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Hawaiian gazette, Friday, July 19, 191a. SKm-WLZKiA
Maui Advised of Stand Taken and
" uennue riant win boon
Bt Under Way
w, , T Ml lll'll - .
The Honolulu chamber of rommrrtf
' in in thorough accord with plum for
tkddisg CYv-le Ctinvrfntioa oa Mai
bout the mtWle'rr" September, ami
by a unanimous vote yesterday adopt
All a rnanlirrina tntiMvIn nf lka ...
Tfntlon and urging that it b acid,
despite any objection that might he
Taied against it because of war con
, The action of the Honolulu orgnniia
tldn wirelessed to Maul yesterday
and upon receipt of information from
the Maui chamber of commerce that
definite program is being arranged
nd that active steps are being taken
to stage the session, a ps cerd'vots
Wi'l be taken by the local rhamher
to recure a list of member who will
' The nnestinn wmm rniwA a to whnth
r or not, thin bring a war year, with
thit dift taking away large number
Of. employe and throwing additional
bnrden upon employe remaining with
Arm, a Civic Convention should be
leld. Apparently, Maul ha been in
doubt a' to whether- or not the out
aide istnada are planning to attend the
convention In large number, and it
chamber rrf commerce inquired from
ach of the commercial organi-ration
a to what their attitude i on tlie
eonention plan.
Mart Asks Advise
'..Aeeretarv R P Rmirit. nf the liwnl
chamber, raid that he had heard un
officially thnt r-n program had yet been
dieute upon, or as to the length of
the convention seadwn, and that Maui
am endeavoring to ascertain whether
Or p t enough interest waa being mani
fest'd in the convention, to hold it
at all. Maul, however, wa understood
to be ready to go to the bat strnnglv
for the convention, but had presented
some of the objection, a well a the
favorable feature, in order to get the
opinion of the other organisations.
Chairman P. C. Atherton felt that
an expression of opinion waa imme
diately necessary.
'Alexander Hume Ford said the Ad
Club at aooa had endorsed the plan.
Aa far a h wai personally concerned
he culled attention to. the fact that
the .Fan Pacific Club wa holding its
aimnftl Balboa Day about the time It
Iras .proposed to hold .the convention
and hoped another time would be dc
eidei on for the convention.
opinion that tbce being war time,
fcv short, busineaslike session should be
held, with frivolity cut out. Even n
mailer attendance, if composed of
earnest men, waa better than a large
convention, which might not concen
trate ita attention upon the important
thing to be eonsidered.
Want Some Fun
Other ' member however, Hd not
agree that all frivolity ahoald be
eliminated, for a eold blooded conven
tion confined to busiaesa only would
be shorn of features to which they
were accustomed. There must be n
smsll amount, at least, of fun and
C. B. Gage, who attended the Ad
Club session. -.at noon, said the Ad
Club waa greatly in favor of the con
vention, aad gave a report of the
principal reasoai presented at the eluh
session as to why the convention should
bo held and the attendance as large
aa in other years. Mr. Oage's sum
mary or me reason presemea lor me
' "Annual getting together of all men
who are interested in the welfare of
Hawaii nei;
"For the purpose of discussing and
planning the advancement of the bent
interests of our community;
" n5lo first proposed the holding of
such conventions and held the first
one five years ago;
"Held on each island in turn about
the middle of September;
"Maui's turn this year;
" Maui lia not yet expressed her
self aa to the plan for this year;
" Ad Club ha always taken a very
active part in these conventions;
"Committee thinks it desirable that
the Ad Club take a definite stand as
to the holding of a convention this
" '"ouimiMee recommends thnt the
Ad Hub voice it approval of the fol
low i ri if fundamental idens:
" That previous conventions hav
contributed materially to the promo
tior of the best public interests of all
" I'hat war condition demand the
clo:'. st poesihle mutual understanding
a n I "0 operation in nil public sffslrs
" I hat we bi'liew it to b the de
sire of the Federal Government end
President Wilson i-er-ioimlly that busi
ue.Si and public affsirs convention be
.I.l ...... ,4.. , mitni
than nsucl vigor and euthnsi -m dnr
in 'he period of the war unless thev
re i 1 in congestion of railroad trsve'
or teamer facilities, on or to or from,
thv mainland.
