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On ai front of sixty HtHles from Sotesbris to flliViros the Allies aYe pushing for
ward and overcoming all resistance.
Of the enemy's gains of July l.r. all. flmt remain is a sjrip four miles in
width by tBirTeen in length on the Marne.while far greater terrain haa'been last
ba the Aisne-Marne salievt. V
1 Ob (hat salient the American! and: French con tinne jto push' eastward while,
having cleared-the enemy, from the south-of the Mtmie, the Allies are pressing
forwaj'd southeast of Kheims.
On pi Ajspe-faiie sector the' advance has been from Jen. to nf teen miles
in dptli along aUwenty-two mjle' front. 'Cha'ieni, Thierry has beeu entered" by
the' French ' ' ;
fteHferves' have; Vfett thrown in by Genera 1 Fxli to make more secure the vic
tory alreadv;' won auu' enlarge its scope.
Oreat hordes of Hermans are making their way
W'FAV YORK, July 22 (Associate Pressl VictariM for the A1-"
lied forces ar tn'qltipNing and the Germans, leaving thousands
of prisoners in the Viands of the Allies and with more thousands of
their dead strewing the Iv&ftle) fields are falling back. The flame of
battle lias spread eastward from the Aisne-Marne salient and now
extends along a front of sixty miles to the southeast of Rheims. The
British and Italians have entered the fray ami General Foch is bring
ing up his reserves to enlarge the scope of his greai victory.
Along the entire front from Soissons to and beyond Rheims,- a
distance of more than sixty miles, t,he Allies are Bghting with a de
termintfon' which will birook po dAl of their advances although
they are meeting wjth a stubborn resistance in some sectors.
Only two shattered and demoralized German regiments remain
ed south of the Mime yesterday an4 the Allied aviators had bombed
the bridges so that these were effectually cut off and faced surrender
or death. The south -bank of the Marne having thus been cleared
of the enemy, French, British and Italian forces are harrassing the
Germans to the southwest of Rheims where they have compelled
them to tall back t6 the Courton wood in the Ardre Valley near St.
The number of British who are operating in this sector is un
known and the first meniffon of thfir participation came on Satur
day night. If is believed they undoubtedly constitute a part of Gen
eral Foch's reserve forces that are being brought up all along the
Lattle line in an endeavor to' make! more secure and to further en
large the victory that bas been already won and as a precaution
against any attempted; counters by the, enemy.
Throughput Saturday anJ Sunday night the French and ArnertJ-
aris continued their advance eastward along the Aisne-Marne front
and yesterday morning' FrencU' forces entered Chateau Thierry, driv-1
ing a remnant 01 me ucrman ucicnucra uciorc uicrn at inc poun, u
tht bayonet while others thfe'w aowti their ar.rrts anJ shoute "Kirn- j
arad." Thence they proceeded 'on eastward and took Brasles, a njife;
farther east on the bant of the Marne, thus securing a good bridge
head west of Rheims:
Meantime the fighting had flamed up along the Marne and to
ward Rheims and there was' violent fighting to the nbrtli arid the
south of tne Ourcq, the French beating down and 'overcoming all
resistance and pushing ever orfward.
Last night's French communique, as re rtel from fnHs nid
that important gains had been made by t lie French. AiiK-ri an Urit
ish and Italian forces along the Marne. Tltt- b 'ilus r-it o" ' i Ctoix
Griessolleu were taken and a consideral (r "n mr b Chateau
Thierry was cleared of Germans.'- To the south west f Uni-uns, St.
Euphrasie and Boully were captured.
... ! J , ' . .
Yesterday all that remained for the Germans to show of their
.gains in the offensive that, started on July 15 was a little strip four
miles in width and thirteen miles in length in the Marne Valley.
