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" .' '.("V,
.P'fj rrtfr", .- . --r -.-v. - r?wi am -rtayrv-r r..
... . -r " : : : "vt- t- -. 1 t-t -t "i - -i - ' : i .ilxi-l i
A n 7 top iiMKasmiMMiQUAii r er
ALL fca IU Mi
The' i neitiy howhtre' gained
Soma, gains were, made. Lth
Inn rrarUi unit ifi'tm 4u inmMiA thA LirUI '.vI-TT. i -V U uc
0 tl f" Way COmblbW W,tW mitil gainS W VariOUS .feat attacks.
'! official German- ouHetms. sent out -from Benin yesterday admit that the offensive is bekia
retarded -ytfca stubborn- resistance 'of the ABie. v-l -
4 I Vnaum Ht r.iril. ku.. 'u..l.n li.'.ji iv-' i.j '1 -i. ,L ..... ...
jam- Known mat the-Germaiiis hfye ,iowr fserVySstiu in.liandl.tolje thrown into the battle,
These reserves are especially strono1 southeast of flheiifc.Vwtvere they mly 'soon be used.
TeSterflav a SOirited DOmbardment Of thft-firlJ ih nnftitinm : in
Dun Thio miu .ii,.. vi Vi 7 il j ....w... wv
W in. ..InlS may forecast another German OftenSJVe In RanderS, based '-DOSlbly On the SUPPOSitlOn
iJ rJ'WWy hwtMd on the north to furnish reinforcements for the French,
and Americans nn trip jtnnthpm
AHI8, July17 (Associated Prea Alone the siity
whrrh tliorulnert rity of
'At mulniCBt Tn BtindaV
? .! . t ! J A t i I
u.ung vne.iineme uerman
Ainericans, French and Italians. At no point have the Germaos advanced tu anjr
Smrg,S dCRrC?' whi,e,on, one sector,-Bouth-of the. Marne, the American forces have
Dniilantly founter-attacked and driven the enemy, back along a front of nearly six
111111.(3, '
On this section, east and
force' dt Americans are being
lug with the French, they
nign lands uominating the valley of the Alarne for some, miles east of Chateau Thi-
Crry. ' J ,. ' , , ....
A J1 east between J)oririan8 and MareuiMevPort,' the Germans have cross-
tit tiie Marne m- large force, despite the most desperate, defense of the river by
mixed French and American - force wfairh fought -throtighont he day heavily out-
uumbemr. Jlere the Franco-A mericani Jiave been forced ... ' , . '
back, yielding ground foot by foot and making the enemy
pay a terrific price for evsery yaW gained. ??
- The4 Germans now control . the ouUi bank of the
Marhe fo a distance" of twelve miles'; from Gland,' just
north of the positions regained by the Americans,- to
MareulUe-Port. Early in the day, in 'the region of Ghan
tillon north of the Marne, the GermaJis mansed a ' heavy
fdrce and drove hard against 'the French) who 'yielded
and took up a new position ion Jtjie south bank of the river,
American reserves being brought lip in support.
; The enemy pressed its 'advantage' and managed to
throw six bridges across the stream, ffectfig the passage
at a very heavy cost. Five of the sfx -bridges were shot
to pieces by the French and Anieritan artillery and went
put .while, crowded with ,troiops,i driven forward against
the murderous bail of shell and bullet.':;Gnce across the
river the Germans, prqssed the idefending- lines (back in
terrific fighting. At no point, howevr ' have ' the Get
mans leen able to make good gain ofmore than four
iMile, which is less-than a? 'qttarter of the"diatance they
had expected to make on their first day's drive. Orders
taken from captured officers flhoty" that the plan of the
German staff counted upon an advance of twenty-two
kilometers. . ,
South rjf the Marne, on the front where the Germans
first ?lfectd their crossing on Monday ustlorthfli ehst
of Chateau: Thierry, the Franco-American wiped out (he
German alient in a strori&i'cbniiter oireTsjveVcajtuHnK
the'villagcs of Fossoy and Crezancy in the morning. An
other vigorous onslaught wan made w the afternoon anil
the villages of St; Agnan, fJa
with Hill were regaiuod.'
