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HAWAIIAN GAZETTE.' fr"ftfbAY,' )Wf 19. 1918. SEMI-WEEKLX-
Wfi A If l? WQ MAR A 1 1?
W ASHINGTON July 18 (Associated Press) The crisis in the
, ... . ... .
bnrtle which was Jaunched
iiant wnicn was jatincnert
is ihe ?)low which would bring the
1 ... .. 1 . i l . ...I : . l
K""J i'"--'"., ... ...v
ml t lie peace offensive ol the
I cnJrmsil failure
. , if. . - . ,i i w j i I
lrcady the battle which flamed on Monday along a sixty-mile
li'int !i;i- degenerated into a Series of purely local actions, with the
. 'v-ii f
"iicnsix c smashed aionn: the greater part ov me line, i lie ticnnan
iiiw.i l.a. a lioan !.a.t.i anf tlaki mind 11 SI dVtV. tl f ll.ttri t li . . 1 .
- "niv wvvi. iiTT hu nivi
if use tirm tnat the drives, alter
if l.t ,.n... UnA l.ior h if
!nwn to-it.
Nilltb of the Marne, where' the 'principal interest is now -ceil-
tcrctl. the Germans who have crossed the river are believed to be
Ml ;i desperate situation. They have driven forw ard along a liar
ruvv front, leaving both flanks exposed. They must now either
ul;iri. c their salient, it is believed, or retreat hack across the river,
with a Stronp; possibility of many of them being trapped. 1
Kvnressions of belief that the peak of the battle has been passed
' , , . - . . ... m'
are Ireely made by many high ranking army men. hut neither ecre-
larv Haker nor General March will express any opinion upon this
.li ie of the suhlert It is p-enei-allv conceded that the ietorv fur
ii.ise nt tne sunject. it is generaii) conceoea mat tni icior ior
ll.f Allies is more than half won. however, ami that only something
Unexpected Can prevent the Complete triumph of the Kntcnte in this
. . , .
. . a
I ..I i i iv 11 in . ....v. .v.
Practically the Only fighting of
. .t,-..ntv.irtil. front heturen n nnint
, .. . ' ' ' - . , , , .
an positions on the Jaulgonne sector, on the. Alaroe and .the wood-i
dl region West Ot KheinlS, Where the UermatlS ara Still attacking.'
.i . . .i. ..,.. l ,i',. .v.. ,;i
the main violence of the attack being along. th twelve-mile front
.nth of the river, where the Germans must make still further gains
i.r be left in a position of extreme danger t
it. ii ..u t a -1.1 . i.-i.
i nc latest ucspaiv-iics iroiu
sav that there has been no changes of importance along any part
i f the American front, where only
reported. The Germans have brought up more artillery and
'helliiig'uras reported as growing heavier, with the American
l-'rench guns responding briskly.
During the night a portion of tl front line along one of
sec i s iVing attacked was taken over by a brigade of American
Negroes, who relieved others of their white comrades The Negroes
went into the battle enthusiastically.
Trench observers report that American airmen on this section
of the front shot down thirteen German planes in vesterday's fight i, . ,
... . . ,, ' , , - , J Reports from Kona are to tl ITect
.tig. 'A German observation balloon was also shot down. )lmt Ml8 Snmud To w.fi n(
T)uring the afternoon the battlefild along the Marne was drench-: x) e forrier prin).ipH, of th Kona wae
ed by a .heavy rain, the storm having the effect -of -slackening: up the!a School, who is now with the guard
violence of the fighting for the time being. In the heaviest of the " nhu. has been ejected, with her
rain the Americans sprang a vigorous counter near Fossov. close : ,.1'il'lr'"' !r"m ,h,e "'"" "'"age
,r , . . i i . ' i beenuse of some trouble between her
ti the Marne, where thev improved their position and cleaned out and Mis Helen Hn.wn netinn- ..ri.,.
several nests of German machine
The battle was resumed on the
nig with a neavy attack hy iresn i,erm,an torces against the ground,
regained bv the Americans on Monday north of the village of St.
... ....