' I'hat we are ready to do serious
hard work at all times for such In
te-ii as the convention stands for.
'' That eipenditures be kept down to
ah lute essentials.
' Thnt the Ad Club prefers to par
it own way at all times even if it is
broke or badly bent.
'"That an efficient Civic Convention
no-t have lot of life, pep and some
Hi" nlsr Fua to make it a success.
"That patriotism should have an i in
po'tant place in the convention.
' M that we extend our best wishes
an! Aloha to Mhni wishing her every
Slices. "
No Tim For Crape
J. I.. Cork-burn suggested the'
planning a program one day st"
be set aaide for th disensm
patriotic- matters, acd handling li
fe ture
Oeorge Angus ai thn-M., -M-, i
favor a live, active convention. i
tlmei or no war time, and undimr.'i 1
ly a convention held in war time
the beat, time for a get together e
sion of man from all tUc iuUud:-
"This, is no time to put crape ..!'
At Present Does Not Sell Estab
lished Business But Lo
cates Applicants
DENVER. Coin., July 7 ( Associated
Press) Colorado has established a sys
tematic "business chance" agency,
maintained by the ate and conducted
largely along the same lines as private
agencies of this kind, except that the
service rendered is entirely free. It
is maintained by the state immigration
deportment, and includes a bureau for
locating professional men in commu
nities where there is need for thorn.
This service was nmlertaken on s
limited wale about a year ago ami its
benefits, esecinlly to the smaller coin
tniinities In the stste, at once became
apparent. As a result of the first
survey made by the immigration depart
ment approximately thirty new busi
nes establishment were located in s
many towns in the state, and a Inrge
number of professional men made new
and profitable connections in coinniuni
ties where their services were in much
greater den. and than where they for
merly had been located. The new busi
ness plnces established included banks.
hardware stores, hotels, garage and sev
erni oonerv, wnim piiysiciwiis nnn rn-ii-narians
took the lend among profession
al people located.
As a result of the losses in business
nnd professional men sustained by the
smaller communities of the state
through the calling of registered men
into militarv service the immigration
department has found it necessary to
I make an entirely new survey of nil the
cities and towns in the state. Tins
survey covers approximately SoO cities
and towns, aud schedule more than
I 1,000 business and professional oppor
tunities, in about .)0 different lines. I he
department is calling upon the larger
places in the state to help in supplying
the needs of the smaller communities
for business and professional men, an I
in a few cases has asked aid from
larger cities in other states.
The service does not at present in
clude the sale of established businesses,
but the immigration department is con
templating extending it to include the
sale of business of men who are called
to war anil who have difficulty in dis
osiiig of their interests. It is proposed
to handle this branch of the ageucy
entirely without cost, either to the
buyer or seller.
Oovernor McCarthy will leave for
Kauai today to begin the survey
of territorial lands he na been plan
ning for several week. He will ac
companied by lJnd Lomisaioner H. it.
Bivenburgh and Charles T. Bailey of
the water service. The Oovernor will
, ena a week or ten days on Kauai
and after going over all government
land there will later proceed with the
survey on other islands.
At Waimea the Oovernor and his par
ty will be met by W. V. Hardy, assist
ant engineer of the V. H. geological
survey oa Kauai, who will accompany
the party. A complete investigation is
to be. made of conditions above Wai
mea and Slakaweli and through to the
homepteada above Kapaa. While on
the Waimea side of the island it is
probable that a trip will be made to
the Kokee stream and an inspection
made of a large mountain tract set
aside some time ago for summer camp
w. t. i.
There nre six Vim ho Hlo nks in
Honolulu, bound for Wa hnigtoii In
trv to interest Presidi'iit Wilson in a
proposal whii-h they carry to transport
M(l,000 of their countrymen from Vlud j
ivostok to the Western front, in Ho I
rope, to tight against the (ieriniins. ,
The home of these people is in ii sic i
tion of Austria so' located that tln v
were entrapped between Austria and ,
tier main when the war bioke out. j
They were intensely hostile lo the
Oerinnns mil disliked the Austir.ins,
so were betveen dest met ion nnd Itus
sia. At the beginning of the war,
:tl,00() of them surrendered to Kus-ia,
without firing u sh t ; and a part of,
this army has since policed the Si
bi rian railway and has charge of muck
of the territory north und wc.-t ol
Vladivostok. I
('u plain llur!inii I lieu ' the expedi
tioli and Lieut. K. Ihiniebn s'.i i- his
uide. The captain said Inst night thit
in addition to the hii.iiiiii now ready
in Hiberia he hoped to be allowed to
recruit rllovaks in the I uile I S!iilc
above the American draft age.
