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-:: ' Hawaiian cazcttiS naDAX' juia" 1 ig;TmsmrewEETXT:
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I D aM OTi
in nuiiiHiM'
NotipJ of, Ufting ol Tabu Is Giv-
M ea In Directors: Bj Brh
rrrc UfITU innnmill
.. , " ! .
Pbhtatfcns'Were Hard Hit When
Shipments of Bags Were
Shirt Off.-
Th British government baa with
draw ita tabu, against Hack f eld ft
Co. mm4 (th plantations royresentsd by
that, aorporatton. notice bo that effect
bain j (lyn to the directorate of th
corporation yeaterday by Britiah Con
snl.EdWsrd L. B. Gordon.
.This tabu against Hackfeld ft Co.
was Mvelarsd about six months after
(treat Britain begs ber "black liat"
polieyV wbu?b created eoraiderabla of
aainatle loeaUy at the time. It
aSaated, . prinaipaUy tha importation
ot auar baga by Hackfeld from India.
Nat onry iwaa the 'big Oermatt concern
Mfuaad "iMgia, but other corporation!
or plaatationa were warned that if
they euppHed Hackfeld with baga they,
too, woubl be placed on the "black
liat." ' v
lift ruatatkn
.Big plaatationa like Oahu Sugar Co.,
Pioneer Mill Co.. Lihue 1'lantation Co.
Kofaai 'Hairar t'o and Kekaha Mmrnrl
C. were forced Into a predicament tDarioP: M-iu T- T (,...
oac. or the raa that juKt at the na"iers May -Try To Secure
" - . . . . . . I O..-. ! m, a a a a
moment titer were aoatDarativelr ahort
Of baga,an.$ bftppoiiod; to have big ahip
meat which re joat about to leave
India."' "Tbe' latter, of eourae, were
topp(l at -Calcatta. Hackfeld ft Co.
waa foraed- to place a rush order on
tka Miaialand for" whit cotton hac
a.d tk plaatatioh' named have been
uiiag tbea ever since.
TkeJ VtthdraaJ of tb tabu yeater
day waa aa agreeable aurpriae to th
Haokfeld , director,' according to on
bf ' the meaibera. ' At it well known,
tb fact that Ureal Britain had "black
listed" the concern waa an important
factor in bringing about the proeeut
now under way looking to ita Amer
iiUknlaation, for evidence which th
Britiah government hadaernred againat
Hftckfeld'a waa made available at
Kill 'Tab
' hiJircctor referred to aaid that
it.faa plain that Great Britain waa
aow'completety nttiafled with the etepa
being taitra . to make- the corporation
i J0 r pereeat Aaaeriran, ioeluiling ita
nhm. ,1'hda, the tabu brought about
' th' atept' to 'Ainoricaaiza'' tho bona,
and tha step to Americanise the house
killed" fhe tabo.
TOKU), July 16 (Aaaociated Preaa)
The Japanese battleship Kawmchi,
of 2120 tona diaplaeemeat, blw-,up
ajtd aayik. in Tukoyam. Bay, ISO miles
northeast of Nagasaki, on July IS. it
waa-. officially . aaaouneod her today.
Fiv huodred of the crew of th war
akin pwriabed; either killed by the ex
plosion or drowned when the shattered
vessel sank,
. ' W.S.S.
ciai) Oil in storage in California on
June 1 was .1H.21S.SV2 barrel com
pared with 3tf.218.5S0 on May 1 show
iug only a flight decrease despite th
tremendous dYinnnd made by war in
riuMtriea. Production has increased at
the rate of K2U3 barrels daily. Forty
eiht new wells have been brought in
during the month.
r. a.
WASHINGTON, July lft 1( Associa
ted Press) Presldeut Wilaon signed
today the bill giving the President con
trol for th period of the war of- all
telegraph, telephone and radio lines in
the United Htutea.' The FreeldoUt war
iitenjt upon the passage of this meaa
are, ao his signing it waa a foregone
r. a. a.
WASHINUTON, July 16 (Official)
Ml vuorla for receipts from the
rnl' of 'Wr' Havings H tumps were
t.rwkn- iuflng (he pant week, accord
in'd' to m ' announcement mad today
lv the Jiendsof he War Havings Cam
pij'n. fruring the week -a total of
0 W,(rO' tut reaUartdl from the sale
it 'V&r.llijlc 'BianH.
v .....w.'a .. .I.