Agnans, the Americans giving ground and retiring to positions west I
i i. . , al. . . , iL , . iL , . ;
of liolirdonneriO, where they held their ground in the wooded COUn -
trv. Other attacks upon the Americans were made generally along I
the front to north of Comblizy. these being repeatedly repulsed, the1
. . . It. t .1 11
Americans giving ground nowhere except north of St. Agnans, and j
here for only a few hundred yards.
In the lulls between the infantry attacks the German heavy
artillery on both sides of the Marne. from Chateau Thierry ea to
! rmans shelled the American positions. This intermittent bom
bardment failed to shake the hold of the Americans, who met each
following infantry attempt with
of the lluns were futile.
'oiiiiiiiiiiicues telling of the earlier fighting have been received from Ueneral
Pershing. Of July 14 he said:
' ' Kast of Chateau Thierry, where the enemy succeeded this morning in
.Missing the Murne on our front aud gaining some ground, our counterattack
drove back the enemy to tho Marne and we took 5(H) prisoners. In the Vosges
live trench raids attempted by the enemy broke down nnder our fire."
Kor July 11, be said: "American troops oast of Kheims cooperated with
the French in repulsing an enemy attack. We maintained all positions and cup-
lured prisoners and machine guns. Yesterday iu the Vosgos the enemy attempt I
ed ru attack on our lines on a front of 1000 yards. The attack broke down under
our artillery fire. Au American counterattack on July 15 was a complete sin
cess. The enemy was thrown back near Fossov with severe losses. One bat
talion was practically annihilated.
"The ofli.-ers commanding the Freuih troops near this point, as well as
liters belonging to the high command, expressed great satisfaction concerning
ihe conduct of our forces and the' result they achieved."
The amazing results attained by
itic II. II. '. Dlrdlvlae are really very
simple anil bused on the scientific
principle of ills king Ihe body
sironKei than diseases that attack
it If ihe body is strolls' and nor
mal thie Is no alukness. Hence
ihe principle, sireiiallieii the body
unit away goes sickness. H. H.
is ii combination of medicinal herbs
thut worklna with utvtiv.e, cleans-.,
sii-eiiKilien Hld reudjust ths entire
inioitoi machinery of the body. It
lotuses Inlo the body the Iron force
of health and vitality of youth,
driving oul disease Ii Is a blood
builder and purifier. Iirnve Its suc
cess In rheumatism and blood im
purities. A marvelous stomach
ionic. II does away wllh indle
i tun. creating an sppeille. prevent -Intf
ass on the stomach, bloating,
rlulle.ing of the heart and .aln hi
tho stomach after ruili.K A re.
i.iarkable kidney and bladder leu.
edy. Kor diabetes, g ui v i I euuilses
backache and kluili.il uitiHents. Ii
in without ah eiii.ui A wondiiOil
pmparallon for nn ,u : toe. si.-l
headaches. dli .n .' u- ap.. in-
biliousness and t. . i i. . mi.is ,
bv the German high command
hopes of the Entente to an end
e . i . ,;i;-., U
Kaiser is already petering nut to
..wMu.w..., ...... .
the initial rush, were delivered
virrnrv anrl fni.aht ,,.,lv hf-ransp
. t
nv inc. ticrman men corn maim
importance last lllghl was along
inst e.lst of the oriirinal Amer-
inci .Lctii iiraunndiivis i.mi uiiii
sporadic infantry fighting was
and the
p. .....
American front yesterday morn-
- . r .... ..
firmness, against which the drives;
. B. C.
mild laxative freeing the system of
accumulated warns matter the
cause of premature old ags and In
firmities, It ,1a especially benellulal
for run-down. weak, nervous. Ir.lta
le, nemie people who lack Iron and
Increases their strength after a few
weeks' use to a marked degree in
many Instancss as u. B. '. en
ables the system to extract the
neoessary Iron' from the foods
eaten and with It enrich the blood,
the only way Iron can ba taken up
by the system with permanent bene
fit to the body. The hundreds of tes
timonials from prominent local peo
ple In w idely different cases, and the
endorsement of many leading phys
icians n-mifv as to the real worth
of this cm . aoi d.lnary preparation.
H. t. Is r sperlKll r recommended
for I l.rl,vi-, llraiiar, aad Break
bone F v .-.
All il 'utvltta. plantation stores
..i d ileal. . si ll It I'rtoe, f I 00 per
t I
ii. ii i .i:ncv, isi kimi nr..