w . s
When you fail to provide )'nn t'-un
ily with a bottle of Chamberlain 'a
Colic and Diarrhoea Heme ly ut this
season of the year, von are i.e-'c. :
ing them, as bowel coinplutul is mi:c to
be prevalent, and it is too ilni'u'ero'is
a malady to be trifled with Th's is
especially true if the e lire childrea i i
the fnmily. A dose or two of this ri in
edy will place the trouble within con
trol and perhaps save a life, or nt least
a doctor's bill. Knr sOe by sll deal
era. Benson, Hmith 4 Co., Ltd., L;eiits
for Hawaii.
w a. s.
One hundred and fifitv nomen l"iv
pased through London K -i . 'n id .
Countv Council courses an m-pcclors
of armv canteens.
over us, and we certainly ran not have
a convention without uuw frivihtv,"
mid Mr Angus, wliiiT. sun' 'tru-nt w as
aj pLaudi d
Varied Activities of Board
Past Year Reviewed In
Annual Report
While forest reserve' in the Terri ! Matters of importance to the Hawa
tory have been considerably extended iinn sugar Industry will be taken up
in the past year little or no damnre
from fotest fires was suffered through
an unusually dry season, according to
the e;ii'i,a report of the board of
commissioner of agriculture and for
estry, which wa presented to the
Oovernor yesterday by C. S. Judd, ex
erutive efleer of the board. The re
port, which fills ten typewritten pages,
i 'ill be made a part of tho Oovernor 's
annual report.
The nrMvities of the agriculture an.l
forestry board fall under five divisions
in the past year forestry, plant in
spertlon. entomology, animal industry
and marketing. Through action taken
nt t!ic recent special session of the
lepflature one of these divisions, mar
kefiiiy, was transferred to n newlv ere
flted enintnimlnn wiAvLa 1 1
As s part of. the board's work fie !
port says the division of forest rv .
k.. nnHr,n.A ... ...
extend foists with the purpose of 1
conserving an adeonate and steadv '
supply of water for use where indns
tries largely depend on water for irri
Three Reserve Opened
Three new reserves have been ere
nted in the past year and a fourth
has been enlarged. The new reserve
' are, that of I'apnpoholahnla Spring on I el'um days hns Ve- p" -e 1 ind t "
I the Island of Kauai, fifty four acres:, ' -h rt'antee v i'i lie eomplof e 1.
the Waiahole on Onhu, 1109 acres, and j iv fn- p-e enta'ion h:'e the com
thr Keanohnna, on Hawaii, 1?7"J acres t .';. I- c.. vn-jij" " i- no forma'
To the Maknwao reeervf on Maui 2U , ."me-it of the .-o-r.tm of th
j acres were added. In all, now there p. n in ttee his been eiv. - out, the im
; nre forty two forest reserves in the ' r..-..,j. vvwlU hat 'I'" committe
Territory having a tottil a-ea of 77:1 h-., ,f-:lt nthVr busine of im nrtan-e
81 acrea of which 521,857 acres or f whii-h it will pk cn-sideration
sixtv-nine percent is government lund. iihrntt donSt the mntt-r of se-uri ic
With the formnl setting apart of nitrate will be one of these for Mr
four new reserves under plans that are; A,Iron has at his finder end. sta
! now about complete the report says fistic on the subject i f production
the general foreat rrrerve system of, where the lands are fertiliaed an.l
the Territory will be completed. Only here they are not. Irrifjon co-t-'
,hrf',, forest fires occurred in the year ,i comporiaon of pro 'ucfon on ir
, One of these at Tiihonua on ITawaii rented end nnirrifate l lands is an-
occurred in August, the report, says ; nft,cr bjeet nith which h is porfo-t
and damaged the native forest there I v fnmiliar.
over an area of a fifty acree before it ,t fhe bnresn of the asso ia
! was put under control. The other fires. ! t;on vc-Jte-day it wa. .'eiied that the
a small grass fire at Maili, Onhu, nnd ; oi,nr 0,,stion would receive more rhnn
a small brush fire at Waiknpu, on incidental attention nnd that nn o'her
i Mnui. did little damage. source than Porto Rico would be con
I The recent transfer of the-Island of j si j.-red.