Vbu Ton CM Too Much
Olrtrea in the stomach after eating
i jrelie eif by takiug one of Chamber
lein' Tablet'a. Try it the next time
e" ea mora (thaa you should. For
sale by Uenson, mlth ft Co. Adver
ii uy Mock
Suggestion of. One Director That
Such Action Be Taken Is Re
jected Deal Would Have Too
Many Disadvantages ,
Contrary to pabliahed reports, Pio
neer Mill Co- at the last meet inn cl
Fwnnn, urn mm vor to iss
5t0, nor any other number, of thmi
ok th Amrican Factors, Ltd..
'c.tri?:u f c?. on
that corporation, did not vote to tsk
I wirwwr ma propone ami urg
urn action, bat overwhelming oppoai
tioa waa aeoantereil. for tha nri4ri
Jal reaaoa . thai ' the ktockholdura in
both eorporationa in the future will
undoubtedly be practically the name
and' ' deal of that eort would bring
about doubl taiation and, perhaiia,
other diaarrvanUgM. Oaylord P. Wil
cox, hand of tho plantation department
of Hackfeld aaid veaterdar that in
all probability none of the Hackfeld
plantation would ' take utock in the
new corporation,-or if anv did, it
wxmld be vary Httlo.
Pioneer did rote to take $25,000 of
the United: State government 'a abort
term aotea, they to be converted later
into Liberty Bond of the fourth iaaue.
It waa alao Vottd to purchaae $1000
of the War Bavinga Htania, as baa
baa a etated.
iuspensiQ qi lioniraci LaDor
.Law,lt UncoDfirmd Report
Air nortVov-rndtie Pr'i1di-nt Wilsoa
to sgspend for Hawaii the provisions
of the contract labor law, as has re
ently been done for the benefit of em
doycrs . of la,bor along the Mexican
Ijorder, is to be . made by Royal D
MetKl, hand of the labor and statistic
jureau of the "sugar; planters ' assoeia
io, according' to usiconflrmed report
eireulatioa yesterday.
' Ms. Mead i preparing to leave soon
nr the Cbaat,-wndnce he will go to
th national capital. He is extremely
relieetot atHwernlng h . purposes of
is trip, referring all inquiries along
ha line to 15. D. Tenney, president of
he association, Mr. Tenney eould not
' located' at his homo when aa effort
" ' made last night to interview
Another purpone of Mr. Mead's trip,
according to a statement made last
right by W, O. Smith, secretary of the
danters' association, I to endeavor
o secure government aid in bringing to
lawuii a supply of laborers from Porto
Kieo to work on tie sugar plantations
f these Island a. Mr. Bmitb. aoid that
'incidentally the subject of securing
?orto Ricans may be taken up by Mr.
No further information was vouch
safed by Mr. Hmitb, who, like Mr
Mead, referred hi questioner to Mr.
Penney, president of the association.
Situation la Serious
rttnoe the -albng oat of tho national
fumrd and th calling into activ serv
ice of Hawaif's Class 1 A registrants
he sugar men have awakened, too
tt a realisation that the labor sit-
lation is a serious one and threatens
o become more serious. It is fait that
hat situation must be met in some
-ay, and the planters have been cast
ig about to And a way.
President Wilson 'a recent proclama
ion permitting employers of labor
long the Mexican border to bring la
limited number of Mexican laborers
nder contract for the period of the
ar has suggested one possible way of
elieving the situation here. If the
order labor employers are to bo ai
med a ."iinpciiKioii of the contract
iior laws, why not Hawaii! Hawaii
raising a commodity needed by the
nileil States and its allies and it is
he expresM'd bilief in some quarters
icre that possibly the government
ould not be unwilling to strain a point
nd permit the introduction of eontrsct
uborers into the Islands in order that
lawaiian sugar production shall not
all off.
Insaiana Suggested
It is not tho purpose of the planters'
Relation, it is understood, to try to
ecure Mexican laborers, but to get
hem from any other source which may
prove available. Vladivostok was re
out ly utreti-d as a point where it
vould be possible to get plenty of
ubor for the Hawaii plantation, if the
eat net ions of the contract labor law
were removed. The Japanese press bus
'eeently been discunsing an alleged de
tire of the planters to tap thi labor
It is fairly well confirmed, however,
hut the plan for irettinir larue uum
ers of Porto Kiean luboror for Ha-
vuii has not been dropped.