en and heavy losses inflicted on the enemy.' j
Attacks ou the American positions west of Chateau
Thierry were repulsed and the enemy badly punished
without gaining a yard ef ground. - ,
While the fighting has been continuous and heavy
along the entire front, frokn west of Chateau Thierry to,
Massigues, sixty milea and more to the east, the German
galnn have been insignificant while their losses have been
tremendous. The injneral assault of Momlav eouM not
be rejiewetl by the eaeiny, so ekns6ly ditl Che defence de
tect each gathering in force ami siiiash ,lt-by ,Arttll6rvJ
The (lermiin gaifts of the day, despite the faet Uiat
Ihcji'tmnloyetf forty diviitjnj in the fihtinjif olit Of nearly ,'sevpnty
in position for the drive, vr confined to their minor advance suiitli
of t lie Marne and to one point cast uf RhfiiniS, where.. the irenrh
at rrunay, eijs'ht miles southeast of the Cathedral City, "wire. forced
fpun their positions and retired to a new lihe behind tho reiver
Ycsle. This marks a ;ain of two lujle at tjhis pyiait for. the l-vr
mans their only gam for an entire day's heavy' fifchfihg along the
eastern line. At all other points they were Wobdily re)tilst-d.
The corresxmdent athe ffofttof thJ 'Teinps says that this
Herman offensive is as heavy and as bitter as the first reat ofTe'n
bive launched .against the Dritish in March, when the llritish linC
was broken and t,he advance along the Somine towards Amiens was
made possihlc.
This same correspondent, describing the fierceness of the rc
sumption of the assault yesterday, says Jhat at first the contend
tng armies fought through a terrific thunder storm, in which the
;iitillery of the heavens vied with the inan-madt storm alouv the
blazing line of trenches. The Allies, he reports, are most confident
and regard the great battle as being so far distinctly in their favor.
Reports from the entire battle line show that the often si vc so
far has been a complete failure except in minor localities, while
ord from the divisional commanders east of Rheinia show that their
i i i it ii iiiixtr it i imiiv in r vrm tt i
, . .
ivive mlltcted such heavy casualt.es that the spirit of the enen.v
JJMin .o urm.uioK,, -uu uicic if. icii luwe vigor tti ineir
latest assaults.
I'l imiiiiTS taken at widely (separated places alone; the fr.uil -..u
il at they were told by their leaders ou the eve of the drive thai the
.resent attack would be the last the Allies could stand and that it
f . j - ' ';. . I'UV'' .1 W"f .v.t;)i -fill , I i;v. . ,
aW' vantafle points in the great
Kheims mf k ln6 ceUterthe treat battle- whu h
Continued CO'raee and. excent at SOIlie iHOlatMl iwiintx
i . . . .
noraes re: peing new by tfte
southeast of Chateau Thierrv. a. coinnarativelv l:inrM
used, (having been brought
have regained considerable
Chappelle ahd' "Monthurel, 1
Many priHoners were tak ,
inr wrrriiHiii inim nriuunnnir nut
batUe- which raged yesterday.
hfl ArmentiPrie ealiont . h.
miles of battlefrout. of
- - 1
stubborn defense of the
up as reserves. Here, tiirlit
I . '
gronnd and now hold the
LONDON, Jul 17 (Associated
Ptcsh) "The raoKt encouraiti( feat
yre of the day's fighting in the con
tribution boing uimlo south f tho
Mnrne by the new troop of the L'nit
tsd State,''' soy the Time yesterday
fn it- Com"rA'-ts on thi- general news
frrWii the Franco A me ric n front. The
foadon pre generally poy eonspiru
ua tribaU to the gallantry and the
military, eflirieiicy pf the Ainericann.
r. T,h Berlin dispntch of last night
make th claiai that a total of th ir
leek thousand prisoner have been tsk
en o far in the Marne offensive by
the Germans, who are under the genera)
directions, of General von Boehm. "The
Germans have crossed the Marne,"
ay the official communique, "and be
t-ween Jaulnoune . and Dormans have
taj't . violent eounter by the enemy,
biqutfcwest of Kheims we have had local
successes. The situation east of
tiheim i unchanged."