They had lost a far greater terrain to the west along the sector from
nateau i merry 10 oissons ana
pincer movement of tTie Allies that
. it..:. tL:i-.
lu cu.iiuc.cu .i.i...,..vut
i lie icwcji ui inc iiuiis iiuiii me soui.il aiuc ui 111c iiarnc siuri- an immeaiuie unaerstanoing was reaea
cd on Friday and they retired behind a screen of smoke. ed be would begin "a terrible offea-
r- u..t-. , r r- t.L-A' t.' : .w j sive1'. On the other hand, if Ramaqia
orcat uuruc ui ocrm-u? ic
as i( a retreat is already, in. progress
Ambassador Says Too Busy To
m$ World Affair
PACIFIC POEt, July 21 (Oflkia!)
Peres Komfro, the Meiican ambassa
dor to Japan, has arrived ber from
Tukio anl says that Mexico wllj con
tinue to obseve the strictesf'nentrality
In tht worl.l ronll-t. He said; "The,
situation at bonie in Mexico ba beeS'
so. tense that we require all of our 'at-1
teatiot) for, our own problem anA have
no time for tbosfl of others. T cam
from -Tapan cnfly and was surprised
to . find Vi xico mi such a safe and
sound basis."
w. a a
ircD utb tinitDAi
BACBafRNTO, July 21 (OffllalV
Pledgtt of ldyalt.T, have twen sent to
tbe Odvernor or Caiilfdrnin by the Pjiei
fie Coast Hi'tido Aoriation in a teli
jrrotu teeeived todirr whirh snid: "We,
ifindli residitnt' of Cnlifornla, offt-V
on mot ldyar (rreetinr on an'ount of
tb ei)Oi-h nisHnp American victory.
"Conilriaud u 'for any ' service we
ran reader to the commonwealth aud
lb (SUM."
summary of Tii DRspimiEs ,
were so seriously inreaienea dv me
a-general retirement from Soisson -
i..; :tu... . I
.y ...... a.7 ci .
ucc.. ."UV...R cuuy ..ormwaru
fronj tne, Marne Torth.
Xt A8IUI0TON, 3aly 21-(0fllii
OfieaV T. fjrisW, amristant serretary
Jrot'tntf trashrt ia I wmh of tba
(mer-Amen i ouirrn. nas- imvra ui
Londoir where be wrlll' take Op his resi-
lie will hereafter be known as United
States ronfmiasiouer of finance ia t'U
rope. . . ., '. , . .
riU 6rigiWal
at1t1i aCVsem -
10lARRIi6CA, i.
CUOtXHA an ,
Tfce.aniy "iiii.aiva b. HSuaALOia. qovj, atHaUMATiBa.
L.' .1 i Ik . I h. kir fnmt.xl M, I
- V . . . . . . n . .1,
Rumanian Representatives Say
Huns Treated Them Worse
Tha,n Dust Under Foot
LONDON, , July 8 (AMwiat!
Prw) The baRiaen of making peaee
with Germany 1 not a pleaaant on
for the peraoni wb'o nava t .eomluet
the tHgMiatioaa, ' Tha Rumanian dele
gntct who want ' down from Janay In
ilnrch at the invitation of the Oer
mana ftmnd no warn wtleome or pleat
ant hospitality awaiting thetn at Buoba
reat. "We wera treated aa leea than
the duat", aald one tha delegate
in pietnreaqua Bumanian metaphor, on
his return tJaaay.
Theae were merely the preliminary
and informal negotiation!. The formal
parley did not begin until aome day
Inter. The delegation whlen undertook
these preliminary , conversation wa
headed by M.' PipLnlu, former Bu
manian Minister at Constantinople, and
his assoeiatea ineludad representative
of the principal political parties.
Although they had come to Bucha
rest af the personal invitation of th
German cemmaader-ln-ahief, Field Mar
shal voa Maekesaen' eoultf give' them
only live minute of hi time. Ha kept
them standing and treated them wttk
deliberate coldness. Hi attitude wa
summed up by bis deelaratioa: "Ton
ought to be glad that we are prepared
I j din'!u peace with you at all, inltead
of merely imposing it upon you. W
. i i L : t- i . . M
sideration for the heroic resistanaa ot
your army." . '
At the end of the five minutes wbieV
von Mackensen allotted the delegates,
they nere turned over to sohie subor
dinate oftioer, wlio dimused Vith tnen
whether the abdication of the ' king
ought to be imludtd in the peace term.