Knhoolawe which has an area of 27.
"llfl 1 1 J. :
' nit- isu'i iim i i niiriii in iiu-ii
tioned in the report. !
Koa Tree Used
The report says the native koa tree j
tins been used with great success in
reforestation. This work on the onen i
government land in the Honolulu wat !
eishe 1 forest reserve in Mflnoa valley :
has been completed. Reforestation of I
the open land on the same watershed!
in the Makiki valley ha likewise
been finished. In tins past year the
four government nurseries raised and !
distributed for planting throughout the ,
lemtory a total of 353.827 tree seed
lings. On Arbor day 12,111 trees were
distributed for planting.
The report tells that under author
ity riven bv the lerrlslstnre pnmnniim
for the protection of bird, animal and !
vegetable life on small Islands off the i
windwnrd coast of Oahu has been i
The work of the plant inspection div
ision of the board is reviewed at
length by the report. Of the 713 ves
el that arrived at Honolulu, Hilo
and Kahului. the only ports where
shipments of fruits and vegetables may
enter directly, 294 carried 299,077 1
packages of vegetable matter which
were examined and 35H0 pnekages of
plants and seeds. Inipections of all
shipments of horticultural products
leaving Honolulu for ports on other
Islands have heen continued.
Entomology Division.
Due to distil' bod conditions cuused I
by war, the report suvs no new work
ill the way of exploring for and intro
dining beneficial insects has been nn
dertukmi since the organization of the
eiitiinology division on July I. 1H17.
Ponelicial n ts. previously iiitrodiic
ed, however, have been propagated and
distributed without interruption. The
ri-ai.on Cor the continued dist ribut Kii
if unrnsites is the ueeeHsitv of re
e.4i:iblishing or renewing them in iav j
tutilar localities where through deplc I
tion or disappeiiiance of pests the
i t ra sites bci oi liininished or di i
ll pCHI .
Housewives iiiiiv take heart from a
M-nteree of the report which savs that
a wasp bruii lit from the I'hil.ppiiies
l.i-t veil i to icv upon cockiouches has
established it-, It' here and has begun
opei at ion s
I'hat pint of the report devoted to
the division
i annua' irilustrv si
that the Territ
Kiipjioi ting as
has now become self
tar as bj'ef ,-u,d pork
nit- i-tincfrecd end will -non become
m in 1,'gind ti, mutton. Livestock ii i
1 T'efimii. the M'.oit savs. have pin.-
to ellv been I (in-1 to 'pure I, -H.I l-e
' ' "' ' ' fi.r the continoed ini
provement of herds here. 'I he teii -'
says steady progress has been made i'.
the dev elopnient of different ebisses
of live stock and the suppression i '
contagious diseases.
Cope With Diseases
(landers, the repoit sav. has bee i
entirely ei ad i. if ed ; epiooli. Iuiph:m
gitis, which appealed on the Island nf
Hawaii, is under i-onipVte control:
tuberculosis ha- been redo. e. I fmio
.'ll.ri iiercent to In
coin- lete erii '' it no
in siyl.t. Anthrax
I lete coot ml. The
i pel. cnl and the
of the disease is
s now under c ,m
repurt savs 'lint
the ei.ideinn on Kanni last year, that
on Oahu and seven distinct our breaks
of the diseas Mnui, probably were
due to inaln'iotis plants.