Reports from Ronce .announce con
riniMH- gain for the Kntente troops in
Allieiiiia, where the Freach yeeterdav
raptured the villages of Pastini, l'ros
taui and Vina on the right bank of
the Devoli River. Prisoner to the
number of aix hundred and twenty
were taken,
The British yeaterday improved their
Ud. a,ti of. Amies after gome sharp
h . b
- w. a. a.
to Be,
rmCAfin j "j (()mKlal T,.
National women's Liberty iZ,l r.,,',1'
. puttee stnrtcd today the enrolment of
i million women throughout tho I'm
li'cl Hiatus. The Womon 's Liberty l.oun
Opmmittco i pledged to sell htilf of
he fourth
Liberty l.i
oan, which will
otal six billioo dollars.
WAHHINOTON, Jaly lU-iOltic al)
- lietnil food prices throughout the
f'niteil States iucreased three percent
from April 15 to May H of this year,
aecordjnif to an nnnouneeineut today
by the bureau of ttibor statistics.
During the year eliding May l.r tin
averafie increase in retail food prices
was Ave percent, it is announced, nl
though Biost vegetables showed u de
Kot the five yenrs emliiiff uy 115 the
average increase uinoiinted to sixty
three percent.
w6nld result in the llritish, French aud Aim-i n ans having to
for peace.
-As a result, in the German ranks, the kittle is l.nown as '
peace offensive".
The maximum effort along
' siraien, was on tne western rim
te(1. 1( brk through the lirst
i . a .1
; , ,f x fay as far as Montmirail, a distance i f ii n
I of the line breaking, the French and Aniet i. .in-
j ly frustmled the Cerman effort mid ycstenl.u
part (' the umund taken bv the i let t:ian-. m
( in this short section of front the (iei maii u
j a total of more than two bundled thousand i:.
. yVAJSHlNaTON, Joly 17 (Associated rreea) Probably more than a quarter
arm art now engaged in tUe great atrnggle to hold the Oermans back from Paris,
bight Vf Mcretaty Baker, after ne had
It la not probable, however, says the
Urn Amerlcau Army Carps aghtlna aa a
sating a first line troops with the Freuch, with whom the are probably brigaded, and as reserves for the French y'
south. oX .he Marne.
ftopTTta last night, summing up the general situation aUmg the Franco-American sectors, state that the Amorlcsn
have dooa Magnificent work In driving tie Germans back a ong a six tul'e front In the valley of the Buraelln Blvet,
where It neon tlie Marne, regaining the villages of St. Ag ian, La Cbapelle, Montlmrol, Fessoy ud Creaanr.y la co
on"rat ton With the I roarh Thl counter attack swent tha Herman hark with him lniu In n nallliM In nrla.
, v , . u . u ,
East or tbt front the French and Ain'rlans have been prtwd back In some of the Woodiest flfhMng of the war.
I the Gorman, hearty outnumbering them Dd drivm- f or d regnrdleaa of loaae. The Franco AmerUam Tar conUst-
,ns overT mh f uia ground and heaping up the oncomin vn a s in pn- of dead,
i . criis ov baitih yet ahead
I Referring to this portion of the line, the American ml itary attache at Paris cabled yontrrday that the Germans
had mad mhstinuai progr-w during the Pm tw.my.fon- t,r-r i that th- French omn.!, bciove the m
itb0 knu;e ', yt me, although u am ruth of the enemy naa bn disuactiy checked.
..v1:" 'na B.u,
rnm or Tpe nm, neiween unawau xnierry aua jauigoi-ue, tne nrnung yctoeroay enaoci witn a 1oe to tbe Oermana,
the American regaining the greater part of the territory taken ly ;he tnemy In hi Initial rush.
. - v. IWJJTJ:! '
yesterauy, rcpmxum a heavy Urratan attack upon their lln i fit Vaux and Hill a04,ibetween which position th enemy
attempted to thrust. After thoir repulse the German op. nd up a heavy bombardment of the American line.