Only the most intleflnite proposal
could be obtained from the German
officers, and it was plain from von
Markunm-n 's conversation that he had
very limited powers in these matter
Neither on territorial question nor
regarding the demobilization of the
Rumanian army could he speak defin
itely, and it was stated that conversa
tions with "German political peraeo
ages" would be necessary to decida
these subjects , ,
It was vary evident to the Rumanian
delegates that these preliminary con
versations had been asked for j o
Maukenseii merely with a view to bull
itnKinir nml brliv-riAAt IniT' Kitinaiii..Thfl
fle'd murshal, in a speech full of brag.
gadoeio, said that his army was fully
prepared for business, and that unleae
y,Bldld ()llj,.tlv h, p,.. tBBt J.fc
trdoiis would be withdrawn and sent to
anothfr front.
He inquired specifically aa to tbe
waereabbuts 'of the Freneb, Brttisa.'and
American Mission td RumStiU, and it
Appeared to the'dele'ate that be boeo
to be able to bg' these mission 'and
make them prisoners.
The sub.lrdinatt German officer Cite
the Rumanian delegates fcssnfanee of
generous treatment on a number of
points, but .nqne of these assuranres
bronlit any result in the formal nego
tiations which followed a few day
ctnd only ocNim je.
' I
I' Chaekk anS aMsts ' " '
Snlt MuillCalurwS.
1 t t rt. i ,.i i kLu, c a 1
enemy Mym.mw
- - itd&Axk, MasaahutUr Jmlir. Kl'faMKlaU rMs--Eaif !
ratden became mora dartng yartarday than fany jflnt , tlc Vwy .ksV t
ippo'arid fa thk waters of Oil i AUaiUd flacked toW't' naxta closa o',
sinra an' iven QiNw sbella igalaaV point' aabortL OonirtijaUon aVha ,
! dlrtng of t)i aotiny availed1 'Tastirdayi and laVnlftV along tha tuh ,
thUatttttoU SUA ft Wto whoU lJttf toW ; ffrJ-
AaaMmy nbmarlns attacked a, ing mad w of barga off aaitern
mott Vourt of dap Ood" today. J sank threa of th barg kad flrs'la
th"d and to a fourth barge. H Utoa ttrraad ittentlon to tko aula
ra4B4 Cropped four tttptlpn th ahora. "V ' '-V ' ".
' :: '-, HTist'iAki kkxk K '''I -.
" tlt action of the divoe Uatid lot an hoar Wu WaaUtmgad axcept-
Itr, m bydropUaea whlth. taMd diw tot wti)mftftvt. tv:W
Btojh b resppearad and raaumad nrlag.','' ' ! ' '
Members" of th crowf and otferi aboard the" tag aa'd ihij prg BUnv '
' b'arini 'forty -on and' lricludfn'g ihrao woman and "nva bQdxen OMapad la
, fho mid' iVih akali lira la1 life -boats. . Several ', wonndad, ooa'uaa
' :on John BotovfeVa tatmbat'ot tb ertv t Ua tag' who had an
arfni-tora oft py a fVagntont ff ;-holl J : Jw'.r.f '
. . Tba barges vera la tow of the tog Par Ambojf -of. fr alfh Vallsiy
Rai'roid Company and woro bound jTroni Gloncatat to jffaw 'Tork. Qao
wan loaded with ston and tho othors wars ompty.' lt r .' .;'
; Tna -attby-tha dtvar wa-nada- wtthont-warning-and t was wily
oor markanuuiahip tjat' ' ermittid ' tb craw to aac'aW ' : . " f
'''i? ' ' ''ot?4? ?Ttos.iuosi;;.. . '.