M .V'I II. I II1H tUKki'l', IIO.MII.I .
PAR 18, July IN -I Associated Press)
the Chnmfagne intact at the rml of the third day of the great (ininnn nffensi o,
with many of the sectors between lihcims and the eastern liniii t the Herman
offensive ns ipliet again as lit any time prior to the German onsiimuhi, mi l witli
tha seriousness of tin- nttn.ks where thev arp still in progress mm h lessoned,
lt fe.lt her? that ,,in ,;,'r'"''- suffered n- severe a ehe.-k ii i the An.
trians in their recent grand offensive in Italv.
th. nn,.n. i,m... ,,, i, ......
anything and their bet divisions hnye
me lew innt-s ui oniicii icrruoiy
casualty lint estimat
Wtl'd UN well lunr iiiiA
rneh command is not inclined
as mm? nip bikiip w "i "i 'i nun ny on
,,, if b).,vt.,, in ,olm, ,UBrtPr, (URt
remrven for a loi-nl ilrive l miir puint
Minim tf m rif1rrv fir li.tmn dinimti.Mi
. . L. .. ,.. A - I
- o ains
. n . i
A suminnry 01 me nnv s resiut, ismie.l Hint niiflit. Knows int ii.i- i.tiihiiiib
itsmeti at omy one tiomt Hiiri the nny,
oeiween nnrimi ami moiirnieioii, pi)in
made so advance of a mile nn.l n tut I f ,
Bneims an.i Monnnrion, e,i,t
1...- ..... . i ...
' detention after th withdruwnl nf Tuesday
rZard. the , , L lBrdnnenes. ia now . en , of the
Kmh forces east of Rhenn, where his .iirrl defense has bronlit Iii iii n .1.1 i -
KLf v" ",,n"
jiietely li locked the liertim 11 1 plon(j a front of tuirtv inilea, .nnutuii; verv lienvv
losses to the enemy with coni.iirntivnly insignifh ant lossea for Inx nwn n.eii.
' the nMaek the nermnns m-e.l at lenst twenty divisionn, thin runny heiiiK
!.(....: A ..l iUn i . e . i. .. it - i
VfTeiy n,Bll,, ;,,, ,,,,. ,,,k , M1( h ;Ul(P ,hnt rp,,,,,,,,,,,.,, . (.(.,.H ,
sarv. , ;
' T""uh both side of 'Bhein.. their ai..H
are sinnll while their lov-,.. rontinue extremelv henvv and the iippe.inniee Inst '
night wn(1 thBt the turning niovement m;;iiiist the eitv has tieeo r. .nu, ,i. '
. "f ""' "k'"'" "f '' ,ln ""eurrod in th- i.-iiniy of.
jM,tPui, ,H K(M(1 Th,,, ,,, (;,,rm.,s Hnil,.kt.,, wi))l Kreat ,, ,,, ,
first impetus of their nms-,M nttm k gnve them momentnry missvm.iii nf hieiii h '
positions, lint the rilus n- led Ailli h counter of urent" brillinin . drove ou; !
the foe nnd regained and In l i . lie i onti- eir (tenches in the face of n; ln i iittiu ks. 1
iiiriiiuic'i. hiui nv mr nm in hip nini
A despernte effort wiis n .ide liv the
way down Ihe Mnrne. An ;vniiee of
penetration six miles nt rV-tinv on the
" ' lr of.the 'm-.-iii.ii forces
wh repulse and the eneinv was effect mill v checked in that direct ,
attack. breaks DOWN
near .vnmvoisin n v.erman aiia.K i.roKe .town herore li strong f reach counter
and local attacks ilireeted at Iruanv, M'liiimoiit nnd Rheiuia all fnile I
liermiin ,.,,, BB , ,,, h; , om,.inl Bpr)ill lleH.trh(.s , ,,,,, n,Kht
saj.l. "in tho fighting of the present week we hnv tnkea Ih.imhi prisonera.
W'e 'inve extended our successes on the north hunk of the Marne ami have
r,eh'1 the heights to the north of enteuil. To the enst of Kheims the situ
atjon ia unehaugeil.