The morale of the prisoner taken along this sector, say the rcperta, is the lowest noted among the Germans la
recent month.
South Of the Marne, when the Germans flrrt drove forward on Monday, the
line treasbet after a show of resistance
Iftt link anil nttmntt t Air nV.f .
Si gnnd the, were cutTo pie. by
th American machine gun and driven
SfJTtt tSt STtiFl
thousand prisoners.
will nw A...., a MnA.wiiji
Yesterday the war department is
sued a statement ou a despatch from
General Pemr.lug to General Bliss,
chief of staff, reRardiug the lighting
"The general situation this morning
iw8 'H' m satlnfactory."
Warning 1 was Riven that greater
pressnr. 5f Gorman reserve. U rtlll
brUWei0receiv.d here, the w
f department , announced, reported that
iicy on the south bank of the Marne,
taking mora than a thousand prisoners.
w a.
... , , 1
rOrmer MiniSier 0T rranCC AC-
cused of Failure To Suppress
Pro-Hun Propaganda
TARIS, July 17 (Ai-sorinted Tres)
Accused of having failml to Hiippre
the treasonable aetivit.es of Joneph
Caillanx, former premier of Franco, I
a'"' of thoHO 'convicted of having boon (
interested wij,u him in the currying I
on of a Pro Qeruian peuce propaganda,
former Minicter of the Interior Malvy
is now on trial on a charge of hih i
treason, with the senate sitting as a '
liijrh .court.
Malvy was milliliter of the interior
in 191(1 wild CbiI'h'ix v as !m v i 'i
ISwitjscrland and in rlnulh Amrniu in
carrying on work of benefit to 'he
government uf (iormniiy ii'iil if i
i harged that Malvy .made no elTi.t in
check the 1ro (iei man activities of Iim
former ebie'f f Bolo Pnneha nni of
Kditor Ahnrreydn of the Bonnet Kon;;e.
the latter being murdered in liis ell
after his arrest nnd nTter he had bon-t
ed of disclosure he could nuike u
volving those high in tho land.
The (lisclnMires which tnnie in the
6 r rest of Cnillaux nnd Belo Pnsi-h.i i I
in the seizure of the Bonnet K'ni.'
resulted in the downfall of the Rilio'
ministry, in which Malvy
cabinet port folio.
-i W. :
held hi
Will Be Seized By Government
and Resold To Americans,
Is Expectation
Ni;V Yol.'K, July Id- ( Associated
Press) --It aiithoritiitlvely leained
heie toiluy ll:t uu iinportant Amer
ienn new .;.M"i . published ill the I'ar
Vest', is m Mlly (ierinnn ovmmiI, iis
was diseoMM I is the cuse with tin'
New Yoik Mail. Kurlv nctioii lool.in
to the sei'i
plant nnd il
of tins newspaper an I
i esi,le to eeniiiue A mn
le.'ltll IS c.j'irted.
The New Y.i k Mail wns pundiTised
with funds - ,iplied bv the Sci i,..i-i
(foverunient tlnouel, on' Hernstorir, thi
former (ierui.in Hiiibnss.ulor. It if l.o
lieved that the authorities have lea. 1
that the W.o.in paper was .ilso in-
((aired throuuh devious channels with
(ieriiiaii moiiev for the purpose of
circulatinL' (iemian nroiiauanda m di r
cover of Aim-i icauism.
W. s. S
M I I.W A I K.K K, July Irt-(Official , -
Contrncls have bpon 'awarded for tlie
liuildinc I d' thirteen steel vessels.
the entire inn
I I 1 1 14 1 1. I VV fl C 1 1 ' 1 1 I
oi the ime. wie re Hie ii'-rtr-ut
.lay and a,h, . . ,w,tl. Kn il,.
i . , -
r :i.
i teen miles.
holding it coin .1 t.
i chained the vrc iter
1 heir inili il a-.v
I f. ..ti l' en ill i--i. .1 .