' Tne noise of tho Cring brought thousand td tba bonch Wd tbalaahaa
.from tho guns brought Into clea view the Bn of tho submartia.'
. ' Beverftl (nan hantmon went to thr teecna of tho crow' of tho Perth Jm- '
boy and the barge. k Tho men on tho, tog stack to tho ahfp trntu ah Wsa
obUso t both boW and stern. v,.'"l .'"..''.' -:-' "V : 'v 7
Whila tto aubmwriao was trying M tad'a vulnarabl spot ta th rtg
tM. hydroplano again' appeared and tho diyor sgla sabmorgsd,' Sha did
- not reappear;"' ;:' - ,.,..v . . i s; f :
' Patrol boat and Other wr craft wera iast Bight and this tnominf
aooihlng nq the adjacent water for tho snbmarino. . r-A
' . vyAowxiNuivn, Juy (Assoc iat rraaa) in commena oration
1 of the eighty-seventh annivarMry. of Belgian Independence today, Pra
, ldeatr Wilson aant a snesaage of greeting to Mag JUbort sad th Belglia.
peoplo la which; la part, ho said:' -. V'u.:. . , i
; 0n this day. sacred la tho armala of Belgium, tha hearts -at,. At
countrymen, beat in aympathy ' wttn thoa. or tho Belgian people 'With
whom wo are linked la- a resolute StrUggU . to ' conserre tho tights aid
Ubortios of:froo tonimtmltles.; rit-'':f''tf"'..v- V ... . ' liiWr
"Your country has neen torn aaundef before y.. alien -opprowlon
and by attempted domination and Ty tho tearing' blasts of oppreasioa'
has leaned to prist : and dtvoloo thoot tinalltlea that stlntuUto . a trta
hoartod padplo to aatumo among tho powers that high, plaeo Which rtiht
ly belongs to free and Independent aatlorav ' 'V I .
I joW with my countrymen id' extending to your majesty sad tht
poop! of Belglnm, who have so freely given their Uvea and troatuyo
to tho safeguarding of freedom, ual rights and Justice, hearty 'grata,
lags 'oathls aaapleious day in confldoneo that it proasMta to Belalina
; sad Trance a atlll greater and mora glorious plac la tho proud snaals '
; of ' achievement on the part 'Of Xdborty.V 'r-; .1 i. l:V.
AmemanD Ss
Are Kalii ScotttiogT
WASHINGTON, Jury 22,(As-
aoc'iateil Preea) American ln'
dlana are acouttng: along
. tnew
banka of the Marne In Franc.
Advice received -yesterday said
that General Pershing bad
brought ' Into service the Ia.lian
scouts that ha had with him while
in MexicSo ia pursuit of Villa and
his bandits and that they are
doing splendid Work forthe Al
lied advance,
Losses' In Main f i'ohtipfl Ae Evi
dently Not Fully Included
In- Report; Issued
WASrttlfOf PN, July 81 (Asaociat
ti Ptese) (aaukitiea, so- far a an
nounced by tha 'war de'partmeift ' num
ber P,$31 In JL ' army and IMS in
the irnrin Carp's, dJVided as fortowV:
army) killed: $1 action, including 291
prisoners, 893. Marine eorp
casualties: Officer died 26; wounded
29; missing one; men died, 654; wound
d'1995 in bands-of auemyfisr; misb
Itg seventy- seea.' .
i.CasualUn reported today were.
Army: Forty three killed in action,
tweVy-three died ot wounda, nine dead
froni .other causes and seventy one se
verely wounded." ...
Marina Uiorpf:. '1 waive m 1 led in ac
tion, two died . of wounds and twelve
severely wounded. " "
. WASHINGTON, July 23 (Assoeia
ted Press) Three Wss the total toll
of knows dead on the crnlser 8un
Diego wlfile tbere are still forty seven
missinr of whom twelve cannot be ac
counted for.