One of the main obstacle to this
Ian wus the securing of ship ia which
o brm g the Porta Iiiruns to this Js
Mid. It is expect col that governmental
il will be asked by Mr. Mead to meet
his obstacle, when be reach wasn
nton. lie rut urned only a few moatn
igo from a trip which took binx to
'orto Kico. lie said on hi return
hat thcrs was a plentiful labor supply
there, but that the main problem was
Babbitt Returns
Another indication of activity on the
part of the labor bureau of the plant
ers' association in now trying to solve
the problem of the local labor shortage
is evidenced by the arrival in Honolulu
f W. II Hnbbitt, head of the labor
't-cruitiiig bureau for these Islands
is located in Manila.
Mr. Babbitt said last night he did
lot know exactly why he was directed
o return to floiiolulu at thi time, ex
ept t hit t it waa for a business confer
lies. Th husijira rujiforent Js be
.eyed to be as to the lafcor supply in
he Philippines available for use here.
1PI R RTnRPrtFV Pdiliniiine
1'UUL.IU . U llUils.ll
Contract That- territory Will
"Adopt WM; Bat. Published!
ruiSaonSayiGoyenor. ..
Akodiftcadotr 'In lm. present home
stead agreement ' of the Territory to
eei condition Impose) by President
Wilson ' . land proclamatiea nl t)h
text of the cwntrart Under which new
laa will be granted to plantations
oa Jlaads o Wkieh less ar expiree
or hav expirott will b mad, puldic
shortly, Governor McCarthy said yes
terday. The Preside' tfoelamation is de
signed . to meet th Territory 's land
roMiem ami its term aad those of the
Contract) being worked! ' out' follow
elnselv the provision of the land bill
which went down t . defeat at the
special Session to the legislature. ' The
first experiment with th leasing and
hotnestsadlng of territorial land under
th proclamation wyi be carried out
on' th island of Hawaii 'with' the Wal
akea lands, tb loase upon which ex
ptre4 JUse 1, ana Tor which applies
tlons have begna t. poor in on the
laml Doarti.
Saves Big Loa
When th land bill was under dis
eusaioa . at tho special session of the
i"-"" he wtnartma as rfarilr
Uto Waiaxea , land was on of the
tuna - point ' of . arguments advanced
for th bill. It was then said that
if cultivation of aom 2000 acres from
which th crop had been . taken wa
not renewed within two months nf the
expiration of th lease on June 1, the
Migar can stool would be buried in
weed with a heavy resultant loss. It
is now thought that nndor the prcsi
lential proclamation a new lease car
ho given, oa th Waiakea lamls, in
wring that cultivation will be resumer'
Ky th 'plantation and at the same timi
reparations lor the homestead! ng oi
h la'a ls la the'mauner prescribed bj
h Organic act of the Territory can
to forward. While the cane is erw
Ing . the 'land ' can be homesxeaded
under th new homestead agreement
ind th right of both hemsfendi-
rmd planter will be 'afegrdMl sin
it the' tame time th production ol.
lugar caa be kept up.
uovernor mm .a n v sain
bkt every ear I beiag used to in
ure thai th eonrrnctH r the n
lease trill b satisfsctory to all itv-
erest toorracM. ' We said qnestion.
oncerning tbe contract had been tak
n up Witk th Interests to which, new
eases ar to be granted and that vsri
Us quHti0iiS"that bftl been raised are
leing disposed of aid adjusted.
afontiaxav Objoetlon
Without mentioning what the pom
was, he aaid o thing tbnt hud bev-i
ugireatel by the planter themwdve
to be a part of tha land bill at the
special aessloa bad nut with opposi
nam xrom issra m-m m. puri uk vuii'
'raet being (trailed under the presi
lential proclamation. H expressed
he belief, however, that this questio
vould soon be settled.
On on poist the Governor is em
Hsc sod' His is that all interested
in the question of th. contract and
j la. t, onlir puuue, win ls given
a hearing before the form of tho eon
ract analiv is aitopteii. '
"We will be oped to suggeation from
my and all sources, " lie said yester
lay. VWbcn we hav put into thi
oatriet everything we think it shoub
ontain and worked oat what we be
ieve it' should be, we will publish i
efm-e t is adopted. Then if anyom
ia able to defect a flaw or if any omis
to us are to.be found, we will want t
inve them presented, ao any deairabb
hnnges may be made before the forn
f contract finally is adopted. Whei
he contract is adopted the work o
granting new loases under the proclu
nation can proceed."