.is in tlicil lir-t Inn
studied the report being rerei ed from
secretary, that th. force In the great
unit and under the command directly of
r' "Lw
aud gathered in th cr0--d li..0. when
n n.i i am
Battalion of Death
Leader Urges
Armed Intervention
American Should Send Army of
Hundred Thousand Before It
is Too Late, Madame Botch-j
karova Tells Senators
WASIIINOTON, July 10 (Official)
llii.tnmc HoU hknrovn, who was the or
ganixer and former lender of Busiia's
women's "Hattnlion of Death", ap- ,
icureil tndny before a coup of United
State neimtors and pleaded earnestly
for Immediate military intervention by
the Allies in KiisniH.
Madame Uotrhkarova urged than an
Anieriemi nrmy of 100,000 men, or a
eombined Allied force, be nont through
Kuia. l iilofH niil i nivou soon, she
i mill it will be too late to save Bussia
i .
from Herniary. Keonomic aid la need-
eiUbut military intervention is Unpen
A military expedition composed en
tirely of Japanenc would not be wel- '
conied in KuniiiB, Madame Botebkarova i
said. Hhe added that the Bolshevik! .
army is made up chiefly of former
have beon furned Umw by the Bolahc
vik leaders and inducted into their
-. a.
Fifty-cix Americans Killed
Action and Eighteen More
Dead of Wounds
j WASHINGTON, July Ifi ( Assoeiat
l el Press) -The American casualty list
j cabled today from France, which in
cludes victims of the early stupes of
I fie fierce fighting in which American
forces ore now enyuyed, is the largest
yi I ntinoiinred. It includes totul
I of Hfly six killed in action and cij;h
teen dead of wounds; seventy severely
uotindid; three dead of denf-c; one
know n to I"' taken prisoner nnd forty
'I he l iiHiinity list is classified as fol
M;ni-ir: Killi'd in action, finty
two; died of wounds, ten; seeiely in
j ii i ril , seventeen; llliBflin, eih e-ii.
Winy: Killeil in action, Com teen ;
died of wounds, ciht; of disease,
llnee; of other causes, one; se ercly
iijuied. fifty t lireivj missing, twenty
,two; taken prinoner, one.
NI-: WYDRIv July 1 (Orlicinl)-
A Mitchell 1'n liner, United Stales i ns
, t'slian of enemy alien properly, hii-
iioiiik nt lousy inn rormaiion oi h hoi
I i"K oi nni.Htion to dispose
llnK oi nni.Hllou to llispose oi i.io tri-
':"' concerns that hnv lieen taken
! over by the vernrant ujidor the
Ti mlinn W illi the Kneiny Act. The .it;
l)xreL'ale value of these properties im
-roMmately 25r,mil),0()ll.
rorty of
t"'e companies, with a eupitalm.tion
( nioie than 100,1X10,0(111, are now
ready for wile.
W. a. a
WASHINGTON, July Ifi --( Aso.-i:i-
ted Pi ess I - 1 resident Wilson lias de
died thai lie will not take n ic:itioi,
H''s ' Instead he will remain in
VC.i -.hi ii ' t n ii duiiui! the iSniuiuer.
I w. a. a -
j - ALT LAKE CITY, duly Hi niti
.-in1) ccordiu to infornint iov Kne
j I- mi Hie Indian supervisiin; lniic:iii.
i li'.liiins of tl.e Hice l.nVe. Miiin.-.-ta.
I .'islj-n i lire ni.isino, a million ou i.!- of
I-1;1 '. u i ii. le rice.
' 1'
1V.7.C) OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding', Itching or pio
tm.Uni; PII.KS in 6 to 14 ! s or
n.oii-v rrluodcil. Alaiiutm tin. .1 I
t: c ' KIS t' IMClMi CO .SI ... . i.