In the marketing division, now tin
der control of a board of itj own,
223.1 onsigt'tm n's of Island produc ts
were reiei'i'd aid hold tor 1 73,30 1 .71
in the vear, an :ucrease. of $'0.87S.!i(i
over last veur 's sales. The report re
fern to the banana selling campaign
of .-1 : a 1 tiui.ih ago jying thut due
to the chip bhur.agi; jilauterb were
Committee Will Urge Higher
Price For Next Crop and
-Other Relief Measures
in Washington by a committee sent
by the iiawaiian Suynr Planter'
association, composed of J. W. Wald
ron, T. H. Petri and R P. Mmd.
i n h Is now en rontu to h natloial
enpitsl. Mr. Waldron h.'-ls t'.i com
mittee its chairman. It i- snid that the
matter of Inhor for ;) Islands i
mc-clv one of Severn! ?n nti thnt miiy
In taken up by the co- m.t'.n'. or its
ineii.be s, nnd thnt if it :s t.lki'n up
VI r Mend will not go beyond the
mutter of securing Port" 'ii."nn lnbor,
the subject he had up "Ion In the
Fast Hst winter, when Ii ent to
Torto Rico to investicMio.
Cost Questions
One of the subjects v'n h will re
ceive attention is the i ri" for next
-V'" " ,n ,"" ,,""B;
P"hb,y ",','.T '''
' present, the need of iIi.mii for s
':C"" price than la Mr. V.al lrou. He
1,as .Kn'' ,D0 the anb, . t deeply cnl
"''7" he f"';1 " "e
food administrator an1 the chairman
of the nntionnl bmI internatiotiHl
sii -ar commission show in ; that the
i iie fivpd fur this y ti' ens im le
ii.ite fir ITnwnji. Pnt i to h iw t !!'
tlo present price is 1 w at'sf 'etT '
t!" i r n f - ii- eeif sn -n in Mip nn'"
On the subject of the committee '
trip B. I). Tenncy, ' president of the
Plpnters' Association is quoted n;
nm inir:
"You are aware that the beet sugar
men and the Louisiana planters are
I'-csenting figures on the cost Of pro
'"' tion to the food administration,
n'l hl mission from Hawaii is gciinjr
present data on the cost of the
iiH cr"P. or as marly as this can be
arrived at, to the fond administration
,or eir consideration when arriving
a decision on the future price to be
&ed toT sugar."
la I"a.v Bn" eariy June me Deei
surar men presented figures on cost
to the food administration and Oscar
S. Htrnuss nns appointed to investi
gate. The beet sugnr men were to have
n,,,t Prt of June but were
advised not to, they indefinitely post-
P'"ed meeting ami the '-Bugnr Corpor
ation" plan was announced this month
which is to pny a higher price for beet
sugar " nnd other high cost sugar."
Louisiana sent delegates in June to
take up the matter and Cuba has repre
sentation prepared as to the need of
a higher price on the next crop.'
1 OSAKA, .lapnn. duly 17 (Aasoeiat
' ed Press) X violent typhoon off the
I'liisi of souttiwt Mern .Inpan on Jul
! 1 I has cut off romniiinictttiou with I.u
Phu islands.
Floods are deluging Osaka aud Kobe,
following bi i ni na.
w. a. g.
SKATTI.K, July 17 (Official) The
firM large concrete shipbuilding plnnt
in the unit luv est has started with com
inencenient of the construction of ways
for a Ti'fM) ton concrete vessel and for
several smaller vessels.
w a. a.
LONDON, July 17 (Assoclnted
1'iess, An Kxchange Telegraph Agen
ev ilespiiti-h savs that the burning of
a new (ii-riniui nirdome containing twen
ly two airplanes near vivelles is attn
linte l to i ev oliitioiiists in the army.
Ten He'iuiiis and two Germans have
been arrested.
w a.
ATI1KNS, July 17 ( Associate I
I'tessi-- Sjninish steamship eonvev
in.' Minister De Vegn ami flying hi
flag has been torpedoed. Oerinany was
notified a week preeedin" the d"pii't
lire of the minister that he was to t::lie
the steamer.
The diplomat was rescued.
The woman hoi carrier lias reach 'd
Ni".' York. On the job she must wear
white trousers. HiitniiiM, hiiirpius and
1 'limn now tier are taboo.
losing hundreds of large bunches of
bananas in the fields. The division
cooperated with the banana i nsumin
propni anda i oiiimittee of the llau ii'iau
Vigilance Corps in cresting a 'oeal de
lennd for the fruit which could no'
be shipped. The rsport sav s tat ih"
campaiin proved siKi'esnful. but in
a -hurt time more shipping trace be
cniuc available and the larger n " m
ber of bananas shipped left verv 'i w
to ineel the newly created dciiunl a
Twenty-one Inning Game With
Philadelphia Taken By Chi
cago Two To One
r. vr. i pet.
