera
la noted h more" Sctlva Inquiry for aetr-
on 1 s icsrs, becouse of tha fatotabls
, ' n tiAen bv Mr. May field. ',
! The iifiliri srioh ' which tha comiai"
tej na'f,h( rl vhj ia tha East
'th.it. whatever Increase was gfatijed
th i beet people .voUld Tie granted. to b
cane t rodiicirs also. The beet people
are I'lidrhlond to be kskisff for' an lit.
cie.ae of u tent and a half. The beet
interests cere tc hv heir" a etlaj
in Atlan'Lc .City thl week, but, it hs
bu n losipinc' iuik'hiitvily, Boport
biused on i;i.pU'H .stat.ernqnjte, so tbe
i i n i
I uex
infiiiiiisntM sr , art to the effect that
the bvet iletisiou will be mad In tho
ext three ir four week.
J I UULilll U'
Annourtcemfenf f Terms 'of Con
'tract )for' Continued Sugir
; Cultivation Coming Soon;-,:.,
"i i.in i ; "'V ('-r..',
Ha'walf'k hdmesteadlng problem, as It
ftects tJra eniieaa)ce aV,,cuHivatim
Of, tha Sugar viands, pa1 which lesnci
hfve xaired, r ;ra '0pVing ; ntra
ht6a Jbta inaj stages with the. receipt
of ( the,texJ o, the presidefitlalv der
or proclamation. Oovernor McCarthy
bast aaid plaiajy he will- 4oWat; na
pttreamtnabla, delay and ha ,t s oaj
starting, bis own surveyif the situa
tion by , going to Kaaai ,-wlta, . iand,
Vommissioner iBivanbhrgh, Dn hi rei
turn it is expected that tha proponed
contract,,, with, , plantation eompaniea
will be made public, having been .al
ready tentatively drafted- . i,
', Representatives of ; sugar cbmpalici
met at tha effioe of- he Governor rs
torday on behalf of Kekaha,' Waiakea,
Hawaiian r Sugar Company and Lihue,
four companies most closely affected
by tha problem ate ' the present time:
Tbey , asked for a further extension" f
time for eonsiiteratlon of the proosed
contract and wc fa grant oil, a .week,. a;
ti. July ,85, when it is probable the
Governor and the land commissioner
kriU hata.'returaed. :
', After yesterday's meeting the Cloy,
eranr said: , ', .
"I iiad hoped to sot t la all. preliinl
PMy. matters . toUy as that the form
6f cpntract might be placed before the
pablic for its suggastionai . It 1 aow
planned to make , the . contract . public
after I nave returned from Kauai.
Tdut .'we. can secure the cdaceasua jof
public ;opioioa on this matter. I .want
to see it settled, to the satisfaction of
all conceriyad. ' ' ,
tt- T;i TT
Sugar from beet has (icon produced
in ihe Netherlands for 'more than a
century,' with ' varying fartnoes until
joTOZ-when 'a growtlr began which has
been' unrcmittent Up to the present
tiaie.. . ' V. ". ... v. ' .',
t In.'- l?T0. about .JA.OOO ;'.erea - were
plaote to sugar baets; there were 14
auger factories, which produced 11,000
petrc toss (metric ton equal 2,04.6
poup.de)., ily 191 t0.,afca hafl in
creased ' tf) lf)0,0W acre the number
of factories to 8,. averaging 10 times
the capacity, of .those. f. lH?iX'jid the
production of sugar ta,24,709,Joj)a, in
1017 a State law resolting from war
Condition . reduced tha ar.ea . aow to
pugar tent tn( , )io)00 .aces. l fo
product of sugar therefrom is not yet
officially published, but it was .prob
aldy about I,O0O aietrje , topa prac
tically the quantity of sugur annually
Consumed by the Dutch people.