Action of Bertha Ben Taylor In
Ejecting Mrs. Toomey Stirs
Anger of Kona i
cipal of the school, sas the Hilo Post
Merald. Konn residents of ail classes,
so the report runs, are very much
incensed over the idtiiatimi. The
ii.li.rMn;.... ; 11 .1... l
,,.v fl.H tha, not njru KTayp irij,18
ti-e has been done, but that this wnm
.L,."" ' "li OH eilTHlt-r H1'- NC
w" ,T of a 1I,an "J"0 "
offeritiK Ins lite to his country. Thev
ari. Idamine; Miss Hertha Ben Taylor
the supervising principal, who is the
?"' rw" ''h-"y to oust Mrs
' """"'
sH 1 k. Toomev s calle.l to ser
with the Ouard, and last night's
wireless carried the news of his pro
motion to the rank of Second l.ieuten
ant with ihe Second Hawaiian Infnn
trv. From the facts as they appenr ac
cordiue tit reoorts renchimr Hilo i. hn
Lieutenant Toomev wns called from his
work, Miss Helen Brown wns made net
ing principal of the school, which is a
Id.' . ne. employing nine teachers. He
fore having. Principal Toomev in
strutted Mrs. Toomey to open all let
ters directed to him, and those from
the deiiartmeut of instruction concern
ing school matters, she was to turn
over to Miss Brown as acting pi in
cipal. Mrs. Toomey, her friends sav.
carried out her hu-baiid 's instructions,
opening all the letters, and delivering
those pertaining to the conduct of Hi
to Miss Krown. The pilikia
' came t ause Miss Mrown otijicted t i
the letters having been opened before
j she received them, her claim beinv;
that all school letters should have been
! delivered to her unopened.
However the trouble started, there
is no doubt about its having been
serious enough to result in Mrs. Too '
I mev 's wi.ritiue the teach.'-' coO'M'e
I ne.' -iinj.. with Ver children, four
or five in number, to live on the bench 1
re:ite.l h
l'i i i -. 1 1 1
seem to
w n house or in a
e i' is ic.( k no vv n i n 1 1 i In.
f Mrs. Toomey and they
st t.t Konn me
sev er
i n
their deiiuiiciat ion of the
thtcw (In- wife of n guards
act whirl
man in active serv i. e out of a home
whicli she felt he had every right to
hold. Some of tl-eiii, it is tei. luted,
have written to I'rol'essor II. W. Kill
r.cy. stipe ri ii t i'ii itr 1. 1 of public instruc
tion, nial'ing their protest, and it is
understood that Mr. Kinney now has
the mutter under consideration, and
that it will be probed to the bottom,
and. if an in just ici has been done, that
it will be s dily rigbted.
w. a. a.
l.t i. IX IN,
I---,-- ii.iii
Miiti.h I se
Inly 17
eitienl w n
of . -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 o I
I A ssoc i at c. I
made in th"
ciininions to. bo that
7.!l'7 of iii,..i,-aii
l-!a rope in ii i '. M a .
hind i n H-i-s shins
.in rv 1. 1. i-i -ii a . .mI.m
.'!."ill O.'iS , ut
troops biou
II". I June '
,f b.
I.I t.
A l ra ngelni ids I
l.i-i 1 1 if made
n mmnpnnAi w rr n mr O Tr
bUHUHii u vmrt niLU wriHrir vM !
With lln French posit s throughout
.,:.,,.. i,. k.;r i
no c meant
l.n.k. For
v e ,i totn ;
been smashed and thr
1 rn'A i
incv nave
have won thev I
tin.. IrA.l iKnii.aml
to regard the battl'
I lie ih ri 01 i lie vTrruiiini" en "i in it iicims
voll 'Ho(,hln wi ,OB,.en,ri .. , i.j,
where hi KHinii will 'n:i l.i.- lierman
it... . . . . .... - ........ . . r iii
tni8 heme wona a rront .,t H,x mile
ninei Hoiitliensx or nnenin-, where tney
the Freneh fulling bark ti renliitn thoir
miles soutlieast or Kiiei
.. . i
nt i'riinay. This ground who ginned
i i. .. ii n . . Lit
nnv mum in hhn irrt'fi i. mil r mi 1 1 i uimi
ton es of the i rown prince to lon e then '
three miles resulted with the erc::tesl !
l.ni.k of the I'ftgot Rivei Dthe, at 1
to make their way up tin- Mnrne met .