81 5 25 .fltfl
80 49 31 .013
7ft 41 37 .628
78 87 41 .474
77 35 42 .455
81 35 48 .432
82 84 48 .415
77 SO 47 .390
Chicago , .
New Vork . . . .
I'ittsburgh . . . .
I'hilndelphia . . .
St. Loui .
ifererday' Berulta
At Ht. Louis Ut. Louia 4, Boston 8. '
At l'ittsburgh Pittsburgh 5, Brook- J
lyn 4. !
At Chicago Chicago 2, Philadelphia
I (21 innings).
At Cincinnati Cincinnati 2, New
York 1 (firat gnme); New York 4,
( inrinnati 1 (second game).
TIow Series rinlahed
Pittsburgh 3, Brooklyn 0.
Chicago 2, Philadelphia 2.
Cincinnati 2, New York 2.
Bos' on 2, 8t. Louis 2.
Todsy'i Games
New York at 8t. Louis.
Krooklyn nt Chicago.
Boston at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh.
The Chicago Cubs and the Pat Moran
I'hilLea played yesterday in Chicago
the longest extra inning gnme of either
' kt league this year when they battled
'or twenty one innings before the win
uing run was put across the pan by
tiie Cubs. Chicago won the great bat
tl'i by a 2-1 score. The series closed
yesterday, Chiongo and Philadelphia
breaking evfcn aa each won two and lost
two games. .
The Cubs are now six and a half
games ahead of the New York Giants,
ii.r New York and Cincinnati split
even in their double-header played yes
terday. The- Beds defeated the visit
ing Giants by a t-1 score in the first
;i.mii of the afternoon, while in the
second contest New York turned the
tables on Cincinnati and won ont by
the easier. score of 4-1. The two clubs
ilso broke even in the series, each
winning two and losing two games.
Playing at home, the Pitts-v
Pirates took their third straight u- -from
the visiting Wilbur Robinson
Dodgers of Brooklyn, yesterday's score
being: Pittsburgh 5, Brooklyn 4.
Brooklyn was unable to win a game
during the series from Pittsburgh.
The Pirates have still further reduced
New York's lead over them, being now
only .0H7 percent behind the Giants.
While Philadelphia holds on to fourth
place well enough, Pittsburgh, is four '
full games ahead of the Phillies. The
i..!.. . : u .i. I
v'iuvi iiuiin iciuniii in i iig name I UIK
five positions Cincinnati, Boston 8t. '
Louis and Brooklyn. I
In St. Louis the Cardinals won a '
close game from the visiting Braves
ny a i-.'t score. Kach team won, two !
Mid lost two of the four games played I
in the si ries which closed yesterday.
New Series Opens Today
The National J-pague clubs begin
today the uew series, which 'will close
with the games of next Sunday after
noon, when double-headers will be
pla veil, as follows: Boston at Cincin
nati, Brooklyn at Chicago, New York
nt St. Louis, and Philadelphia at Pitts
burgh, no Sunday game to be played
in Pittsburgh, however. This will
lose the round nf visits of the Eastern
teams in the West. i
Iiere is a tnble showing the num- '
ber of games won and lost by each
National League club from and includ
ing ,'uly D until and including yester
day, the first figure given being of the
games won nnd the next of those lost:
Cincinnati H 2, St. Louis 7-4, Pitts
burgh :t, Chirugo 7-5, New York
ii !i, Boston 4 7, Philadelphia 4-7, and
llrooklvn 0 9.
MKMPHIH, Tennessee, July 8 An
nouncement was made Wednesday of
the sale of Pitcher Kr.rn Barger, mana
ger of the Mimphis Southern Associa
tion club.' to the Chicago Nationals, to
roi.oit whon the southern season closes
William r. Baker, president of the
Philadelphia National League club, has
bought a bush league team entitled
"'"atei 'eii v, Connecticut. Last winter
he sold a big league team entitlted
i .oAunder & Killefer.
That clubs in the major leagues are
not feeling the effect of the war, to
nay extent, as some of them claim, is
a matter of more camouflage, aud noth
ii.'.' "Ke.