'J d . A.
of a million American troop of all
according Jo a statement made last
General FtrnliloR. i
battle are those of the Juirt organlacd
OMeral Llii-ett. The American are
i'-y. n tne etnetry American
Americans withdrew from the ftrst
the advancing Germans reached his
n n i i
j American Planes Now
oing Forward
Rapidly To France
Four Hundred and Fifty Already
There Or On Way. Says Baker;
Liberty Motors Being Deliver
ed In Large Numbers
WASHINGTON, July 1ft KOffleial)
Four hundred and fifty Amerieaa
built dattle planes had been sent
abroi.d or delivered at America port
for shipment to our army in Trance,
up to July 5. according to a statement
today by Secretary of War Baker.
Secretary Baker announced that up
to that date deliveries of Liberty
mutor of all classes had reached 2514.
v.-. -i. s.
j Huns Drop Kultur
Red Cross Hospital
PA HIS, July 10 (Associated Freest
An American Red Cross hospital at
.louy was bombarded this morning by a
siuudron of Uerman aviators. 1
Two enlisted men were killed, and
nine of the hospital staff wounded. One
of the wounded is Jane Jeffrey, a
Doctors who were operating at four
tnbles continiud their work under the
bombardment. '
Montana's Concreoswoman' Files
Papers. Will Support Wilson
IIKI.KNA. Miintnnn, July 17 -(Also
i ia'ed j'reittl Itftjiresentstive Jean
ueite lianion, Montana's o"nre.s
iMioian, filed her pipe's yester.lav as v
candidate for t'nited States senntnr on
tho rteuKtteas tirket; Miss liankin
she unnomiced, will run on a tjchet
liloduini; si.ort of Proeideiit W.I. on
as Anieriea'a Vnr President.
Miss Kankin is the llrst. woinan evtti
to be a eandidate for the t'nite I States
fieiiate, us she is also the first wi man
ever to sit, as a member of the house
of representatives.
a. a.
ATLANTA ("ITY, New .leisey, July
Ml- (Oflicial)- The alroie resnnse
of wo. nen to the Nation's call fur farm
h dp has i;reHtly ameliorate I Ihe farm
labor sitiiiHlion, m'.cordinc; to n state
merit made here toda bv th" president
of the Nntional Fertiliser AHsnriatinn.
The Fertiliser association head said
thut the Women V Motor Corps service
teaehinir women to drive tractors
mill other nower inii.lem.'iiis on farnui
has effected much aid in the sitnation,
w. a s.
Nearly $20,000,000 Left To Uni
versity By Sterling
j M-.tt yoitK. July l7--(.ssiMiated
, I'ress) I ii.l.-r the terms of the nil!
1 of Uie late Jehn W, .Sterling of this)
itv a (jrent fortune ho bees left to
Y ' 1i 1 ' Hi l i rail t v m lunn n t n ir 1 1 narlv 1
tent milium dollars.
j -n'.
HAREST PROSPEGTS i 0 ,0," "f iroii tsamps U
iii itii v .nr mnn ,h' H,,,,,,h ur-iietestfnal, paiaa,-tlhani-IN
MALT Ant UUUU , i,,.iii.i-r tniie i.d-.ii..ri.. .h-.j
v iMUMidW, JlllV K. (Olli. inl'
' ' eived I i '.- IU. in l(..ine
i'-.t tl.e nut in n: I -it i in
' " l':,v,",,e. I'O'-I ' on-
.... ..II, I I... .. I.:.. I ....
II il.l?
- T - 4 j-
Auttro Hungarian - Forergnf ' Win-
j ai'A. Ii- iuLkJi.. ti.s
isier days ne ppiuves neu r -
ity of Four1 New Points Laid
Down-By Wilson ''I ,,
AMStfiftDAM, - jiity (Of
ficial) There is hai'dl rty
litlcretKe in th general princt- :
tiles laid down as fhei basts for
cace by the Itntente Allies and
he lThi'ted States and by; 'the
t'entral Towers, in the expressed"
pinion of llaroti Stefan vort'tJa (,
riati, the new Austro Hungarian
foreign minister. ' l .
liaron von Uurian's statement
to this effect is contained in a let
er he has addressed to the pre
miers A Austria and Hungary, lit ,
vhich he adds. that.ie approves
if the four new peace points laid
down by President Wilson in his
speech made on July 4. - ,
In his letter to the premiers
Foreign Minister Rurian saidi t v
" There is hardly any difference
between the general principles
enunciated by the statesmen, of
doui sets oi belligerents as, the
basis for peace.