Preliminary Survey Shows Ten
tative Location Has No
Proper Foundation
l'lidiininary survey work in connec
tion with the proposed new wharf at
II ilo has revealed thht the location
tentatively approved by the board of
harbor commissioners ' for the pier
probably cannot be usud, as the bor
ings inaite have not brought to light
..nv s,,,i.,l,l I... n vL-hinh r.t
foundtitii.us. Hni I coral, soft coral,
coral rock. hard packed sand, line
sand, l.lnck sand and mud are ah thut
have been discovered from the borings,
with, the result that another location
for the whurf muy have to be se ected.
. . , ,
's,,nie months ago territorial bonds
' the sum of $25,000 wore sold to get
funds to proceed w,ti, the preliminary
woik on the whurf. The original ap-
pn.priution for it, granted by the leg-
islamic at the session or 1B17, was
1.-0.0('0 and this was increased to
J.'io.Ooo at the recent siecial session.
According to a report of A. C. Wheel
er, engineer of the harbor board nt
Hilo, that was recently presented to I
the h;itlior board. the borings and
sounding for the new wtharf were I
taken ov er tin aren of 025,000 square j
feet. I hey range lu depth from forty
to I lit i feet anil no solid substance suit
able a- a support for a pier of the kind
de.Mred vvus encountered.
According to present plans the
wluuf to be built is to extend out into
the buy 5.r.o feet and have a width of
two hundred feet. In an interview I
,,;.,. ., feu .Iiivm ,., ... tho Uilii Vnmt.
Herald, Kngim er Wheel. -r in dealing
with the situation said it was possible
to meet the situation and locate the
w he
locu'41' i. chosen. lie
a soli I sub-base coul.l
for foundations, then
said tnnt wtiei
i .. t i
.'III III" lIUlllll 1UI I oil 1 1 " llll IllllB, IIIVU
.. ... .ill. .it
fuiin lalioiis must be built to stand by
. i. , ,i n . i i
diction. lie intimate I that before
i , , , . ,
present plans are modilied those in
' '. i ii i
cher.-e ot the work will muko sure
, . , , . , , i ,
that a solid sub base cannot be found.
.. i i i .i . ... -.,-.. ...in
It is probable that a m survey will
, ii , i ,
In' on end. he said, supplementing the
pi elin inn ry w ork alt t
ci lined chart
w hieh is given
and soundings
u pink, grey,
I us been pre
i. -elcr. He said
li-uiayed by the
-uows no solid
w.-ro half nnti
the resiil s of boiings
thrt have been made,
led, black and green,
ii -id by ragilleer I
1 he i n g i net': s are not
I'm t I h"t t his so fin
I use is I he li III! I llgs V
1 1 tc.l and plans a i e
t he ilot;; II of II w II II if tl
lis 1 1 o I .' , 1 S if its I ' .
lev eloping for
it will bo just
i dllt ions vv ore
blllll on solid rock.
W IM.TllN, .1,
'I !.... a ..,.!.
7 lOiticiali
sup) 'y of
tine ..' -.'i"
I -1 oi del ei
chlorine in
: - III f ii t Til
I'l lMug nil.
i . .i t Ju
the plosecu
1 I
t'O AfUCH.
a fter ea tint;
. -f 'hiiiiiber
' ' 1 .- ne. t time
.. . hou'd For
i.-i.ii. Smith &
luw uii.
I I v I
II I.", I. r.
Agents ful
I td
iiZSicafh M7f
New Line of Attack
TXNDON. July 1 8 ( Associated
Prow) Indliatlona of a possible
shift In offarLive were en raster
day in the activity that auddenly
deroped in tha Oeniuin rtlUery
fir along some sectors of the Brit
ish fro.it. This wait eapeclally not
ed In the vicinity of VlQera Bre
teneavax where the big gun Are
quickened Into a heavy barrage,
aid the official report of last night
In the Albert sector there was
ilso a violent barrage but no In
fantry attacks followed In either
sector. Last night the artiUery
shelling continued with little sign
if abatement
CHICAGO. .July 1H - (AHHocintna
Trf ic ) .V!ni unions nn n elntiuntt
anrn Itinilo I iv ( til utt tit
Means in the 1
henrinR on the probate of the will of
Mr", rlin, of whove murder he was at
"' tJnw m-.used, nhi.-l. startled the
eountry uml espeeially shueked New
York City whi r.- it is eertnin there
will be eonsterMiition m the mnks of
the bv .roi-etsi..n.