The sugar content of the, baeta has
ranged- from. lf.5 tp 18.cJSiuri;cit, .in
different yeafs; the Sver yield of
sugar per hectare (one hectare equals
1.47. acrea) ,f -beat, itrora ,4. a to 8
metric tons.
EzDortaT-fiugar-Beetr DUtrtrt
Jtrlt before the 'war aasl np. to 191 r
tha.eKiwrta of beet, sugar . from JloJ
laud wewvbRtweeu 100,000 ,and , iSoMio
ious a yoar,
British Isles
r, most of it going to tho
"i?n,:,n .. . 'I""'"
7m m" "
was aboiit,
JVI7 about V,000.
The principal su"'1" ''Oot ''ricfa
are the Provinces- of Zoelami, Houlh
Holland, and North HrebAnt;(lb()Ugh
(ieldcrlanil,. North llpllund, OfOniugen,
and Priealand are tmpprlaat districts.
n Jhf crllor years Of tgar beot
cpltpre farniere i . objected .that heir soil
was 'tii'su1tel to it, hat generous er
tUixiog .with artlHeiaJ mauurea,, taught
tbem, tkst it vtyis irofitablc 'ta ,grow
the beets.' Oovcftinietrt protection ill
the. form of Tirtuiirtiis j1 paid had of
excieci ixe ,.oa augar ,aUo Udod ia
oiakiug sugar beet growing, and sugar
preductrob prdfltSbYe. ' , ' .
V J.s to ?XW.w-'sV-'..'.,jm.i. .
Ata ' military' trdltti' iaaf ' Wfuini
st tbe Catholic Cathedral' Mis oienni
Thomas became the bride ' ef 5apt,
Jrank P, Tuahrj . ViH- A.ho ia on
uty with the Thirty-second U. In
fantry at Sctfofleld srrscks. ,
The wedding party eatered. the aathe
dral at eight o'clock an wa met, a
tbe altar rail by Ber, Father .Valoh tin,
of He Catholic "Mission, Who is alto
Shaplaia of tha yirtt, Hawaiian In(ap
y at rTort bafter,, , AjtendJI.pg the
groom, wa Capt, Phil. Cphniston, aad
the bride wa attended by M las' M.
O'Doriagbe, Th bride was given awy
by J. f. Bowler. . . , . . ; , .
Ths wedding fa'rty aiotbrsd to Wai
klkl where a reception wt given at
the home of tha1 btQft aujiL Mis
Thomas. Captain and Mr. Tuoby will
leave for th mainland la tbe pear
future. , t .
. Captain Tmhy, while a ,uutnant,
was ,jslde to r)rlgdier-(31eneral J". 1
Wlsaef, lr. M. A., former ,dppurimp;it
sommander here, who wa retired a'
month ago. The officer come from the
wellknown Tuohy family of Dublin.
r1" i:
'.. T. ' .,', ... , , , L M . , . . . , ,. j
' n W r ttntti Svr rtv lv
Workefi Not Employed Intssen
tlafOccupafiOns'fif IslarUTs Ap
pear To Be Practically Sole
746unpe,of,tiipp)f; s,v
h: Uii 'is 1 a
1 Aft applicstioaa for Jbor rototinue to
pour into labor bureau of the Hawaiian
pugar v plantr .It become more, fhan
ever evident, how acute, the situation ia
growing. Thus far tfea plantations have
seat ia ta, tha'. bureau applications ior
cosidraiily isore thaa two thousand
laborers aad the end ia, not.'yeti'i t
Jrom no outside source doea.it appear
possible to All tbe more thaa 2000 v a- ,
cancict.in the rajika of Jsugar plaata
tioa .labor. ' ( The) Inbor buresiu aaysj
there kt no shipping available fof raaa.
portation of such labor. Urider hoaa
eircinastanee no better, suggestion than
that of Tho Advertiser, utilise labor
from home not now essentially aniploy
od, has been the only one that seems
to the labor bureau to in any . way. meet
the situation at homo. But just before
Mr. Mead left for the mainland he said
I no organized effort to secure such labor
'k..i i. ...... ........ .i
...... v. y ,, dvhi wvt ,
Stevedoring work is riot Sufticieat to
kep the stevedores busy continuously,
(lay in and day out. The lull )n 'road
work leaves another supply available, a
larger aad. more certain supply .thaa
that from the ranks of the stevedores.