YppHtationa Boxoived
At yesterday's short sess:on of th
ind lorif some fifty-odd application,
'or lots in the Waiakea lauds were nre
tented. All of these were referred to
V. II. (J. Campbell, member Cf tin'
Soard representing the island of Ha
vaii. In the course of the next several
erks probably after the new lease o
he Waiakea lands is granted to th.
ilnn'iitiou, survey Work on the true'
will be completed, theT lots innrke.
ut and the lk nd drawing advertised
rhoe who drew lota may then home
iteud the land under the new home
dead agreements. The homesteader
will take possession of tract on whirl
a lie is growing under a high stati
if cultivation and, with the other ob
ligatious of homesteading to the Ter
ritory, will sssume liens representiii
fhe cost of th work dons by tbe plun
tation up to that time.
Homesteader' Position
The homesteader will be at libert;
to discharge the lien at 'once or be ma;
begin the cultivation of the land him
elf with the purpose of having thi
Hen taken out of th crop when bar
vested. He ran carry on the cultiva
tion of the land himself or caa eutei
an agreement with the plantation ti
have it continue tbe work of cultiva
'ion up to the time tbe crop ia takci
off when he assumes full control o
tbe laud, subject to bis liomcstea '
obligations to the Territory.
About gUUO'aares ar included ii
he first part of the Waiakea laud
o tho loused, and hoincstuaded in tin
next several month. Late iu the
veur another area of about the sunn
ise uu which a crop is soon to in
hsrvested will We disposed of.
w.i a.' r- -
Niue aviation jfU;ara have been or
dered to Honolulu, aecorflilig to ad
vices at department headquarters yes
terday. They are expected here in
August, whea airplane flights will b
resumed. The work on th Ford Is
land station is progressing rapidly and
with hangars and machines "Honolulu
muy soon be treated to tbe sight of
squadron of ait machines woikin
above the city iu battle formation. The
o flic its ordered here are tbe following:
First Lieut. Harold MKnight and
Second l.imitenunts F. Y. Coyle, Robert
N. Ml-owe!l, Nelson .leukiiu, H. A
Hnbcock, W. C. Crowder, J. P.' Cuu
Held, W. T. Nelson uud F. H. 1'rosser.
s national
Guard tager
For Active Service
The people of t ) Philippine Islands
ar taking the .-ntest of interest in
the formation no I training of a Fili
pino' National (iii.'inl division in the
hope that it is to l-e ctlle.l into serv
ice for 9 in Fin in e, says W. H. Hnb
bitt, hed, of tin' labor recruiting bu
reau of the Hn':in Kiigar Planters la
Next to this th" war interest is cen
tered iiji (he lnti 'iiiii of nticn enemies
and the taking n"'r of German owned
business corpo''"" by the govern
ment, he say.
Since the visit to the Islands of th
eommitte reprexenting Hawaiian capi
tal which proposes to ernct another
central in the Philippines there has
been milch speculation as to the prob
able location of the new sugar mrfl.
This is a question which Mr. Babbitt
expects to be derided by the central
company while hc is in Honolulu.
Asked as to the reason for his re
turn here", Mr. linbbitt confined bin
answer to the iimcrtion that he had
come back for a business conference.
He said be. did not know how long he
woiihl remain in' Honolulu.
Because there has been no session of
th Philippine legislature nines he was
last kere,.Mr. Hnbbitt says there has
been no recent change in th labor
situation,' ao far as it effects the re
cruiting of Filipinos for work on the
Hawaii 'plantations.
' - l.'.'i -'
Break iug through two stringer if
thi idghway bridgv that spans th Hat
vali, Consolidateil Railway just beyond
he. Maulua tunnel, in the Hamaku
livislOn. two .lapaneie in a 8-ton
ruck from I.uahouho, plunged into
4i rut IkIow, s.iya the Hilo Tribune
tt July 12.
, Both were seriously Injured and one
probably will die. Omura, the dying
nan. has si fiur lured' skull and annar-
infly' i broken backbone. The other
JlHki) una ' ' " ' J " '
Vcither eould tell how the aceident oc
curred, whether the steering goar went
wrong or whut happened.
' The truck was smashed to splinters,
but tbe wreckage was cleared away in
time to permit the afternoon train to
pRKS with only trifling delay.