It is believed that two of those re
ported missing were on shore leave.
No further announcement aa to the
cause of tbe explosion bas beeu made
lost, at sea, 1891; died of wound "78 ' - k , .'. '. A, ,1
j. jx- 1 soela ted pres)Yukoa "King' aa)-
died of disease 1399, died lu action and ... ' : ,; f. ' ( .
., . ,1 .ji'i.. I moBj which run In ttlUloaa on abjsks's
of other causae 643: wounded la-ae-,. ,,, . . r' '
.... . k, . ' . ,'. big river, will have to ttodg' cannery
tio. 5817; In action inclnd.ng . ; v . ? 3
by tbe war department.
'.folk r-SEMl-WEErViV. 'V ; y'
Oij Albaniaii fcoM.,
u6mE July, 22 (Associated
i Prewi) Still flushed with trieUrJr
, and having fully organised their i
gaina and brought op their artil
lery and new supplies, the" Italian
and Trench armies' in Albania haye
resumed their offensive against tb
Auittrinns and are farther contlao
ing their sureesses. -
In the new advance the Allies
have captured Point Idzi on the
crest of Molti aad 8i loves Bodd, on
the Uevoli River, meeting with CQiib
paratively weak resistance and tail
ing numbers of prisoners, jruos,
munitions and sopplies.' Tbefjad
vanee is continuing artthoU siga 0,f
check aud during the week, up to
Friday night 21BT prisoners bad
beeu taken!
W.8.-S.1 ... '
.e '4 v'.l.-i.' i
Fairbanks, Alaska, Jul 1 a-
their want to leai-h thee ubner YUvet
spawning groudsas a &aif ainy
establishing a caoaeryat Andteafak,'
a lower river point TbV Ahdreafsky
establisbment wiV be J,fbe ' first -flsV-erlt-l
plant ever biitlV along tha Yukon?
Protest againit the atabnaaaaest
ot tba plant , was, madawta lie
Tljiited ute. &uru of rpihria by
tho FftlrJia;il( bamber qf Comujer'ce,
aa .tbe.iubuly yf flsi; a'bjnk j(h iipar
river would be reduced if (it'tfrf
tsugbt the aujinos' in Isrgs ABdrbberf
neat t,b .umuth. , rhiteeslde,iii sat)
uatjve ulotig tbe Yukon. depen4 Hl'dS
,ll)k J"ra foi;; food ; dariaj
. ta
suipmer, ine cuamner assert
Hearing on tha . protest
i ' b e jd
li Heattlu andf th flndlnir r
the Itufeata of 'Fisheries' headdukrters at J
wasmngron, v. v,
Pendinff the render
ing of a final decision the company is-
Kuiug sbeud with its tilAp to buiUl
the cannery. It is beloved here that
even if the Bureau decide to-rule thS
cannery off the river, tha plant will b
permitted to operate thi rear at least.
A new town ia springing up around,
tbe cannery. Abeut fifty- Fairbanks
citlseas left last uigbt to work 1 tba
new plant and otbera have been a
gaged from Dawson, 8t. Michael and
other river point.
1 1 i 1 . . '7, ,"rv 1 r
' . '- ' . . , - '
BBBhBsaajjajaaaaaaMBaaHMBMawai' ,s,aaamsjjssi
I V m
1 '
""f;f ASHIlGf ON, iy 22'('Asso:i'ate,a' Pvess) tf$Weeti( the
f V -A?ne and;the Mirfteu( tftopB an'thei'r French, AUIer jres
r3i". f,ihi Ah'iy cncirMTa ' resistance ; t"- the northwest wf Chateau
'TKierry.'" fhey .tVeo roe'eedid "t6 adVaftceih a spearhead' formation
and gWng forward for a distance of more than three miles, taking
277' nrisoners at one point in their cain. The losses of the Ger-
'rhi'ftsWre terrvbleas the Americans' and French pressed then stead
ilX pakward using tani a tfitY advanced. ' At other points of the
i-irmcc prisonrs ir smauer, Hunia wtu -R,", .sasyi
ii g large but no official count having been reported last night.