Tint leiich is proved by the recent
appeal o Brsnch Biekey, president of
the St. Louis Nationals, to stockhold
ot the Cardinals.
In letter scut to them Biekey ex
plains that a note for 49,(100 is due
Mrs. Helen Brit ton, former owner of
the club, on July 1. Funds for cur
icnt liabilities of 20,000 must be
raised some time this week, the let
ter states.
The St. Louis club wss purchased
from Mrs. Britton bv a syndicate for
Haw.oon, of which 106,000 is yet to
be paid.
This shows that St. Louis hasn't
been making any money this year, but
has been dropping it, instead. Of
course, the fact that the team is in the
second division has a lot to do with
the situation.
DEL MONTE. July 1. Harold Samp
son, now professions! st Del-Monte'
second course at Pebble Bea. h. broke
all records this afternoon, when he
played the Pebble Beach course In sev
enty : Out - :i r .') J53l 4, Making
and 1 amu home in tho same, figures
,r 4 a 4 4 4 3 1 4 , making 35.
TAKETWO GAMES Castle &Cooke,
' .. - Vt . t . . 1 turrrn ,
St. Louis Browns Lose Double
Header To American
League Leaders
Boston . . g4
Cleveland 87
New York 8
Washington 83
Chicago 80
Ht. Louis , . . 82
Detroit go
Philadelphia 79
W. L. Pet.
60 84
47 40
43 38 .521
43 40 .018
39 41 .488
38 44 .4(1?
38 43 .438
33 40 .418
Yesterday's Besultj
At Boston Boston 7, Bt, Lonls ')'
(first game) 1 Boston 4, St. Louis 0
(second frame).
At Washington Washington 8,
Cleveland 4.
No other games reported.
How Series Stands
Boston 3, 8t Lonls 0.
Detroit 2, New York 0.
Washington 2, Cleveland 0.
Philadelphia 1, Chicago 0.
Todar's Crimea
- Ht. Loui at Boston.
Detroit at New York.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at Washington.
The Boston Red Sox keep winning
and increasing their load in the Amer
ican League, they being now four and
a half grimes ahead of the Cleveland
Indians, who any in second, place, fol
lowed by New York, which" is a full
game buck of Ovaland. Washing
ton has made a great spurt recently
and now threatens to take the lead
over the Yankees, being but one full
gsme behind New York. Detroit is now
out -of the cellar, Philadelphia occupy
ing the pit at present.
Boston won both games of ita double
header yesterday at home with the
visiting Bt. Louia Browna. The Browns
were shut out in both games, the first
core being 7 0 and the second 4-0.
This give Boston all three games ply
ed this series with Ht. Louis. The
series close today.
Senator Win Close Grama
T!s Italy other American league
came played yesterday was staged in
Washington, where Clark C. Griffith's
Senators defeated the visiting Cleve
land Indians by a close score of 6-4.
Washington haa won both games of
the series. Detroit has also won both
it game played with New York, while
Philadelphia ha taken the only game
played with Chicago. All eight clubs
close their present series today.
With the Wst playing their last
round in the East, the new series which
opens tomorrow will be as follows:
Chicago at Washington, July 19 to- 23,
next Munday included; Ht. Louis at
New York, Detroit at Boston, and
Cleveland at Philadelphia, Joly 19 to
2il. next Snndnv errlndait
The following is a rework a fK
games won and lost by each team from
and including July 9 to and including
the games played yesterday: Boston
8 .1, Philadelphia 7-2, Dotroit 0-4, Wash
ington .!-, v nicago 4-a, Cleveland 4-7,
New York 4 7 and Ht. Louis 2-0.
W. 1. S. r-
Aogels Win Initial
Game of Coast
League Championship
sociated Press) In the first game
of the 1 uiiiijpioiiaii ip series between
the Los Angeles and the Vernon
clubs of the Paciiie ('oast League,
played yesterday, Los Angeles won
out by the score of seven to five
The Pacific Coast League, whl. h
had played but half 01' ita schedule
and wub to close its regular year
on October L'7, next, closed last
Siindav, owing to the require ei ts
of tho "fight or work" order pro
mulgated by I'rovost Marshal Gen
erni Crowder some time ngo.