For the better part of the Hamaku
Coast the highway liea at a higher
vel than the railway, but just as the
big swing Is made to cut around th
bluff this side of the Maulua gulch,
th highway drops down across tb
ailway, spanning a deep cut. It was
this bridge that the truck jumped.
First reports to Hilo bad it that
both Japanese had been killod instant-
.i l :'!' (-.
Centralized points in Honolulu for
he registration of youths on July 31,
vho'huve attained the age of twenty
me years since July 30, 1917, have
ecu decided upon by local draft boartlf
Jos. 1 and 2. One will be the armor;
nd the other the present Bed Crose
eudqunrtcrs on Fort Street if thut
rgujiization vacates to occupy new
This wns, decided upon at n meetinp
CHterdav morning attended by Capt
I .(1. Field, selective draft officer anc
Clarence U. CooVe and George F. Rcm
on, chairmen of the two local boards,
hen it was also decided to eliminate
he use of booths for registration. The
raft organisation will utilize the serv
es of n-nttA"era of suijur and phil
ippic plantations to register men in
heir particular sections.
The selective draft headquarters wil'
t In' used becaiiBe of the increase
e-c in the amount of passports am1
ermit checking for travel purposes
nd because the force will also be en
Mixed in clearing up the draft quoti
The work in Honolulu will be in
hanre of a chief registrar.
"I anticipate that the registratior
f those young men will total about
'en percent of the number of men r
-egistered a year ago," said Captair
Field. "This is based on the main
land figures, which ruu abount 10.-'
"On tho outlving islands wo will asV
'he assistance of the plantation manage
ments, just as we did a year ago."
B. H. Ttent, speaking of tbe reor
rtmir.r'tioii of Hackfeld A Co. and thi
'(intuition of the new Americnn Fac
ors. Ltd., says thut un effort will b
'ado to place the new stock a widcl'
k puisi' le. limiti' if the inimb 'r o
hnre. if thnt can be dune, to 100 t
nh I"""!!!!. The s'all pii-chiser. sry
Mr. Trent, will receive tbe preference
In rcyard to a tiro Hun rumor that th
stuck of Hnckfeld cannot be col. I fo
the reason that be is not now in Gr
many but in Hw itzerland, Mr. Trent
calls attention to the proclumution of
the President which applies to persons
who have been residents of enemy
country since August 14, 1014. 1
moves the cause. Used the world ovc,
'o cure a cold in one day. The signs
ore jf H. W. CROVH is on each bo
.Ijuuluc turird I y tlie J AUIS V HD'
CINU CO., S'. tuis, U b A.
iMinni HHir iim i 1
Land Board Launches Another
Effort To Get Coats' Off ..4.
- of tha Island
A a result .of action that was taken
at yesterday' meeting of the board
of land commissioners another experi
ment ia to. b added to th long list
the Territory has mad In connection
with th Island of Kshoolawe, whibh
I a part of th Island of M'aui.
Through all the changing fort use of
th Island the original inhabitant,
th goats, hav held their own and
though they have been sorely oppress
ed, they still hold full possession.
Through action of the land board ye
trdsy, however, th Island will again
b leas4 and th oullook for tb
gat is gloomy.
Applications for th leas 'of the
Island were presented to tb board
yesterday by Kben. Low. and llavid
Fleming aad tbe purpose of leasing
.be Istand, announced when it was
withdraw from the forest reserve anil
turned over to the land department
teveral" week ago, ha tbe approval
of the board, a lense for a peiiod of
twenty one year shortly ia tobe offer-
id at auction at an npset rental prioaj
.f 20O a yeas.
. After the legislature had determined
that the goats on the Island should
e exterminated as a step toward mak
ng th land suitable for cultivation,
the Island was turned' over to Kben
aw witk a condition attached that
he would remove the goats. In the
ten years he held possess! oh of the
Island it is estimated that ho ae-
oonted for a boot 4800 of the animals,
Vit when it wss taken back by the
Territory ther rsmsined from 800 to
'0X). . After Low, James u. UTane tooa
ftiwg" at the goot. ' H wa given
mssewHbin for a period of threw months,
t period that wa later extended, but
ireerding to report h w a able to' a
Ounf for only 151 of th animals.' '
. 1 When 1h Island wa trhnsfrr4 to
he land department from the forest
reserve recently under' proclamatlon of
the Governor, it waa announced that
new leases on the Island ' would ; be
gTanted only on specific conditions, One
or wnien is inn v pjwmw
to b attacked and sterm4aatd nd
another is that step shall bo taken
to conserve and build Up a Wat up
ply that may serve to Irrigate areas
hat may later be cultivated.