i;';r-.(iii'-the AsnfMariM ec?T M a communique which was. re
tvti yesUrdaj; tlVf 'Airnericatt forces alone h,ady 'up to an early hour
on Satufday, Uktett mpe than fl,000 prisoners, ViG field gmis of
various calibers and several thousand machine guns. Throughout
Saturday ift and yesterday the advance, con-
tmued anrj nore pjrisonrs, ,m,6r tirge'gunis and great nurpbers of
machine guns fel) -mto theif hni The-17,00' captives on Satur
day; was ; ffonT actual COUnt. ' 'v
fyiyt of Ounte!r,' attacks aWf 'fear guard actions as vrett as in
RAlte the "nature of jthe ground "over which 'they had to advance,
the Americans pressed forward; the'communiqtie continued. Before
dne o'clock on Saturday morning they ha.d taken the towns of Cour
rneUes, osiere.-.Talbln and JfbVy -before one o'clock on Saturday
morning! Vs . ' T '.V'; . . . , ; ' . " '
). , Oye(c6njirtg pbstinate defense, the Atneficans continued on Sat
urday ancf yesterday. They captured Hill 193 to the north of Vaux
and continued on; fpr a distance of a mle sn,d a quarter The 'Ameri
cAn artillery was moved forward 'with 1 the advance and is doing
iph?ridid, 'service in Clearing out the Germans north, of the Marne.
;i.V;'Ib'' the cabled "report frorrt' General Pershing that was received
yesterday morning he said that the American troops had again
broken down thev en,emy resistance 911 Saturday and had continued
Hr steady advance,'4 1.kirig many prisoners,' large numbes o guns
aAduantitfes' o mtnuhition''i.n thejf progress. They were show
ing a' splendid morale 'arj( "were' living 'up to all of the best tradi
tiohr or'the' arrfty.:,'TBe arCilfef was rendering great service in
sttecesfal-'couhter -'bfrensjrve of ' the Allies and the air scouts
'Vje"fe"flyipg on aKead' adding to th'e panic of the enemy.
f "v .His cowirnanitjue- added that in the Munister sector the Amer
icihs'had nenetfated' the -German lines to a deoth of from five
i hundred to Six hundred meters and
f jArrieHca's participation is' mentioned in the German official
Hespafhes of last night, the only claim advanced being that "Amer
tan:Vforees sutfered particularly heavy losses to the north of
Chateau Thierry.
S?.frfqm;, inly ? ;;(Aciated
raaa),-rA.n(tria'a troiiIaa"r' iaV f rom
soronon anu it appear to ne imposai
t)l to ieeure cabinet if6r-either' of ihe
kOgdol -of tha dual eniniir that are
fc'apable 'of nxetiug- ad -solving the
problem. , wkich oafront thenb The
peorna,. puhry , ao.. dispirited grpw
reref' oil the'Westefk front must add
tfj these ;oaditions,- . !: '' !
Advices from two sources today said
that .Win. Beydler abd hi cabinet were
eipeeted td tesrga.' afessages received
Jt CpaBsge . front" Vlepna carried ,
tbl new ud later confirmation came
fro'ttt'-Anit(iBj. '. th . Atnsterdam de
ikVett aaUTtaatJintaU Klvl wklck 1
al rushed, the Berliner ajreblat aaid
re'yUler and ,kl eahinet bad tie
ttiled'td refn. 4 tnaJle that in
fent inn know Sad it was Siuramed that
Charles would accept tha resignations.
B. IfllTlS. JuTv Sl-i-CbfficialY
tileiit. Anthony Holy, aa escaped An
fflhS) 'orVer sal.) that tn the .Ao'stHflO
army there -are tnof e than 500,000 men
Who are reaJv ' In ' desert' at the first
1 optjortdQlty thal offers o' thV they
cas"ak Ut vntua tat:
,'I4utriant poly. U, here recruiting
uiwso-oivrtl ii biiiw,
' b . , t J V v ' .
