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July 22, 1918--I.at twfaty-,
four hour' rainfall T. Tamp-,
ertture Mia. 73) Mat. 83
Weather, Clear. . ,"
VOL. LII. NO.'. 59
(61 T PlHlfKv ' I 9 iflx FOOD FORtCAST FpR TODAY
vV (r ll xvWj X k Maala Meatlena and Ona Wnaatlaaaj
" ji ja . ji
... I
'4 V' J J js
River mle may . - Line Selected To Make Stand
WHERE THE FIGHTING IS HEAVIEST.This mao shbwg the line of the Americana and French as it was on July 3 and
. . the advance to yeaterday afternoon, after which there were aome advances scored. The new line of Tuly 22 is based uoon
the'wirelesi reports of the battle which arc 'not complete in deta'l but is the general position as shown by the reoorts of yesterday.
At the right the forest of Barbillon gained by the Americans. The entire gain on this front has been made during the present coun-
r ter ortetuiv oi tne Aiuea.
- fr
Allies Cross Marne M Several
Points and Give Foe No Time To
Recover Scoring Large Gains;
Huns Burn Their Supplies
NEW YORK, July 23 (Associated Press) Smashing blows on
the three sides of the Mafne salient are throwing the Her
mans back in a continual defeat and evidence is multiplying that
the forces of von Boehm are to be withdrawn at. least as far as the J
VpO? Kiver. whicli flows into the Aisne east of Soissons. This
river offers the only available barrier from which the Germans will
In- able to oppose the Allies' heavy counters and retain some of the
territory gained in their great attack of late May and early June.
There would be established a straight front from back of Kheims
to Soisson9.
Ik-tween the Marne and the V'esle the Ilpns are now destroy
ing the villages and creating havoc throughout the countryside, prep
aratory to evacuating it. Reports of this destruction are being
brought in by aviator scouts. Trench patrol northwest of C hateau
Thierry learned that the German retreat now in progress is several
miles deep.
' ' , ALLIES PRESS HARD. ,. t , . ,
., The Alliea are giving th Huns as Kftte'tinfc' fwr'thla Systematic
destruction as possible nnd are pressing- Vyi,Thejmeras
iierfcVfVr prwwngrhan! .the
heels of the retreating .Germans. The American forife effected" their
, crosaihg bitWtert 'Charlves and Gland and Ttarbillon '"'while' the
I'rench, encountering heavy opposition from the Germans, crossed
at Mezy and Courcelles, crossing two elements. At those points I
the IVench built their foot bridges and crossed in the face of a heavy
artillery fire in which gas shells preponderated.
From these crossings the American and I'rench forces proceed
ed forward yesterday and last night for a distance of four miles
from their old positions on the south side of the Marne. In the j
sector from Chateau Thierry to Soissons and that from Chateau i
Thierry toward Rheims the Franco-American forces were last night
continuing to drive forward. The German defense on the west i
I i ii i I m waaa.iaaj ,- , at a. u I i t a. . . ' .r..m . . v-- - ;ait wrwc.:rj .ji bit w. -v:
. -" -J'Tr.:: ms-zprn kVsS-ia
5? J'-&
" 4'r-.... .'. . rrrr '- 1
Japan Notifies Washington of Ac
ceptance of Plan Proposed By
President Wilson But Cannot
Furnish Transportation
Other Nations Except Japan Will
Send a Division Each While the
Japanese Force To Number
Four Hundred Thousand
Cable to Xippu Jiji)-
WAKU1NOTON. July 2:t ( A iat.-.l I'rcsn ) On tl..
hide of the salient appeared to have stiffened hut still amounted to of tlir rutreutinn (iormiiM, ovcmiiiinu all reiMn.--.
... . i i r . t . 1 Itfiitiuii l)ai'k ttini'tel rounttfrH, the Ann'rii :iii re prr-
n. .thing more than a strong rear guard defense, a protection for a. . f(WRr,, .iot.Tn.ine.iiv un.l irr.-.tii.iv. After ,. a.i
Pershing Visits
His Wounded Men
With Kindly Words
retreating army.