Testify in,, yesierdny in ihe prolmt-
court, Menus ndmitted thai he hiid
received from the (ieriiinn gnxerninent
for ser ices n n spy the sum of 1 77,t
. -
11(10 lc then ltd. c, t ..it there
w ere.
others, union,; them some of tin
iiroiiiiiient mrmlier- of the Nevv
I, nr. vvl.o had sitnila lv
rv e.l a ml had j
heeii aiuiilarly paid by (lermanv
sen lees which Means ndmitted Inning
u.oon raid for were all. he insisted,
rendered before
I'niled States de
elnied war.
When Menus was accused of the
murder. of Mrs. Kitiu for whom he bad
been business manager nnd legal aik
viser, his defense was that the killing
of Mrs. King wns 1, mistake and that
I it wns his own death which was de
siren ror icnr
tne disclosures re
lntiig to the (ieriiinn system of cspion
aire which it wns feared he would
W ASIIINOTON, July 18 (Assoeiat
ed l'ressi Cnrelessness and not unsou-
worthiness caused the disaster to the
steuniship Columbia according to theithree. Okayama two, Nagnsakl two,
reports that have heeu received Dy tne
inspectors who conducted the investiga
tion as to the cause of the disaster.
In the inspectors' report the negli
gern-e uml incompetency
Mehl are blumcd and I
or captain
lot Williams
I similarly censured.
W. . a.
Piiin-e Tukugawa, head of the Japa
ii. -se Imperial Red Cross Mission which
is proceeding to r ranee lo study Amer
lean l
I Cross methods with a view
. , .... . i
isi io t no pmciency or me imp
anese society, and his party are now
in the national capital. Today they
were taken by Mrs. Wilson, wife of
:le President, and Henry V. Davison,!
chairman of the war couucil of the J
V it.,, i , ;i ii lieil Cross, to ii training
camp near here.
The visitors were much interested
in the work of the camp and most
especially in the Hed Cross, the wel
i fare and the recreational work.
I On Friday the party is to be re
ceiveil liv tne l-resnieur.
J W. B. 8.
, ' .
KYI LOCK. Nevada, July 17 (Ofti
Operations have oeeu com
i , , , . . - i
men. eo .or llie mix ng uu ui n iiiilii
, K. r.
1 potush deposit near here. Deliveries
' ' ,
i an- -.onil to lu'gltl.
1 , , . , . iU ,. ;,
i..-mniiv has c uitneil that the 1 nit
, ,,
I e.( states is dependent upon Germany
I 1 , 1 , 1 . ., ,
for it- i i.tash simply and the start
, . , ,
in .and hue this ilei.osit is taken us
' . . . ...
the l inted. States to make itself
thoroughlv iitdepi'iideut of Geriiiiinv
.-oinmcii inMv no" and after the war.
-. - w a
I- MlltK. Julv 1 H I Associated
I'r.'.s liov il, convicted of treason in
tin. Hi line- liuugft case ill Faiis h is
...ei I - d nth. it is reported in a Havas
despatch ft. .in I'lllis.
PhviiI v i - one of the editors of Hon
net Ki.uget nnd vvas involved in the
i si. ii.i. ie. that have been under in
v c-t i.i I ion for in. .".lis past and which
have involved Cuilluux.
NOW YuKK. Julv 17 -(Ortirinli
On,. In n lu. Vi''ho Sli.aks have . n
" 't-il iti issimi to lt'iivf h? I'nit
! st ate- t . join tho allietl forrew -in
Km nr
W 8 S- '
WASHINGTON, July 17-fOffl.ini.
llclgilllll is given new credit bv the
I'nite.1 Stales of 1 .(IsO.tllid. Total
A in . 1 1 ii n loans to Belgium now- are
l.i.'l,IMl,000 Tolal loans to the Al
lies by Au.etnu are u, 268,70, 000.