Ho when the new leas is auctioned
one of the things tb successful bidder
must bind himself to carry out is the
removal of the thousand or more goats
still on the Island.
-w. a.
owder Requirei Persons Know
ing ot Men Not In "Productive?
Employment To TeD flaards
All citizens in Hawaii are called up
n by Provost Marshal General Crow
er, head of the selective draft serv
( e nt Wwjiliington, lo report to the
learcst lot nl draft board all facts
liiich inny come to theiT knowledge
nnceruing registrants who are idle,
r who -ire engaged in occupations or
iiployiiit'iit hi''u are considered by
i gi.vei uoient at "non-productive",
As tlie first step in the perfecting of
trranaements to launch the "Work or
ight " cumpaign in August, Capt. H,
looding Held, selective draft offcer
nuoui.ied yesterday hat the Winsh
i lit mi regulation will be brought at
'.oe to the attention of all cititsos io
i Islands.
The Washington order makes it im
I'erutive for citizeus to volunteer in
ormutiou on this subject, the language
f tho order being "it shall hereaftei
e the duty of all citizens to
port to tbe nearest board, etc
uptitiu Field will forward this ordei
o ull local boards, and eaeh board will
e requested to bring it to the utten
ion of managers and officers of sugai
mil pineapple plantations, contracting
ompanies. iron works and shipping
The latter concerns will be requested
o furnish th names and dates of the
J .saving of employment of their em
ployes as they occur or mignt occur ir.
he future,
Tbe purpose of securing this Inform
.tiun is to check up the registration
uud information against the employe
in caxo he leaves what ia called "essen
inl employment" to enter employment
iot "productive" he will b summon
id before his losal board, questioned
ind retilassified.
"There have been a number of iu
tames wber men were given deferred
-lassificatidii because tUey were en
raged in essential employment," sail
Japtain Field, "and who have lef.
hat class of employment, and shouir
oe brought up to Class 1.
"Many men who were given defer
red classification because tbey had di
pendant hav been found to be no tong
er in that class; a certain of W'
dependants b,uve died,' "snd they, too
should be put in class 1.
At a mooting yesterday foredqon ol
Captain Field with Chairman Clareno
Cooke and (leoree F. Benton of Local
Draft Boards 1 and 2 it was decided
that th actual worn or rigni - cam
paign shall not be launobed until all
mutters connected with the forinsh
ings of the draft quota to the army are
concluded uud the registration of
youths on July 31 is entirely cleared
Furthermore, Captain Field is still
tailing for seciftc information as to
.'bat, in Hawaii, are to be considered
'productive" aud what are " non
reductive" occupations. This inform
..turn is expected soou,
And mm iMmm
nvvvi 1 vu 1 1 yiu j uaiu
No Uvcs Reported Lost In Ty
' phoon That Swept Island But
Crops Were Laid Waste-and
. the, Homes of Half of the Na
tives Blown Down , . , ,
Arino'uncemeat was' mad yesterday
that th break In th cable to the
Philippines, which has shut off Hono
lulu from cable communication with
th Orient had been repaired. Short
It afterward the firt direct meoeag
from the Island of Guam devastated
by a typhoon a little oVef a week ago
wa rected.;;;a f .'tr.'t;4 -.mum.
- Thoogh th message from Guam de
not , say any live wer lost ia tb
typhboa and pertnanc nt struct btts were
not wnouy uemonsneu, mc nativv i'v
puiktion suffered severely, ap greni
area or crops were laiii . watte ana
th home of half of the natives of
th Island were blown down.
On orders of the naval department
at "'Washington anpplie', including
building materials, food and clothing,
wefe despatched to Guam by Admiral
Doyle, commandant at Pearl Harbor,
and it Is probable that other help
ha arrived at Guam by now from
Manila, which i only 1500 miles from
(h Island while Honolnln 33.17 anile
distant. Ia the messages cabled it
waa not said that any additional sop
plies ar needed.
Ho far a known the break in th
cable was due to natnral causes. When
it was reported, a cable ship was de
patched to Guam from the Orient to
make a -search for the trouble, which
wa located somewhere between Mid
way Island and Gnam. ' Reports re
eeived her yesterday were that the
break was fonnd short distance out
side .of th Guam harbor.