"Hard fighting continues on all sectors of the front from Soissons
to Uheims," was the official report from London last n?ght. "Ev
erywhere the Allies are on the offensive and the C.ermans are striv
ing to save what they can. The Allies continue hridgjnj the Marne
and sending forces northward in preparation for a -pursuit of the
enemy w ho will he, it appears likely, forced back to the Vesle. ,
twenty five miles north of Chateau Thierry. This offers a good j
line of defense. i
"N'umhers of German counters were launched throughout yes j
unlay hut these were costly failures for they were started hastily,
and as a matter of necessity and without proper preparation. J
"Advices from the front say that in Champagne the h'rehch have
regained all of their old line between Suippes and Messiges.
"(Mir forces gained ground in the llcbuterne and, cooperating
, .i i - i i . i - i ..... .A...L ... . . . . . . .. . . ... .
wiiu me rrencn carried mrougn suceesiui niic-i.iiw imn ui ciiurteve an.i iiiaui. i;ouiunuy iid.ii.uiiik hi u.i ui im..
illers Hretenaux where some prisoners were taken. At other points nerton. of the frw.t they Kve the Ho,-.heH i.o , hmwe to .ie
In the Hi.imioua e-tor the Americaii truo.s fouml tin
1 1 hum at ill i'lii.)iii deaerately to u line Houth of Hui.iao.ia
in uu effort to protect their flank. There the Aiiieri. ans
'oit.iletil the i-utting of the i.urrow gainie railwii.
Mii.i'e or ronr hiiu-m yesieriay iney uiai ini.t ii.uk am.
other toniiH to the eat of Chateau Thierry wliiel. the tier ,
in aim ha. I hastily evacuate! before their on coining ruli.
On the Murue, where they effectc.l croNii.(;-. to the north
nml northeast of Chateau Thierry ami in t lie Soikmoiis h;i
I. cut, American force won further w. tones yestcnlnv
alitii.K to the alren.ly yrcnt. count of iriMoucr i.hI fruits iiu!
iii.turini; Htill further .luuter from the defeat.! foe.
In the Chateau Thierry sector the 8t.ni.incn .eHe.l on
caHtwnnl un.l early jester. lay ufternooii ha.l taken two I
more towns ati.l ailvante.! l.etween three n nil four miles, j
further materially extending that mlvnnrc i.inl tnki.i i
other towns luter n. tbe afternoon an.l last Ni(lil. J In' '
the resistance was stronger hut the CcriunuH wet force,
to give ground steadily if slowly.
On the Marne other American forces advanced nortl
to Chateau Thierrv. Kvervwhere thev found Hiirns that
the (icruians were destroying material and preparing to
fall hack, still further. In this sector the American took ; l'AKIS, July L'3 (Aaaoeiated
one towu early yesterday. Tress) American wounded, runny of
More detailed accounts of the fighting of the Americans , them just brought in from the bat
I ward, bridging the river under the eiioui.v 's shell fire, em.-.
.r ing through a ahower of gas sheila and driving the foe
M northward before thorn. Thin movement was between
our raiders entered German trenches and made a few prisoners
"The I'rench line early in the day ran from P.reny along the
main ( bateau Thierry road to Kocourt. I.ocluirme, Kpieds and, to 1
l lie Marne at Charteves. The progress had been to a depth of about
eiht miles. . ,
"Desperate counters by the Crown l'rince were made totri
rate his forces from the pocket in which they find themselvelr and
at the southern end of which they are experiencing the greatest dif
iKttlty to secure supplies. . '. . '
"To the southwest of Kheims there was heavy fighting as the
I reiub advanced taking some prisoners. P.etweeu the Ourcq and
the Aisne the French captured four hundred."
Calls fur assistance by the Crown l'rince to Ruprecht of Bavaria,
his cousin, had been sent forth, it was reported from I'rench head
piarters yesterday, and German divisions were being hurried down
limn the north to reinforce and protect the German western flank.
Confirmation of this was received last niht in I'aris and it was
learned, at the same time, that an equal number of British divisions
were being sent south to counteract this movement.