The putting into effect af the work or
fight rulings after tbe registration of
(he new possible draftees should, fur
nish another source of Supply. Yet
another is tha yard boy who, cai be
relieved for plantation service as soon
aa the citiaeas af Honolulu are willing
to do something for themselves , and
thus release labor needed in essential
pursuits. From these sources a , con
siderable supplv could be gleaned, even
though it would not fill all of be va
cancies. Meantime the Hawaiian want to
know about pay. They want a gure
named for the type of labor that they
can furnish. Tbe same ta true 'of the
Japanese now employed doing oddijobs
around residences and securing 11.75 a
day for their work. Hawaii shoald be
able to solve for itself the problem of
the job and the man as mainland States
are doing. The Sugar Planters have
their machinery practically ready njade
in their labor bureau aad if Jtber' can
not solve the questiqn for themselves it
may bo necessary for the federal gov
ernment to : undertake the matter, ta
operate a federal labor bureau here. .
It will not be long before the present
shortage is acutely felt and the next
crop and the 1920 crop sutler according
ly. Jbe I'ianters appear to,, have no
other definite plan. Denial ia given to
the report that they pnrppae .aecMrlag a
auspeosioo .of some of the ipirnjgration
biws so as, to bring in Russian refugee.
It is amo denied that tbe labor situa-
i more than an incident in the
visit of the planters', committee to
Washington and it Is reiterated that
the planters have never sought ; legis
lattut to bring in Chinese labor, ypder
these., circumstances the honie supply
of labor seems to be about all the plant
era van secure. , . , i ,r . ;
The lift wuiiau Commercial, and Bugar
Company will probably end its griud
ing season on July 'It, over a nmntl
later, than usual on account, o labo
aluirlage, , fhp cpp will be close
58 0O() toon, or one, of the largest in the
plantation ,ustrv. However, next
'ew' aW'eae U very short.
owing to the
thought, last . summer. -
Iaui News
. .r
TJiopipsitii ami thrart, artipg ou
behalf of the United. Status, anoV for
Hackfeld k Ooriny, now rtindorgutng
ieorganuatioii, hlwl , Su . act.bis yester
day in the 'circuit court .agaiaHt. the
Brcfkwaier Company and the Ameri
can SSrehy Company , eif New yofk'..to
retovrr U3r.at, 'sajd.to he a balance
due Hackold, i Company for materials
Supplied for construction work on the
iiilo break yvater 'birfora' the comiiany,
doing; (h aofk, ilef suited n- the con
ft it reporfeil that the action filed
ttar,atU(Bi(riy thd foreruauer of
a. JlllIlifiAr nf: iilliertt i,r tlin muidh phur.
Sctcr .find that cluims against the
breakwater concern aggregate about
16,000. j , ... . ...
STAI N B aTtTh Aj,DtVVrf H v
"Any man who employ a chauffeur
to drive hi wife around tbe streets of
Honolulu is a slacker, d a yellow
slacker at tfcat,il waa the aasertlon of
Afa.ioe Ingram Htalabaek at the Botary
Club lunshaon yesterday,
Whilo the Botarlan wera still gasp
ing over the astoundina deelaration.
I fr not a few of then think enough
j of their wivea to employ chauffeur for
tlieui, NUInbauk took a wallop at the
vs luuurptll v MB.
"Any woman able to do her own
kitchen work who employe a aepvant
to do It Is not a patriot, he declared.
A tu)k on prohlbltiiin wns given by
Dr. John V Wad man, with special
reference to his work in Washington
iuj prouiomon ior uawaii.

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