Du to th break in the eable, b
aide abutting off Vb great aurrent of
message from Ran. Francisco through
Honolulu to the Philippine and Japan,
it was neeesamry when th typhoon
swept Guam to send a message entirely
around th world by way of Japan be
fore the news of tbe disaster reached
Honolulu. '
w. i. a.
i f l , . ' wrw,) t' i.
Resions As Consulting Engineer
and Will Be Manager of Sugar
.Central In the Philippines
B. : Ronton Hind, conaultiag engin
eer for the Baekfeld plantations, has
tendered lift resignation to take effect
September J5" knd will leave by th
first steamer for the Philippines to ac
cept the msnngement of a new sugar
sontrol ia the Pampahga province,,
which was recently built by tbe Hono
'ulu Iron Works. Tbe ebange is in tbe
mture of a distinct promotion. Mr.
Hind announced bis new plans follow
up a visit to Han Francisco.
Hawaii's latest recruit to the list
if the Philippine 's big sugar men was
torn, at' Kohalu and was brought up
n the sugar business. After being
rraduated frorri Stanford, he served his
apprenticeship with tbe Bisdon Iron
Works, and was later mill engineer at
Sohaln and nt Ewa. After two years
vith the Honolulu Iron Work a sugar
louse engineer, he became associated
vith Hackfi'ld & Co. in his present
llie biggest work thnt went through
he hands of Mr. Hind since his cuu
lection with the Hackfeld interests
as the large addtion to Oahu Hugar
'o. 's mill. The installation of the
ater plent at Wniahole was another
irge and important project. A third
iroject was the installation of a hydro-
ietxie nlaiit nt Koloa. finally, indi
:itiim the variety of his work, was tbe
nstallation of the large ice aud re
'rigerating plant for the Hackfeld
lrunch at Kailua, Hawaii.
As an inventor Mr. Hind holds no
nail place. He recently patented two
lieses of apparatus swing-cap mill
housing aud revolving kuifo. Both
ire in use, and the latter nas neen
-enerally adopted here, in the Philip-
dnes and Peru.
Mr. Hind lias always been a strong
dvoeate of boiler inspection, which
as been taken up by the plantations
if the Islunds, with indications that
lis idess Will be carried oat.
Then It's Time to
Call a Halt
l "'r
If you.dtioX ' beer or Hfliiot, eve
lodjarately look out for, kidney trim
I. Alcohol' will weaken, the kidney
t time' and then yon may expect uri
ary dlAVulties, backache, rheumatl
twek-s,- dlf.rv nulls', nervousness, o
tick headacb. Don't wait for nn
roubbm. Use Dunn 's Hac.kache Kid
ley Pills. They help weak kidney
botovr tbe cause. Thousands t an,
"Toub's for quick relief.
"Whon. Vhis Buck is LaiueRcinem
Sr the Name." (Don't si-widv iisk fo
kidney remedy ask di-tinetly f"
Roan's Baelnche Kidney Pills and 'uk
io other). Doan's Backiiche Kldue
Pills are sohl bv till drug'-ists nml tnre
keepers, or will be mnibd on receipt o
rice by the Holli-ler -r,-- .
Benson Ojaith. k. Co., agentt fur th
tlawuiitUI ialaads, (Ailvertiteiuunt
Flaps Being Perfected For War
V. Savings Stamp Day Girls
I of City To Be Sellers
Hundreds of island draftee now.
wearing the kbakt uniform of T0el
Pam . armj will appear In th "War
pavings tamjis" parad oa July, 27.
"Arrangement .have, bcea. approved
by Brig.-Gen. A, P. 5)ocksom, eommnnd-
irig th Hawaiian 'Department favor
ing a plan for the ppsarsnc' of ' t he
draftees. This will be the first op.
portanity for HonohfJanV to see the
trtriafosmatio. f civilian of a few
week kgov into 'Well appearing soldiers
todayv-ji r 'ttr B Imlt - y
Tbe suggestion for th appearance
of these men 'Was laid before th gener
al by R. W. Hhingle director of the
W. 8. fck Campaiga for the Territory,
and was confirmed yesterday.
Tentative arrangement! are to form
the parade) ett Asia 1'ark, with th tin
of march alonjj King Htreet to the
pamke ' grbunds,' where a short, snappy
VVWSi program will be carried out, with
Governor C. J. McCarthy; and Mayor
J. 'J. Fern' as" speaker.'
' Ahothef plan is to have a number of
young Indies stationed at corner to
ell Thrift aad War Havings Stamps
during the "passing" by of th troops.