Vernon was leading the league,
with Los Angeles second, and the
league magnates decided that the
two teams should play a series of
nine games to determine the chain
pion. The first team winning ?ive
games will become the 1 I S chain
pion of the Pacific Const League.
. jg,
SPEEDWAY. C-incinnati, July 4
Ralph de I'lilmu, driving a Packard
rneer at the tremendous speed of 106
miles an hour, caotuied Hie 100-mile
handicap. Die feature of the Liberty
1'llv 1 aces here tnilpv. He nuide the
' .,,. j., r,--ii-. Ti,,. record is 5t:?(l,
made by Louis Chevrolet ut Hheeps
head Itav In, t September,
Tom Mihon. driving a Dusenberg
cur fi'rshed second aid lialph Mul
''-I in 11 Krontciiac finished third.
Milton raced with a 40 second hundi
inn Mulford's handicap waa 15 sec
onds. The race, a stirring nnn. was run
in the presence of 'J5,0"0 people. At
the end of the lirst liftv miles De
l'alnia held frst place. Vail second
and Mulford third, with the time stand
ing .'i.1:04 4 7.
At the end of the fourteenth lap
rfc'ia 'vent out with a broken piston
1110' Durnv wa:i counted out with a
broken rod Hover went out with a
lr"W n rod ni tin) levnntieth.
j Louise Chevrolet, piloting u Pretense
njOAJt factors, nnpvnro AND
Kw V riantarlon Gonpac-r
, VTitltiikw ATicnltnr! Co., Ltdi ,
affkaa Snitar Co., Lid. .."
Kohaloi 8ugar Company .
Wahlaw, Water Company, Ltft.
I - S aWaatVM SSrfSkT
Fulton Iran orhs, of, Ht. Lotus
Babeock V , Wilcox, t'ompwiy '
Green's Fuel Economise Com ian
Chas. C Muors A Co., Engineers
of business firms and lnAlrldnals
Invited. 6-ar pmant extensive
client! tastiflet) to ths satisfac
tion wa glv our patrons In con
siderate, conserratlT financial ser
vice.. ,
Bank of Hawaii,
Corner Fort and Merchant Htrcels
Begular. Sailing to BRITISH
COLUMBIA (change at Victoria, P.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver is con
necting point for passengers by
to or via tS. Paul, ChicaOgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZEALAND and
Theo. H. Davies & Co.Ltd
Commission Merchant?
Sugar Factors
Kwa Plantation Co.
Waialna Agrisultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of St. Louis
Rlake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
"Babeock A Wilcox Boilers
Oreen 's Fuel Eeonomiser
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matsou Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of every deaeription made to
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
(Entered at the 1'ostofllce of lloiiolulo,
T. 1L, as second class matter;
Per Year . . . 7 s'J.tMJ
Per Year (foreign) '1.011
Payable Invariably in advance.
Tba Associated Press Is szclnslvsly ru
Utlsa to tas us for republication of all
Mws-ssspstoBM ersaiua te It er not other
! srlss endlus In thl paper sad also tu
I local news pablishsd thsrla.
C. 8. CBAKE, Buslnoas Manager.
CHICAGO, July William P. 1.1
den of Philadelphia defeated Chur'c
S. Garland of Pittsburgh for the na
tional clnr courts singles tennis chnoi
pi o tin hip b,re today, r4, f 4, 4 6, 'J.
? 1 W. S. S. -t . t-
BIHMINOHAM, Alabnina, June J8
The eighteenth Hiiuunl season of the
Southern Ansoi'int ion I'losed today 1 Ii
New Orleans winning the pennant. IM
rectors of the association, meeting here
recently, agreed to suspend because of
luck of interest, poor attendiince mid
the government's "work or fight"
W. a a.
SPOKANE, Washington July I.
Mrs. W. A. Gavin of Newark, N,. .T. K.i.g
lish wonmsn gulf champion, won u Id- I
Cross inateh with Pavid Kiiullay, ,sro
kane Country Club profesionu. he e
yesterday, one up in eighteen holes
Her medil score was M.
Special, took the Cincinnati Handicap
at ten miler in threo heat. The -iin
l'er made an average speed of 10.1
miles an hour and tho time of the filial
heat was 5:19 4 5. Joe Boyer in n
Froiiteuoe rn secoud Hud Dario Uesta
in u Kebta bpecial ran third.

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