"Heavy German counter attacks between the Marne and the i
i nrc for the purpose of checking the advance of the Allies failed,"
was last night's official report from Paris. Continuing this coinmu
ni.pie reported that the Franco-British forces had made further
i rimless in the regions of I.acroix Grisolles and northeast of Mont
vi I'ere Here the enemy countered but gained m. thing. Between
on Kridav and tiSturdt.v are contained in the official re
ports of General I'erh.ng. His report of July 1!), Friday,
said :
"Our aviation I'o.ics reported a denae cloud of sniokc
covering the bridy.-s over the Mar. .p. Thin may be to
hide an enemy withdrawn!. A large assembly of troop
southweat f Ville on Titnlenois is reported by our ait
forces. TUia may be for a counter attack on the center
allied attacking trout of yesterday, tier. nan couutcr ut
taeks are very strong, especially from the Aiane to Chan
dun, where thev seem to have reached the plateau west
' of I'loiay anil to haw' taken C'haudiin. Further south wc
! progressed to Clu.uv and N'euilly Ht. Front. On tl."
i Marne Kheims front the enemy appears on the defensiw
! Hid we advai.ceil slight Iv in places."
For 11:M0 o'clork on the evening of duly 1! he said:
'The advance continue).. A counter attack was thrown
back. We have taken Courmelles and are near Ville
Montoire west of I'lc-sici lluleii, and have also taken
; Itozet, Ht. Albin and Muubry. In (he Koret Ht. Albin
region the (iermnns appeared to lie llectng as few prison
, or were taken."
For 1 o'clock on the morning of Jhly 20: "We have
taken 1 7.000 prisoucis tiitually counted and fifiO guns.
At the north, near Soissons, we hold Montaigne d Paris;
i hen further south we hold 'onri. idles. (iood progiesa
I 'as made during the night."
I Later (ienernl Pershing reported that Freuch headipiar
I ters announced the retreat of the (iermans across the
I Marae.
KOMt:. July 23 (Associated Press)
Further progress in the advance of
the Italian ami French forces in Al
rbauia the Kalians advancing further
along the Jlevoli river. Advancing
from S. oves Head thev took one nun
Bia Houses In New York!
City Are Seized
tic that is raging between Soissons
i il . .. i. a1 : tr .
uutl niieiius, iiuu ineir auiicriugs
' lightened and were filled with cheer ,
when they had a call from their j
commander, General I'erahiug, who i
called upon theia and visited nith
club one for a moment at least.
' pausing at their aidei with kindly
i words. ;
"Your country is proud of you," ;
he saitl, "And 1 am more than .
proud to be in command of such '
I men as you have shown yourselves J
' and as your comrades still at the !
trout are proving themselves to be."
t From each of the wounded who
I as able to reply he inquired as to
1 h.s wounds and as to the care which J
' he was receiving. His fatherly in i
. tcrest went straight to the hearts !
of one and all.
e '
w. s. a.
22 (Special
arations for the Inter-Allied ex
pedition into Siberia are going
steadily ahead with Japan as the
center of preparations. On Fri
day, through Baron S. Goto,
Japanese minister oC , foreign
affairs, acceptance of the propo
sals of. the United States was
4'd'. the
same time th foreign" minUTer '
caused inquiry to he made from '
China as to what participation
that republic was prepared to
Through Daron G. Hayashi,
Japanese minister at Peking, re-
ply was today received from
China that the government was
prepared to join the expedition
and would send a division of
troops. This is the same force
which the . United States and
( ireat Britain and France are
each expected to send.
Indications are the United
States will have to find its own
transports for the movement of
its expeditionary forces. Inquiry
of that government of the N. Y.
K. line of its ability to furnish
the needed vessels elicited the re
ply that its ships were runninjj
.m the regular line and schedule
ami could not be taken off.
WASHINliTON, July 2.1 (Aasneiut
d I'ressi -(icrnia i control of metal in
I prisoners and aeven nun hine ,uns. i dustries was wiped out yesterday by
. . . . . ' .1. . u. ..i ... i. a Ri..
Vt this rioint ttie line s consuieraoiv , ."e i-i.uh- um. ... ..j ..."
(Continued on Pag 3 Column 2 )
further smith than o westerly flank
whc.c the enemy took up its new itaud
in on the .-kuilibl Klver.
In the more mountainous sectors the
luhn nee has been considerably slower
than mar the coast.