On- the sam day will be esUblished
another featnr. ' which. i expected to
yield considerable money1 from aalcs
of stamps.-' -i 1 . . '
The onmpaign managers propose to
make all of Honolulu's main thorough
fares leading in and out of Nuuanu
Valley; 'Maao' Yalley, Woikikt, and
Moanalua "Vf. K B. Toll Roads", and
to have police stationed at Strategic
point: to stop all motorists, whea
bevies of young women' will collect
"W.' B. 8. Tolls";' giving Thrift and
Savings Stamp 'as receipts.
"Toll Roads" oa the. mainland hav.
their upkeep paid by tbe collections of
tolls, and fof this" one day Drily, it is
believed' thO V'toll" scheme here will
bo popular. ,"''.'-.
"Fill your pockets with quarters on
Saturday, July 27,. and b prepared to
buy plenty- of Thrift' and ' Havings
Stamps", says Director R. W. Hh ingle.
Tbe "One Thousand Uolar Club"
of the Limit Club, is growing rapidly.'
I nvi mviv viiii. in v iitutr, a u I ion cjbv
on Mooday, and the list of member
was augmented yesterday by th addi
tion of sis individuals and four Arms.
The complete list is as follows:
Mr. J. B. Castle, Mr. R. W. HhinwIjL
Mrs. H. T. Wienman. Mr. Wm. Woon,
Mr. John A McCandless, Mr. A. O.
Larnui-h, Mr. Howard Hathaway, Mrs.
A. 1). Laruach, Alexander and Bald
win, Mr. A. Herbert, Hm.eor Slul US.,
Mr. A. N. Cnmpboil, Kona DoAt'opment
Co, Mr. A. Robinson, .WatOrbouse. Trust
Company, Judger Whitney, Mr. Wm.
Whitney, Dk W." 6.' Rogers.
h -Wt n.;.y .
Honolulan Caring For Refugees.
. Victims of War
In a letter brought out from Bussia
personally by o Bed Cross leader and
posted by him in Washington, the first
direct word from Wilfred Humphries
'o te received for some months came to
Mrs. Humphries yesterday. The let
ter wus several weeks old when ii ar
rived, but was welcomed none tbe less
for thnt.
Humphries wrote that be was then
in Hamura, Russia, where he hud just
alen charge, of a party of llliO re
fugees, gathered up by the Kel Cross.
Thane tefugees, who had lost every
king they owned u German raids ami
iolhhevist activities, war to be taken
ii to Kiberia by Humphries, where he
lOi'cd td start them off afresh as a
olouy on unocauiiiad land.
Humphries writes thnt he is-well and
utuiaging to keep steadily at work in
tie midst or the general political cou
ul.. .. 1 I
niuvjuuu, .t
W. . S.
yi i
C. D. Stanley Is Greeted
On His Arrival Here
Lieut. C. D. Stanley, lioyal ,8trah
ona Hoiso, who wa badly w'gainded
ast year at PasBibeiulael. is backin
lonslolu, invalided homo' f bm'.Vuropo
n lesve of absence. He is compeScd
o use crutrnos, as iiu or his tnwS Wus
mattered. ' - J,. .C
Lieutenant Nan ley' is the km of
rinlge and Mrs. W. I j. Htanlev. of Ho
nolulu He joined the Htrathcona Horse
arly in the war, and wa on the want
n front until wounded last Aovisst
'I and his detachment wer in a freut
ine holding agaiust a U"un atUrfk; Wlo-n
' shell burst in their midst. A slu'll
iplinter ripped open hia lag and lie "W:n
wounded lu other parts of his bod
'ml the U'g waud waa fhe ruo.st' mKi
ous. ' '
He was tronsferted to a French bis-
tutaJ where lis rcmniueil aouivtisjie n-
til able to be moved acrom tbt ehansel
to England, wlu-re he spent v
months. His wounds were r evi"
that it was not tin til November thnt
the surgeons gave bitn promise of re-
Recovering siificiently tS oS-ii len.v.
to return homo, he crossed tb" Mlenljic
and Canada snfwlv, nm I wns t t
Vancouver bv his filther, vtro return'!
to Honolulu with hiiu. The voiin of
ficer was met by a large a urn ber lif
relutivi's and friemla who wuluuiuud Uu
buck to bis uutivu Huwuii.
' ,y I. S

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