ni dUiiQIIdian'q
Youna Quentin. Lieutenant
Aviation Corps Shot Down
At Chateau Thierry
ovktkh hay, n.
i ..I k. .iniv i ;
(Associated I'res I, mm, I - mint lnen
tin RiHi.evelt. of tl" I niled S'ntes
Avifitimi corps, v n i -on o1' former
. ('resident Roosevelt met In. death in
'netion last Sun. lav n t lie Chateau
Thierrv sector of the Western front
Advires of the fatahtv were recpived
jrom London vest.. r. Ia and immediate
I Iv eoneeyed to Ins lather. ,
l,ieu. tuentin l( v elt was en I
I (tii if I'd in action w-itf a f..e mn.-hine and .
fell behind the Herman lines. Ilis mn 1
chine was) not in I n i n - aud it is be
lieved that he in. wonn.led or killed
liv an anpmr lillllet
"liuentin's mother nnd I, " said,
Colonel Roosevelt after the news had
been brokeu to them, ' are very
..mu-'r !
that our boy had the . ham c to rend
some service to ln . nuntry and to show
the stuff that wn- m him before this
fate befell him.'' lie announced the
cniurllation of his penkinix tour.
All of Colonel Roosevelt 's sons are .
seeing service. Kernnt has a conimis-
1,1 ' J11'"'"" nnv and is serving
in Jlesopotamin. Im i n u enliste.l liclore
the I'niled states entered Ihe war.
Theodore Jr.. and An hie attended
I'lattsbiirg and obtained their commis ,
sions. IVueutin ent.-iei the Avianon
corps ami a few day-, si was report
' ed to have won his tlrst .-. r victoiw
I w. a. s.
Wifl Build Vessels In Addition To
Those Bought and Charter
ed By United States
WASHINGTON, .Inly 1 7 (Official)
In addition to contracts for thirty
steel cari'o ships awarded to .lai.an
,im follj to China, the shipping board
Unts eharteied l.VUHai tons of shipping
j f rom ,lU.a and purchased another
j 127,0(10 tons. Some of these ships are
!to be eauiuned with guns and eun
. , " ,
crews and put Immediately into over-
sens service, cacryiug men and anpplies
to Vraiicc. Othe'rs nre to be used in
the coustwise service and other trade.
Total contraeta with Japanese ship-
builders cull for .I8o,oo0 tons, including
fiftv cargo carriers. Their cost will
be 'approximately ts.ooo.ooo.
The Japanese yards to which con-
I tracts have been awarded and the num-
i ,er each will build follows: Osaka
I seven, Kobe live, Aici two, Tokio, two,
: Yokohamu two, Tsurum two, Crga
Kawasaki two.
w. a. a.
mm I llll Tfl Hni ' u unout doubt intended d"or home
rKUIYI JAIL III p Livc,,"suni,,tion and mcant littU lle
, voiced those sentiment because
. I 1 1 .i tiAnrili. n.a it. v.nl.ni., a
SAN I RAN 01 SCO, July 17 (Asso
ciiited 1'iess) Thomas J. Miooney, uu
der scntciiee of death for eomrdicilv
i ti trio t.i n V.i m-i nenta n Omu nu r
............ r..,.-.
ude bomb etplosion of 1WHJ, was toil ay i
taken troin the county jail to the state
oenitetit.iarv. I'ulesa Oovernes- Hy
phens irtervenes with executive clem
i'iii -v Mooney will be executed, as all
leL'nl devices bv his attorneys to lire
v,.,lt ,.,.,., in 'llt H.tence have failed.
: w. a B.
WASHINGTON, July 1H ( Assocint
el l'ressi--In a British shipyard yes
icr.lav there was launched an electricul
Iv welded steel ship, it is announced in
cables received here. This type of ship
inav revolutioui.e ship building and
still further speed up ship construction.
The first vessel of this type to be i
built in this country is soon to be start
(lu. NeWark, New Jersey, ship
, , N ,tK , , . ,,
tinie for construction is said to b.
theieby reduced thirty percent.
w. s. a.
dllNGTON. July I 7 ( Assocint
e.l l're-si- Today's casualties cuMe.l
I I mn Fiance include the following:
A nnv . Killed iu action, thirty
eight; died of woiituls, sixteen: ot' dts
ea c. four: of airplane accident, two;
of other causes, t.vo: severely wound
ed, ninety six; missing, nine; tukeu
piisi.ncr, one.
w. a. a.