Dhii' Ubioi Eti $mM To
KohL XSMfui.-for eatertalnneBt
nr'thrf Strangers ia lta aildst. but tbe
t, but the
more ana mors) ciamorou ana xne peace 1 . --; - - -, --7 7
ration (rmhis stJllM. An'mW.. TfcJ tates and Japan emerse from it cU
bopuiatlon; Is becominjg diaplrited .and 'rl""i ' . ' ' '
&WrtWMMl. w. f Ai n.rm'.nJ The members of the commi a ou visit
farewell luncheon given last Thursday nla-Hawaiian Packing Company, deeld
bjr th; Kobala Club ia bsnot ob ed that in view of the fact that purse
dpriur ''for Uie-front V joi-Majar .net fishlpg was such a success in Cali-
Wk''tr tl'J, - ...1J .ll '..M ...W A I rnrnla Wihn U I. J i
4 Ma W Hh.Stt
jflaturday, 1 under ordera
. w u, arnYBU iruu. no
WTprpjed't9 Cm'p Humbhrey; Vlr
tflnia' a as bflWr tf tha eBglaeer corn.
addjexpee' a iefiva for mainland
tbll ar'eeay ' . ' .4. '.
: Tb-luncheon wa a notable occasion
and brought together, all tba oM tlrij-
era-tqen woo have made and, are still
Uiaking Kubala fsmous. Amonff . tbe
attests being lA.' Mason, udtfff Atkins,
iHowSfd. firvaot. J4ed OUrieai' Oeorora
, C. Watt, It. 0. Austin. Albert juIkru-
9BJ1, nvayor aicuoogaii, ueorga jnoss,
Vank PaetOw, T. H.' Mllle.' H. Lincoln
Holateia, Jack Phillip! Caflt.. Fraak
Wood. Oaorga-P. TullockTed Madden.
Malor Bluett wa superintendent of
th Kobkla Diteb Company uutifhis
esU to tbs Colors,
captured five hundred and killed
Rooslt Declares ,
pi Japan Js Shown
NW YORK, July 2J rOrTtclnl)
Prince Tokugawa, head of the Japan
ese Imperial Red Cross Mission, speak
ing at a luncheon given by officials of
the American Red Cross in honor of
the commiaaipn said that great a is the
cost of the war in lives and mnney it
ed former President Roosevelt at hi
Oyster Bay home and in greeting them
Roosevelt said:
"No nation engaged in this war has
been more efficient than Japan. Hho
has accomplished what she set out to
"There are no two nations in the
world that should work together better
thno the United Htate and. Japan. If
any rrfan has tried' to yvork against
Japan during this war,' be is a traitor
to civilisation and humanity and if
any man has been doing this he has
been playing the parti of the kaiser
against the lfti:ted Itn'.es."
Tlioroughly equipped with gears for
the operation of a purse net, the Kuai
belunl, one of tbe vessels of the Oahu
hipping Company fleet, is to be sent
on a fishing expedition off the coast of
the island of Hawaii tbi week, under
charter to the California-Hawaiian
Packing Company, the newest of the
fish' packer in Honolulu.
This will be the second trial of purse
net fishing in .the Hawaiian Inlands, a
previous attempt proving unsuccessful,
principally because the vessel wa hot
properly equipped with gears, it is
Not discouraged bv the first fall urn
W. P. English, manager of the Cat if or-
fornia waters, it could be made so here
when a vessel was given the right
equipment. As a result new machinery
was ordered and tills Was installed on
tbe Kuaibelani.
Beaides being used as a fishing eraft
herself, the hfuaiholani also is- to be
used as a tender to tbe refrigerating
boats of the California-Hawaiian Pack
ing Company fleet.
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