"President W ilson's f our ne w
points shall not arouse our oppo
sition, apart from certain exag
gerations. The enemy obstinacy
regarding his territorial demands
concerning' Alsace'Lorraine
Trieste, the Trcntino and the Ger
man colonies appears msurmount- '
able." "
Regarding President Wilson's
four new points, von Burian said
he was able to annfove of . them
lteartily and that to a great, ex-
" "J ......
age to this geniua and nobody
would reftis"' his cooperlf ibnt ' i
"Ifi'oor 1 enemies -ntitjubtisly
demand atonement , jfor.' wrongs
done and insist tipdn restitution,
then this is a clairii wt- could
urge with re' justincation
igainsitKm; 1 bcvittic we bave
'vvn aiivitu auu i lie W i IHI
lone Its) n)ujitj redressed. ;
to discuss
everything except our own tcrri- J
lory." i i . ' .
i,. . ) -i
Th four ilntc f President
vWiiMon rfeinsd t by van BuriaiT ara
he four nds for whisk tha Presideat
a his Kaarth t July iinieefc said tha
itre, in President Wilaott's words, tha
1. Tha destruction of every arbl
rary power anywhere taat can aapar- ;
iely, seeretly and of its single choice ' -
hmuid. in peace or me' worm; r, IX
t ran Dot be presently 'destroyed, at '
he least its reduction to virtual ira- '
otenc. .
i am npiwm.'ia' nj every question,
vhether of terrltotv;' of sovereiffntv. ''
f economic arrangement, or of poli
icnl relationship, upon' the basia of '
ae free aaceptnnce of tnat set tinmen k
y the people immediately euneetnad,
iud not opon the basis of the material
'nterest or advantage 'of aar ether
'I'ifion or pe.ijile whieh nay desire -afferent
settlement for h anlia
t ow exterior influence or Mastery.
3. The consent of all ni.riorm' to
.... r. ...M, i ii uinr runiain ' wvBra
each other by the same principles of
honor and of respect for the eotamon
law of civilized society that govern
the Individualoeitiaena of all 'lunHem 1
slates in their relations with one an-
i,Vn,. t . kA k .. A !. .11 . I .
nnd covenants may bo aaeredly ob
.-...7.., .... ,iifi'piiriR Ul COIIBflirKCIBI
hatched, nn ' aelflah injuries .wrought
with impunity, and a mutual trust es-
ntillsnl un the handsome foanda- ,
tioa ef a auituit . respect for rljrht.
4. The eatablisanivrjl pf an organl v
titles Of plars which '.shall make it
eertaia that ' tha .jeotabined power of
re' Oi'rtolis will eherlt every invasion
tf ritit 1 ami oerve to Brake -peace and
justice the more aerate-by affording a '
wms xrussnai or amnion to wbira.
. ti . . .j.a. ...
" ww-m otjwmii, .tnu i 'v wiricn . everT
internntionsl s-eadjustWnt that cannot
In. anih-abry hgiwid anMiafby the peoples
lireetly iorreenM eftalt fx sanctioned.
" . .. .
NKW TfOfcJK, 'uly Tr (Associated ,
i'reasV flhe earjite -of the hate Major .
i-urroyi fruehell, former mayor
f New York! who was killed, ten
days auo in an aviation aeeldwat at "
(lerstner rialdL' I Jtklsiami
only twsatywv e thousand dollar, o-
cordtiij tathe will filed Of pfobsrta
nm-A A a .Uia al.la JM at '
J ihe only beneilrsarisne -i ,-).. ,
! w. a. h..,
I - . mtwmtj'W fiVTiHCUJ
neer fails, to reiU'veutsegwijst, severe
I ceses. !et it lodflsi, . frr i UVilrO
lime to Kdiul . fr. it af.er lki"nttaek :
come p. Fur inle bv nil dealers.
I 1 lei so., gullk m Cc, Lid.. AtlOttU ft' '
Il I, 1 ' " '

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