WASHINGTON, July 22 a irlicial i
-Honduras was added to the list of I
I nations at war with lieiiuany by itsj
! action on Friday in declaring the ex I
: i Ht c of a state of war.
I 1 1 . 1 1 ... li t . o relations were severed two
months ago, on May 22.
I hese w ere Vegel
d Hier, Si.uhe.in
roncerns was the
ts of morn than
latter hud ass.ts
chell Palmer, custodian of enemy pro
ert v of two crcat (rmun owned con
cerns in New York,
stein & Company
$ Company.
The former of t In
la.i'cst and had a
:i .1 H i l 0! Ml while 1,1
of n. ii t (1,00(1.
w. a !
I I.OMHIN. .lulv '"-' - i Assnciflcl
i I'tessi Si.tl.ini' ut' a .o rniati siibina 1 1 if
by the British i iiiim1' Marne was today
' aiinounced by tht u lmiralty.
LONDON, July 23 (Associated
Press) Friction between the jrv,'rn
incut un.l food production oAicin.V
mi.inp from ruiiflicting programs, was j
shown eslerilar when Lord l.ee, dtte. t
or general of food prodlU'tion rcijp.li'd. j
p-.w as his reason for this action j
abandonment bv the ffovemineut of
its i,oi ine i.roirrain.
While the ej.veriiment u pilars to be
con im cii i . i ine securny or tne to.
mi l ord l.ee said that he had i
sin ti confidence and w as uiiuouvinci
bv i. ' oris that all was secure.
w a a.
I K A M 1 K, WyoiniiiK, July 22
Olli. tal) An oil strike lu the l(o. k
i i. . k I. strict forty live miles northwest
ol In re indicates another productive
Wvoiiuu petroleum fluid.
Moderate Earners As Well As the
Wealthy Classes Will Help
Pay War Costs
WAHM IN'iTON, July 2:! - ( Associat
ed Press) I. iconics, moderate a well as
la ')', will help bear the war burden
when the new tax lull is enacted. Not
onlv will luxuries bear such a tax as to
make them less desirable, but the earn
...lis of the businessmen and the higher
I ui i .1 clerks will be called upon to con
ti.biite mure largely.
The ways and means committee ot
tin' house of representatives has coin.'
to a tentative aorceacnt on a .
lull which is designed to raise
I 1 llions of dollars next veur.
I Out of the important proviso
I I 1 1 , . lull is that upon moderate i"
Ml individuul incomes, after de l
i thousand lol!ats in the case
-iiule in un and t w. thousand dollar
in the case of the uluiricd man. will !
'ul.icct to a tax of leu pert cut. Tin
i uu .nan icd tna.i with a. salaiv ot' -fl'i'"
ill pay 5(1 and the married mail w .11
salary of it.'.'i." will p.. a 1 !-
n iu
I tin
Ih'tuils of the plans relating to Li
beria which the Tinted Htatea propoaed
and which have been accepted by Jap
an are contained iu mail advieea from
Washington uuder date of July 111
which any:"
Allied protection of supplies in Eu
sia. and especially Siberia, hat beoa
definitely decided. President Wilson
has acipiiesced in the plan and Fill
' send at least a division of Anierkan
' troops, liritisli troopa from Kjypt, In
! din or the Antipodes will (ill la about
the sum.' numbers and the French will
also contribute a similar number. The
American, liritisli and French will air-
Hicatc about one hundred thousand
i men. Japan will add its quota of 400,-
000 men. President Wilson will make
' formal announcement within a few
1 lay h.
Not Intervention
It is expected that this formal state
no. it will slum that this international
expedition is for he protection of aup
plu s to be used for a renrc;:uii.ed and
stable Hi.ssian :;o cr.i. ncnt Bnd t(l re
sist n.i attempt to secure these suppllea
bv (icrn.an ex prisoner of war Olid tha
I'olsheviki aids they have attraeted; tn
1 them.
It will be shown thnt this armed fore
is simply a protectni); shell that will
permit the ('.echo rjlov aks and other
c.inst ruct i vi s in llussia to mobilize and
brine; or.ler and stein out of fhaoi.
The movement is not in any sense In
tervention, but protection in the sen in
that it is aa internal iiibal protectorate
tone to remain there until the stable)
I (Continued on Page 3 Column 2.)

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