Jl'NF.At'. Maska, July 7 ( A ssoc i at
el I'tessi A i-entral labor exi-liange
for Alaska tnav be created here soon
bv i.nveilio! Thomas Kiggs Jr., to lis
sist in supplying the demand for help
made I'toin sevelal parts of the tern
I I I r .
It. '.. Kol.ort-nn, Aliiska director of
I hi I lilted St a t c- public serv ii e 1 e
seivi. i.-ii'litlv no'itied the governor
that ot twentv live different Aia-' a
In. a 1 1 1 1.--.. twentv one reported an mi. lei
so ppl , of laboi i of t he I i cut v
Ited llll
w s s.
i . I i Jnh 17 .- (As o it.
The f i mei Grcut I k
an. hip lieol". I I- -.toll has f . n
I at -ea Th 1 1 1 v (i e tin r
.ued by ii waiship. were lauded I
Belief Prevails He Intends To
, Use His Utterances For Peace
' Move If Germany Wins Sue
! cess In Offensive
. . , .
Revolution Threatens and New
Premier Recognizes This and
Seeks To Curry Favor With
the Pacifists
SIII(.ro. July 18
(Associated Press ) Offi-
and diplomats feel that the
cxprcssii ins voiccil by ( icnerul
Stefan von I'.nrian, the Austrian
llnngarian premier, were rareful
1 pretiart-d and uttered with a
well premeditated design. Hop
ing for a German success in the
Western front offensive he is
paving the way. it is suggested,
for new peace negotiations. Such
negotiations, m the form contem
plated hinge upon the ultimate
success of the German offensive
or at least upon the making of
considerable gains.
lt is also suggested that his ut-
.,.,,... .ir i..r ,,.w.
. ' . ' 1
tim and designed to satisfy the
,i...,ii.l ..r b.. i.-.fiw ..c...
V. VII... Ill, I'll, .HI I J . ..Tl't
... ... ,
Ciallv the Socialist elements
: which have been demanding ail
1 .
( opening ot negotiations looking
toward a speed) peace, based on
, , , n . ,
i tl,e uar demands of President
i jlsotl w hich, It IS conceded, has
. ft-
niatle a protOUlia impression upon
the AllStriailS, war wearied Sud
: ( .1 ,,! .
"vii a iutj uu
: fessor ovartovitch,. a, member of
, the Serbian mission to the United
j Mates, said that Uurian's accept
ance of the President's ideas was
til.. 'V.i.rl. U1V llll Cll71l.ll Itvvc
lution and it was this condition
. that brought von Burian into of-
In despatches to Amsterdam
from Vienna the premier is quot
ed as saying that the Austro
II unitarian government regards
the continuance of the war as
"senseless and purposeless blood
shed" and the government be
lieves that it may be ended
"when the Allies again manifest
feelings of humanity".
These are the expressions that
lead to the believe that he expects
some (.erinan successes in the
present offensive all id is paving
the way lor peace talk on the
ists ,il status mio.
w a a
SAN FRANCISCO, July 17 fOffi-
mil- To help meet the growing de
maiiil for sailors nad officers to man
the many new ships which pre being
turned out bv the I'licitic Coast ship
building vards. a training school for
the merchant marine is to be started
here. It is expected that soon one
Ini nd red men weekly will be turned
nut from this school. A tralntrig ship
hns been assigned.
1I IM KV, July 17 (Official) New
ma ng.iuese mines rfre being developed
re:.- hoie One mine has 10'V) tona in
sight and has started production.
I .ii 'li in, July 17 ( Associated
I'ress News has been received here
that lien John J. I'orshiug, cominund
in, the Vmericans in France, bus been
-.wauled the order Grand Cross of Ihe
Hath, and General Bliss that of the
i.inud Cross of Ut. Michael.
Cfiu-c of IU tunic aad Uxtvlvt eftv
t t ih. u c:i1iury Quiriuc. Doc uot .
I', t -Ot 1 IU . ..: tU i r f
ui I'd, .hrr i only one " Br no (,).,
uu m i u
. . i.
Hf :'K.
1 1

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